Do you know how to meet the demands from next generation customers?

Deloitte Sustainability
Do you know how
to meet the demands
from next generation
Have you considered that 8 out of 10 customers want to be
engaged in companies’ sustainability efforts, and that, when
compared to the average customer, the very engaged customer
segment makes up 23 % in terms of wallet share, profitability
and relationship growth?
Join our four breakfast briefings to learn, share and
discuss the opportunities and challenges of connecting sustainability with customer engagement.
We invite CSR, sales and marketing managers to join our
four breakfast briefings to explore and discuss why and
how to connect sustainability with customer engagement.
Danish companies have generally come a very long way
in terms of building sustainability platforms and many have
developed strategic approaches to sustainability.
Sustainability is also becoming a differentiating factor for
customers – and they expect to be involved. They want
to know what you do, how you do it, where and why. And
they want to be engaged in your efforts. This trend is a
win-win, by which your business can both improve and
leverage its sustainability performance and at the same time
meet the interest from a growing number of customers.
For questions please contact:
For the past two years Deloitte has gathered insights on
global best practices in the field of sustainability and
customer engagement. We have analyzed consumer
trends in various markets and we have developed and
tested ideas in a think tank and in pilot projects. In collaboration with clients we have developed a report conceptualizing frameworks and methods for how to connect sustainability with customer engagement. Now we
want to share and discuss our learnings with you.
Mari Espelid Kristensen
+ 45 30 93 40 48
[email protected]
Each session will offer key note speaks from a professional in the field, followed by an hour of facilitated knowledge sharing and networking opportunity.
15.000 DKK per
business for two
participants for all four
sessions including
Weidekampsgade 6,
2300 Copen­hagen S,
Please RSVP with
name of participants to
Mari Espelid Kristensen,
[email protected]
before October 1st,
Session 1: Engaging with customers
October 10th, 2014, 8.00-10.00
Andreas Schmiegelow, Consultant, Deloitte Sustainability
Why and how to connect sustainability with customer engagement: Global best practices and frameworks of engagement
Session 2: Turning green into mainstream
November 7th, 2014, 8.00-10.00
Thomas Kolster, Founder & Director, Goodvertising Agency
10 effective story tools to turn green mainstream
Session 3: Bridging the gap
December 4th, 2014, 8.00-10.00
Sille Krukow, Expert in Nudge and Behavioral Design
Understand and address the customers’ intention/action gap
Session 4: Ready, set, engage
January 9th, 2015, 8.00-10.00
Bahare Haghshenas, Senior Manager, Deloitte Sustainability
A high level road-map for sustainable customer engagement
Thomas Kolster is a leading
international expert in sustainable communication.
He’s the author of the
book “Goodvertising”; the
most comprehensive book
to date exploring communication as a force for good.
As the Director of the
Goodvertising Agency, he’s
helping companies, nonprofits and agencies understand this new reality.
This year Thomas founded
WhereGoodGrows; the
world’s first best-practice
platform for sustainable
initiatives. He’s an experienced keynote speaker
with +50 events under his
belt from Copenhagen to
Cape Town, a steady columnist for the Guardian
and several other publications and a regular judge at
international award shows.
Sille Krukow is a leading
experts within nudge - &
behavioural design,
changing products, services and platforms to
improve human behaviour.
Holding a Master in Visual
Communication Design
from The Royale Danish
Academy of Design, Sille
works with refining and
developing design-approaches and methodologies in order to create efficient choice architecture
- design that changes
­human behaviour. She
creates nudge-solutions
for behavioural researchers, public institutions
and private companies.
As Senior Manager in
Deloitte’s Sustainability
team, Bahare Haghshenas
is responsible for the advisory of Nordic companies
in sustainability innovation and engagement. Bahare has more than 10
years of practical experience in concept development, business development and market roll-out.
She specializes in businessNGO partnerships, sustainable consumption,
customer engagement
and strategy development. Bahare is an experienced speaker and a
thought-leader in the field
of sustainable customer
engagement. In 2013,
she authored the publication ’Fashioning Sustainability - CSR in the Scandinavian Fashion Industry’.
As a consultant in Deloitte
Sustainability, Andreas’s
primary focus is on customer engagement, sustainable consumption,
cross-sectorial partnerships and CSR assurance
and data analysis. With
an educational background in philosophy, Andreas holds strong analytical and presentational
skills and has extensive
experience in concept development. Andreas has
more than four years of
experience in the field of
CSR and prior to his
employment with Deloitte, Andreas worked as a
research assistant at Copenhagen Business
School’s Centre for CSR.
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