Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis
Joanne Frazel--I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis
5 years ago. At that time I was totally blind in one eye and
almost blind in the other. Doctors had given me steroids in
an attempt to bring my eyesight back but they were not
successful. I refused to do any more drugs and started
searching for superior nutritional supplements and discovered RiSoTrieneTM. I felt as if I had the flu for about three
weeks when initially using it! I thought I was nuts to think a rice bran could help as
I had been told, but I was just too cheap to throw it away. I am glad I didn't because
in the fourth week I began to feel better than I had in several years. Then all of the
sudden one day my energy returned! I have used RiSoTrieneTM for two-and-one-half
years now. The eyesight in the eye that was previously blind was 20/30 last year and
20/25 this year. I have 20/20 vision with glasses and no MS symptomology! I was
also able to get off Thyroid medication as it helped me overcome an imbalance that
had caused me to lose hair, have cold hands and feet, andgain weight. I would rather
die than give up RiSoTrieneTM. I use many of the Integris products and they've been
a miracle for me.
Additonal Products That Address Other Health Challenges
VITAL SEVEN- 7 essential nutrient groups in one non-genetically engineered product. Contains
RiSoTriene, deep sea minerals, Whey protein, Fibersol, Veggies, Probiotic bacterias, Essential Oils,
extra calcium, magnesium, ellagic acid-much more.
COLLASTIN LINIMENT- combined benefits of Collastin with the power of Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Gel
produce a liniment that works effectively on several levels to provide relief from muscle and joint discomfort associated with arthritis, simple backaches, strains and sprains.
THE CLEANSE- 8-day intense cleansing program is as effective as a 40 day fast.
FRUIT AND VEGGIECAPSTM Living Encapsulated Juice Product provides an entire complex of nutrients
that synthetic vitamins can never replace--your body is alive; feed it with living nutrients for optimal
COLLASTINTM Most potent all natural anti-aging product available- relieves all types of pain: arthritis,
fibromyalgia, back/disc problems, MS etc.
DEEP SEA MINERALS Perfect balance of macro, micro and ultratrace minerals. Unlike land and shallow sea minerals, these are FREE OF TOXIC HEAVY METALS SUCH AS ARSENIC, CADMIUM, MERCURY AND LEAD.
METHYLATE Often the first symptom of cardiovascular disease is DEATH. Lowering homocysteine levels in the blood can reduce the risk of vascular disease by more than 60%. Methylate is a superior
nutritional formation that quickly lowers homocysteine.
PARASITE CLEANSE Start with a clean slate to really absorb your nutrients. Parasites are living, brutal scavengers that secrete poison toxins and rob your body of nutrition; the aging process accelerates,
creating multiple symptoms that range from general fatigue to many degenerative conditions.
COMPLETE DIET SYSTEM To lose weight properly & keep it off for life, we have developed a weight
management system that addresses all aspects of obesity.
LIVER CLEANSE For those who consume alcohol, are exposed to environmental pollutants or cigarettes, have been taking medications for an extended time, are overweight, have a history of liver or gall
bladder disease, or suffer from a sluggish liver. If liver function can improve, the entire body benefits.
SKIN CARE SYSTEM Incorporates both an internal nutritional and external topical, skin-healing
improvement strategy. Internal caplets offer vital nutrients to support healthy new cell growth and assist
in the elimination of harmful dietary toxins, which can cause flaky dry patches or bacteria and infection.
Revitalizing Night Treatment Crème -- an Aloe-based anti-microbial crème with Flavosomes -- is the
ultimate skin treatment that restores vitality and smoothness. All natural. Preservative Free.
RISOTRIENE TASTES GREAT!! RiSoTrieneTM comes in a granulated powder
taken 2-4 Tablespoons per day (amount dependent upon health challenges). A 360
gram can of RiSoTriene lasts 2-3 weeks when using 3-4 Tablespoons per day.
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Does your doctor say you're not sick but you KNOW you're not well??
RiSoTriene changed my blood cells..
Terri Anyan-- I cannot remember a time when I was truly healthy. As a child
I was in bed for nearly 2 years with a serious kidney disease. My urine was
black. Because the kidney machine had yet to be perfected, I was not placed on
it and at age 8 I was given 6 months to live. The doctors to this day have no medical explanation why I am here. By the time I was in my mid thirties, I looked
and felt like I was in my mid fifties. My skin color was gray, I had dark circles continually
under my eyes; I was constantly sick with every virus that floated by.
I would go in yearly for batteries of tests; they always came back in the 'average' zone; low in
iron, higher than normal in white blood cells- and every year I felt worse. One day I realized
that I needed to take matters in my own hands if I was going to 'have a full healthy life'- and I
began seeking alternative ways to heal myself. I found the RiSoTriene in December of 1996
and noticed a significant increase in energy with in the first few days. 10 months later, at my
yearly physical, my doctor commented on how 'good I looked'. When my blood tests came
back 2 days later, he called me, astounded. It was as if I had turned the clock back 20 years
(according to my doctor). My white blood cells, were, for the first time in over 12 years, under
control and perfectly normal; my iron was at an extremely healthy level instead of borderline
anemia; my cholesterol had dropped. His comment? "Whatever you are doing is working;
keep doing it!" That was nearly 6 years ago… and I am still doing it!! RiSoTriene is REAL
food that changes your cells-the answer to great health!
Rare Skin Disorder
Sonya Kube---My son's name is Dexter, he is 13 yrs. old. He was born with
a rare uncureable condition called Klippel Treaneuay Syndrome, or KT for
short. He has had 2 amputations on his foot. He has lesions that erupt outside the skin. They not only bleed very bad, they multiply and take over the
good skin. He would have laser surgery about every 4-6 months to try to
stop the bleeding and the lesions. This has been going on for the last 6yrs at
the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. The last time he was in for surgery, the
doctor told him when he was sick of having surgery, they could cut his foot off.
Talk about a reality check! I put my son on a product called RiSoTrieneTM, hoping that he
would stay healthier through the winter and if it became necessary to amputate maybe he would
recover more quickly. I NEVER would have guessed what I stumbled onto. The lesions on his
foot not only got better, they went away. He is healthier and has more energy. His skin is healthier. NO MORE SURGERY. I am not saying that this is a cure, but the amount of help it has
given to Dexter makes me shake in excitement that there is hope for those like my son. I know
what it is like living with KT and so does my son.We also know what it is like to find something that makes a difference and gives hope. The results cannot be denied, RiSoTrieneTM has
helped my son, he is living proof!!
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