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ponytaiied crime lord. (Crime drama) (R) 106m.
Sat 11a.m. <CC)(S) (VCR)
The OW-Faehtoned Way* *** ('34) W.C.
Fields, Judith Alton. The Great McGonJgle skips
town, Juggles and gets by with his troupe doing
The Drunkard.' (Comedy) 74m. Tue. 6.45 a.m.,
3:06 p.m.
-100 Men and a OkT *** ('37) Oeanna
Durbhu Leopold Stokowski. A gtrl finds a famous conductor Jor her trombonist father's
out-of-work orchestra. {Musical comedy) 84m.
Sat 8:30«um. ,.
"The Package" *** ('89) Gene Hackman,
Joarma Casskty. An Army sergeant and hto officer ex-wife are caught in a CoW War Mot over
a military prisoner. (Suspense) (R) 106m. Thu.
10:05 a.m., 9:30 p.m. (CC) (S) (VCR)
-Peacemaker" ** ('90) Robert Forster, Lance
Edwards. A humanojd lawman and killer crash
to Earth and approach a woman who cannot teH
which Is which. (Science fiction) (R) 91m. Mon.
12 am (S) (VCR)
"Power* *** ('80) Joe Don Baker, Karen Black.
From 1936 to 1972 a Chicago dockworker rises
and rules as a corrupt union leader who must
be stopped. (Ministries) 206m. Thu. 12 p.m.
"Promise at Dawn*"** (70) MeHna Mercouri,
Assaf Oayan. A Soviet silent-film actress raises
her Illegitimate son, who becomes the writer
Romain Gary. (Biography) (PG) 101m. Wed. 2
"Puppet Heeler ** ('89) Paul Le Mat, Irene
Miracle. Psychics at a bay hotel meet the
puppets Pin Head, Leech Woman, Tunnetor,
Blade and Jester. (Horror) (R) 90m. Tue. 10
p.m. (VCR)
"The Return of Swamp Thing" * ('69) Louis
Jourdan, Heather Locklear. A mad scientist's
vegetarian stepdaughter falls in love with one of
his leafy failures. (Science fiction) (PG-13) 88m.
Sun. 6 p.m., 4:35 a.m. (S) (VCR)
"Rockuto" * ('90) Dean Cameron, Ton! Basil.
A 400-year-old vampire meets and loses
his dream-girl
invgiri every 22 years around Hal-
toween. (Musical) (PG-13) 91m. Wed. 9:36 p.m.
"Secrete of a Mother and Daughter* * ('83)
Katharine Ross, Unda Hamilton. A widowed
movie star and her daughter fa! m love with the
same West Coast restaurant owner. (Romance)
98m. Fit 4:45 a.m.
"She's Out of ComroT *JW*fonv DJ2i
Catherine Hicks. A Los Angeles radio-station
manager's girlfriend ahows bw teen-aga daughter hew to be sexy. (Comedy)
(PG) 96m. Sun.
4 p.m., 3 a:m. (CC)
-She-OevS" ** ('89) Meryl Streep, Roeeenne
Ban*. An accountant's frumpyjaMs hexes him
and his fancy mistress. (Comedy) (PQ-13) 99m.
Fri. 10 a.m., 10p.m. (CC) (S) (VCR)
•S* *tocUn0e* *** CS7) Fred Astaire,
Chartsse. A HoBywood producer fafts in
with a Russian spy m Parts. (Musical comedy)
117m. Mon. 10 p.m. (S) (VCR)
"Sipping HMO Dertcnees" * CW) Mtoheta Johnson, John: OiAquino. A Nebraska biker btames
a rich girl and her girlfriends for his mentally retarded brother's death. (Drama) (R) 87m. Thu.
130a.m.. (VCR)
"8p« Bedstone" ** ('88) Gene Hackman,
Craig Sheffer. An Irten-Amertcan boxer turns
pro with his father for one ftrtrt, to avenge Ms
slain boxer brother. (Drama) (R) 95m. Sat 3:30
p.m. (S) (VCR)
"Stefta" ** ('90) Bette Midler, John Goodman. A working-daw woman raises her outof-wedtock daughter alone, then lets her go to
her rich father. (Drama) (PG-13) 109m. Sun. 10
a.m., 11 p.m. (S) (VCR)
"Street Smart** ** ('87) Christopher Reeve,
Morgan Freeman. A New York Journalist Me*
when his fake story about a pimp describes a
real pimp up for murder. (Suspense) (R) 97m.
Tue. 11:30 p.m. (S)(VCR)
"Teenage Mutant Wnja Turtles" ** ('90) Judith
Hoag, Bias Koteas. The four superturttea team
up with a TV newswoman and her boyfriend
against the ninja Foot Clan. (Fantasy) (PG) 94m.
Wed. 0 . m .
++ C89) Ntok No**, Martin
Short A dumty bank rpbtor wHh a Knit girt
takM t gruff •x-btnk robber
(PG-13) 98m. W«d, 10 a.m., 11:06 p^n.; Sat
p,m., 3 a.m. (CC) (S) (VCR)
'Tim KMa of HttT * ('07) Robart Qlnty,
Victoria Barratt. mt^pot atndt a U.8. apjnt
and. two tatt DoNcawofnan to atop a orimlnaj
mastarmind. (Action) (R) 87m. Sun. 7:30 p.m.
Thtt BiMavir *^ f89) Jamw Woooa,
Robart Downay Or. Pushad by hla dark, a Jadad
'608-radteal New York lawyar dafanda an Aalan
convict frarnad for mordar. (Crlma drama) (R)
108m. Mon. 6 P-m., 3 a.m. (6q (8) (VCR)
Twtea to • tJtoft!»" *** cfc) Qaoa Hackman, Dlan Burttyn. An unhappily marrlad ataafwortcar turns 50 and a«a« a chanca for ft whote
oaw Ufa with a barmaid. (Drama) (R) 117m.
Wad. 12 p.m. (VCR)
-Valmonr *** ('TO) CoHn Rrth, Annatta Baning. The Marqulw da MarteuH and tr»a Vlacomta
da Valmont bet on danaeroua Nateona in 17SOa
Franca. (Drama) (R) 137m. Thu. 3:30 p.m., 3
a.m. (CC)(S)(VCR)
-Vtetor/Vkrtorta" *** ('82) JuNa Andrews,
James Garner. A Chicago mobster faUs for a famale impersonator, actually a woman, in 1930s
Paris. (Comedy) (PC) 134m. Wed. 5:45 p.m., 3
a.m. (S) (VCR)
"Whan Harry Hat Sally ..." *** ('89) BWy
Crystal, Meg Ryan. Two Manhattan careerists
take 12 years to figure out they love each other.
(Romance-comedy) (R) 96m. Sun. 12 p.m., 9
p.m. (S) (VCR)
"Woman of the Year *** (*42) Katharine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy. A New York sportswrtier
marries a political columnist whose career comes
first (Comedy) 112m. Mon. 12p.m. (VCR)
"You end Me" ** ('38) Sylvia Sidney, George
Raft. An ex-convict marries a Department-store
co-worker, unaware she's on parole. (Comedydrama) 93m. Mon, 6 a.m.
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