Simple, quick,
and convenient!
Services you can claim online include:
•Doctor consultations • Blood tests
•Specialist consultations• X-rays
•Pharmaceutical medicine
NOTE - All hospital-related claims
must be made by mail or in person.
Online claiming is quick and easy and it’s
available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
To claim online (or over the phone) you
need to be registered for HandyClaim
which allows us to transfer benefits to
your nominated bank account. You can
register for Handyclaim online or by
calling 134 246.
Before you can claim online
Have you registered for HandyClaim? If
not, call 134 246 now to provide us with
your bank account name, number and
BSB details.
Let’s get started
Let’s make a claim
Select ‘Make a claim’ from the menu.
Step 1. Patient details
A patient is either you or someone on your
ahm OSHC policy.
• Who received the service you’re claiming
• What date was the service provided?
• Has the service been paid for?
Go to the ahm OSHC website
• Are you able to claim this from another
party or insurer because of: workers’
compensation, a motor vehicle accident,
school injury, medical negligence, public
liability or any other form of insurance?
Step 2. Provider details
A provider is the person who provided you
with the service, ie. your doctor or pharmacy
• Who was this service provided by?
Log in using your membership number
and password.
• If you know your provider’s number (it may
be on your receipt) type it in (optional)
•What is the postcode of your provider’s
• Click ‘search for provider’
• Select the provider the patient used.
Check your details and update them if
they’ve changed.
NOTE: If you need to go back to a previous screen,
please use the back button in the claim window. Do not
use the Back button in your browser as this will exit
you from the claim form.
What happens next?
When your claim is approved, your
benefit will be deposited usually within
two working days into your Australian
bank account.
Step 3. Service and cost
Step 4. Declaration
The service provided to you has a number.
•Please read the declaration and if you
agree, ‘click’ the declaration box to proceed
with your claim.
• If you select ‘Doctor’, choose the number
from the drop down list that matches the
one on your receipt. If the item number on
your receipt is not listed you will need to
select ‘Other’ instead of ‘Doctor’.
• If you select ‘Other’, then you can claim for
services such as specialist consultations,
blood tests or x-rays. Enter the provider
number, item number and cost of service
which are found on your receipt.
• If you select ‘Pharmaceutical’ to claim for
medicines and other prescription items
prescribed by your doctor, choose the type
of pharmaceutical from the drop down
menu and enter the cost per item as it is
listed on your receipt.
You’re almost ready to submit this claim.
You will be asked if you:
• are ready to submit this claim
• want to change or delete the claim
• want to add another item
Send ahm OSHC your receipts
• Please click on the print button to print the
claim letter.
Sign the letter with your name, attach your
receipt/s and post them to ahm OSHC.
• If you are unable to print the claim letter,
you can choose to have ahm OSHC send it
to you. When you receive the letter in the
mail, sign the letter with your name, attach
your receipt/s and post them to ahm OSHC.
Once you’ve clicked yes or no to print the
claim letter, click ‘submit all claim items’.
That’s it, you’re done.
All Enquiries:
134 246
(Call charges may vary)
Call centre hours:
8.30am - 5.00pm
(Eastern Standard Time)
1300 329 246
1800 006 745
[email protected]
Postal Address:
ahm OSHC,
Reply Paid 75885,
Matraville NSW 2036
The information contained in this document was accurate at the time of publication. All information is subject to the rules of ahm OSHC, and premiums and claims
will be accepted and paid in accordance with these rules.
‘Australian Health Management OSHC’ also known as ‘ahm OSHC’ is a business of Medibank Private Limited ABN 47 080 890 259.
ahm OSHC reserves the right to vary its premiums and benefits during the year, with premiums being subject to approval by the Minister of Health and Ageing.