Sofaer IMBA Class of 2013 Orientation Week October 15, 2012

October 15, 2012
Sofaer IMBA
Class of 2013
Orientation Week
Julia’s Responsibilities
Registering for classes
Student Life on campus
Liaison *if necessary* between professors and students
Meeting with Student Representatives
Inputting grading
Overall Administrative Support
Rebecca’s Responsibilities
• Connect with inquiries and applicants about the program
• Guide applicants through the application process
• Connect students and alum with inquiries and applicants through
the Student Ambassador Program
• Coordinate applicant interviews (with staff, alum, and current
• General office support (marketing, administration, alumni)
Other staff
Sarah’s responsibilities
• Career development
Erin’s responsibilities
• Marketing
• Special projects
TAU International – Carter Building
Health Insurance
Crisis and Conflict Resolution
Tuition Payments
One payment
• Due October 15, 2012
Four payments
• First payment due October 15, 2012
• Second payment due January 15, 2013
• Third payment due March 15, 2013
• Fourth payment due May 15, 2013
Student checklist
 Orient yourself to the Student page on our site
 Finalizing your Lookbook Form/CV
 Fill out Business Card Order Form here
 Health Declaration
 New Letter of Agreement
 MASA Form (if it applies)
 Honor code
 Up-to-date computer software
 Sign up for Student Union (first week of classes, front
Visas for Foreign Students
• TAU Contact: Hava Shani +972-3-640-5119 or Tamar Grushka
• Details for obtaining a student visa in Israel:
Letter from the Office of Inter-Academic Affairs
Letter of acceptance
2 Passport photos
$$$ for Visa
Documentation indicating health insurance policy
Ministry of Interior visa application form
Tuition payment receipt
• Meet with Vikki at the Ministry of the Interior on Mondays or
Thursday only from 8:00-12:00.
Course Registration
Three steps
1. Pre-registration - ~ 1 months before each module
– Filling out a Wufoo form.
– Request a waiver or special permission for classes outside of our
– The earlier the better!
– Lasts one week long
2. Registration – from the first 2 weeks after pre-registration to the day
before class
3. Course Confirmation – 1st week of class – end of 2nd week
– Fill out form when classes are final
– Add/drop period for classes that coincides with the course confirmation
Most recent version of form
Don't over-register.
Add/Drop Period at the same time as Course Confirmation Period.
– Add/drop classes until the end of the second week of classes. Professors
reserve the right to shorten this period.
• 3 elective options
Sofaer electives
Recanati electives in English
Recanati electives in Hebrew
International MA courses in other programs
• Course units – keep in mind a 2 cu is most likely only
one Sofaer cu
• Courses offered can be viewed online here
Professional Areas of Focus
• Three options
– Business and Sustainability
• Together with the Porter School of Environmental Studies
– Entrepreneurship
– Finance
• More information on our website here
• Keep in mind that it is not specified on transcripts or
• All diplomas in Recanati School of Management specify
your degree as ‘Master of Business Administration
• Will be issued after all students’ grades and
requirements processed (including those in exchange)
Academic Advising
• By Prof. Simon Benninga
• To book an appointment email: [email protected]
• Also meet with Sarah and/or Julia
– Consider: What courses should I take for the job I’d like to get
after graduation?
TAU Email Account
• Will be sent to you this week
– password
– pin number
• Every 6 months you need to change your password
Login Information
Your username is what appears before the of your email address
eg. [email protected]
username = rebash
• Online course site
– To login:
• If you have problems, please contact their HelpDesk at
[email protected]
Computer Rooms in Recanati
• 3 computer labs
• Laser printer available
• The lab phone number is: 03-6407388
– Print cards: buy through the Student Union or use credit card
Hours of Operation:
Sunday - Thursday: 8:00-21:30
Friday: 08:00-12:45
Wireless at Recanati
• Our network: “Public-TAU” or “Free-TAU”
• Network key: “publictau” or “freetau”
Internet Help Desk at 03-640-7388
Important Computing Sites
Reading your emails:
Retrieve your PIN:
Computer FAQ's:
Checking your grades online:
Additional Computing Sites
Changing your password :
Help Desk Portal
Other Important Sites
• Tel Aviv University's Website
– About TAU (,
– Student Services:
– "All news from TAU":
• Other relevant links: MyTAU, Press Releases, TAU Review, Annual
Report, Calendar, Campus Map, and Directory.
• Sofaer IMBA Website: Google calendar
– Check time zone
• Recanati Alumni Site:
• Campus Map:
• Student Union:
Printing and Photocopying
• At the computer labs
• Printing card from Student Union: 10 NIS, loaded with 7
NIS worth of printing or copying for the value of 7 NIS.
• Copying costs 0.16 and printing is 0.21.
• Can also use a credit card
• Photocopy machines are located on floor 0.
We do recommend purchasing a printer for your year as
a student.
• Libraries:
• Electronic Library Resources
Electronic library resources, such as electronic data
bases and electronic journals, are accessible to the
university's community only
• Also availably by proxy off campus
Services by the Student Authority
Financial Consulting
Legal Consulting
Parking passes
Buddy System
Discounted coupons for groceries
Discounted coupons for cafeterias on campus
Discounted packages for “tzimerim” and spas
Discounted tickets for concerts
For more details:
Office located in the Mitchell Building
Bus Passes
• Bus passes for students with Dan
• Purchase next week on the lawn outside our building
• Discounted rate “Studan”:
– Tel Aviv (and Ramat Aviv, Ramat Gan, Givatayim, Bnei Barak,
Bar Ilan University, Givat Shumuel):
– Tel Aviv + Surrounding cities including, Kfar Sava, Rishon,
Holon, Bat Yam, Petach Tikva etc…
Student Representatives
• Elections will take place in the second Career
Management class (Oct. 31, 2012)
• Board of 3 students
• Main liaison between staff and Sofaer IMBA students
• Working together to make the program the best it can
be for our students
Others ways to get involved
• MBA Cares
• Interest Groups
– 2011/2012: Marketing, Entrepreneurship, etc.
StarTAU (Entrepreneurship Center of the University)
Come up with your own initiative
Net impact is a community of more than 30,000
changemakers. We put our skills to work for good
throughout every sector, showing the world that it’s
possible to make a net impact that benefits not just
the bottom line, but people and the planet too.
Interested in leading this new
chapter into 2013?
Recruiting leaders and members now.
Build your resume, meet industry leaders,
and expand your local and international
networks, while making a positive Net
Information session:
Tuesday, Oct 16th, 17:00
Recanati Building, Room 253
Join us:
Email us: [email protected]
“Like” us:
Sexual Harassment or Violence
• Safe environment where victims and their reports are
• Operates on Monday & Thursday 17:30-20:30
Email: [email protected]
Phone number: 03-6407868
Psychological Services
• Mitchell Building in Room 216
• Office Hours: 9:30-15:00 from Sunday to Thursday
Students can make direct contact with the office by:
Phone: 03-640-8505
Email: [email protected]
Students should call during office hours to book an
appointment and are advised to leave messages on the
answering machine if the office is closed.
Crisis and Conflict Resolution
• In case of discrimination, harassment or other conflicts,
contact TAU International Office
– Tel: 03-6408118 or 03-6408639
• After-hours Student Hotline
– Counseling and other crises
– Open 06:00-10:00 PM nightly
– Tel: 03-640-5352
Emergency Numbers
Police: Dial 100
First Aid: Dial 101
Fire Dept: Dial 102
Electric Company: Dial 103
City Municipality: Dial 106
Phone Information Center: Dial 144
Security on campus and in Israel
• On campus
– Student ID and bag checks
• Home Front Command
– Assesses the situation if necessary
• Bomb shelters in almost all buildings and dorms
• Gas mask kits for all our students (stored in TAU
International offices)
**we will notify you if any changes, so please
make sure we always have your most updated
contact details including phone number**
Work-life School Balance
• Full-time
• Investment in yourself
• Full participation in classes, Career Management, and
extra curricular activity is crucial.
• Balance your lifestyle
Where to Eat on Campus
• Campus is Kosher
• Recommend:
Webb Building
Gilman Building
Naftali Building
King George (right off-campus, non-kosher)
Staying Active
Elite Sports Center
• Special discount to join the sports center on campus for
one year
• ~ 2,000 NIS / year
– 3 pools (heated, Olympic-sized outdoors)
– Lots of cardio machines and weight machines
– Lots of different classes
Staying Active cont’d
HaYarkon Park:
• picnicking areas, gardens, a man-made lake, bicycle path, boats for hire, a small
children’s zoo, etc.
Also in the Area:
• The Sportek, Park Hayarkon Sports Center, tel 03-642-2828, 03-6990307
• Meimadion Water Park in Park Hayarkon (summer only), tel. 03-6422777.
• Tsapari Park in Park Hayarkon –exotic birds in a beautiful tropical garden setting,
tel. 03-6422888.
• Minigolf, 56 Rokach Boulevard at the corner of Haifa Road, Ramat Aviv, tel.036990229.
Other Local Attractions
The Safari Park – Spacious safari park with zoo and petting corner, Ramat Gan, tel.
Israel Tennis Center, Ramat Hasharon, tel. 6456666.
School Supplies
Office Depot/Diyonon
• Books and school supplies, large supply
• At main gates of the university.
• Some outside classes: "Safrut Zola" (Hebrew for Pulp
Fiction). Safut Zola is located down an alleyway next to
Office Depot.
• Electronics store outside of Einstein Dorms
Around the University
Ramat Aviv Mall
Banks: Hapoalim, Discount, and Leumi
Mega, Shufersal, and Machsanei Lahav Grocery Stores
Strip mall on Brotetsky
What to bring up North
For Wednesday:
 Business attire (come dressed to impress on Wednesday morning)
 Toiletries and clothes for the overnight (something warm for the
 Snacks and drinks for the B&B
 Musical Instruments, anyone?
For Thursday:
 Hat
 Sunglasses
 Hiking/Running shoes
 Comfortable clothes for teambuilding activities (layers!)
 Sunscreen
 Camera & Batteries/Charger
Thank you!