How to Make Partner Developing partners of the future

5 hours
How to Make Partner
Developing partners of the future
America Square Conference Centre, One America Square London EC3N 2LB
Wednesday 24 April 2013 • £295 + VAT
Please circulate to:
✓ Associates
✓ Directors
✓ Senior associates
✓ Training managers
✓ Managing partners ✓ Newly appointed partners
✓ Heads of HR and talent management
For many working in professional service firms, making
partner is regarded as the ultimate achievement and a
large number spend their careers chasing that goal.
Yet the route to partnership is often unclear, with hidden rules
and expectations that no one teaches you as an undergraduate
before you enter the professional world. It’s not simply a case of
being technically brilliant, putting in the hours and hoping that
you will get noticed. So what attributes are needed to make
partner? This event will help you take charge of your career and
arm you with practical techniques, skills and behaviours to
achieve success AND this does not necessarily have to come at
the price of your personal life.
Based on the highly acclaimed book, How to make partner and
still have a life, this event, run by the authors Heather Townsend
and Jo Larbie, is a must for all ambitious lawyers and accountants
working in professional service firms.
What You Will Learn
✓ How to find out what it really takes to make partner in a
professional services firm
✓ The core skills, qualities and attributes you will need to make
the grade as partner, regardless of the size or type of firm
✓ Ways to quickly build up your own client base to support a
successful career as a partner
✓ How to build and develop a business
✓ How to effectively lead and manage others
✓ What to do once you get there
✓ How to make it to the top whilst still having a life outside of work
Keynote Speakers
Jo Larbie
Co-Author of How to make partner and still have a life and
Executive Coach, The Excedia Group
Heather Townsend
Co-Author of How to make partner and still have a life
and executive coach, The Excedia Group @heatherTowns
Katherine EverittNewton
Resilience Coach &
Consultant, Cognitus UK
Jamie Pennington
Owner, Pennington
Hennessy Ltd
John Stylianou
Director, Actual People
Development Ltd
David Tovey
Managing Director,
The Principled Group
Paul Welling
Director, Activ8
Chris Williams
Learning & Development
Consultant, Momentum 4
Jane Howard
Partner, Wragge & Co LLP
Toni Hunter
Partner, George Hay Chartered Accountants
Nicky Richmond
Managing Partner, Brecher @sayitstraight
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A message to Managing Partners,
Heads of HR and Talent Management
Why is talent management a priority for the Managing Partner
and the leadership team? Successful talent management delivers
significant competitive advantage when your business goals and
strategies are the drivers for deciding the attributes, capabilities
and skills that your firm needs to achieve its goals.
If your firm has already identified its talent pool of future
partners, attending How to Make Partner will help your firm
to accelerate your future partners’ understanding of what it takes
to make partner; introduce your future partners to the skills and
capabilities they will need to build and develop to their own
practice: take control of their career and become more focused
in the contribution to the business; develop excellent client
service; lead and manage the people who will work for them;
build and develop the interpersonal and self-management
skills that will turn into real assets for your firm.
Should you decide to attend this event, it will:
✓ P rovide you with an overview of how you should approach
the development of your talent pool. It will also help you
to understand and think through what your firm must do
to address your professional staff’s demands for a better
balance in their lives.
Speakers: Heather Townsend and Jo Larbie
Stream 1: Managing Yourself
• The five essential elements of personal resilience
• The three key beliefs which lead to stress
•How to discover your personal warning signs of imminent stress
• Why stress is a choice, and how to choose wisely
Speaker: Katherine Everitt-Newton
to do to make a valuable contribution to your firm and clients
Creating and writing your career plan
The importance of creating and writing the career plan for achieving your
goals is explained. Jo will lead your through:
• Why set goals?
• How to get started
• Who to involve in identifying and creating your goals
• Writing your career action plan
support that will help your firm to build partners with the
capabilities and skills that your firm needs to be sustainable
and profitable.
✓ M
ore focused professionals who understand what they need
Destress for success – everything you need to know about
managing your stress levels to achieve peak performance at work
Recognise the signs of stress, the beliefs and attitudes that contribute to
stress and what you can do to create a more resilient life. In this session you
will learn:
✓ E nable your firm to create a range of learning and skills
What will firms get for their investment?
Plenary session: How do you have it all – partnership AND a life?
Heather Townsend and Jo Larbie, gritty opening session will shine a light on
what partnership in the 21st century really means. We will explore your
personal motivations for wanting to make partner, and help you find a route
•Communicating and getting feedback on your progress
Speaker: Jo Larbie
How to make the time to fit it all in
Getting to partner and still have time for a life outside of work is going to
take hard work and discipline. In this session, Paul Welling will share his tried
and tested techniques for:
✓ P rofessionals who better understand what they need to do if
they want to make partner
✓ Targeted investment by the firm in the learning and
•Setting motivating personal goals, which you still achieve, even when
times are tough
development of its future partners who should hit the
ground running
•The importance of being able to think laterally, and develop creative
solutions to allow you to achieve more things than you thought
originally possible
✓ Improved performance and delivery by partners in their first
12 months
• Making things happen, such as time to build your own client portfolio
Speaker: Paul Welling
Plus …
✓ A FREE copy of How to make partner and still have a life
worth £29.99 for every delegate
✓ A day of CPD training from expert speakers
✓ The opportunity to ask questions on all subjects covered
✓ Comprehensive notes to use in the office
✓ Lunch and refreshments
✓ The chance to buy selected Jordans’ publications , eBooks
Health is wealth … optimum energy, optimum performance
How to stay in ‘the zone’ by understanding the sustainable behaviours that
build resilience and fuel success … both at work and at home.
You will leave the presentation with strategies and techniques that will
enable you to take responsibility of your own health, renew your energy,
increase your performance at work and create a better work-life balance.
Topics covered will include:
• The optimal zone … are you there right now? … if not why not?
and online services at 20% discount
•How to create coping strategies that protect you at the top and build
resilience to overload and stress
Who should attend?
•Honoring your bodies’ design by creating a ‘health bank account’,
based on sound investment … one of which is activity
Associates, senior associates, directors and newly appointed
partners working within professional service firms, managing
partners, heads of HR, talent management and heads of training.
•Practical planning for optimal performance and a more effective
work/life balance
Speaker: Chris Williams
Continuing Professional
5 hours
Under the Solicitors Regulation Authority, ILEX’s
Continuing Professional Development Schemes and
the Bar Standards Board New/Established Practitioner
Programmes this event will receive a credit of 5 hours.
Plenary session: Lessons from the frontline
Panel question and answer session with hand-picked partners and experts from the day
Plenary session: Taking the final step to partner and beyond
In this closing keynote, Jo Larbie will talk you though the final hurdles to making
partner and what you need to do to successfully make it as partner going forward.
Speaker: Jo Larbie
through which will allow you to make partner and still have a life.
Throughout this session we will provide advice, guidance and tips that you
can easily apply to help you get noticed by the partners in your firm, and
make your journey through to partner without sacrificing what is important
to you.
Move into streams
Stream 2: Managing Others
How to successfully tackle courageous conversations
We are faced with holding courageous conversations all the time. A courageous
conversation is anything you find hard to talk about, It appears that whether one
chooses to confront or ignore an issue, the perceived consequences are always
negative. In this interactive session we will discuss:
• The tools and techniques required to manage a courageous conversation
• A stepped approach to managing courageous conversations
•How to ensure you that get the best possible outcomes when trying to
overcome the inevitable conflicts that arise in business and in your personal life
Stream 3: Building a Client Portfolio
Principled selling, from partner centric technical expert to client centric
commercial adviser
David will share with you:
• How to win more of the right clients at the right fees
• How Principled Selling builds trusted relationships
•How to demonstrate you are a commercially aware adviser
•A four stage business development process guaranteed to grow your client base
Speaker: David Tovey
Speaker: John Stylianou
Coffee Break
Running a successful performance review
How to build your network for life
Part of any manager’s role is to manage the performance of their team.
This interactive session will run through the responsibilities of a manager in
succesfully conducting a performance review.
This session will explain how your network will be the foundation on which you
successfully build your platform to make partner. During this practical and interactive
session, Heather will show you:
This session will look at the key elements of a performance review and the
key skills required by a manager to successfully deliver a review that will
challenge the performance of their team. More specifically we will look at:
How to go from networking to winning business, including how to follow up effectively
• How to provide effective feedback
•Easy daily and weekly routines to nurture and develop your network, even during
busy periods
• How to create a development plan
• How to set challenging objectives
• How to manage under performance.
Speaker: John Stylianou
•The steps you need to take to build your own personal networking strategy to help
you get to partner
•How to use online networking to reduce the amount of time away from your desk
spent networking
Speaker: Heather Townsend
The seven secrets to building and developing a high performing team
How to become the ‘go to’ expert
There are not supposed to be secrets. Building and developing a high performing
team is at the core of a successful law firm – it’s what changes you from a talented
lawyer to a profitable business person.
How to develop your profile so that you are seen as the ‘go to’ expert, not just within
your firm but your target marketplace. During this practical and interactive session,
Heather will show you:
• What makes professionals difficult to lead?
•How to choose your niche and specialism, so that you become strategically
important to your firm
•What is the difference between leadership and management?
• Why your leadership model is probably wrong
• How to build life-long loyalty
Come along to the session and be changed for ever
Speaker: Jamie Pennington
•How to build your proposition and personal brand, so that you attract referrals and
opportunities to you
•How to use traditional ways, e.g. public speaking, and non-traditional ways, e.g.
blogging to build your profile so that you build your client portfolio with the right
type of clients
Speaker: Heather Townsend
Change streams
Motivating smart people
How to secure an instruction from a client meeting
In this session David will share with you:
Meeting people is lovely. You can make new friends and easily fill in a quiet diary.
But this is not enough. You need to sell, not just build friendships. In this short
session Jamie will explain:
• Why motivating smart people is different
• What really motivates them
• The characteristics of inspirational leaders
• The management DIET - how to engage smart people
Speaker: David Tovey
•The four key skills that will enable you to get instructed with your integrity intact
• The three key stages to a successful meeting
• The two things that separate the pros from the amateurs
• The one thing you must do
It’s the stuff that IBM and major consultancies use. Coming to this session must
surely be worth 45 minutes of your life.
Speaker: Jamie Pennington
Coffee Break
Panel: Nicky Richmond, Managing Partner, Brecher / Toni Hunter, Partner, George Hay Chartered Accountants / Jane Howard, Partner, Wragge & Co LLP
• Building your personal business case
• Succeeding at your interview
• Your first 100 days
Jo Larbie
Heather Townsend
Jo helps firms achieve their business goals through
developing the performance of their people. She is
co-author of ‘How to make partner and still have a life’.
Jo is a leading thinker in the world of talent management for
professional services. In this book she draws on her twenty
years of professional and personal experience as a lawyer,
consultant, academic and senior international executive in
global firms (DLA Piper, Andersens, BDO, Eversheds).
Jo has a deep understanding of the professional services
sector, and specialises in identifying and developing future
talent and leaders. She has been personally responsible for
many hundreds of professionals successfully taking the step
up to partner.
Jo was a Council and Standards board member of the Law
Society of England and Wales, and chair of its Training and
Education Committee. She is the HR editorial board member
and a regular contributor of a leading professional services
magazine, Managing Partner .
Heather helps professionals become the go-to-expert. She is
the co-author of ‘How to make partner and still have a life’.
Unusually for someone with an Engineering Degree, she
accidentally became a writer and used her knowledge on
social media to write the current best-selling and awardwinning book on networking, The FT Guide To Business
Networking. People frequently talk about her as someone
who really knows her stuff – which may be the reason she
has, over the last decade, worked with over 200 partners,
coached and trained over 1000 professionals at every level
of the UK’s most ambitious professional practices.
Co-Author of ‘How to make partner and
still have a life’ and Executive Coach,
The Excedia Group
Co-Author of ‘How to make partner and still
have a life’ and Executive Coach, The Excedia
Group @heatherTowns
Resilience Coach &
Consultant, Cognitus UK
Katherine is a Resilience Coach. She has come to
coaching from a long career as a management
consultant specialising in business process
improvement and change management.
Whilst working on corporate transformation
projects she became interested in the resistance
arising from the conflict between an organisation’s
drive for improvement and an individual’s
control of change. This led to an interest in
coaching and helping individuals drive their
own expressions of personal growth and
Experiences working away from home for
long periods on very large, high pressure
programmes gave Katherine an appreciation
for the impact of stress on the successful
implementation of complex projects. The search
for office-friendly stress techniques inspired a
passion which led to her work in stress relief for
office workers. Her belief is that the current
wisdom that tells you to eat right, exercise, avoid
caffeine and drink less alcohol just doesn’t work,
otherwise we would all be size zero, Zen monks.
Her open, friendly and straight-talking approach
successfully integrates the two sides of the
stress dilemma; controlling it whilst you are
experiencing it and eliminating the causes to
minimise the impact on your life or work.
Katherine provides one-to-one coaching on
issues of personal, work/life and organisational
resilience and stress. She also offers shorter
workshops on techniques for unobtrusive,
office-friendly stress relief. Her longer workshops
help participants understand their personal
stressors and learn methods for building
resilience and restructuring one’s life to
effectively and practically eliminate
long-term stress.
Katherine is an energetic and enthusiastic
speaker about resilience and stress control. She
regularly shares her “Top Tips for Stress Relief”.
She is an advocate of using humour and
creativity to combat stress. You can find out
more about Katherine and her work at www. or follow her daily stress relief
tips at @destressAYD.
Jane Howard
Partner, Wragge & Co LLP
Jane is partner in the Commercial
Litigation team and has nearly 20 years’
experience advising on commercial litigation
and the defence of claims against financial
professions, primarily accountants. Her clients
include ‘Big Four’ firms, many other leading
UK-based accountancy firms, as well as
numerous international networks and
associations of such firms.
Over the past nine years, Jane has acted for
two-thirds of the Top 20 UK accountancy firms
and 13 of the Top 25 international networks. She
has also won work from, and represented the
interests of, professional indemnity insurers, and
actuarial and pensions professionals. A
recognised industry expert, Jane has been a
judge on the prestigious ‘British Accountancy
Award’ for the past two years and is regularly
consulted by the professional body ICAEW on a
range of issues requiring legal input.
Jane started her career at Simmons & Simmons
where she became the first woman in the
history of the firm to make Equity Partner having
already started her family (she had three
children under three years old at the time). She
moved to Reynolds Porter Chamberlain where
she led the establishment of and headed up
their Accountants Liability Group (2003-2011)
and was Group manager of their market leading
Professional Risks Group (2006-2011). Jane
moved to Wragge & Co in May 2012 attracted, in
part, to the firm’s more enlightened approach to
flexible working arrangements.
Toni Hunter
Partner, George Hay
Chartered Accountants
George Hay is a seven partner (soon to be eight)
general practice firm based in Hertfordshire,
Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire.
Toni joined George Hay’s Huntingdon office in
1997 as a trainee studying AAT. She qualified
with ACCA in 2001 and became the firm’s first
female partner in 2007.
Toni is responsible for advising owner-managed
businesses with a focus on developing
management information that will help drive
a business forward, as well as general audit,
accounting and taxation services. She
specialises in assignments involving the
Financial Services industry and the not-for-profit
sector having gained the Institute of Chartered
Accountants Diploma in Charity Accounting.
Toni is known for her friendly, non-technical
approach to delivering excellent client service.
Since qualifying, Toni has been a keen business
developer for the firm, having chaired the local
business network and embraced social media.
She is also the firms MLNO and Training Partner.
Jamie Pennington
Owner, Pennington
Hennessy Ltd
Jamie has been working with professional
service firms for over 15 years. His LinkedIn
profile gives more detail plus the obligatory
testimonials from his friends and his weekly
blog entertains and educates hundreds of
lawyers every week. At the core of his work is
behavioural change – helping people discover
the skills, knowledge and attitude necessary for
them to define their success and then achieve it.
Nicky Richmond
Managing Partner, Brecher
Nicky is a property and property finance lawyer
with over 25 years experience in the field and
joint managing partner at Brecher solicitors. She
started her career at a niche law firm in the West
End, which merged with a City firm, merged
again with a US firm and ended up, through a
series of mergers as one of the world’s largest
law firms. Nicky decided she had never really
wanted to leave that niche West End firm so,
after over 20 years without actually changing
jobs, she re-joined some of her original partners
in 2007 and has never looked back.
Nicky is recommended in Legal 500 as someone
who “articulates complex legal issues clearly”.
Not something all lawyers seem to be able to
Nicky regularly writes for the property and legal
press and has been published in the Daily
Telegraph and the Financial Times, as well as
having a regular blog in Estates Gazette and The
Lawyer Magazine. She is The Lawyer’s regular
restaurant reviewer and has her own food blog
on Her
legal commentaries are found at http:// You can follow her
on Twitter @saysitstraight and @thefoodjudge.
John Stylianou
Director, Actual People
Development Ltd
John is a highly energetic and experienced
Learning and Development Consultant, who
worked in a Top 5 accountancy organisation for
much of his career before starting his own
company in March 2009.
John spent the first part of his career in a client
facing role, within the accountancy profession
offering accountancy and audit services to a
variety of clients including SME’s and larger
corporates. He moved into a learning and
development role because of his interest in
learning and mentoring and now has over 25
years of experience in learning and development.
Qualified in a range of psychometric profiling
tools, including Myers Briggs Type Indicator
(MBTI), Insights, SDI and TMSDI, he has a passion
for delivering learning and development
solutions to the highest standards, and is
committed to adding value to any organisation.
As a facilitator, John has worked with teams to
establish a vision and strategy for their business
and to help them plan and implement that
strategy over a period of time.
As a business and personal coach, John has
worked with partners, directors and managers
to help them establish their personal goals, and
to challenge them to achieve those goals.
As a trainer and developer, John has vast
experience in all areas of leadership,
management, and commercial and interpersonal skills development. He has designed
and delivered learning and development
solutions for businesses in many sectors, but has
particular experience in the professional service
sector having spent time in the client facing
environment in addition to the classroom.
David Tovey
Managing Director,
The Principled Group
David is a prominent business development
specialist who works with professionals and
technical experts to help them make the
transition from partner centric technical experts
to client centric commercial advisers. Author of
‘Principled Selling – How to win more business
without selling your soul’ David has worked with
hundreds of partners and directors, developing
their ability to win business ethically and with
integrity and to become inspirational leaders of
smart people.
With a corporate career that included roles as
marketing director and managing director,
David heads up The Principled Group, a team of
content marketing and business development
specialists. A full member of the Professional
Speakers Association, David is a popular and
motivational speaker on business development
and leadership in the UK and Internationally.
Paul Welling
Director, Activ8
Paul has worked in management for over 25
years and has spent most of the last 17 years
developing senior executives, managers and
staff. With a management development career
that started as a British Army officer, Paul moved
into the commercial world first with British
Airways, where he led a Corporate Training team
and then onto BDO, a leading accountancy firm.
He has mainly been responsible for the
development of partners, directors, managers
and staff in commercial, management,
leadership and personal skills.
Paul’s expertise is in the sales/business
development workshop facilitation and
coaching, in addition to running business
improvement initiatives. He also runs leadership,
management and personal skills programmes
including leading international management
programmes in the UK, Europe and Africa. Paul
combines a pragmatic and energetic approach
to his consultancy and capability development
work which is underpinned by the desire to help
people develop and improve. In his spare time
he is studying an MSc in ‘Business Improvement
Leadership’, for which he recently explored the
sales culture in a leading firm.
Paul is the director for Activ8 Development
where they focus on designing and delivering
exceptional learning and development
solutions. Activ8 focuses in particular on the
capability development of professional services
firms in the following areas: commercial
development, leadership and management
development, personal skills, coaching and
Chris Williams
Learning & Development
Consultant, Momentum 4
Chris has worked in learning and development
for over 18 years, specialising in the key areas of
performance management and work-life
balance. Working primarily at partner/director
level, his client list includes large financial
services companies, law firms, national sports
teams and individual athletes.
Richard Jordan set up a company
formation agent business in
Chancery Lane, London in 1863
and 2013 sees Jordans celebrating
150 years in business.
In celebration of our anniversary we
hope that our clients and partners,
and the wider business community,
will join with us not only to celebrate
this significant milestone,
but also to help us achieve our goal
of raising £150,000 for the Jordans
150 charitable fund.
To find out more please visit
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