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Don’t worry about wild, unpredictable markets.
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How To Win Over 95% of
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“I’ve gone over a year and a half without a single loss!”
“Non-Stop Winners” Method Provides Amazing Success!
Believe Me,
Each and Every Win
is Exhilarating
I was transformed from a
timid ‘trader-wanna-be’ to
a confident pro! I do about
two trades a week, almost
all have been winners, and
it‘s so easy a five-year-old
could do it. 20% profit one
day, then maybe 18-19%
the next. Believe me, each
and every win has been
— Bob G., Boulder, CO
$27,600 Net ProFIt
for the Year
Trades worth over
$57,000 in My
Best Month
I started using Don’s trading
system in May … ended the
year $8,660 ahead. Then
I had two losses and 40
wins to go $27,600 ahead.
I averaged $2,300 per
month. Life is good!
I’m a typical trader with a
small account and a dream.
As I write this, I work 30
minutes each Wednesday
night and have found trades
worth over $150,000. And
I’ve profited week after
week after week.
I had five months where I
exceeded my goal of making
$15,000 per month. I had
one month where I made
slightly less than $15,000.
In my best month, I think
I made $57,000.
— Bob M.
100% Winners
for the Year
I have not had one loser
out of 15 trades. This is
incredible. This is the best
thing I have found since I’ve
been trading. Thank you.
— Craig W.
It’s so safe and consistent
it’s actually gotten boring
. . . but it’s a thrill when I
look at my trading account,
— Dennis Perry, DMD
— E.H., MA
Another 100% Winners
This model really is quite
amazing. I’ve made over
$5,000 in four months on
a dozen or so successful
trades. I haven’t had a loser
yet . . .
Thanks again, John H.
Discover How To Win Over 95% of Your Trades… Automatically! SEE INSIDE
An Important, Unsolicited Letter
From The Desk Of Dennis Perry, DMD
satisfied students. I’ve
Dear Friend, I’m one of Don Fishback’s very
profits of $3,359.75, working
turned trades with an average $400 at risk into
night. By simply following
just 30 minutes after dinner each Wednesday
noted trading expert, I’ve
one boring, low risk strategy taught by this
es through the entire year.
profited week after week with only two loss
has averaged over $17,500 in
Others have done even better, like Robert who
profit per month!
instructional video to teach
But Don selected me to interview him for an
e out of thanks for what he’s
this strategy. I was quick to accept this challeng
g interview is going to create a
done for me. I honestly believe this refreshin
ers I’ve spoken to:
lot more amazing success stories like other trad
✔ Earl in Nantucket made $175,000 profits
$1,000 and $2,000 per week
✔ Clem in Tennessee has averaged between
OVER in her first month
✔ Joanna multiplied her money 10 TIMES
it and no losses
✔ John in Orlando made over $200,000 prof
new Lexus … and bought a
✔ Roger P. traded his old Toyota for a brand
new home with his fiance!
unt to be worth $500,000
✔ Carl in Washington estimates a $25,000 acco
you're a lifesaver.”
after taxes in under five years and says, ”Don
two hours weekly
✔ Stephen in Houston made over $55,000 on
in one week – and over
✔ Kevin, an Ohio golf fanatic, made $14,000
$40,000 already!
✔ Michael in Idaho retired 15 years early
cluding over $210,000 in
✔ Bob in upstate New York made $378,625.…in
12 months!
We all treat this like a business – even if we only
each week.
work at it for 30 minutes to about two hours
do it and
In this interview, Don reveals exactly how we
how you can do it, too! You can turn a small
into a big one. No question in my mind! I’m
living proof.
Yours truly
Dennis Perry, DMD
100% Winners — 29 Trades
and 29 Wins Averaging
$4,000 Per Month!
Thanks. My actual trades since
I started using the ‘non-stop
Winners’ strategy – 29 Wins, 0
Losses and $15,664.98 Profit.
Profits have averaged around
$4,000 per month!
— Sangay A.
Starting out small, I was able
to grow my account to over
$16,000 in just a couple
months. I think I can easily earn
$4,000-$5,000 a month! I can
continue trading from anywhere
there’s internet access – Paris,
Athens, Munich.”
–Vaia A.
I think a prudent man should
use options to make as much
money as possible. 80%
winning trades have grown my
IRA and helped to put three
kids through college, and will
also help pay for my daughter’s
wedding. It’s like having a
weight lifted from me. I feel
very fortunate that I can give
them everything they need and
almost everything they want.
— David B., Clamson, MI
Don's Secret has worked well
for me — many profitable trades
so far. — Greg M.
Trading is going well. I’m
currently trading just index
spreads each month. I’ve had
three months in a row with an
average profit of about $1,500
per month.
— Matt L. Indianapolis, IN
NOTICE: Testimonials are believed to be true based on the representations of the persons providing the testimonials, but facts stated in testimonials have not been
independently audited or verified. Nor has there been any attempt to determine the experiences of the persons giving the testimonials after the testimonials were given.
The average reader should not necessarily expect the same or similar results. Options involve risk and are not suitable for all investors. Past performance does not
guarantee future results.
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The Weird — Yet Simple — Strategy That
Wins 95.2% of the Time
No big risks, just a rich,
Non-stop stream of winning trades
Fellow Investor,
Ar ady
Re This?
If you’re tired of never getting any richer because you lose as many trades as you win, I have great news.
It’s about an exciting new investing strategy expressly designed to generate a huge stockpile of winning
trades, with very few losers.
The investor who knows that the non-stop accumulation of solid profits can be the key to creating real
wealth is going to love this program.
This program is so revolutionary that it allows you to:
✔ Turn other traders’ greedy instincts into a never-ending stream of profits for you
✔ Get paid 100% - 500% returns on blue-chip names without ever owning a single share!
And when you consider this strategy works in bull, bear and sideways markets, you can see why I’d go so
far as to promise…
I’ll deliver 95% winning trades for the
next 3 months or you pay nothing
My name is Don Fishback and that’s my promise to you. If you don’t win 95% of the trades this strategy
uncovers over the next three months, I insist you call my team and request a refund. And you can even keep
the course!
That’s how sure I am that you won’t be disappointed.
And, more importantly, that’s why I’m sure I can deliver on what I’m promising you here.
I’ll show you step-by-step exactly how we do it — here’s the secret: We use options to capture these
If you’ve been burned by trading options the way most investors use options─ on all-or-nothing home run
trades─ . . . I want you to pay close attention.
We use options the way professionals do─ — low risk, steady regular returns, no big losses or strikeouts.
Our focus is not the gambling approach that the average investor uses. · Call Today Toll-Free 1-888-233-1431
Instead, we aim for solid returns where the odds are highly in our favor.
We’re not the gamblers – we’re the casino.
The more trades we make, the faster our profits grow.
Making 5% on each trade, you should bank a quick 10% return from closing your first two trades.
30% on your first six trades! And that's a minimum. . . 100% to 500% returns are possible time after time!
If you’ve lived through the Market Crash,
the housing bubble, and the recession
you know how dangerous “buy and hold” can be
I don’t blame you for being skeptical that our “95% winners” strategy works.
You’ve no doubt been burned by “unstoppable” trends like the Internet “boom”…the Gold run…the housing
The “can’t miss” stocks at the heart of those trends all fell apart without warning and wiped out too many
But our strategy does not rely on new technologies, the Fed rates, or event trading.
All it requires is safe, solid positions and your ability to take advantage of other traders who let greed get
the best of them.
As long as humans walk the earth, greed is going to exist.
So why not turn greed to your advantage?
10 trades so far … with not a single loss.
A true story from our Files
Roger P. starting trading
options using Don Fishback’s
methods just one year ago. He
reports, “I’ve made only the more
conservative trades, and so far
made 10 straight winners without
a single loss! On Sony, I made
$7,000 profits, with a total risk of
only $2,500 on the position.
“I have received fliers on other courses and from what I
can see, they are pure hype.” says Roger. “Don Fishback,
on the other hand, gave me a method for generating safe,
consistent, repeatable profits.”
Engaged to be married, Roger has earmarked his
trading profits for several uses to start a family, buy
a new home, as well as trade in his old Toyota for a
brand-new Lexus.
He’s also thrilled that his new-found trading
profits will enable him to realize his dream of
making significant donations to his favorite charity,
the Ovarian Cancer Society. (Roger’s mother died of
ovarian cancer at 55.)
“One thing I love about Don Fishback’s course is that
volatility is such an effective indicator of how to plan an
options trade,” notes Roger. “You know how the option is
priced relative to how the stock is doing.
Another thing Roger praises Don Fishback for
is the quick return on his advice. He attended a
live seminar with Don and made one trade Don
recommended at the seminar and earned a profit of
$3,500 – paying back the tuition within a few weeks
after taking the course.
"Don is a nice, ethical, honest guy,” Roger concludes.
“His teaching and methods are great – and, they work!” · Call Today Toll-Free 1-888-233-1431
Works in any market —
Whether stocks are going up or down
The most surprising aspect of our 95% winners plan is that it works in any market.
● In bull markets.●●✔ In bear markets.
● In sideways markets.
● Constant…relentless profits can be yours!
Simple to Use…
Start With A Small Investment
This strategy requires . . .
● no special training
● no expensive software
● no complicated math or research
You only need the desire to make money consistently and the willingness to follow my clear directions to
grab your share.
And you choose how much you want to invest.
Only a few thousand dollars gets you started.
I made $14,000 in just one week.
A true story from our Files
Kevin L. is one of the friendliest, nicest guys
you’d ever hope to meet. Now, thanks to Don
Fishback’s winning options trading methods, this
40-year-old self-made entrepreneur is well on his
way to achieving his goal of retiring by age 45!
“The biggest thing I enjoy about Don Fishback, and
the biggest difference between other methods, is that it
is non-directional trading,” says Kevin. “I don’t have
to pick a direction – I make money
whether the stock moves up or down.
Kevin has traded options for 6 years prior to
Don’s secrets – and lost money every year. Now,
he has enjoyed annual trading profits in the fivefigures. “Don Fishback’s information is phenomenal,
and I am floored by the results I have gotten,” says
Kevin. “On one IBM straddle, I made $14,000 in one
week!” He also made $9,500 profit in 2 weeks on
an Oracle spread. Overall, he made approximately
$40,000 profit for the year.
“The money I make trading
options the Don Fishback way is
helping me save the money I will need
to retire comfortably within the next few
years,” notes Kevin, who owns
a golf course in Ohio. What
will he do in his retirement?
“Trade options,” says Kevin,
“and of course, golf.” · Call Today Toll-Free 1-888-233-1431
An Interview with
Don Fishback
by Dennis Perry, DMD
DP: Behind the scenes, a growing number of men
and women, people just like you and me, are
making a ton of money playing the stock market
by a new set of rules. Don, what is happening
with investing today?
DP: So the traditional ways of investing are now as
extinct as the dinosaurs?
DF: And unless you live in “Jurassic Park” you’d
better find a new way to invest. Traditional
analysts established their reputations when the
market was soaring. During that time, almost
every stock on the board was going up; and
every dip was a buying opportunity.
DF: Let's face it, the Buy and Hold days are over.
Making a profit by simply choosing what stock
to buy and when has become so impossible
that many investors stay away from the market
But, how about you? Can you afford to do exactly
what you want … when you want … until the end
of time … no matter what happens?
A page in history has been turned. If you’re stuck
in a rut, unwilling to embrace economic change
as a welcome opportunity, I’m afraid the book is
about to close on you and your future forever. On
the other hand, if you have an open mind and if
you’re ready to learn how to play by a new set of
rules … the best is yet to come!
But your favorite market maven probably isn’t
doing too well in the downswings, if the fund
managers are any indication. I don’t need to tell
you. You already know that just about everyone’s
lost money if the market swings up and down.
The simple fact is, the financial climate has
changed; and most of these guys just don’t get it.
Customer Study
Of ODDS Trading
6-Year Results
707 WINS
In a third-party historical study
conducted by video purchaser
Bob in NY, ODDS trading has
identified 707 wins out of 732
index option trades … an
astonishing 95.2% accuracy
over six years. In actual trading
Bob has made over $370,000
after all commission costs.
PLEASE READ. There is a substantial risk of loss with this or any other advertised product, service or system. Also, hypothetical or simulated performance results have
certain inherent limitations. Unlike an actual performance record, simulated results do not represent actual trading. Also, since the trades have not actually been
executed, the results may have under-or-over compensated for the impact, if any, of certain market factors, such as lack of liquidity. Simulated trading programs in
general are also subject to the fact that they are designed with the benefit of hindsight. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits
or losses similar to those shown. Options involve risk and are not suitable for all investors. Past performance does not guarantee future results.
6 · Call Today Toll-Free 1-888-233-1431
account would have shown 301 wins and 5 losses
and an ending balance of $1,344,000! While this
doesn’t account for possible trade slippage, it
does completely include all commissions and
fees. That’s the truly awesome power of virtually
loss-free trading!
DP: The ODDS investment technique you taught me
beats everything else hands down! I’ve been
amazed watching it work in good markets and
DF: We’ve achieved amazing success in one of the
world’s most misunderstood businesses. You
see, 99% of all newcomers approach trading
the wrong way, and it appears confusing and
But when done the right way, it can be a lowrisk, virtually automatic income generator.
Most people have invested in mutual funds or
the stock market. But I believe there’s a much
safer, more predictable and more profitable way
to build your money. What I do is trade options
– but not the way most people do it. When done
right, you should win on at least 95% of the
trades you make. I can teach anyone how in just
90 minutes. Using just one basic technique, my
ODDS system generated historical test results
of 301 wins and just 5 small losses … a stunning
98.37%wins! And 76 consecutive winners!
DP: Let’s talk about the kind of profits possible with
DP: As I’ve been lucky enough to see your approach
and even follow it myself, I know you’ve found
the way to succeed no matter what is happening
in the markets.
DF: Since the stock market peaked in October
2007, our market and economy collapsed.
Corporations went bust, brokerage firms went
bust, the government bailed out favored banks,
and people lost trillions (not millions, not
billions, but TRILLIONS). During this same
period, our data shows that this very simple,
once-a-week system has piled up a profit of
91.86%. And we’re not alone...
A Dallas physician developed a five-figure extra
income just one week after learning this secret.
An ex-football jock made over 16 million dollars
in three years.
A Florida sales manager made $200,000 in his
first 14 months.
A laid-off NY manager made over $375,000 . . .
and there’s loads more success stories just like
such accurate trading.
DF: Annualized results – after commissions –
showed 300% profit! My $21,000 starting
ODDS Approach
Profit in
DP: I’ve spoken to others who’ve learned your
secrets, and amazingly, they’ve all done quite
301 Wins
5 Losses
DF: Well, to be honest not everyone has gotten
rich. Many people learn the secrets but are still
hesitant to use them.
YEAR 3 · Call Today Toll-Free 1-888-233-1431
DP: While we’re being honest, I hesitated at first.
But I still turned an average $400 at risk
into $3,359.75 profit almost right away. And
multiple positions have made much bigger
profits! Had I started right away and done this
consistently it would be well over $150,000.
DF: That’s fine, Dennis. Don’t kick yourself for
hesitating to try something new. At least you
eventually gave it a try. Just think of how much
you’ll be able to make now that you have a much
bigger account to work with!
DP: You better believe it! I’ve done the math. And if
I just keep plugging away like I’ve been doing, I
figure I could have over $700,000 real soon.
DF: Just remember to stick to the rules and don’t get
DP: If anything I’m usually too cautious and careful.
That’s really why I love your investing method.
It’s so steady and consistent even in bear
DF: It’s designed to win on at least 90% of the trades
you take. In fact, I just completed a rigorous new
Cumulative Actual Option Profits
of an ODDS Trader Using
These Methods!
In Three Years
Three Years Trading
study* covering 25 years. A summary of the
study can be found on page 18. It covers all the
bull markets, the crash in 1987, the bear market
in 1990, the bursting of the bubble
in 2000 through 2002, and the catastrophic
financial collapse of 2008. Even during the
ebullient and turbulent times, it found an
astonishing 95.81% winners. That’s 1,578 wins
and just 69 losses in 25 years! Less than 3 losses
per year for 25 straight years!
A true story from our Files
Bob participated in one of the first sessions teaching
ODDS trading. Soon after, a corporate takeover
suddenly left him laid off by a firm where he had
served as a manager for many years.
He enjoyed his role in management, but
was not sure he wanted to start up again
on another corporate ladder. He’d been
working with ODDS part-time, but now
was faced with a major life decision.
It was clear that Bob was worried
about the possible lack of security
in trading. He was used to getting a
regular salary and wasn’t at all sure
he could compete with large traders.
He had doubts about his expertise
… but he tested ODDS on paper and
found 707 winners out of 732 trades
(that’s 95.2% accuracy for 6 years).
He decided to give ODDS a try on that fateful Feb.
13th and made $860.23 after commissions on his first
trade. He began trading for a living, and has averaged
$1,700 per week profit after all costs!
Have you figured out how much this laid-off
manager was making once he lost his job? Well,
$1,700 a week times 52 weeks equals a nice, satisfying
$88,000 a year!
That’s after he lost his job! Best of all, he works
about 30 seconds each night, plus a half hour or so on
Monday evening. He spends a few days each week on
his boat. More money…less work…and nobody can lay
him off because Bob is now his own boss!
And, of course, if he decides he needs more money,
he can simply double his trade positions and double his
profits…with no extra work! · Call Today Toll-Free 1-888-233-1431
DP: You know, I’d heard of options, but before I met
you I’d never realized how powerful and flexible
they could be.
DF: Options provide 8 Great Benefits you simply
can’t find with any other investment. They are
perfect for steady, controlled-risk profits.
Benefit #1:
You can get started with just a few
hundred dollars. One well-known investor
publicly admits he achieved his $500,000 profit
starting with just $400!
Benefit #2:
When you buy options, your risk is
always limited to a small amount. You could
potentially control $109,937 of Microsoft stock
for as little as $375. Even if the market collapses
and the $109,937 of Microsoft stock is worth
zero, you only lose $375 and not one penny more!
Benefit #3: Your potential profit can be unlimited.
One Chicago friend of mine has an average
annual profit of 5.3 Million Dollars. I know of
another with over $500,000 profit in one day.
Yet one more was featured in Success Magazine
making “Over 14 Million Dollars In 72 Hours.”
Benefit #4: You can trade with confidence, as you’ll
know scientifically and automatically what the
market is expected to do. (Not every time... but
98.37% of the time is close enough for me!)
Benefit #5:
A simple, part-time opportunity
that lets you enjoy life to the fullest. Figure on
spending 3-4 weeks becoming an expert . . .
then working about an hour each week to do
everything. I have one buddy who puts in his
“week’s work” during the pre-game show of
Monday night’s football game. It’s that easy!
Benefit #6:
Works in all business cycles. Unlike
stocks and mutual funds, options traders make
money in Bull markets and Bear markets. We
don’t care – in fact we can do great even if the
market goes down, or even if the markets hang
around doing nothing!
Benefit #7:
You can learn it all and try it out
without actually investing a penny. Once you’ve
proven to yourself that it works, only then will
you put up even the smallest investment.
Benefit #8:
Unlike most businesses, you’ll have
no overhead. No insurance costs, no employees,
no inventory, no monthly “nut” you need to
cover. All you’ll need is an internet connection.
Or do it the old-fashioned way with a phone, a
calculator and a financial newspaper (Wall Street
Journal, Investor’s Daily, or something similar).
That’s it!
DP: With all these great benefits options trading
sounds unbeatable. Why isn’t everyone getting
rich with options?
DF: Let me explain. Most new options traders are
greedy and swing for the home run … the big
money that lets them get rich quick. Yet the sad
truth is that they lose time after time …until
they get demoralized and quit. The lure of huge
returns pulls traders into the wrong strategies
… it sets them up for loss after loss. My method
is the opposite. ODDS works to eliminate losses
and build profits step-by-step. It lets you know
in advance the odds of a given trade. So you’ll
know what trades to avoid and have enormous
profit opportunities on all the others. The result
is a phenomenal winning percentage.
(continued on page 12...)
Twelve-Year Study of Basic
ODDS Trading on QQQ
NASDAQ 100 Index Trust
12 Years
92.41% Profitable
134 Wins
11 Losses
Backtest Results
$36,551 Net Profit · Call Today Toll-Free 1-888-233-1431
134 WINS
Real-Life Success Stories
“I am so happy I discovered your way of making money.
It’s been nothing short of fantastic. I am very happy.
And I get pretty excited talking about this.
“Don’s way is a whole new and different way to
make money. Before I learned your way, it was just hit
or miss.
“I am retired and I decided I wanted to make
$15,000 per month. That sounded like a nice round
number, something that would be achievable, and if I
met my goal, I’d be thrilled. It’s been six months, and in
those six months I had one month where I made slightly
less than $15,000, which was okay, because I was still
making money. I had five months where I exceeded my
goal of making $15,000 per month. And in fact, in my
best month, which was January, I think I made $57,000.
“Total, in six months, I’ve made $175,000 all
from the methods you’ve taught and the tools you’ve
provided to me.”
–Earl H., Nantucket
“I’ve purchased other courses that
promise they’ll teach you how to
make money consistently and safely.
The problem is, they never worked as
“But I’m not one to give up. I tried
your course because it was so different from the way
people normally think about making money. I loved the
videos and especially the manual because I could learn
at leisure and at my own pace.
“Like I said, I tried to do something like this a few
years ago but I didn’t do too well. I wound up losing
“Your course turned things around for me. I
averaged between $1,000 and $2,000 per week cash
coming in right now. My eventual goal is to make
$1,000 per day, so that’s what I’m going to try to do!
Now my wife is also going to start implementing your
“I’ve never been exposed to the revolutionary ideas
provided by Don. He has a lot of great strategies. If you
pick any one, or maybe two of these strategies, you’ll
find that your money will grow quite consistently and
"I love the one strategy that offers consistent,
monthly cash flow. For me it’s perfect because I don’t
have to sit in front of a computer working and watch
things all day long. After all, the reason I (and most
other people) do this is so I can give up my regular job.
Trading your job in order to stare at a computer all day
wasn’t really my goal.
“I took a couple of Don’s ideas and have gone
great guns with them. Don’s teaching methods are
streamlined and easy to learn. And my bank account
has consistently gone up quite a bit.
“I’ve used others’ methods. This one is perfect for a
beginner. You can start with a small amount of capital
and it works for you. You don’t have to be stuck in an
office all day, watching a computer.
“I am very happy and I love to recommend it to my
–Scott B., Kansas City, KS
“I’ve bought all kinds of courses and been to a number
of seminars, and the difference between their methods
and Don’s is that his works! This is the only one that
I’ve recommended to anyone else. This is the only
one that works, so I recommend it to my friends. His
methods are easy to understand and easy to put into
“With other courses, the information is very
difficult to understand. And if you ever get to the point
where you understand it, you run into the problem
where it is nearly impossible to implement the strategy.
“That’s the difference. With Don’s methods, it is
understandable and doable. It’s easy to do and it works
and it’s safe!”
–Brad L., Atlanta, GA
–Clem H., Kodak, TN
NOTICE: Testimonials are believed to be true based on the representations of the persons providing the testimonials, but facts stated in testimonials have not been
independently audited or verified. Nor has there been any attempt to determine the experiences of the persons giving the testimonials after the testimonials were given.
The average reader should not necessarily expect the same or similar results. Options involve risk and are not suitable for all investors. Past performance does not
guarantee future results.
Options involve risk and are not suitable for all investors. Past performance does not guarantee future results.
10 · Call Today Toll-Free 1-888-233-1431
“Fantastic information! I love its analytical nature,
too. I achieved profits totaling $4,862.50 in an account
which started with $4,355.57 in my first three weeks.”
“I know the success of your
techniques, since I’ve been using them
myself since you taught them to me.
Thanks for teaching such a great
Mark A., VA
Mark A., Moseley, VA
“I get deluged with ads for systems making
outrageous claims, so when I saw yours indicating
that it was over 90% accurate, I was extremely
skeptical — at first. It was so straightforward, I decided
to put it to the test. Wow, did it pass. For seven straight
months. Every trade I found was a winner, including
the March trade that made money in a market that
ruined thousands of other options traders.”
S. H., Dallas, TX
“I’d always had bad experiences trading options,
because I was uninformed on how they work. Don
gave me basic underlying principles of how they work.
He shared the very important concept of successful
options trading. “Since January , every trade has been a
winner using his program. I just closed a $700 winner
this morning!
“I’m looking for trades with good probabilities,
and I’ve got confidence in my trading now.“I am
T. L., Lafayette, LA
impressed!” “. . . the most comprehensive workshop ever.”
Conrad D., Rio Rancho, NM
“I stand in awe of your consistent
and profitable ODDS trades. I’ve had
100% winners in the 3 months since
I started using ODDS. I made about
$5,000 in one month. I’ll gladly share
my trading experiences with anyone
interested in hearing more about
your trading. I’m a believer!”
Bob P., Syracuse, NY
“Want you to know that your actions and
recommendations during the recent market crisis were
nothing short of SPECTACULAR!!!!”
C. D. M., Belleville, IL
“I purchased your ODDS training in April. At that
time I was still working a full time job in an automotive
wrecking yard. You are the reason I was able to retire 15
years earlier from a job I no longer found enjoyable.”
Michael G. C., Pocatello, ID
“My first trade was a small loser. But after that, 10
winners in a row! Trading this has been so easy.”
Steve M., NY
“Brought my understanding of options to a new high.
Can’t imagine anyone trading options without such
Norm G., Costa Mesa, CA
“I used the techniques you taught me to trade 1 option.
The results were $6,000.”
P. Allan H., N. Fort Myers, FL
“My confidence to trade has grown 100%. As a novice
to the market I am quite excited. Great!”
Paulette S., Wilmington, DE
“I placed the trade on Monday after the June 28 course,
and I must confess I already broke the rules! I got out
Monday July 7 with a profit of $16,875. Thanks is an
Sincerely, Peter R., M.D., Dallas, TX
“The best workshop ever. Don is very knowledgeable.
The workshop was intense – tons of good information.
Doesn’t just talk about strategies, but shows how
they’re used and when. Very valuable.”
Ric R., Chino Hills, CA
“Several years ago I embarked on my journey
into Options. Going over your methods, I felt an
exhilaration sweep over me. There was hope for me
to have my dream of trading successfully. Before
long I was cranking out trades. The profits mount up
relentlessly. My goal is to take a small $25,000 trading
account to $500,000 after taxes during the next 4-5
years. Thanks again, Don. Without your ODDS based
principles of trading, I probably would not be active in
the markets. You’re a lifesaver.”
Carl T. P., Ridgefield, WA
"As you can see – 100% success!! This account is the
first for my new money management business. I
already have commitments for two more, starting with
$25,000 each. Looks like a very exciting year.”
Bill K., FL · Call Today Toll-Free 1-888-233-1431
DP: Isn’t it about time you told the reader about
Options Provide Huge Profits With Less
DF: Okay, here’s how we do it. The basic strategy
is really quite simple. Let everybody else — the
uneducated, hopeful masses of traders — go for
the big kill. What you’ll do is apply some basic
analysis first. Then decide, with incredible
precision, where the market is really going.
That’s how I found 301 wins and only 5 losses.
That’s how I found 76 consecutive winning
trades. Piece-by-piece, the profits add up
quickly... while risk stays firmly in control.
The ODDS approach is the powerful weapon
that gives you the insider’s edge. ODDS is my
scientific, automatic approach that literally
lets you know in advance how much money
you risk... how much you could make... and the
odds (or probabilities) of this happening. (ODDS
stands for Options and Derivative Decision
It gives you the raw, hard facts and lets you
automatically determine the probability of a
value to stock)
13 stocks total
Notice that the options trades make 2779% more money
than the corresponding stock positions! But it gets better!
The options positions would have been hugely profitable
whether the market went up or down. We didn’t need to
know market direction to make this kind of money!
That's a
A selection of trades made by ODDS recommendation service, This service is currently closed
to new subscribers.
I made over $200,000 proFIt. . . in just 14 months.
A true story from our Files
All trades have been winners . . .
a 100% Success Rate!
One of the great things about Don Fishback’s options
secrets is that you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to
do it. Nor do you have to make it a full-time job. In fact,
many of Don’s students have made more money trading
than they do in their day job (if they still choose to have
one), trading only a few hours a week.
Consider John D., a sales manager for a printing
company in Orlando, Florida. His account increased
more than 150% in 14 months, netting him a profit
of $200,000 in just over a year.
“On a Safeguard straddle, I made $12,000 profit with
a total risk of $2,800 in just 4 months,” John says when
asked about his trades. And on a 3Com trade, he made
50% profits in only three months.
Even with a demanding executive job and family
responsibilities (John has a wife and two teenage boys),
John finds that these methods fit perfectly into his busy
schedule. He has traded four or five nights during the
trading week, spending a couple of hours per evening. “I
could get away with less, but I really enjoy being active
in the markets,” he notes.
“What I like is that Don Fishback is really
concerned about risk– he doesn’t want any of his
students losing money,” says John. “I have made 20
consecutive trades following Don’s advice, and all
20 have been winners. That’s a success rate of 100%.
“Don not only ‘talks the talk,’ he also ‘walks the walk,’
backing up what he says with strategies that truly work.
He’s honest about risks, and he doesn’t overpromise,”
continues John. “Of all the courses out there, Don’s
strategies are those that have the best chance of giving
investors return on their dollar.” · Call Today Toll-Free 1-888-233-1431
This lets you enjoy all of the incredible benefits
of options without the built-in risk most option
traders seem to unknowingly take.
DP: I must admit, when I first heard about this
trading secret I was skeptical. I tracked it myself.
I couldn’t believe how good it actually worked. I
have gone as much as a year and a half without
a single loss. And had only two losses for the
entire year. Had I followed this one simple
approach from the beginning, I’d have over
3000% — that’s Three Thousand percent profit.
Even with a late start, I earned actual profits
of 839% return on risk in my first three years,
while most other investors were getting wiped
out. Because I know what to expect every day.
DF: You can bet on this . . . professional option
traders know their chance of success. It’s their
business. They make easy money from the
uneducated traders jumping in blindly on a tip
or hunch. Yet, the professional traders are not
smarter than you. They are not gamblers. In fact,
they do everything they can to avoid risk.
The difference between the winning pros and
most traders is simple. They are always aware of
how much they can make and how much they
might lose. They look at the actual price of an
Winning Trades vs. Losing Trades
3-Year Historical Test Results
Winning Trades
Losing Trades
Number of Trades
market move. You can easily pick only trades
that give you 90% odds of selecting winners. In
essence, you will profit from the hopes of less
informed investors hoping to make a killing (and
effectively handing their money to you).You’ll
learn all the basics of ODDS. You’ll also learn
the different strategies to apply. So you can find
90% winners in upmoves, downmoves, and donothing markets. You’ll learn techniques to wipe
out completely any chance of a large loss. You’ll
learn how to profit even more when other traders
panic. So you can safely make good money. Of
course, you’ll occasionally have a loss, but if done
as instructed, it will be small, not devastating. At
last, it is possible to know the probability of an
option reaching a certain price.
301 Wins
5 Losses
Year 1
Year 1
Year 1
Until today the “little guy” has almost always
been wiped out when he tried his luck at
But now, thanks to the powerful reliable
trading approach developed by Don Fishback,
you can automatically overcome every
investor’s biggest problem – accurate trade
selection – to get in and out with a profit almost
every time you trade.
You no longer need worry about external
factors that affect market conditions . . . have to
guess which stage of a move your market is in
. . . or what action to take now.
Thanks to Don’s eye-opening system, you
could make fantastic percentage profits almost
every time you trade. Yes, you can make big
profits from tiny investments without tying
up your money, because you’ll win on almost
every trade.
Don spent 10 years of tedious research, trial,
error, and his own hard-earned money before
he perfected this remarkably simple system
that can bring you more profits, faster profits,
more consistent profits than you ever dreamed
Now you can have his priceless
knowledge without risking a penny.
Just return the coupon provided with
this letter or call 1-888-233-1431 TODAY! · Call Today Toll-Free 1-888-233-1431
option, they determine its true value, and often
find trades with the odds hugely in their favor.
you can take more positions on each trade so
the $1,000-$2,000 weekly profit increases
to $5,000-$10,000 average profit each week.
Without changing our steady game plan even
one bit!
That is what you now have a chance to learn.
Once you grasp this secret, you’ll never again
trade without it.
DP: This system is perfect if you hate to lose!
DP: I love that I just spend a half hour each week to
DF: This system is based on one prime philosophy
do this. And I don’t need to follow the markets
during the day. As an oral surgeon, I really can’t
walk out of surgery to buy or sell options.
– it hates to lose. By taking only those trades
where the odds are stacked in your favor, your
money can grow at an astronomical rate. With
over 98% winners, profits will steadily flow dayby-day into your account.
DF: That’s really the beauty of ODDS. It only takes
from a half-hour to about two hours each week,
depending on how many stocks you care to
follow. And you can do it in the evening, like Bob
who does it during football pregame each week.
DP: It’s really the opposite of all the get-rich-quick
Historical studies show 60 wins for every loss!
Your money builds up very quickly when you
almost never give any back.
DP: Most of us are skeptics. Especially when we
DF: Exactly! Many trading programs roll the dice and
look for a big killing … but those are the losers
who’ll be lining your pockets with money. A
typical trade will have you investing $350-$450
per position and pocketing 10%-20% a week!
Imagine how you can compound that! By doing
this again and again (with over 95% winners)
your profits will grow quickly, steadily and
safely. Notice on the following chart that you’ll
average $1,000-$2,000 profit each week – even
counting in the occasional losses. And, of course,
once you’ve built-up your investment dollars,
Anticipated Profits Per Week
hear about results this good.
DF: Many people consider results this good to be an
impossible dream. When I told you I had a plan
that could literally make you a fortune with low
stress, you naturally looked at me with a great
deal of skeptisism. This is the way most people
feel when they first hear of my success methods.
But remember, I’m not promising 100% success.
No matter how good this program is, if you can’t
accept the inevitable losses, don’t even consider
options trading. Let’s face it, unexpected forces
can move the markets in a way that no system
Long Term Study of Basic
ODDS Trading on NDX Options
16 Years
95.7% Profitable
377 Winners
17 Lossers
377 WINS
23 · Call Today Toll-Free 1-888-233-1431
can be prepared for. It happens. But those losses
can easily be controlled. And most of the time
the market is indeed entirely predictable. The
bottom line is that those people willing to take a
chance and invest in themselves have benefited
handsomely from this program
And we’re sharing it with you RISK-FREE so
you can prove it to yourself without a worry. It
doesn’t take a genius to understand the value of
this trading method. It’s already turned around
the lives of hundreds of ordinary people. Now
you’ve proven it’s power for yourself. And it can
do the same for anyone.
DP: I’d just like to point out to the readers that you
are the most honest and trustworthy person
I’ve ever met. Not just in this industry, but
anywhere. It’s refreshing to learn from someone
you know you can trust.
DF: Thanks, Dennis. I do pride myself on complete
honesty. When I decided to teach others this
secret, I dedicated myself to doing it 100%.
DP: You’ve always been there to answer my
DF: Absolutely. As you’ve seen, I’ll do everything in
my power to make sure you become successful.
DP: I knew a little about options, but I was surprised
how much I didn’t know. That’s where your help
really came through.
DF: I want to make sure you have a thorough
grounding in option trading before you
invest even one dime following this proven
money-making advice. That’s why I’ve gone
to such extraordinary lengths to insure you
know and understand all the basics of options
trading before introducing my ODDS battle
proven trading approach. This is the most
comprehensive, step-by-step training you’ve
ever seen. I’ve written and rewritten the basics
to be sure any novice could understand it. If
you can add and subtract, you can learn to trade
options. Just as Bob P. from New York has done
to now earn over $120,000 in his spare time!
Just as a Dallas physician has done to earn a
Try It At Our Risk... Generate Profits
On At Least 19 Of Every 20 Tries Or
You Keep The Course For Free!!
Watch the “High Accuracy ODDS” DVD and read Options For Beginners. Then virtual trade online or
paper-trade the old-fashioned way for three months. During this time, you may e-mail, call or fax Mr.
Fishback’s office with any questions you may have. We also have an extensive online knowledge base
that you can access 24 hours a day. If your virtual-trading does not produce net profits on at least 19
of every 20 trades in the three months, simply return your paper trading records by the
end of the fourth month, and you’ll get 100% of your money back, no questions asked.
The course is yours to keep absolutely free!! You don’t have to risk a penny. In fact,
if you’re dissatisfied for any reason whatsoever, just return the course within the
four months for a full no-questions-asked refund. That’s how serious we are about
giving you the opportunity to become successful at our risk. · Call Today Toll-Free 1-888-233-1431
Just a Sample of Glowing Testimonials
From some of the First ODDS traders!
“First rate. Made a profit of $1,848 on my first trade. If
I sell my position today, I would make another $1,100
plus. Thanks millions!”
— Randy C., Indianapolis, IN
“Extremely informative – the best at protection of
assets. How refreshing!”
— M. L. W., Dallas, TX
“Excellent information, very useful, no hype.”
“Very good — a perfect 10!”
— Mrs. Bobby B., Magnolia, AR
“Very solid information, well presented. Greatly
appreciate your access and help.”
— Kirk E., Los Angeles, CA
“Information will be of tremendous value. I can’t wait
to start tracking the markets with this.”
— Tom H., Glendale, AZ
— Dallas seminar attendee
“Excellent – good information presented very
“Excellent, solid material, my 76-year-old brain was at
maximum output. Very useful.”
— Frank K., Metuchen, NJ
— C. Drew W., Shreveport, LA
“High-caliber information delivered in a very
enthusiastic manner. Extremely useful.”
“Extremely informative and practical to implement.”
— Rick H., Hamilton, OH
Mary W., Merrifred, VA
“Excellent experience – Don Fishback is a motivated,
dedicated, patient instructor who clearly and logically
presents his techniques.”
— John U., Glen Mills, PA
“Great information, the tangible analytical tools
devised are just what I’ve been seeking.”
— Stewart R. G., Donna, TX
“Very good, intense – going to be very useful.”
“Provided a business structure for trading. Gives tools
to quantify decisions = SIMPLICITY. Rates better than
a perfect score.”
— Harry L., Washington, D. C.
“I plan to put this information to work as soon as I
return home.”
— Michael D. W., Syracuse, NY
“Invaluable option strategies; we can succeed at
making money! Thanks, Don, I feel very confident with
what I learned. You helped me with my dreams.”
— Bob M., Silverdale WA
“Good start for me in options. Achieved insight – even
with my limited option experiences.”
— John J. T., Sacramento, CA
“Clarified many concepts – puts it all together. Well
— Albert C. D., Pittsburgh, PA
“Nuts and bolts and a lotta meat, too! First rate.”
— Art P., Las Vegas, NV
“Very clear on how to use indicators in a useful way. It
clearly defines years of experience in just two days.”
— Ken B., Las Vegas, NV
“Very straightforward and honest. You get what
you pay for. Enlightened me to the world of options.
Teaches the smart way to trade. I needed a game plan
and now I have one.”
— Brad A., Arcadia, CA
— Dean G., Colorado Springs, CO
NOTICE: Testimonials are believed to be true based on the representations of the persons providing the testimonials, but facts stated in testimonials have not been
independently audited or verified. Nor has there been any attempt to determine the experiences of the persons giving the testimonials after the testimonials were given.
The average reader should not necessarily expect the same or similar results. Options involve risk and are not suitable for all investors. Past performance does not
guarantee future results.
Options involve risk and are not suitable for all investors. Past performance does not guarantee future results.
16 · Call Today Toll-Free 1-888-233-1431
five-figure extra income in his very first week!
You’ll receive my bestselling book Options For
Beginners, which clearly explains all the basics.
And you’ll receive a full-length, professionally
produced video instruction package, plus an
accompanying workbook. I expect you’ll have
to review one or two sections, after your first
viewing. But I’ve aimed everything so that
anyone can understand and follow along. If
you can use a calculator, you can follow ODDS
trading. Plus you get free tech support, and full
attention from my staff.
and don’t receive 19 out of 20 winners, you get a
full refund of your money, and the entire course
costs you nothing. So you can’t lose on the deal.
If it’s not all I claim, you get a complete refund
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the secrets some traders have used to make over
16 million dollars in just three years . . . and then
donate 5% to charity. You’ll be on your honor
to make the donations. When the success and
money start to flow, you need to give and help
others . . . there is an amazing feeling of focus
and accomplishment in doing so. This force
actually propels more people to stratospheric
success than anything else I’ve studied.
DP: Right about now, there’s a really BIG question
on everyone’s mind. If you’re so successful and
making so much money, why are you willing to
share all this?
DF: This is an important question, Dennis. You
see, I’ve gotten heavily involved in helping
charities and the disadvantaged. As you may
know, I’ve donated every penny of profit from
my bestselling book Options For Beginners
to the American Heart Association – already
amounting to over one hundred thousand
dollars. And I’m committed to help raise millions
of dollars more. And in addition to pestering
my wealthy friends, neighbors and business
associates, I’ve come up with an innovative
fund-raising twist.
DP: Tell us about it.
DF: If I can teach 100 serious investors how to make
millions of dollars in investment profits over
the next decade – they shouldn’t mind agreeing
to donate 5% of their profits to charity, should
So here’s what I want from you. When you make
your first $100,000, I expect you to voluntarily
donate 5% of those profits over the next two
years to the American Heart Association
or another equally worthy charity of your
choice. Readers of my book have been making
donations to the American Cancer Society, the
St. Jude’s Children’s Society and others. At least
one customer started a Scholarship Fund in his
mother’s name. Bear in mind that if you try this
DP: Let me tell you, the feeling I get when I help
others is definitely great satisfaction. Now let’s
go over again exactly what you’ll be sending.
DF: First, my best-selling Options For Beginners
book that covers all the basics. This makes
sure everyone thoroughly understands options
trading. You’ll also get the “High Accuracy ODDS
– The Key To 95% Winners” DVD which reveals
every specific step in the process of trading this
secret. I’ve also included a workbook that details
everything on the DVD.
DP: As we made that DVD, I thought you did a great
job answering all my questions and explaining
the details.
DF: Thanks, I’m proud of it. I honestly believe that
anyone following our discussion will be able to
duplicate our success with at least 95% winners.
DP: That’s why you’re offering that amazing
DF: Yep. You must win on 19 out of every 20 trades.
After you’ve learned the basics of options trading,
just watch the DVD … study it … then virtual
trade or paper trade the method for three months.
If this method does not win on at least 19 out
of every 20 trades for the three months, simply
send proof of its failure to perform, by the fourth
month, and I’ll immediately refund your money.
In fact, if you’re dissatisfied for any reason · Call Today Toll-Free 1-888-233-1431
whatsoever, just return the course within the
four months for a full no-questions-asked
refund. That’s how convinced I am that this
method will generate unbelievable success! I will
let you review it FREE if it doesn’t reach at least
95% winners.
Long Term Study of Basic ODDS
Trading Rules on ODX Options
25 Years 95.81% Profitable
1,578 Winners 69 Lossers
Number of Trades: 1647
997 Bullish Credit Spreads
650 Bearish Credit Spreads
Number of Winning Trades: 1578
958 Bullish Winners
624 Bearish Winners
1,578 WINS
Assuming 10 bullish and bearish
position per week
(That means NO compounding)
POST commission profits:
DP: You also mentioned an extra secret you were
thinking of sharing. What about that?
DF: Well, I’ve also decided to include an extra bonus,
not available elsewhere at any price. This “How
to Spot 90% Winners Instantly” report covers
a variation on the ODDS trading strategy. This
report alone is worth ten times the price of the
entire package. But it’s yours FREE!
DP: Learning and then actually trading with your
ODDS techniques has been the best financial
decision of my life.
DF: The decision isn’t whether or not to believe this
works. It’s publicly been proven – by hundreds of
traders. The facts are all here. And, of course, I’ve
guaranteed it works or you’ll keep it free . . . so
you’re really risking nothing. The real question
is “Are you serious about wanting to earn more
money?” This may shock you, but most people
really aren’t! Some are too lazy . . . they’ll sit
around watching TV and complaining they can’t
get ahead. Others work too hard and never have
the time or energy to work smart. They’re stuck
DP: Don, thanks for your time.
DF: My pleasure.
Dear Reader,
Probability of Profit: 95.81%
on the “hamster wheel” and will never get ahead.
I’m looking for people ready to improve their
lives . . . more people like you.
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Now’s the moment of truth . . . Are you serious
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I’m offering you a proven program that is logic
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Just say the word and I’ll give you all the know
ledge and
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"Following is a summary of trades I’ve executed
. As you can
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exciting year!”
Make this an exciting year for you and your love
d ones. Call, fax,
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Yours for a prosperous future,
Don Fishback
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ng I
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Satisfy your curiosity. You have nothing to lose
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■ YES! I accept your offer to build my wealth steadily and with high accuracy. Please send me “High
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options trader... with more profit and less uncertainty than real estate, stocks, or mutual funds.
I understand that I will paper-trade for three months — and if I do not produce net profits on at least
95% of my trades, I will simply show my trading records by the end of the fourth month and receive a
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Fishback’s office with any questions you may have. We also have an extensive online knowledge base
that you can access 24 hours a day. If your virtual-trading does not produce net profits on at least 19
of every 20 trades in the three months, simply return your paper trading records by the
end of the fourth month, and you’ll get 100% of your money back, no questions asked.
The course is yours to keep absolutely free!! You don’t have to risk a penny. In fact,
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An Interview with Don Fishback lets you in on . . .
How To Win Over
95% of Your Trades
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