How to complete your visa application form .

How to complete your visa application form.
The application form MUST be fully filled in by applicant and we cannot do any amendments afterwards.
1) Surname (Family name) (x)
Surname(S) Family name (S) of the applicant (the very last name in the passport has to be filled in.
(e. g. Bob Jones Fill in Jones)
2) Surname at birth (former family name(s))
Your maiden name or former name if you changed it in the past.
3) First name (s) (Given name(s))
First name(s) of the applicant (all other name(s) as mentioned in the passport) see above. (e. g. Bob
Jones fill in Bob)
4) Date of birth (day-month-year)
Date of birth of the applicant
5) Place of birth
Place of birth as mentioned in the passport (Mention the City you were born)
6) Country of birth
Country of birth as mentioned in the passport
7) Current nationality
Current nationality as per the passport
8) Sex
Please choose
9) Marital status.
Please choose
10) In the case of minors: Surname; first name; address (if different from applicants) and nationality of
parental authority/legal guardian.
Need to be filled in by the parents who signed the form.
11) National identity number, where applicable
Leave it blank.
12) Type of travel documents.
Please choose an Ordinary passport
13) Number of travel document
Put your passport number
14) Date of issue
Date as written in the passport
15) Valid until
Date as written in the passport
16) Issued by
For India citizens put “Government of India”
17) Applicant home address and e-mail Telephone number(s)
Applicant current address and e-mail address Applicant number
18) Residence in a country other than the country if current nationality
Mark “Yes” and put your UK visa number. You can find it in your passport. You can have Entry
Clearance stamp with a red 9-digit number in the top right corner (e.g. 987654321) or you can have
residence permit stamp with a black 7-digit number preceded by UK (e.g. UK1234567)
19) Current Occupation.
Put applicant current occupation
20) Employer and employer’s address and telephone number, for students, name and address of
educational establishment.
Please fill in name and address of the company the applicant works for. For student fill in the
address of the school/college or University
21) Main purpose(s) of the journey:
Choose Tourism
22) Member state(s) of destination
France for the short tours
23) Member state of first entry
24) Number of entries requested
Choose Multiple
25) Duration of the intended stay or transit. Indicate number of days
Mention your tours days (e. g. 6 days)
26) Schengen visas issued during the past three years.
Previous stays in the Schengen countries (In short version e. g. France 2008)
27) Finger prints collected previously for the purpose of applying for a Schengen visa.
Please choose
28) Entry permits for the final country of destination where applicable
Leave it blank
29) Intended date of arrival in the Schengen area
Please mention date of departure from London
30) Intended date of departure from the Schengen area
Please mention date of arrival date to UK from tour
31) Surname and first name of the inviting person(s) in the Member State(s). If not applicable, name of
hotel(s) or temporary accommodation(s) in the Member/ telephone and fax
You need to put the hotel details the tour stays in
For Short Tours Up To 6 Days
Name: Novotel Evry Courcouronnes
Telephone: (+33) 1 69 36 85 00
Fax: (+33) 1 69 36 85 10
Address: 3 Rue De La Mare Neuve, Lac De Courcouronnes, F-91021 Evry, France.
32) Name and address of inviting company/organisation/ telephone and fax of company/organisation
Leave it blank
33) Cost of travelling and living during the applicant’s stay is covered
Please choose himself/herself if you are the main applicant
Tick Cash and Credit card.
34) Personal data of the family member who is an EU, EEA or CH citizen.
Put the details of EU, EEA or CH citizen passport holder if you are dependent on his/her
35) Family relationship with an EU, EEA or CH citizen
Mention your relation with EU, EEA or CH citizen passport holder.
36) Place and date
E. g. London and date
37) Signature: (for minor, signature of parental authority/legal guardian
Signature) (for minors, signature of custodian/guardian
Parents can sign for the their children below 18)
Please don’t forget to put your signature at the bottom of the page as well as fields 36 & 37.