How To... Use Audioboo To Record A.Farren

How To... Use Audioboo To Record
Your Visit To A VisitWoods Wood
Rev: November 2011
Table of Contents
Creating An Audioboo Account
Logging On To The Audioboo Website
Creating An Audioboo Using A Smartphone
Sharing Your Audioboo Recordings
2 Introduction
What exactly is an Audioboo?
An Audioboo is simply an audio recording that has been uploaded on to the Audioboo website
so that it can be shared with the whole of the world!
Some people use the site for talking about things they are passionate about, to record their
thoughts, to provide useful information and it can also be used to create your own podcasts.
How much does Audioboo cost to use?
It all depends on how long you want your recordings to be. There is a free account that gives
you a few minutes of recording time but if you want to record more than this then you’ll have to
pay for one of the pro accounts. One of the free accounts should be sufficient for creating a
recording of any woods you are going to visit.
Where do I sign up?
The website you need to go to is all you need to do then is look for the sign
up button and follow the on-screen instructions for creating a new account.
How can I create my first Audioboo recording?
There are many different ways that you can create your first Audioboo recording so there
should be a way for everyone to get started.
If you have a smartphone such as the iPhone, an Android based
phone or a supported Nokia phone then there’s an app that you
can use to create your Audioboo. This is probably the easiest way
to make your Audioboo recording as once you have the app
installed all you do is click on the record button and then when
you’ve finished it will then upload the recording to the website for
Another way to create an Audioboo is to use a digital
dictaphone and then all you have to do is email the mp3 to
get it on the website. You can even dial a telephone
number and record your Audioboo directly on to the website
on a standard phone.
You can even upload a file to the Audioboo website or make a
recording using a microphone – most laptops will have a built-in
microphone, if you have a desktop computer then you may
need to purchase additional equipment. 3 Creating An Audioboo Account
Creating an Audioboo account is a fairly short process so should only take a couple of minutes
to get you up and running. Simply browse to and click on the sign up
You now have two options, you can either create an account directly on the Audioboo website
by filling in the details here or if you have a Twitter account you can Sign in with Twitter.
Choose a username and enter it here:
Type in your email address here:
Think of a password and enter it here:
You’ll need to tick the box here to accept the
Terms of Service to be able to create an account
Now all you need to do is click on Join Audioboo
and you’ll have created your account!
That’s It!
You now have an Audioboo account and you can now start creating Audioboo recordings.
4 Logging On To The Audioboo Website
Open your internet web browser and go to the following web address:
Once the page has loaded all you need to do is click on the log in button here:
Enter your username and password in the boxes provided and click on Login or if you signed
up using your Twitter account click on the Sign in with Twitter button.
After a few moments you will then be logged in to the Audioboo website and you’ll be taken to a
list of your most recent Audioboo recordings.
5 Creating An Audioboo Using A Smartphone
The example screenshots shown below have been taken from the current iPhone app and are
subject to change, but the process should be very similar (if not the same) on other
Smartphones that have the Audioboo app installed on them.
After opening the
Audioboo app press the
Record button to go to
the recording screen.
When you’re ready to
begin recording press the
Record button here:
A countdown from 3
down to 0 will then begin
so you have a couple of
seconds to compose
yourself before the
recording begins.
You can pause your
recording at any time by
pressing the Pause
After pressing the Pause
button you now have 2
choices. You can either
click on Resume to
continue recording or you
can end your recording
by clicking on Publish.
After pressing the
Publish button you now
have the option of
uploading a photo,
adding a title to your
recording and tagging it
with keywords.
6 (7)
After pressing Add
Photo you can now
choose to take a photo
and add it to your
Audioboo or choose an
existing photo that’s
already on your phone.
You can now zoom in to
your photo and move it
around a bit.
Touch here to add the
name of the Woods that
you are talking about and
then press Done.
When you’ve finished
adding a photo, naming
your Audioboo and have
added some tags all you
need to do now is press
the Save + Upload
When you’re happy with
how it looks press
Just like the photos that
you upload to the
VisitWoods website you
can add tags to help
people find your
recording – make sure
one of the tags is
VisitWoods J
Your Audioboo recording will now be held in a
queue ready to be uploaded to the Audioboo
website so don’t worry if you don’t have an
Internet connection at the time of making your
recording (a lot of woods are in the middle of
nowhere so this can be a common thing).
Once you are in an area
that has a good Internet
connection on your
mobile scroll along and
find the My Boos button
and press it.
If your Internet
connection is fast/strong
enough then your
Audiboo recording will
now upload to the
7 Sharing Your Audioboo Recordings
Sharing your recordings couldn’t be simpler as there is an option built in
to the Audioboo website that will automatically post a link to any new
recording to Twitter, Facebook, Posterous or Tumbler.
If you want to set this feature up then all you need to do is click on the
settings button at the top of the Audioboo website and then click here:
All you need to do now is choose which sites
you want Audioboo to post your new
recordings to and follow the on screen
instructions for each option.
If you prefer to share your Audioboo recordings manually then all you have to do is click on the
Audioboo you want to share and then copy the URL (web address) from the top of the page
and paste it in to the site you want to share the link on such as Twitter or Facebook.