BTR How to encounter today’s EAI messaging challenges

How to encounter today’s EAI messaging challenges
Enterprise integration is a critical part of today's company strategies. Integration projects are equally or even
more difficult than most application development efforts. This difficulty stems from complexities in both the
business and technical domains. Given the experiences with large application development efforts, embarking on
complex enterprise application integration (EAI) projects may scare many business sponsors and IT departments.
Once the EAI solution is implemented, IT Managers are facing challenges to find the right long-term balance between
cost control and user satisfaction of the services they are providing. Based on a research with different IT departments, we
have summarized the most common EAI related reasons:
Difficult to hire and retain IT people with the right skills to maintain and manage
Expensive training programs to maintain IT people’s knowledge
Difficult to integrate upgrades of or new business applications
Instability of the existing EAI solution
An important compelling event why e-Gate customers are facing these difficulties is the near retirement of their EAI solution.
Unfortunately is upgrading no longer an option. Sun’s acquisition by Oracle has caused a chain reaction of diminishing eGate and
JCAPS support. It is forcing many companies to evaluate alternative solutions which fit in CIO’s the long-term mission: deliver high
quality services with competitive budget to optimize economies of scale.
Wouldn’t it be great if you could just ask someone all those important questions or have someone assist you through the
complete lifecycle of your endeavor? Well, that’s where BTR Services can help and assist.
BTR helps to migrate your existing interfaces and flows from Sun Seebeyonds eGate to IBMs Websphere in an accurately and
cost-effective manner while also adopting a solution that provides more flexibility and stability. We use the IBM toolkit to migrate
your old existing code to new code usable in the Websphere solution.
What can be migrated and which costs can be reduced by choosing for the BTR Services migration solution?
64% Savings
• Monk collaborations reduced to 20% of 80% initial effort.
• Java Collaborations reduced to 10% of 80% initial effort.
o Message flow development reduced to 10% of 80% initial
effort including Logic, node and infrastructure.
eGate Java
• eGate structure reduced to 5% of 80% initial effort with
o XML fully supported;
o Limited support for Tag Delimited Structure;
o Fixed Length via tds.
Flow dev
Monk collab
• Summarized, the migration approach reduces the effort with 64 %
compared to a traditional project approach.
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BTR Services helps customers to choose and to implement a long-term solution which:
Offers more power, flexibility and capabilties;
Avoids a complete rewrite of interfaces and flows;
Reduces training time of team members;
Guarantees 24/7 product support;
Integrate easily the newest applications using a state of the art technology;
Scale horizontally and vertically to meet the performance requirements;
Implement new message flows;
Find skilled people on the market.
Technical Overview for message models
eGate ETD
Files (XSCs)
Egate SSC
Definitions from external sources
or output from eGate wizards
JAR file
C Header
XML processing
Parser and visitor
Copybook WSDL
Standard WMB
Tool Import
WMB meta data
WebSphere Message Broker Message Set (mxsd)
BTR Services is recognized as a specialist in delivering IT Services and Solutions. Our consultants are highly appreciated for their
commitment to contribute to numerous successful projects.
Herewith some of the tasks for which we can provide insight or assistance:
Full support
BTR Services provides full support during the whole migration path. We advise and assist with the setup of a development
environment, tailored to suit the needs and governance requirements.
Well trained consultants
BTR Services offers well trained consultants, experts in the old and new product.
Persistent support
BTR Services offers persistent support after the migration, even with the integration of new flows.
Contact us to further elaborate on what the “eGate migration solution” can do in order to optimize your and your company’s
business and IT objectives.
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