“How To” Get Started with Aloha eFrequency Overview

“How To” Get Started with Aloha eFrequency
Aloha eFrequency is a web-based customer relationship management (CRM) application,
focused on providing companies all of the benefits of internet-based applications, with an
extremely seamless integration to the Aloha POS. The Aloha eFrequency feature set uses
existing hardware, offers real-time reporting, seamless integration to Aloha POS, built-in data
warehousing and backup, flexible bonus plan configuration and scheduling, real-time discounts at
the POS, and eCard Add Value rewards.
The purpose of this document is to help you prepare to begin using eFrequency in your stores. It
is important that the processes outlined in this document are followed and completed in a timely
The following deployment steps should be followed in order for you to experience a successful
rollout of Aloha eFrequency.
1. Work with your Aloha sales representative and National Business Products on ordering your
eFrequency cards or for existing eCard users, decide if new eFrequency cards are needed or
if you will use your existing eCard’s as eFrequency cards.
2. Work with your Aloha sales representative on security key upgrades. Security key must be
authorized for the Aloha POS 5.3 version.
3. Ensure that you are utilizing a “master database”, which has all items that your stores use. A
master database assumes that an item ID represents a single item across all stores. For
example, Item 50 cannot be Coca-cola at one store, and Chicken Fried Steak at another
4. Work with your reseller or store system administrator for a strategy and schedule to deploy
the latest Aloha POS 5.3.12 version.
5. Work with your reseller or store system administrator to make sure the following components
are installed and functioning at each site:
Windows NT or greater is installed on the BOH file server.
PC Anywhere version 9.0 or greater.
An internet connection or access to the internet via a corporate Wide Area Network
In addition, we strongly recommend the following:
VNC on the terminals will allow an easier install and faster troubleshooting.
Current anti-virus software is installed on your BOH. Preferably a package with
automatic updates.
All Microsoft patches are applied to the BOH.
A firewall is in place to ensure the integrity of your customer’s data. Please be sure to
open a support incident to request specific configuration data.
6. Once your eFrequency site is activated, make sure you enroll in our on-line training course.
Training is required to be able to configure your stores for eFrequency.
7. Work with your reseller or Enterprise.com system administrator on entering their stores on
their website. The store information must be 100% complete and accurate. Any missing
information will cause a delay in the installation process.
Enter the store ID, name, address, and phone number on the Store Setup tab.
License the store for Aloha eFrequency by selecting the Aloha eFrequency service
on the Store Setup tab
Enter the PC Anywhere Account Information on the Polling Configuration tab. To dial
in, the Support team needs login User Name/ Password. In the PCA Phone or IP
Address: please provide the 10-digit dialup number or the IP of the site. If it is
dynamic – please just type “Dynamic” in the field.
Enter the Internet Service Provider (ISP) and Back-up ISP information on the Polling
Configuration tab. This info is used to provide a link to the central database in the
event your primary ISP is down. Aloha recommends this for maximum uptime – but it
is not required.
8. Once you have completed the on-line training courses, configuration of their eFrequency
programs should be completed.
Add new eFrequency card information using the Card Setup Wizard
Configure the Company and Store Configuration settings through the eFrequency
Store Configuration application
Configure the Bonus Plans used to determine how members will receive rewards in
the eFrequency Bonus Plans wizard
9. Once eFrequency is installed at each store, work with your store system administrator to
setup the following Aloha POS data changes:
Add new promotions or comps you plan to offer as member rewards
Set new access level settings for JIT manager prompts
Add button(s) to panels for eFrequency (For example: Member Report, Assign
Member, etc)
Post Deployment
After you have been successfully been installed with Aloha eFrequency, the Enterprise Support
Team will work closely with you to resolve any issues that may occur. Any issues that result in
problems with POS configuration and hardware failure will require assistance from your reseller
or store system administrator.