BMS Quick Guide 1

BMS Quick Guide 1
How to log-in to BMS and change password
Version: April 18, 2014
Step 1 – Where can I find my BMS system access details?
Your Username & Password: CNH Industrial provided the new passwords in April 2014 via electronic BMS
communication. If you did not receive your access information, please contact us as at [email protected]
Note: We provide two users profiles:
1. Accountant, Read and Edit access
2. Managers, Read Only access
Step 2 – How can I log-in to BMS?
Open your Internet Browser and access to
Change/select “language” if needed
In the “Client” box, please enter NAFTAAUS
Type in your user name and password
Click on “Login” to access the Home Page
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Step 3 – How can I change my Password?
1. From the menu to, click “User” and then “Change Password”
2. Type in your old password, enter your new password (see below password requirements) and click “Save”
John Smith
Customer BMS Password Security Policy:
The password must be at least eight (8) characters long.
It must contain at least three letters that are case sensitive.
The password must contain at least three numbers, they can be consecutive; example ( “baby123!”,
 There must be at least one special character from this list: @ # $ % ^ & + = ! § / ? ' * + - _ : , ; .
 The following common words shall not be used: Admin, BMS, CNH, DBS, Login, Name, Password, PWD,
Test, User, and examples above
Step 4 – What is my next step?
You may:
1. Choose “BM Library” from the menu to review more BMS Quick Guides, such as “Overview of the BMS Home
Page & Functions” and/or
2. join the BMS one hour web-training by registering below link (see Section “Your BMS Support”, # 2)
Your BMS Support
1. For Technical Support - please visit our BMS Support Site at
2. To register for a BMS System Application training please visit:
3. For Business Questions - email: [email protected]
CNH Industrial BMS – Improving Dealer Profitability
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