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a child’s insight
uch to my dismay, it has happened—the inevitable.
And, yes, I celebrated it happening. My little princess
turned six.
You always hear how fast it goes by when you have
kids. But until you have one, you don’t “GET” it. I thought
friends; then she stopped and appeared to be thinking. I asked her what
she was thinking, and was not prepared for what came next.
“What if I had a MOM party?” I replied, “Instead of a birthday party?”
She said, “No, AS my birthday party.” I asked what she meant, and she
said, “I should have had a MOM party with pictures of you up and decora-
I did, but, WOW, it is even faster than I ever expected. I politely asked my
tions with you on them. Then everyone could have taken photos with you. It
daughter if she could please stay five forever. She said, “Mommy, I would
would have been great! I love you wayyy more than I love Elsa!” She was so
do that for you, but then I couldn’t eat my healthy vegetables and all the
serious. I was speechless. I had no idea how to respond to her other than
good-for-you food that makes me grow. Now, you wouldn’t want that, would
to hug her. She was so sincere and so sweet.
you?” Dang. Smart kiddo. She definitely has me there.
We had an outdoor birthday party this year. It was a Frozen theme, of
That is what I want to savor, not a number or an age. I love her being
my little princess, but as she grows I
course. It was tough to find decorations this time of year. I feel sorry for
also love the conversations we have.
the person who starts looking a week before. Thank goodness I started a
I know these will get better each year
few months in advance, and I was able to order most of it. I also happen
that we learn and grow together.
to have a very persistent, resourceful and helpful sister -in-law who came
up with several ideas and recipes that helped make it perfect! Not to mention my talented mother who made a gorgeous and HUGE cake. We had
so much fun; one of the favorite memories I am taking away from that day
is 20+ five- and six-year-olds eating their cake and belting out “Let It Go”
at the top of their lungs. You couldn’t even hear the actual music playing.
Happy 6th
Birthday, Princess!
You are absolutely perfect and I
love you with all of my heart and soul!
Those little ones, boys and girls, know every single word. I absolutely loved
After the party, all of our family went out to dinner. At dinner I was
talking with the birthday girl and asked if she had fun at her party and what
parts were her favorites. She said she liked the pictures with Elsa and her
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where’s the fiber?
Fiber is found in all sorts of tasty foods. Here
are just a few that take the top of the list.
Beans: Split, kidney, lima and lentil—throw
them in salads, wraps, chili and soup.
Whole Grains: Check the label’s
ingredients. Whole wheat flour should
be listed as the first ingredient.
Brown Rice: White rice doesn’t cut it.
Popcorn: Three cups of air popped
provides two grams of fiber.
Nuts: Almonds, pecans and walnuts
have more fiber than other nuts.
Baked Potato with Skin: Choose sweet
potatoes for maximum fiber, but make
sure to eat the skin.
Berries: Raspberries rock at eight
grams per cup!
the facts on fiber intake
by lis a t ar ant o b ut ler
as fruits, vegetables and grains, fiber carries
time. Along with the other
a variety of health benefits. Fiber is heart
nutrients our bodies need,
healthy and helps reduce cholesterol, blood
fiber is an essential part
pressure and inflammation. A high-fiber diet
of a healthy diet. But most
can reduce blood sugar levels, decrease the
Americans don’t get enough of it, and the
chances of developing Type 2 diabetes and
loads of information on this popular roughage
help us lose weight.
There are two types of fiber: soluble
quainted with fabulous fiber, let’s break down
and insoluble. Soluble fiber dissolves in
the fundamentals.
water and acts like a sponge. As it absorbs
water, it swells inside your intestine and
The Facts
produces a feeling of fullness. It also mixes
Often nicknamed roughage or bulk,
with digestive enzymes made by the liver to
fiber is the part of plant foods that your body
create a gelatinous substance that moves
can’t digest or absorb. Found in foods such
through the digestive system, taking with it
Oatmeal: Steel cut, rolled or just out of the
package, oatmeal is good and guilt free.
Vegetables: Make ‘em crunchy!
e hear about it all the
can be confusing. So, to get a little more ac-
Bran Cereal: Look for cereal with
five grams of fiber or more per serving.
waste, toxins and materials your body doesn’t need. Soluble fiber has
many benefits, including moderating blood glucose levels and lowering
Insoluble fiber does not dissolve in water, and as it passes through
and kidney disease decreases.
But don’t go hog wild and load up on fiber suddenly. If you are not
accustomed to a high-fiber diet, increasing fiber intake slowly will minimize any gas or bloating that usually comes along with it.
the digestive tract it stays very close to its original form. It adds the
bulk needed to clean out the colon and regulates bowel movements. Insoluble fiber offers many benefits to intestinal health, including reducing
the occurrence of hemorrhoids and constipation.
Most fiber-rich foods contain both soluble and insoluble fiber, so
Can You Get Too Much?
Nutritionists and medical experts tell us to eat more fiber. Although
it would be hard to do, we could eat too much fiber. Excessive amounts
can lead to discomfort of the stomach and bowels. Rarely does it lead
recommended intakes are based on the total grams of fiber you con-
to serious health concerns, but in some cases you can get “too much of
sume each day.
a good thing.”
How Much Fiber Should We Eat?
What’s the Skinny on Fiber?
Since dietary fiber is found only in food, foods rich in fiber are
If you are looking to lose weight, fiber can be your friend. Since
essential to a healthy diet. The recommended daily intake is 20 to 35
high-fiber foods take longer to chew, you take longer to eat and get the
grams, depending on age, or 10 to 13 grams for every 1,000 calories
sensation of being full faster. Also, high-fiber foods stay in your stomach
in the diet. Women aged 50 and older should aim for 21 grams while
longer, absorbing water and helping you feel full longer. In addition, most
women younger than 50 should strive for 25 grams per day.
high-fiber foods are naturally low calorie.
To get more fiber into your diet, choose whole fruits and veg-
Although we need to feel our way through the information about fi-
etables, as juices only add extra calories. Try to eat the peels when
ber consumption, the fact is that fiber is fantastic! Eating more fiber is a
possible and exchange white breads and pasta for whole grain options.
sure-fire way to feel and look healthier. So grab your berries and popcorn
When cooking or baking, try to replace white flour with whole wheat flour.
and reap the benefits rapidly! HLM
Exchange white rice for brown rice and cut down on eating meat. When
you replace meat products with other proteins such as beans and nuts,
Information for this article was found at,,
your fiber intake increases while your chance of getting cancer or heart
mommy makeovers
by m e r ri tt re th l a ke
iving Mom a handmade coupon book for her birthday could
gym, a woman’s body cannot restore itself to its state before childbear-
be a sentiment of the past. While a colorfully crafted paper
ing. Excess skin and stretch marks linger, and the purpose of a mommy
voucher for “Breakfast in Bed” still sounds appealing, Mom
makeover is to help a woman feel beautiful about parts of her body she
might want to be clipping and cutting something other than
may not have control over.
coupons. In 2011, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons®
But an increase in these surgeries isn’t the only upward slope
(ASPS) showed that if costs were not an issue, 62 percent of mothers said
surgeons are seeing. Patients seeking this procedure are younger
they would consider a “mommy makeover.”
than what was the “normal age” for plastic surgery just 10 years ago.
Mommy makeovers are trending in the plastic surgery realm. It is
Instead of 50- to 60-year-old women, mothers in their 30s and 40s
a series of procedures performed with the ideal of restoring a woman’s
want to reestablish their bodies now and are wasting zero time in doing
body after childbirth. The surgery usually consists of breast augmenta-
so. But with young kids still running around and a seemingly perpetual
tion and/or breast lift, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and liposuction,
to-do list, who has time to undergo multiple procedures and deal with
so it targets specific parts of the body that are most impacted during
recovery time? Due to the technology and techniques plastic surgeons
pregnancy such as breasts, tummy and waistline.
use today for this type of makeover, these surgeries are often performed
According to ASPS, breast augmentation is up 37 percent since
all at once and allowed to be an outpatient procedure. Recovery time is
2000 and remains one of the most sought-after procedures. Adomino-
dependent on the patient and the surgery, but it typically takes between
plasty procedures sit at a 70 percent increase from 2000, and liposuc-
10 and 14 days, with visible and final results after 6 months.
tion was in the top five plastic surgery procedures in 2013. So what’s
the cause for this trendy tightening trifecta?
“Today, women aren’t afraid to acknowledge that they may need a
Facial rejuvenation is another track a mommy makeover can take,
and a rhytidectomy (facelift) or blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) may be
preferred or better suited for some patients. Minimally invasive cos-
little help beyond a healthy diet and exercise,” said ASPS past President
metic procedures are also seeing substantial growth. ASPS statistics
Phillip Haeck, MD. Often, no matter the amount of time spent at the
for 2013 show Botulinum Toxin Type A (Botox®, Dysport®) procedures
increased to about 6.3 million, up 703 percent since 2000, when those
procedures totaled 786,911.
ASPS advises finding a board certified plastic surgeon and waiting
six months to a year after your last child before undergoing these types
of procedures. Outline specific post-baby goals to ensure appropriate
recommendations from a surgeon.
Though the 62 percent of mothers who said they would consider
a mommy makeover is a significant statistic, it was calculated without
cost being an issue. Nothing new comes cheap, which is why having
non-surgical alternatives is a beneficial bargain.
The first baby may not be the last, which is why new moms might
want to use wardrobe pieces to visually reshape their bodies. The right
push-up bra can give a physical lift (not to mention an emotional lift in
confidence!) and control top tights and pants give shrinkage in tummy
size in no time at all. At a fraction of the cost and without the safety
worries of surgeries, a bump up in the wardrobe could help downsize the
appearance of a different, lingering bump.
A cosmetic makeover focuses on highlighting and contouring the
features a woman already has and styles that show off her best assets.
Simple and smart changes in a post-baby beauty regimen can work wonders both physically and emotionally. Take good care of skin by investing
in products that are more skin-sensitive than usual, as hormones can
make skin react negatively to substances such as heat, light or certain
The first baby may not be the last, which is why
new moms might want to use wardrobe pieces
to visually reshape their bodies. The right pushup bra can give a physical lift (not to mention
an emotional lift in confidence!) and control top
tights and pants give shrinkage in tummy size in
no time at all.
foods during and post-pregnancy. A new concealer is another great tool
to have on hand; it aids in covering up common occurrences in new
moms, such as dilated blood vessels or splotchy patches of skin. Bring
back an early pregnancy glow and give yourself a DIY facelift with cosmetic eye brighteners. Opt for a tinted moisturizer with skin-correcting
coverage, as it eliminates annoyances of streaky, caked-on concealers
and keeps a fresh-looking face.
A commitment that spans financial, physical and emotional considerations is not one to be taken lightly. A woman has the opportunity to
choose if and how she would like to better her body. No matter the type
of makeover, remember that your “little bundles” don’t have to be the
only ones filled with joy. HLM
Jayden DeLuca
wr it t en by gail s ilver s t ein · p h o to s p rov i d e d by th e j ay d e n d e l u c a f o u n d a ti o n
hen we think of heart prob-
research in this area continues to be underfund-
believe that Jayden made a strong impact in the
lems and cardiac arrest, most
ed. That’s where the Jayden DeLuca Foundation
lives of those around her. Today, the Foundation
people picture adults. In real-
(JDF), created in 2008 to honor Jayden Riley
strives to continue that mission of changing
ity, about 40,000 babies are
DeLuca, entered the picture. Jayden passed
people’s lives for the better, shared Executive
born each year with congenital
away at the tender age of two-and-a-half due to
Director Angelina Mettille.
heart defects, making it the most common birth
defect in the country. Congenital heart defects
a cardiac condition known as single ventricle.
Jayden could light up a room with her
“In the days
after Jayden
are the leading cause of birth defect-related
smile and, like most toddlers, enjoyed family
deaths in the U.S. Sadly, of those who do
time and playing with her dogs. Jayden loved
we made
survive, 20 percent won’t live to see their first
long drives during which she could stop and
a memory
feed the horses through the fence. In her short
page through
lifetime, parents Karalie and Jeremy DeLuca
the American
Yet despite these startling statistics,
Heart Association’s website where people could make a
donation in her memory,” Karalie explained. “Within two
days, we had raised $50,000! It was unreal. So we got
to thinking that if we had this much impact by doing little
work–just creating a memory page–think of all the things
that could get done with more effort, if for no other
reason but to help continue her legacy.” Both Karalie
and Jeremy are big believers that everything happens
for a reason, and perhaps Jayden’s journey was meant
to increase awareness of this horrific, unexplained
condition. Shortly thereafter the JDF was co-founded by
Jayden’s parents.
Established with the goal of helping other children
and their families fight cardiac diseases, the JDF also
aims to offer support and encouragement to all those
affected by pediatric heart conditions. The foundation
looks to promote awareness of cardiac diseases and
to aid in further scientific and medical research of pediatric heart conditions. According to the website, more
research and more time need to be devoted to helping
those battling this problem. The non-profit is working
closely with the St. Luke’s Children Hospital in Boise
and the American Heart Association, and all money
raised through the Foundation is designated to the
care and research of pediatric congenital heart defects,
Karalie noted.
“Jayden underwent two major open heart surgeries
and many clinical procedures. She needed both a heart
and lung transplant because of her heart’s anatomy and
the valves to the lungs not working correctly,” explained
Karalie. They were in the process of finalizing details
Established with the goal of helping other
and their
families fight cardiac diseases, the JDF also aims to offer
to all those affected by pediatric heart
conditions. The foundation looks to promote
diseases and to
of cardiac
aid in further scientific and medical research of
pediatric heart conditions.
to have the transplant surgery in San Francisco when Jayden
caught a cold. She passed away the next day. Jayden never
got to complete her journey, but five firefighters who have
never met her plan to finish that trip. Riding their bicycles
from Boise to San Francisco, California, this dedicated crew of
firemen will honor her memory as they raise awareness and
donations for the JDF’s Cycling for Hearts Charity Ride. “Team
Awesome’s members Marc Maiello, Shane Arak, Will Gigray,
Greg Clark and Robert Black departed May 31 and should
arrive, 900 miles later, at Stanford University Hospital on June
12. They will be stopping along the way and increasing awareness of the Foundation’s work,” remarked Angelina.
The Jayden DeLuca Foundation also coordinates an
annual golf tournament that last year raised more than
$40,000. Last January, The JDF Masquerade Ball was a
smash with its silent auction, live auction and raffle, all of
which brought in another $30,000 toward this worthy cause.
Partnering with St. Luke’s, the Foundation participates
in Santa’s Toy Box, a program that provides toys to
children and families who have to spend Christmas in
the hospital.
This June, there are additional fundraising
opportunities to commemorate Jayden’s birthday,
said Angelina. Treasure Valley’s Human Bean coffee
shop is offering ten percent of their proceeds to the
Foundation. U-Swirl Frozen Yogurt, with four locations
in Treasure Valley, is also donating ten percent of its
profits this month. “We’re working with the mayor
and governor to declare Jayden’s birthday, June 5, as
‘Jayden DeLuca Day,’” stated Angelina. “The message
we want to convey is that the Foundation is able to
help others in her memory.”
Karalie believes that so many of the research
dollars tend to go to adult cardiac conditions because
it is an easier fix. “Pediatric heart defects are still
a mystery. You want to know why it happened, and
doctors can’t give you a reason or a way to prevent
it. It isn’t because you drank Coke® during your pregnancy,” said Karalie, who today is mom to daughter
Ashlyn Jayde, six-and-a-half years old, and son Colson
Phillip, four-and-a-half.
“The necessary technology that could have
saved Jayden DeLuca didn’t exist when she needed
it. But that can be changed. The JDF’s hope is that
soon pediatric cardiac conditions will be completely
manageable or will be a thing of the past altogether,”
said Angelina. HLM
The Jayden DeLuca Foundation is located at
2795 S. Pajaro Way in Eagle, Idaho, and Angelina can
be reached at 208-288-1210. Their informative
website is
slow food
by hop e e. fer g us on
or as long as humans have lived, whether we have been
farms that treat livestock as nothing more than a commodity are repel-
hunters and gatherers or resided in agricultural communities,
ling more and more people, especially those in the millennial and Gen
food always had a very short trip from the land to the table.
X demographic, many of whom have adopted a vegan, vegetarian or
With the industrial revolution and modern ways of storing and
low-animal-protein diet out of concern for their own health and for the
transporting foods (hello, refrigeration!), the distance between
ethical treatment of animals.
our food and our mouths has grown longer and longer. Faced with
Chef Nick Strawhecker, who runs the award-winning Dante Pizzeria
unripe tomatoes shipped north in the winter and fruit ripened off the
in Omaha, Nebraska, is part of this trend. A young, classically trained
vine, American consumers had grown accustomed to stringy, flavorless
chef, he spent his formative years partly in Europe and was impressed
oranges, bland tomatoes and meats raised with hormones and antibiot-
by how fresh and immediate food was. He remembers going to an oyster
ics, a situation that some believe is partially responsible for the obesity
bar with his father and being amazed that the oysters were harvested
epidemic today (along with our sedentary lifestyles).
in the waters that flowed right outside the restaurant. He also began to
Now, with the “slow food,” or “farm to table” movement, the op-
dislike the feeling he got after eating fast food. He ended up attending
posite is happening. Consumers have grown tired of flavorless food,
culinary school and studying in Italy. He now sources his mozzarella
despite the fact that such food is less expensive to buy. Large factory
and meat from local organic farmers, and serves only foods that are in
season. When fresh tomatoes are out of season, he will use canned
Table: Recipes for a Sustainable Future in Food, added, “Thanks to the
before he uses bland, shipped-from-afar tomatoes picked weeks before
exploding knowledge of how diet affects health, millions of Americans
they are eaten.
are turning away from fast, inexpensive and unhealthy food choices,
The slow food movement began in Rome, Italy, in 1986, “when
slow food founder Carlo Petrini led a protest of a McDonald’s® opening
looking instead for farm fresh and home-prepared.”
But is slow food affordable? According to Greenberger, “Broadly
near the Spanish Steps,” explained Rachel Greenberger, who directs
speaking, fast food is cheaper because the core ingredients–corn, soy,
Food Sol at Babson College in Babson Park, Massachusetts. Slow food
rice, wheat–are heavily federally subsidized, which funds its cheapness.
has become synonymous with a “return to honoring and protecting tradi-
If there were no federal Farm Bill subsidies to mega-farms producing
tional old-ways recipes made the ‘slow way’ with real, whole ingredients
core crops, giving them competitive advantage beyond their economies
from the earth and by human hands.
of scale, then ‘fast food’ would become more expensive.”
“Since the signing of the Slow Food Manifesto in Paris in 1989,
In fact, the Farm Bill, technically titled the Agricultural Act of 2014,
the movement has grown to include chapters all across the world,”
has undergone a historic change recently as a direct result of this very
Greenberger continued. “In the last five years, with the explosion in
movement. The bill, signed by President Obama on February 7, 2014,
interest and demand for organic, local, fair trade/fair wage and humane
contains provisions for crop insurance for fruits, veggies and organics,
products, Slow Food International has gotten stronger.”
known as “nontraditional crops” in the bill, giving these farmers some
Stacy Bevan, clinical assistant professor in the College of Agricul-
of the same help and security as the corn and soy farmers that are tra-
ture and Applied Sciences at Utah State University, said, “Slow food is
ditionally subsidized. According to an article in The New York Times, this
available to all for an affordable price, yet supports the farmers who
is due to a historic shift in American eating habits, back toward slow,
produced it. The industrialization of our food system is driving this
healthy foods, which has at the same time led to a concurrent drop in
trend,” she explained. “The emphasis on sitting down and enjoying a
childhood obesity rates, the first in years.
homemade meal is being lost. Food preparation and cooking skills are
A 1974 song by Peter Allen and Carole Bayer Sager contains the
becoming a thing of the past in many homes. Many consumers do not
well-known refrain, “Everything old is new again.” When it comes to slow
know where their food came from, the path of farm to fork, or how it
food, surely nothing could be truer. HLM
was prepared. Slow food focuses on restoring this forgotten knowledge,
empowering its adherents.” Kerry Dunnington, author of Planet Kitchen
winery clubs
by d o u g f ro st
or some Americans, wine buying is only slightly elevated above a
If you lack an adventurous, friendly retailer (or even if you have
visit to the driver’s license bureau, with state-run stores offering
one), you might consider a wine club. Of course, wine shops offer them;
wines chosen by a faceless committee of (possibly wine-loving)
so too do some newspapers and magazines. They’ll often group their
bureaucrats. With all due respect to state-controlled wine mar-
offerings by style–Cabernet Club, Burgundy Club, Champagne Club and
kets such as Pennsylvania and Alabama, wine buyers’ excitement
such–but in the pursuit of variety, you can throw a counterintuitive punch
is limited to the annual release of a well-known wine. State-controlled
at the task by signing up for a winery’s wine club. Most wineries have
stores are by nature conservative; the search for new wines is impeded,
more diverse wines than you think. Wineries such as Ridge Vineyards,
though it is the thrill of discovery that makes wine fun.
Ravenswood or Runquist may be associated primarily with Zinfandel,
Thirsty wine lovers ought to be able to cruise into a well-staffed
wine store, engage one of the experts prowling the floor and walk out
with a parcel of newly discovered vinous treasures. But those experts
but each produces many other varieties that appear only in their tasting
When you belong to their wine clubs, the treasure chest opens up.
are usually busy with the guy with Porsche money or at least Silver Oak
Winemakers are constantly experimenting with grapes or production
cash; the rest of us are seeking the thrill of a new winery, a new grape,
tactics in an endless quest to make the next great thing. Those batches
maybe even a new region, all without spending a fortune. There are tens
are necessarily small, and wineries find it easiest to sell small lots
of thousands of wine grapes and hundreds of thousands of wines, so
at the cellar door or to their mailing lists and wine clubs. Washington
there’s more to life than what we have already tasted.
winery Gramercy Cellars is associated with Bordeaux and Rhone variet-
It may seem like wine shelves are groaning with bottles, but are
ies, but you can buy a tangy Picpoul or suave Tempranillo (a Spanish
you really seeing variety? Just 15 wine companies determine the wines
grape) if you’re a regular in the tasting room. Famed Walla Walla winery
you are offered; their grasp exceeds 80 percent of all wines sold in the
Leonetti makes luscious Sangiovese, an Italian grape, but you have to
U.S. at present. It’s a recipe for boredom, unless you’re willing to go
be a member of the winery mailing list to get it.
directly to the thousands of other wineries and step in line.
Of course, not all states allow you to ship wines to your doorstep
(I’m looking at you, Pennsylvania and Alabama), but many do, and wineries are more often than not given preference over retail shops; they
can ship to states where retailers often cannot. Wineries are increasingly offering access to shoppers on the phone or the web. Instead of
going through the middlemen (wholesaler, broker, retailer), the wineries
When you belong to their wine clubs, the treasure
chest opens up. Winemakers are constantly
experimenting with grapes or production tactics
in an endless quest to make the next great thing.
Those batches are necessarily small, and wineries
find it easiest to sell small lots at the cellar door
or to their mailing lists and wine clubs.
enjoy the benefits of selling their wine at retail prices. Even better, they
develop a direct link to their consumers.
And that’s the advantage for wine lovers, too. You’d be surprised
how valuable you are to their sales, and how welcome club members
are when you finally make that trek to the winery. Wineries have come to
realize that direct-to-consumer sales represent a robust line of defense
against the gargantuan wine companies. With the limited number of
wine companies controlling the market, the wineries are able to provide
true variety to consumers directly and cement their relationships with
their customers.
Consumer acceptance of wine clubs is sparking as well. The Wine
Market Council’s 2013 survey reported that half of all wine club members surveyed were “very satisfied,” with one-third of them “extremely
satisfied,” citing discounts, special tastings during visits, access to special wines and personal contact with the winery staff as their reasons.
We have to assume that they liked the wines too, I suppose.
Don’t get me wrong: A great retailer deserves your support. He
or she should be your tour guide, leading you to wines based not upon
scores but upon your personal taste. That counts a great deal more
than scores from some magazine critic. But if you’ve fallen in love with
a few wines from a particular winery, why not consummate the relationship and explore all that they have to offer? You may not learn a secret
handshake or wear a decoder ring, but you’ll like being a member of the
club. HLM
Doug Frost is a master of wine and master sommelier who has authored several books and has
been featured on national television. He is the
founder and director of the national Jefferson
Cup Wine Invitational and the President of the
Institute of Masters of Wine North America and
selects wines for United Airlines globally.
ideas for simple games
homemade carnival:
building a
backyard bash
Make your own fish pond with a baby pool and
bath ducks from your local dollar store or carnival
supply store. Place numbers on each duck that
correlate to prizes.
Haul that ladder out of the garage and let guests
use their throwing skills. Mark each rung of the
ladder with different point values. Have guests
throw bean bags and keep score.
Have fun emptying a case of wine, then use the
leftover box and bottle separator to make a ping
pong ball game. Just mark each opening with
a point value. Participants toss three ping pong
balls and add up their scores.
Guess the Gumballs is a great way to provide a
game and a prize at the same time. Fill a large
glass jar with gumballs and have players guess the
number inside. The person with the closest guess
gets to keep the gumballs.
Combine tennis balls with a few plastic pails and
let the tossing begin! One ball in the bucket wins
a small prize, two balls in gets a medium prize
and making all three tosses gets the grand prize.
Stagger the buckets to challenge adults.
Create your own games using things you have lying
around such as sporting equipment, toys and volleyballs. Get active and make a backyard obstacle
course; if temperatures are hot, opt for a water
balloon toss or a homemade slip and slide.
by lis a t ar ant o b ut ler
sunny afternoon, freshly mown grass, mild temperatures and a simple
quest for fun are perfect ingredients for a backyard carnival. While
such an event may seem a little daunting at first, with the help of party
websites, social media and a few family members, hosting a carnival
can be easy and budget friendly. So start searching for red and white
ribbon, gather your bouncy balls and download some circus music. A backyard
carnival will have you winning BIG TIME!
Planning the Party
Whether you’re planning a grand birthday or a fabulous family reunion, much
of the planning begins ahead. Depending on the size of your guest list and budget,
planning should start as early as possible to give yourself time to search out party
decorations and supplies or make them yourself. Ask friends and family for help
by keeping an eye out for carnival items at garage sales and consignment stores.
Of course the weather can’t be predicted, but aim to choose a
date when temperatures are warm but not uncomfortable. Sunset offers
a break from the heat, but make sure you have adequate lighting for
a night-time soirée. Already-strung holiday lights are inexpensive and
easy to find. Create carnival-themed invites by using online invitation
programs such as Evite, Paperless Post or Make sure
to get RSVPs so you know how many prizes to secure.
Simple Games
Creating fun and inexpensive game booths is easy using items
you already own and a little elbow grease. Take inspiration from party
websites and social media sites such as Pinterest, where photos can
be a huge help. Ask family and friends to manage a game or station.
Separate games with carnival banners and ribbon.
Cheap Treats
Prizes can be things you already own such as freebies, promotional
items, dollar store toys and edible treats. Don’t break the bank with
overpriced stuffed animals or costly trophies. The fun is actually playing
the games, and as long as each participant garners a few fun goodies,
everyone will leave happy.
Cool Concessions
Choose foods that are easy to assemble and can be eaten without
using utensils. Serve carnival-themed eats such as hotdogs, corndogs,
pizza and popcorn. Make simple popcorn cones by cutting circles from
colorful paper. Form into a cone shape and secure with tape or glue.
Place popcorn in the cones and display in a cupcake holder or in a decorated box with precut holes.
Festive Drinks and Tunes
Every cheerful carnival needs a tasty themed drink. Place your
beverage of choice in see- through containers with spouts for guests to
pour their own, or fill a colorful plastic tub with ice and canned or bottled
drinks. Make your own labels for a festive feel, such as “Happy Birthday,
Music makes the world go ’round, especially at a carnival. Find
circus tunes on popular download sites or stream in an online radio station with a party or carnival theme. Add some outdoor speakers to liven
the atmosphere.
Start Planning Early
A carnival can be just as much fun to plan as it is to enjoy. Add
your unique touch by choosing a theme and favorite colors, or provide
an unusual activity like an easy craft or cookie decorating. Explore what
you own and make it your own. Who knows, your guests may end up
beckoning for backyard fun again next year! HLM
Sources: and the experience of the author.
Virginia Treat
Passionate is the best word to describe Virginia Treat.
Mother, artist, charity worker, events planner—none of
these titles alone defines her.
w ritten by gail s ilver s t ein • p hot ogr ap hy by a l e x i a w a rd e l l p h o to gra p hy - w w w. a l e x i aw a rd e l l . sq u a re sp a c e . c o m
hair s t y ling by d ar la c hiles of t oni & g u y sa l o n • m a ke u p by a sh l ey h e i m b a c k o f to n i & g u y sa l o n
war d r ob e c o u r te sy o f m i m i m a ri e b o u ti q u e
s marketing and events manager,
say, ‘I don’t care what anyone else says
she is the initial point of contact
about you, you’re all right with me!’” Grandma
for promoters who want to bring
Virginia was a free-spirited, creative painter
acts into the Morrison Center at
who inspired her namesake to feel passion-
Boise State University. As a volun-
ate about the arts. “I remember listening to
teer in the Boise community, Virginia Treat is
the music of Stephen Sondheim in Sweeney
a tireless advocate for numerous charitable
Todd when I was younger and just loved it. Go
organizations, including the Cystic Fibrosis
figure; now I work in a theatre and it’s a great
Foundation, The Women’s and Children’s Alli-
fit for me!”
ance (WCA) and Dando Amor Shoes for Love.
Moving to Boise from her native New York
In her youth, Virginia Treat played saxophone and French horn in her high school
when she was ten years old, Virginia has been
band, dabbled in painting, and sashayed her
fortunate to have a loving, supportive family.
way as a featured dancer on a local TV show
She calls her grandfather, William Perez, who
called Local Party Zone. She tried her hand
passed away just over six years ago, her child-
at acting in the Vagina Monologues and has
hood hero. “He could strike up a conversation
appeared in local television commercials and
with anyone and make a complete stranger
independent movies.
feel like he had always been his or her best
Although the stage may be different
friend,” she said, reminiscing. “He was
these days, Virginia takes center stage in
business-oriented and, along with my parents,
raising awareness for the various charities
gave me my hard work ethic. But he was also
about which she feels passionate. One such
caring. He had so much compassion and love
organization is the WCA, whose platform
for everyone. My grandfather used to always
seeks to create community awareness about
domestic violence and sexual assault against
women and children. Through her work as a
contestant in the Mrs. Idaho America Pageant,
Virginia is using her energy to shine the limelight on this very serious issue. Last year she
orchestrated Summer Solstice, a fundraising
event that incorporated three bands, three
fashion shows and live painting by Unique
Irish. It was a smash, with 50 percent of the
proceeds benefiting the WCA, which provides
support and resources for those affected by
An encore event is in the works for the
end of August. “I get more value in giving to
others because I feel it makes me a better
person,” said Virginia, who remarked that this
cause is near and dear to her heart because
of the children. A mother of four, she hopes
to leave behind a legacy for both the Boise
community that she calls home and her own
children, Jazmyne, 20, Simon, 17, Lilliana, 7,
and Alexander, 5. “I want my own kids to know
that I did everything I could to help make them
successful and be a productive member of
Currently, in her role with the Morrison
Center, Virginia loves being a part of an organization that brings so much creativity and art to
the Boise community. As marketing and events
manager for the Center, Virginia handles the
public relations and marketing for all the
Center’s internal events as well and works
with promoters to assist with their marketing
needs. She’s also the liaison with various
departments to ensure that each event runs
“Living by her personal philosophy, “make a difference, live your passion, leave a legacy,” Virginia
strives to be a role model for her children and her
community. “My passion and dedication to make
the world a better place are something I hope
people will remember about me,” she remarked.
“Those are two characteristics that I think are some
of my best qualities. I may be only one person, but
I am determined to be heard and create a louder
voice for those who may not be able to express it
loud enough themselves.”
smoothly. “I love the creativity and being sur-
events and have more patrons coming through
she had family support through difficult times
rounded by different forms of performing arts
our doors than ever.” A perfect example is the
and met and married her husband, Jeremy,
that come through here. From the promoters
Center’s three-week run of the Broadway hit
who is supportive of all her endeavors.
to the local acts to the staff at the Center, I
WICKED, which wrapped up recently. It was the
enjoy working with all of them in the entertain-
biggest event in Morrison Center history, but
in the entertainment industry, Virginia’s advice
ment field,” she commented. Of her cowork-
even with the long days and nights that this
to young women interested in this field is to
ers, most of whom have been with the center
show entailed, Virginia worked diligently to as-
continue their education. “Not only will it help
for years, Virginia emphasized that they share
sist the Idaho Foodbank with their fundraiser.
them in their chosen career path, but being a
a common goal. “We have such different per-
She even joined some of the WICKED cast to
smart, strong, confident woman is an amazing
sonalities but one thing that we all strive for
volunteer at the Foodbank.
thing. Whether your plans are to be a stay-
is to make the best out of every event that we
Overcoming obstacles with addiction,
As someone who has worked her way up
at-home mom or a full-time professional, you
bring to the Center. Executive Director James
Virginia turned her life around more than 11
can’t go wrong,” she emphasized. “Education
Patrick came on board about three years ago
years ago. She knows what it was like to hit
is or should be a big part of anyone’s future;
and since his arrival the Center has really
rock bottom and is open in sharing her person-
something that I realized later in life. Now,
taken off. We are bringing in some amazing
al struggle in order to help others. Fortunately,
some 20-odd years later, I am still trying to
p hot o by hop e sh o ts
p hot o gra p hy
hair and ma ke u p by
am anda wo o d s
find time to continue my education.” A full-time working professional,
active charity volunteer and involved mother, Virginia plans to finish her
degree in the near future. She put a temporary pause on school, as
her oldest is currently attending Boise State University (BSU) and her
son will be joining his sister there this fall.
Carving out family and free time is a challenge, but Virginia
tackles it head on because she believes quality quiet time with her
children and hubby is important. “We don’t get to do it often enough,
but we enjoy camping, hiking, bowling and traveling. When things are
busy, we try to make time for movie night either at home or out. Relax?
What is that?” she quipped. “Just kidding! For my personal relaxation,
I spend time reading a good book or writing for my book that I hope to
finish this year, titled Live Your Passion: Inspiring Stories of Women in
Business. It’s an anthology and includes women authors in various occupations. I hope it will inspire women to pursue their dreams. I also
like to just sit and draw or paint. I also love to act and model as well,
sometimes for fun and other times for work.”
Recipient of the Director’s Award 2013 as part of the Mrs. Idaho
AmericaPageant, Virginia finds her newest endeavor has opened up
doors for her other charitable community work. Crowned Mrs. Garden
City last year and a participant again this year, Virginia admits the
pageant circuit was something she never believed was in the cards for
ph o t o by redlight photograp hy
ph o t o by hope s hots phot ogr ap hy
ma keup by unique facing
her. But she has discovered that her pageant
forum for university employees to share best
persona has assisted not only with her self-
practices and mentor others.
confidence, but in her community as well.
p h o to by h o p e sh o ts p h o to gra phy
m a ke u p by u n i q u e f a c i n g
Living by her personal philosophy, “make
She is currently working on a shoe drive with
a difference, live your passion, leave a lega-
Dando Amor Shoes for Love. Her mission is
cy,” Virginia strives to be a role model for her
to gather new and old shoes–50,000 pairs is
children and her community. “My passion and
the group goal–by the end of June to donate
dedication to make the world a better place
to those without footwear. If she collects the
are something I hope people will remember
most, Virginia would represent the pageant
about me,” she remarked. “Those are two
on a humanitarian trip to personally deliver
characteristics that I think are some of my
the shoes to Africa or South America. In
best qualities. I may be only one person, but
2011, Virginia was chosen as one of Treasure I am determined to be heard and create a
Valley’s Finest Young Professionals with the
louder voice for those who may not be able to
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, which kick-started
express it loud enough themselves.”
her passion to work with non-profits and
It only takes one person to effect
assist others with their mission. A staunch
change, and Virginia is determined to be
advocate of higher education, she is a gradu-
among those who do. HLM
ate of BSU’s Shared Leadership programs, a
by m a ri l y n i sa m i n ge r
lawn care
orking with nature—what a
Good choices for cooler climates are the blue-
keep the grass a minimum of three inches high
goal for each of us to set in the
grasses, fescues and ryegrasses; the zoysia
from May until after Labor Day. Taller grass
21st century! No matter if we’re
varieties, St. Augustine and centipede grasses
blades provide shade that keeps weed seeds
urban dwellers, have a little
grow best during the warm seasons. Make
from germinating in the spring and later keeps
patch of grass in the ’burbs, or
sure you investigate your grass species choice
the soil from drying out in summer heat. Never
use a John Deere to trim our pasture-sized lawn,
before investing your dollars, not to mention
cut more than one-third of the blade at one
we can all pay attention to how we treat those
your time and energy in trying to keep it green.
time to prevent stress to the turf.
Compost and Mulch
Microorganisms and Biopesticides
blades and the soil underneath them.
Eco-experts offer many tips to guide us in
keeping our grass green in both senses of the
word. Here’s some of their advice.
Choose What You Use
Green gardeners already know these
The mission statement of Texas-based
terms. If you’re using a gas-powered mower
Natural Industries is, “For every plant problem,
(see below for another option), add a mulch-
there’s a microorganism that can solve it.” This
ing blade so that you can multi-task while
company’s Actinovate® for Lawn and Garden
If the grass growing in your yard is not
trimming; keep the blade sharp! The grass
contains a patented beneficial microorganism
suitable for the USDA zone in which you live,
clippings will be finely chopped and can be
that grows on the plant’s roots and leaves,
you’re already at a disadvantage. All grasses
left to return to Mother Earth, feeding the soil
living off the plant’s by-products and simul-
are not created equal. Some grasses prefer
and saving the haul to the compost pile. If you
taneously attacking harmful disease-causing
the shade and don’t want your feet tromping
prefer to compost the clippings, keep the pile
pathogens. This natural product effectively
on them (the fescues in particular); others
active by turning it so that it breaks down weed
suppresses and controls a wide range of foliar
thrive in cold climates while hating the heat
seeds that might have been collected.
and root diseases, including powdery mildew
and humidity of southerly and western climes.
Adjust the height of the mower blade and
and black spot. EcoSMART™’s Lawn Insect
Killer contains thyme and sesame oils and eugenol and can be used on
lawns, ornamentals and mulched beds. It kills and repels a long list of
insects, including aphids, caterpillars, centipedes, fleas, mites, mosquitoes, spiders and ticks.
A biopesticide is a chemical made from naturally occurring elements that control the insect population instead of killing it. A pheromone pesticide disrupts the mating pattern of some insects such as
moths and butterflies, and affects only the targeted insects. Japanese
beetles may be controlled in this way; traps containing the pheromone
attract and collect these invasive eaters. Milky Spore is an environmental pesticide that is ingested by lawn grubs; within days, bacteria grow
and kill the grubs from within.
Remember that weeds, insects and diseases are an indication of
the overall health of the turf and underlying soil. Test the soil to determine if organic amendments are needed, whether fertilizers, minerals,
mulches or compost tea. Adjust your watering schedule as appropriate,
hopefully using the rainwater you’ve harvested through your catchment
Get Rid of the Gas
The good old push-reel mower is great for your yard-as-workout
routine, unless you’re mowing the entire back 40. The great news is that
now both corded and battery-powered mowers are available. It’s estimated that gas-powered mowers produce about ten percent of all air pollutants created by portable gasoline machines. Plus, mowers aren’t held
to the same EPA standards as gasoline-powered cars, so emissions
may be more toxic. Neuton®’s CE6 mower, with its 36-volt rechargeable battery, weighs only 69 pounds and cuts up to one-third of an acre
on an overnight charge, using an extra-wide 19-inch cutting swath for
efficiency. Major home improvement retailers have their own brands as
well; they all appear to be priced comparatively to the gasoline-powered
machines, and in the long run they will save plenty on fuel costs.
Make a Hard Choice
Ultimately, do you really want the maintenance that turf grass
requires? Consider some eco-alternatives. Ground covers such as
thyme, sweet alyssum, lavender or pachysandra can reduce what the
landscape architects call “negative space” or eliminate it entirely. Think
about hardscaping; replacing negative space with a bluestone, brick
paver or gravel patio is a no-water, no-mow option that, after the initial
investment, will be economical in the long run. If you’re up for a home
improvement project, the big box stores, DIY sites and many books can
teach you how to complete these installations.
Going green with lawn care does require some thought and possibly changes in maintenance behavior, yet it’s inevitably a positive choice
for your negative space! HLM
coconut curry veggie stir fry
Serves 4 · Prep time: 15 minutes · Cook time: 5 minutes
1 ½ Tablespoons vegetable oil
1 medium sweet onion, cut into
1-inch pieces
1 small bell pepper, cut into short
1 cup julienned carrots
1 cup snow peas, large ones cut
in half
1 Tablespoon grated fresh ginger
2 garlic cloves, minced
1 ½ teaspoons curry powder
¼ teaspoon crushed red pepper
pinch of salt and pepper
1 can (8 ounce) pineapple
chunks, undrained
½ cup light coconut milk
1 teaspoon cornstarch
2 cups cooked white rice
recipes and p hot ogr ap hy by ver y c ulinar y.c om
In a large nonstick pan, heat oil over medium-high heat. Add onion,
bell pepper, carrots, snow peas, ginger, garlic, curry powder, red pepper flakes and salt and pepper. Cook, stirring frequently, for about 5
minutes, until vegetables are crisp-tender. Dissolve the cornstarch in
the pineapple juice and add that, along with the coconut milk, to the
pan. Cook for 1 minute or until thickened; stir gently. Spoon over rice
and serve right away. HLM
easy lemon curd pie
Serves 8 · Prep time: 10 minutes · Cook time: 45 minutes
1 (9 inch) prepared refrigerated pie crust
2 cups granulated sugar
3 small lemons (preferably Meyer), juiced and zested
4 eggs
¼ teaspoon salt
3 Tablespoons flour
½ stick unsalted butter, melted
1 teaspoon vanilla
recipes and p hot ogr ap hy by ver y c ulinar y.c om
Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees. In a large bowl, whisk together the
sugar, lemon juice and zest, eggs, salt, flour, melted butter, and
vanilla, until thoroughly combined. Pour into pie shell and bake for
45 minutes, until top is set. Let cool completely, then place in the
refrigerator for 1 hour to fully set. Cut into slices and serve! HLM
by a l l i so n tu r n b e rg
echnology updates so quickly these days that it’s difficult to keep pace
with the rest of the world, which sometimes seems more like an episode
of The Jetsons than Modern Family. But if there is one upgrade to make
in your household technology, it’s your sound system. Replacing your old
single-speaker radio with the latest technology is easier than fumbling
with the antenna or tuning your favorite stations, and it will give you a listening
experience unlike any other.
There are many great systems from which to choose that offer superior
quality and easy-to-use platforms to fill your home with your favorite music.
Don’t get bogged down with confusing techno-terminology; asking the right
questions will help you find the best sound system for your home and lifestyle.
How many rooms do you want to have sound?
This question is the most important to get started. Decide if you want the
ability to play your favorite album in every room of the house, or if listening in
the living room is all you need. Single-zone sound systems are typically cheaper
and require less equipment than multiple room systems, home improvement
expert Bob Vila writes. However, spending a little extra money might be worth
it if you’re a music lover, and multi-zone systems allow you to play a different
song in each room. There are even weather-resistant speakers, so you can
listen to your favorite song out on the patio, and many speakers are designed
to blend in with your home décor or mount inside your wall. Whether you choose
a single-zone system or opt for the multi-room capability, though, state-of-the-art
speakers produce a clear, distinctive sound.
How do you want to set up the system?
The number of speakers in each room will affect the sound quality. Vila
recommends at least two speakers per room, but larger rooms may need more.
Keep in mind that the layout of the furniture and the room will affect the quality
of the sound, too. If you’ve got a large, open room, you’ll need extra speakers
spread throughout to ensure that the sound will fill the entire room. Be sure to
strategically place speakers so the sound won’t be muffled by couch cushions
or blocked by an armoire. To get the most out of your sound system living room
setup, place speakers throughout the room to create that movie theater surround sound experience. This allows the music to fill the room and hit your ears
from almost every angle, engulfing them in the sound.
If you’d rather not feng shui your entire house to fit the needs of a speaker,
you’re in the company of many. Most systems offer automatic speaker calibration, according to the technology experts at Crutchfield New Media. It’s as easy
as setting up the calibration microphone in the areas where you’ll be listening.
The receiver does the rest of the work, sending test signals and finding
imperfections such as delays in timing and frequency. Then it compensates for those imperfections, which is why, for example, you sometimes
notice one speaker playing more loudly than the other.
Most systems offer automatic speaker calibration,
according to the technology experts at Crutchfield
New Media. It’s as easy as setting up the
calibration microphone in the areas where you’ll
be listening. The receiver does the rest of the work,
sending test signals and finding imperfections
such as delays in timing and frequency.
How important is speaker quality?
This depends on the kind of listening you plan to do. Inexpensive
speakers are fine if you mostly listen to talk radio or don’t have a lot
of background noise in your home. According to Vila, though, these
speakers don’t deliver a full range of notes, so music connoisseurs
should spring for premium speakers. He says buyers should look for the
speaker’s frequency response range to determine a quality speaker from
a low-cost one. A better response range will yield a better sound.
Which brand is best?
There are countless brands to choose from in the world of home
sound systems. Some of the bigger names include Bose, Nuvo and Sonos, all of which offer multi-room capabilities and wireless connection.
Connecting your sound system to wireless Internet allows you to choose
music from Internet radio stations such as Pandora, Spotify and Sirius
XM as well as from albums you own in hard copy or in your digital music
library. You can control any of these systems from a remote control, tablet or even a smartphone, playing any song you want with the touch of a
button. They all offer a variety of systems with an array of capabilities to
match your price range and needs.
Upgrading to something more high-tech can be confusing and
intimidating, but if you know the basics, you’ll end up with something
that fits your needs so well you’ll think it was made for you. The latest
home sound systems create a listening experience like no other, and
improving yours is easy. There are many flexible options out there; you
won’t even miss your old radio! Wasting ten minutes tuning it only to
miss your favorite song is a thing of the past—the future of listening is
crystal clear. HLM
by ti n a v. sava s
the start-up story
any women dream of owning their own business, but few of
This helps to narrow your funding choices and streamlines the process
them actually take the plunge, and even fewer find success.
so you don’t waste your time. Keep in mind that you will need a busi-
The reasons are plentiful, but according to the
ness plan with a financial pro forma, or financial projection, to shine
Kauffman Foundation, a nonprofit that funds and con-
brighter than your competition. Once your package and marketing pitch
ducts research for entrepreneurs, one of the biggest
is complete, you will be ready to seek funding.
problems is a lack of adequate funding for women entrepreneurs. Since
women typically have lower levels of income and wealth, they have fewer
available financial resources that can be devoted to a new business, or
a growing one.
But this won’t deter the determined, and if you are ready to take
It is highly advisable to search the internet for funding opportunities. Websites such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter are two examples of
the new popular “crowdfunding” concept, where your idea catches the
your life-long dream of owning your own business to the next level,
attention of investors, who in turn, fund you. This is where your elevator
now may just be the perfect time. Why? Because support for women
speech becomes extremely important, as well as your personal passion
business owners has never been greater. The growth rate of women-
for your idea. Crowdfunders love a good story, and that includes your
owned firms exceeds all other firms combined in the United States. It
personal journey.
is common knowledge that investing in small businesses is what keeps
our economy going, so everyone is hopping on the bandwagon to help
women would-be entrepreneurs.
Let’s explore a few ways you can get out there and take advantage
Gratuitous Sourcing
Grants represent the Holy Grail of funding because they are free.
There are all sorts of grants for women, minorities, grants based on a
of the plentiful funding opportunities that exist solely for women entre-
business theme, etc., but naturally, they are difficult to get. It is worth
your while to check out the federal grants website,,
First, you must define your product or idea—craft your “elevator
speech” so that anyone understands your business in a few seconds.
for money that might be available to grow your business.
Share and Share Alike
Venture capitalists and angel investors are like the Shark Tank
folks on the hit television series, but they are a bit easier to access!
These investors will most likely want an equity position or ownership in
your company. If you don’t mind that stipulation, one place to look is the
website Gust that connects entrepreneurs with investors. Also contact
your local Small Business Administration Women’s Business Center,
located in most U.S. cities, since those centers are familiar with their
community funders. Explore Springboard Enterprises, where you can
present your business proposal to a forum; Golden Seeds, which has
equity investors; and the Women’s Technology Cluster, a program that
provides access to equity funding and serves as an incubator.
Take It to the Bank
Bank loans are another source of funding. Though bank loans are
more traditional and historically more difficult for women to qualify, more
recent research shows there are no significant differences between
women and men in terms of the likelihood of being approved for a loan.
Not too long ago, a woman had to have a co-signer to secure a business
loan. Not anymore. In addition to banks, business loans offered by the
Small Business Administration can be tailored for women and easier to
secure than a bank loan. Again, the SBA Women’s Business Centers offer advice and business loan consulting for women. There may also be a
program tailored for women- and minority-owned businesses within your
city government, frequently within the mayor’s economic development
office, that is funded by a local bank
Small and Growing
Microenterprise funders typically target small businesses and
entrepreneurs who anticipate fewer than 10 employees and require no
more than $35,000 in start-up costs. Many initiatives have launched
internationally to assist women entrepreneurs in developing countries.
Here in the U.S., four programs focus on low-income women entrepreneurs: The Women’s Initiative (WISE); Trickle Up; The Women’s Business
Center of the Nebraska Rural Enterprise Assistance Project (REAP);
and Count Me In, the first online microlender, which recently launched a
program with American Express and the Women’s Leadership Exchange
called “Make Mine a $Million,” that focuses on high growth businesses.
These programs combine training, education and support services with
Overall, lenders understand that strengthening women’s economic
capacity is of vital importance today. Programs and funds for women entrepreneurs have steadily grown over the last ten years, from microenterprise to venture capital funds, from very small dollar grants to hundred
million dollar investments. With the addition of crowdfunding and online
contests, it is easier than ever to start living your dream. HLM
Sources: (Women’s Technology Cluster),,,,,,,, (Springboard Enterprises),,,
money mistakes
by ste p h a n i e f o x
andling money should be second na-
an expense on a credit card that you don’t
nually who defers a mere 5 percent of their in-
ture. After all, we use money every
plan to pay off immediately. Credit card debt
come for 20 years, at an annual rate of return
day. But most people, rich or poor,
adds up quickly, and a purchase or two not
of 6 percent, will have more than $151,000 for
make money mistakes that can
paid off when the first bill arrives can add up
retirement. But if there is an employer match,
cause problems in their financial
to thousands of dollars in debt later that may
the amount will rise to nearly $304,000. Start
take months or years to pay off.
saving at age 25 and this retirement fund will
and personal lives. Here are eight mistakes to
avoid making with your money.
rise to almost $1,280,000. Then stick with it!
Ignoring High Interest Rates
Not Having a Budget
Write down all your monthly expenses,
When reducing debt, pay off the debt with
the highest interest rate first (usually credit
Not Identifying Money Priorities
Know what’s important to you and save
from your rent or mortgage to your utility costs,
cards) while keeping up minimum payments for
for it. Is it a down payment on a dream home?
insurance payments, estimated food expenses,
any other money owed. If you have been mak-
A new car? Continued education or college for
cell phones, transportation, tuition or student
ing regular payments, you can talk to the credit
your kids? Retirement? If you know your priori-
loans, other loan payments, monthly medical
card company about lowering your interest
ties, you can avoid spending money without
outlay and money that will go toward savings.
rates for the future.
thinking and reach your financial goals.
Forgetting Free Money
Living Above Your Means
Knowing what you can spend will help keep you
from living paycheck to paycheck and having to
defer needed purchases because the monthly
money ran out. Have a budget and stick with it.
Accumulating Credit Card Debt
Use credit cards carefully and never put
If your company has a deferred compen-
Learn to live within your income. There
sation plan that matches a percentage of your
are ways to live the good life while spending
salary, you’ll double your money, even if the
less money. Even people with high incomes
stock market doesn’t rise a single point. For
can lack the discipline to resist temptation
example, a 45-year-old earning $80,000 an-
to spend on frivolous items. If you have your
sights set on something, try to wait until it goes on sale, buy it at a
discount store or even at a high-end second-hand store. Don’t worry—
Guessing the Future of Stocks
When investing, don’t try to time the stock market. Buy and hold,
your friends will never know the difference. You can also cut down on
then leave the gambling to the one percent. One strategy is to put your
expenses such as frequent dinners in upscale, hip restaurants. Become
investment money in low-fee investment funds; diversify by mixing the
a connoisseur of tiny and undiscovered ethnic restaurants or learn to
kinds of investments in the funds you choose, then dollar cost average
cook your favorite foods. If you don’t have the time to prepare meals
your investment money. You spread out the risk by automatically adding
every day, cook ahead and freeze dinners for a delicious and quick,
the same amount of money on the same date every month. Don’t worry
inexpensive meal.
about short-term gains and losses. Investments are for the long term; in
a diversified portfolio, long-term investments historically make money.
Not Paying Attention to Details
Check your credit report each year and be alert to credit and
identity fraud. The only truly free access to your credit report is through
Missing a Tax Credit
Some taxpayers can get a little-known tax break just for saving for, authorized by federal law. Companies with
retirement. The Saver Credit allows tax credits in addition to the tax-
clever jingles and amusing TV commercials may charge a fee. If you
deferred advantages of investment plans like IRAs. There are income
find a mistake, contact the card company or the credit-reporting agency
eligibility requirements for singles, head of households and joint filers.
about the error. To avoid identity theft, look for credit card charges you
For most eligible taxpayers, the amounts might be only a couple of hun-
don’t recognize (even small ones), denials of credit for no apparent
dred dollars, but some taxpayers can see a credit of up to a thousand
reason and other suspicious activity. Then, file a report with law enforce-
dollars. HLM
ment to help you deal with creditors who may want proof of fraud. If you
Sources: Jianseng Yu, Associate Professor of Finance, University of
bank online, as millions of us do, check your accounts regularly. If you
Minnesota; Mary Daugherty, Associate Professor of Finance, University of
don’t bank online, it’s even more important to verify transactions and
St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN; Chris Render, Varn and Associates, CPA; annual-
balances. Thieves will often test your vigilance with small transactions,,
before cleaning out your account.
buying a lake home
by m a ri l y n i sa m i n ge r
ife’s a Little Sweeter in a House Beside the Water”
such as view, water accessibility, privacy, water depth and clarity, feet
reads the plaque on the front porch of our lake cottage.
of shoreline, the condition of adjacent property and potential anchor-
We’ve spent many joyful moments watching a child learn
age of a dock. Expect sticker shock if the home you’re investigating for
to water ski and cooking dinners that feature the catch
purchase has more than one of these desirable features.
of the day.
If you’ve shared unforgettable times visiting the lake with friends
and family and have finally decided to take the plunge with your own
Recreation, Retirement or Investment
If you’re purchasing the cottage for water recreation, check that the
waterside paradise, here’s some advice from experts about finding the
activities you enjoy aren’t restricted or that the “lake attitude” doesn’t
property that’s perfect for your needs.
discourage that extremely loud, fast powerboat you love. If you plan to
retire there, consider its proximity to the services you may need in your
Location, Location, Location
Regardless of where you live in the contiguous 48 states, every
golden years. If the goal is investment property, can you tie up cash long
enough to reap the desired return? Renting the house seasonally may
one of them has a lovely lake with building lots and homes for sale.
be a motive and even cover your costs; verify with your insurance agent
Consider the attributes you want and your price range. Look at the
that you have appropriate liability coverage for risks you and your guests
climate; if the lake freezes, you’ll have additional winter activities to
may incur.
pursue. Think about driving time from your primary residence. Investigate water management practices for the lake itself. If the body of water
is used for hydropower production, the water level will fluctuate, and you
may be left with steep water access or a dock that no longer floats.
How Much House?
If this is a second home, do you want housekeeping and grounds
maintenance tasks to consume your spare time, or would you prefer relaxing on the pier with a cold drink on a hot summer afternoon? Do you
Capital Expenditures
While home prices are usually based on square footage and a
combination of other items, lake properties are priced to include factors
need five bedrooms and four baths to accommodate the family, or are
they content on a pullout couch and in sleeping bags? Is anyone going
to help you cook, clean and maintain the property?
Verify that the property you’re interested in has reliable electrical and water service available. Is it on a septic system or attached
to sewer lines? What about telephone and cell phone service? Are the
roads to the property publicly or privately maintained? Can emergency
response personnel reach you quickly if a need arises? A nearby marina
can also be considered a necessity if your pontoon boat is running low
on fuel.
Newer homes will have up-to-date appliances and amenities. Granite countertops, easy-to-maintain flooring and energy-efficient windows
fitted with between-pane shades are extras that make your life easier
and may not be present in an older, more economically-priced cottage.
However, if you want rustic, make sure interior wiring meets current code
Protecting Your Investment
Even if your new lake house is your primary residence, it’s wise to
consider installing a good security system with monitoring and hardwired smoke detection, particularly if the property is remote or extremely
private. Camera surveillance can assist law enforcement and insurance
investigators in the event of break-in or theft of property. Plus, most
insurance carriers provide a discount for a security system, so you can
recoup your investment eventually through premium savings.
Safety First
We have one inviolable rule for all children 12 and under. There
is an invisible line beyond which a child must wear the appropriate
personal flotation device for his age. In this writer’s opinion, there is no
excuse for carelessness with water safety for children, or adults, for that
matter. In combination with boating safety and careful behavior in using
personal watercraft, protecting the health and lives of those you love
should be a primary consideration for the purchaser of a home on the
Remember, too, that water and electricity don’t mix. If the boat
dock has electrical wiring of any kind, verify with the assistance of a
professional that it’s up to current code requirements and properly
Just Have Fun!
You’ve made your decision, signed the paperwork and moved in.
The PFDs are available for the kids (and the adults who prefer to stay
cool without worrying about treading water). The boat, paddleboard and
high-horsepower personal watercraft are all in the water. The marina’s
in sight! Pick up a map of the lake, fill ’er up at that floating gas station,
and head out to explore your new recreation location! HLM
Sources:,, and the
personal experience of the author.
by h o p e e . f e rg u so n
t didn’t take long after the first spring in my home to realize
that I had moved into the home of a master gardener. Mr.
Hotter, a Brit, had planned his perennials to bloom one after
the other as they made their way around the house. On the
far side facing east, the purple crocuses sprang up first,
followed a few weeks later by giant yellow daffodils, lilacs, purple
and yellow irises, peonies in June, and orange and yellow daylilies
beginning in July and blooming until September.
What a joy to see the flowers work their way around the
house every year! I eventually added tulips and my favorites:
oriental and Asiatic lilies that bloom from mid- to late June and
July, all the way through August. With the addition of pink apple
blossoms in May, my home is an explosion of color during the first
weeks of spring and into summer.
Enjoying a wealth of flowers, shrubs and trees seems easy
in the spring and summer, but is it possible to keep your garden
interesting and colorful all year round? Surprisingly, yes, say
master gardeners. By taking an expansive view of the garden and
implementing early flowers, flowering shrubs, foliage, grasses and
even garden accents such as benches and paths, a garden can
give one joy all year round.
“Can you have plants that provide color for each season?
That doesn’t really exist. [However], there are plants that provide
color in multiple seasons, but not all four,” said Richard Abate,
CNLP, landscape designer with Hicks Nurseries, a family-owned
business. “Viburnum (a shrub) blooms in the spring and has great
foliage colors and vibrant berries in the fall; and they provide
interest in summer and winter through form and texture, though
not necessarily through color. Knock Out® Roses bloom in parts
of spring, summer and fall, which is amazing, by the way, but lack winter
Abate recommends planning ahead, by procuring “good annuals
for the height of summer,” including New Guinea impatiens, begonias,
annual vinca, geraniums, marigolds, petunias and coleus, all plants that
are easy to grow. As an avid gardener, I know from my own experience
that most of those flowers provide excellent color in flower boxes, containers and hanging baskets. Abate likes perennials for summer such
as astilbe, coral bells, daylilies, catmint (nepeta) coreopsis, coneflower,
geranium Rozanne®, black-eyed Susan, perennial salvia, volcano phlox
and Russian sage.
Joy Kaminsky is director of horticulture at Cantigny Park, a 500acre public park and recreation area and formerly an experimental
farm in Wheaton, Illinois, that features garden areas (including formal
gardens), an idea garden, and a greenhouse. “Select plant material
that has excellent fall color,” Kaminsky urges. “A few of my favorites
are trees such as tupelo (nyssasylvatica) and red maples, and perennials such as amsonia, an easy-to-grow wildflower with pale blue petals.
Select plant material that has burgundy foliage year-round. Some plants
like purple-leaf cotinus, also called smoke trees or bushes, make for a
nice shrub in the background and can be pruned easily,” she explains.
You also should “site plants with contrasting color,” she continues.
“For example, set a burgundy foliage plant in front of an evergreen so
that the contrast is highlighted. Try selecting plants that have fruit in the
fall, such as a callicarpa. I love this small shrub; the purple fruit is simply marvelous. Finally, pick fall blooms like cyclamen and shrub roses,
that will bloom late in the season.”
In light of uncertain weather patterns experienced across the country lately, gardeners in some states have had to get creative. According
to The New York Times, Californians are promoting a “brown is the new
green” movement due to severe drought that has taken a toll on lawns
and plants. Residents have had to adjust their ideas of a beautiful lawn
and garden due to shortages of water. They have experimented with “a
mix of drought-tolerant plants and non-thirsty boulders and gravel.” Others have worked with meadow-like buffalo grass and dune sedge, which
match the character of California’s ocean front, and have employed the
artful use of rock in dry stream beds.
Don’t limit your imagination to plants. Gardeners can also display
garden sculpture and colorful containers. One of my particular joys in
the colder months is my ten-year-old Christmas cactus given to me by
a friend. This sturdy plant seems impossible to kill, lives on very little
water, and every November and February makes the most magnificent
display of bright pink flowers, the perfect pick-me-up for a dreary winter
So, there’s no need to get bored by your garden by late summer.
Use some of these ideas and your lawn and garden can bring you joy all
year round. HLM
adopt your new
feline best friend
by l a u ra l e i va
une is Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month, so whether you’ve been think-
cuddled, while the Oriental and American shorthair breeds are calm and
ing about bringing a new kitten home or visiting your local pet
work well in homes with children.
shelter to rescue an older cat, it’s the perfect time to meet your
Selecting your new pet is only the first step in the process; creat-
new furry friend! Each spring, thousands of kittens are born and
ing a loving and safe home is equally as important. Before visiting the
taken in by shelters across the country, adding to the number
shelter, there are a few things to do before you bring the new cat into
of cats already looking for new homes. Tragically, many of these precious
the home. Don’t adopt a cat on a whim; talk to the family and ensure
everyone is on the same page about caring for a pet’s needs and shar-
Saving even one cat’s life is better than the
alternative; since space and resources are limited
in many local shelters, adopting a cat is a great
way to save two lives—that of your new pet and the
homeless cat that will be rescued and eventually
placed in the shelter.
ing in the responsibility for the kitten or older cat. Understanding the
body language of a cat is also important, as it alerts you to the mood
or temper of the cat. Look for vocal signs such as hissing, purring or
meowing to get a feel for how the cat is acting; various sounds mean
the difference between feeling playful and agitated! The twitching tail
indicates agitation; on the other hand, a cat shows affection and love
by looking you directly in the eyes and blinking slowly. You create a true
bond when you return that look!
Stock up on supplies before bringing the cat home, including a litter box and litter; ask the shelter about the litter used so you can create
a familiar environment for your pet to prevent accidents. Food, prefer-
animals aren’t adopted and are eventually euthanized. If you’re looking to
ably the brand of food eaten at the shelter to prevent digestive upset,
make a difference in an animal’s life, adoption is the way to go!
and water bowls should be accessible and clean. Provide a range of
Going through a pet shelter to find your new best friend has many
benefits for you and your new pet. Saving even one cat’s life is better
stimulating toys, scratching post and soft bed for your new pet.
When you bring your cat home, allow her some time to explore her
than the alternative; since space and resources are limited in many
new surroundings before you introduce her to the rest of the family or
local shelters, adopting a cat is a great way to save two lives—that of
other pets. Watch your cat’s behavior to get an idea how she’s feeling. If
your new pet and the homeless cat that will be rescued and eventually
she’s timid leaving her crate or darts around to dark spaces in the room,
placed in the shelter. Cats found in a shelter are healthy, as they are
it could be a sign she’s unsure of her surroundings and needs more
provided ample care and vaccinations by shelter staff in addition to un-
time to get comfortable.
dergoing screening for behavior and temperament, which helps the staff
Adopting a cat from a shelter is a wonderful way to do your part
match cats with ideal families. There may be a perception that some-
in providing unwanted pets with loving, nurturing homes. Enjoy having
thing’s wrong with a shelter cat, but it couldn’t be further from the truth!
a furry friend in the home and always take care to provide your new cat
In fact, most of the animals awaiting adoption are simply there because
with a safe environment! HLM
they were unwanted or the previous owners could no longer care for
them after going through personal hardships.
Adopting a cat through your local shelter is also more affordable
than going through a pet store, as shelters are proactive with veterinary
care and you won’t incur immediate costs with your own vet. Some
shelters even waive the adoption fee for new pet parents choosing a cat
older than three years! Emotionally, adopting a pet is good for both you
and the cat; pets bring immeasurable joy and companionship into the
home and, in turn, you are providing a beautiful feline with a new chance
at life!
When you’ve made the decision to rescue a cat from a shelter,
there are a few things to consider that will make the transition easier for
both you and the new pet. Expect a growing period to take place as your
new cat absorbs the surroundings and environment and you learn about
the pet’s temperament and needs. Depending on the selection of cats
in the shelter, common breeds to look for include the Persian, which is
loyal and affectionate, or the Maine Coon, with a temperament similar
to that of a Persian but not requiring the constant grooming of a longer
haired cat. The Ragdoll and Birman breeds are friendly and enjoy being
w ritten by mar ily n is am inger
photography by mike s id ney p hot ogr ap hy
Update to their Engagement Story!
aile McKinnon Jones
was born
in Santa
Monica, California, and
will complete her BA in
psychology at Boise State
University this summer. As
a CNA at St. Alphonsus in Boise, she has a passion for people and caring
for those in need. Maile loves to travel and be near the ocean, and she
enjoys spending time with friends and family.
Justin Eugene Harris was born in Boise; is a graduate of Boise State
University and works as a marketing manager for Globo Mobile Technologies, Inc. He has a passion for creative design and enjoys travel and
spending time outdoors and with family and friends. Although Justin golfs,
he shares that he loves golf more than golf loves him.
Justin and Maile met soon after Justin moved back to his hometown
of Boise in 2007, after having lived in Phoenix. He took a job as a loan
officer at a local mortgage company in Eagle, Idaho, where Maile worked
as a marketing representative.
Justin’s proposal on May 25, 2012, was a complete surprise. He
spent a week in San
Jose on business and
flew Maile in on Friday for
what was supposed to be
an extended weekend in
San Francisco. Instead,
he drove the two to Point
Lobos, a scenic seascape
just south of Carmel, for a picnic and a hike along trails overlooking the
ocean. Maile describes the scene. “As we approached Pinnacle Cove, the
outermost point of Point Lobos, Justin knelt down to take a picture of me,
but instead presented a ring he had been hiding in his pocket. I joyfully
said ‘Yes!’ and at that moment a torrential downpour of rain forced us to
take shelter under a nearby cypress tree. We talked about the ring and
laughed about the timing of the rain! What was seemingly an unfortunate
turn of events in the weather quickly turned into a breathtaking scene
as clouds parted and the sun broke through.” The couple then spent an
unforgettable weekend in Monterey celebrating their engagement.
The blissful couple tied the knot on February 21, 2014 in a lovely
outdoor ceremony at Molokini Lookout in Wailea, Maui, Hawaii. The
destination wedding location and date were selected as an escape from
February in Boise. “We don’t ski or snowboard,” Maile notes. “As lovers
of the sun and warm weather, the early months of January and February
in Boise are typically filled with poor weather, inversions, overcast skies.
We wanted to give ourselves something to look forward to, an anniversary
and an excuse to celebrate and break up a time of year when we normally
Maile’s bridesmaids were her sister-in-law, Nicole Jones, and friends
Danielle Marcolina, Erica La’Shay, Sasha Rodriguez and Kelli Puga.
Standing with Justin as groomsmen were lifelong friends Chris Rossi,
Rob Blank, Riley Hickox, Joshua Bores and his new brother-in-law, Michael
The wedding was the first trip to Hawaii for the bridal couple, who
were surrounded by their closest friends and family, sharing such an
amazing moment with very special people in their lives. Maile and Justin
Available Exclusively at
921 West Jefferson Street, Downtown Boise
208.343.6151 |
reveal, “People ask about our wedding and we
at the Sheraton Maui Resort next to the famous
stumble over the words to describe how amazing
Black Rock. A few of us jumped off the rock and
it was. The weather, the backdrop, the people
several of us played football in the water; all of
around us, everything was perfect. From the day
us relaxed and enjoyed each other’s company.”
before the wedding that consisted of a day at Big
For their honeymoon, on the second day fol-
Beach in Wailea, a sunset whale-watch dinner
lowing the wedding, Maile and Justin moved from
cruise, an impromptu night swim in the Sheraton
the Sheraton and checked into the Ritz-Carlton in
Maui Resort pool followed by a footrace into the
Kapalua. Justin shares, “We wanted a few days
ocean, to the day of the wedding ceremony at
to ourselves, to unwind and celebrate with each
Molokini Lookout in Wailea, an incredible sunset
other. We spent hours by the Ritz-Carlton pool,
followed as we went to Mulligan’s on the Blue,
took a zip line excursion, visited several of the
an Irish pub that hosted our reception; to the
beaches in the area, including DT Fleming Beach
honeymoon we spent in Kapalua—it was all an
and Honolua Bay. In the end, that time together
incredible experience for us.
was well needed. We’re so glad we took some
“The day following our wedding was spent
with the wedding party and guests on the beach
down time to absorb everything and reflect on all
the great moments.” HLM
star journeys
With most of the planets falling into the East, most signs are going to have to
exercise more patience than usual, but it’s summertime, and sitting back, chilling
poolside isn’t a bad thing, right? Take this time and spend it with significant people
in your life. The last half of the month will see more clarity returning to serve you up
a wonderful solstice and a start to the summer heat. HLM
by m e l o dy b u ssey
Scorpio OCT. 23-NOV. 21
Taurus APR. 20-MAY 20
This month is all about conserving your energy and letting things unfold. If
you try to push too hard, it will blow up in your face. Avoid power struggles
and review personal goals, while Pluto (your Ruling planet) is in retrograde.
Focus on your close relationships appreciating what you have as opposed
to what you do not currently have.
The planets are all giving you a cosmic thumbs up as far as your goals
and dreams are concerned. Go full steam ahead, especially in the areas of
home and love. Make sure to stick to a good and healthy diet, and don’t let
others try to lower your self esteem because of it. You know what is good
for you and, more importantly, for your long-term happiness.
Sagittarius NOV. 22-DEC. 21
You may feel more adventurous and ambitious than usual due to many of
the planets residing in the upper quadrant of your chart. This is a great time
to use that energy to focus on career, wrap up major projects, and be careful of coming on too strong where your love life is concerned.
Capricorn DEC. 22-JAN. 19
Adapt and overcome is the catchphrase for you this month. With two planets going retrograde in your money sector, you will be well advised to double
check all decisions in this area. Spiritual developments may begin during
this time, urging you to reestablish some balance in your life.
Aquarius JAN. 20-FEB. 18
You are feeling some tensions arising from the push and pull of your family life versus your personal life. Make sure to strike a balance and to not
give in to pressures to do otherwise. This is a month where you will have
to exercise more than your fair share of patience if the peace is to be kept.
Pisces FEB. 19-MAR. 20
Be good to yourself, as there may be some slight health or stress issues
arising that will be with you until around the 21st of the month. Focus on
home and family, taking care of necessary repairs.
Aries MAR. 21-APR. 19
Although it may irritate you, follow the path of being a low-key individual
for the first part of the month. This is because it will take some internal
development before your goals will be ready to manifest themselves. You
will be less able to go things alone, making it necessary to ask for help.
Gemini MAY 21-JUNE 20
Although you may crave some clarity, you will have to be patient. This is
because your ruling planet, Mercury, will go retrograde at the end of the
month, leaving you slightly dubious about your direction. The Sun, Venus
and Mars are going to be in your sign early in the month. They will bring
energy, charm and courage to your endeavors.
Cancer JUNE 21-JULY 23
Most of the planets are celebrating your birthday month by residing in your
sector, which means that your feelings of independence and personal magnetism will be exceptional. Be careful of letting those feelings of invincibility
go to your head, as after the 16th you may come on too strong for those
around you. This is shaping up to be one of the happiest months you’ve
had yet.
Leo JULY 24-AUG. 22
This is the month for you to slow down and reassess your lifestyle. Are you
creating conditions that create happiness for yourself? Those of you who
are on a spiritual path will have an awakening this month, but don’t be so
swept away by it that it impedes your judgment. Limit major social commitments until next month.
Virgo AUG. 23-SEPT. 22
Fine tune your goals and objectives, and then launch into action next
month. This is the time to become very clear in your mind about what it is
that you want, and what it will take to make your ambitions a reality. Where
love is concerned, take things slowly and don’t rush anything.
Libra SEPT. 23-OCT. 22
As the planets shift from west to east this month you will notice a psychological shift that will cause you to crave your personal freedom and give
you the added confidence to pursue career goals. Domestic disputes may
erupt over finances, so prepare ahead of time how you will deal with this or
prevent it from happening.