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Phone Card Charity Exceeds Expectations
California Bowling Writers members stepped up
to the plate and the Phone Cards for the Troops
charity exceeded all expectations pushing the
total to $8,100.55. Our goal had been $6,000.
More and more people are supporting this effort
including those from around the U.S. League
collections and 50/50’s plus donations from local
associations and the California BVL Fund helped
to reach the grand total.
Est. 1998
Volume XI, Issue III
Our newest board member, Andrea Adamson of
Pacifica, worked the leagues at her bowling center plus bus trips to Red Hawk Casino and raised
nearly $1,000! On more than one occasion
members collecting donations were told that their
loved ones had received one of our cards and
how great it was because they do not have access to cell phones. Considering the thousands
of troops in the war zone, how about running into
people who have someone serving in the armed
forces that have received our card!
Phone Card Donors
January 2010
This year we learned that packets could be sent
directly to your serviceman/woman. In addition
the crew at 29 Palms have been offered special
Valentine’s from a card company to enfold our
We are excited about the growth of this charity.
There will be no doubt that those special people
serving in the armed forces are appreciated.
How to
Write it Right
(final list of 2009 donors)
Pat Kiska
Joellyn Rinnader
Classic Bowl Bowlers
Cheryl Frey
Cal Bowlers Tour
North Bay Travel League
Kathy Nesson
Beverly & Daniel Sullivan, in
memory of Phil Severance
Ramona Clark
Nancy McCall
Marian Branson
Jayne Faris, in memory of
MSgt. (ret) Jim Faris
Alda & Graham McPhail
Always on Tuesday League
Roaring 90's League
Bea and Walter Dombrowski
Yvonne & Paul Sasse
Golden Empire USBCA
Camellia City 500 Club
Birdcage Seniors
Jerry Kenner
Eloise Cottrell, in memory of
Bill Cottrell
Striking 3's League
Country Club Bowl Seniors
Casino Bus Run, Classic
Steve Cook Classic League
North Area Mixed League
Women's Inter Assn. Travel
Esther Solar
Phyllis Castrovinci
Bowling Buddie Biddies
Kathy & Marston Watson
Lydia Rypinski
Jack's Ringers League, in
honor of CSM Reggie Gary
The phone cards will go to Iraq and Afghanistan
enclosed in the CBW personalized valentine
card designed by Jackie Wyckoff. This card tells
each service person receiving one who we are,
how much we all appreciate their service and
wishes them safe journey home. The AT&T 125
minute international cards will be included in a
special gift packets of personal items put together by gals at the Armed Services YMCA at
29 Palms, California under the direction of Executive Director Anita Neu-Fultz. Cards go for
Valentine’s Day.
By Mary Lynly
This column is part of the California Bowling Writer’s efforts
to help our members be good
writers. Be a part of promoting
bowling through the written
word! What could be better
than doing a “Profile” on a
deserving person or writing
something on the Golden Quill
topic – “A League Experience.”
Look around you. The people
and situations are everywhere.
The following are some tips to
help you write it right!
What is the main point of the
story? i.e. What is the main
message I am trying to convey? What is the story really
about? Look for the heat in
your subject. Appeal is emotional, not intellectual. Whatever your subject, write about
people, physical objects and
actions. These are what engage the imagination and the
emotions – concentrating on
them has the added benefit of
adding clarity.
Do not lead with biographical
material unless it leads directly
— and quickly—into the substance of your story. Biographical material isn’t important
until later in the story when
you give the reader a reason
to want to know more about
the individual.
Don’t linger over nonessential
stuff. . .your readers don’t
necessarily care about someone until you tell them why it’s
important, and nonessential
stuff, by definition, isn’t important. Avoid abstractions, generalities, jargon and clichés.
Use plain speech and talk like a
real person.
If a simpler word can be used
with no loss of meaning, use it.
Same goes for fewer words vs.
more. If you can’t say it plainly,
that may mean you don’t understand it well enough yet.
Opinions are not facts, even
your opinions. Opinions make
personal journalism lively but
be sure to know the difference
between opinion and fact.
Identify your sources. Regardless of punctuation - ALL CAPS
or lots of exclamation marks!!!!
– contributes nothing to the
discussion. Your audience
needs to know where the information comes from. Good
journalists have to assume that
everyone, even people they
like, may be lying.
Fact check. Reputable media
people use professional fact
checkers and mistakes are still
made frequently. Try to get the
details right.
Spell Check then read it again!
CBW Gratefully Acknowledges
our 2010 Sponsors
Bowling Proprietors
Association of
621 Six
Flags Dr.
Arlington, TX
Eldorado Hotel
John R. McGinnes
Director of Sales
345 N. Virginia St.
Reno, NV 89501
National Bowling
Bob Thomas
Opr. Manager
300 N. Center St.
Reno, NV 89501
Storm Products Inc.
"The Bowler's
Dave Symes,
165 South 8th W
Brigham City,
UT 84302
Columbia Industries
Chad Murphy
Director of
5005 West
Avenue, San
President’s Follow Through
Happy New Year! It is hard to believe we have survived a decade in the new millennium
and California Bowling Writers is over a decade old. We’ve come a long way, baby.
Bowling has been through some interesting changes over the decade as well. Whether or
not we are better off with these changes still remains to be seen and that could be a whole
newsletter in itself. But, I am here to report what we’ve been up to the past few months.
Our 6th annual Phone Card Drive’s deadline just passed and donations topped $8,000 - our
highest amount collected ever. I want to personally thank each and every one of you that
jumped on board and generated donations to this very worthy cause. We outdid ourselves.
Special thanks to Mary Lynly and Eloise Cottrell for all their efforts running this year’s Drive.
It just shows how we can all come together and what it can produce. CBW Director Andrea
Adamson is recognized for her creative efforts in getting donations rolling in.
I want to remind all of you that our annual writing contest
applications are almost due. The topic for the Golden Quill
is “A Special League Experience”. The article should be
published between October 1, 2009 and April 1, 2010. The
Profile Award should be published between February 16,
2009 and April 1, 2010. If you haven’t published your article yet, there is still time. I’m happy to report that through
1st VP Joan Romeo‘s efforts, Bowler’s Journal will sponsor
both awards this year. It is great to be able to work with
this publication and to have their support over the past
several years. If you don’t already subscribe to Bowler’s
Journal, please consider subscribing. You may do so
online at The entire CBW
Board subscribes.
CBW Interim Meeting, Oct. 2-3, 2009, Bakersfield, CA:
The board voted to discontinue the Minutes Review Committee using the board instead. Annual Meeting Minutes
will be available to all attendees at each Annual meeting.
CBW President
Bette Addington
New Board Member: Just prior to the meeting, Joan Feinblum, 2nd VP, submitted her resignation due to health concerns and Barbara Metzinger
agreed to accept the position.
Director Position Vacant: Due to Barbara Metzinger moving up to accept the 2nd VP position, the Director #1 North position is now vacant. Any active CBW members from the north
interested in joining the CBW Board please contact any CBW Board member.
Historian: Our CBW webmaster, Kathy Watson, has handled the duties of being our Historian and recently decided to step down from these responsibilities. As of our Interim meeting, Barbara Metzinger and Mary Lynly, have taken over the duties of CBW Historian.
CBW Sponsors: Sponsors have been what keeps CBW afloat for putting on our Luncheons year after year and it was decided to have our sponsors not only put in our InfoLink to
let our members know who they are, but also have them put on our website. Please patronize our CBW sponsors to show them how much we appreciate their support.
2010 CUSBC Product Fair: Mark your calendars now, as June 11-13, 2010 is the date
and the Fremont Marriott is the place for the 2010 CUSBC Convention. CBW plans to be a
part of the Product Fair and Marian Mann will be the Chair. CBW will have the famous dice
game and membership applications and renewals. If you know of any vendors that would
like to be involved in the Product Fair, please let any of our board know.
CBW Luncheon: Our 2010 keynote speaker speaker will be Ron De Roxtra, Communications Coordinator for the Bowling Proprietors Association of America and Executive Administrator for the Bowling Writers Association of America. Ron compliments the mission of our
Luby Publishing Inc.
Keith Hamilton, President
122 S. Michigan Ave., Suite 1506,
Chicago IL 60603
Page 2
CBW Convention Calendar:
CBW Board Meeting, Fri., Jun. 11 at 10am
CBW Luncheon & Keynote, Sat., Jun. 12 at 11:30 am
CBW Annual Meeting, Sat., Jun. 12 at 7pm
Here’s hoping you can keep your New Year’s Resolutions!!
Bette Addington, CBW President
California Bowling Writers 2009-2010 Officers & Directors
Bette Addington, President 661-589-3119 [email protected]
Donna Dillard, Secretary 626-683-8658
Joan Romeo, 1st VP 818-997-7152
Barbara Metzinger, 2nd VP 916-966-4888
Tina Martin, Treasurer 415-897-4458
Marian Mann, Sergeant at Arms 650-991-9386
#1 North—VACANT
#2 South—Phyl Knoll
#3 North—Andrea Adamson
#4 South—Jill Williamson
InfoLink Newsletter Editor: Jackie Wyckoff 408.866.6598 [email protected]
De Roxtra Announced as CBW
Media Luncheon Keynote Speaker
Our own Joan Romeo has done it
again! Joan has been the master
at booking exciting and interesting
keynote speakers for the CBW
Luncheons and this year is no
exception. Ron De Roxtra, Communications Manager for the
Bowling Proprietors’ Association
of America will join the ranks of
CBW keynotes on June 12 at our
annual media and publicity luncheon in Fremont. “Communication
is the Key” and it is also the theme
for 2010.
served in Southeast Asia and
Europe. He is married with four
children and six grandchildren.
Hobbies and interests include
photography, cycling, Habitat For
Humanity, Big Brothers Big Sisters
and Meals On Wheels.
While the details of his address
remains closely guarded , we
promise it will be relevant to
CBW’s Mission Statement
“Recognize journalistic excellence;
Reward outstanding effort in bring2010 CBW Keynote ing media attention to the sport of
Ron has a 20+ year career in
bowling; Educate members and
Ron De Roxtra
broadcast journalism as news and
non-members to develop and
sports anchor, reporter and editor. He has also
strengthen writing skills to enhance bowling
been a national sports talk host on Prime Sports
promotion; Include and encourage electronic
Radio as well as the TV play-by-play voice of
media in communications; Promote and foster
Dallas Fire hockey and TCU women’s basketbowling photography.
ball. He is an 8-time winner of the Dallas Press
Club Katie Award. In between radio stints, Ron
De Roxtra knows all about communication. In
dabbled in high tech public relations in Silicon
addition to his duties for BPAA, Ron acts as
Valley, California where he worked with clients
Executive Administrator for the Bowling Writers
to develop and execute strategic communicaAssociation of America and IBPSIA
tions and marketing strategies. He was also a
(International Bowling and Pro Shops and Incommunications trainer working with corporate
structors Association) and is the editor for both
leadership to develop effective public speaking
organizations newsletters.
More information and details of the luncheon will
He is a veteran of stage, screen and television
be available soon.
with principal credits in movies like, "The NewSAVE THE DATE!
ton Boys," "Mississippi Burning," "JFK," and
2010 CBW/CUSBC Convention
"Ruby." TV credits include "Walker, Texas
June 10-13, 2010
Ranger," "Dangerous Curves," "Dallas," and
"Wishbone." He has done hundreds of regional
Fremont Marriott Silicon Valley
and national TV commercials and voiceovers for 46100 Landing Parkway
radio. Ron is an Air Force veteran, having
Fremont, California 94538
San Francisco Native Kim
Terrell-Kearney Elected
to USBC Hall of Fame
A pair of two-time U.S. Open champions, one
from the 1980s, the other from the 2000s,
have been elected to the United States Bowling Congress Hall of Fame in a worldwide
ballot of the Superior Performance category.
Kim Terrell-Kearney, 44, of Grand Prairie,
Texas, and Marshall Holman, 55, of Medford,
Ore., will be inducted May 12 at the International Bowling Campus in Arlington, Texas. It
will be the first outdoor induction ceremony in
USBC history and will be preceded the previous night by a special dinner in downtown
Fort Worth. The public is invited to both
events with free admission to the inductions.
Terrell-Kearney owns 10 professional titles,
most recently the 2008 U.S. Women's Open.
Her major victories came in the 2002 Queens
and the 2001 U.S. Open. She has finished in
the top 10 of the WIBC/USBC Women's
Championships 16 times, nine of them in the
2000s. And she has placed in the top 10 in
the Queens nine times.
"It's always been dream of mine to be
elected to this hall of fame but I wasn't sure if
it would be a reality," said Terrell-Kearney,
the assistant coach at the new International
Training and Research Center.
Always colorful Holman won all but one of his
22 Professional Bowlers Association titles
between 1975 and 1988. Among his victories
were the Firestone Tournament of Champions in 1976 and 1986 and the Bowling Proprietors' Association of America U.S. Open in
1981 and 1985.
Outlets for Story & Article Publication
The InfoLink encourages and will accept stories of 200-500 words, relating to bowling. Articles should be focused on individual
accomplishments, special events, community involvement, prose, etc. Because we are focusing on special articles by our writers, reporting of scores or association related events will not be accepted. Send your stories to: Jackie Wyckoff, PO Box 50213,
Palo Alto, CA 94303 or email (preferred) to: [email protected]
We have also included for your convenience, a list of other California bowling publications who would accept stories
and articles for publication which were previously submitted for publication in the California Golden Nugget:
BOWLING WORLD NEWSPAPER ~ Donna Hazel, Editor ~ Website:
900 S. Winchester Blvd., Suite #11, San Jose, CA 95218 ~ E-mail: [email protected]
Office: 408-984-0823 or 408-984-0824 ~ Fax: 408-366-0847 or 925-215-2242
CALIFORNIA BOWLING NEWS ~ Carol Mancini, Editor ~ Website:
P.O. Box 4160, Downey, CA 90240 ~ E-mail: [email protected]
Office: 562-807-3600 ~ Fax: 562-807-2288
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California USBC GUARANTEES $47,000 in Prize
Money for the 2010 State Queens & Masters Events
By Phyl Knoll
Sandy began her bowling career in 1964 when she was 19 years old.
But, because of her lifestyle, bowling took a back seat to her busy
schedule and twenty years passed before she picked up a bowling
ball again. It was then that she found her way to the TRW(NGST)/
SEA Bowling League at Gable House Bowl, Torrance. Over these
many years, Sandy bowled tournaments hosted by the WIBC, California State, and the Local Association, cultivating tons of friends.
Bowling with her good friend and teammate, Annette Hamilton in the
Viking I League at Gable House, has become a way of life and pleasure for Sandy. Annette has only been bowling since 2004 and has
come to love the game. Both gals were thrilled when they bowled so
well in the 2009 CAUSBC Women’s Championship. Not only did
they win the D-Division Doubles Event
with 957; Annette shot a 516 Series, to
capture the D-Division Singles.
Viking-I NG SPSC League at Gable
House Bowl in Torrance meets every
Wednesday at 6 PM. It was there that
Nicole Peterson and Summer Koepp
became teammates and good friends.
When they were approached by Betty
Brooks, the squad leader of teams for the
2009 CAUSBC Women’s Championship
Tournament, both gals said “Why Not”!
They were placed on the same team for
the team event and matched together for
the Doubles and Singles Events. They
were a match to “be reckoned with” in the
E-Division for the 851series they posted
captured the First Place for the Doubles
Event in that division!
The Donkee Tour ladies of Team #11
have been friends for over 30 years.
They have competed in the CAUSBC
each year, but they just couldn’t “nail
down” that First Place spot. This year
was different, they really poured it on,
posting 1,213 series at Yorba Linda Bowl
to capture the First Place in B-Division.
But, it wasn’t over. The following day
Rose and Lannis continued their quest
for glory by posting a 1,244 to win the ADivision Doubles Event.
Senior Tournament Winners
Congratulations to:
Loretha Knox, 1326, Super Senior
Royoko Waltman, 1344, Division A
Sandra McGee, 1344, Division B
Sandy Costa, 1352, Division C
Jennie Nubie, 1337, Division D
us out
online at
Phyl Knoll,
Lannis Perrucci,
Rose Caldwellci
Congratulations Youth State Scratch Champions
The Queens & Masters (QM) committee has been working hard for
two years trying to find sponsors and trying to figure out how to the
get funds increased to gain that participation interest. We had no
easy or viable solutions and finally went to the board for help. In
understanding our dilemma that we can’t get the participants because the prize fund is not there and we can’t payout a nice prize
fund because the participants aren’t there, the board decided that
they needed to step in and help or else the tournaments will fold and
two 40+ historical events will come to an end.
After gathering a lot of feedback from both events, the committee
came up with multiple scenarios to present to the board for
approval. The decision came down to
this… keep the historical format the
Sandy Cash, same, the Masters will remain with a
final field of 64 and prize fund payout
to 64. The Queens format will also
Phyl Knoll,
remain the same with a finals field of
32 and a prize fund payout to 32. The
guaranteed payout approved by the
state board was $47,000 total –
$30,000 to the Masters and $17,000
to the Queens. The committee was
extremely confident that in receiving
these funds, the bowlers WILL come!
For the Masters, a $30,000 guarantee
will payout $3,000 for first place +
$450 National USBC Masters entry +
berths into the 2011 & 2012 State
Masters Finals ($3,950 value). Second place will be $2,000 and third
place will be $1,500 GUARANTEED!
For the Queens, first place will be
$1,500 + $300 National USBC
Queens entry + berths into the 2011 &
2012 State Queens Finals ($2,100
value). Second place will be $1,350
Rose Caldwell, and third place will be $1,200 GUARANTEED! Along with the bonus
awards of High Qualifier from the
Championship Qualifier, High Qualifier from the Last Chance Squad,
Highest game in the Last Chance
Squad, Highest series in the Finals
and Highest game in the Finals, we
will be offering bonus awards for 300
and 800 sport honor scores for the
finals as well as referral fees for those
that bring in multiple entries. Entry
fees will be increased to $250 for the
Masters Last Chance entry, $175 for
the Open Championships qualifier,
$150 for the Queen’s Last Chance entry and $110 for the Women’s
Championships Qualifier. There will be discounts for those that entered the Championship qualifier and want to re-enter in the Last
Chance squad.
This page and editorial content is the responsibility of CUSBC
Page 4
History Making Grand Opening of International Bowling Campus
ARLINGTON, Texas, January 6, 2010 - For the
will include the International Bowling Museum
first time in the 5,000-year history of the sport,
and Hall of Fame - Formerly located in St.
the bowling industry will be united under one
Louis. The museum will also house the Celebroof with the grand opening of the International
rity Hall of Fame exhibit, including inductees
Bowling Campus (IBC) in Arlington, Texas, an
Lynn Swann, Jerome Bettis and Tom Candiotti.
unprecedented event in sports history. The IBC
Custom bowling industry merchandise and
is in close proximity to the new Dallas Cowboys
branded memorabilia will be available at "Spare
Stadium, the Rangers Ballpark and the Six
Partz," a unique concept in museum stores.
Flags Over Texas theme park. The 100,000plus square foot IBC complex will house more
The International Training and Research Center
than 200 employees. At 2:30 pm on January
(ITRC) - A United States Olympic Committee25, the campus will open its doors with a historic
recognized training center, the ITRC will serve
ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by a staras a world-class training facility for professional
Photo Courtesy of Ron De Roxtra, BPAA and amateur bowlers, and will include 20 lanes
studded gathering of national and local celebrities along with our own CBW members Joan Romeo, Barbara Metzfor training, research, testing and television broadcasts (of the 20 lanes,
inger, Mary Lynly, Elaine Hagin, Kathy Watson and Jackie Wyckoff.
six will be used exclusively to test and certify bowling equipment prior to
worldwide distribution, replicating all lane conditions). The center's reThe campus will serve as home to the new and expanded International
search area will include cutting-edge tools such as a robotic ball
Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame. The state-of-the-art museum will
thrower, a computerized ball tracking system and a state-of-the-art
feature interactive displays and exhibits along with rare, one-of-a-kind
biomechanics package designed to analyze actual bowling movements
items from the various eras dating back to 3,200 B.C. The IBC will also
and test equipment. The center will be the training home for Team USA,
house the International Training and Research Center and will act as
Junior Team USA, international teams, numerous college and high
the central operating facility for the Bowling Proprietors' Association of
school teams and elite coaches.
America (BPAA) and the United States Bowling Congress (USBC).
The campus will also be home to the International Bowling Pro Shop
"The International Bowling Campus marks a first in sports and its impact
and Instructors Association (IBPSIA), the School for Bowling Center
on the bowling industry simply cannot be understated. Bringing together
Management, the Billiard and Bowling Institute of America (BBIA), Bowlall of the leading entities in bowling under a single roof is a tremendous
ing News Network (BNN), Strike Ten Entertainment (STE), Bowling
step forward in uniting and strengthening our industry," said Steve
Writers' Association of America (BWAA) and The Bowling Foundation
Johnson, executive director of the BPAA. "With already more than 69.3
(charitable arm of the industry).
million bowlers in the U.S. alone, the opening of the IBC sets the stage
for a new era of growth for bowling and signifies the incredible worldThe grand opening events will be held in conjunction with the BPAA's
wide resurgence in popularity that bowling has seen in recent years."
Bowling Summit, which will be attended by proprietors representing
thousands of bowling centers from across the United States. For more
In addition to the BPAA and USBC, the International Bowling Campus
details please visit
BWAA Chuck Pezzano
Scholarship Fund 2010
BWAA Charity Tournament
Now the Virtual Tournament
With the goal to find young, talented, intelligent writers from our youth
bowlers the Bowling Writers Association of America annually awards
the Chuck Pezzano Scholarship to worthy recipients. The scholarship
in named in honor of world renown journalist Chuck Pezzano of Clifton,
N.J. whose many tributes include being a member of both the United
States Bowling Congress (ABC) and Professional Bowlers Association
Hall of Fames.
The annual charity tournament hosted by BWAA (formerly the NWBW
Mail A Graphic Tournament) is now a “virtual” cinch to enter! BWAA
has partnered with to host the event and all
entries will be taken online. Proceeds of the tournament will benefit the
BWAA Chuck Pezzano Scholarship Fund. To enter the tournament log
on to, click on the red bar toward the top
of the page which reads “Entries now being accepted for the Chuck
Pezzano Scholarship Fund Charity Tournament. Click here for
Up to three (3) scholarships per year may be awarded based on the
applicant’s credentials. Individuals may not be awarded more than
$1500. per application and yearly combined scholarships will not exceed $3,000. Any or all of the funds will be distributed at the discretion
of the committee. Winners will also receive a one year paid membership in BWAA.
Qualities considered include academic achievement (minimum 2.5/4.0
GPA or equivalent), involvement in the field of communications and
bowling participation, although bowling skills are not a requisite. The
application must include at least one reference letter, school transcript
and a short essay on bowling of not more than 350 words.
So, start thinking about your application or about who YOU would like
to nominate for our 2010 awards. Deadline for applications is May 15.
To apply download the application at
pezzano_app.pdf, complete the form and return it with the supporting
For more information contact Joan Romeo at [email protected] or
call the BWAA office at 800.343.1329. The 2010 Scholarship is sponsored by and the Eldorado Hotel and
For a $20.00 entry fee, players will compete for cash prizes in one of
three divisions; up to 169; 170 to 199 and 200+. BWAA members will
also be eligible for four separate prizes. RotoGrip will provide a new
bowling ball of choice to the male and female high scratch champions
and Threadworks Inc. will provide a BWAA logo shirt to the male and
female handicap champions. We wish to thank these generous sponsors.
For step-by-step instructions, additional information or to download the
information form/invitation to pass out to your league members go to and click on the scholarship tab. During the
registration process be sure to note you were referred by CBW and our
organization will get recognition for your entry and donation. Questions
should be directed to Jackie Wyckoff, BWAA President, at [email protected]
That’s it! You are all set to participate. Now… get out there and recruit
every bowler you know to join in the event. We hope you will help to
make this the biggest and best scholarship fundraiser ever. Good luck
and good bowling!
Page 5
California Bowling Writers
2009-10 Profile Award
Sponsored by Bowlers Journal International
Story must be written by a CBW member in good standing.
Length of article should be not less than 300 words and not more than 1500 words and
carry the writer’s by-line. If the byline is not printed by the publisher, a copy of the original
draft must be attached to the published article sent with the entry.
To qualify for the Profile Award the article must have been written and published in a
newspaper, newsletter, magazine, website, etc., between February 16, 2009 and April 1,
Article should include the subject’s connection to the sport of bowling. Example: may be
about an accomplishment, family tradition, proprietor, coach, senior, youth bowler, league
member, etc.
All entries received will be acknowledged by the Chairman to the email address provided
on the entry.
The Profile Award will be presented to the winner at the CBW Annual Luncheon in
Fremont in June 2010. Details on the exact date and location of the meeting and
banquet will be announced at a later date.
Entries must be mailed in duplicate to Chairman, Jackie Wyckoff, PO Box 50213, Palo
Alto, CA 94303, or email to [email protected]
-----------------------------------------Deadline postmark must be no later than April 15, 2010
CBW Member #
California Bowling Writers
Award Application
2009-10 Golden Quill
Sponsored by Bowlers Journal International
TOPIC: “A Special League Experience”
Story must be written by a CBW member in good standing.
Article must be about the topic as noted at the top of this entry.
Length of article should be not less than 300 words and not more than 1500 words and
carry the writer’s by-line. If the byline is not printed by the publisher, a copy of the original
draft must be attached to the published article sent with the entry.
To qualify for the Golden Quill Award the article must have been written and published in
a newspaper, newsletter, magazine, website, etc., between October 1, 2009 and April 1,
2010. Winning stories will be published in Bowlers Journal International.
No more than one entry per member per year will be accepted in this category.
All entries received will be acknowledged by the Chairman to the email address provided
on the entry.
The Golden Quill Award will be presented to the winner at the CBW Annual Luncheon
in Fremont in June 2010. Details on the exact date and location of the meeting and
luncheon will be announced at a later date.
Entries must be mailed in duplicate to Chairman, Marianne Evans, 2496 Gatehouse Lane,
Simi Valley, CA 93063, or email to [email protected]
- -• - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Deadline postmark must be no later than April 15, 2010
CBW Member #
California Bowling Writers
575 Westgate Street
Pasadena, CA 91103
Happy New Year 2010
Membership Application
575 Westgate Street, Pasadena, CA 91103
Membership Dues are $15.00 for August 1 through July 31
Home Phone
Work / Cell
Fax Phone
Note: Contact information is available to all members. Would you like to be excluded?
Would you prefer to receive the InfoLink via post mail or electronically by email?
Your association ____________________________. Do you write for any publications? Please list:
DUES PAID$_______
DATE REC’D__/__/__
MEMBERSHIP #____________
Please mail your membership application to the address listed above.