how to pRepaRe foR the faiR 12.–16. 4. 2011 Brno – Czech Republic

how to prepare
for the fair
12.–16. 4. 2011
Brno – Czech Republic
TEN STEPS TO THE FAIR – a timetable
1. Your decision to take part in the fair.
• You will obtain a CHECK-IN folder by post, containing:
– detailed information about the fair and important deadlines;
– a binding application form for participation in the fair with deadlines for sending, on which you should
enter your personal details, contact information, and the size and type of your exhibition stand;
– an order form for your exhibition stand with information on the possibilities for stand construction,
including an enclosed price list – the chance of ordering stand construction from the company
BVV Trade Fairs Brno;
– the fair’s branch division – for entering your company into the right category at the fair;
– additional information, such as the fair’s accompanying programme.
Don’t forget:
• To determine the situation within your own company, at your nearest competitors, in the branch
as a whole, the economy and (if you have international contacts) abroad.
• To make sure you have something to bring to the fair, something to surprise people with – think
about what you could change about your product, image, distribution, prices and dealings with
competitors, the media and customers – how to make improvements and stand out from your
• To determine your budget and anticipated costs and returns.
• Your final decision to take part in the fair – engage more people in this decision and acquaint
them with all the possibilities.
• To appoint your project management.
• To request the materials about the fair you need to make this decision.
2. Completing your application for the fair.
• Selecting your exhibits.
• You will have to make a decision about the type of product and the method of its presentation at the
fair – the size and appearance of your exhibition stand will need to be determined with this in mind.
3. S
ending your application by the stipulated deadline for advantageous prices for exhibition
area and the selection of a stand construction company.
If you apply by the ordinary deadline for the submission of applications you will receive your
exhibition area at an advantageous price. You can, of course, apply to take part in the fair at
any time following this ordinary application deadline, though the price you pay for your exhibition area will be higher.
• After you have sent your completed application documentation you will receive confirmation of your
application and application for entry in the catalogue.
• Select a stand construction company.
4. Sending advertisements and other materials for the catalogue before the deadline.
• Deadline for entries in the catalogue and other publications – 28th February.
• The placement of an advertisement in the catalogue of exhibitors – text, images.
• Prepare materials for company presentations (promotional materials, etc.).
5. D
elivery of confirmation of participation, the location and size of your exhibition stand,
and Technical Guidelines.
• You will receive from us confirmation of participation and the location of your stand at the fair –
from 15th February.
• Don’t forget to order company invitations – please place your order by 15th March at the latest
if you are ordering the printed version of these invitations.
6. O
rder for stand construction, order block for work and services using the electronic order
block at – 17th March.
• Order for advertising catalogues and prospectuses.
• Order for electricity, water and telephones.
• Submit exhibitor’s technical documentation to the trade fair administration for approval.
• The sending out of invitations, printing nametags and promotional materials.
• You will receive exhibitor passes.
• Choose the staff to work on your stand, inform your whole team including auxiliary staff.
7. A
ssembly of exhibition stands and exhibits, taking over your stand from your stand
construction company 1–11 April.
8. The trade fair itself 12–16 April.
• Contact with visitors – questioning visitors, research among visitors – their interests and comments.
• Contact with other exhibitors.
following the end of the event
9. The dismantling of exhibition stands and exhibits 17–19 April.
10. Assessment of the fair.
• positive surprises
• assessing reports on visits
• the agreement of dates
• analyses of polls conducted at the fair
• distributing information among staff
• promise keeping
• processing trade fair indicators
• verifying the effect of the fair
– verifying contact goals
– verifying communication goals
– verifying information goals
Why am I going to the fair and what
do I expect of it?
When we decide whether to go the fair or not, the most important things we need to
know are why we are actually going to the fair and what exactly we want to achieve there.
We must also find ways and means of achieving our particular goals.
Another integral part of our managerial decision to go to the fair is the right motivation for
our employees to take part in the fair, so that they do not consider their presence on the
stand a necessary evil, but on the contrary understand the importance of their presence
and what taking part in the fair means for the company – that it is a matter of prestige not
just for the company as a whole, but for them themselves.
A comparison of the Internet and trade fairs as a communication medium shows
us that trade fairs are still the only communication channel that allows visitors to try out
the exhibits on display for themselves and ask qualified staff the specific questions they
have – something that is not, as yet, possible with an Internet presentation.
Why do companies exhibit at the fair?
• 79% of exhibitors see trade fairs as an opportunity for company presentation
and a chance for reinforcing company image
• 55% of exhibitors seek new customers here
• 56% of exhibitors thought the right clientele came during the course of the fair
Visitor satisfaction with the Brno Building Fairs?
• 63.4% of visitors are looking for information for a planned construction or renovation
project at the fair
• 78% of visitors are satisfied with the number of products and services exhibited
• 83% are satisfied with the attractiveness of the products and services exhibited
• 71% are satisfied with the number of new products and services on display
and with the accompanying programme
• 83% of visitors were interested in the topic energy saving, and in windows, doors,
insulation and heating in particular
Visitors’ plans for the coming year
The construction of a family house or cottage
Exterior renovation (façade, windows, roof)
Interior renovation (kitchen, floors, bathroom)
A change to interior furnishings 22.5%
Overall, we can say that 81% of visitors
are satisfied with the fair.
Project Director
Radim Tichý
phone: +420 541 152 888
fax: +420 541 152 889
e-mail: [email protected]
Project Manager URBIS INVEST
Filip Mann
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Project Manager IBF
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Press and Public Relations
Jana Tyrichová
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Filip Mann
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Stand Construction and other services
Petr Mařík
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Project Manager SHK BRNO
Hana Kmínová
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Aleš Gregor
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Project Manager MOBITEX
René Jurčík
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Permission of Stand Construction
Věra Staneva
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Eva Pešková
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