How to wrap your baby using a woven wrap

How to wrap your baby using a woven wrap
With this method, you will be wrapping the sling around you and your
baby. You will get a much closer wrap, which is essential as unlike the
stretchy sling, there will be less room for give.
1. Place the middle of
the sling (located by the care
label) against your chest. Holding the top edge of the
sling, extend your arm, raise it
over and behind your elbow
and head, and bring it over
the opposite shoulder. Do the
same with the other side.
2. Put baby into the burping position, open the
top of the sling out and lower baby in until he is
straddling your stomach- much the way you
would cuddle him. Other way to do this is to put
your hand through the underside of the
horizontal panel, find babys feet and feed them
through the panel. Cover the baby up till either
his armpits if he is awake and wants to explore,
or his head if he is sleepy or if its cold outside.
Make sure you tuck the sling under his bum up
to the knees. KEEP BABY SUPPORTED.
3. Now that he is in, keeping one hand under the
bum use the other hand to tighten the sling by
pulling the end on the shoulder (upwards) until
baby feels secure. Then, still holding the piece of
sling taut, place the hand under the bum to
support whilst you do the other side. You will
know you have wrapped it tightly enough when
you are able to pull both ends away from you
without holding baby and he feels secure. If you
feel nervous about letting go, it may mean that
you need to tighten the wrap a little more.
How to wrap your baby using a woven wrap
4. Cross the pieces under the bum,
under the legs, and tie behind
you. If there is enough left, cross it
over the back and tie it at the
5. Fan the pieces under the babys
bum so that they support him up
to his armpits or head.
Depending on whether
you have placed the sling
up to your babys armpits or
shoulders, this is how it will