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How to book your place at the
Rail CCTV 2013 conference
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Rail CCTV Conference 2013
Collaboration amongst the various parties involved
is vital to get the best out of new and legacy CCTV
systems in this dynamic industry.
Now in its third year, BWCS Rail CCTV
Conference will gather the great and the good from
across this sector to share problems and solutions
direct form the camera face.
‘This conference provides a rare and valuable
opportunity for the key players in this sector to meet
and debate the latest advancements’ Andy Odell, UK
Association of Train Operating Companies.
Rail CCTV 2013, hosted by transport and
communications consultancy group BWCS,
provides a rare opportunity for those involved in
this sector to get together and compare problems,
solutions, standards and progress and above all to
assess the future.
The Conference is the only event to focus
directly on the issues facing transport groups and
rail authorities as they struggle to make trains and
stations more secure and develop new cost-saving
systems to capitalise on the emerging generation of
IP cameras.
2.00 CCTV Use in Condition Monitoring
the Railway Network
11.15 11.15 SECUR-ED Paris demonstration - CCTV Demo
Session One – The Future for Rail CCTV
and Growing Efficiencies
- RCM and the increasing need for information
Example Deployments (Bridge, Flood,
Earthworks, Level Crossings)
- Solution Design Considerations
- Information Delivery and Response
- Where next?
Dave Farman, Director, TEW Plus
11.45 100Mbps Train to Ground Wireless
Networks for Mobile CCTV
8.45 Registration and Coffee
9.15 Opening Speech – The Next Stage of
Development for Rail CCTV
London 6-7 November
Around the world a vast and growing army of CCTV
cameras stand guard over trains, platforms and
passengers. Increasingly, these silent witnesses can
not only record events, but can track suspects,
capture evidence, help avoid crimes or
over-crowding and even save lives. Ever-more
sophisticated management systems and reporting
tools are helping train operators and rail authorities
put the CCTV army to more productive uses. Find
out where this multi-million euro industry is heading
at Rail CCTV 2013.
Day 1 November 6th
To reserve your place at this year’s conference,
simply go to or e-mail Ross.
[email protected]
Graham Wilde, CEO, BWCS
9.30 What Next Now the Olympics Are
2.30 New Uses of Long Distance Thermal
Cameras in the Rail Sector
- Automatic potential obstacle alerts for
- Guarding against cable theft – automatic
transmission of images and GPS data
- Tracking overheated equipment on the
- New design in-car CCTV cameras
Object tracking within station and trains
Video analysis for tracking
Analysis of human behaviour
Tracking abandoned luggage
Julian Pepinster, RATP Paris
Umberto Malesci, Fluidmesh
12.15 Panel Session – The future for Rail
For more information on these, and on our other
events throughout the year, please
contact [email protected]
- Outstanding issues left over
- Increased efficiency
- Getting the BTP direct access to on-train
- CCTV and improving train services and
- Improving passenger information services
What they said about previous
British Transport Police and Andy Odell, Police
Liaison Officer, UK Association of Train
Operating Companies
Ulrik Rasmussen, MD Protec Rail and Road
Speed Networking – and coffee
Peter Kingsland - Icomera
Dr Carsten Jacobsen, BVG – Berlin Public
David Thomasson, Axis Communications
Julian Pepinster, RATP
‘I have rarely had an occasion to exchange so much
knowledge in such a short time as in the Rail CCTV
Conference in London’
Ivan Sørensen European Commission,
DG Mobility and Transport
10.00 CCTV - A Rail Security Practitioner’s
3.45 Developments in New IP Camera
Standards for Rail Transportation
12.45-2.00 LUNCH Sponsored by
- The positive impact of CCTV on rail
- The difference in application of CCTV in the
rail sector
- Why this makes it integral to the effective
operation of railways
Dave Gorshkov, US Association of Train
Operating Companies
2.00 Vertical Insights – Video
Surveillance and Security in
Bob Gough, Operational Security Manager,
Serco Docklands Light Railway
- More powerful than facial recognition
- Alleviating problems with managing railway
- Getting information online to enable sharing
- Enabling a revolution - “The internet of
‘Last year’s Rail CCTV conference was packed with
exactly the right type of presentations and gave us a
great insight into the challenges faced by train
operating companies’
Pelco by Schneider Electric
‘I have attended a number of events organised by
BWCS. What impressed me was the availability of
a very highly skilled team of industry experts with
them. The team’s wide range of experience and
profound wireless industry knowledge have been
instrumental in helping us in framing
specifications for providing Wireless broadband
services on our trains, an essential social ingredient
of life in India. The events organized by them have
been of high technical standard, focus is always on
services & products and not on companies, allowing
us to choose the best option.’
Anshul Gupta, Executive Director, RailTel,
Ministry of Railways, India
The venue for this year’s Conference is:
The key transport groups, rail administrators,
politicians and industry experts will gather together
from across Europe and the rest of the world to
discuss the developments in this crucial sector.
The Crowne Plaza London - The City,
19 New Bridge Street,
London EC4V 6DB
As ever, Rail CCTV Conference 2013 will provide
some great networking opportunities and there are
some sponsorship opportunities still
Phone: + 44 (0) 0207 438 8027
10.30-10.45 COFFEE
10.45 CCTV in SNCF - From a Security
Tool to High-End Applications
Bertrand Taquin, Chef de Division Systèmes et
Applications, SNCF
11.15 Improving Monitoring of Rail CCTV
The importance of staff reactions
Lessons we have learned – what to look for
Case study
Key points moving forwards
Tony Holland, Crime Prevention Manager, First
Capital Connect
4.45 The Security Concept Behind The
Camera - Design Criteria
Chanan Graf, GM, Gordon Consulting
Engineers, former Chief Security Officer
of Israel Railways
5.15–5.30 Closing Remarks
COCKTAILS – sponsored by Axis
Day 2 November 7th
Kevin Copely, Security Director, Bay Area
Rapid Transport Network, USA
9.15 BWCS Welcome
12.15 Panel Session: What’s Next for Rail
British Transport Police
Andy Odell, ATOC
Bob Gough, Serco Docklands Light Railway
Kurt Stern, Munich Underground and Public
Tony Holland, First Capital Connect
Kevin Copely, Bay Area Rapid Transport
Network, USA
Conference Sponsors
Simon Gordon, CEO, Facewatch
11.45 The Challenge of Integrating CCTV
and Other Components into a
Comprehensive Rail Security System
Chaired by Graham Wilde, MD, BWCS
4.15 Facewatching Your Rail CCTV
12.45 -2.00 LUNCH
Session Two – Adding Train
Efficiencies via On-board and
On-Platform CCTV Systems
Chaired by Valentin Scinteie from Gentec
Paul Bremner, IHS
2.30 Current and Future Advances in Rail
- Potential benefits and implications of
automated video detection and CCTV system
- The testing and evaluation of automated
CCTV detection
- The impact of compression on the
performance of automated video detection
Stuart Rankin, CAST, the UK Home Office
3.00-3.15 COFFEE
3.15 Autonomous Visual Sensors for Rail
Security and Safety
- Current video surveillance system focus and
costly infrastructure
- Limits to current applicability in particular
on railways
- Next generation surveillance systems –
greater autonomy and real-time alerts
Zeev Smilansky, CTO, Emza Visual Sense Ltd
9.30 Freight/Telemetry Train Surveillance
Case Study
Observit and Peter Kingsland - Icomera
10.00 CCTV in German Local Public
Transport: Requirements, Realisation
and the Future at BVG (the Largest Local
Public Transport Company in Germany)
The Spread of CCTV on-board
Current Trends
The future for on-board CCTV
Dr Carsten Jacobsen, BVG – Berlin Public
10.30-10.45 COFFEE
3.45 Unified Security Solutions : Market
4.15 Problems in Setting up a Video
Surveillance System on the New Delhi
Timur Vekilov, Sitronics
Panel – The Effect of Technical
Innovations on the Rail CCTV Sector
5– 5.30 pm Closing Remarks and end of
* to be confirmed…
10.45 From Forensics to Real-Time
- Capturing incidents on complex and
disparate rail networks
- CCTV and preventing incidents – rather than
reporting on them
- Cameras becoming effective business and
operational tools
David Thomasson, Business Development
Manager – Transportation, Axis
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