How to Use For a Successful Online Job Search

How to Use For a
Successful Online Job Search
Don’t waste your time searching for jobs online
What is Indeed?
Over 40,000 sources of jobs indexed to Indeed
About Indeed
Launched 2004
Leading job site worldwide
Be the best place on the Web for
people to find jobs
Comprehensive and relevant
More job searches
worldwide than any other
employment website.
70 million unique users per month
1.5 billion job searches per month
Global reach of over 50 countries
More hires than any other site
Traditional Job Boards
Recruiting Agency
Job Fair
46,800 new hires from 1,200 employers
Campus Recruiting
Unspecified Job
Campus Recruiting
Recruiting Agency
34,800 new hires from 700 employers
Job Fair
I Got a Job!
“I loved Indeed, if I had to pick one site and one phone app, Indeed would be my
choice. It was the one stop shop for job opportunities because it compiled everything
from everywhere!” - Trevor in Minneapolis, Minnesota
“All I can say is "I couldn't have done it without!" I've been recommending
you guys to friends. Thank you!” - LauraR57 in Chesapeake, Virginia
“Indeed had more jobs and newer listings than any other board. Some job boards list
jobs as new when any other board picked it up. Which means the listing was often
stale or even closed! I rate Indeed the best!” - Dave in Tualatin, Oregon
“I love Indeed thank you...i found my dream job and i've been working for 2 months
now...:)” - Vicky.F in Hialeah, Florida
my.indeed account
At the top of any Indeed page you will find a link to “Sign In” in the
upper right-hand corner
Set up is simple and free
Manage, create and delete your job alerts
Access saved jobs and notes from any computer
Organize your searches, save and manage job opportunities,
update your account settings and upload your resume
Job Search
• Start your search here by typing any keywords and location of interest to
• On the next slide you’ll see the number of job posting results, the option
to narrow your commute distance, a left-hand refinement margin and
the general layout of a job including what you’ll find by clicking on the
‘more’ link located on the bottom of each job listing
• After clicking on a job you will be redirected to the source of the original
job posting
• Don’t forget to make sure you are qualified for the job opportunity and
that the keywords in the description match the keywords in your resume
and cover letter
Indeed Company pages
• This is the Advanced Job Search page which can be found by clicking on
‘Advanced Job Search’ next to the ‘Find Jobs’ button. Use this to refine
your job search results and keep your job search focused
• By using the Advanced Search we reduced the number of jobs in the
results page from nearly 2,000 to now 590
• When reviewing ‘Job Type’ it’s sometimes helpful to be open to parttime and temporary work since they can lead to full-time jobs and/or can
help with networking and developing skills
• Set up Job Alerts at the top of any search results page to review new jobs
by email (daily or weekly)
• Email alerts will help you apply for jobs as soon as they are posted,
making it more likely employers will notice you
• Click on “Edit job alert’ link to pause, edit or cancel your alerts
• Simply click on a job title like you would on and be
redirected to the posting’s source
• Once signed in, my.indeed account will save your searches as shown here
• These will be saved to your account regardless of what computer you use
• Each search includes the search query, times you searched, when you
searched and a ‘remove’ link
• Each job has a ‘save’ link located on the bottom line
• Clicking ‘save’ on a job will save the job in this ‘My Jobs’ tab
• Manage jobs of interest - keep track with Tags & Notes
• Manage your job alerts in the ‘Alerts’ tab
• You can also create new email alert from here
• Or edit, pause and delete existing ones
Indeed Mobile
• #1 job search app
• Simple, fast job search
• View new jobs added since your
last search
• Save or email job postings
• Apply to jobs
Indeed Resume
• Lets employers find you
• Apply to jobs
• Upload & edit an existing resume with a few clicks
• View, edit, and share your resume anytime, anywhere
• Get a personalized resume URL like
• Complete privacy control
Indeed trends
• The Job Trends graph shows the percentage of jobs we find that contain
your search terms
• Find out which skills and jobs are in high demand
• Once you find an interesting trend click on the ‘Find xxx jobs’ link located
below the graph to see search results
• The Job Market Competition compares the number of unemployed to the
number of job postings in the biggest 50 cities in the US
• The more unemployed there are per job opening, the more competition
there is in the job market
• Snapshot of employer demand and job seeker search activity
• If you are working in a rapidly declining industry, it will help you identify
industries in better shape to which you can try to transition
• Compared to the BLS employment situation, the Industry Trends provides a
forward-looking insight into hiring activity
• Click through on an industry trend to find Top Job Title, Keyword and
Location job searches
• See the trend in job posting growth/decline for a specific industry
• See how job seekers are searching for jobs in an industry
Indeed Salary
• Search salaries from over 50 million jobs in the past year
• Scroll your mouse over the gray confidence level bar directly below the
average salary to see how many sources were used in the average
• Review the average salary of related titles to see the range in salary you
can expect
• Know your salary and be prepared to negotiate and also consider the other
benefits of the job (i.e., flex time, daycare, experience)
Indeed Forum
• Indeed Forum is an open exchange of opinions and ideas
• Obtain career and company information and discuss
ways to make career decisions
• Great for learning about company and career
environments, getting advice and meeting new people
[email protected]
• You can manage your Indeed Forum profile under the ‘Account’ tab in my.indeed
• This is not required for a job search and only necessary if you choose to participate in the
Indeed Forum
• You can simply read through the forums or actively participate. You can post comments and
be notified of new comments to the forum at any time
• Notice on the right-hand margin the job searches associated with the forum
• Find direct links in the lower right-hand for related salaries and trends
• Search through forums on Company, Job, City, General or HR
• Research, research, research!
• Stay focused on your interests and goals
• Use the online tools and resources to help simplify the job search process
• Apply to jobs you’re qualified for, and apply to them as soon as they’re posted
Good Luck!