How to book out a laptop at Tremough using Connect...

How to book out a laptop at Tremough using Connect 2
Tremough IT Service Desk has 32 PC laptops available for loan from the support office
located on level 1 of the Daphne Du Maurier building.
25 of the loan laptops have office 2007 installed and 7 of them have office 2010 installed.
The laptops have wireless internet connection.
We are unable to install any additional software on to the loan laptops.
You can access Connect 2 by clicking on the link on the intranet page
Click on Connect 2 Link from
intranet page
Or by going to and selecting the Photography link.
Select Photography Link from
Or by following this direct link
Log on with your network username and password.
Log in using your network
username and password
Select Create Booking
And then select Tremough IT laptops
Select ‘Tremough IT Laptops’
Choose the Tremough Laptop Collection link
Then select the dates and times you wish to borrow the laptop by picking your day from the booking
grid calendar
Please Note: You can only book the laptop out for a period of up to 1 week. Please remember to
collect your booking on time If you fail to do this, the booking will automatically
cancel and will be available for someone else. All students will be required to sign a ‘laptop loan
conditions form’ agreeing to the terms and conditions each time they borrow a laptop. Late returns
will incur a fine.
Select ‘Next’ and check your booking details are correct
When you’re
sure all the
booking details
are correct, click
Click Submit. You will receive a booking reference number. Please hand this to the IT Service Desk
when collecting your laptop.
If you have any problems please contact the Service Desk:
How to contact us
You can contact the Service Desk in person, by telephone, email, text message or online via the selfservice portal.
Tel: 01326 213822 or ext 3822
Email: [email protected]
Text no: 07511 398329 & start your text with SD
In – person: Our IT support offices and IT Suites are located:
Level 1 of the Tremough Learning Resource Centre
General Loan Conditions
Only registered users of the college network can use the laptops.
Users are required to sign an Equipment Loan Agreement Form.
Loan of the laptops are subject to course requirements.
Equipment can not be loaned to you or returned by you without you personally presenting
your current ID card.
You are fully responsible for the laptop loaned to you for the duration of the loan and therefore
must not allow anyone to borrow anything from you.
Equipment must be returned in the same state as when taken out.
Loan of laptops are only available in connection with course work or college Business.
Standard loan period
The standard loan period for equipment used outside of the resources will be for 1 week.
The opening times for loaning out Laptops is from Mon to Thurs 8.45am to 5.15pm and Fri
8.45am to 5pm.
Extended loan period
Longer loan periods are available but these are controlled by the Resource equipment
booking programme and depend on the current demands.
Due to the conditions of the college insurance policy, loans cannot normally exceed a 5 day
period. Exceptions may be negotiated between the resource centre and the college insurers.
This may incur a cost to the borrower.
Laptops may not be covered by the college insurance for visits to some countries or forms of
transportation (e.g. equipment travelling in an aircraft cargo hold). You will need to check with
the college insurance company and if necessary pay an additional premium or take out your
own insurance.
Laptops may be pre-booked but if you fail to utilize the booking within 10 minutes of the
agreed time of collection the booking will be automatically deleted and made available to
other users.
Continued failure to take up bookings will result in the loss of the privilege to make bookings
in advance.
Late return beyond the agreed time/loan period results in an initial penalty of £5.00 and a
further £3.00 penalty for each additional day that equipment is retained.
Loans are suspended until such time as incurred fines are cleared. Continuation of late
returns may ultimately result in suspension of use of all or some of the facilities and
Refusal to return equipment long term will be treated as theft.
Loss and damage
The laptops are not covered by college insurance.
The user is responsible for the care of the Laptop for the duration of the loan; consequently
you will be held responsible for any damage and may be charged the full cost of repair or
replacement (£350) or be asked to contribute to such costs.
As is professional practice, please check all equipment upon issue at the store and report any
problems immediately to the IT department. Failure to do so may result in you being held
responsible for any damage noted on return at the end of your loan period.
You should take security measures to ensure safekeeping of the Laptop (do not leave the
laptop unattended, even in a locked car).
In the event of the loss of the Laptop, up to the full cost of the Laptop replacement will be
charged to users where there is evidence of contributory negligence. If the Laptop is stolen
you must report this theft to the police and obtain a reference number for college insurance
In all cases of loss or damage, a loss and damage report form must be submitted to the
relevant resource centre
Please refer to the college insurance policy.
In all instances the decision on loan availability and penalties are at the discretion of the It Department
and are final. Failure to comply with any of the above will be considered by the College as negligence
and may result in the loss of access of facilities.
I agree to the conditions above.
Full Name ……………………………………………………………………………………………
Signed ……………………………………………………….