2012 Earth Day Video Competition How to enter

2012 Earth Day
Video Competition
How to enter
Participate in this video competition to showcase your creativity, innovation and commitment to our
natural and cultural heritage as well as to the future of the planet.
There’s also the chance to win some great prizes.
Gather your classmates, members of clubs and/or your friends and present your idea(s) for how you and
your community can live in better harmony with people and the environment.
The video should demonstrate what you think needs changing and how you think we might achieve it.
Choose from the themes:
“For the Island”,
“For the Earth”,
“For the Sargasso Sea”.
This video competition will give young people a voice and highlight the power of our actions, raising
awareness about the connection between the choices we make, the future of our island, and the future
of the planet. Use your creativity to inspire others to follow your lead.
We all make decisions every day that have impacts beyond ourselves: from what products we buy to
what we do when we’re finished with them, from how we travel to how we eat, from whether to
preserve historic houses or build new developments. Living sustainability is about making sure the social,
economic and environmental needs of our community are met and kept healthy for future generations.
You can have an impact on that future, depending on the choices you make today.
Teams may be supported by a member of the community but the majority of the work must be the
students’. The groups will have the opportunity to meet with the Earth Day team mentors to assist in
developing ideas, and may also reach out for any resources they may need.
Videos will be screened in school assemblies during the week after Earth Day 2012 (end of April).
Winners will receive prizes and their video projects will be featured on the Bermuda National Trust’s and
Greenrock’s websites, as well as on national TV and in a local film festival.
Read below for guidelines and how to enter. We look forward to engaging with you and appreciate the
unique perspective you bring to these issues. We want to see your stories, your ideas, and your actions.
Passion and innovation can make a difference: They are probably the only things that can.
This is your island, your planet, your future, and ultimately your choice.
This educational initiative is kindly sponsored by
Can you give voice to something that the Island, the Earth or the Sargasso Sea is trying to tell us?
Is there something we should be doing differently?
Is there something that you feel is not being said?
What are the environmental, social or economic issues facing our future and what are possible solutions?
What do you think are the most important things to protect for your generation? How do we do that?
What do you want people in the community and our leaders to hear?
Start NOW talking to your classmates and teachers about forming a group and researching various
“actions” to showcase. Get in touch if you want to participate but need help coming up with ideas.
Wednesday February 29: Submit your expression of interest form to [email protected]
March 12 – 23: Meet with Earth Day team to develop ideas, if needed, and identify resource needs.
March 26 – April 9 (including week of Easter break): Finish filming and editing.
Tuesday April 10: Final submission of videos by upload or DVD (we can help with the technical side).
April 22: Earth Day: Winners announced.
April 23-27: Film screenings in school assemblies.
Video entries will be judged on the following terms:
1. Creativity: have you demonstrated different ways of thinking and expressing ideas? Does your
personality show in the way you have made the video? Is this more than a talking photograph?
2. Effectiveness of the medium: have you used film to its best potential? Have you told a story? Does
your timing and mix of shots keep your viewer engaged?
3. Ability to inspire action: have you addressed an issue and given ways people can get involved? Have
you stayed positive and focused on solutions? Are you inclusive, can anyone get involved?
This educational initiative is kindly sponsored by