Profit in Your PJs: How to Build True Wealth

Profit in Your PJs: How to Build True Wealth
Online and Offline in Network Marketing
Create a 30 Minute Daily Online Business Plan
by Jackie Ulmer
Profit In Your PJs
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Profit In Your PJs - How to Build True Wealth in
Network Marketing, Online and Offline
Are you ready to make a change?
Are you like millions of Americans and others around the world? Have you found the myth of the
“American Dream” to be a nightmare in reality?
Do you ever feel trapped? Insignificant? A slave to
the 9-to-5 grind of a J-O-B?
One last question. (Okay, two!) Have you ever
tossed and turned in bed at night, pondering the
possibilities of having your own home based
business? And, better yet, considered the
possibilities of using the Internet as a major part of
your business from home?
Welcome to the future. Not just the future….your
future. And, your future is happening right now!
In this educational guide, you will learn some key
foundations principles for success in your Network
Marketing business. I’ll be sharing with you the exact steps that I have taken over nearly two
decades to build teams of tens of thousands, using both offline and online methods.
Most importantly, you are going to learn how to master the business skills that you need to build
exactly what you want in your business. Success in Network Marketing is no different than
success in any other type of business you will build.
It is about people and relationships, so you’ll need to develop good communication skills, for
contacting, inviting, presenting, following up and then mentoring a team to success.
It is about understanding certain core principles of human nature - these principles are the same
whether buying a car, a house, a network marketing product, or the business itself. People buy
when they see value and get emotionally connected to the outcome of what the purchase will
provide them.
It is about understanding the timeline of success and setting realistic expectations;
understanding how you can’t put the cart before the horse - you must develop certain skills in
order to achieve what you want; and you have to be willing to be bad, before you are good, and
good before you are great.
Many people try to skip over the ABCs and try to head straight to XYZ. It doesn’t work that way
in sports, business, or network marketing. It’s important that you know this going in.
We will cover a basic introduction to Network Marketing and MLM, the Why and What of it; Your
Success Foundation and why it’s so important. This includes your WHY, your success blueprint,
your timeline for success and what to expect in your first 30 days, first 90 days; first 6 months,
first year and five years.
Profit In Your PJs
© All Rights Reserved - No Copies or Duplication
You will learn how to create a solid story to share so you can handle that question - How is it
working for you? Once you can handle this question, you are well on your way to what you
want. You’ll learn the importance in what you say and how you say it, so you don’t come off as
salesy or like a telemarketer, which can be our worst fear, right?
You’ll learn how to put a powerful list together and keep adding to that list through offline and
online methods; and speaking of online, YES - we are going to cover the amazing tools of online
and social media. I’ll share how I have sponsored over 1400 people personally in 13 years!
And, finally, we will cover how to put it all together in a business plan and daily, weekly and
monthly action plan that fits for YOU! After all, this business is about what works for YOU and
what you want to create, right?
So, let’s get started, shall we? First, PRINT THIS OFF. DO NOT TRY TO SCAN THROUGH
THIS AND LEARN ANYTHING. IT WON’T WORK AS WELL. There are things to do and
checklists in here that you need to make notes in and about. You will also be getting a daily
audio clip that covers each section, and this guide will help you as you listen, take notes and
then take action!
If someone forwarded this guide to you, or you found it online and didn’t get the audios, be sure
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Here is what you will learn:
1. My Story and an Introduction to Network Marketing
2. Choosing a Product Line, Company and Sponsor
3. Laying the Success Foundation - Your Why; Success Blueprint, calendar, expectations
3. Creating Your 30 Day Success Story - and why this is so important
4. Your List - Your Powerful Business Inventory
5. Success Language, Scripting and Knowing What to Say
6. Success With Online Tools and Social Media
7. Putting it all together - a daily, weekly and monthly action plan that fits
8. Resources For Your Success
Before we begin, you may be asking - Who are you; and What can you teach and offer
me? Good questions...let’s begin...
My Story
My name is Jackie Ulmer and I live in a beautiful place called Lake
Arrowhead, California, nestled high in the San Bernardino Mountains.
I wear many hats, probably a lot like you. I am a Professional Network
Marketer, business builder and trainer. I am also a wife, mother,
daughter, sister, friend, kid's shuttle service, maid, cook, and more.
Sound familiar?
I’ve been fortunate in that I had a great career before motherhood and
Profit In Your PJs
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Network Marketing came into the picture. I was in marketing in the airline industry. It was a
dream job, traveling the world, wining, dining and wooing travel agents and travelers and doing
all of this on an expense account. It was a blast.
The problem? It did not mesh well with motherhood. So, I traded in my traveling boots and
expense account for diapers and baby talk. I have not looked back. That was nearly 20 years
ago, now!
I did, however, begin to look around, at some point. Motherhood was great, but living on one
income is tough. And, my desire to have something of my own led me to begin researching
home based businesses.
After researching different options, I started a word processing business. I had a computer and
put it to work. Small problem – time and money. My income potential rested solely on my ability
to produce as well as market my services. Not so easy with a tiny baby. I could quickly see that I
was not going to create a significant income with that business!
I went back to my research to determine what would be a better match, without requiring a big
capital investment. The options were pretty limited, based on my criteria - flexible schedule, no
boss, large income potential, to name a few.
All roads seemed to be pointing me to a profession called Network Marketing, MLM or Direct
Sales. It seemed to be the best option for me in terms of income potential and time freedom.
But, all of the things I was reading were not positive. In fact, there were some serious
"negatives" regarding the industry.
As I kept researching, I did get excited by the stories I
read about ordinary people creating extra-ordinary
lifestyles and wealth through this profession. I liked
the idea of self improvement and developing my
people and business skills further. I liked the "team
concept" and the ability to improve my own life
situation while helping others do the same. It seemed
to be a very equitable system.
Finally, after exhausting all other business options and
doing as much research as I possibly could, I decided
to jump in and become a Network Marketer.
I was an extreme skeptic when I finally started in the
profession. I was leery of talking to my family, friends
and others and letting them know that I had joined one of those things. Does this sound
familiar to you? Have you felt this way?
One thing I knew, though - I wanted the income and the lifestyle that a Network Marketing
business offered. And, I did not want to put my children in day care. This was my "why", and my
commitment to it was all-consuming.
Today, after about twenty years in Network Marketing, I have made nearly every mistake that
could possibly be made, yet still managed to build a multi-million dollar business, and create a
downline of over ten thousand with several different companies.
Profit In Your PJs
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My early attempts at building the business were not pretty. In fact, I would love to have a
recording of my early phone calls to prospects, just to prove to people that there is hope for
anyone in this business. If you are determined to make it, you will. If there is anything you are
struggling with. I am here to assure you that it can be overcome if you are serious, committed
and willing to accept nothing less.
As time and experiences ticked away, I improved and learned from earlier “failures.” I developed
good phone skills once I learned the secrets of solid prospecting and conversation, which starts
with proper language to avoid sounding “Salesy” or like a telemarketer. I learned how to create
interest with my “juicy one liners” and how to handle objections and do effective follow up!
Learn these techniques, and more in my Street Smart Scripts program!
My passion for this profession grows stronger each and every day and it is empowering to me to
pass on some words of wisdom and ideas for how to build your own business smart,
professionally and with integrity.
There is only one thing that allowed me to create exactly
what I wanted in Network Marketing - commitment.
Commitment is a very powerful word. It does not involve
the word "try." It is about doing. I was in for the long haul
from day one. Quitting has never been an option for me.
Think about the commitment you have made to your
business, your goals, your dreams, yourself. Have you
made a commitment to these things? If not, I suggest you
take some time and make some well thought out
commitments. I promise you, it will change your life.
I would like to tell you that the road on my journey has always been smooth, straight and dry.
But, this would be a disservice to us both.
I have wanted to quit a thousand times. I have run into my closet, shut the door and screamed
"Why am I doing this to myself?" I have thought to myself that there is no possible way I will
ever be a success in Network Marketing. But, I am. And, I continue on each and every day. As I
have grown in this business, I have learned to embrace the “obstacles and challenges” that
have presented themselves.
I know you can do it! I know it because if I can, anyone can! That's the beauty of our business!
Focus on taking action every day in your business. You can work your business full time, or part
time, but not "some time." Keep moving forward with action.
Get committed and NEVER, EVER Quit! And, I know, I’ll see you at the top!
That’s a little of my story, now it’s time to write out YOUR story.
What’s your story? Your goal is to develop some powerful stories of your own that you can
share with others. After all, facts just “tell” but stories “SELL!” Your story ultimately will become
one of your strongest “tools” in your business.
Profit In Your PJs
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Begin to develop these stories - product experience; 30 day success story (this can be any 30
days, and is geared toward the person who says - so how is this going for you?); solid part time
income story; creating wealth story (if this is your goal!)
Begin to write out some details of your story below:
Why Network Marketing or MLM
Here you are. At the start of your Network Marketing journey. Or, at least, this phase of it. You
may have been in the business for awhile, or you may have just started. You may also be
considering your options for getting started. So, let’s start with first things first.
Why Network Marketing?
For me, the reason Why Network Marketing is simple - network marketing was the one option I
found that fit my list of criteria in a home business, with the flexibility to be a mom and truly “be
home!” Network Marketing is different from Party Plan, although both fall under the umbrella of
Direct Sales.
For me, I did not want to be out of my home, doing parties 2-3 nights/days a week to earn an
income. While it is a great option for many, it didn’t fit for me, since I wanted a TRUE “home
based business” and not one where my “office” is at home, but a large amount of my business
activities took me out of the house, away from my children.
You’ll want to answer for yourself - Why Network Marketing? Use the space below to write out
your answer. This will serve you when you begin to develop your story and scripting for
contacting people.
Why Network Marketing? And, what was it about your company that compelled you to take out
your credit card and join?
Profit In Your PJs
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What is Network Marketing or MLM
Great question, and one that many have a hard time explaining.
Did you know that in just a few hours a week, you can create a major second income that
continues to increase over time? In fact, with persistence and commitment, this income could
soon replace your current full time income. It could even create a lifestyle of the rich and
When was the last time you recommended a good book, restaurant or movie to a friend? How
often do you do that? Probably pretty often, right? But, when was the last time the publisher,
restaurant or movie producer sent you a "royalty" check for the referral?
Probably, never.
Well, despite the way things usually are, the idea behind
what is now the fastest growing home based business
trend in America and around the world, Network
Marketing, is that if you get paid for recommending
things you like, use and believe in, you'll do this more
and more! And, you'll probably find some others that
want to do the same thing.
That's it in a nutshell.
You earn a small commission for the ongoing
purchases of those you refer to the product or service
from your Network Marketing company, and you're also
paid a small commission when you introduce this
concept to others, they join the business, and they refer
Pretty ingenious, huh?
And, the best part is that this concept can create true, passive, residual income for you and your
family. And, you can touch the lives of hundreds and even thousands of other people.
Many people just don't understand the concept of Network Marketing. Let me explain the way
this works and then think about this a little as you evaluate your options within our industry, or,
as you explain the concept to others.
Profit In Your PJs
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The concept of Network Marketing consists of three major components.
Time Leverage
This is the ability to get paid month after month on the work that you do one time.
A good analogy that you are already familiar with is the franchising industry. In franchising, the
franchisee, or one who purchases the rights to do business using a well-known business name
such as McDonald's, pays a royalty fee every month to the franchiser, or parent company. It's
always a percentage of the profits earned.
The parent company, or McDonald's, has incredible time
leverage. The more McDonald's stores they have around
the world, the more money they make.
But, the parent company certainly doesn't do all of the
work. If they have 5,000 stores, each open 18 hours a
day, 90,000 hours are worked daily on their behalf.
The concept works in much the same way with our
business system, except you don't have to pay a royalty
fee each month!
For instance, let's say you start your own Network Marketing business and begin by investing
five hours per week into your business. You introduce your business system to Mike and begin
working with him. He also puts five hours a week into his business. You now have 10 hours per
week working on your behalf, although you are only putting in five hours yourself.
If you and Mike each bring in a new partner, who each commit to five hours, you will soon be
benefiting from 20 hours per week. Remember, your actual time involvement is only five hours
each week.
By the end of the first month, you have forty hours each week working on your behalf. At the
end of the second month, over 640 hours will be invested into your business each week, but not
all by you. You are only putting in five.
Do you see the beauty of time leverage?
In network marketing, we are paid for opening "outlets" and teaching those "outlets" to be
Now, let's talk about residual income.
Profit In Your PJs
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Residual income
This is the ability to get paid over and over for the work that you do one time. It's also called
"royalty pay." There are very few businesses or industries today that pay residual income.
Musicians, authors and insurance sales people are a few professions that do earn a residual
If you were to write or record a popular song, each time that song played on the radio, or a CD
was sold, you would receive a commission, or royalty payment.
Residual income in Network Marketing is income you continue to earn based on efforts you put
forth initially. This income is based on the sale of products and services. And, these products
must continue to generate repeat sales.
This is one reason why "consumable" products are the most
effective in Network Marketing. Consumable products are
those items that are bought, used up and then replaced,
over and over again.
If you are marketing a product that is a one time purchase
product, you will have a harder time generating residual
Residual income is desirable in Network Marketing, because
this is what allows you to put forth a lot of effort in the
beginning, and reap the rewards of that for months and years
to come!
And, by building an organization of people working toward a common goal, you can ensure a
strong residual pay-out that will last for years. This is why it is important that you understand this
pay advantage, and invest your effort, energy and time in other people.
In the beginning, as you are starting your business and building the team, you have the
"privilege" of working lots of hours for a little pay. In the end, you have the "joy" of working
little hours for lots of pay.
People ask me all of the time how much I made my first month in the business. The answer is –
“I don’t know. I don’t know because I still get paid each and every month on the efforts I put into
that very first month.” That’s the power of residual income!
Get started and then build on your efforts each and every month.
Duplication and Geometric Growth
Another exciting concept, and probably the most exciting concept!
Profit In Your PJs
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Have you heard the "Penny a Day" story? This is a good illustration to get you thinking about
the power of this geometric growth.
Let's say you start on the 1st day of the month with 1 penny in your bank account. Now, you are
going to double it every day for the rest of the month.
Any guess about how much you will have in your account on day 30, or, day 31?
Well, here you go Day 1 - 1 cent
Day 2 - 2 cents
Day 3 - 4 cents
Day 7 - 64 cents (hmmmm)
Day 14 - $81.92 (getting a little more interesting)
Day 21 - $10,485.76 (getting A LOT more interesting!)
Day 30 - $5,368,708 (I'm definitely interested!)
and you can do the math on Day 31!!
See the power of geometric growth and duplication?
Duplicating yourself means teaching someone else to do
what you do. When the two of you each teach another
person, you duplicate it again, only twice. And so on, and
so on, and so on!
That's Network Marketing!
Combine the three strengths, and you've got a
remarkable system for success, that ANYONE can do, if they CHOOSE.
Study these concepts and learn how to explain it. And, watch your business grow, and duplicate,
and so on, and so on.
One important thing to note is that true success in this industry starts with a few customers.
Others who love your product or service and want to buy it, without getting involved in the
business side of it.
Learn how to develop a few loyal customers and teach those who join you in the business the
same concept. The success of any business is grounded on the principle of having customers
for your business.
Don’t be afraid of the word “sales.” It’s not a dirty word and even though some in our industry
run from it, don’t be one of them. "Sales" is not about brow beating someone into using your
products. It’s about developing your own story around your hot button and then sharing that with
others. Those who can relate to your hot button will raise their hand and let you know.
This is where you find your customer base. Some of those customers will love your products so
much that they want to market them, too. Great!
Profit In Your PJs
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Just don’t try to force the ones who only love the product into selling them. Instead, appreciate
their support, and reward them for being “ambassadors” for you. When they refer others, you
can give them free product, a discount, movie tickets, or something!
After all, you wouldn’t expect the waiter serving you dinner to try and talk you into going to work
at the restaurant. Same is true in our business.
So, now you should have a pretty solid grasp on the concept of Network Marketing, and how
time and money leverage can create an exciting business and lifestyle for you.
Choosing a Product, Company and Sponsor
Chances are, you are already with a product, company and sponsor you love, and good for
you!!! If not, and you are looking, let me share some ideas (opinions!!!) with you on how to
choose wisely.
Before you start working on that list, counting those endless circles, dreaming of that beach
house, spending your ga-zillion dollar residual check or any of the other things that go along
with Network Marketing, it is imperative that you carefully choose the right opportunity for you!
I can't stress this enough. It's easy to get caught up in the excitement of a friend's enthusiasm,
the over-hyped ad you may have read, an audio tape that paints too rosy of a picture, etc.
But, it you are serious about making this business
your career of choice, be sure you treat it as a
business decision. Treat this like the million dollar
business that it is, right from the start.
The most important thing to consider is what
matters to you. If your primary focus is selecting
the "best" pay plan, you'll never find it. It does NOT
exist, no matter what ANYONE tells you.
You may already be saying “I’ve looked at a lot of different options by now in
my home business search; how do I know how to choose? Both a company and a sponsor to
guide me?”
Here are some questions to ask yourself initially.
Are you looking for a specific product line? What interests you?
What can you get passionate talking about, day after day (besides money?)
What is important to you in a team and sponsor?
Profit In Your PJs
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What will be time commitment do you have to make on a daily, monthly and weekly basis?
What is required from you on a monthly basis to earn an income? Does this change as you
Because building a Network Marketing business is a voluntary choice, you want to be sure all of
the pieces are a fit for you. There is no such thing as perfect, but get as close as you can! Find
what is best for you and remember that what's best for one person is NOT best for us all.
Write down a list of criteria for the company you choose. It should encompass all areas Company Story, Management, Uniqueness
Compensation Plan
Here are some things to look for and evaluate in a company:
Ground Floor vs 5 Year Bench Mark - this can be a tough call. If you choose a ground floor
company that makes it, and you stick with it, you will be positioned for an amazing income and
future growth, including international expansion if that is in the plans. Choose a bad start up,
and it can be frustrating. Do your diligence carefully. There is nothing wrong with a company that
has hit the 5 year mark and is still climbing. There is no such thing as “too late!” Every year,
millions of people turn 18 and are eligible to start a business!
Management and Policies - Check out the management team. Who are they, and what are
their credentials? Do they have a history in Network Marketing, and if so, with what companies
have they been affiliated? What is the current status of those previous companies? What is
their previous experience, beyond Network Marketing?
What's the mission of the company?
Compensation Plan - There is no best pay plan. The important thing is to find the one that
works the best for you and your circumstances.
Be certain you are comfortable with the pay plan and understand it completely. Don’t be afraid
to ask questions and make sure you are thoroughly in the know.
Compensation plans can be a challenge to understand and dissect. Don’t worry about knowing
how every little detail works. Only concentrate on understanding how the primary ways you will
get paid work. And, when, if ever will you lose a certain payout. Those are the types of items
you will want to understand clearly.
What will you need to do consistently on a monthly basis to earn the income goal you have set
for yourself? Get clear on that.
Profit In Your PJs
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Product - find a product that you love, and would recommend to others even if you didn’t get
paid. If you have to try and force yourself to feel this way about a product, it’s likely a red flag.
You will have a few rough spots in the road as you build your business and the last thing you
want is doubt around the product.
What makes them different from their competitors? Do they have a special story, unique product
line or credible affiliation of some sort?
Finally, let’s talk about choosing a good coach, mentor and sponsor.
Your sponsor will be partnering with you, training you, traveling with you to events, and company
trips, speaking with your prospects and your team. You at very least need to like them, but more
importantly, respect them and feel confident that they can guide you where you want to go, and
that you can work together.
Look for loyalty and commitment, passion and conviction. Find out their professional history in
Network Marketing. It’s okay to have been with other companies, as long as there is not a
history of jumping ship to every hot, new opportunity that comes along.
Their leadership and system will be the one you
will work within, at least until you develop some
success of your own, and can carve out your
own way of doing things, and are self-sufficient.
This is a business. You need to make a well
thought-out, business decision when getting
started. Get all emotion out of this decision. This
is your future.
The paradigms of this Network Marketing are changing and as more and more professionals,
CEO's, business owners, etc., begin choosing Network Marketing as their career, the more
important it becomes to make a wise business decision when evaluating every aspect of your
potential business.
Your ultimate success or failure is up to you and no one else. It’s important to keep in mind that
you can build a million dollar empire without the support of your sponsor. Don't make the
mistake of holding your sponsor or upline responsible for your success. That is up to you!
If you have found the right fit, congratulations! Put your blinders on and build it. Don’t get caught
up in the “next, bright, shiny object!” There are reasons to change companies when it is truly the
wrong fit, and you feel no passion around it. And, something that “looks easier” is not the right
If you are looking and would like to explore working together and learn more about how I mentor
and work with my team, and what I offer you, here are some details
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Laying Your Success Foundation
It always starts with why. Your “Why!” It will become the very core of all that matters in your
business. It will drive you to get started; to share with others; to keep going through challenges
(and every business has challenges; yours will be no
The biggest mistake most people make is thinking
that their “why” is to make money; or more money.
That is something you may want, but the money itself
is not what you are seeking.
It is what the money can provide for you that you
want. It’s the EXPERIENCE, really, not even anything
Let’s say you are building your business because you have children in day care while you go to
a job every day. Someone else, essentially, is getting the best hours of the day with your
precious child.
Creating enough income to leave your job will get you home, and your baby home with you! So,
let’s go beyond the money. Let’s get to the essence of what that means to you.
Close you eyes, and visualize yourself as already there. You’ve created enough income and you
have left your job. You are now there every day with your family. (Or, imagine whatever it is you
are working to accomplish - fund a retirement account; travel around the world, etc.)
What does it feel like? What does the day look like? What are the smells, sights and sounds
associated with achieving this goal?
THIS is what your why is and what must drive you each and every day; moving you forward in
your business to achieve that goal.
For me, my why was my children, as I mentioned and not having them in day care. That was
compelling to me and something that I was highly committed to. It is what kept me in the game;
Profit In Your PJs
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what kept me from quitting when someone said no; or laughed at me; or quit my business when
I was just sure they were going to be "the ONE" to take me to the top.
Make sure your why creates this kind of feeling and emotion for you. You want to be emotionally
connected to it. When you think about it, you want it to bring up emotional feelings for you.
Write out your why here, and be very specific. If it’s to create $5,000 a month in income, for
what? Then what? It has to be about more than the money!
Success Blueprint
Now, let's get between your ears for a bit, where success first begins. It's really true that
success in this business does begin in your head first. We all have a mental picture of how we
see ourselves; our business and our ability to REALLY achieve what we want.
Write this down and put it where you will see it regularly –
The only place where this business is hard is in your
There is a great saying – "Seeing is believing." Let's shift
that a little to – "when you believe it; you will see it." That is
how it REALLY works!
You already have a “blueprint for success.” In his book,
Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker talks about how
we all have a money blueprint. We all have beliefs about
Chances are, if you grew up with no shortage of money, and
life was abundant and stress free financially, you have a positive money blueprint. If you grew
up hearing - we can’t afford it; money doesn’t grow on trees; money is the root of all evil; and
rich people are bad - you may have some issues where money is concerned. And, you have
spent most of your life in lack where money is concerned.
It is often the same with Network Marketing. You may have a pre-set notion of whether it is good
or bad, based on past experiences. And, they may not even be your experiences! They can be
from things you heard or witnessed from others.
If you have some bad feelings around Network Marketing, these are likely going to show up as
you go about building your business. You may feel hesitant to talk to people you know; may feel
weird about “getting into one of those” or some other negative feelings.
Are you experiencing this? Write down some of your feelings around Network Marketing and
In my MLM Business Mastery Program, we take this exercise further, and cover some tools for
changing your blueprint.
MLM Business Mastery
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The Timeline for Success, Setting Realistic Expectations, Handling Shutdowns
As in anything you seek to master, there is a timeline for success that goes along with building
your business.
Remember back when I was explaining residual income, I said - In the beginning, as you are
starting your business and building the team, you have the "privilege" of working lots of hours
for a little pay. In the end, you have the "joy" of working little hours for lots of pay.
It’s important that you fully understand that success in Network Marketing is not get rich quick;
and there is seldom overnight success. If you will follow what you learn here, you can get into
profit in just 30 days or less, and continue growing that.
And, you can go on to create “gangster income” and the lifestyle of your dreams. But, you must
be realistic about the timeline it will take to get there.
When I am interviewing potential prospects for my
team, I typically ask them how much they want to
earn in their business. It’s not uncommon to hear $100,000 or a six figure income.
I then ask them - have you ever earned six figures
before? Most of the time, the answer is no. So, I ask
them if they understand what it takes to make that
kind of money? Most of the time, the answer is no.
ticket, where some win and some don’t.
Again, whether it is network marketing, or another
type of business, it doesn’t happen overnight and it
takes skill development and a commitment to a
business plan to make it happen. It’s not a lottery
Everyone who wins in Network Marketing does so because he or she took the time, the actions
and made the commitment to the business model. PERIOD.
In the beginning, it can feel awkward or uncomfortable as you make those initial phone calls,
sharing your excitement about your new business, and asking others to take a look; to refer you
to others, or to consider trying out the products or services you offer.
We’ll cover more of this in the section on scripting and success language.
Much like riding a bike, you just have to do it. I can tell you how to ride a bike; show you a dozen
YouTube videos and take you to a bike track, But, until you get on the bike, get the feel of
balancing, pedaling and moving forward, you won’t know how to ride a bike. You have to start
out, wobble, fall down a few times, scrape your knees and get back up again.
Before you know it, you’ll be cruising down the street on your bike, yelling - Look, no hands!!!! It
works the same in your business and developing the needed skills. Every skill you need for
success can be developed.
Profit In Your PJs
© All Rights Reserved - No Copies or Duplication
So, with that - what is the income you would like to achieve in your Network Marketing
In what time frame would you like to make this happen?
How much time are you willing to commit to your business each week to achieve this? And, this
is focused business building time; not time spent on conference calls; training calls; going
through email or those types of things. Those are income producing times - making calls to new
prospects; following up; showing the business; signing up new customers and team partners;
attending network events or other active prospecting activities.
Write the answers down to these 3 questions and then be sure that you believe that the time
you are willing to commit matches with the time frame you want to accomplish your goal, and
the goal itself. Talk to your sponsor if you have questions based on your pay plan.
You are going to experience some “shut downs” in your business; some disappointments. I want
to prepare you for it now, because often, your sponsor won’t. Either they are just new and
experienced, or they don’t want to discourage you before you get started. I believe that you
must know the realities of our business early, because you are going to find out, so better to
know sooner rather than later.
And, it’s the same in anything - sports; the arts and other types of businesses. There will be
some setbacks and disappointments.
First, not everyone is going to tell you yes, and you may hear a few no's before you get to some
yeses. If you know this going in, and are prepared for it, then you will be expecting to hear no
from some who you are hoping will join you.
Can you prepare for that now? Can you handle it
if and when they say no?
Here is one thing I assure you – if you will stick
with your business; develop your business skills
and keep following up with those who you have
talked to previously, many of those will come back
and say YES at a later time. That is my story. I
said “no” WAY before I said “yes.” Nothing had
changed in the business, products, compensation
plan, or my sponsor, when I decided to say yes.
What had changed was ME. I was now ready.
Remember, other people can only affect you if YOU allow them to. Their opinion does not reflect
on you, your company and products, or your decision, It's simply a reflection of them, and where
they are in their life right now. And, if someone happens to be mean or nasty about it, then that
speaks a bit to character and their own insecurities, in my opinion.
Profit In Your PJs
© All Rights Reserved - No Copies or Duplication
When someone wants to laugh or make light of your new business, know exactly what to say to
stop them in their tracks, get their attention and command their respect. I cover exactly what I
say and how to handle this in
MLM Business Mastery
In this program, we cover the Keys to a Successful Business in audio modules and interviews.
You’ll learn how to Determine Your Why; Write it Down and Get Committed; Setting Your
Expectations, Handling Shutdowns; Your Mindset for Success; Scheduling Your Business
Times; Making Your List and Knowing What to Say and Scripting Language for Success;
Developing Your Plan; Prospecting and Inviting; 3rd Party Tools; Creating Your 30 day Success
Story; Developing Your 90 Day Plan; Leadership and Launching; Objections; Follow Up ;Active
Prospecting Vs. Passive Marketing; Social Media Marketing Overview and exclusive interviews
with Ray Higdon, David Frey, Kellie Hosaka; Doug Firebaugh and Richard Brooke.
Creating Your Powerful 30 Day Success Story
Previously, we talked about the stories of your business
that you will want to develop. One of the easiest and
most important story is your 30 Day Success Story.
Why? Well, one question that often comes up in the
beginning as you start sharing your business is –So how
is it going for you?
What this really means is – did you get your money back
or have you wasted $XXX? You want to be able to say –
“Let me tell you about my first 30 days in the business. I signed up and went through a simple,
basic training on the company system. Using that system, I started working my simple business
plan and I had success. I signed up a few customers; and I showed several others what I am
doing, along with my sponsor's help, and signed them up as team members. My team is
growing. I made my money back and now I am earning over and over again each month on the
efforts I put in when I started. Pretty cool, huh?”
Now, doesn't that set the stage to dramatically lessen objections and create some interest?
Stories are powerful because they engage people. Which story do you want to tell – success in
30 days (and we aren't talking massive success; just getting the investment back and laying the
foundation); or one of “30 days of not a lot?” Which story do you think will make you more
Profit In Your PJs
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Your goal is always to get people off of the fence, so you need to be off of the fence, too. Paint
the vision of what is possible for your prospect through your own story. Then, share the stories
of other's too. This begins to break down the barriers that your prospect may see for him or her.
You can go fast or slow in this business; I assure you, fast is better! So, set a goal to play –
"Beat the Box!"
Beat the box is creating enough activity and success in your business in your first week so that
you actually earn your business investment back before your company kit, or starter package
arrives, assuming you get one. Most companies do ship out some type of starter kit or product
So, what should your first 30 days look like? It starts with
laying out a business action plan that you will commit to
daily, weekly and monthly. And, then, taking action!
Here are the basics to get your business started Get enrolled - understand the application process.
Go through your company site/back office and any team
sites available. Don’t let this be a time sucker though, that
leads to “busy work” or procrastination, thinking you have
to know everything.
Know how to place an order, find training and other tools, sign up a new customer, sign up a
new team partner, and whatever else your sponsor guides you to.
Get clear on your why and get it written down. Create a vision on paper of what this will look and
feel like when you achieve it.
Create your success calendar. Write down everything on it that is non negotiable in your life and
then slot in “business time slots” where you will be working your business. This is setting your
business “open” hours!
Determine some success goals for the first month and then be clear on how to achieve those
goals. Be realistic. Include new customers, team partners and the income associated with that.
Write out your candidate list and begin to contact. Add to this list daily as you think of more
people and meet people while out and about.
Set up 2-3 business launch events, in your home, using a simple system and a DVD and other
3rd party tools to show the business.
Write out your contacting script and understand good “inviting language.” This is where sharing
your story and the stories of others is important.
Profit In Your PJs
© All Rights Reserved - No Copies or Duplication
Spend your first 72 hours creating some type of success in your business. Introduce your
products and sign up a few customers; show the business to ten people on your list. Whatever
is a fit, make sure that first 72 hours is about income producing activities and not just studying
your company manual, videos, websites and such.
I set a goal with each new person who I sponsor to get their investment back; sponsor a few
people into their business and create a powerful 30 Day success story. I show them exactly
what to do and how to do it. And, I am there to assist if they need or want my help!
Focusing on the 2 contacts a day principle, you'll want to call and invite 60-100 people in your
first 30 days to look at what you are doing. Use third party tools and your sponsor for 3 way calls
to lend credibility. This is a business where we work together.
Remember to block pockets of time in your calendar.
Don't be too focused on long 1 or 2 hour blocks if that
doesn't fit what you have available. A quick call here
and there can build a successful foundation for your
Don't make excuses; just make the call.
As your team begins to grow, you'll block time slots for
training and support of your team. As your check
grows, I promise - you'll miraculously find more time!
The key is to just get it started. Make the calls; continue making the calls and be diligent at
following up.
Getting your business in front of 60-100 people in your first 30 days will ensure a powerful 30
day success story. You aren’t going to beg, bug or harass anyone - just share, make the
invitation and complete 2-3 home business launch events. Especially if you work full time. This
will accelerate your growth and leverage your time. And, it teaches those in attendance who join
you exactly what they will do.
Your List - Your Powerful Business Inventory
Finding people to join your business and/or purchase your product or services is a numbers
game. People aren't numbers, but working the numbers is what it takes. Not everyone will
accept your invitation, and that's okay. We don't need everyone. Remember, we prepared for
this in the Shut Downs Module, don't let this affect your attitude.
People have stuff going on that makes the timing not right, so let go of it. You will be turned
down. Don't let this be a discouragement.
Profit In Your PJs
© All Rights Reserved - No Copies or Duplication
95% of people in network marketing get discouraged when they hear no. It's like they get caught
off guard, thinking everyone was going to say yes. Just expect it as a part of the business and
remember that you don't want just anyone in your business.
Your target market is those people who have a need or desire for what your business offers. You
won't know who that is until you ask. They may be doing you a favor when they say no because
you want to work with motivated people! You don't want to be dragging people across the finish
The next step in your successful business launch is to make your list, starting with your
strongest circle of influence. Don’t stop until you have at least 200 names on the list and
continue adding to it each and every day. Your list is worth millions to you and my goal is to
teach you how to turn those names into those millions. It doesn't happen overnight, but it will
Use a memory jogger so you don't forget people. IT's been said that most of know over 2000
people by the time we are 30 or so, but we can't usually recall more than about 200. The
memory jogger will help you recall those people.
Facebook is another great place to work on your list. Who are you
friends with on Facebook? Begin adding those names to your list
as well.
Who are the contacts in your mobile phone? On your holiday card
Just use a simple spiral notebook to begin your list.
Your success is going to revolve around your ability to get people to take
a look at your business. Your highest percentage of success will come from people
know you. Referrals are another powerful way to add to your list and share your business. And,
new people you meet are also a strong source for bringing people into your business.
Once your list is made, you need to know what you are going to say. Good language for
success can really go a long way in creating that confidence you need to begin making those
The biggest mistake most people make when they begin inviting is that they say too much. A
short invitation to create curiosity go a long way toward creating success in getting someone to
at least take a look. We’ll cover that in the next module.
I want to really stress the point that ours is typically a SHOW and sell business, not a tell and
sell. The more you talk, the less you make. SERIOUSLY. Your mouth is not a tool and statistics
PROVE that using tools to show your business will skyrocket your results. So, let's develop a
proven system that we will use over and over to invite, show and follow up with our prospects.
As you write out your candidate list, sort it into local and long distance. This helps with who to
contact first. You are having 2-3 home business launch events so you’ll start with those local,
who can attend. Also star your top 20 “dream team” people - these are the most successful
people you know. These are the movers and shakers who get things done. Don’t fall into the
Profit In Your PJs
© All Rights Reserved - No Copies or Duplication
trap of only calling those who need more money. Look at the top income earners in most any
company and you’ll see the majority were already successful. It wasn’t necessarily income they
were looking for but time freedom to match their income.
You’ve probably heard this before, and it bears repeating - don’t edit your list. Disregard that
tendency to leave people off of your list who are already successful; who you are prejudging by
saying - oh, they wouldn’t be interested. Big mistake. There are countless stories of those who
have edited their list, only to run into that person later at a company event, signed up by
someone else.
You can always use the third party approach to contact these people and this has proven very
effective for both signing these people up, and getting referrals from their vast list of contacts.
Remember this - you are signing people up, and behind each of them, visualize 200 more
people who they know, who are potential candidates for your business. Contact and invite them
with good success language and you’ll tap into a wide referral base for your business.
You can also add people to your list at live networking events such as the Chamber of
Commerce; trade shows and events; BNI; Meetup events; facebook live events and so on. More
on some of this in the online and social media module. And, in my
Building Local With Social Media Training Program!
Here are some common misconceptions about notifying your warm market.
#1 – I need to know everything about the business before I contact anyone. Actually, we
have a simple business and there is not that much to know. Your sponsor and upline are there
to support you and provide this assistance. Your excitement and enthusiasm will go a long way
with your prospect. And, your willingness to find answers to anything you don’t know. No one is
expecting perfection. Model right away for your prospect that there is no need to know
everything, and help is available.
#2 – I want to be successful first, before I contact anyone I know. As was stated before, you
aren't doing anything but notifying. That is your one business obligation – let people know. If you
can't start with that, where are you going to start and how are you going to generate the
success you want to get you to the point of letting your friends and family know about your
We aren't in the business of convincing, harassing or bugging anyone. We are in the business
of networking. We network our products and our opportunity and provide more details to those
who are interested. That's it.
So get that list made, and start contacting people and growing your business!
Profit In Your PJs
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Success Language, Scripting and Knowing What to Say
In my two decades of building a business, I have learned that there is a little stumbling block
that many people face that stops them from ever really getting started in their business They don’t know what to say. They don’t know how to avoid sounding like an obnoxious sales
person or tele-marketer.
Does this describe you?
Success starts with first knowing what to say when you are going to begin letting people know
about your business and inviting them to take a look. I call this Scripting and Success
The biggest mistake most people make when they begin inviting
is that they say too much. A short invitation to create curiosity will
go a long way toward creating success in getting someone to at
least take a look. And, that is our goal. That’s all we can control.
Get them to take a look and then give them the space to decide
for themselves if it’s a fit, now or later.
“No” right now is very often a “not now”, even if the person
doesn’t realize it.
We’ll cover some sample ideas of what to say; how to develop
your scripting and the importance of following up.
And, you can find a very expanded section on this, along with overcoming objections and
exactly what to say when you get specific comments and objections in the MLM Business
Mastery Program.
First, relax. Your goal is not to sell anyone into what you are doing. You don’t need to know
everything about the company or products or pay plan. You only need to know how to say a few
simple things, repeatedly, and how to use the tools of your company such as DVDs, websites,
online videos, brochures and magazines, tele-conferences, webinars and any other tools
available to you.
Here are some ideas of what to say –
Hey Sue, it’s Jackie calling and I am so glad I caught you. I’ve been excited to share with you a
new venture I am pursuing. I've just started a business and I am up for my first promotion. I
need a few people to help me out and benefit from our amazing products/services. You'll save
some money and help me out too. Do you have a few minutes so I can share a little more and
see if it might be a fit for you?
Hey Sue, it’s Jackie and I’m glad I caught you. I have a question for you - have you ever heard
of XYZ company? (98% of the time, unless you are with one of the few “household name brand”
companies, they will not have heard of it.) I've just started a business and I am up for my first
promotion. I need a few people to help me out and benefit from our amazing products. You'll
Profit In Your PJs
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save some money and help me out, too. Do you have a few minutes so I can share a little more
and see if it might be a fit for you?
Hey Sue, it’s Jackie and I’m glad I caught you. I have a question for you - have you ever heard
of XYZ company? I'm working on a business project with them, and I’m expanding my business.
I know you know a lot of people and I would like to get your help. If I (emailed over a link to a
video; gave you this DVD; mailed some info to you) would you take a look at it and let me know
who you think I should be sharing this with?
Hey Sue, this may or may not be for you, but I just got involved in an XYZ company and it’s
really looking promising as a way to help us achieve ABC goal. if you are OPEN to it, I can send
you some information to look over. If not, no big deal.
Hey Joe, I'm working on a new business project and I would love your opinion. If I sent some
information to you, would you look at it and let me know who you think I should be sharing this
If they aren't open, thank them for their time and
move on. If they say "Yeah, sure", then confirm how
to get the information to them and confirm a time to
follow up.
If you keep it simple, and non salesy no one is going
to feel turned off or burned.
Don't go into a big spiel about what you are doing,
even if they press you. DON'T, it's called the valley of
death. It sounds confusing and complicated when
you drone on like Charlie Brown's teacher! Wah,
Wah, Wah.
Consider starting the conversation with, Hey, I'm in a hurry and I'm glad I caught you. I'm
working on….
Now, you when they ask – what is it – you can simply say, Well, I'm in a hurry, so should I send
you the details so you can learn more?
Also, anytime you hear a need expressed by someone, be prepared to make the invitation. An
example –
A friend says they are dreading having Johnny graduate this year because of the high cost of
college. You could say –
Bob, now is not the time to get into it, but if I could show you something we are doing to ease
that financial burden of college, would you take a look at it? (Now, set a time to call and
Also, there is power in the "If I, Would You" phrase. This gets their consent and permission and
gives you a lot to work with in getting the information to them, and following up.
Profit In Your PJs
© All Rights Reserved - No Copies or Duplication
If I sent you an email with a link to a video, would you watch it? Then, you wait for an answer.
Yes, or no. Either way is okay. Then, get a time to follow up.
How soon would you be able to watch it? Wait for the time.
So, if I called you on Monday, then, you will have watched it?
How about if I call you Monday evening, at 7pm to get your
thoughts? Confirm the time and then put it in your calendar
and get off the phone.
Remember in an earlier module when I asked you to write
down what it was that made you pull out your credit card and
join your company? This is going to help you in developing
your story.
There are times when it is right to share this. I use this often
when I get pressed to say – well what is it.
When I am asked, what is it, I very often share a short
paragraph of what I saw and why I got involved, without saying
too much, and why I thought of them, which opens them up to
at least taking a look.
Think about your reasons for joining; which could be:
Downsized and looking for the right job.
Disability that is forcing you to develop a career from home.
Want to be home with children.
Need to diversity income, due to economy.
Retired, looking for something fun to create income.
Entrepreneur, and excited about what this company offers.
Here is a sample of my script, and how I answer it when they say - What is it As you know, I have been an entrepreneur for over 19 years and have built several very
successful businesses. I know that when you can take a great product that is already successful
and improve on it while lowering the cost, you have a winner. I watched this company for over 6
years as they expanded, grew and improved. I finally knew that the time was right and wanted
to be part of the big momentum growth phase and international expansion. And, it's a company,
product and company culture that fits with my values.
The reason I thought of you is because I know you are entrepreneurial, just like me, and I
wanted to be sure you are aware of this company and its potential, and then you can decide for
yourself. And, I would love to develop this project with you and build something together. Are
you open to taking a look and having a discussion about this?
Profit In Your PJs
© All Rights Reserved - No Copies or Duplication
So, when you make your calls, you share a brief synopsis of WHY you joined the company and
are building the business and WHY you thought if them. This makes it sincere, authentic and
NOT just about making big bucks and getting them "in." When we think of it as "getting
someone in" we set ourselves and them up for disaster.
Or, maybe you have a story of pain and gain. Share this by letting your prospect know in a short
paragraph what the pain was you had and how the business offered gain. It could be product or
"We were worried about how to send little Johnny to college and after seeing how we could
create a college fund by following the simple system laid out by the company, now we are on
track to send Johnny any where he wants to go without financial stress over it."
Paint a picture of success and share the power in timing and position for your company.
Use an index card to write the basics on so you don't stumble in the beginning. As you develop
this skill set, you won't need it anymore.
And, always, always, always take them to a third party tool such as a DVD, website, or
something we mentioned above. Stay out of the valley of death and you’ll increase those who
will take a look by 75%. After that, it’s up to them whether or not they join!!
You’ll learn how to put all of this together, including how to contact cold market such as leads;
those you meet at networking events and juicy one liners to create interest, along with
overcoming objections and exactly what to say when you get specific comments and objections
in the MLM Business Mastery Program.
And, don’t forget to check out
Street Smart Scripts - Turbocharge Your Prospecting Calls by Saying the Right Thing
Every Time!
Success With Online Tools and Social Media
So, how are you doing so far? Hopefully, you are taking each
step along the way to develop the business skills you’ll need to
be successful in your business, whether you are offline or online.
I’m excited to share some possibilities with you about what the
tools of the internet can do for your business, and it is important
for me to share a little more of my story before we get into the
meat and potatoes.
I began building my network marketing business (offline) in
Profit In Your PJs
© All Rights Reserved - No Copies or Duplication
January,1994, and in October,1999, I took my business to the Internet. I had nearly six years
offline, a team of over 10,000 and a strong, steady paycheck before I stuck my toe online.
I was an average home based business owner (a mom with two pre-school aged children, a
husband gone half the month and a huge desire for more, ha!) before the Internet. I was not
setting any records. I had success and did make money, but much of it was a struggle; much of
it consisted of ways of doing the business that did not appeal to me.
I made my warm market list; contacted people and developed the skills I needed to talk to
people about my business. I joined networking groups, the Chamber of Commerce and did all of
the traditional methods you hear about. I struggled with contacting people in the beginning, and
never wanted to be someone who chased my friends, family, neighbors and anyone who came
within "3 feet of me!" Heard that story before?
I didn’t have good success language and skills for knowing what to say, or very many third party
tools “back then” and boy, would things have been different had I had that training. You have it,
simply as a result of this training guide and other resources out there, so you really want to take
advantage of the power in your center of influence by contacting your warm market. And,
continuing to use offline methods for growing your business.
****Quick Disclaimer****
You'll hear a lot of debate about "old school vs. new school" marketing techniques in Direct
Sales. Both work, and never think otherwise. I do believe that you should always notify your
warm market list about your business.
Anyone who tries to tell you that your warm market list is dead and not to bother is trying to
sell you something. I promise!
Remember this – everyone who goes online looking for a business has a warm market already,
and chances are they know someone with a business that might interest them. But, they have
not been notified. Also, I still am involved in many forms of offline networking – BNI, Chamber
of Commerce, Meetups, etc. I know the power in building relationships online, and then taking
them offline. Don't discount your local area for making online connections!
****End Disclaimer****
Now, you may be thinking that it must have been easy for me to transition to the Internet;
perhaps I already had a computer background. Maybe I already knew the inner workings of the
Internet and had a head start. I want to reinforce this point, in case you are doubting your own
abilities. The reality is, I knew that the Internet existed; I knew there was a website called Yahoo
for finding things (although I never knew how to get back to where I started); and I knew we had
an email address, which rarely contained anything of value.
I was just a stay-at-home mom who wanted to create something more for my family and future. I
didn’t want my husband to have the stress of supporting a family of 4 on one income. I didn’t
want to leaf through travel magazines and wish we could travel, too.
That was it! I was greener than green. Here are words and concepts I knew nothing about URL – had no idea what that term meant.
Profit In Your PJs
© All Rights Reserved - No Copies or Duplication
Domain name – See above.
Auto responder – that sounded WAY too techie to even think about.
Search Engine, Optimize, Pay Per Click – all foreign terms.
Social Media Marketing – that term didn't even exist!!!
Here is what I did know –
The facts and figures associated with this growing phenomenon called The Internet was/is
staggering. I wanted to be a part of it. I knew it was the answer to my prayers for growing a
successful business. I knew this was going to be my ticket to success in MLM. I knew that it was
going to take some effort, and it would be the best decision I would ever make. I knew this was
how a stay-at-home mom with small children was going to make Network Marketing work!
I was sold. And, there was no turning back for me. I rolled up my sleeves and got busy. Here’s
what happened – it exceeded my wildest expectations. It created exactly what I wanted in a
business from home and in Network Marketing.
It allowed me to toss my advertising and paid leads list; stop hanging out in coffee shops waiting
to be no-showed by my prospects who didn’t know me; and, it allowed me to have my business
out in front of big numbers of people without even needing to be physically present. Pinch me! It
was a dream come true, and quite honestly, I’m still lost in the dream! Except, it is really
Here is my video on it – Watch it here -
Would you like to create something like this for yourself? Something that pays you over and
over again for your efforts? Something that allows you to stop trading time for dollars and
leverages the time that you do put into your business?
Now, imagine this. Imagine yourself and your family vacationing on an exotic island where TV's,
Profit In Your PJs
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telephones and the Internet are hard to find. While you are sunning, playing in the sand and
enjoying quality family time, your bank account is growing because people all over the world are
buying on the Internet.
Could you get used to this lifestyle? A lifestyle that allows you to be your own boss and earn a
living while you eat, vacation, spend time with your family, play golf, sleep or do whatever else
you enjoy? And, make money in your PJs?
Did you know that thousands of people all around the world are already enjoying this type of
lifestyle and business? The only difference between you and them is that they have already put
the knowledge that they learned from this report into action. Will you do the same?
There are students, housewives, doctors, lawyers, senior citizens, bankers, musicians,
stockbrokers, factory workers and more, earning a living by the simple concepts and ideas
contained here.
The Internet revolution will only happen once. The good news is that we are still at the very
beginning. You are not too late!
What you MUST do is educate yourself on the current trends of business and how to use
exciting technologies such as the Internet to build a highly successful and lucrative international
The problem that most people experience is that they
don't know how to get online effectively and make
money. They go from program to program and empty
promise to empty promise without any success.
What is needed is a system and someone to coach you
to success!
I can help!
You already know you have to be careful and do
your research carefully.
You have surely seen all of the hype and scams that
are all over the Internet. Why do people do that? They
do it because they don't know what they are doing and it's never going to work.
That is NOT what builds a successful business.
Things You Should Know
So, let’s discuss some of the components to building a successful business online. Successful
network marketing businesses are built through relationships, human interaction and integrity.
Think about the business relationships you have in your day to day life. Most of us choose our
hairdresser; car mechanic; realtor, etc, based on a level of trust and business respect.
The same thing is true of the internet.
Profit In Your PJs
© All Rights Reserved - No Copies or Duplication
Your primary goal online is to develop relationships that come from trust and ultimately, many
will lead to a business relationship.
The upside of this that is different from offline marketing is that these prospects come to you
already interested in a business. You are not trying to sell them on the idea of a business. They
are already sold. Now, you just want them to sell themselves on the idea of you as a business
partner. Do you see the difference in this style of marketing and lead development?
I am doing a thriving business with people I never would have been able to reach through
traditional advertising. This success has come as a result of studying the Internet culture,
experimentation and just plain hard work.
Yes, there is an element of hard work involved. It's much more than throwing up a
website and expecting the world to buy from you. You must have a passion and a drive
that keeps you burning the midnight oil in the beginning, developing your online
marketing system; your marketing funnels and your following. Do you have a passion
that will fuel this?
The biggest key to online success, once you have your online marketing system (we'll be
covering this!) in place is building relationships and offering something of value in my business
partnerships. It is BY FAR the best way that I have found to do business.
I believe that marketing successfully on the Internet is more of an art than a science. It is an art
that is well worth learning because the rewards can be enormous.
As I like to say – “This is not your father’s Network Marketing business!”
You can build a successful, business from your home, without ALWAYS leaving it! I am! And,
you can also build a successful local business, sponsoring others in your community using the
tools of Social Media Marketing to find; establish a relationship; meet with and ultimately bring
them into your business.
It has worked so well for me that I was named the Top
Gun Recruiter five years out of seven in one company!
And, was the 2011 Top Sponsoring Team Builder in my
current company; I was named to my company’s
“Eagle’s Nest Advisory Panel” for all of 2012, and so far,
the first Panel for 2013.
Many who I have coached and who have used these
techniques are also among the top ten recruiters as
And, I did it by getting people to come to me. You can,
too, and my guides will teach you everything I used to
get started and what I use today, after more than 13
Here is a question I am often asked - What if my sponsor does not approve of online
business building methods?
Profit In Your PJs
© All Rights Reserved - No Copies or Duplication
This can be a tough thing, especially if you have been committed to duplicating a system.
Sponsors are concerned that people will get distracted and overwhelmed. But who's business is
this anyway? Does your sponsor's hesitancy mean you shouldn't pursue your passions and
develop your knowledge around this amazing tool?
Now, through the internet you have the ability to build a significant business that your upline will
profit from, as well as develop multiple streams of income (no, I don't mean multiple network
marketing companies) and brand yourself and a business. This gives you full ownership over
your business and makes you more than just a distributor for XYZ company.
You already know about the incredible phenomenon of the Internet! That's why you are
reading or listening to this. Think about the way the Internet has changed all of our lives already.
It has changed the way we shop, play, research and work. The Internet has been touted as the
“greatest self help tool ever invented.”
If people are going to the Internet to find answers and solutions to problems that range from the
cure for the common cold to the closest zoo to Timbuktu, how many people are also going
online looking for a home based business?
Are you ready to put this incredible tool to work for you?
Ask yourself these 3 questions Is the Internet the wave of the future?
Are fortunes being made on the Internet RIGHT NOW?
Am I making my fortune on the Internet?
The answer to the first two questions is YES. A resounding yes
and we have just barely scratched the surface,
What's your answer to question number 3?
In this module, you’ll learn:
How to Create Your Online Marketing Hub and Business
How to Create an Email List of Prospective Customers and Business Partners
How to Build Relationships Online and Establish a Following
How to Create Marketing Funnels: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
Profit In Your PJs
© All Rights Reserved - No Copies or Duplication
How to Create Content and Add Value
You can access all of the tools I have used; the exact steps I take and everything you
need to launch online in my e-book MLM, The Internet and You
If you want to build a successful business online, here is the most important thing you must
have to be successful: an Online Marketing Hub!
So, what's that? I'm glad you asked…..
How to Create Your Own Online Marketing Hub and Business
Your Online Marketing System consists of a few key components:
Marketing Hub - Personal Website/BLOG that Sells YOU. Now called a "blogsite."
Lead Capture System – this builds your email list
Marketing Funnels
Let's cover the Marketing Hub, or Personal Website/blog first.
Personal Website and/or BLOG
You must have a personal website and/or
BLOG that sells you first and your
company and opportunity second. Your
company website is important, but it is not
your ticket to freedom. It has limitations
and is not your primary source for
marketing yourself online. This is nonnegotiable!
The replicated "team site" that your upline
offers is okay, too, but it is also not your
ticket to freedom.
Think about the top internet and network
Profit In Your PJs
© All Rights Reserved - No Copies or Duplication
marketing income earners that you know. How many of them have their own website or blog?
Here's a key – all of them!!! And, you may be thinking that you'll just get started with one thing
and then switch. My suggestion – do it right the first time if you are serious. If this is more of a
hobby, then do what you enjoy doing and don't worry too much about the details. Just come
back and re-visit if it gets more serious.
There are lots of options out there for getting a personal site or Blog going, and all website
building options are not created equal. You do get what you pay for. And, using the WordPress
Option below, you can have a site/blog in one great place. How cool is that?
Today, it's easy to have a personal site/blog all in one. My main marketing blogsite is kept very
generic and does not mention my business other than a small link that says Work With Jackie
You can access my free guide on how to get started and set up your WordPress Blogsite WordPress Set Up Guide
You can access all of the tools I have used; the exact steps I take and everything you
need to launch online in my e-book MLM, The Internet and You
How to Create an Email List of Prospective
Customers and Business Partners
Building a list of prospective customers and
business partners is one of the most important
components of your Online Marketing System and
your business, in general.
If you are in business, you need a list. PERIOD!
Your Twitter following doesn't count; Your Facebook
friends are not the same; although many of these
might be on your list, you want to own your own
email list.
A great list equals a lot of money; business partners;
ongoing customers, etc. Without a list, it’s very hard,
if not impossible to be truly successful in your
business. People who don’t have a list or who don’t
know how to monetize their list, are not going to
have the success they desire. A list is a great step in
growing a relationship with people. They get to know
you through the content and value you share.
You need a list for a number of reasons and one is:
people rarely buy anything from you on the first contact, and unless you have a way of following
Profit In Your PJs
© All Rights Reserved - No Copies or Duplication
up with them, you’re literally leaving thousands, potentially millions of dollars on the table, over
There are three key pieces you need to start building a high quality list:
So, for the first thing, you need a high quality bribe, or "free report" that will entice them to sign
up for your newsletter, and will be promoted on your web site. You need to offer your
prospective client something that will make them anxious and happy to hand over their name
and email address.
This free report must provide something of value, and also information on you and how to find
out more about what you do. And, do this subtly, not a big "pitch fest!" You can see that my
"bribe" is this report – Profit in Your PJs: How to Create and Build Your Dream Business
Online in 30 Minutes a Day!
You are already experiencing this through this report you are now reading. You visited one of my
websites and "opted in".
Second, you need is an email management system (typically called an auto-responder) that is
going to automate this whole process and make it a snap for you to manage.This is what
automates the process and you'll want to incorporate them into your business plan and web site
from the very beginning.
Third, the opt in box must be on your site. You create this "webform" through the autoresponder system you use. There is a tutorial and it's not super techie. (I did it, ha!)
So, those are the basics to list building. You can get started building your list and setting up your
free report and webform by grabbing your auto-responder now. Here is my free guide on getting
this set up Lead Capture Set Up Guide
How to Build Relationships Online and Establish a Following
As I mentioned before, one of the most important pieces to building a solid, successful online
business is creating and expanding your relationships with others. Effectively engaging in
business through online sites and methods is still all about building relationships. It's about
getting social and getting to know each other. This establishes trust and compatibility.
It's not about blatant advertising or pushing your products or opportunity. Lead with yourself and
build a presence; brand; message and following.This style of business building, often called
"Attraction Marketing", is really about being authentic and real to your audience, and offering
value first, and not pitching or speaking about your opportunity until they ask. Give to get; that is
the philosophy. And, it's tough for many marketers online.
Profit In Your PJs
© All Rights Reserved - No Copies or Duplication
Watch how many people breeze onto Facebook and other forums and loudly "broadcast" their
Here’s a piece of solid advice – if you wouldn't walk into a party offline doing it; don't do it online
either. Set yourself apart from so many other network marketers who are embarrassing the rest
of us by spamming and blasting other people. It brings the whole profession of network
marketing down. People will become interested in your business after they become interested in
you. That is where having the personal website to lead them back to as they get to know you is
very important.
I like to picture myself as walking into a party when I enter an online forum. I may know one or
two people, but that's it. So, I walk in with the intention of meeting lots of new people and
expanding my horizons.
Just as you would not walk into a party flashing a neon sign that says "Ask me about my
business," you don't want to do this online either. Leave your business in the background and
wait for the right time and place.
When you enter into a community or a friendship online always be thinking about how you can
add value; resist the temptation to think about yourself or what might be in it for you. Ask
questions; offer ideas and advice to those struggling; share your personal stories and what has
helped you. Did you read a great article online? Post the link so others can also learn. Saw a
great motivational quote? Pass it on.
Solve a problem for someone and they will remember you for life. And, want to know more
about you.
Create a solid “Profile or About Me” area on the social sites so people always have the
opportunity to learn more about you and as you become known, more people will click to your
Gain trust with other readers and visitors by being authentic, honest and transparent. Build a
presence and through that presence, you will build a following. Be consistent; be a contributor.
Set yourself apart from many of the others who show up. The relationship starts or picks up on a
social site, and from there, you get them back to your site where you can add them to your
newsletter or information list and begin to develop rapport.
You can access all of the tools I have used; the exact steps I take and everything you
need to launch online in my e-book MLM, The Internet and You
Profit In Your PJs
© All Rights Reserved - No Copies or Duplication
How to Create Marketing Funnels: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
Success online comes from choosing a few areas to master and develop a presence, brand and
following. Don't try to take on too many. Pick one or two and work those consistently until you
are having success and they are running smoothly. Then, you can consider adding something
else into the mix.
The methods you use are often referred to as
"Marketing Funnels." Think of a funnel that captures
lots of people and delivers a smaller quantity to
your "hub of the universe" or marketing system,
which I'll get to in a minute. All of the time you
spend online is designed to ultimately get people
back to your website, where you then have
permission to talk specifically about your
opportunity and products.
Once they land there, by their own choice, it is now
their idea to look at what you offer and not yours.
And this creates a whole new mindset for your
Here are some Social Media Marketing Funnels methods to explore:
YouTube/Video Marketing –YouTube is now the #2 search
Article Marketing
Blogging – both your own and other's that you comment on
Groups and Forums – these can be found on Facebook,
and other social sites.
Linked In
Other Social Media Sites (there are thousands of Niche Sites)
Just to give you an idea of my strategy, I focus mostly on Facebook, YouTube/Video Marketing
and my Blog, with Twitter, MeetUp and LinkedIn in the mix a little, too. Those sites are where
you will find me focused 85% of the time when I am online.
Profit In Your PJs
© All Rights Reserved - No Copies or Duplication
I've learned how to mix and mingle them together using applications that allow me to make one
status update or content posting and it goes to multiple sites. Keep in mind that this is available
but don't get distracted by it yet.
Some people will shy away from Video Marketing and may choose article writing instead. Study
what is available and then decide what is going to be a fit for you. There is not a right or wrong,
only what you are passionate about.
I like to use a combination of methods that is going to create the most interactive experience
and engage my audience in a way that has them thinking they really know me; that we are face
to face, having a conversation. That's one reason I love Video Marketing. Once I got over my
fear of being in front of the camera; and focused more on just looking at it as having a one on
one conversation with someone, it became really easy to just chat for a few minutes in front of
the camera about a topic I am familiar with. I encourage you to explore Video Marketing and
consider making it part of your strategy.
My whole goal through this process is to get them back to my personal website; and signed up
in my auto-responder for more information.
Remember that these are SOCIAL sites. So you want to build a brand and a message around
letting people see YOU and your personality as well as your business. Be fun; share resources
and social concepts. Be positive and avoid controversial subjects such as religion and politics.
You can build an amazing business partnering with people on opposite sides of the political
aisle from you so don't alienate them before you even get started. Being social is easy when
your cell phone is connected and you can post status updates; pictures, etc.
I share some details on how to set up and work Facebook to get leads coming to YOU!
Facebook For MLM Profits
How to Create Content and Add Value; people love and crave quality information
This is a topic that can really throw a lot of people over the edge! The question I am always
asking is – how do I create content and what do I create content about?
If you are thinking there is no way you have time for content, check out my 52 weeks of prewritten, email delivered content –
A big part of online marketing revolves around creating content. Content consists of – articles/
blog posts; posts/comments on other people's blogs; videos; content on groups/forums. Content
should always provide interest and value. It is NOT advertising.
An example of content would be an article on how to make your warm market list; how to
contact people effectively; how to develop a Fan Page on Facebook, etc. These are just ideas of
things that someone might be looking for help with online and find YOU. This puts you in the
Profit In Your PJs
© All Rights Reserved - No Copies or Duplication
role of the "consultant" and can ultimately attract lots of people to you, some of whom will
ultimately sponsor with you.
If you are just getting started, invest in books and audio trainings on topics that you will be
sharing about. Begin to build and grow your "knowledge bank." This is critical to your success
and your ability to develop expert status! Invest in your education. It is priceless. Better than
college, these days!
Then, use what you learn to create content. Pull a book off a shelf and open to a random page.
Let the topic inspire your own writing. Just don't blatantly copy it.
Here are some ideas to get you started –
1. Share an Experience – we all have experiences in business, both good and bad
that others can benefit from. What are some experiences you can write or create
a video about?
2. Create a Top 10 List – create a list on the Top 10 Mistakes People Make on
Facebook; or the Top 10 Steps to Developing Your Presence Online; Top 5
Things to Look For in a Sponsor – you get the idea!
3. How to… - Teach something to your audience! You could teach how to create
your WordPress Blog, since you know how, now (Wink!) Or, perhaps how to do a
simple home party to put cash in your pocket.
4. Do a Q and A – poll your audience on what their biggest questions are and then
do an article answering them, or a video!
5. Have a Guest Author – You can also use the articles or videos of someone else.
Only use someone who you respect, admire; and don’t do this too often. Your
goal is to create your own following!
Profit In Your PJs
© All Rights Reserved - No Copies or Duplication
Putting It All Together - A Daily, Weekly and Monthly Action Plan That
Fits YOU
Okay, we have covered a lot and I hope you are still with me. This is to give you an overview
and none of this is built and developed in a day, so relax. It takes time and commitment and it is
so worth it!
You may be wondering - What’s the catch?
There is one - you have to be committed, you have to get started, you have to keep putting one
foot in front of the other, day in and day out, and you will move your business forward.
Don’t try to start online before you are ready.
Develop your business skills and work within the
proven systems of what works.
Launch your business as outlined above. Get those
first 2-3 in home business launches and those first
60-100 people contacted and develop that 30 day
success story. Then, just keep at it.
Schedule out your calendar effectively and make
sure you are taking action daily. This is what will
create duplication magic and you will love what you
are creating.
Once you do start online, spend no more than 30 minutes to an hour there. Do this after you
have made those 2 fresh contacts; followed up with those you previously contacted; be at offline
networking events so you are always growing your list and expanding your referral base.
Launch each of your new team partners in the same way that you started and is outlined here;
that is, if you want faster growth and success!
Your monthly calendar may consist of these activities:
2 new contacts daily
XX # of follow ups each day
2-3 offline networking events monthly
1 in home business reception (after your initial 2-3 to start)
Local, Regional and National events.
Social Media steps, as outline below
Profit In Your PJs
© All Rights Reserved - No Copies or Duplication
30 Minute a Day Online Marketing Blueprint
I know what you might be thinking – 30 minutes a day, are you joking? This is going to take
me months!
Well, here is thing – it does take some time to get the basics set up – your blog/site (plan on 1-6
days to get it ready, depending on you!) and your marketing funnels.
Once you get on a roll, you can create a month's worth of content in 4-8 hours a month; leaving
you free to spend the rest of your time contacting others; coaching your team; talking to and
following up with prospects; engaging in online Social Media Marketing a little each day, etc.
Ah, just typing this out makes me want to pinch myself again to have created a business
like this!!!!
Here is the thing though – just like offline, you must get started online!
Step 1 - Get your blog/site done to the point you are ready to market it. Let go of perfection. My
first website was a train wreck, looking back now. But you know what? I just kept improving and
pretty soon, I attracted my first lead; then signed someone up. Over time, You can do this, too!
Step 2 - Create your Fantastic Free Report; Set up your Autoresponder; and get your "web
form" added to your website/blog to begin building that list!
Step 3 – Choose one or two marketing funnels to start with – Facebook and Twitter, for
instance; and begin developing a following; friends and building relationships.
Step 4 – Create content and add value.
Step 5 – Watch the leads begin to come in; your business and your bank account begin to grow;
and then explode.
Step 6 – Have fun and love what you are doing!
Now, you are ready to create your daily Social Marketing action plan in 30 minutes a day.
1. Decide what your goals are for your Social Media Strategy. Write them down, as this will
assist in putting together the rest of your strategy. Since it is about building relationships, these
goals can be based around new friendships/connections/followers; group interactions; status
updates, etc.
2. Decide on one or two marketing funnels/social networking sites to begin with. Here is
where most people get into trouble and begin feeling overwhelmed. They try to take on too
many at once. Pick one to master first, and maybe a second to begin learning. As you master
one, move on to the other one and perhaps add a third for beginning. Here is a clue, you can
build a million dollar business with two or three.
Profit In Your PJs
© All Rights Reserved - No Copies or Duplication
3. Determine who your target market is and how you will find them on the social media
sites you are using. On Facebook, it might be groups or pages; on Twitter, you can do a
keyword search. Once you've found your market, spend your time in these areas making
friends/followers; interacting with and engaging in conversations.
4. At this point, you are ready to develop your social networking strategy. Determine the
amount of time you have daily, weekly and monthly and then write down some target goals
around this time. Time management is critical! Learn the applications for most social sites to
connect your cell phone and make mobile updates as you are out and about.
5. Create and contribute content. Review the section above on Creating Content. I carry a
journal or notebook with me and write down ideas as they come to me. I have an ongoing list
and it is never difficult to come up with topics this way. Remember, one piece of content can be
used in multiple ways.
6. Remember that these are SOCIAL sites. So you want to build a brand and a message
around letting people see YOU and your personality as well as your business. Be fun; share
resources and social concepts.
7. Use a tracking and goal sheet to set your weekly goals; track actual results; and create
consistency. Get very focused and disciplined and avoid wasting time. Make your time count
by always contributing in a positive way that will move you forward within your circle. Be
consistent. Developing your brand, message, presence and following is done by being there
regularly. Become unforgettable and you will attract an audience; customers and business
Resources For Your Success
My specialty is teaching others how to do what I do, both online and offline. NOW is the perfect
time to build a business in Network Marketing! Are you ready to be successful?
The Internet explosion will happen only once. Do you realize how you are positioned to take
advantage of it, and specifically with others who are going online looking for solutions?
I have invested thousands of dollars and thousands of hours developing my online business
approach, and it is ready for anyone to step right into and get started, without doing much of the
initial footwork I did! The steps are laid out. All you must do is follow them!
Do you have a business already? If so, take action, work it offline each day and put it into an
online system, too. If you don’t, are you looking for a business and someone to coach you in the
right business?
I would love to explore some options with you If so, Contact me through
or call me – 909-337-3521, pacific time zone.
Profit In Your PJs
© All Rights Reserved - No Copies or Duplication
Here are some resources I offer:
MLM Business Mastery
If you need to Master the Success Principles of MLM, my MLM Business Mastery Program
will get you everything you need to be successful with the skills of the profession. Once you
master these, you can create success online and offline
MLM Business Mastery
MLM, the Internet and You
My Online Marketing E-Book - MLM, the Internet and You; How to
Build a Successful Network Marketing Business Online - details
how I personally enroll over 125 partners into my business each year,
and they all come to me.
Start here if you are a beginner! You’ll learn an expanded overview and
details for getting your website up; the key components; how to
automate your system and, most importantly, how to market your site
and get your prospects coming to you. I take you start to finish through
my system and what I have used for the past ten years to build a million
dollar business. You can do this!!! You just need to know how.
Details at –
Social Networking Online - CD Set
I also have - Social Networking Online: How to Attract
and Sponsor Into Your Business Using Web 2.0
This 2 part CD series teaches the concepts behind using
Social Media Marketing to explode your business. Do you
want leads coming to you? I'll teach you how to use hot
tools such as Facebook to attract and sponsor people into
your business! This is for after you have your blog/site set
Profit In Your PJs
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Building Local With Social Media
Ready to learn how to find unlimited prospects in your own backyard? Learn how to use online
tools such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Meetup to find groups and unlimited prospects who are
right for your business.
Building Local With Social Media
Facebook for MLM Profits
If you want to master Facebook, I've developed a training guide on exactly how I meet, connect
with, engage and sponsor people monthly through Facebook –
Content for your Blog
And, of course my 52 Week Content for Blogs Program –
Street Smart Scripts
Have you ever wondered how to talk effectively with your prospects and bring them into your
business, handle objections, and fine tune the competitive advantage, you'll want to read –
Street Smart Scripts - Turbo Charge Your Prospecting Calls by Saying the Right Thing Every
Profit In Your PJs
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Power Recruiting
If you have struggled with Recruiting; knowing what to say;
getting people signed up, etc., check out
Power Recruiting: How to Sponsor Your Dream Team
If you want to survive in your Direct Sales and Network Marketing
business, you must be willing to learn the secrets to successful
prospecting and sponsoring; you must be willing to develop the
business and communication skills that will take you (like me!)
from zero to hero in your business!
MLM Bootcamp Basics
If you want to understand the basic mechanics of building a successful MLM Business, you’ll
want MLM Boot Camp. You’ll learn not only the basics, but also how to get your MLM business
started; skills on leadership; tools of the business; duplicating yourself; building on a shoestring
budget; frequently asked questions; building your business with small children; and more.
Details and download information –
Be prepared to make an investment in your future, and your success. There is no quick, easy
path, but I assure you that it is well worth whatever the investment may be.
You can make money online if you get focused, committed and have a good teacher and vision
of where you are going!
Here are a few final suggestions.
First, complete all of the action steps above before you start exploring other training resources.
Get your business launched and your 30 day success story DONE! Then, move into building
your website/blog and get all the other components done!
Second, find one coach and one mentor, maybe two. Get off all of the other lists who are
constantly selling you the next big secret and "guru launch." There are no secrets and pay
attention to who you are following and spending your time and money with.
Profit In Your PJs
© All Rights Reserved - No Copies or Duplication
If they have not built and sustained (meaning they still have it and it lasted) a solid network
marketing business with the methods they promote, be wary! I will tell you this - most of the
people selling you the “secrets to building online” are not currently using their so called secrets
to build a network marketing business. Ask before you buy.
Third, don't try to use only the internet to build your business. It's a great tool, and is only a tool.
Everyone who goes online looking for a business has a warm market and probably knows
someone in a business they would love. They just have not been notified. Business networking
groups, along with your warm market are still great methods!
Take it all at your own pace, and remember my warning and disclaimer – get the Steps Above
completed first, before you do anything else or buy any special program!
Ask yourself this –
“How am I doing?” And, when you answer, be honest with yourself. Are you happy? Is your life
and job fulfilling? Do you have enough time and money to do the things you want and spend
time with the people you love?
What if you could start earning a few hundred dollars a month part time and turn that into tens of
thousands of dollars a month, ultimately exceeding your current job and allowing you to walk
How would you like to leverage your time and get paid for 1000s of hours each day, while only
working five to eight yourself? Does this sound impossible? It’s being done every day, by
ordinary people like me. Will you be next?
"Opportunity doesn't go away - it just goes to someone else!"
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