How To Register ERSCP-EMSU 2013 Documentation System And Submit An...

How To Register ERSCP-EMSU 2013 Documentation System And Submit An Abstract
First you have to follow the link You will see following
picture and you have to follow the sign up link.
You come to a screen where you can fill the inputs user name (your user name, will be used for
login), e-mail (your e-mail which you will use during your abstract submission process), two times
password (should be minimum 6 characters). After filling out the form you have to click Create User
You are successfully signed up, please check your e-mail in order to activate your account. Don’t
forget that some e-mail providers can move our automatic e-mail to spam folder therefore if you
can’t find the e-mail in your Inbox then check your spam folder. Some providers can delete the e-mail
therefore if you can’t find the e-mail neither in your Inbox nor in your Spam folder then inform us by
sending an e-mail to [email protected]
After activating your account or logging in to your account for the first time, you have to fill out your
personal details following the link:
By filling out your details, all the * signed fields are required fields, at the end you have to give us at
least one telephone number. After filling all of the fields you have to click the Save button on the
bottom left.
After saving your personal details you are ready to submit your abstract by following your abstracts
You have to click Submit New Abstract link. At step 1, you should fill abstract identity fields, namely
abstract language (the only language is English), theme (Select one of the provided themes), your
abstract (max 6000 characters, approximately 750 words), and keywords (maximum 100 characters,
5 keywords). At the end you save your work and your abstract is created.
At Step 2 you give the authors input (except you). If you have more than 5 additional authors then
after submitting your abstract please contact the system administrator ([email protected])
At Step 3 you can upload your presentation (only in pdf format, maximum 2 MegaBytes) but you’re
not required at that time. You can upload the presentation at any other time. Please note, your pdf
file and authors information (including yours) won’t be shown to the reviewers.
Finally at step 4 you make your comments to the Scientific Committe (max 300 characters) and your
special equipment requests (max 200 characters).
At the end you submit your abstract by granding copyright permissions. Note that after submitting
your abstract you won’t be able to modify it anymore.
You can see the status of your abstract under the menu My Abstracts. Notice that after creating your
abstract you can leave the system at any step and come back with the help of this menu to continue
changing your abstract and to submit it. You can also upload your presentation file here if you did not
upload it before submitting.
[email protected]
ERSCP-EMSU 2013 Organization Committe