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.The GTArn I once· owned
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Sport Seat as Alfa
Sport Seat as
Alfa GTV 2000
'66-78 Spider
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Vol 50, No. 10 •
Toll Free (877) 399-AROC (2762)
PIlone: (816) 459·7462
P.O. Box 12340 Karu;.. CiIY. MO 64116-0140
[email protected]·U>
President: CHIP DENYKO
10240 Panons 51. Tamp., FL 33615·2624
(813) 886·6165 • chir<!enykoCanlC·tlS3.,lfg
2117 N DmwindJie 51., Arlingtun, VA 22207·1961
(703) 8C7'()798 • [email protected]·usa.or~
Secretary: JOHN JUSTUS
3719 NW Briarcliff Rd. Kansas Cil)" MO 64116·1762
(816) 413·9476 • [email protected]>.,.org
Treasurer: ED GELLER
89 Hdler Hill Rnad Blairslown. NJ 07825·2323
(908) 362·6378 • [email protected]
Legal Couruel: GEORGE PEZOU)
120 MiI;n 51. Humington. NY 117,,3.6906
(63)) 427·0100 • georgc.pezoldCtransp<
7700 Em 29th Ave. -105 Denver. CO 80238
(720) 226·0631 • alfabobCcomcaSl.nel
SW 147TH
OR 9714°.8405
(503) 6'5.6314 • IlA\·[email protected]
JOE FAHERTY: Membership Chnir
P.O. Box 10-1 Fox Island, WA 98333·010-1
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EUGENE KESSLER: InsllTance Chair
13212 Cabin""od Dr. Silver Sprin!:. MD 2090-1·3128
(30)) 989·0792 • eu~"'[email protected][email protected]:on.nci
ARNO LESKINEN: Concours Chair
H83 Sollih Niel.on 51. Gilberl. AZ 85296·9725
(480) 722·1316· [email protected]>e,">
222 fl.1), 51. Douglaston. NY 11363·1248
(718) 920·760-1. [email protected]'fllC·usa.orll
1451 RO>ewood 51. Ann Arbor. MI4810-1
(73-1) 66}·9135 • SlorholcC,uoc·
CHAR SOMMERS: MembershipCo-Chnir
12608 NW Barnes RD ApI "'2, P'lrIl.nd, OR 97229·6037
(503) 350·1705. AlfaCharCaroc·usa.orll
Newsletter Exchange Chair:
P.O. Box 523 Alpine, TX 79831·0523
(412) 837·1717· ilemie_:@'''oc-t..... 'lfll
Fllr Smding UPS," FtdEx:
405. B North H,,,ri><m Slreel
Alpine, TX 79830
1410 Pineal'l'le Ln. Clearwater. FL 33759·2315
(727) 799·1486.
Compelilion Chnir: Russ NEELY
6C()O C",ey Run Lane. Edmond. OK 73034
(405) 340·1228 • [email protected]"rll
Restoration/Preservation Chair:
12988 Meadowood Rd. SE Je(ferson. OR 97352·9221
(541) 327·1486. ho"lil,'[email protected] •.com
Alfa Owner is Published for AROC by:
5252 Oran~ A\·e. Suile 109 C)'!.IeSS. CA 90630
Phone: (714) 236.8676 • Filx: (714) 827·2304
[email protected]
Co-Editor: En McDONOUGH
ConlTibuting EdItor: KEITH BOOKER
From the President ................................... ,........ 2
AROC Chapter Directory ,..................................... 3
Profile: Ed Geller, AROC Treasurer .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 4
Calendar of Events ............................................ 5
News ............................. , ......................... 6
Alfa History ................................................. 8
Alfa Owner Service Directory .................................. 23
11 Mercato .................................................. 25
The GTAm I once owned .... ,., .............................. , 10
Buying or Selling an Alfa? Look out for scams! ..................... 14
The Goodwood Festival of Speed ................................ 16
Tech 101: 1957 Giulietta Spider Impra Heater ..................... 20
DATA: Alfa Owner (lSSN 0364-930X, USPS 543-520) is puhlished monthly by AROC, P.O. Box 12340, Kansas City,
MO 64116-0340. Alfa Owner is edited and produced by Parabolica Publishing, LLC., 5252 Omnge Ave. Suite 109
Cypress, CA 90630; for the Alfa Romeo Owners Club, Inc., P.O. box 12340, Kansas City, MO 64116-0340. Subscription
is $60.00 and pan of AROC membership dues and is available only to paid members. Periodical postage paid at Kansas
City, MO and additional mailing offices. Unsolicited manuscripts, photographs, and art are welcome but cannot be
returned unless accompanied by a stamped, self-addressed envelope bearing sufficient postage.
POSTMASTER: Send address changes to AlIa Owner, P.O. Box 12340, Kansas City, MO 64116·0340. All membe~
communication regarding non-delivery, address changes. information on needs or chapter information should be
addressed to the AROC Administrator at the AROC national address.
DISCLAIMER: While it is a primary service of the Alfa Romeo Owners Club to disseminate technical infonnation. any
maintenance technique or possible modification puhlished in Alfa Owner should be weighed against conventional. rmditional, and generally accepted techniques and modifications. Alfa Owner should not be considered the authority on maintaining or improving Alfa Romeos and the vicws expressed are those of the author of an anicle or person quoted. The
mention of a product, service, or procedure herein does not constitute endorsement of it by the club. its offices or employees, Alfa Oumer, its editor, the author, Alfa Romeo distributors of North America, Alfa Romeo, SpA, or Fiat Auto.
Prudent owners should consider possible tcchniques or modifications in light of common sense compromises among economy. longevity, perfonnance, reliability, driveability, legality and resale value. Any modifications possibly affecting emissions or safety are the sole responsibility of the person perfonning them and when such possible modifications are presented in Alfa Owner, it is with the understanding that they will be used for racing and not on public highways. It is also
incumbent upon the owner of an Alfa Romeo to consider the effect of any changes in his vehicle upon any warranty in
force before undertaking any technique or modific<uion. Failure to do so could result in denial of warranty coverage by
Alfa Romeo Distributors of North America. This publication and this organization will not assume liability for any such
consequences. Advertisement of products or services in Alfa Owner magazine docs not necessarily imply endorsement or
approval by the Alfa Romeo Owners Club.
OCTOBER 2006 •
Last month, I shared thoughts about planning
and looking into the future to ensure successful
event schedules. This month, I want to place a
"call to arms" thought with you. If you want to help
the club survive the next decade, then pay atten..
Each year, 6 of 12 Board of Directors are elected
to serve a two .. year term. During this term the
group is charged with managing the vision and
decisions, hopefully under the leadership of the
president. The time is now for chapters to begin
identifying potential members willing to serve in
this duty. If elected to the board you would need to
attend the board meetings at the annual conven..
tions. Further, via e.. mail and conference calls,
additional discussions and business are conducted
throughout the year. The current president also
defines committees and assigns chair positions, typ ..
ically based on skills and interests.
Each chapter may have a maximum of 2 current
board members, no more. Members may be nomi ..
nated in one of two ways, by nomination from the
chapter (signed by chapter officers) or by petition
of 15 or more members. Either must be submitted
to the AROC administrator by the deadline.
Candidates also provide a short biography which
will be published in the Alfa Owner. Candidates
should use the bio to help the membership get to
know them and decide for which of the candidates
they wish to cast a ballot.
Each year at the end of the Board of Directors
meeting, the newly elected officers are sworn in,
then the newly created board elects a president,
vice president, secretary and treasurer. I am aware
that one current board member, our treasurer, Ed
Geller, plans to retire from service to the board fol ..
lowing the Detroit AROC convention. We will
need someone to fill this important position as the
club moves forward.
Without volunteers to serve we can't operate.
Please consider if you or a chapter member would
be a dynamic addition to the Board of Directorsthen talk with your local chapter officers and let
them know. AROC Administrator Jolene Justus
will be sending forms and information to each
chapter president very soon! Please make this a
point of discussion at your next chapter meeting or
event. WE NEED YOU!
We also are in need of someone to take over the
duties from Newsletter Exchange Chair Bernie
Zelazny. If you would be willing to collect and
redistribute the chapter newsletters, please contact
Bernie. He'll be happy to explain how it works and
provide tips and pointers on making the job easier.
Please give this volunteer a well ..deserved break!
Speaking of volunteers ... a humungous THANK
YOU to Shayna Geller. At the Tulsa convention
we provided a questionnaire for the purposes of ere..
ating a datasheet for potential advertisers in Alfa
Owner. Shayna analyzed and compiled the infor..
mation for the board and Alfa Oumer. The ques ..
tionnaire was a 2.. page survey of information simi ..
lar to many surveys found with newly purchased
products. Its purpose is to provide a press packet for
potential advertisers who want to know just what
our audience is in order to determine the potential
market for their product. My thanks to those of you
who graciously completed those surveys. We plan
to use that experience to develop a full membership
survey and not only compare the results of the two,
but better tune our questions as well.
In Alfa news, a new model akin to the Alfa Sud
-the Grande Punto has been proposed with a
direct injection 230 hp engine! Even as these
announcements proliferate, and Alfa models get
even sexier {if that's possible}, we still wait for an
official word on the return. I expect further
announcements as we patiently wait.
Now that we have the business out of the way,
it's the time of year where, in the South, we are
hopefully getting a little cooler-and just right to
take that top down. For the sedans a nice drive on
the two .. lane roads provides that aural sensation we
all crave. There are a host of chapter events this
time of year, so please consult the event calendar
and chapter Web sites to see if there is one near
you. It's almost the holidays again (went quick did ..
n't it?) so keep your Alfisti friends in mind as you
check the AROe Merchandise page. Now-go
drive that Bella Macchina!
2 •
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OCTOBER 2006 •
PROFILE: Ed Geller, AROC Treasurer
inances: not every ..
one's favorite topic,
but without some ..
body monitoring them, no
business can succeed. And
while one can think of
AROC as a car club, a
hobby, or a society for the
preservation of Italian art,
we are in fact a business as
well. This month, I want
to introduce you to the
board member whose portfolio covers this aspect of
the Club, Treasurer Ed Geller.
Ed has always been a car
guy. His first car was a 1954
Austin Healey he bought
after he earned his
accounting degree from
Lehigh University in 1966.
In 1973, he needed a new
car and wanted to buy a
convertible while he still
could. That was the era
when people worried the
government was going to
ban ragtops in the interest of safety. (Remember
how many faded away before the "last ever" 1976
Cadillac Eldorado?) A friend suggested Ed look at
an Alfa. He did and bought a red '73 Spider.
Unfortunately, two months later, he totaled that
car. But making lemonade out of the accident, he
used the insurance money to buy a 1973 GTY,
which he kept for 22 years. "We joined AROC in
1974. In 1976, we bought our second Alfa. We
drove Alfas as everyday cars until we could no
longer get a new one," Ed says.
Ed and his wife Shayna, who served for seven
years as the club's administrator, currently own a
Montreal and a 1750 round .. tail spider. Ed bought
the Montreal in 1981 after the person for whom it
had been imported decided he didn't want it. He
bought the Spider in 1994 from its second owner,
with 29,000 miles on it and original paint that it
still bears, along with its original interior. Ed added
4 •
a roll bar in order to mount three .. point seat belts.
"Our trip to Tulsa in the Spider was very pleasant
except for the heat," Ed says of this summer's con ..
vention trip. "We had no trouble with the car at
all. "
With the Gellers' two Alfas both vintage cars,
they have also become active in the Antique
Automobile Club of America. Ed has also run track
events with the Performance Drivers Association
for more than 25 years, both as a driver and volun ..
teer worker. When he isn't playing with cars, his
main hobby is music; he plays the oboe with a sym..
phony orchestra as he has since high school.
Ed was first elected to the AROC Board in the
mid .. 1980s and was treasurer for five years, vice
president, and then president in 1991 .. 92. He left
the board for about a decade before rejoining it in
2000. He has been treasurer both while on and off
the board, and was also the technical librarian for
20 years. "I tend to get involved in keeping running
any organization with which I am involved," Ed
notes. The treasurer's role is a natural one for him,
as his professional background includes four years
in public accounting, which qualified him to take
and pass the CPA exam, and 25 years with Block
Drug Company as head of internal audit and then
as division controller.
What explains Ed's enduring dedication to
AROC? "The Alfa Club is a wonderful organiza..
tion that I enjoy very much, particularly the peo..
pIe. I want the Club to remain viable. I have used
my training as a CPA to help make that happen.
The frustration is not being able to afford all of the
services and benefits that we would like to provide
to our members," Ed says. "Shayna's position got
me involved in the day .. to activities of running
the Club. She made many improvements in record
keeping and simplifying operations. I gave advice
where requested."
I asked Ed what members can do to make the
treasurer's job easier. "Understand the difficulties
we face in trying to pay for all of the benefits we
provide," he replied. "The biggest expense we incur
is the publication of the Alfa Owner. We are pro ..
ducing a monthly full .. color magazine for a mem..
bership of approximately 4000 people. To my
Continued on page 28
2006 CAROC Fall Challenge
The Mid-Florida AROC will
present its 4th annual "Viva
Alfa Romeo" Auto Show and
Parade, in the town of
Celebration, Florida. All Alfa
Romeo owners are welcome to
Please con'
tact Rick Demichna at (386)
email: [email protected] or
contact Howard Bernstein, at
(407) 774,7947
email: [email protected]
2-day Track Lapping Session and
Time Trial at Road America,
Elkhart Lake, WI
Contact Wayne Seely:
[email protected] or
Carol Dickenson:
[email protected]
NWARC Pacific Raceway Lapping Day. Contact Dave
Kingstone (425) 823-9031,
[email protected] or
Kathleen Edwards [email protected] or check our
Website at
Rockville, Maryland Car Show.
AROC Capital Chapter is a
sponsor of this multi-marque
event. For information see:
how.htm or contact Harlan
Hadley, 703/966-6827 or
[email protected]
Best of France & Italy Car
Show & Concours, Woodley
Park, CA. For information con'
tact Bruce Colby of AROSC
[email protected]
Drivers Day at Grattan
Raceway, presented by AROC
Detroit. For more information
contact Scott Reynaert
(313) 562-9436
[email protected]
TIme Trial & Race at Willow
Springs, CA. For information
contact Bruce Colby of AROSC
[email protected]
NWARC Bremerton RacewayDriver's Training 1/2 price for
Ladies and Teens. Contact Dave
Kingstone (425) 823-9031,
[email protected] or
Kathleen Edwards:
[email protected] or check our
Website at
Wine Tour. For information con'
tact Bruce Colby of AROSC
[email protected]
AROO Annual Holiday Tour
followed by brunch at some
heretofore unknown gourmet
location; POC Char Sommers
(503) 350,1705
Eureka Springs Fall Fling,
AROC Regional eventGimmick Rally, Autocross,
Banquet, Concours, Awards
Brunch, Eureka Springs, AR,
Best Western Inn of the Ozarks.
Contact John or Jolene Justus,
(816) 413,9476
[email protected] or
[email protected]
Chapter Officers and Event Chairs: What's going on in your
neck of the woods? AROC members are often on the road,
and interested in knowing what is happening in other
regions. Please send us your events so we can spread the
In order to provide a full chapter events
calendar in Alfa Owner, we are asking all
chapters to send their events information
in the following format:
Date • Event Title • Event Type • Location
Contact Person • Contact Details
Send this information to:
E .. Mail: [email protected] ..
Or Mail to:
Parabolica Publishing
c/o Casey Annis
5252 Orange Ave., Suite 109
Cypress, CA 90630
Please also refer to www.aroc .. for
additional information.
OCTOBER 2006 •
AROC Introduces Additional Membership Categories, Benefits
t the 2006 AROC Board Meeting, a pro..
posal by John Justus and Brewster
Thackeray for additional membership cat..
egories, inspired by suggestions from AROC mem..
bers and comparisons to other car clubs' practices,
was presented and approved.
Three new categories of membership have been
created. These new categories will not in any way
change the rights, privileges or costs of standard
AROC membership. Standard dues will remain
$60 per year. (Certain chapters charge small addi..
tional fees, which will be added to the new cate ..
gories as well.)
Gold Family membership is a new category tar..
geted to appeal to current and new members where
two people are actively involved in the hobby.
Family membership gives both partners the right to
vote in local and national elections (two votes per
membership, with ballots provided when appropri..
ate), and it doubles their dues split that is sent to
their local chapter. Gold Family members also will
receive two AROC Window Decals. Only one Alfa
Owner magazine is sent per family. The cost for a
Gold Family membership is $80.
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Alfa Romeo back on the podium in WTCC
he World Touring Car Championship made
the first of two visits to Latin America the
week of July 2, 2006 and Alfa Romeo fin ..
ished both races on the podium, but SEAT and
BMW took the top spots in the Brazilian round.
The first race was enlivened by the fight between
Alfa Romeo local boy Augusto Farfus and SEAT
Sport men Jordi Gene and Peter Terting. Starting
from the po Ie, Farfus managed to maintain the lead
for half of the distance in front of his home crowd,
but finally Gene and Terting succeeded in overtak..
ing him, giving SEAT a 1.. 2 finish.
"I'm very happy because to race at home is a
pleasure and to finish 3rd and score points is great,"
said Farfus at the finish. "The second race was fran ..
tic and I had an accident which put an end to my
race. I think the event and track here could be
improved but we must remember it was the first
visit from the WTCC, and people have learned a
lot. For me and Alfa Romeo, it was a good week..
Race 2 was full of drama. Andy Priaulx led all
the way from the green light to the chequered flag,
but he was forced to re .. build his lead twice after
two safety.. car periods. Behind him there was a
breathtaking fight for the second position, with a
number of clashes that involved Rydell, Gene and
Finally, Gianni Morbidelli and his Alfa Romeo
managed to claim second place beating Alessandro
Zanardi by inches. With these results, Andy Priaulx
re ..gained a solo lead in the Drivers' Champions~ip,
with a 3 ..point margin ahead of James Thompsbn,
while Gabriele Tarquini is third, one further point
adrift. The SEAT vs. BMW fight is also very close
in the Manufacturers' Championship, with the
Spanish make leading by one mere point.
OCTOBER 2006 •
8 •
OCTOBER 2006 •
his is a true story about the second car I
purchased (the first was a Duetto from mas ..
ter Alfa mechanic Bill Stevens). As you
read the story, keep in mind the year is about
1979 and I was 20 years old at the time.
The GTAm was purchased from an ad in the
"Alfa Romeo Owners of Southern California"
newsletter and was being sold by a Los Angeles
lawyer whom I shall leave nameless.
The ad said, "GTAm roller for sale $2300 call
so .. and at this #." I called, and went to this
attorney's house in Cowabunga (name changed
to protect the innocent city) to look at the car
and the rest of his magnificent $$$ car collection.
The GTAm looked great, though it was strange
seeing the cheap American Racing 15x8 wheels
mounted to such a lovely Bertone Autodelta
body. The steel body was straight and the paint
was not too bad; however, the tangerine red color
was too far from real red for my taste. I noticed
the fiberglass wheel flares had been well done and
did not have the exposed rivets. Still, I agreed to
buy it. The attorney then asked me to sign a can..
tract which states, "the car will be missing certain
racing parts such as the engine and transmission"
and also that the car has been paid for. I sign the
contract, fork over the money, and the attorney
kindly says he will deliver the car to me in
Laguna Beach after he has his stooge remove the
engine and transmission, doing me a great favor
as I do not have a trailer.
The next week, the attorney's stooge delivers
the car (and makes a hasty retreat). The car was
technically a roller as delivered, however, it did
not have most of the Autodelta parts that it had
before. Here is a short list of what was missing ...
sliding block, special axle with magnesium oil
sump, radiator, oil cooler, oil tank, large gas tank,
special fuel pump, special front uprights, brake
calipers and disks, adjustable front suspension
arms, sway bars, shocks, etc., etc. "What was
left?" you ask. As delivered, it sat on a useless
non .. Alfa rear axle and junk front suspension
with those ugly American Racing wheels with
12 .. inch wide racing slicks. The car was naked
inside except for a crappy non .. Alfa race seat,
lightweight dash (no gauges), and Pep Boys steer..
ing wheel. On the outside, the hood, trunk lid
and flairs were genuine Autodelta fiberglass parts,
though the hood had sagged so much from
engine heat, as to be nearly unusable. The doors
were crude home made fiberglass skins with steel
inner sheet metal. It did come with the nice
Glaverbel 4mm thick lightweight front window
and also included the aluminum valance panel
that covers the windshield wipers. I suspect the
attorney accidentally overlooked these rare parts
in his haste. The side windows were plastic and
the rear window was a standard glass part.
Though the paint quality (outside) was fair, the
color had to go, and the gray Zolatone interior
was suffering from outdoor storage exposure. I
decided to repaint the entire car. The good news
was that, overall, the basic body was pretty
straight inside and out.
It was obvious that the attorney had fulfilled
his contractual obligations and then some.
Naturally, I called the attorney on the phone
and he reminded me that he was a big.. shot
lawyer and that I had signed the contract; done
Now in today's market $2300 may sound
pretty good for a GTAm tub. Keep in mind,
even in the early '80s, most old nice cars were
cheap and hardly anybody cared about race
history unless it was a Ferrari or Bugatti. I'm
sure many of you are sitting back laughing, and
thinking $2300(!), that's chump change. Well,
it is now!! Back then I was earning $6.50 an
hour building boat tanks and living in Laguna,
so there was precious little money left over
from my pay checks.
Fortunately, the missing Autodelta parts
were still fairly plentiful. Looking at the
ARose newsletter, I called every shop to find
parts. From Alan Ward of Ward and Dean, I got
the sliding block parts and special front uprights
with the correct Ate aluminum GTAm calipers
with special 10.5" brake disks and a set of suspen ..
sion springs. From Dave Vegher of Veloce
Motors, I got the special 9x 13 wheels, Koni
shocks and the Autodelta GTA fiberglass doors
with door handles and the neat sliding Plexiglas
vents. Dave also offered a 2.0L GTAm motor in
near.. new condition for something like $2500,
which I couldn't afford, plus the car had to be a
daily driver. Back in the '80s, Dave's shop was
like an Autodelta storage unit. Special Alfa TZ
and GTA racing parts hung from the wal~~1 ceil..
ing and rafters. From Howard Jackson of Jafco, I
purchased a pair of used 45 DCOE Webbers,
Shankle headers, valve springs and camshafts.
Total cost to replace the missing Autodelta parts
was about $1200.
At the local wrecking yard I purchased a com..
plete, but crunched, 78 Spider for $1000. I
removed the drive train from the Spider and
added the Webbers, headers and Veloce cams to
the engine. I disassembled the rear axle and
brought the differential housing to work and
managed to TIG weld {my first time} an alu ..
minum mount for the sliding block pivot. I then
discovered that wheel size was a problem and
only two types of street tires were available to fit
the 9x13 rims, both Pirellis. The CN36 .. type tires
were$200 less than the incredible p..
7's, so you know which ones I used. Tire size was
235/60/13s stretched to the max to fit the 9 inch
rims. A pleasant surprise was that all the newly
acquired but used Autodelta parts fit the chassis
without any rework. As mentioned, the body
work was fairly straight, so I simply sanded and
resprayed it in my front yard {with 50..foot
Eucalyptus trees overhead}. I used the paint
scheme from the Fusi book, which was the only
picture of a GTAm that I had. The paint turned
out great and remained so to the last day I saw
the car 13 years later. The colors chosen were
AR501 Alfa red and AR008 Farina white; the
gutted interior was satin black. I installed a pair
of favorably priced Corbeau Monte Carlo racing
seats that loosely resembled 67 GTV seats cov..
ered in cloth.
The car was quite fast for its day. Smog laws
had strangled new cars so much that even
Corvettes, Porsches and Ferrari 308s didn't have
200 to play with. My GTAm had about 140 and
weighed around 1700 lbs., so it had the advan..
tage over most. Back then, there were very few
road .. racing .. type cars on the street. In fact, even
a car painted red was somewhat unusual. For
three or four years it was my daily driver. It got
me to work every morning and to the grocery
store, laundromat, and beach on the weekends. I
often took my dates out in the car. I considered
it a good omen if I got a second date with the
same girl.
The GTAm did not come with a pink slip
{remember those?}. It was never titled, registered
or road legal in the USA. I did not even attempt
to register it with the DMV. For ten years I used
the Duetto License plate and registration when
driving it. One time I actually had to smog the
GTAm while claiming it was the Duetto.
Because the Duetto wasn't in a drivable condi..
tion, yet I needed to maintain the registration so
that I could continue to use the GTAm!
Naturally, I got pulled over all the time by the
cops. Sometimes this was well earned; more
often than not, it was for a "fix .. it" ticket. I got so
many "fix.. it" tickets that I eventually learned to
sign them off myself using the name and badge #
from one of the earlier tickets I had received.
Amazingly, the cops never noticed it wasn't a
convertible as stated on the Duetto registration.
Several times I actually outran them in my
hometown of Laguna because I knew the side
streets and alleys better than they did. Laguna is
a small town though, and a couple of times I got
pulled over by different cops asking me if I knew
they had been chasing me some previous time. I
always played dumb and very respectful, blaming
it (not hearing the siren) on the excessive noise
the car made, at which point I got another fix .. it
ticket (for loud exhaust) and was released.
Here's what I know about the car history. The
chassis according to the Fusi book was from 1970
with hanging pedals. Unfortunately, I do not
remember the chassis #. It was either imported
complete or assembled in the US with all
Autodelta parts, possibly by a SoCal Alfa racer
named Bob Barlow and his father Dick sometime
in the mid .. '70s. It also passed briefly through
Dave Veghers hands in a package deal that
included a GTA. He then sold the GTAm to
another guy who raced the car in SCCA and
Alfa Club races who then sold the car to the
attorney who may have driven it in several local
Alfa Club races. I owned the car for about nine
years and sold it to John Cote in 1990, who
owned it for three years before selling it to
Robert Pass of Passport Transport. I contacted
Robert Pass the other day and unfortunately he
does not remember the car from the photos I
sent him. He thinks that he may have "flipped"
the car before actually seeing it.
Besides the challenge of reassembling the
GTAm and the great fun I had driving it, there
were some serious life lessons I learned. The first
and most obvious: do not sign a contract without
fully understanding what you are signing. If I had
asked the attorney to be specific about which
parts he would remove, I'm sure he would have
only removed those parts. The second lesson
that took a while to sink in, is that it's not the
attorney's fault I got burned it's mine! (see
above). And the third lesson is, that from disas ..
ter can come great things. Eventually, I turned
my hobby with Alfas, racing, and restoration
into a career. My friend Alex Bacon and I
formed Vintage Prep and built several nationally
successful Alfa race cars and also restored cars
that won National level concours including
Pebble Beach. "
Buying or Selling an AHa? Look out for Scams!
By Brewster Thackeray
ichael, an AROC member in upstate New
York, has a sweet, low.. mileage '81 Spider
for sale. You might have seen his ad here in
the Owner. Like any of us looking to sell a car, he
was delighted to get an inquiry on his vehicle
(reprinted here verbatim):
I am interested in the above mentioned vehicle please
get back to me with ,photos,last asking price,present
mechanical condition of the vehicle and shippment
Thanks Swarzt
Thanks for your mail and pic,I have spoken to my
client and he has instructed me to inform you that pay ..
ment will get to you in a certified check of $13 ,995. 00
made by my client. Due to company policy this check
has to be made out in this amount to you, because com..
pany policy only allows a refund payment on one
check,so you are required to deduct cost of the vehicle
i.e $8,995 when payment gets to you and refund bal..
ance $5,000 to my customer's agent via western union
money transfer or through the agent bank account for
him to be able to offset shipping charges. Since I reside
in new york After payment has reached you and bal..
ance sent back to him ,our agent will come pick up
title/paperwork and drive to a prepaid shipper to be
shipped to my customer. I could send the check to you
through ups or fedex courier immediately. Please for ..
ward your full names, address and phone number now.
Thanks. Swarzt
Maybe you have received such a note yourself.
It's odd it asks for information that was probably in
your listing, such as the "last asking price," and the
phrasing and grammar are awkward.
Michael replied with the full information. The
inquirer, who used the memorable name "Swartzt
Butt" again asked the price, and the seller told him'~: At this point Michael wrote to us to share his
$8,950, detailing the car's fine condition and suspicion it was a scam. It absolutely is. If you
remarkably low 22,000 miles. "Swartzt" sent a more receive inquiries along this line, assume the worst,
detailed, yet again poorly written note, this time:
and you will be right.
14 •
Of course, someone with better grammar and
research skills might string any of us along. But any
request to work with an overpayment check should
set off your "scam alert" light.
Another twist scammers are using involves
"second chance" offers for items on e .. Bay.
Maybe you bid on a car that you didn't win.
Suddenly, the owner appears to be offering
it to you at a very desirable price. My
friend L.D. is a professional Internet
car salesman. After running an e ..
Bay auction he was contacted by
someone who wanted to sell
him a van. The problem was,
L.D. hadn't bid on this par..
ticular van-he was the sell..
erl It was sitting in his yard.
He decided to mess with
exchanged a number of e..
mails. His last one blasted
the guy for being the twist ..
ed, untalented wannabe
crook he was and reflecting on
how many years in hell he had
earned with his feeble attempt.
(As when dealing with any crimi ..
nals, law enforcement probably
would urge against doing this due
to potential risk to yourself. But
L.D. sure had fun.)
Clueless notes, bad grammar,
transparent check schemes-does
anyone really fall for these things?
Sadly, yes. Roll Call newspaper
reported a case where a young
woman who worked on Capitol Hill
accepted an offer on her Buick. She
got a $10,000 check for a $6,000 car,
and sent the extra $4,000 back to the
buyer via Western Union. His check
bounced. Her money did not. She was
out $4,000 and still had a car to sell. Unbelievable,
but it happened.
Almost nobody enjoys the experience of buying
a new car. Selling an old car can be just as big a
nightmare. The scammers make it that much less
fun. Hopefully by keeping each other informed, we
can stop them from hurting us and our fellow auto
• If an e.. mail has excessive grammatical
errors, or asks questions that nobody who
has read your ad should still have, be sus ..
picious. If the writer asks generic ques ..
tions that could apply to any car in the
world, they're not an Alfa buyer.
• If someone claims to be an agent for
a buyer, be wary. Most legitimate
agents will not identify themselves
as such initially because it implies
they have a wealthy client-the
antithesis of how to secure the
best price.
• If someone wants to negotiate
a price without having asked
you questions about your car
or seen it, you don't want to
deal with them. If someone
won't give you a phone num ..
ber or speak by phone, they're
not a serious buyer.
• If someone proposes an
unorthodox payment method,
"just say no." Don't accept an over..
payment; anyone who really wants
your car can get you the correct
amount per your terms. If they want a
refund, especially via Western Union,
it is almost certainly a scam.
• If you receive a large bank check, ask
a bank cashier to verify its authentici ..
ty. Even after doing so, wait for it to
clear and tell the seller the car and title
are not available until it has cleared. If
you are paid by PayPal, make sure the
payment is both received and has cleared
your account (that it is not "pending")
before you move forward.
• If you list your car on e.. Bay, consider doing a
"private auction." This will hide bidders' identities,
at least during the auction, reducing the risk they
will be harassed by scammers. Also with e.. Bay, rec ..
ognize that if you include a "buy.. it .. now'-' price, a
scammer can instantly end your auction, wasting
your time and money. "
OCTOBER 2006 •
1938 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Millie Miglia Spider in Cartier et Luxe.
he Goodwood Festival of Speed, located in
Chichester, England, has always been a great
place for Alfisti and the fourteenth running of
the event on July 7,9 was no exception. Improbable
though it may seem, it's now 100 years since the
first Coppa Florio{Targa Florio in Sicily and six past
winners were at Goodwood to celebrate the occa,
sion, including Arturo Merzario and Nino
Vaccarella. Three,time Targa winner Vaccarella
16 •
(1971 in a Tipo 33/3) enjoyed runs up the
Goodwood hill in the Alfa Romeo Museo Storico's
Tipo 33{rT/12 from 1975. Merzario shared the
same car but also ran a Ferrari 312PB, similar to his
1972 race winner, co,driven then by Sandro
Munari. Although Vaccarella's face rarely shows
much emotion, I'm assured by his nephew that
Nino was having a ball!
Nino Vaccarella prepares to set off in the 33IT12.
OCTOBER 2006 •
Wonderful 8C 2900B Touring was Cartier winner.
Nino Vaccarella and Arturo Merzario.
static display, was a 1924 RL Targa Florio belonging
to Contessa Francisca Lurani, the car previously
owned from 1967 by Count "Johnny" Lurani.
The Cartier "Style et Luxe", an annual event at the
Festival, is a slightly different take on traditional
concours. It is the equivalent of the classic bar
room debate about which is the most beautiful car
ever made. A celebrity panel tour the fifty entries,
waving their arms and rubbing their chins, until a
winner is announced. Not for the first time, the
The ex-Luarani 1924 RLTF.
winner turned out to be an Alfa Romeo. Bill
Ainscough's Touring bodied 1937 BC 2900B was
Marco Cajani and the Scuderia del Portello brigade simply stunning and a worthy victor. Also among
were also out in force, as they are at many European the entries were Corrado Lopresto's 1939 6C 2500
meetings. Making a first appearance, but only as a and Pierre Mellinger's 6C 2500 MM Spider. ,..
18 •
Alfa Romeo All-Alloy
Twin Cam Companion:
four-Cylinder History, Care, and
ResloraUon: Glulletta and Alfetta Families
by Pat Braden
Softcover, 8-3/8In. by 11 tn., 296 Pages
392 photos and illustrations
No. GALG •••••••••••••••• PrIce
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us your size!
The Alta Romeo All-Alloy Twin Cam Companion Is dedicated to aU of these cars
that used the aU-alloy twin cam four. That means that Ifs about the Alfas that Americans love best Spiders, Berlinas, Sprints, even those Incredibly rare SZ and TZ
models - they're all In the AJfa Romeo All-Alloy TWIn cam Companion. Chapters
focus on Aifa America. the various body styles, the engine, englna repair, the transmission, suspension, restoration and racing. What goes wrong and what doesn't Is
all covered In the pages of Pat Braden's flnal work about his beloved Alfa Romeos.
According to Don Black, the retfred chief engineer of Alta Romeo, Inc. Uthls volume remalnsas a technical history for all A1fisti to savor.n But, with all the hands on
Infonnatlon, It is far more than atechnical history.
In short, whether you want a book to sit and read In your favorite chair or to keep
on your work bench for scores of helpful hints and procedures, The Affa Romeo AllAlloy TWIn Cam Companion Is the book to own if you have an Alta Romeo built from
1954 to 1994 that uses that jewel of a twin-cam engine.
Alfa Romeo Owner's Biblenl
by Pat Braden
Softcover, 8-112In. by 11In., 288 Pages
400 photos and illustrations
No. GALF ................................Price
The Alfa Owner Classic
High quality 100% combed cotton pique shirt is styled with carefully stitched shoulder
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Grill Badge is 2-112' wide and 3' high.
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Great Sweats!
Tune-Up, Maintenance, and Repair Procedures
Competition Tuning • AIfa Buyer's Guide • History and Development
Few cars evoke the passionate experience that comes with owning an A1fa. Accelerating at 100D-RPM Increments just to hear the exhaust note. Admiring the sensuous body styling and engine castings - so often copied In the designs of lesser cars.
Head gasket repairs, valve adjustments, camshaft timing carburator. and SPICA fuel
InlecHon tuning, and drlveshaft "donor replacement are lust afew of the maintenance
and repair procedures explained and backed up with hundreds of step-by-step photos.
You will also find expert advice on thIngs you should know when buying a used Alta where to look for rust. or signs of neglect or abuse - plus hlgh-perfonnance tuning for
street and track, choosIng accessortes, and fascinating marque history.
Covers Alfa models from 1954 up, IncludIng 184.
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Tech 101: 1957 Giulietta Spider Impra Heater
By Conrad E. Miesiak
here comes a time in one's life when you feel
you can still contribute to others with shared
knowledge. I have been doing this for a number
of years especially among my acquaintances in the
Detroit region. Sometimes I think I'm boring them,
or I'm bragging. Our Fred Flynn called this a show
and tell. I'm just trying to demonstrate what can be
done if one has the wherewithal and is a cheap ..
I have been collecting and/or making parts while
"remanufacturing" my Spider Normale. Thirty
years ago I restored the car which was a real "rust
bucket." Hoffman Motors was my only source for a
nosepiece, front fender, rear bumpers, etc. There I
go again, boring.
On to cases. If anyone has ever had the stock
Impra heater out for service you will recall that the
hoses at the heater are preformed elbows. Not only
couldn't you find them, but bending straight hose
and fitting clamps was near impossible because of
20 •
the lack of headroom. I still can't do things backwards from a mirror image. In shear frustration I
formed "curvy" extensions using 5/8" annealed cop ..
per tubing. The exact details are lost in antiquity
(I've forgotten), but I came up with a method for
soldering them to the core. Nowadays one can
make severe bends in any thin wall tubing by first
filling with Cerrobend, a bismuth alloy. Similar
material is used in sheet form as the "fusible link"
in overhead sprinklers. Cerrobend melts in hot
water. I first came upon this material working at
Holley Carburetor Aircraft on an invention using
diameter 1/8" x .005" wall tubing. The idea was to
make a diameter 1" loose coil spring. The shop
foreman Oscar suggested I use Cerropend.
Now here's a real funny story., A c()upl~ :of years
ago I wanted to bend some 3/16" thinwalltu1l>ing.
I put my cake of Cerrobend intomyWife'~,old'Joast ..
er pan, added water and set it tGl b~H. ~ ,was soon
able to fill the tube. I th~n piddred ~<:)muffi ,tMking
various bends after which my idea flopped, but I
wanted to recover the filling. Everything went back
into the roaster.
Now here is where my brain failed me in a big
way. Not finding a suitable metal can, I used a glass
jar which I placed in the sink over the garbage dis ..
posal. I then started pouring the whole works into
the jar. You guessed it, the jar broke and the
Cerrobend went into the disposal and solidified.
My wife Julie must have thought, "What a nut
cake!" I could just see myself spending $200 for a
disposal and drain.. line cleanout. Not being dis ..
couraged, I managed to clean the system.
To stiffen the extensions, I soldered a spacer
between them.
The original firew.all grommets were still good at
that time and th~ bores accepted the heater no ..
sweat. Now the grommets were shot. I decided to
make replicas punching suitably sized wafers from
1/16" neophrene sheetstock. I used contact cement
to bond the outer wafers to make a pair after which
each pair was bonded to the center wafer. I sanded
the O.D. against a disc sander, then "voila," I had
replica grommets, but with smaller bores, I used a
set of "Made in China" punches which worked fine
except they should have been sharper.
To complete the job, the door hinges had to be
repaired. The housing, et al. were blasted, metal
prepped, then sprayed with Hirschs Miracle Paint.
Be very careful using this stuff. Do not breathe the
overspray as NO mask will filter out the isocyanate
component. Spray from upwind and hold your
breath. "
. /
NEW - Steel crank pulley 1300 $125.90
New - Steel crank pulley 1600 $129.90
NEW - ALUMINUM II Ib flywheel $598.00
WATER pump, 750/101 reblt. 150.00
mfg.-stronger clutch pivot shaft-liS $69.00
POSTER 1935 8e 2900 - stunning 45.00
105/1 IS hard [email protected] 62.85
pr.;@ front wheels 48.50 pro Stainless flex br.
hoses (with black outer covering - look OE)
1051115 89.903 pc
New Seat Belt webbing. black 2.50/ft
Colombo & Bariani Cams
Why mess with the rest? Get the best!!
1330 - 10.9 mm, 280 deg. duration 566.90 pr
1331-12.0 mm, 292 deg. duration 566.90 pr
Spider/GTV U R elastomer only 68.70 ea
GTV -6lMilano UR elastomer only 66.90 ea
$29.50 to $68.50 for all 105 -164
SEAT BELT 3-pt. w/retr.$109.90
BRAND NEW 164 fro Bumper-w/wiper $1200.00
BRAND NEW Milano hlw reservoir $25.00
Tools: pinion nut, 1300/1600 & 2000
Brand new reproductions.
REINZ head gaskets; 1300-2000
GEARS - lIS $300.00 exchange
ORIGINAL ALFA Synchro rings
We do top-quality engine and
transmission rebuilds: we also
1 : 11
Sport Itinorr
• •-' I
<_ •• , i _
' ...
recondition beads, port & polisb, install oversize
valves and cross-drill blocks, to pressurize all tbe
main bearings. All work bas a one year
warranty. No comebacks!
lOIII05 fuel filter/reg on fender well 92.60
BUMPER, rear -fiberglass 75-82 Spi 330.00
3-spoke WOODEN STEER. WH $179.00
3-spoke LEATHER STEER. WHo $128.00
ball joints - the best! Bot. 66.90, Top 67_25
750-115 LEMFOERDER tie rod ends 18.50
BEST QUALITY Italian lOS/liS ball joints upper
$91.90 ea., lower $48.60 ea.
4442-8 27111/W8. West
SeElttie.VVA qS199
(206) 378-0900
22 •
[email protected]
The service/parts providers listed are seriously interested in keeping your Alfa, the marque and ARoe alive
and well in America! This Directory is paid for by the listed service facilities.
$ Buy & Sell Alfa Romeos • t/ Service Alfa Romeos • • Alfa Romeo Parts
Auto International
9609 N. 21st. Drive
Phoenix. AZ 85021
(602) 997-6792
[email protected]
S II •
510 Ballough Road
Daytona. FL 32114
(386) 258-0243
(386) 258-6354 Fax $ II •
Alfa Performance Connection
1753 N. Batavia Street
Orange. CA 92865
(949) 588·0500 or (714) 279·0500
(714) 279-0501 Fax
[email protected]
$ II •
4505 Lomas Blvd. N.E.
Albuquerque. NM 87110
(505) 265-0855
(505) 265·1558 Fax $ II.
1321 S. Dixie Hwy. W.
Pompano Beach. FL 33060
(954) 946-5005
(954) 946-0555 Fax $ II
13955 Poway Rd .• Suite C
Poway. CA 92064
(858) 486-0350
(858)486-5118 Fax $ II.
Natale's Auto Repair
1386 White Oaks Rd. Suite E
Campbell. CA 95008
(408)369-8639 Fax
526 Merrick Rd.
Baldwin. NY 11510
(516) 623-0199 Phone & Fax $ II.
981 Wyckoff Ave.
Ridgewood. NY 11385
(718) 381·6764
(718) 628·7378 Fax
$ II •
1908 Willow Rd.
Northbrook. IL 60062
(847) 480-8980
$ II.
415 W. Roosevelt Rd.
Maywood. 1160153
Illinois toll free
(BOO) 339-ALFA or
(708) 450-4430
Roselli Foreign Car Repair
390 Lincoln Ave
San Jose. CA 95126
(408) 297-0303
(408) 297-0304 Fax
$ II.
148 Ferris Ave.
White Plains, NY 10603
(914) 949.0103
(914) 949·0618 Fax $ II.
5928 Belair Rd.
Baltimore. MD 21206
(410) 426-7524
(410) 426-8194 Fax
www.difana.comll •
Milano Motors
4221-R Howard Ave.
Kensington, MD 20895
(30l) 564-1099
Trail Auto
24349 Ann Arbor Trail
Dearbom Heights. MI 48127
(313) 561-3327
(313) 561-4576 Fax
(BOO) 445-ALFA
lrailauto® $ II •
Auto Veloce, Inc.
1472 N.E. 130th St.
North Miami. FL 33161
(305) 891-9556
Phone & Fax
[email protected] $
Auto Volante, Inc.
4422 SW 74th Ave.
Miami. FL 33155
(305) 266-0810
(305) 266-0894 Fax
[email protected] $ II •
European Auto Specialist
4453 Sycamore Rd.
Cincinnati,OH 45236
(513) 891-8450
(513) 891-8460 Fax
Cherry St.Greensburg. PA15601
(724) 331-4581
Email: [email protected]
Web:! t/
Italian Motor Service South
2733 Gust Rd.
Verona. WI 53593
(608) 848·6123 Phone/Fax
Reina International Auto
4050 N. 128th St.
Brookfield, WI 53005
(262) 781-4077
[email protected]
13560 US Hwy 183
Austin. TX 78750
(512) 335-1479
(512) 335·1226 Fax
(BOO) 338·5238
[email protected]
www.motorcarshd.comll •
Garcia Alfa Racing
742 West 18th Street
Houston, TX 77008
www.garciaalfamcing.comll •
Rex Chalmen' Alfa Sport
N2001 Rolling Dr.
Campbellsport, WI 53010
(920) 946-10700
[email protected]:t
$ II •
Vick Autosports
Mondo Car Auto Repair
RI. 82 East
TWinsburg, OH 44087
(330) 405-0555
II •
1718 S. 148 W. AveSand Springs.
OK 74063
(918) 245-2960
email: [email protected]
Pat Slattery's Automotive
12730 W. Capitol Dr.
Brookfield. WI 53005
(262) 781-3336
Halpert Auto Group
Compton's Auto Repair
Fast Company, Inc.
1401 12th Avenue
Seanle. WA 98122
(206) 329-7070
20801 L'Ikeshore Drive E.
Spicewood. TX 78669
(512) 447-7001
(512) 441·5093 Fax
[email protected] $ II •
36845 Euclid Ave.
Willoughby. OH 44094
(440) 946-5700
(440) 946-5239 Fax $ II •
222 Boonton Ave.
Boonton. NJ 07005
(973) 335-5373
(973) 334-8202 Fax
dba Peter D'Amico Alfa
200 Chesmut Ave.
Vineland. NJ 08360
(856) 794-2020
Ferrari & Maserati of Seattle
Reina International Auto.
Sal's Auto Service
$ II.
3406 North Market St.
Spokane. WA 99207
(509) 482-2955
Parts: (800) 231·9810
[email protected]
Veloce Engineering &
(. )" !.:\ 11 ( >.\1:\
II •
Nick Falcone Enterprises,
Di Fatta Brothers Ltd.
1480 East County Line Rd.
Littleton. CO 80126
(303) 730-7340
(303) 797-8874 Fax $ II •
5363 Main St.
Williamsville. NY 14221
(716) 633-8686
(716) 633-1322 Fax
[email protected] $ II •
Dominick European Car
( :( >I (>1\:\1)( >
Ferrari of Denver
Corsmith Italian Automotive
$ II •
Vtllage Import Auto Sales &
161 Rockhill Rd.
Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004
(610) 664·0944
(610) 644-6815 Fax
E-mail: [email protected] tI
Italia Automobili
Omega Motorsport
3822 Clarington Avenue
Culver Ciry. CA 90232
(310) 836-3160
[email protected]$ II •
509 West Bridge Street
Morrisville. PA 19067
Alfa Import Center
West Suburban Imports, Inc.
Alfa Performance Center
Import Doctors
2077 B Camino Ramon
San Ramon. CA 94583
(925) 277-9460
(925) 277-9463 Fax
www.importdoctors.comll •
Alfa of Tacoma
615 St. Helens Ave.
Tacoma. WA 98402
Tacoma (253) 572-ALFA
Seattle (253) 838-2531
(253) 572-2533 Fax $ t/ •
Alfa Auto Clinic
623 Dunton Circle
Smyrna. GA 30082
(770) 433-0552
(770) 984-2792 Fax
426 N.E. 102nd Ave.
Portland. OR 97220
(503) 257-9655
(503) 257-2407 Fax
Performance Imports
Italian MotorWorks
Foreign Auto Menders, Inc.
Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo
Stephens AHa Corp
( :.\UI·( )1;:-:1:\
[email protected]
(856) 691-9420 Fax
Parts: (BOO) 781-3278
FastCo® $ II •
RML Automotive, Inc.
5200 Vesta Farley Road
Fort Worth. TX 76119
European Classics & Sports
611 Wickham St.
Richmond, VA 23222
(804) 321-9280
$ II.
Sports Car Workshops
1210 Myers St.
Richmond, VA 23230
(804) 421-0295
(804) 421-0297 Fax
OCTOBER 2006 •
• Wheels • Brake upgrades
• Polyurethane bushing kits
• Chassis & exhaust components
• Braided SS flex brake lines
Ingram Enterprises, Inc.
For Alfa Romeos and other
European sports cars
SPICA Fuel Injection
High Quality Engine
and Cylinder Head Modifications
Injection Pumps
Cams • Actuators
Electromotive Direct Fire Ignition
and Programmable Injection
visit us:
email: [email protected]
Send All Shipments To:
15613 Peterson Rd., Bldg. C
Burlington, WA 98233
phone 360-707-5701
We're now in Burlington full time
way to contact us is Email
[email protected]
With Money Back Guaranteel
Complete £nglnes and Parts
Transmissions or Parts
Driveshafts, fl'f\4(heels, Rear £nds
(center sect or wheel· wheel)
O£M wheels, power window
Regulators & motors, bumpers,
O£M dashes, tachs, speedos,
Radios, CD players, body parts,
Brake calipers & rotors.
- In stock: '72, '76, '82, ~84, '85, '86
(More coming)
Download our latest parts
catalog todayl You'll find
hundreds of new products,
accessories, and hard to
find parts for your A1fa
Romeo. And, as always, be
sure to check our web site
often for the latest arrivals.
Spiders Bought & Sold
Ross Durant
(409) 915-1414 - (409) 611-6544
24 •
Remanufactured Dashboards
and Wood Veneer
WANTED: Both Front Seats for 1991 Spider.
Prefer tan series 4 seats. Will consider others.
[email protected]
(336) 722,3431 NC
WANTED: 1960's era Giulietta Spider in
perfect condition, preferably Red. Contact Jim
Pugh, 359 Carolina Avenue, Winter Park, Fl.
(407) 644,9055
WANTED: Brake warning light switch for
hydraulic cluster found in engine compart·
ment (rear firewall) 1969 USA 1750 Alfa. Part
Tom Ducibella.
[email protected]
Eves: (978) 921·012
1961 GIULETTA Sprint White with blue
and grey cloth interior. Nardi wheel. 81,000
miles Cosmetic and mechanical restoration of
a very clean original car. $29,000.
Dave (516) 541·9541 Evenings before 9pm.
is in exceptional condition. Farina red/black.
Full cosmetic restoration. New paint, top,
windshield, carpets/mats, seats, tires and more.
Absolutely no rust. Engine and transmission in
excellent condition. New clutch. Matching
serial numbers. Twice shown in the prestigious
Palos Verdes Concours. Over $16,000 invest'
ed in restoration. All receipts. Photos avail·
able. $36,000 Marty (310) 377·4279.
Email [email protected]
RACECAR. Modified 1750, 45 DCOE
Webers, 2.0 liter gearbox and L.S.D., big
brakes, all Plexiglass, full cage, fuel cell,
Panasports, no DNF's, very reliable and fast.
RMVR, logbook, some spares. $12,000
(303) 651,1994
1967 DUETTO. 6K on engine rebuild, new:
front brake calipers & pads, generator, entire
front end and drive ass'y rebuilt, exhaust,
Vredstein 165SR15's w/< 200 miles.
Excellent mechanicals, sound body, no rust, all
original (less re·upholstered seats), radio, all
no's match. Current owner last 5 years,
Dick Hutter (630) 369,1859. Asking $14K
SPORTS SEDAN. "Very special" Alfa race
car for sale This has to be the fastest Giulia
in the world. Due to business commitments
and a growing family I now have to part with
a big part of my life. The best thing to do is
to visit to know
all about this car. (10/06)
1970 GIULIA TI. Excellent brown exterior/
tan pigskin.76K miles. 2 L. installed by
Domenick's, White Plains, N.Y. Rugh
Engineering springs. GTV alloys. Italian
gauges. Period Becker radio. Super grille with
screened air inlets. New: headliner, window
and door gaskets. Fast. Fun. $12950 OBO.
Missouri. Jack. 1,800·886·2701.
bryantmotors [email protected] (09/06)
1971 ALFA SPIDER. Convertible, new top
new paint, under 5,000 miles on rebuilt
engine. $6,000 even.
Ask for Sal (845) 897,8292
1971 GTV Chassis No. 1532284. red/tan
paint and interior. Excellent engine and trans'
mission without faults. Shankle suspension·
sump guard·Alfa alloys, recent rebuilt Spica'
new clutch master and clutch slave. $18,000.
Ask for Grant (80l) 272·6618 (07/06)
1971 1750 GTV, complete but not running.
The floor pans need replacing, and possibly
the rockers.lncluded, extra doors, trunk lid,
hood, seats, wheels, many mechanical parts,
etc., taken from a junked GT. $ 4,oooMike
Driscoll, (519) 763·8825,
[email protected] (10/06)
1972 GTV 2000, white with black interior.
A great driver with straight body, good dash
and interior. 32000 miles since rebuild of
engine and drive train, repaint and re.uphol,
stery in 1989. Has hi.compression pistons,
Euro cams, Webbers, etc. Owner's health
requires sale. Garaged and well cared for;
Asking $9000. Pics available on request email
[email protected] or
(410) 465·5172 MD
1974 GTV Silver metallic/black interior in
excellent condition. In the last five years the
engine (some performance mods), gearbox
(lightened gears), upholstery (fabric) and car·
pets have all been redone. Paint is about 13
years old and in excellent condition. Momo
Vega wheels. Second owner with receipts
from 1988. $15,000. (650) 948·4831 evenings
(860) 567,0144
red with camel leather interior and new black
top. Pirelli tires, panasport wheels. 97,000
original miles. Runs great. Immaculate exteri·
or and interior conditions. Metcolously main,
tained and always garaged. Anna, the present
owner, getting too old to seat in that beauty.
$ 9,000 or make me an offer.
Call 208,661,2556 or email [email protected]
AR11658oo02758, silverw/ brown cloth inte·
rior, 2.0 L, 5 speed in excellentoriginal condi·
tion, 18,600 original miles, all documentation,
matching numbers. $10,000. Contact Paul at
e·mail: [email protected]
1981 SPIDER Red/black w/hardtop. 22K
miles, like new w/original sales documents.
NY, $8,950 obo. Pictures are at
Email [email protected]
(917) 843,5306
1982 SPIDER VELOCE, ivory, blue, new
top, roll bar, always garaged, 16 year
California car, new mats, daily driver, great
tires, great turbino wheels, great upholstery,
high milage, slight oil leak for ten years,
slight rust on lower side panels, great miles,
great radio, great AC. $3,000
email: [email protected] (07/06)
1982 GTV,6 charcol color blue leather
int.17,000 orig. miles. original owner. parked
in winter. $10,000 firm Beloit WI
VELOCE, Red, 85,000 miles. Great condi,
tion, one family, garaged winters, original
paint, no accidents, no bondo, good top.
Dual Webers, new front brake calipers, new
heater core, runs great. Moving and no stor·
age, must part. $3,500.
Email: [email protected]
or call (406) 721,3798 (Missoula, MT).
1983 SPIDER VELOCE Red w/black top,
tan interior. 58K, no rust, garaged and well
cared for. Upgrades include 15x7 Panasport
wheels and chassis stiffener. Everything
works, A/C, power windows/mirrors etc, even
the time delay courtesy light ... ! No crunch
5spd trans. Recent tune w/valve adjustment,
no leak motor. All rubber hoses replaced 3+
years. Car has no abusive wear in or out.
Finish is original with a great patina. $7K
Numerous photos, contact
[email protected] (10/6)
1978 ALFETTA SEDAN 78,400 miles,
tobacco brown & tan velour. Cromadora 14in
Star wheels, balanced engine, dead clutch, no
accidents but stored outside with surface rust.
Too good for parts, restorable, 2nd owner
$5000BO (201) 755·1202 NJ (07/06)
1984 GTV,6 No rust, 60k miles, solid engine
+ transmission 164S cams, tensioner changed
recently. $3,000 OBO
Ask for Ray (479) 484·0838 (07/06 )
CONVERTIBLE Brown/tan top. Original
owner, Southern California, garaged only.
100,000 miles, good running condition with
few cosmetic repairs, will make a great addi,
tion to any Alfa collection. $3,000 OBO.
Please contact: parv351
or (562) 596,6042
Yellow, original paint,black interior. 25,179
original miles. Has hard T,top. Asking
$14,000. I have owned the car for 21 years.
1985 SPIDER GRADUATE, 84K miles.
White, good paint, new top. recovered seats,
new exhaust, many new suspension parts, new
computer, clutch replaced, new fuel pumps,
easily daily driver, A/C does not work, can't
enjoy due to leg problems is reason for sale.
$5000.00 OBO, [email protected]
1986 GTV,6 Red with tan interior. Recent
tires and exhaust. New PA state inspection.
54K miles. $5500 OBO. Car located in subur,
ban Philadelphia, PA
Mike (215) 630,1967
OCTOBER 2006 •
1986 GTV.. 6, white with black velour,
Impeccable condition 47 ,XXX miles. No rust
with good synchros. Ronal wheels with a spare
set of original wineglass. Recent timing belt,
tensioner/water pump. $9,900
George (630) 32S~4133
1986 SPIDER GRADUATE. Red/Black runs
and looks great. Sl,ooo original miles, 2nd
owner. Everything works, AKAI CD/MP3
stereo. Always garaged for the last 8 years.
Car is in Maryland.
Priced to sell $4,ooo! (301) 482~ 1186
[email protected]
1986 SPIDER VELOCE 35,000 original
miles, vehicle in storage past S years. Current
reg. and smog, refinished 8 years ago w/ Glasurit
paint. Chrome S spoke factory wheels, Alpine
am/fm/cd player and alarm. Factory wood steer~
ing wheel, rare champagne metallic color. Tan
leather interior with newish black top. A must
see, a must drive. Call George (80S) 486~7811
9am~6pm PST
Red/tan, 61K. #24 of 33. All original (including
paint!) and absolutely beautiful. Second owner,
all records/receipts/manuals, no rust, no ding,
GA car. 1T' 3~piece Gotti wheels, Toyos, slight~
ly lowered, Konis. Fresh clutch, belt, etc., ready
to go. Fantastic tourer.
Chuck: [email protected] GA (07/06)
1986 GTV.. 6 Silver/Black Velour. Very good
condition. European bumpers. 65K miles on
engine. Recent transmission/suspension rebuild
by AutoDelta, Atlanta. Interior very good.
Owned since 1991. Original except Ronal A~1
wheels (have factory originals also). Car is in
Savannah, GA.
[email protected] or
(912) S07~1262. $4,SOO
GRADUATE FOR A WEEK when someone
hit me in the left rear end. It's in good shape
except where it was hit (left rear panelling and
gas tank are gone). The mechanical parts are all
in good order: Engine (87,000 miles)
Transmission smooth on all gears. Power win~
dows, converted NC blows cold. Original Top
Boot (covers convertible top when retracted) in
great shape Canvas top is in great shape (rear
window is clear)12~disc CD Hella halogen
headlights Belts and brakes replaced in 2004
(cross~drilled, slotted rotors installed) New tie
rods in front (replaced April 2006)
I can be reached at:
[email protected]
ITB RACE CAR. Limitations within Alia
Owner's classified ads limit number of words,
so "ONLY SERIOUSLY" interested members
please e~mail me at alfaracer [email protected] for a
detailed description of the car and photos.
Price is FIRM at $12,Soo.
Contact Tom Letoumeu Cumberland, RI
(401) 334~3315
1991 SPIDER VELOCE Red/tan leather
interior good, automatic. 30K, parting out,
car is in N.J. Complete at this time, will take
apart and ship whatever you need.
Quadrifoglio rims + Pirelli P600 only 8K on.
Sal (973) 335~5373
1991 164S, 76k, Black / Tan, beautiful pris~
tine original condition, including all com~
partments, meticulous service by Krause &
England and DiFatta, all records, 12 years
ownership, 2nd, All systems correct working
order, 16" alloys, Michelins, and 5~ S wheels,
non tampered original condition, serious
inquires only, mid atlantic, Arch,
[email protected] (10/06)
adoption to good home. Rebuilt engine,
redone interior, runs well, minor electrical
issues. Begs to be driven, move forces sale,
located in Reno, NV. 116K mi, $3500/ obo.
(775) 351~9543 or [email protected]
1989 SPIDER VELOCE. 21K miles. Red ext,
tan into Black top. Beautiful dash and steering
wheel. This car came out of the museum in
Rosanky. It is a nearly perfect car. Email pic~
tures available. $12,000
Contact: [email protected] or
(512) 263~2069
1991 164S, 61 K, Red/Black. Beautiful origi~
nal car looks new inside and out. Second
owner, all manuals/records/receipts, no rust
GA car. Always babied. Said to be one of the
two nicest around. 16" 3~piece wheels,
Michelins. Everything works. Still smells
new. Chuck. [email protected] GA
1989 SPIDER VELOCE, 47,000 original
miles. Always garaged, lovingly maintained,
receipts kept for all repairs. Reason to sell is
the most wonderful imaginable: We are now a
3 bum~family. This is a 2~bum car.
Cdn $18,000 OBO (613) 236~1901 (07/06)
1994 SPIDER CE, 600 actual miles! Car was
in storage at Alfa Of Tacoma until a few
months ago when I purchased it as a new car.
Unbelievably nice, red/black. Everything
works, all documentation / CE items included.
See e~bay item 140003190059 for more
Classified... Ad Deadlines/Guidelines:
- •.,.. ......... ,-
--- --------------- -
26 •
..J AROC Member
Classified Section:
:.J Wanted
:.J For Sale
Membership Number:
Ad Copy: (50 words max.)
1987 SPIDER VELOCE: dark blue w/tan
interior, 93k miles, garaged all 19 yrs, repaired
only @ Alfa dealers w/Alfa parts, excellent con~
dition inside & out wino problems, $SSOO,
located in Westhampton, N.Y., Owner is 60 yrs
old & no longer practical.
Call Rich (212) 744~8208
1987 MILANO Platinum/silver. Amazing
21,314 actual miles, so looks likes new. One
owner. Arizona car. Great driver. Fitted like
new luggage, ready to go. $3,000 OBO.
George (480) 991~2923.
The classified ad dtadllneis the 1- of tbem~ preceding the month of the issue. Ads may be mailed, ,faxed or
~mailed. Ads are limited to SO words and must ,refer to Alfa Romeo c:am, parts and accesSories. Ads will ,run for
three consecutive issues unless we are lnstruqed to Cancel. To continue publlc:ation of an ad beyond three issues
please reconfinn by each deadline ctate. &my. no phoros permitted Please print deady and legibly, to avoid anv
misprints. Ads nut free of charge for aU Aifa Romeo OwnelS reganiless of dUb affiliation.
No commercial advertisers please.
To place the adt mail or fax to:
5252 Orange Ave., Suite 109 .~ ,Cypress, CA 90630
Fax: (714) 817-2304
.~Mail:[email protected]
details. pictures. $26K.
Mike·[email protected],
(808) 391-3562
miles. Will not separate. $100 each.
Rneville [email protected]
1995 164LS 24 valves. 97K Red/black leather
into fully loaded, 5 speed rebuilt engine, pis·
tons, valves, bearings, water pump, t·belt. New
clutch, brakes, body straight and clean.
Pictures available. Asking $7000 OBO. Sal
(973) 335-5373
PARTS FOR SALE: 2 Weber 40 OC0E32's
on manifiold • $ 1,000. 4 14 " Momo bas·
ketweave mags· $ 1,000. Air horns for carbs
on mounting plate. $ 250 Mike Driscoll,
519-763-8825, [email protected]
1995 164 Q Excellent condition. Black with
tan interior. 54,000 miles. Pampered. $17,000
Call Glenn. 913-851-0348
[email protected] (10/06)
1967 GTV BUMPERS: front $300 rear
$200. Hood: $100. Trunk Lid: $150. Cowl
Panel: $150. Doors: $200. Plexi Rear Window:
$300. 15"x6" Panasports 38 mm offset for all
Giulias: $950. 1 set. (360) 588·8311
TRANSMISSION· Complete with headers,
Less Spica pump and ignintion. Stored as dis·
play 20 years in dealership, needs rebuild.
$3,500 OBO. Call Al Leake:
(831) 338-9703
LOT OF ALFA PARTS: I have a garage full
of parts for '70's Spiders, Duenos, 164, and a
'69 Berlina, including bumpers, trim, seats,
etc. Too many to list.
Please call (973) 335-5373
FOR SALE: (1) 1750 shortblock, no cylin.
ders $250 (1) 59 1300 engine, complete • no
valves/cams #1315-010368 $450 (4) 4 speed
transmissions, #8/41 5M38420, #13152,
#94037, all early style #15613, late style $125
ea. (2) 74 Berlina front seats, excellent condo
$100 pro (1) GTV-6 / Milano driveshaft, com·
plete, balanced by Portland driveline servo
$250 (2) Grad. wheel beauty rims, excellent
condo $30 ea. All prices O.B.O.• Must sell
(310) 257- 8691
WEBER 40 DeOM pr, Malpassi fuel
filter/regulator (sz/tz/ss), Vertex 4c magneto,
all new in box. Also complete set EU & US
microfiche Giulietta-119 includes factory
reader. italmotion [email protected]
1991 164S. Perfect condition, less than 2000
CAR. The body is rusty, the engine is strong,
the clutch is shot. Asking $300.
Pictures available
Evening phone (740) 881-0129.
E·Mail: [email protected]
FOR SALE: Alfa OEM front brake pads,
part #10541.22,053.00/225 or new
#()0713600. Fit all 1750/2000 lOS/lIS from
1969 through 1974 and 2000 Spiders 19751994. New, in original AR box. $10 to a good
home, plus actual shipping. (231) 526-6050,
[email protected]
FOR SALE: Front and rear bumpers for 19711974 GTV with guards and rubber, fuel injec·
tion "Quadraflow" air induction system for
1971-1979 Alfa's, Euro. 40mm intake mani·
fold for Weber Carbs. Power window motors
for Spiders. Piston and liner set for 2 ltr,
Ilmm. Hp cams. Pictures are available on all
items. All items are priced to sell.
Email: [email protected] (09/06)
Bill of Sale Only. Mostly complete GTV6 with
lots of rust. has lots of good parts including
entire powertrain, front air dam, and more.
Car is located in Southern California near Los
Angeles. Asking $600 cash. Call Jim Ferris
(909) 861-1474 or email
[email protected]
( 10/06)
FOR SALE: Original Alfa Romeo Parts
Books (not copies) 1300, 1600, 2000, 2600.
1750 in original binders. Alfa Spider top boots
in good condition. Alfa Romeo GT 1300
Junior owners manual with GT Junior insert.
Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ manual, Alfa Romeo
Giulia SS manual.
Email: [email protected] (09/06)
FOR SALE: Alfa Romeo books & manuals
for salei300 different titlesi Contact Alex Voss:
4850 37th Ave. So. Seattle WA. 98118.
Tel (206) 721-3077
+-P810 Alto
lit IJasIDaI S11C111t57
PALO ALTA. CA 94301·2410
PHONE: fi5O.323.0243. FAX: ~
ii 4i
New AROC Jacket
We found one we know you'll
like. Black with red trim and lining, water resistant 100% Nylon,
inside and sleeve pockets.
Embroidered with full color
AROC logo. Sizes- M, L, XL, XXL
Order JAC -101 Price $55.00
'I"/:i!~ __ L~ Alfa Romeo Parts and Accessories
Bosch Type OE
Ignition Wire Set
oe'lDe Dast IIoots
Genaaa Collqlaalllds
IIosoIa SpIder-S89.00
STY/. 1IIBaao- S120.00
.... :t.ln
4 Cyllndol' Wire Sets
Rod Wire Black Boots
. . . . . . . . . c.dI. . c.r.
eSUppnlssctlIllaal 01'
$ 22.00
Stainless Steel Brake
Hose KIts S 72.00
DOT Approved
appuoatIoas -
SpecIal GnIcr 102 101
5250 N. Palm Avo 1228, Fmno, CA 03104
Tol-800 225 2m (AIfa) Fa sag 299 3942
omall· [email protected]
OCTOBER 2006 •
Do you know anyone who should
become a member of AROC?
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Give them this application form.
knowledge, no other club our size does this. It
eats up a very large portion of our annual budg~
et. We have reached the point where our expens~
es are exceeding our income. We either need
more income or less expense. I do not feel we can
increase dues. We have not been successful in
significantly increasing membership. Therefore,
we must cut expenses. The board is currently
working on doing just that."
Ed notes that AROC is currently an "old car"
club, with even the newest U.S. Alfa over ten
years old. "As such, we do not have an increas~
ing pool of potential new members. That may
change, if the rumors of Alfa's return prove to be
true. If not, we must resign ourselves to living
within a budget that we can afford."
Like other members of the board, Ed appreci~
ates the ideas and insights of the membership,
and welcomes your thoughts on ways to keep
AROC operating in the black.
Phone: (H)
Cost: $60 annual.
I wish to charge the dues to my credit card:
Card Number:
Expiration Date:
Circle One:
Visa • MasterCard • Discover • American
Four weeks before the move: Call,
or mail your name and new address to:
P.O. Box 12340, Kansas City, MO 64116,0340
<[email protected],>
(877) 399,AROC (2762) Toll free
Be sure to include your membership number or your old mailing address as weU.
28 •
Four beautiful words ...
"Yes, that's in stock."
Working Hard To Keep Parts In Stock
Our Guarantee
We stock more than 4,100 different parts. That
keeps back orders down, so you won It have to wait.
Inspect your purchase for 60 days.
If youlre not completely satisfied, return
new, unused product for a full refund.
Fast, Fast Shipping
If we receive your order by
3:00 p.m. EST, weill ship
it that business day.
Wei re as passionate
about our Alfas as
you are about yours.
Enjoy the road I
Paul Opiela, Founder
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We have the volume
to deal directly with
suppliers in Europe-and
pass the savings on to you.
35 Years of Experience
Quality parts, courteous service and hard work
have made us North Americals largest distributor
of Alfa Romeo parts.
Our Sales Advisors Know Your Car
Our Sales Advisors have years of experience working
on Alfas. They don't just sell our parts, they use them.
Quality Parts
Your Alfa deserves the best. That's why our lineup
includes Koni, Bilstein & KYB shocks, K&N filters,
Ferodo brake pads, AElBorgo pistons & liners, Deves
rings, Regina chains, ANSA exhaust, Robbins tops,
Bosch components & many more top-quality products.
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