How to Heal Yourself and Others with Quantum Techniques  

 How to Heal Yourself and Others with Quantum Techniques®
Date: Tuesday, June 14th, 2011
Description: Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel step up to their mics for a round of
questions and answers about Quantum Techniques and energy healing.
Questions from previous teleclinics will be addressed, as time permits.
Due to the popularity of these Q & A teleclinics, we will only be able to address one question per
client/email address during each event. When submitting your question to the ASK Quantum
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1. What do I do if I am reversed? How do I get out of it? Does reading codes help if I am reversed or
won't the codes do anything at that point because I am reversed?
2. Do I have to read one of the standard chakra patterns after each code? Do I need to tap under the
nose or tap the chakras when I do it?
3. Have you ever tried to prove for a third person (clinical tests) the efficacy of the muscle test or of the
QT codes? If not, is it just for reasons of cost or do you think that even if you indeed prove it, the
scientific community will not accept it simply because they do not want to? Do you think you would be
in danger due to the big pharmaceutical companies? Thank you
4. What is your opinion about MMS 2?
5. In Ho’oponopono it is emphasized that when you are working on another person you have to "look" in
you. Well, I can only understand that if I focus on the relationship of myself and the other person,
which in this case is between us and not inside me. What do you think?
6. How easy is for psychopathology to be treated with QT?
7. I have read that MDs were using DMSO intravenously for inflammations. Since it appears difficult and
dangerous to inject ourselves, could we use it as an enema or even as an ingestant inside capsules for
such health conditions? I would like to see a teleclinic on that.
8. Sir/Madam - Please help me as I want to become a Quantum Techniques practitioner. I am, from
Punjab, India.
9. Stephen and Beth - I would appreciate your advice. Some time ago I was diagnosed with an enlarged
prostate (BPH) and my PSA was above normal. Naturally, my doctor recommended a prostate biopsy.
Thank God, it was negative. I have to go through regular testing. Since my PSA before the biopsy was
above normal to begin with, now an increase in the PSA, as the doctor decides, will call for another
biopsy, and so on. What am I chasing? By now I can muscle test from Truth Techniques I, and I am
familiar with scanning as in Physical Scan 2. Since my prostate went down a little in size, I want to
know the cause of my PSA elevation. So my objective is to lower the PSA by eliminating the cause. I
would appreciate your general direction. Realizing that a problem can have any cause, I would like to
Quantum Techniques® Teleclinic Guide June 14th, 2011 know what particular elements (organs, etc.) I need to pay particular attention to in seeking to lower
my PSA. Thank you and blessings.
10. As I am learning to use one of the techniques for applied kinesiology muscle testing (sticky finger), I
feel I must double and triple check myself when testing myself or my family. I have been using a
pendulum. Can you give me any advice on this technique? When conducting the sticky finger testing,
do I calibrate for myself what a “yes” is and a “no” is, or is best to use the strong response as “yes”
and the weak response as “no”?
11. Are there any codes or treatments for dental issues? I am facing some serious challenges from my
teeth due to a failed root canal that is infected and may require extraction, and my dentist is
recommending antibiotics.
12. I seek a solution, get the information, and then struggle to complete the task or follow through with it.
This happens in all areas i.e. health, profession, daily chores, etc. Would you be able to heal and
appreciate this?
13. What is the source of inflammation in my body, especially my joints?
14. How can I finally untwisted if it is emotional
15. Dear Beth and Steve, I have been working with Beth for almost a year on my own healing journey and
have had to put myself first this time around. I am doing much better and feel the healing at such
deep levels, including emotionally and spiritually, that I feel I am truly transforming my life. However,
I have had to put my daughter, who is 12 on the back burner (just slow cooking, not ignoring) for the
healing of her severe eczema. As I heal, I am wanting to help her more so on her complete and total
healing but with time, resources and energy needing to be managed, I need guidance about what the
best step is in how now to help her. If I get a full evaluation, can I be guided to do much of the follow
up for her? Sometimes, many restrictions in diet that we have done for her have created more stress
and anxiety that they have truly not benefitted her healing. She is currently doing wheat free,
white/yellow corn free, and minimizing night shades, but I would like to see her heal completely now. I
love what you and Stephen do and feel blessed to be in your healing hands. Thank you so much for
your divine work.
16. As a full time EFT practitioner I often find myself so busy helping others that I ingore my own physical
issues, such as the persistent psoriasis I experience on my hands and feet. What is the best way to
address the resistance/blocks that limit my ability to make my own health just as important as my
17. If a person has a gluten sensitivity/intolerance, how long should gluten be avoided before reintroducing it and should mercury detoxification be done before the gut is healed?
18. I believe I have periodontitis. I have lost 2 teeth and have another one very loose. I also have
considerable pain with my teeth. I think one underlying cause may be a fungal infection which I am
working on and making progress. What specific protocols, codes, etc would you recommend. Thanks.. 2 ©2011 Quantum Techniques, LLC Quantum Techniques and the Quantum Techniques Logo are registered trademarks of Quantum Techniques, LLC