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MTAA Super Clearing House
How to register guide
Before you get started with your registration,
make sure you have the following items handy:
•your MTAA Super employer number
•your company details including: ABN, full address, contact email address and phone
•your banking details including: BSB Number, account name and account number
•The full name and contact details of the person who will be responsible for this
account on a daily basis, for example the Payroll Manager
•The full name, title and contact details of the person who will authorise the employer
registration into the MTAA Super Clearing House, for example the Finance Manager
•The number of employees in your company, the number of employees that you are
contributing to for MTAA Super, the name of your default superannuation fund and
the name of your payroll system (if applicable)
Now you’re ready to get started using the steps
1. Select the link below to begin
2. Select the Start Application button
3. Enter your company’s ABN, click on the Lookup button
4. Your company details should be returned, click on the Next button
5. Enter your MTAA Super employer number
6. Enter your employer contact details, click on the Next button
7. S elect either the Single or Multiple Employer* radio buttons depending on your
situation, click on the Next button
8. E nter your company’s BSB Number, account number and account name details, click
on the Next button
9. C
omplete your contact details under both the Administrator and Authorisation
10. A
nswer all mandatory questions using the space provided and drop down boxes
where present, click on the Next button
Phone: 1300 362 415 / Fax: 1300 365 142
11. R
eview and confirm your details by selecting the check box following the
12. E nter the verification code into the box as shown on the screen, click on the
Submit Application button
13. O
nce your registration is successful, you will receive an “Application
Submitted” response.
Your employer application now needs to be processed within the MTAA Super
Clearing House system and this may take up to one business day to complete.
Once your employer application has been successfully processed you will receive
an email at your specified email address with your log-in details.
* Multiple Employer Facility
If you manage superannuation payments on behalf of multiple employers, you
will be able to link these employers through the MTAA Super Clearing House
If you require further assistance with this process, please contact our Customer
Service Centre on 1300 362 415.