How to leverage SAP NetWeaver Identity Management and Introduction

How to leverage SAP NetWeaver Identity Management and
SAP Access Control combined solutions
This paper provides an overview of the integrated solution and a summary of implementation options for
deploying a combined solution based on SAP Access Control and NetWeaver Identity Management. This
solution combines access governance and identity management capabilities to support automation of identity
and access processes and compliance requirements.
SAP Access Control solution is based on ABAP technology and integrates with the native SAP ERP,
Oracle, PeopleSoft, and JDE interfaces to support access governance capabilities. These
capabilities include features such as administration of the access request process and approval
process with integrated SOD analysis.
NetWeaver Identity Management is based on Java technology and is designed to support
administration of user identities, user provisioning, and single sign-on across IT systems and
SAP Access Control provides highly specialized functionality required to administer access and manage
accounts to meet requirements for financial regulations and company policies. NetWeaver Identity
Management provides powerful features designed to automate identity administration across multiple
systems. When IdM is integrated with SAP Access Control, SoD analysis capabilities can be integrated with
the approval processes within IdM to ensure that role assignments are compliant with financial regulations.
Please read on to learn more about the benefits of the integrated solution and how to best leverage the
features of each to determine the best approach for your deployment
Figure 1. Features of NetWeaver Identity Management and SAP Access Control
SAP Netweaver Identity Management
SAP NetWeaver Identity Management (NW ID Mgmt ) provides a comprehensive solution for managing user
accounts and privileges across enterprise landscapes. Enterprise landscapes include a variety of
applications and systems such as Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, SAP Business Suite, and
custom applications. SAP NetWeaver Identity Management is capable of integrating with these systems to
support identity management and provisioning through a combination of out-of-the-box connectors,
standards-based integration, connectors provided by partners and connectors custom-developed using the
NW ID Mgmt’s published connector API.
NW ID Mgmt supports the functionality to manage the user lifecycle from initial on-boarding, change, and
termination. NW ID Mgmt includes an integrated workflow engine, extended Role-Based Access Control, and
an integrated Identity Store built on virtual directory technology, the authoritative source for user identity
data. NW ID Mgmt provides password synchronization functionality, allowing users to change their
passwords on a number of source systems and have those passwords synchronized across all of their
different accounts. Comprehensive reporting of activities relating to the mappings of users, roles and
privileges are provided through SAP Business Warehouse.
Standards-based Web Single Sign-On functionality is provided through a SAML 2.0 compliant Identity
Provider. In addition, the product includes a Virtual Directory component that provides valuable metadirectory functionality and forms the engine for the product’s connector API.
SAP Access Control
SAP Access Control is an access governance solution that automates the processes associated with
managing access to business applications. SAP Access Control supports processes and audit records that
track who has access, who approved access, when access was granted, and if the access assignments are
still required.
SAP Access Control is designed to bridge the gap between obtaining the technical definitions of system
authorizations and facilitating the process of associating the correct system authorization or entitlement with
the appropriate user. SAP Access Control includes the following five modules to accomplish this automation
Access Request Process – integrated workflow process to orchestrate approvals, SoD analysis,
account actions (ie create, delete, lock, unlock, etc), and automated role assignment
User, Role, and Risk Certification – supports a periodic review process for existing user
assignments, role definitions, and access risks required by several compliance regulations
Risk Analysis and Remediation – enables analysis of Segregation-of-Duty (SoD) violations by role,
business process through ad-hoc queries or integrated with the access request. The integrated risk
analysis enables stakeholders to resolve conflicts and reduce risk by mitigating the violation by
changing the role assignment or through a mitigating control.
Business Role Management – supports management of SAP technical and business role lifecycle
management. SAP Business Role Management enables the centralized management of SAP
technical roles across multiple systems using a role methodology. This process ensures that roles
are subjected to appropriate testing and approvals prior to deployment. Business roles in SAP BRM
are groups of entitlements that can be associated with job functions for easily assignment to
business users.
Emergency Access Management – a complete solution for managing access for privileged user
access with integrated monitoring and log review.
SAP Access Control is built on SAP ABAP technology and is supported using standard SAP basis and
transport processes. SAP Access Control is intentionally built as a stand-alone solution to support integrated
compliance and access provisioning for SAP ERP systems.
Comparison of Major product features
This section compares key features of NetWeaver Identity Management and SAP Access Control.
Identity Administration and
Access Governance and ERP
User Provisioning
User provisioning based on Java
technology, connector framework,
and integrated Identity Store for
systems and applications. Broad
support for SAP applications,
databases, LDAP Directories,
replacement for SAP CUA.
Supports access request,
approval processes, default
values, role mapping, HR position
based security, account actions
and specific features required for
managing access for ERP
systems; based on SAP ABAP
Role Management
Job function oriented, SAP and
Non-SAP roles supported
including global heterogeneous
cross-system business roles.
Supports context based grouping
of roles and hierarchical role
inheritance capabilities.
Includes SAP technical role
lifecycle management, integrated
risk analysis, business role
management. Focus is on
definition and support of SAP
business processes.
Comprehensive workflow
designed for general IT onboarding and off-boarding.
Specifically designed multi-stage
multi-path to handle multiple line
item requests, cancelation and
forwarding scenarios for access
request approvals, delegation, and
certification processes required for
financial integrity and compliance.
Access Certification
Customizable configuration in the
Complete solution for periodic
analysis and certification of user
assignments, role definitions and
access risk. Supports process that
enables review scope to be
defined and administrative review
process, and review management.
Segregation of Duties Analysis
Not Supported
Flexible and comprehensive
cross-system SoD and Critical
Action risk analysis
Reporting and Auditing
Designed for management of user
provisioning processes
Supports compliance audit
Single Sign-On
Standards based SSO for SAP
and non-SAP applications based
on SAML 2.0.
Not Supported
Identity Provider
Standards based IDP for SAP and
other third party applications and
Not Supported
Emergency Access
Not Supported
Comprehensive application for
emergency access management
with integrated audit review
Identity Store
Comprehensive support for virtual
profiles and synchronization of
identity profiles and attributes
User and role repository for
compliance processes and
Password Management
Comprehensive solution for
password reset and policies
Supports reset only across
multiple ERP systems
HR Integration
Automated update of user
identities and synchronization with
integrated systems
Automated ERP account
provisioning based on HR event
type and pre-configured default
attributes and settings
Table 1. Feature Comparison
Deployment Considerations
Since both SAP Access Control and NetWeaver Identity Management were designed as independent
solutions, there are several options to consider when integrating Access Control to an existing NW ID Mgmt
deployment and vice versa. Along with these options, are important considerations for approval processes
and management of the integrated solution.
Figure 2. Solution Architecture
For existing SAP Access Control customers, integration of NW ID Mgmt can enable common integrated
workflow approval and provisioning process that includes IT, email, and business applications. Access
requests can be initiated in the IdM system with subsequent approvals and analysis in Access Control. This
solution helps to consolidate identity and access administration processes with automated workflow,
provisioning, and integrated SoD analysis.
Existing Access Control Deployments
Considerations for Implementing an Integrated Approval Workflow –
- Access request initiated in IdM, then send to Access Control to enable integrated approval process
- Approval process supported in Access Control for all assignment provisioning actions.
- Mitigating control concept in Access Control cannot be supported with external approvals.
- Application roles are required to be maintained in Access Control and NW ID Mgmt to support risk
analysis and approvals
- User provisioning to ERP applications supported by Access Control
- User provisioning to non ERP applications and IT systems can be supported using NW ID Mgmt
Identity Store and connector framework.
- Integrated audit trail supported through bi-directional web service – records all approval and request
- Access Control role management supports ERP role lifecycle
- Emergency Access capabilities supported through SAP Access Control
- Integrated reporting supported through BW
Table 2. Options for Existing SAP Access Control Customers
For existing NW ID Mgmt customers, you can benefit from integrating Access Control to support access
governance and compliance features required to manage access to the ERP system. Access Control also
includes role management, emergency access management, and reporting/ audit features that enhance and
expand the value of NW ID Mgmt .
Existing NetWeaver Identity Management Deployments
Considerations for integrating Access Control access governance and compliance - Enables support for financial compliance and internal policies during provisioning approval process
- SoD Check web service enables check for conflicts during approval process
- Maintenance of roles is required in both SAP Access Control and NW ID Mgmt
- Access certification processes can support periodic reviews for all ERP and compliance relevant role
- Multiple options for provisioning are supported:
o Access Control supports ERP provisioning, NW ID Mgmt supports other systems and
o NW ID Mgmt supports provisioning to all systems and applications
o Access Control supports SAP HR Indirect position based security and provisioning model
- Maintains audit record of approval actions that enables
- Roles maintained with Access Control role management, enabled for NW ID Mgmt provisioning
- Emergency Access capabilities supported through SAP Access Control
- Integrated reporting supported through BW
Table 3. Options for Existing NetWeaver Identity Management Customers
Case Study
NW ID Mgmt
Managing access to enterprise systems is becoming increasingly complex with increased risk and potential
for penalties. Netweaver Identity Management and SAP Access Control combined solutions provide critically
important features to ensure both management of identities and governance processes.
In many organizations, the management of IT systems and financial applications are supported by different
organizations, however the processes are similar in some cases. The integrated solution of IdM and Access
Control provides the ability to share a common set of tools to manage IT and ERP access and identity built
on common workflow, roles, and processes enabling greater value for both NW ID Mgmt and Access Control
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