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Year 7 Content Websites / Powerpoints / PDF documents Art Colour Wheel. How to mix Secondary and Tertiary colours. What are the Complementary pairs, warm and cold colours? What’s the difference between 2D and 3D? Revise artist information on: Dale Chihuly, Niki de Saint Phalle. Colourwheel Powerpoint Design & Technology Literacy Task Students will complete written tasks which will be based on their current Design & Technology project. This exam will be used as an indicator for their literacy mark and therefore care is needed when writing their answers. Design Task This part of the assessment will ask students to complete design questions based on the film Harry Potter. They will be required to produce sketches and annotations to answers the questions. They will also need to demonstrate good thinking and evaluative skills. Pre‐release Revision Document English Lower tiers‐ Writing to instruct. Students will be required to write a set of instructions in the exam, they can use their booklets from lessons to revise. Higher tiers‐ Writing to report‐ Students will be required to write a newspaper report which they will have been preparing in lessons. Again, they can use their booklets from lessons to revise. Website French Dale Chihuly Powerpoint Niki De Saint Phalle Powerpoint Writing to Instruct Revision Document Tier 6 Revision Guidance Tiers 2‐5 Revision Guidance Tier 6 Speaking Support Powerpoint Tiers 2‐5 Speaking Support Powerpoint Geography Revision of UK Map, Grid References and Olympics. Olympics: See revision folders in the CRL (via Study Support menu on the school website) – Year 7 / Geography / Olympics Revision. UK Map Website School Central Resource Library‐bin/welcome
History ICT Content: French Revolution and Working Conditions in Factories in 19th century. Knowledge section: French revolution ‐ they should revise this. Skills section: Working Conditions in Factories in 19th century. This cannot be revised as students will be tested on how they work with sources. Websites Logo instructions Control in everyday life Types of formatting (eg. Bold, centre) Databases – advantages of using databases Data collection forms Spreadsheet formulas Website (Type in ‘French Revolution’)‐history/0370‐french‐revolution.php www.teach‐ Control in everyday life Database Revision Spreadsheet test Maths Students will sit 2 written papers (Non‐Calculator / Calculator) and a mental test (except some of 7T2c who will sit 3 written papers instead – please see your teacher). Questions cover all areas of the curriculum. More specific revision information available via ‘Assess Online’. Visit ‘Assess Online’ ( and select ‘Maths Test Revision and Feedback’. Log in, click the ‘Revise’ tab and select the appropriate test (see your teacher if unsure). Music The musical elements: what they mean and how to use them when describing pieces of music. (Pitch, Rhythm, Dynamics, Tempo, Texture and Tempo) Instruments of the Orchestra Information for Tiers 1 and 3 Information for Tiers 4 and 5 The Elements of Music Instruments of the Orchestra Instruments of the Orchestra YouTube Links RE Pupils will be assessed on the story of Abraham and Isaac. For this story they will need to consider what happened and how the characters felt. They must also think about why Abraham decided to follow God’s command to kill Isaac and what other thoughts against killing Isaac would have crossed his mind. They will then need to think about their own lives, and how they deal with difficult decisions they are faced with. Abraham & Isaac Revision Powerpoint Covenant between God and Abraham Revision Questions Science Spanish All tiers will be tested on the following topics Biology • Cells • Reproduction • Environment and feeding relationships – adaptation and food webs • Variation and classification • Plants and Photosynthesis Chemistry • Acids and bases • Simple chemical reactions – acid reactions and burning • Particle model of solids, liquids and gases • Solutions – distillation and chromatography • Rocks and weathering Physics • Energy Resources • Electrical circuits • Forces and their effects • The Earth and Beyond • Magnets Revision materials, activities and tests can be found at: Refer to Boardworks Powerpoints as detailed below: Biology • 7A Cells • 7B Reproduction • 7C Environment and feeding relationships • 7D Variation and classification • 9C Plants and Photosynthesis Chemistry • 7E Acids and alkalis • 7F Simple chemical reactions • 7G Solids, liquids and gases • 7H Solutions • 8G Rocks and weathering Physics • 7I Energy resources • 7J Electrical circuits • 7K Forces and their effects • 7L Solar system and beyond • 8J Magnets Revision Guidance for Tier 6 Revision Guidance for Tier 5