How to maximize return on simulation investment February 2010
February 2010
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How to maximize return on
simulation investment
Early process simulation is an important tool in process
design & control system validation, in operational readiness and
in process optimization. Traditionally these activities have been
completed in silos that led to duplication of modeling effort,
additional project costs and built-in inefficiencies. This
presentation will show how organizations can benefit from
seamless integration of these activities under one platform. A
case study will be discussed for illustration purposes.
Reaz Kabir is the Simulation Business Leader for the
Americas at Honeywell Process Solutions. He has been with HPS
since 2006. His previous role was simulation business
consulting. Prior to Honeywell, Reaz spent 10 years in application engineering, sales &
marketing involving multi-phase separation
in process equipment. Reaz has a BS in
Chemical Engineering and an MBA from
the University of Houston.
Meeting Details
Regional Events
& Training
Mar 10:
Apr 14:
May 12:
Jun 09:
Jul 14:
Simulation Investment
Newport Electr Tour
I/O On Demand
Security Systems
Industrial Ethernet
Date: Wednesday, March 10, 2010
Time: 5:00 Networking; 6:00 Presentation
Location: Fluor, 47 Discovery, Irvine
RSVP: Fred McEachen at (949) 349-2482
or [email protected]
ISA Southern San Joaquin Valley Section
“If I have seen further
than others, it is by
standing upon the
shoulders of giants.”
-- Isaac Newton
February 2010
Golf Tournament, Tabletop Show, Training
and Cajun Feast
The annual Golf Tournament is scheduled for Thursday, May 13, and the Tabletop Show, Award
Ceremony, Technical Training and Cajun Feast the following day on Friday, May 14, 2010. For
information about participating in this year’s event, please see the ISA Southern San Joaquin Valley
Section website at
ISA Newsletters, Southern District 11
Orange County Section
Officers 2009-2010
President’s message
By Sebastian Zielonka, Section President
○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
President — Sebastian Zielonka
Fluor Enterprises, (949) 349-8773
[email protected]
Treasurer — Rafael Agrazsanchez
Fluor Enterprises, (949) 349-2304
[email protected]
Secretary — Manny Martinez
Fluor Enterprises, (949) 349-2099
[email protected]
President-elect — Jesus Moncayo
South Coast Systems, (714) 834-0232
[email protected]
Past President — Craig Lanternier
Fluor Enterprises, (949) 349-4371
[email protected]
Delegate — Romel Bhullar
Fluor Enterprises, (949) 349-6762
[email protected]
Education Chair — Hiten Dalal
Newtech Resources
(714) 500-1018, [email protected]
Honors & Awards Chair, Student
Section Liaison — Craig Lanternier
Fluor Enterprises, (949) 349-4371
[email protected]
Marketing Chair — Bis Mitra
Fluor Enterprises, (949) 349-3270
[email protected]
What’s the best part about being a Control Systems, Automation, or
Instrument Engineer? The technology keeps advancing and our industry
continues to change. That means our jobs never get boring, but we need to stay
on edge and continue our education. March 10, ISA OC gives you the
opportunity to learn about Maximizing you Return on Simulation Investment.
Come join us at the Fluor facility in Irvine to sharpen your skills and stay on top
of the game.
In addition, remember to stop by April 14, for a tour of the Newport
Electronics Facility, some good food, and opportunity to socialize with your
Starting this year we are offering a new benefit to each monthly meeting, we
like to call it Career Assistance. Prior to starting the presentation, individuals seeking job
opportunities are given a couple minutes to advertise their industry knowledge and qualifications to the
audience. Likewise, companies and individuals seeking employees will have the opportunity to
advertise opportunities and job availability. We had two individuals seeking jobs and two individuals
advertising job opportunities at our last meeting. We hope you take advantage of this new benefit if
you are seeking opportunities or employees! Don’t forget you also have the opportunity to advertise
your availability in the Chart newsletter for free as well.
Sebastian Zielonka, President
ISA Orange County Section
(949) 349-8773
[email protected]
Membership Chair —
Francisco Guzman
Southern Calif Edison, (949) 368-2251
[email protected]
Program Chair — Fred McEachen
Fluor Enterprises, (949) 525-5810
[email protected]
Publications Chair — Sergei Seleznev
Caltrol, Inc., (949) 294-6838
[email protected]
For more information contact the Division
Director, Hank Hegner at [email protected] or
call ISA at (919) 549-8411.
own the Drain...
Join ISA’s Water and Wastewater Industries Division
(WWID) and maintain control of your career by
boosting your knowledge of your specialty.
Professionals interested in information relating to
instrumentation and control systems in water and
waste management will benefit from membership
in the WWID. WWID can propel your career with
a steady stream of organized technical sessions,
conferences & exhibits, networking opportunities,
newsletters, and more – all for just $9 a year!
Newsletter Editor — John Prince
APG Analyzer Systems,
(714) 968-5501
[email protected]
Let Your Career G
Student Section Liaison,
Webmaster — Bob Harrison
Conex Systems, (714) 968-1369
[email protected]
Advisor, CSULB — Walter Martinez
Cal State Long Beach, (562) 577-3605
[email protected]
Advisor, OCC — Robert Castaño
Orange Coast College, (714) 432-5745
[email protected]
Special Assignment — Raj Adani
Emerson Process, (714) 803-3399
[email protected]
Special Assignment — Christine Dorgan
Disney Scientific Syst, (714) 781-1699
[email protected]
Brad Rupert - District 11 Vice President
Caltrol, (925) 226-0216
[email protected]
Gary Campbell, CCST III District VP Elect
M+W Zander., (623) 332-7545
[email protected]
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Nevada and to ISA student affiliates at Cal Poly Pomona, Long Beach State University and Bakersfield College. Newsletters include the Southern San Joaquin Valley Alarm, Los
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ISA Newsletters, Southern District 11
February 2010
ISA Membership & Marketing
ISA Los Angeles, Orange County and Southern
San Joaquin Valley Sections staff ISA exhibit
For the first time, ISA
exhibited at the Automation
Technology Expo at the Anaheim
Convention Center Feb 9-11, 2010, in
an effort to reach out to engineers,
technicians and other process
automation professionals who may
not be familiar with ISA. This was
one of only three events this year
scheduled for ISA to participate in
regional expos.
Although the vast majority of
attendees and exhibitors were
involved with machine automation
and medical packaging technologies,
there was enough cross-over with
process automation to be considered a
successful event. Many of those
attending ATX later came to the
Instrumentation 2010 Expo the
following week.
Pictured are Bill Campbell
(LA) and Bis Mitra (OC), and
Fernando Ceja (SSJV) and Romel
Bhullar (OC). Also staffing the booth
were George Renth, Paul Bodeau,
Rod Bodeau and John Prince of the
LA Section.
The local ISA Sections would
like to express their appreciation to
Canon Communications LLP, the
event producer, for allowing us to
take part in their event. We are
hoping to take part in more joint
events such as this with major
exhibition corporations in the future
to benefit all parties.
Photos courtesy of Bill
Quality Solutions Since 1959
From a simple valve actuator
automation to full-service portable
skid mounted control process
systems, Rhino Valve has the
ability to design and manufacture
large quantities of systems in a
short amount of time. We now
feature SolidWorks 3D CAD
design for faster service and
improved accuracy.
- Actuated Valves
- Mobile Manifold Process
- Systems
- Quality Ball Valves
- Automation
- Specialty Products
- WaterJet Cutting
- And much, much more.
Call (661) 587-0220
Rhino Valve Is Your Answer!
Rhino Valve USA, Inc.
7500 Downing Ave, Bakersfield, CA 93308
Office: (661) 587-0220 Fax: (661) 589-6625
February 2010
ISA Newsletters, Southern District 11
ISA Southern San Joaquin Valley Section
Scholarship announcements, member
recognition and SuperKart membership drive
By Sean Caras, ISA Bakersfield College Advisor
Scholarships: I am collecting
scholarship applications for this spring
semester. My deadline is Friday of
this week. I’d like to meet or somehow
discuss the applications next week or the
following week. I teach Mon, Tues, and
Wed. nights, but I’m off Thursday nights. If
that works for our committee, then we can
meet up at BC on a Thursday night. Any
other option (except for a 6:30am meeting)
I’d be glad to consider.
Scholarship Recognition: At our upcoming student section
meeting we hope to get many of the recipients there for presentation
of checks and recognition certificates. That would be the best time to
get the most students rounded up in one place. See related article on
pagre 8.
SuperKart Racing: I wanted to say “thanks” for all the efforts
that were made to put on the event! It was great, and students are still
talking about it. My vote is that we do this again next year. With
anything new, it takes a time or two before it becomes legendary!
As I wrote before, we were caught between semesters (during
Christmas vacation), so if we do this next year, we’ll start pushing
sign-ups well before the fall semester ends. For timing, it would be
better for our student membership drive to have it in September or
early October, but I don’t know how well that would serve SSJV’s
Student Membership: I have seven membership applications
that students want me to send in, and I know we had at least four that
had joined or renewed prior to the SuperKart event. We’re still
pushing membership, and I’m hoping for 20 new and renewed
memberships before the end of the semester.
Thanks again to everyone in the Southern San Joaquin Valley
Section and particularly those on the board for all your support and
Sean Caras is
Advisor to the ISA
Bakersfield College
Section Bakersfield
College Instructor. He
can be reached at
[email protected]
See more photos
of the event by Mike
Bush, Valin Corp.
on page 12.
Patten Systems, Inc.
Industrial & Municipal Representatives
3D Instruments
Direct Drive Process and Test Gauges, Digital Process
and Test Gauges, Diaphragm Seals, Hand Pumps and
B S & B Safety Systems
Industrial & Sanitary Rupture Disks, Explosion Vents,
Wireless Sensor Systems
Measurement Systems
Cameron Measurement Systems
(Barton, Nuflo & Former Haliburton Measurement)
D.P. & Pressure Transmitters, D.P. Indicators & Recorders
Turbine Meters, PD Meters, Totalizers, Samplers, Orifice
Fittings, Relief Valves, Cone Meters
Kurz Instruments
Air & Gas Thermal Mass Flow Meters, Flow Switches, Flow
Conditioners, CEM Flow Systems, Portable Flow Meters
L & J Technologies
L&J Engineering/Shand & Jurs
(GPE - Omnitrol - Delavan),
Tank Gauging Systems, Radar & Servo, Tank Vents, Breather
Valves, Gauge Hatches, Flame & Detonation Arrestors/ Vapor
Recovery, Capacitance and Ultrasonic Level
Meriam Process Technologies
HART Configurators, Calibrators & Software, Averaging
Pitot Tubes, Laminar Flow Elements, Digital Manometers
Moore Industries
Intelligent Distributed I/O, Alarm Trips, Isolators,
Temperature Transmitters, I/P’s, AC Power Transducers,
Controllers, Fieldbus Device Couplers and Power Supplies
Raco Manufacturing
Remote Alarm Monitoring, Reporting, Datalogging
via Dial-up, or Wireless
Ronan Display & Measurements Divisions
Annunciators, Mosaic Graphics, Serial Annunciators
Sequence of Events Recorders, Fault Finders, Protocol
Converters, Lamp Boxes, Nuclear Level
SOR Inc.
Sparling Instruments
Vishay BLH
Magnetic Flow Meters, Propeller Meters, Vortex Flow
Load Cells, Electronic Weighing, Tension Measurement,
Weight Display and Control
Pressure, Level, Differential Pressure, Temperature,
Flow Switches, and Transmitters
15201 Springdale Street • Huntington Beach, California 92649
Tel (714) 799-5656 • Fax (714) 799-5353 •
ISA Newsletters, Southern District 11
February 2010
Cal-Bay Controls, Inc.
24310 Moulton Parkway, Suite #O-528, Laguna Hills, CA 92637
Phone: (714) 258-7070 FAX: 949-461-9577
E-mail: [email protected]
representing the following companies/products:
NOx, SO2, CO, CO2, O2, O3,
NH3,TRS, H2S Gas Analyzers,
Zero-Air and Calibration Units
Environmental« Continuous Emissions
Monitoring Systems (CEMS)
Oxygen/CO and Opacity
Ambient Analyzers: NO/NO2/NOx, SO2, CO, CO2,
O2, O3, NH3, TRS, H2S, NOy, N2O (for ambient
monitoring, research, regulatory agency use)
Source-Level Analyzers: NO/NO2/NOx, SO2, CO,
CO2, O2, TRS (for CEMS and process
Dynamic Calibration Units and Zero-Air Systems
FID and PID Analyzers for
Teledyne-API products are represented by:
M&C Products« Sample Conditioning
Cal-Bay Controls, Inc.
Flow Monitors
Calibration Gases/Regulators
24310 Moulton Parkway, Suite #O-528, Laguna Hills, CA 92637
Phone: (714) 258-7070 FAX: 949-461-9577
E-mail: [email protected]
Cal-Bay Controls represents Cemtek Environmental
fully-extractive and dilution Continuous Emissions
Monitoring Systems (CEMS) for USEPA and
For more information, please contact:
Cal-Bay Controls, Inc.
24310 Moulton Parkway, Suite #O-528, Laguna Hills, CA 92637
Phone: (714) 258-7070 FAX: 949-461-9577
E-mail: [email protected]
February 2010
ISA Newsletters, Southern District 11
ISA Los Angeles Section
Instrumentation 2010 Expo & Training: Thanks to all
by Bill Campbell, President Elect, ISA Los Angeles Section
Thanks to all the volunteers from LA and
the neighboring sections, the Los Angeles
Section’s 4th annual tabletop show seems to
get better each year. Exhibitors and
instructors came from as a far away as the
east coast and Canada. Attendees came from
all over Southern and Central California
including the Inland Empire and a few from
the northern part of the state.
ISA Los Angeles Section is especially
pleased to acknowledge the following people
for donating the use of their computer
John Gong, ICP DAS USA, Inc.
Ken Blair, Blair-Martin Co., Inc.
Paul Franklin, Los Angeles Department
of Water and Power
Sebastian Zielonka, ISA Orange
County Section
Walter Martinez, Cal State Long Beach
Joe Hohn, Dynaelectric San Diego
Special thanks to the Cal State Long
Beach Students for helping with registration,
set-up and take-down of equipment in the
classrooms, and to Neil Finch for constantly
checking classrooms during the day to make
sure everything was running smoothly.
The ISA-LA Team was glad to provide its
membership a spectacular event on February
18th. The board and committee members and
the Cal State Long Beach Students are to be
commended for their time and effort for the
training opportunities and local vendor
turnout. These people really pulled it
together, great job!
Special thanks to Thao Le and Steve Krai
at Los Angeles County Sanitation District for
arranging for the very informative presentation and tour of the Advanced Water Pollution
Control Facility.
Thanks to John Prince, he is truly the
pre-game host of this event and the amount of
GO Pressure Regulators
Cylinder - Single and Dual Stage
Line - Back Pressure - High Pressure
Stainless - Brass - Monel - Exotics
Crossover Manifolds
Large Inventory!
Distributors of Pressure and Flow Controls:
Pressure regulators, pressure indicators, flowmeters,
filters, separators, thermometers, and switches
13413 Benson Ave., Chino CA 91710
TEL: (909) 590-0408 FAX: (909)590-4146
ISA Newsletters, Southern District 11
February 2010
ll who attendeed, helped and participated
effort and planning is evident in the vendor
support, acquiring training instructors and pre
event publicity to get the attendance. Thanks
John for another amazing program. The
seminars and hands on training were excellent.
Thanks to Kandace Peterson for the
arranging the outstanding refreshments.
The entire team did a terrific job on setup and throughout the event keeping the
exhibitors and attendees happy.
Post game
The consensus from attendees, instructors
and exhibitors was that it was a good show
once again. If you have not already sent us
some feedback, please do so – this is the only
way we can get more of the good stuff and
change anything that needs improving. All
comments and suggestions for next year will
be appreciated.
With nearly 50% of
attendees coming from
the power generation
industry, and dismal
numbers coming from
the nearby refineries
this year, we are looking
at rotating between the
Carson Center and
another locationcentral
to the non-refinery
crowd, such as the San
Fernando or San
Gabriel Valleys.
Gve us your
feedback. Feedback
from attendees and
exhibitors gets higher
priority than anyone else.
Approximately 27% of attendees were
end users of instrumentation and process
control products and services, which is high
for industry trade shows. Of those, 37%
were from the power industry (mostly
LADWP), 21% from the large engineering
GFC300 can be ordered as a single, two independent or a dual flow computer. It can
very accurately measure volume, compensated volume and mass of liquids and gases.
Or volume and mass of steam, saturated or superheated, in a very large ranges of
pressures and temperatures. GFC300 calculates density and compressibility factors with
a very high accuracy.
Each channel has one flow input that accepts pulses with 24VDC / 20 mA power for
the pulse sensor and 4-20 mA loop power flow signal.
30 points linearization for each pulse input can significantly improve the flow meters
performances. Flow meter calibration tables can be entered there.
Each channel has one 4-20 mA loop power input for temperature or density and one
for pressure with a typical error of 0.01% full scale for each.
The isolated analog output of each channel can be ordered as 4-20 mA loop power,
0-5V or 0-10V. It can be programmed to represent rate, rate A+B, pressure or
The isolated pulse output of each channel is sinking open drain 100V / 100 mA and
can represent total, total A–B or total A+B, producing pulses of frequencies up to 10kHz.
Each channel has also one relay for 250VAC / 5 A with programmable hysteresis for
rate, rate A+B, pressure or temperature
Both flow rates are seven digit, totals are eight digit. There are separate units for flow
rate and total for each channel. Many volume and mass units are listed in special
menus. Flow rate and total for each channel have independent programmable decimal
places. GFC300 has many preset liquids, gases and temperature transmitters which
simplifies its programming.
Power can be ordered as 85-250 VAC, or 12VDC or 24 VDC, all with high isolation,
surge, reverse polarity, under-voltage, over-current and short circuit protection. GFC300
has a bright transmissive color graphic display with a white back-light and easy to use
scroll drop list menus. Fully compliant, programmable RS485, 1/8 load, MODBUS RTU
for baud rates up to 115 200 makes GFC300 highly network-able. Multilevel menus, the
first of which can be locked make programming easy, simple and protected.
Size is DIN 72 x144 mm panel mount, weight is 0.45 kg (1.0 lb).
All software options can be enabled on the field with passwords.
companies (mostly Fluor); 16% from
refineries (mostly Chevron); 9% from
wastewater facilities; 3% from water
districts; 6% from the gas company and
less than 4% from chemicals, food and
beverage and other process industries.
21955 Plummer Street
Chatsworth, CA 91311
(800) 266-2046
(818) 885-5855 fax
[email protected]
Analyzers and Instruments:
x Combustion/ Emissions Analyzers
x Toxic Gas, IAQ, LEL & Radiation
x Calibration Gases, Kits &
Components for Automation:
x Fluid Controls/Pressure
x Miniature Pumps
x Solenoid Valves
We also offer:
x Annual Maintenance
x Quick Repair &
x Engineering & Design
x High quality & Low
x Technical Information/
Advocacy & much
Honeywell Analytics, Inc.
G Instruments - (858) 231-5156, Fax (858) 876-1963 - [email protected]
February 2010
ISA Newsletters, Southern District 11
Local section meetings
For more details about any of the section meetings, please contact the section president, website or read each section’s complete
newsletter online at
Orange County Section
Wed, Mar 10
Sebastian Zielonka, (949) 349-8773 [email protected]
San Diego Section
Wed, Mar 17
Jim Van de Wetering (858) 208-9713 [email protected]
How to maximize return on simulation investment. This presentation on early process simulation will show how organizations can
benefit from seamless integration of activities under one platform
with a case study discussed for illustration purposes. Reaz Kabir is
the Simulation Business Leader for the Americas at Honeywell
Process Solutions. Networking at 5pm; program at 6pm at Fluor’s
Irvine Office, 47 Discovery, Irvine. RSVP to Fred McEachen (949)
349-2482 or [email protected] Website:
Special Double Program: Demystifying Microsoft Windows 7 at
5:30pm. Michael Donahue will give an overview of the Windows 7
operating system from an experienced user’s point of view. After this
presentation, there will be a social hour and dinner, followed by
Deploying a Modern SCADA System at 7:45pm. Henry Palechek,
Instrument and Process Control Systems Supervisor at Helix Water
District will discuss the problems water utilities are facing these days
and how Helix has improved its reporting capabilities and connection
to other district computer systems through its upgrade to a modern
SCADA system built upon open standards. Pinnacle Peak
Steakhouse, 7927 Mission Gorge Road, Santee. RSVP is required by
Friday, Mar 12, to Patrick Simons at (760) 597-3106 or
[email protected] Cost is $15 to attend the Windows program
without dinner. Or attend both programswith or without dinner for
$35 with RSVP, $45 at the door. Website:
Los Angeles Section
Mon, Mar 15
Mitch Dornsife, (310) 847-5410, [email protected]
Introduction to Virtual Instrumentation Using LabVIEWâ.
Originally scheduled for January, Dr. Norali Pernalete of Cal Poly
Pomona will give an overview of virtual instrumentation using
LabVIEW and its basic applications, explaining the basic
components of a virtual instrument, common functions, graphical
programming techniques and subroutines in LabVIEW and basics
of data acquisition. RSVP to Bill Campbell at
[email protected] or (562) 533-0188. Location: Monterey Hill
Steakhouse, 3700 W. Ramona Blvd., Monterey Park; cost $10.00
which goes toward a $30 dinner. Website:
Scholarships & Training
ISA SSJV awards
Below is the list of recipients of ISA Southern San Joaquin
Valley Scholarships for this semester. At press time a Student
Section meeting was scheduled for March 6th from 10-12 with a
representative from Emerson Rosemount presenting on a
measurement technology topic.
John Paul Burns - $300
Ye Lin Htun - $300
Donald (Kevin) Edwards - $300
Adan Gomex - $300
Oracio Valdez - $400
Tory Kinnard - $300
Sean Hornback - $300
Joel Garcia - $300
Jimmy Molina - $300
David (Cain) Uranday - $400
Sam Patton - $300
Noel Hernandez Castellanos.- $400
Miguel Ceja (Taft College) - $400
Las Vegas Section
Thurs, Mar 18
Jeff Blue, (702) 249-1156, [email protected]
Arc Flash Hazards in the Workplace. This month’s lunch meeting
includes a short presentation by Eric Campbell, PE, on the basic
hazards, regulations, and mitigation techniques associated with arc
flash and electrical safety. Location: Grove Madsen Industries, 4155
West Russell Rd between Decatur and I-15, Las Vegas. RSVP to
Brian Neal at [email protected] No cost to attend; $10 if
optional lunch ordered in advance. Website:
So San Joaquin Valley Section
Thurs, Mar 18
Bob Jackson, (661) 331-4719, [email protected]
Hydrogen Sulfide Process Analyzers. Sam Miller from Spectra
Sensors will give a presentation on H2S monitoring. Lunch meeting
Section Meetings, continued on page 10
FDT Offers Free Technical Seminar
and an Invitation to Industrial
Automation Professionals
Event Date: March 9, 2010
Registration: For the complete agenda and to register visit: http://
Installing smart instrumentation in new facilities has never been
more of a ‘no-brainer’ these days, but what do you do with all that
intelligence? Is there some way of accessing the diagnostics and
device parameters without installing and maintaining multiple,
proprietary software applications on a maintenance station or laptop?
Learn how easy it is to have a common tool-set that accesses any
manufacturers’ device intelligence on a uniform platform. See how
maintenance regimes are simplified and supplemented by a single
software frame application...all of which are facilitated through
globally-supported FDT Technology. Address questions to
[email protected]
The FDT Group welcomes all automation professionals to attend
a FREE event focused on FDT Technology, known as IEC 62453. FDT
standardizes the communication and configuration interface between
field devices and automation and control systems.
ISA Newsletters, Southern District 11
February 2010
Regional events & training
Dates subject to change. Always contact the sponsoring party before
making your final plans to attend. To include an ISA or non-ISA
event, please contact the editor.
Mar 21-25, 2010
OFC/NFO Engineers Conf
San Diego
March 22-26 2010
Measurement Science
Mar 22-25, 2010
WESTEC Los Angeles,
Mar 22-26, 2010
SAF Med Lab Scientists Conf
& Exhibit, San Diego
Mar 23-25, 2010
CTIA Wireless Expo& Conf
Las Vegas Convention Center
Mar 23-26, 2010
ISC West 2010 Security
Sands Expo and ConvCenter
Las Vegas,
Mar 29 - Apr 1, 2010
CA-NV AWWA 2010 Spring
Conf, Hollywood
April 16 & 17, 2010
Nevada State PE License Exam
May 3-6, 2010
NHA Hydrogen Conf & Expo
Long Beach
May 11-13, 2010
EDS Electronics Distr Expo,
Paris-Bally’s, Las Vegas
May 13-14, 2010
ISA So San Joaquin Valley
Golf Tournament, Exhibits,
Training & Cajun Feast
Scholarship Fundraiser
May 17-21, 2010
Interop Business IT
Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas
5/11/2010 - Control Systems Engineering PE Exam Review Course
6/15/2010 - Safety Instr Systems: Design, Analysis, Justification
CSE PE review course
scheduled for summer
Due to requests from members, ISA Los Angeles is considering
holding two 6-week PE license exam review courses next summer -one in Southern Los Angeles County or North Orange County, and
another in the Pasadena-Monrovia area.
If you are considering taking a review course for the PE exam in
October 2010, or if you would like to take a refresher course in
Control System Engineering, please contact John Prince at
[email protected] and let him know that you are interested and
which location you prefer. Space is limited.
June 6-10, 2010
53rd Annual ISA POWID
Las Vegas
Events, Continued on page 11
Date: March 9, 2010
Time: 12-4PM (lunch will be
Location: Hilton Long Beach
& Executive Meeting Center
Registration: Online at http://
Fee: Seminar registration is
14978 Sand Canyon Ave., Suite C
Irvine, CA 92618
Office: 949-559-1941
Instrumentation and
Control Systems for
Southern California,
Nevada and Hawaii
Golden State Controls and Invensys Foxboro
We are the authorized Representative for the Foxboro Systems
group. We now support the full range of Foxboro control systems
including IA and A Squared. Please call us for information, support
and service.
Earn 3 PDH credits while being educated on the importance of FDT
Technology and learning how it fits in new or existing plant
infrastructures by providing process- improving benefits with impact
on the bottom line.
- 12:00 - 1:00 Registration, Lunch, Table Tops
- 1:00 - 2:30 FDT Technology Overview and Demonstration
- 2:30 - 2:45 Break, Table Tops
- 2:45 - 3:45 Application Oriented Presentation
- 3:45 - 4:00 Closing Comments, End of Seminar
February 2010
The following ISA training courses are scheduled to be held in
Burbank. To register or for more info contact ISA at (919) 549-8411.
Before making final plans, be sure to ask ISA about its policy
regarding canceling courses if sufficient number of students do not
Control Valves
Control Systems
Sub-Distributor for
G M Cooke, Inc.
March 14-17, 2010
Western Turbine Users
San Diego ConventionCenter
ISA professional training
Golden State Controls is affiliated with Western States Controls’
Professional Services Group that provides engineering and technical
solutions to process control systems and instrumentation.
ISA Newsletters, Southern District 11
ISA Los Angeles Section
PE license legislation update
A roundtable discussion of the current state of the PE license was held by the Los Angeles Section on January 19, 2010, at the Energy
Resource Center in Downey. The Control System Engineering license was discussed, along with the other so-called “title licenses” —
Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering,
Nuclear Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Fire
Protection Engineering and Traffic Engineering.
An overview was given by Walter Okitsu and John Prince of the January
11, 2010, hearing on SB275 before the State Senate Business, Professions
and Economic Development Committee in Sacramento, and the recording of
the June 2009 hearing was be played. This audio recording was a real eyeopener as to the process of how bills are passed. After hearing this, you will
never look at politics the same again. An audio MP3 file of the hearing is
available for download at, along with the latest information
on attempts to correct the PE license law in Sacramento.
Those speaking in the hearing MP3 include bill author Senator Mimi
Walters, and some of the the other nine members of the committee: Negrete
McLeod (Chair), Wyland (Vice-Chair), Aanestad, Corbett, Correa, Florez,
Oropeza, Romero, Walters (bill author) and Yee.
Also speaking at the hearing were representatives from California
Legislative Council of Professional Engineers (of which ISA is a member); a
representative from Professional Engineers in Calif Govt (state engineers’
union - against SB275), a representative from American Council of
Program Chair Jon Clements presents a certificate of
Engineering Companies (civil engr contractors trade org - against SB275),
appreciation to John Prince for moderating the round table
and representatives from supporting organizations, such as Southern
discussion about the PE license in California. Photo
California Edison, California Chemical Council, Agricultural Engineers
courtesy of Bill Campbell.
and others.
Brands you trust:
Work Smarter...
Eliminate Oily Residue with the
Hilco® Vent Mist Eliminator
The Hilco® Vent Mist Eliminator removes the oily
vapor found in lubrication oil systems on gas
turbines, turbo compressors, reciprocating
engines, and gearboxes.
tImprove Safety: Eliminates oily residue caused
by settling oil mist on engine room floors,
stairways, etc.
tKeeps Environment Clean: Eliminates 99.7% of
airborne contaminants and prevents exterior oil
contamination of buildings and grounds
tSaves Make-up Oil Costs: Returns oil to sump
which would normally be lost to air or ground.
Call Valin Today and Begin
Working Smarter!
[email protected]
ISA Newsletters, Southern District 11
February 2010
Section Meetings, continued from page 8
details: 11:30-1:00, Petroleum Club’s 12th Floor Sky Bar, 5060
California Ave, Bakersfield. RSVP Seth Olson at 661 203-0463 or
[email protected] Website:
Looking Back: Oil Fields
of North Orange County
Bakersfield College Student Section
Contact Advisor
Sean Caras, (661) 395-4393, [email protected]
At press time no information was available. Please contact advisor,
Sean Caras, for the latest section information.
Cal State Long Beach Student Committee
Contact Advisor
Walter Martinez, (562) 577-3605 [email protected]
At press time the Long Beach State students were planning their next
robotics tournament entry. Please contact advisor, Walter Martinez, for
the latest section information. Website:
Cal Poly Pomona Student Section
Contact President
Edgar Valles, (626) 475-3660, [email protected]
At press time no information was available. Please contact the section
president for latest section information. Website:
Regional Events, Continued from page 9
Jun 11-15, 2010
ISA District 11 Leadership Conf
Las Vegas,
Jun 13-18, 2010
Design Automation, Clean
Technology, Nanotech, Bio
Nanotech Conf & Expo
Anaheim Convention Center
August 2010
ISA San Diego Section
I/C Expo 2010
Regional Events, continued page 15
Process & Emission
Analyzer Systems
This 1910 map of the Fullerton-Brea-La Habra area shows some of the
early twentieth century oil fields developed by Murphy Oil and Union,
and the Coyote Hills Oil Company property. Map courtesy of Orange
County Archives. This and more early photos and maps of Orange
County in high resolution may be seen at
Leading Process Analytics
Process & Stack Mo
Analyzer System Pr
Evaluation - Installation
- Service
- Sample System Up
- Packaged Analyzer
- Third Party Service
& Upgrading
- On Site Evaluation
& Troubleshooting
- On Site Operator &
Service Training
- Custom Field Manu
als, P&ID, O&MD
- Air Pollution Distric
t Permit Issues
Glass-Trac / Steam-Trac / Level-Trac / Mag-Trac
Level / Steam Gauges
Instrumentation & Controls
Analyzer Products Gr
PO Box 8241, Huntin
gton Bch, CA 92615
(714) 968-5501
ww w.AnalyzerProduc
Nuclear Level & Density - TN & Kay-Ray
Density & Spec. Gravity - Sarasota
Ultrasonic Flow - Polysonics, M-PULSe
Flow Computers - AutoEXEC
Data Recorders - Westronics
Air Flow Sensors - Brandt
“Over 35 Years Service Ex
With Continuous OnLine
February 2010
ISA Newsletters, Southern District 11
SuperKart membership drive, Continued from page 4
ISA Southern San Joaquin Valley
section President Bob Jackson (left)
with President-Elect Fernando Ceja
with son.
training table - one of the
most critical elements of
President Bob Jackson presenting the Slow
Poke Award.
Photos by Mike Bush, Valin Corp.
SuperKart Racers Del
Signorelli, Sean Caras, and
Dan Bloom compare racing
SuperKart Racers without cars. From
left: Jimmy Molina (winner of the $100
drawing), Oracio Valdez, Kevin
Edwards, and ISA BC student members.
President Bob Jackson
presenting award to overall
winner, Albert Rea.
ISA SuperKart Racers
awaiting the green flag.
More photos next month
Ph. 909-465-1174
Email: [email protected]
Proudly representing these
quality American made products
Electro Industries/GaugeTech
The Leader in Power Monitoring and Control
ISA Newsletters, Southern District 11
February 2010
ISA Orange County Section
Industry News
OPC standards and
integration program
ISE Magtech selects
Patten Systems
ISE Magtech is proud to announce the selection of Patten
Systems, Inc. as its exclusive sales representative in Southern
California for their entire line of instrumentation which includes,
Magnetic Level Gauges, Magnetostrictive Level Transmitters and RF
Level Switches.
Founded as the Patten Corporation in 1960, Patten Systems
continues its long tradition of serving the process control and
instrumentation needs for industrial and municipal customers. Patten
Systems is located at 15201 Springdale St. Huntington Beach,
California and can be reached at 714-799-5656.
Standards & Practices
IEC 61508 subcommittee
by Paul Bodeau, Why Not Engineering
Sebastian Zielonka, ISA Orange County President, presenting a
Certificate of Appreciation to Randy Warren, President of Aogenesis,
who gave the presentation “How OPC and its Various Standards
Enable Integration of Information Across Disparate Platforms” at the
January 13, 2010, monthly section meeting held at Fluor in Irvine.
Photo courtesy of John Querido.
The ISA Los Angeles Section 61508
Subcommittee is continuing to meet regularly as
scheduled. Minutes are posted at the Los
Angeles Section website, >
Standards Tab.
Those interested in partcipating in this
leading edge topic should contact Paul Bodeau
at [email protected]
Manufacturers Representative
and Stocking Distributor
Heat Management Systems
Turnkey Installations
Engineering Services
Electric Heat Tracing
Pressure & Differential Pressure
Coriolis, Magnetic & Vortex Flow
Liquid Analytical--pH/Conductivity
Temperature/Valve Positioners
Pulse & Guided Wave Radar
Solids Radar Level & Switches
Nuclear Level & Density
On-Line TOC Analyzers
Pipeline Strainers
Bag Filtration
Automatic Strainers
Ultrasonic Flow Meters
Thermal Energy Meters
Oil & Gas Flow
Instrument Valves & Manifolds
Gauge & Hand Valves
Gas & Liquid Samplers
Zeus Power Products
Toxic Gas Transmitters
Combustible Gas Transmitters
Flame Detection
V-Cone Flow Elements
Magnetic Flow Meters
Propeller Flow Meters
Tank Gauging Level Transmitters
Inventory Management Systems
Terminal Automation Systems
Thermal Dispersion Flow Meters
Flow Tube & Insertion Styles
Flow Switches
Gas Analytics
Trace & Percent Oxygen
Hydrocarbon Analyzers
Angle Seat Valves
Sliding Gate Valves
Sanitary Valves
Liquid Level Indicators
Magnetostrictive Level Transmitters
Custom Welded Bridles
Guided Wave Radar Chambers
Magnetic Flowmeters
Nutating Disc Flow Meters
Turbine Flow Meters
Annunciators & Lamp Cabinets
Sequence of Events Recorders
Intrinsically Safe Panel Products
Sales Office
Bakersfield ▪ California
Tel 661.391.1000
Fax 661.391.0990
February 2010
Corporate Office
305 N. Berry Street ▪ Brea ▪ CA 92821
Tel 714.674.9520 ▪ Fax 714.674.9521
Conservation Vents
Emergency Relief Vents
Detonation & Flame Arresters
Sales Office
Danville ▪ CA ▪ 94526
Tel 925.552.7000
Fax 925.891.9191
ISA Newsletters, Southern District 11
Job Shop
Circulation is 1400-1500 ISA members and other industry personnel in California and Nevada. To place a Job Shop ad, call (714) 968-5501.
The cost to place a job ad is $25 per block of 25 words.
Outside Salesperson. Orange County
based manufacturers rep and distributor is
seeking an experienced outside
salesperson to grow an already well
developed territory. The territory includes
parts or all of Santa Barbara, Ventura, San
Louis Obispo, Kern, Bakersfield and
Fresno. Please visit our website at for our company history and
list of product lines sold and forward all
resumes or questions to [email protected]
Outside Sales Representative. Applied Valves and Controls, located in Southern
California specializes in valves, valve automation and process control products, has
an immediate opening for an Outside Sales Rep in the greater LA/OC area. This
position requires selling into the biopharm, commercial HVAC, industrial process,
and water/waste industries. Applicant must be highly motivated with a positive
attitude and have excellent communication and organizational skills. Minimum 3
years sales experience. Engg degree preferred, but not required. Excellent
compensation package including a base salary plus commissions, benefits, and a fun
professionally encouraging environment. For immediate consideration please contact
Ray Herrera at 760-438-4840 or email resume to [email protected]
Job Search Aides from ISA
The following sites offer assistance to unemployed members:
Tunable Diode Laser Analyzers:
Low-maintenance and results in seconds!
SS2100 TDL Analyzers measure H2O, H2S, CO2, HCl and
more at ppm and ppb levels.
SpectraSensors process analyzers utilize proven spectroscopy
techniques with a new advancement in light source design:
drift-free laser diodes ensure robustness and maintenance-free
use for many years.
©2008 SpectraSensors
14 800.619.2861
[email protected]
ISA Newsletters, Southern District 11
February 2010
ISA Benefits
Unemployed members receive
new benefits from ISA
Free membership extension offered
As just one component of a larger effort on the part of ISA to assist
members who have become unemployed, ISA is offering an extension
of membership benefits for a limited time during these difficult
economic times. ISA is granting an extension of membership benefits
to unemployed Members for a period of one year. To find out more
about this and other benefits, contact your section president or
contact ISA directly at (919) 549-8411 or [email protected]
Vice President, Engineering - Career Opportunity Available. Key,
high visibility and exciting position available in a $15M to $25M
growing and profitable California Company for a manager
accomplished in providing leadership to focused high performance
teams developing robust evergreen enterprise software solutions that
eclipse traditional SCADA capabilities for Oil and Gas, or related
Process Industries operations.This position, which includes equity,
reports directly to the President/CEO. Qualified and motivated
candidates should email their resumes, which reflect their
accomplishments related to the above listed expected experiences, to
[email protected] for prompt and confidential
Analyzer Products Group .................................. 11
Applied Valves & Controls ................................ 13
Blair-Martin Co., Inc. ........................................ 10
Calbay Controls ........................................ Insert, 5
Cal State Fullerton Extended Education.. .......... 15
Capital Westward Systems & Controls ............... 4
Don Wolf & Associates, Inc. ............................... 7
Emerson Process Management ............................ 6
Electrical Systems Limited ................................ 14
FDT Group ............................................... Insert, 8
FLW, Inc. ........................................................... 12
G-Instrument ........................................................ 7
Golden State Controls .......................................... 9
Jensen Instrument Company .............................. 11
JPR Systems ...................................................... 13
Moore Industries ........................................... Insert
Pacific Parts & Controls .................................... 12
Patten Systems ..................................................... 4
Precision Instrumentation Co. .............................. 6
Rhino Valve USA ................................................. 3
SpectraSensors. .................................................. 14
Valin Corporation .............................................. 10
WestMark Sales, Inc. .......................... Back Cover
Instrumentation Technician Seeking Employment. Highly
motivated individual with excellent work ethic. Performs field
installation, repairs, calibration, preventative maintenance on all types
of process instrumentation and controls with a minimum of
supervision. Ability to work from schematics & mechanical drawings.
Prefer So California but will consider other areas.
C a l i f o r n i a
Full-time, part-time or contract. Contact this person by
email at [email protected]
S t a t e
U n i v e r s i t y,
F u l l e r t o n
Hands-on Training in Industrial Automation
Equipment & Systems
Job-Wanted Ads are free for unemployed District
11 ISA members. Send 75-word or shorter
summary of your experience and the type of job
you are seeking with your contact info or use a
blind email address, [email protected]
Continued from page 11
Oct 2010
ISA Society Conf
July 19, 2010
PE License Exam
Application Deadline
Oct 29, 2010
Calif PE License
Regional Events,
Aug 23, 2010
Exam Application
Oct 6-8, 2010
Green Business Conf
Certificate in
Industrial Controls Technology
• Principles of Automatic Controls
• Instrumentation
• Networks
• PLCs
• Data Acquisition Systems
Certificate in
• Learn to use LabVIEW 8.2
• Prepare for CLAD Exam
Training offered in Garden Grove,
Fullerton or at your site
Oct 30, 2010
Calif Engineer-InTraining Exam
Jan 6-10, 2011
Electronics Show
Las Vegas
For more information, contact Pat Lussier: 657.278.5872, [email protected]
February 2010
ISA Newsletters, Southern District 11
ISA Section Newsletter
Los Angeles Section of ISA
c/o TechPubs Communications
PO Box 1605
Costa Mesa, CA 92628
ISA Newsletters, Southern District 11
February 2010