Building the Next Generation Data Centre Network—A How-To Guide Virtualize.

Building the Next Generation Data Centre Network—A How-To Guide
Use What’s Proven.
Avoid Vendor Lock-in.
• BLADE is the leading supplier of Gigabit and
10 Gigabit Ethernet network infrastructure
in blades and server and storage racks.
• BLADE is the open-standards alternative
to single vendor solutions.
• VMready: the industry’s first and only
automated Virtual Machine-aware
network virtualization solution.
• BLADE’s switches are found in over 350 of the
top 25 Fortune 500 companies’ data centers.
The world’s largest stock exchange
The world’s largest Ethernet
supercomputing cluster
• BLADE switches have Certified interoperability
into Cisco and other vendors’s networks.
• Industry-standard CLI simplifies configuration
for those familiar with Cisco environments.
Router(config)# spanning-tree stp 2
bridge hello 2
• BLADE is the trusted partner and supplier of
networking fabric solutions to IBM, HP and NEC.
• BLADEHarmony Manager simplifies device
management across the network, and integrates
into other vendors’ network management systems.
Converge onto Ethernet.
Make it Faster.
• Until now, to get the best performance,
you needed a different fabric for server to
storage (Fibre Channel), server to server
(InfiniBand), and server to client (Ethernet).
Not all 10 Gigabit Ethernet switches are created
equal. BLADE’s 10G switches lead the market in
lossless, low latency performance. See the difference
for yourself:
• BLADE’s Unified FabricArchitecture
solves all of these issues:
Our BLADEOS supports Loss less
Ethernet, Fibre Channel over Ethernet,
and Converged Enhanced Ethernet.
Converging networking, storage, and
compute networks onto a single wire
improves performance everywhere.
8x Lower Latency*
• VMready configures the network parameters of
Virtual Machines and maintains their performance
and security settings as they migrate.
• Virtual machines can move to different physical
servers without requiring complex network
configurations or introducing security vulnerabilities.
Virtual Switch
• BLADE has Millions of switch
ports deployed worldwide.
VMready Switch
• BLADE’s Virtual Fabric (vNIC) can carve a 10G
NIC into virtual pipes to the switch, reducing
hardware costs while improving performance,
availability and security in virtualized environments.
Go Green.
• 12% percent of data center
energy is consumed by the
networking equipment.
• Deploying two 10G RackSwitches
per rack across a five-rack
data center can save $20,000
on your energy bill over three
years. This is equivalent to:
50,000 fewer kg of CO2 released
into the atmosphere, or
Five cars removed from the road
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Proven Performance
RackSwitch for Top of Rack Deployments
• Industry-leading 1/10 G blade
and top-of-rack switches
G8000 1/10G Aggregation
Form Factor
Max Thru-put (bidirectional) Gbps
Average port to port latency
Recommended for:
G8100 10G
Low Latency CX4/SFP+
G8052 1/10G Aggregation
G8124 & G8124-E 10G
Low Latency SFP+ Switches
1U Rack
1U Rack
1U Rack
1U Rack
48 1G (44 RJ45 & 4 SFP)
Up to 4 10G CX4 or SFP+
48 1G RJ45
4 10G SFP+
20 * CX4 10G & 4 SFP+ 10G
24 * SFP+ 10G
176 Gbps
176 Gbps
480 Gbps
480 Gbps
4.6 microseconds
1.7 microseconds
360 nanoseconds
680 nanoseconds
115W to 168W
Stacking, zero oversubscription, low power
consumption, airflow
Low latency 1:10G, zero
over-subscription, low
power consumption,
Lossless 10G, low latency,
low power consumption,
Lossless 10G, low latency,
SFP+, low power
consumption, airflow
Blade Switches for IBM BladeCenter
• Deployed in the world’s largest
data centers in finance, retail
and other industries
• Industry proven OS with over
10 years in deployment
• Support for Fibre Channel over Ethernet
and Converged Enhanced Ethernet
Interoperability into
Cisco networks**
• Auto-Negotiation
• 802.1p/Q VLAN Tag
Form Factor
Max Thru-put (bidirectional) Gbps
Recommended for:
BNT L2/3 Copper G
Switch Module
BNT L2/3 Fiber GbE
Switch Module
BNT L2-7 G
Switch Module
BNT 1/10 GbE
Switch Module
BNT Virtual Fabric 10G
Switch Module
Blade Switch
Blade Switch
Blade Switch
Blade Switch
Blade Switch
14 * 1G downlinks
6 * 1G uplinks
14 * 1G downlinks
6 * 1G uplinks (fiber)
14 * 1G downlinks
4 * 1G uplinks
14 * 1G downlinks
6 * 1G & 3 * 10G uplinks
14 * 1/10G downlinks
10 * 1/10G uplinks
40 Gbps
40 Gbps
36 Gbps for L2-4
100 Gbps
480 Gbps
72W to 82W
Low cost
Optical connectivity
and low cost
Security and load
uplinks, investment
Bandwidth, low latency,
CEE/FCoE, virtualization
• Jumbo Frame support
• Link Aggregation Control
Protocol (EtherChannel)
• 10G LAN PHY support
• Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol
• Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP)
For More Information
Interconnects for HP BladeSystem c-Class
HP 10Gb Pass Thru Module
Form Factor
Max Throughput (bidirectional Gbps)
Recommended for:
HP GbE2c Layer 2/3 Switch
HP 1:10Gb BL-c Switch
Single Wide
Single Wide – Blade Switch
Single Wide – Blade Switch
16 1/10Gb Downlinks
16 1/10Gb SFP+ Uplinks
16 1G Downlinks, 4 port selectable 1G RJ45 or Fiber,
1 port Fixed RJ45 Uplink
16 1G Downlinks
4 x 1G RJ45 and 3 x 10G
320 Gbps
48 Gbps
128 Gbps
Optical connectivity, low cost
Low cost unmanaged 10G
and full feature set
Consolidating uplink ports
Investment protection,
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