How to Make the Most of Your Legal Vacation Scheme Jaya Louvre

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How to Make the Most of Your
Legal Vacation Scheme
Jaya Louvre
Recruitment Manager
Jennifer Morton
New Haven
Withers LLP
Why do a Vacation Scheme?
• A chance to find out if law is the career for you
• A practical way of getting a feel for the firm
• A foot in the door – some firms recruit up to 50% of their trainees
from their vacation schemes
• Good experience for your CV
How To Get One…
• Plan ahead – some firms have early deadlines
• Do your research
• Apply selectively
The First Day…
• Look the part
• Have the right attitude – first impressions count
• Research the firm
• Know where and who you will be sitting with – research what they
• Don’t be afraid to ask questions
Day to Day…
• Show enthusiasm
• Get involved
• Be proactive – approach people if you are stuck for work
• Give it your best shot, even if you think you’re wrong – your effort
will not go unnoticed
• Check your work – you don’t know who might see it!
• Listen carefully and ask questions – make sure you know what is
being asked of you
Social Events…
• Could be a lunch, dinner or drinks evening
• Not a chance to ‘let your hair down’!
• Get talking to people – show them your networking skills!
• Ask questions – this is your chance to speak to people from other
General Hints and Tips…
• Be professional – no mobile phones or ipods
• Read a quality newspaper – show your commercial awareness
• Don’t view the scheme as a competition – it’s not about securing
the most placements
• Make the most of the time your there
After the Scheme…
• Analyse
• Keep in touch
• Apply for a training contract
• Find out what is the firms’ interview process?
• Withers interview process
• 1st Stage - the first stage consists of a 40 minute
interview with a Partner and a 50 minute written test.
• 2nd Stage - at the 2nd stage, candidates undertake
a 10 minute presentation followed by a 40 minute
interview with two Partners. The presentation topics
from which candidates can choose are based on
current affairs.
Hints and Tips for Interviews
• Research as much as you can about the firm – surprise the
• Know your application form inside out and make sure dates are
• Know who is going to be interviewing you
• Prepare answers for typical interview questions
• Prepare questions for the interviewer
• Make yourself stand out
• Be yourself
• Practice, practice, practice.
Withers LLP
• Offices in London, Geneva, Milan, Hong Kong, Greenwich, New York,
New Haven,British Virgin Islands
• Main Areas of work we specialise in:
Wealth Planning – Private Client
• FITT – Funds, Investment, Tax and Trusts
• INT – International team
• FAB – Family and Business planning
EST – Estates, Succession and Trusts
• Charities
• Intellectual Property
• Corporate
• Commercial Litigation
• Contentious Trusts
• Employment
Real Estate
Vacation Schemes at Withers…
• Five, two-week schemes
• Easter and Summer
• Chance to sit in two departments
• Case study
• Drinks evening
• Trainee buddy
• Deadline for applications 31 January 2011
Training Contracts at Withers
• We recruit between 15 and 16 trainees each year
• To apply visit our website and fill out an online application form
• There is advice available on the website to help you
• Interviews for training contracts start in April/May
• Deadline for online applications 31st July 2011
• We receive approximately 800 applications a year for training
New York
Hong Kong
New Haven
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