Using ALEC for Battle of the Books (BOB)

Using ALEC for Battle of the Books (BOB)
ALEC is a learning management system (powered by Moodle) and customized for employees
and students in Academy District 20. Access to ALEC is available from any device that is
connected to the Internet - Your username and password are the same
ones you use to login to a district computer.
How to access BOB on ALEC (you can use ALEC at home or school):
1. From the High Plains Website, click on the “Students,” tab and then, click on “logins.”
2. On the logins page, click on the ALEC link. It will say you are leaving the District 20 website.
Click OK.
3. Click “Login” in the upper right hand corner and login using your district username (6 digit
student number) and password (first and last initial, birthdate).
4. Under “My Courses,” you should find “Battle of the Books—High Plains Elementary”. Click these
words, and it will take you right to the course.
Check under “Welcome to High Plains Battle of the Books” for the latest updates and
important information, like calendars and schedules of upcoming BOB events.
Look under “Battle of the Books Resources” for other information and downloads.
There are many handy tools here. There is also a link to Ms. Smith’s email, which is
where you will attach and send your story outline drafts
All of the quizzes are under “Take a Quiz.” Each quiz has 15 questions. You are allowed
to take it and retake until your score meets the requirements of 85% or better.
Under the “Take a Quiz” section, if you click on a book cover, you will be linked to other
activities that will help you review the books you have read. These include quizzes,
video links for books made into movies, and other fun sites.
Other points of information:
Setting up your profile: Settings—My profile settings—Edit profile—General, User picture, Interests,
Optional, Update profile
Accessing your quiz grades: Settings—Course administration—Grades
If you have an older brother/sister in D20, he or she can probably show you how to use ALEC, as they have probably
taken ALEC courses before. If all else fails, no worries. Find Mrs. Edgar or Ms. Smith and we can show
you how to access and use ALEC!