How To Make an Extra $100,000 in Referral Business in the Next

How To Make an Extra
$100,000 in Referral
Business in the Next
90 Days!
The Secrets to Unlimited Referrals
A Special Report By America’s No.#1 Referral Expert Bill Cates
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Meet America’s No.#1
Referral Generation Expert
Mr. Bill Cates
Bill is coming to Australia for the first time to speak
exclusively at the 2013 Sales and Marketing Super
Bill is the author of the acclaimed books:
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How you can earn an extra $100,000 in the Next 90 days by
unlocking the referral potential of your business.
Six Powerful Referral Tips
By Bill Cates, CSP, CPAE
Referral Tip #1
Ask for Referrals at the Right Time
Do you ask a new prospect for a referral on the first appointment? Do you wait
until the second appointment? Do you wait a year into the relationship? The
answer is, "It depends." There are at least two things to consider when
determining when to ask. First, value must be given and value must be
recognised. Second, you must consider the personality of the referral-giving
Not too long ago I had an insurance agent set up an appointment with me. As
we were about to hang-up, he mentioned that he built his practice from
referrals and that at the end of our first meeting he’ll be asking me for
referrals, “ perhaps I could be thinking of some folks.” Was I ready for this
aggressive approach? No! This is “old style” referral selling, and it creates
more bad will than good referrals. Oh, I might give him a referral or two, but
not very good ones. Two things must happen before a prospect or client is
ready to trust you with their friends and colleagues (emphasis on trust).
Value Must be Given and Value Must be Recognized
Sometimes it's easy to know this has occurred because your prospects or
clients will tell you. For instance, in the financial services world, an advisor
might hear, "This has been a very helpful meeting..." or "I'm glad I finally
started working on this..." or “We should have done this 20 years ago.” That’s
it! Value recognised. Now it’s time to ask for referrals - but not before.
What do your prospects or clients/customers say to you that make you realise
they are finding value from your products, service or working relationship?
After someone says, “This has been great. You have done a great job for us.”
All you have to say is, “That’s great. I’m glad you’re pleased. I was wondering
if we could brainstorm for a few minutes to see if we can identify some people
(or businesses) who should know about the great work we do. Who else might
we help together?” (Notice I made this a WE process and not a ME process).
Now you can go about the business of brainstorming (interacting) of who you
can serve together (more on this brainstorming concept in future columns).
Can you provide referral-giving value on the first appointment with a prospect?
Absolutely! In fact, I hope you are. Don’t be there to sell; just be there to
educate, ask good questions and find out what their needs, values and
concerns are. You’ll earn their trust as you learn their story. Then it will be
time to tell your story and move on toward the sale.
Not Sure if Value Has Been Recognised Yet?
Then ask value-seeking questions. In fact, I strongly suggest that near the end
of your first appointment (with about ten minutes left to go) you ask your
prospect, “Bob, of all the things we talked about today, what do you find most
important.” Or you could say, “We’ve been through a process over the last
two meetings. What’s been the most valuable part of that process?” In most
cases, it will yield a conversation that demonstrates to both of you that value
has been given and recognised.
Of course, you will have to modify this conversation to fit your specific
On occasion you’ll hear something like “I’m not sure what the value is yet.”
Wouldn’t you rather know this before the end of the appointment, so you can
address it there?
Open Versus Guarded
This is one measure of personality we need to consider when asking for
referrals. Open people are much more willing to let you into their lives through
the referral process than guarded people. Therefore, you can (and should) ask
open people sooner into the relationship. Guarded people can be great
sources of referrals; they just need a little more time to trust you. Plus, they
like to be in more control of the process than the open types.
Ask value-seeking questions. If value has been delivered and recognised, and
you feel the referral candidate likes you and trusts you –then it's time to ask
for referrals. The worst thing they can say is “no.” (I’ll teach you how to turn
that around in future columns.)
Bottom line, when your prospect or client lets you know that value has been
received, it’s time to ask for permission to engage in the referral process – not
just to help YOU, but to see who you can help together – a WE process instead
of a ME process.
Referral Tip #2
Do You Have a Powerful Referral Mindset?
Your foundation to building your business with referrals is the set of attitudes
and assumptions you bring to your prospecting efforts. This is your referral
mindset. As I share this referral mindset with you now, give yourself a rating of
1-10 on each with regard to how well you've adopted each one.
#1 - Your prospects prefer to meet you through referrals. How does your
next great client want to meet you? Through an introduction or referral from a
friend, family member, colleague, or other trusted advisors. Cold calling is
purely a numbers game that aggravates most prospects. Once you realise that
a client’s preferred way to meet you is through a referral, it MUST become
your primary method of meeting them.
#2 - You understand that building your business from referrals is the most
cost effective method. What does it cost to do a direct mail campaign? Host a
seminar? Lots! What does it cost to build your practice from referrals? Virtually
nothing. Referrals are clearly the most profitable way to go.
#3 - Rather than transactions, you look to the lifetime value of the client.
The longer the relationship lasts, the more trust you can build (if you provide
quality on-going service), the more high-quality referrals you will receive. The
life-time value is not just what they can buy from you over their lifetime; it’s
who they can introduce you to as well. Quite often, the best referrals come
later on in the relationship – as long as it’s not merely a transactional
relationship. Handling transactions does not make you referable. Putting
people through a process and following that with ongoing great service, does!
#4 - You look for ways to leverage your client relationships. Virtually every
business relationship you enter into has the potential to be leveraged into
something more than what it was when you first began. Have an attitude of
leverage with all your relationships. For instance, have your clients share their
goals and dreams with you. Then you share your goals and dreams with them.
Then help each other get there.
#5 - Have a system for bringing in referrals. If you don’t have a system for
generating referrals, you’ll either burn out from too many cold calls, or your
business may resemble a roller coaster ride. With a system in place, you can
begin each week knowing you’ll have a steady supply of quality prospects.
Over the coming months, I’ll be brining you the strategies and techniques that
we teach in the Unlimited Referrals® System.
#6 - Give referrals whenever you can. There is no better way to start the
flow of referrals to you than by giving referrals as often as you can. If you
don’t like to give referrals, you can never expect to set up a dynamic of clients
giving you lots of referrals. Remember, “As you give, you receive.” True for all
aspects of our life – including referrals!
#7 - Make it a habit to ask for referrals. Are you constantly looking for
opportunities to ask for referrals? When a client expresses extreme
satisfaction with your service, your brain must remind you, "Ask for a referral
#8 - Expect to get referrals. Have an attitude of expectation. Enter every
relationship expecting to get referrals. You’ll be amazed at what a difference it
makes. As your awareness changes, your opportunities for action expand as
well. Of course, not everyone will play the referral game with you. But having
an attitude of expectation will really make a difference for you. Warning! Don’t
tell your prospects or clients you “expect” them to give you referrals. This may
hurt the chances of referrals.
So, how did you score? All 10's? If you're like most of us mortals, this list has
pointed to a few areas in which you can strengthen your referral mindset. A
strong referral mindset is necessary to creating your referral-based business.
Nurture these attitudes and turn them into powerful action.
Referral Tip #3
Form Your Own Personal Sales Force
One significant strategy of my Unlimited Referrals® System is working to gain
referrals through Centers of Influence – people who many never buy from, but
who have the ability to send you a steady flow of great referrals. One way to
tap into this goldmine of referrals is through a formal networking group; a
group that becomes your own personal sales force or board of directors.
A Referral Master
While delivering my referral seminars, boot camps and coaching top
producers, I occasionally run into a small business owner or salesperson who
has truly mastered the referral process and lives a referral lifestyle. I want to
introduce you to Brian Michaels. Brian is a Financial Consultant from the midAtlantic states.
Your Board of Directors
Brian would tell you to “form your own Board of Directors and put them to
work for you.” And he’s done just that. Working through BNI (Business
Network International), Brian started a formal networking group, hoping to
turn the group into a source of quality referrals. This he has done, and then
His group was originally composed of only professionals related to financial
services, such as a CPA, insurance agent, attorney and real estate agent. Lately
the group has taken on more creative members. Brian says, “It’s not so
important what they do, as long as they have the ability to facilitate
introductions to qualified prospects.” He goes on to say, “For the best success,
you want people with strong connections in the community and with a strong
willingness to give. In our group, the people who give the most seem to
benefit the most. BNI calls this “Givers gain!” I call this the “law of
Real Results
So, how does this formal networking group actually produce results? Here are
three examples. One of Brian’s best sources of referrals is a real estate agent.
I love the way she introduces him to her clients. After she sells a home and has
a happy client, she carries on the following conversation. “I’m glad you’re
happy with your new home. You did me a favour, so now it’s my turn to do
you a favour. I have someone I want you to meet. I’d like to introduce you to
him over lunch.” Since she’s on his “board of directors” she knows exactly the
type of prospects that matches Brian’s practice. She gives him a steady flow of
great referral clients.
At one BNI meeting, when it came his turn to speak for a few minutes, Brian
asked the group, “Who do you know who you most think should meet me, but
you can’t figure out how to make the introduction?” Each member of the
group wrote down a few names and then went on to brainstorm how to make
the introductions happen. Wow! That’s a powerful way to leverage great
relationships. Several great referral clients were born from that simple
Not too long ago, Brian’s Branch Manager gave him an RFP to manage the
money for a hospital foundation. On the foundation’s letterhead was the list
of the foundation’s board of directors. Brian took that list to his referral group
and asked, “If you know anyone on this list, I’d like to know.” One of his
members immediately said, “My wife is playing bridge with her right now!”
Through this effort, Brian was personally introduced to 2 of the 6 investment
committee members. This often cold process just got warmed up significantly.
I call this the “hit list” approach. You identify business and community leaders
whom you think fit your client profile. You put them on a list and share the list
with clients and Centers of Influence. It’s amazing how many introductions
you can get over time. These people don’t want to meet you through a cold
call, but they will meet with you if a friend or colleague introduces you.
A Referral Mindset
This is the type of activity you can create for yourself if you bring a referral
mindset to your business. You understand that your prospects prefer to meet
you through a referral, so it’s your primary method of prospecting. Brian has
created a steady stream of high-quality referrals coming his way because he’s
constantly giving referrals and because he created a systematic approach to
the referral process. If you’re not getting as many referrals as you’d like, try
forming your own personal sales force of people who meet the kind of people
you want to meet. Give it a go and watch the law of reciprocity kick in for you.
To learn more about how you can acquire more and better clients or
customers through referrals, go to
Referral Tip #4
Elevate Your Referrals to Higher Quality
Whether you've asked for a referral or one has been volunteered, what do you
usually do with it? Do you just say, "Thanks, I'll let you know what happens."
Or do you linger a little longer to learn more about your new prospect?
I always advocate quality over quantity (though quantity is always important).
Coming away from a meeting with 20 referrals all at once doesn’t usually yield
the kind of results you’d like, because the quality of the introduction is usually
not very good.
Two Reasons to Upgrade Your Referrals
When you take the time to upgrade your referrals, you benefit in two ways.
First, you learn the type of things about your prospect that will help you have a
better conversation with them. You’ll demonstrate your relationship with their
friends and you’ll be able to build rapport more easily. Second, when your
referral consists of little more than a name and phone number, it doesn’t feel
like much more than a cold call. When you learn a lot about your new
prospect, you’ll feel more comfortable (maybe even excited) about the call
and, therefore, you’ll be more likely to call the prospect right away.
Don’t Stop the Stream of Consciousness
There will be times when you ask for referrals and your referral source gets
into what I call a “stream of consciousness.” He or she will just rattle off a
dozen names (or more). Sometimes, they’ll grab their cell phone, PDA, or
directory of association members, and feed you a ton of names.
When you catch a referral source in this flow, don’t stop it. Write the names
down and encourage more.
However, after the flood is over, go back and identify 3-5 people you can learn
more about – in order to have a high-quality call with them. Tell your referral
source you’ve learned through experience, that you’ll be more successful in
reaching, and eventually helping, these folks if you take a few at a time and
learn as much as you can about them. Then tell your referral source, you’ll call
them in a week to learn more about the next “group.”
Some Questions to Ask
Here are a few general questions you want to ask your referral source in the
upgrading process.
1. Why did you think of him first?
2. Has he expressed any concerns in this area?
3. Could you give me a sense of his personality?
4. How do you think he’ll react to his name coming up in conversation
and me calling him?
5. What’s going on in his life (or business) right now that’s important to
6. What do you think is the best way to approach him, so that he’ll be
open to speaking and meeting with me? How can I pique his interest?
7. Could you tell me something you like or admire about him?
The Golden Key to Rapport
I need to emphasize the importance and power of question number 7. Every
time you get a referral, ask your source what they admire about their friend (or
colleague or family member). Then use this in your opening conversation with
your prospect. You will be absolutely amazed at how easily this opens the
door for you.
Of course, you may have other questions, specific to the situation that you will
want to ask as well. Questions that may help you qualify them as appropriate
to receive your call in the first place. Don’t ever hesitate to make sure it’s a
good match. You don’t need to be wasting your time calling people who don’t
fit your practice.
Time, Relationship and Courage
There are three major factors that will allow you to have these types of
conversations with your referral sources:
1) Time – manage your appointments well, so that this conversation isn’t
rushed. Some producers like to schedule special meetings just for this
2) Relationship – the better the relationship you are able to establish with your
clients, the more willing they will be to have this type of conversation with you.
3) Courage – if you’re not in the habit of getting upgraded referrals, you will
have to tap into your courage the first few times. Soon, it will become second
Referral Tip #5
Get Referrals without Asking by Promoting Referrals
You can get referrals from clients and prospects without even asking. All
you need to do is plant seeds into their unconscious, and watch them go to
work for you.
I teach 10 different ways to plant powerful referral seeds with prospects
and clients. Here are five of them you can use right away:
Celebrate meeting a new prospect through a referral.
Every time you meet a new prospect through a referral, celebrate it. Talk
about the person you know in common. Tell them “It’s great Tom introduced
me to you. When people see the value in the work I do and introduce me to
others, everyone feels more comfortable and it frees me up with more time to
spend with my clients.”
“Don’t keep me a secret.”
Mitch, a sales rep in Cleveland, never leaves a meeting with a client or
prospect without saying “Remember, don’t keep me a secret.” I encouraged
Mitch to use that personal slogan as a P.S. on letters and handwritten notes.
He said after doing this for about three months, his phone started to ring with
referrals. I’ve had a number of producers report great success with this tactic.
It never hurts a relationship.
“I’m never too busy.”
Tell all your clients that you’re never too busy to see if you can help their
friends, colleagues, or family members. Notice I put “to see” in the seed. We
must always qualify the referrals we get and teach our clients whom we serve
the best.
“How I handle introductions.”
One of the main reasons why people are unwilling to give referrals is that they
don’t know how you’ll handle the referrals (it’s a bit of a risk for them). So you
can plant a seed and ease their concern at the same time with the following
“George, there’s something I want to run by you. Many of my clients like to
introduce me, and the work I do, to others whom they care about. I just
wanted you to know that when that opportunity presents itself to you, it
would be good for you to know how I handle introductions; so you’ll feel most
comfortable. “I don’t like to contact people without them knowing a little bit
about who I am and why I’m calling. I don’t like to surprise people and make
them wonder, ‘Why did George give my number out to this person?’ Make
sense? (“Sure does.”) I truly like to be introduced in some form before I make
contact. It’s important for you to know that I handle introductions very
carefully and without any pressure what-so-ever. How does that sound?”
5. Model the best way to give referrals.
You can assure yourself of higher-quality referrals by how you give referrals.
Let’s say you’re referring an attorney to your client to get a will done. Don’t
just give out a name and phone number. Get permission for the attorney to
call your client. “I’ll have Mack give you a call to get this started.” This serves
Mack, it serves your client (because they finally get their will done) and it
serves you. Then call your client in a few days to make sure Mack has called
and everything is going smoothly.
By giving a referral this way, you’ve done two things. First, you’ve
demonstrated the power of referrals when handled with care. Second, you’ve
modeled the best way to give a referral. When it comes time for your client (or
Mack) to give you referrals, you’ve shown them the best way.
It’s important that you’re not obnoxious about asking for referrals. And
it’s equally important that you find soft ways to keep the topic lively in your
clients’ awareness. Planting referral seeds will do that. Also, planting seeds in
this way often helps you identify folks who are willing the play the referral
game quickly in the relationship.
Sometimes planting a seed can turn into a referral conversation right on the
spot. We get successful “seed planting” stories in our office on a regular basis.
Here’s a recent one. Mark Williams, a financial advisor, read my book Get
More Referrals Now and learned the “Don’t keep me a secret” line. I’ve
paraphrased his email to me below.
“Bill, I just wanted you to know about a great success story I had from using
one of your many referral strategies. I had a client in my office and said to him
“Don’t keep me a secret.” He immediately mentioned his mother. It seems she
had just sold her home and realized a profit of over $800,000. If that wasn’t
enough, as I was working with her, I discovered she had another $4 million
with a different firm. That money has since been moved under my
management. That’s a $4.8 million client, just from saying “don’t keep me a
secret” to her son. You’ve already made me a lot of money. Thank you!”
Referral Tip #6
Use Referrals to Boost Seminar Marketing Attendance and
Marketing through educational seminars can be very effective for certain types
of businesses. If you are using this powerful method for presenting yourself as
an expert in front of prospective clients, then make sure you add a referral
component to reduce your cost per lead and maximize your results.
When You Ask for Referrals
Many of your clients who may be reluctant to give you referrals for you to turn
into prospects, may be perfectly willing to give you names and addresses of
their friends and colleagues to invite to your seminars. If they like you and
your work, this is usually a very easy referral for them to give. I’ve seen many
salespeople and small business owners get lists of names and addresses from
their clients.
Produce an Endorsed Mailing
To take the above idea a step further, you can ask some of your satisfied
clients to send letters to their friends and colleagues endorsing your seminars.
You offer to pay for everything (letterhead, envelopes, and postage). They
write a letter urging their friends and colleagues to attend your seminars. In
with their letter can be your invitation. Or, the letter can foreshadow the
invitation that will be “coming in the mail soon.” Either way, you leverage the
trust your clients have with their friends and colleagues (often hundreds per
client). If your clients are likely to be attending your seminar, they should state
that in their letter (“Hope to see you there.”)
Collect Referrals at Your Seminars
There are two basic types of referrals you can gather at your seminars. First,
you can get referrals to new people to invite to your next seminar. Second,
you can get referrals to turn into prospects and attempt to set up
appointments. Here’s a real-world example of how I coached a top producer
who wanted to leverage his seminar programs.
Michael Flanagan hosts about 8 seminars per year. Before we worked
together on a referral program, he was getting people to attend in two primary
ways: 1) Through direct mail, and 2) His weekly radio show on personal
finance. Since he had to pay for the radio air time, and since direct mail can be
rather expensive (though worth it if it produces the desired results), his cost
per lead was very high. I suggested that if he added the element of referrals to
this process, his cost per lead would drop significantly and his seminar program
would become more profitable immediately.
Michael didn’t want to ask for direct referrals, but he did want to get referrals
to upcoming seminars. The solution was simple.
Michael charged $20 for his seminars. He found this nominal charge increased
the quality of the attendees. So, we printed special invitations that were made
available to all his seminar attendees. These special invitations were to be
given free to anyone they thought should experience Michael’s powerful ideas.
The success was overwhelming. People asked for two or three. They even
called in later to have others sent to their friends, colleagues, and family
members. The percentage of his attendance went from 10% referral based to
over 40% referral based. He was soon able to cut down on his direct mail,
resulting in a highly profitable program.
When Do You Bring Up Referrals at a Seminar?
This is a question I’m often asked at my workshops and private coaching. I
apply the same formula here as I apply toward asking for referrals from clients.
Ask for referrals when value has been delivered and value has been
With about 5-10 minutes left in the seminar – after you’ve given them some
important things for them to think about – ask them what about the program
they found valuable. If you have them discuss it briefly with a partner first,
they’ll be more inclined to share it with the group. Then say something like,
“I’m glad so many of you found value in this program. That was my goal. As
we went through the material this evening, you probably thought of friends…
family members… and colleagues… who should have been here. True? (Heads
will nod.) Well, you can give them a gift. You can let them know about this
valuable program.
“We have special invitations for our next seminar – next month – that you can
hand deliver or mail to people you think should hear what we have to say. If
you have their addresses with you, we’d be happy to take care of the postage.
Just be sure to write a personal note somewhere on the invitation so they
know it’s from you. Kathy – wave Kathy – has as many invitations as you’d like,
just see her as you leave.”
There are infinite variations on this approach. Be creative. Make it fit your
situation. Whatever you do, if you’re hosting seminars and not leveraging
them for referrals, you’re clearly leaving money on the table!
Are You Referral Fit?
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