Third Quarter 2010
Entrepreneurial Spirit • Community Values
Getting to
How to discover
the best business
model for
any venture
Legal ease.
Confidence, clarity, and certainty. Every legal situation improves when
you know exactly where you stand and have a clear path forward.
Decisive. Direct. That’s Fillmore Riley.
At Fillmore Riley, we’ll cut through the legalese and tell
you where you stand and how to proceed. We simplify the
legal process for you, assist you through your challenge
as quickly as possible, and ensure that you receive strong
value for your investment, every time.
Talk to us today about your legal challenge.
Call (204) 956 2970 or visit us at www.fillmoreriley.com
• Policy development that brings together businesses of all sizes,
from all sectors, and communities across Manitoba.
• Non-partisan public debates of integrity, that criticize government
where necessary, praise government where warranted, and
disdain personal attacks and exaggeration.
• A Business community that demonstrates high ethical standards
in all it does.
usinesses dedicated to the vitality of their communities,
the prosperity of their employees and the sustainability of the
• A province that understands the nature and value of entrepreneurship
and promotes the competitive enterprise system.
• A provincial government with sound, long-term economic
strategies that are focused without ignoring opportunity, flexibility
and diversity.
overnment policies and spending that are efficient and
effective, delivering the programs that Manitobans need and
helping the disadvantaged.
• A Manitoba that promotes the progress of all its citizens toward
individual freedom, dignity and prosperity, and opposes any form
of negative discrimination or needless control.
4 M
anitoba Matters
News and Notes Relating to our Province and its
Business Community
6 The MCC: Making a Difference
10 Prototype Manitoba
12 T hree Areas Businesses Often Overlook
And the Manitoba companies that help
keep them in line
By Kelly Parker
Mr. Wayne McWhirter
Immediate Past Chair
Mr. Dennis Brownlee
Mr. Frank Sottana
Mr. Ken Jones Vice-Chair Ms. Carol A. Paradine
Treasurer [April-August]
Mr. Ken Thomas
Treasurer [From August]
Mr. Darren Barfus
Corporate Secretary
Mr. Jim Forestell
Dauphin & District Chamber
Of Commerce
Mr. Brian Chita
Morden & District Chamber
Of Commerce
Mr. Ross Ariss
Portage & District Chamber
Of Commerce
Mr. Daniel Bolton
Thompson Chamber Of
Mr. Keith MacDonald
Winkler & District Chamber
Of Commerce
Ms. Judith Sawatzky
Winnipeg Chamber of
Ms. B.J. Reid
Interlake Region
Mr. Lorne Floyd
Mr. Tom Frohlinger
Ms Lesley Hamilton
Pembina Valley Region
Ms. Judith Sawatzky
Mr. Richard Jaques
Western Region Mr. Stuart Olmstead
Ms. Michelle Painchaud Brandon Chamber Of
Mr. PJ Crane
Chambre de Commerce de
Saint Boniface
Mr. Guy Noël
18 Five Questions an Employer Should Ask
before Hiring a Foreign Worker
By Sofia Mirza, Fillmore Riley LLP
20 The Idea Board
22 S elf-Employed and Secure
By James Pollard, Penncorp Life Insurance Company
26 P ostcards from the Business Edge
- Axiom Freight Management Inc. and StrategyMakers Consulting
Mr. Gurpreet Brar
Parkland Region
Mr. Ron Clement
Assiniboia Chamber Of
Mr. Gerry Glatz
How to discover the best business model for any
Flin Flon & District Chamber
Of Commerce
Mr. Doug O’Brien
Legal Counsel
Ms. Tracey L. Epp
16 G etting to Plan B
Mr. Wadood Ibrahim
Advertisers Index
Ms. Jamie Alyce Jurczak
Treasurer [April-August]
Mr. Ken Thomas
Mr. Brian Kelly
Mr. David Newman
Mrs. Julie Turenne-Maynard
Mr. Ken Wilk Capital Region
Mr. Jack Wilson
Robert Thompson
Senior Vice-President
Robert Thompson
Ali Mintenko
Branch Manager
Nancie Privé
Sales Manager
Joe Strazzullo
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Third Quarter 2010 Manitoba FOCUS • 3
Manitoba Matters
News and notes relating to our province and its business community
For more details on these stories and other Manitoba News, go to www.mbchamber.mb.ca
Manitoba GrEEEn Trucking
Program Re-Launched
articipants are required to invest a minimum of $2,000 in
technologies to be eligible for rebates. These rebates range from
15 per cent up to 25 per cent (maximum $2,500 per unit) of the
company’s capital investment.
Deloitte Wins Four Oracle Partner
Network North America Titan
2010 Partner Awards
his is the fifth consecutive year that Oracle has honored Deloitte
with multiple Titan awards as a systems integrator (SI). Deloitte
received the awards for the following categories: Consumer Industry
Solution, Global SI Applications Momentum, Manufacturing and
Distribution Solution and Oracle Red Stack Solution.
International Executive Search
Firm to Bring World to City:
People First Founder Helps Seal
Alliance with Boyden World Corp.
oyden Global Executive Search, a world-class professional
search firm with 80 offices in 43 countries, will open an office in
Winnipeg as part of an integrated strategic alliance with Winnipeg’s
People First HR Services. As one of the best-connected firms of
its kind in the world, Boyden Global Executive Search will recruit
professional candidates from its worldwide network for businesses in
Manitoba, Saskatchewan and northwestern Ontario.
Premiers of Nunavut and Manitoba
Meet on Joint Priorities
he meeting provided the occasion to streamline the existing MOUs
by consolidating them into a single Memorandum of Understanding
with one Nunavut-Manitoba steering committee, co-chaired by representatives of both Governments. This master agreement will allow for a
more focused approach with practical outcomes.
Manitoba Increases Animal
Protection Through Animal Care
Amendment Act: Struthers
anitoba is considered a leader on animal welfare in Canada
with laws and legal requirements based on high standards
of animal care,” said Struthers. “Today our standards are moving
even higher as we secure further animal welfare policies into law to
ensure the well-being of animals in our province.”
4 • Manitoba FOCUS Third Quarter 2010
TD Waterhouse Discount Brokerage
Announces Canada’s First Major BankBacked Online Global Trading Service
his powerful new platform will provide Canadians with the
speed and control they need to continue to diversify their
investments and maximize their returns in today’s global markets,”
says John See, President, TD Waterhouse Discount Brokerage.
“Through our Global Trading platform, Canadian investors are now
able to act on these investment opportunities online.”
Governments of Canada and Manitoba
Support Research Centre to Spur
Technology Use by Livestock Producers
he Governments of Canada and Manitoba are investing $999,500
in a new research facility to support the province’s livestock
producers in addressing production efficiency and environmental
Cargill Honoured With Prestigious
Food Science Award
argill has been recognised for its food safety leadership, its
collaboration and commitment to improving access to food
and to ensuring food safety through education,” stated Geoffrey
Campbell-Platt, International Union of Food Science and Technology
Governments of Canada and
Manitoba Take Action to Help
Newcomers Succeed
o start, the pilot initiative will provide Manitoba nominees in China
and the Philippines with pre-arrival settlement orientation and
labour-market preparation services. These services will include the
development of a career plan based on Manitoba-specific labourmarket information and guidance on qualifications recognition
procedures. It will then be adapted for provincial nominees destined
to other provincial jurisdictions as well as for Manitoba nominees in
other parts of the world.
University of Manitoba
Physicists Win the Prestigious
Manning Innovation Award
hysics professors Kenneth Standing and Werner Ens have won
the Manning Innovation Award because they advanced a tool
many biological researchers rely upon to study diseases such
as SARS.
Governments of Canada and
Manitoba Complete First Knowledge
Infrastructure Project in Canada
anadian Mennonite University students now have a new
1,200-square-foot teaching laboratory, a preparatory lab and
improved storage facilities. The specialized space will allow the
institution to grow its course offerings and teach advanced-level
science courses with lab components in biochemistry, organic
chemistry, physics, genetics, cell biology and microbiology.
Viterra Expands International
Marketing Network to Italy
auro Ambrosio will manage relationships with key customers on
behalf of Viterra. He will work with Viterra’s International Grain
Group as they extend the company’s value chain and create deeper
connections between orgination points in North America, Australia
and New Zealand and leading food manufacturers and consumers in
more than 50 countries worldwide.
Two New Value Chains Focus
On Organic Sunflowers and
Manitoba Lamb
Fahr Group Launches New Website
his new layout is very different and embraces a number of
modern web design and usability features. Visitors to the site
are welcomed with fresh, positive visuals and information that,
at a glance, allow them to intuitively understand the services Fahr
Group provides.
alue Chain Manitoba is a collaboration initiated by the Manitoba
Rural Adaptation Council (MRAC), with funding from Agriculture
and Agri-Food Canada, in partnership with Manitoba Agriculture,
Food and Rural Initiatives (MAFRI). VCMI encourages and assists
Manitoba’s agri-food industry to become more competitive through
value chain development.
Third Quarter 2010 Manitoba FOCUS • 5
In October Manitoba Chambers
Announced Finalists for the 2010
Manitoba Business Awards
Outstanding Large Business
BDO Chartered Accountants & Advisors
Granny’s Poultry Cooperative
Manitoba Blue Cross
Outstanding Medium Business
Westman Communications
Outstanding Small Business
Hilderman Thomas Frank Cram
Productions Rivard
Tiber River Naturals
Outstanding Long Term Business – Rural
George F. Loewen Enterprises - CT Loewen Building Centre
Leech Printing Ltd.
Zeke’s Jewellers Ltd.
Outstanding Long Term Business – Winnipeg
GNR Camping World
MacMor Industries
Welders Supplies
Lieutenant Governor’s Awards
Outstanding Contribution to the Community by a Business
Peak of the Market
RBC Royal Bank
Vickar Auto Group
Outstanding Contribution to the Community by an Individual
Art Mauro, O.C., O.M., Q.C.
6 • Manitoba FOCUS Third Quarter 2010
Premier Selinger Presents
Manitoba Literacy Award
A wide range of private and public sector leaders attended
what has come to be known as one of the most inspirational
of the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce’s annual events, the
presentation of Manitoba’s Council of the Federation Literacy
Award by Manitoba’s Premier.
Premier Selinger was honoured to present the 2010 edition of
the award to Angela Keno.
Coverage includes videos of:
•Greetings from event sponsor, Literacy Partners of Manitoba
• Remarks by Premier Selinger
• Acceptance Speech by Angela Keno
Thanks to Literacy Partners of Manitoba for making this event
possible and congratulations to Angela Keno.
Find out more at www.mbchamber.mb.ca
Historic Chamber
Partnership Hosts
National Chief
The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce
and Aboriginal Chamber of Commerce
were proud to jointly host an event
featuring National Chief Shawn A-inchut Atleo.
National Chief Shawn A-in-chut Atleo
is a Hereditary Chief from the Ahousaht Andrew Clarke, Chair of the ACC, (l);
First Nation. In July 2009, A-in-chut was National Chief Shawn Atleo, (c); and
Wayne McWhirter, Chair of the MCC
elected to a three-year mandate as
National Chief to the Assembly of First Nations.
It was the first time the two chambers came together to host an event
and it seemed as if the 350-plus leaders from the business community,
aboriginal community and public sector could tell it was a special occasion.
National Chief Shawn A-in-chut Atleo did not fail the moment, giving a
passionate and engaging speech that interwove his personal history, the
history of the aboriginal peoples and a vision for the future.
Videos of the speech are now available, including:
• Preliminary Remarks
• Economic Development and Education
• Energy and Closing Remarks
Bonus coverage features greetings from Andrew Clarke, Chair of the
Aboriginal Chamber of Commerce. See www.mbchamber.mb.ca for more.
Granny’s Talking Turkey
on Added Value
Great Taste, Healthy Living
A local farmer owned cooperative
Look for Granny’s
Omega-3 products
at your local grocer
and get coupons at
These products are approved
by the Heart & Stroke Foundation.
Omega-3 Stuffed
Turkey Breast
Omega-3 Fed
Young Turkey
Omega-3 Breaded
Turkey Breast Strips
Omega-3 Breaded
Turkey Breast Strips with Fibre
Third Quarter 2010 Manitoba FOCUS • 7
Manitoba Chambers Announces Twitter Page
“The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce has led the way in using the Internet for the benefit of our
members and I am pleased to announce that we are now utilizing Twitter as another platform to
promote our members and get them the information they need,” explained Dan Overall, Director of
Policy and Communications, Manitoba Chambers of Commerce.
How the MCC Twitter page helps raises our members’ profile:
•All posts on the main MCC website - all the news, profiles and ‘think pieces’ we post about our
members - automatically go to the MCC Twitter and Facebook pages;
•The MCC Twitter page follows direct corporate members of the MCC – displaying their logos and
links to their page (we are going through the list of our members to see if they have a Twitter page,
but if we aren’t following you yet feel free to email [email protected] and let us know
if you have a page).
How Twitter Can Particularly Benefit Small/Busy Members:
Have you ever had some news - a new site, a new move, a new client, an award, a community initiative - and you didn’t have the time or
patience to draft a full news release about it?
Create a Twitter page (it’s easy!), let us know so we can follow you, and describe the news item in one line. Then the MCC will retweet it –
which means it is posted on the MCC Twitter page and goes out to its 260 and growing list of followers!
Here’s a sampling of some of the members news the MCC has retweeted:
•modernearth Congratulations to our client - CABP - on the launch of their new website. http://cabplan.org/
•JohnathanFahr Fahr Group is Sponsoring the East St. Paul Summer Soccer Classic
• w
innipegfdn Most of the projects in the Foundation’s Green Spaces Strategy are underway.
Check out our commitment to downtown Wpg: http://ow.ly/2oHhe
•Acrodex Acrodex is a finalist for CDN’s 2010 Channel Elite Awards for Best Enterprise Solution. Winners announced in
Sep! http://bit.ly/baIRlE
Find the page at http://twitter.com/mbchambersofcom.
Issue Watch:
The MCC is using its Virtual Network to track ‘hot button’ issues that could affect your
business. Now in one spot, you can access and share information, news, media coverage and thoughts on these important issues.
To Find a Discussion: simply go to the MCC Virtual Network (http://manitobachambers.
ning.com/), click on the “Forum” header and then go to “Business Virtual Networking.”
To Follow a Discussion: You will receive updates automatically by email once you
reply to a post, or you can simply subscribe to get updates by clicking the “Follow”
button at the bottom of the page, or you can just check out the site from time to time.
Some of the issues we have targeted to date:
•New West Partnership Agreement
•National Single Securities Regulator – Yes, No, Partly?
8 • Manitoba FOCUS Third Quarter 2010
Labour and Immigration Minister
Jennifer Howard
More Editions of Meet
the Ministers:
Learn how an M&M dispenser helps the
Minister of Labour and Immigration keep a
work/life balance; the role Pierre Trudeau
played in getting the Minister of Agriculture,
Food and Rural Initiatives into politics; and
how a duck helps the Minister of Health with
office management.
The Meet the Minister’s video series is
dedicated to helping Manitobans find out
a bit more about their political leaders. The
Ministers answer:
•What was the biggest surprise when you
took over your department?
•What is the biggest challenge in relation
to your department?
•What is the biggest opportunity in relation to your department?
• What inspired you to get into politics?
•What is your favourite office knick knack
and why?
Learn more at www.mbchamber.mb.ca
the finest executive class suites in Winnipeg
Daily and extended stay accommodations
Leather furniture, granite countertops, 32” flat screen HDTV
Free wireless high speed internet
Well appointed kitchens with new appliances
Agriculture, Food and Rural
Initiatives Minister Stan Struthers
190 Smith Street, Downtown Winnipeg, MB, Canada TF: 1.800.665.0569
PLA 11366-MB Focus Ad-FIN.indd 1
9/22/09• 3:25:06
Third Quarter 2010 Manitoba FOCUS
9 PM
Richardson Centre
for Functional Foods
and Nutraceuticals,
Smartpark, University
of Manitoba.
Contact: 204-298-5483; Email: [email protected]
cc.umanitoba.ca; Website: http://www.
The Centre is dedicated to the discussion, discovery and development of
functional foods and nutraceuticals, with
a focus on the crops of the Canadian Prairies. Two of it’s main goals include: lead
discussion, discovery and development
of new products, analytical techniques
and technology innovation; promote and
support the development of an economically viable industry in Manitoba and
western Canada.
Who ensures you
pay only your fair
share of property
and business tax?
The answer is the people
of Altus Group.
For more information on the Property Tax
Services we offer throughout Manitoba, contact:
Doug Betker, AAM
Managing Director, Altus Group
[email protected]
anitoba has a wide range of facilities that can help entrepreneurs
develop their ideas. Unfortunately, many budding business-types
and innovators don’t know these facilities exist. Prototype Manitoba
is the Manitoba Chambers’ effort to cure that. Each issue of the Focus will
spotlight some of these incredible resources. You can find the full list of
facilities we have covered, along with links, on the MCC Virtual network at
The University of
Manitoba’s NanoSystems Fabrication
Laboratory (NSFL)
Website: http://www.ece.umanitoba.ca/
Contact: Cyrus Shafai, Director NSFL,
[email protected]
According to principal researcher
Cyrus Shafai, one can think of the NanoSystems Lab as a full-service “machine
shop” for custom made micro-devices
with features ranging from tens of
nanometers to several microns in size
(about one hundredth the width of a
single strand of human hair).
Rapid Prototyping
Laboratory, University
of Manitoba, Faculty
of Engineering
Contact: Paul Krueger,
[email protected]
For more information: http://umanitoba.
The University of Manitoba (U of M) has
a 3D Systems SLA 3500 solid imaging
system, also referred to as a Stereolithography Apparatus (SLA). Essentially, it’s
10 • Manitoba FOCUS Third Quarter 2010
a 3-D printer. The lab can also reverse
The SLA offers industry the following:
• Multi-Purpose Models or Prototypes
• Form/Fit/Function Testing
• Master patterns For Secondary
• Fluid Flow Visualization (excellent
optical clarity)
• High Humidity Applications
The CAD Lab, also in the Faculty of
Engineering, offers similar services as
the Rapid Prototyping Laboratory, but
since it is a teaching facility it will do
projects for a tenth of the price but on a
slower timescale.
Business growth
starts with a conversation.
To take your business to the next level, RBC® has dedicated teams of industry
specialized account managers who have a deep understanding of what drives
your market and business model.
To start a conversation today, visit
Registered trademarks of Royal Bank of Canada. RBC and Royal Bank are registered trademarks of Royal Bank of Canada.
Trademarks of Royal Bank of Canada.
30059 (02/2010)
Third Quarter 2010 Manitoba FOCUS • 11
Sponsored Article
Three Areas Businesses
Often Overlook
And the Manitoba
companies that help
keep them in line
By Kelly Parker
y definition, entrepreneurs start or buy businesses in order to generate a
profit. That quest, of course, involves offering a product or service that fills
some need in the marketplace, and maximizing the profit margin on that
widget while at the same time keeping costs as low as possible. Business 101,
to be sure, but to a large extent, profitability will take care of itself if three key
areas are properly addressed at the outset and on a continual basis, namely:
taxes, finance and insurance. On these fronts, Manitoba businesses are lucky to
have firms like FBC (fbc.ca) and MGI Financial (mgiwealth.com) working in the
background on their behalf.
Each of the two firms is decidedly local in their focus. FBC, for example, is a
family-owned Canadian company whose Winnipeg office is its largest by far, due to
the company’s focus on agriculture, transportation and construction – Manitoba’s
three largest industries. The three local offices of MGI Financial, on the other
12 • Manitoba FOCUS Third Quarter 2010
“...there are so many things to consider when running a business, and that most often, the business
owners are busy running the day-to-day affairs of their business, ‘so we’re the people operating behind the
scenes, answering their questions and advising them.’” - Mary Ann Kokan-Nyhof CFP CSA, MGI Financial
hand, are part of a national chain, but think
of themselves as local in the sense that
they were known as Rice Financial before
being bought, integrated, and changing the
name over the door.
Beyond helping companies to properly set
the financial table in the early stages, MGI
offers services that run the gamut, from
cash flow and budgeting, insurance funding
While both MGI and FBC offer services
for larger business, both are smaller businesses focused in the services they provide.
What Business
Tax Specialists
make House Calls?
“We focus on long-term tax strategies
for our members, which are businesses
that do about five million dollars per year
or less, and we consider ourselves to be
tax experts in this area of small businesses,” explains FBC sales manager Brent
Lechner. “That expertise allows us to take
a proactive approach in dealing with our
members’ affairs. We typically contact
them, for example, if there is an introduction of new tax legislation that might benefit
them before they are even aware of it
MaryAnn Kokan-Nyhof CFP CSA, vice
president of the Kilcona Branch for MGI
Financial Inc. is proud of her company’s
local focus in looking after the financial
affairs of smaller companies right from
the get-go, understanding that the
financial side of the business is often not
that business owner’s forte. “The goal of
the business owner might be to open a
business,” she explains, “selling birdseed,
for example, because they know birds
and birdseed really well – but they don’t
know a lot about this other stuff and they
don’t have time for it, so it’s crucial that
they connect with a company that will give
them all of that information and advice in
the planning stages or in the early days
of the business so that all of this gets
set up properly.” Kokan-Nyhof adds that
there are so many things to consider when
running a business, and that most often,
the business owners are busy running the
day-to-day affairs of their business, “so
we’re the people operating behind the
scenes, answering their questions and
advising them.”
on buy-sell agreements, to working closely
with accountants and lawyers to make sure
that the legal and accounting aspects of
their business is properly dealt with, and
r Accountants
FBC does your tax work at your place of business
We get a better understanding of your business
Uncover more ways to minimize tax and maximize credits
All of your files and financial records are right there
Nothing is missed so accuracy is assured
Your confidentiality is preserved
Convenient for you and frees up your time
As Canada’s business tax specialists for 57 years, FBC gives you the best
tax plans, tax returns, estate & retirement planning. We provide tax audit
representation at no extra cost.
Contact Brent Lechner toll free at 1-866-341-4098 or by email at [email protected] for a
free, no obligation meeting to see how FBC can help you save tax dollars and make
more profitable business decisions. Visit www.fbc.ca.
#400, 3025 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3K 2E2
Third Quarter 2010 Manitoba FOCUS • 13
that there is an effective succession plan
in place. “And of course, we have talent
right here in Winnipeg to do all of that,”
emphasizes Kokan-Nyhof.
that we are answering questions from
clients that are totally unrelated to finance,
but can help that business out in more
esoteric ways.”
One area of specialization for MGI is
insurance – an area Kokan-Nyhof says
is too often overlooked. “People are not,
in our experience, as focused on what
happens if they get sick or if they die,” she
says, “because people don’t want to think
about that. MGI, remember, is independent,
objective and unbiased, so we have all
insurance companies in Canada at our
disposal to find the best product or solution
for their situation here in Manitoba to make
sure that they are covered in the event
that they become ill, get injured or even
die suddenly, and our job is to offer them
solutions and ideas to be able to deal with
those scenarios.”
The services that FBC offers are mostly
in the tax realm, but Lechner details that
his firm too, does things a little differently
– beyond, that is, the somewhat unique
approach of offering its services on a
membership basis. “We’ve determined that
in order to properly plan for the future, a
four-tiered approach is necessary, and
we utilize that approach in planning for
business – whether they be the mom and
pops, or larger businesses,” he says. We
take a year-round integrated approach to
maximize our members’ tax savings – tax
preparation is really only one tier – we also
provide ongoing tax planning, on-site tax
preparation right at the members’ place
of business and year-round consultation
and a service guarantee that includes audit
Beyond those services, Kokan-Nyhof
explains that MGI helps its clients in other,
less tangible ways. “Because we’ve got
such a good network of other businesses,
we often put them together so that they can
assist each other. If one client is looking for
a particular product or service,” she says,
“we will put them together with another
of our clients who offers that product or
service, so all of that referring that we do
helps to build and strengthen this homegrown sense of community. We often find
Lechner notes that the FBC philosophy
is based on the notion that tax planning
is something that should be done at the
beginning of your tax year this year, and
it has to be monitored against the state
of affairs of your business throughout the
year. Because the firm is in touch with its
clients throughout the year, it’s confident
that it always has a clear picture of the
clients’ tax affairs, which is why it offers
audit protection. In fact, Lechner says FBC
is different from other tax service providers
in that it will deal with Canada Revenue
Agency on behalf of our members in any
audit situation – at its own cost, and all the
way up to tax court, if necessary.
Lechner says that the FBC approach,
“kind of rolls into a long-term plan.”
Initially, he says, when a member comes
on-board, FBC will look at their last 10
years of taxation information, which gives
a really good idea of where they’ve been
and where they need to go in the future.
“We take that information into account as
we look forward, ultimately, to the point in
the future when the member is going to
sell their business or pass it on to a family
member,” he says, “and we want to put
them into the best position to limit the tax
implications of doing that.”
Although their services differ, as
companies like FBC and MGI work on
behalf of their clients here in Manitoba,
their method is ultimately focused on the
individual. As Kokan-Nyhof puts it: “It’s
the same as financial planning for individuals, but for businesses, it’s much more
complex, and that’s partly because you are
dealing with that individual’s needs within
the business (context).”
Congratulations to all of the 2010
Business Award Winners on Behalf of
Regent Avenue West
In the Automall at
Bishop Grandin
w w w. v i c k a r. c o m
14 • Manitoba FOCUS Third Quarter 2010
SAFE Work is good for buSinESS.
For more information visit safemanitoba.com or call
957-SAFE in Winnipeg or 1-866-929-SAFE outside Winnipeg
agree with the authors
that the original business plan is undoubtedly flawed, and this
holds true even for the
subsequent revisions of
the plan. This is because
as entrepreneurs we
know business plans
become obsolete as soon
as they are completed –
the market has changed,
our competitors have
changed and even the
consumers have changed.
Getting to Plan B:
Breaking through to a
better business model
Florence Leung,
President and CEO,
The four main ideas in the book, analogs, antilogs,
leaps of faith and dashboards, can be found in the
real life business development world. When I first
consummated the PeerFX idea, I looked towards
analogs, and in our adjacent industry, there were
peer-to-peer lending websites in both Europe and
the United States. On the other hand, our antilogs
were the banks, which often declared their love for
small businesses, but just as often fail to deliver on
their promises. The PeerFX idea required that I make
many leaps of faith; since there was uncertainty with
regards to the level of user acceptance we would get
with a totally new idea to the industry in the North
American market.
I would think that the book focuses a bit too much
on business plan writing and revision, even though
it does encourage entrepreneurs to go out into the
field and Do, Test, and Experiment. As you dive into
building your own business, you will find that it is
tough to find time to revise an entire business plan,
correctly and effectively anyway, and I would agree
that having a few key measures for your business,
much like what the authors refer to as dashboarding,
is a more efficient business monitor.
Prepare yourself for the fact that to build a great
business, you will continually reinvent your business.
Great businesses are built by those that aspire to
provide something entirely different AND necessary to
the consumer market. You should look towards what
others are doing for inspiration, and figure out what
they are not providing at the moment. PayPal changed
their business model at least three times before
landing on online payments, and PeerFX changed
their model three times as well before gaining significant customer traction.
PeerFX is an online peer-to-peer currency exchange,
changing exchanging by bringing people together to
exchange with each other and cutting out unnecessary fees in the process. Additional information may
be found at: www.peerfx.com.
16 • Manitoba FOCUS Third Quarter 2010
Seeing too many business
plans that are all theory and
no reality and too many businesses floundering instead of
adapting Mullins and Komisar
have set out a process for
discovering the best business
model for any venture.
Don’t think your real-world
focus can come from a
handful of focus groups or
surveys; they aren’t likely
to uncover the answers you
need. Nor should you think
of this as contingency planning. “… put
only one plan on the table and devote all your scarce resources and
energy to rigorously stress-testing that plan, as quickly and inexpensively as you can, at its most critical points of vulnerability. If emerging evidence says to move on to Plan B, move on,” say the authors.
The process involves four key building blocks:
Don’t Reinvent the Wheel: Analogs
Arguably the most fundamental building block. Once you have your
idea, consider successful companies that are worth mimicking in
some way and do what they did right.
Be Different: Antilogs
This is how you are going to set yourself apart. It involves examining
companies and choosing how you are going to do things differently.
Often this involves learning from the mistakes of others or pinpointing
the markets they have ignored or missed.
The most useful and revolutionary analogs and antilogs may come
from industries other than your own.
Ask the Right Questions: Leaps of Faith
The questions you cannot answer from historical precedent lead
to your leaps of faith – beliefs you hold about the answers to your
questions despite having no real evidence that these beliefs are
actually true. Rest assured, leaps of faith are unavoidable if you are
truly doing something new.
“To address your leaps of faith you must leap! That is to say, you
must experiment. That may mean opening a smaller shop than you
aspire to operate, just to see how customers respond. It may mean
trying different prices for your newly developed gadget to see what
price makes sales pop.”
Guide and Track Your
Journey: Dashboards
“The final step in the process is to adopt a structured,
disciplined, and systematic way to guide your set of experiments, track the results as they arise, and provide insight
and answers to questions that underlie your leaps of faith.
You need metrics that will yield tangible, measurable
evidence capable of telling you whether your leaps of faith
are proven or refuted, and whether you are on the path to
a strong business model, or a flop.”
The key isn’t so much to be right or wrong (that creates
paralysis); the key is to be learning.
Sample dashboard:
analogs &
the numbers
they give
Leaps of faith
around which
you will build
your current
that will
prove or
refute your
leaps of faith
he jargon in Getting to Plan B is a
major turnoff. Try explaining your
business by mentioning “analogs”
and “antilogs” and watch the room clear
That said; the concepts are bang on.
The inspiration for 360 Replays came
from an anilog. My son was watching
the Matrix movie with a friend and they
thought the effect of holding an object in Larry Brown, President,
time and then spinning the view around 360 Replays
from all sides was really cool. They were
both sports fans and thought it would be
really something to apply the concept to that area.
We did scope out antilogs. One company was doing something similar
to what we wanted but they relied heavily on hardware. They had a
hyped debut at a Super Bowl and it didn’t work that well. We learned
two things: focus on software rather than hardware and don’t build
hype until you can deliver.
We really had two leaps of faith: a) Could we produce what we wanted
in a way that worked and was affordable and b) Was there really a
market for it?
Here again the book is right - you need to do staged experiments to
make sure you are on the right track without betting the farm.
“In the early stage many of the questions are fundamental. They are about whether your idea will work technologically and whether it holds any value in the marketplace.
As you grow and evolve, your questions become foundations for how you refine your plan for greater success. They
help you focus on the right pricing and payment strategy,
the right distribution channel, the right financial model, the
right partners.”
The three things that matter most:
1.The quality of the questions you ask to identify your
leaps of faith
•Which questions about your company make you feel
uneasy and keep you up at night?
•What would you like to know that you don’t?
•What assumptions have you made that might be wrong?
•What information would lead you to a different conclusion than the one you are operating under?
2.What you do with the data
3.The speed at which you get on with your next steps
Note: This is just the tip of the iceberg. “Getting to Plan B”
provides a wealth of ‘real world’ examples and extensive tips
on developing the revenue, gross margin, operating, working
capital and investment models that are also key to your
success. To learn more go to www.getting-to-plan-b.com.
We moved from four cameras up to 16, and then on to 40 to be sure
the system worked and was manageable no matter how many cameras
were used.
Next, we sought “customer” input by doing free demos and going to
conventions and trade shows. The feedback was crucial.
Some couldn’t believe our success given the limited resources
and small team we had. We were told larger companies hadn’t been
successful because they mandated timelines and when they weren’t
met, moved away from the project. Timelines and dashboards are good
but make sure you aren’t throwing the baby out with the bathwater if
you don’t meet a target.
Although the feedback was great I must admit we were caught offguard by the advent of hi-definition. Hi-Def didn’t appear on the radar
when we started 360 Replays and we were surprised at how fast it took
over the industry and became mandatory.
We are now at the stage of looking for investments to help make the
shift to Hi-Def and perfecting our pitching techniques.
Let me tell you, investors are a whole other type of customer. Know
your numbers backwards and forwards, be up-front on everything, and
have that elevator pitch ready because investors lose interest quickly.
My holy grail is an investor that cares as much about the idea as
making a buck.
The key insight of Getting to Plan B is to constantly test your idea
against the real world. Even then, be ready for curve balls. Often the
biggest asset you can have is a willingness to persevere.
360 Replays system is a new technology providing enthusiasts with
never before seen , 360 degree coverage of the action, which is accomplished by surrounding the action perimeter with motion cameras.
Third Quarter 2010 Manitoba FOCUS • 17
Sponsored Article
Five Questions an
Employer Should Ask before
Hiring a Foreign Worker
By Sofia Mirza, Fillmore Riley LLP
s an immigration lawyer, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve
heard new clients say, “I wish I had known that before.” Or
“If I had just consulted you before I filed the application, this
mess could have been avoided.”
Some examples of complications that may occur when a step is
missed in the work authorization process include lengthy delays
in the hiring process, officer’s rejecting applications and interruptions in the work term of a valuable foreign national employee.
Many of these situations may have been avoided if the right
issues had been considered first and the proper steps have been
taken in the process at the right time. Correcting mistakes after
they happen and retaining a lawyer at that time to assist is often
significantly more costly than retaining one before the process
starts and getting it right the first time.
Here are five questions to ask which may help you to avoid some
of the more common errors:
1.Does the position and candidate fit within a legal
exemption that could simplify and speed up the
process of hiring the foreign worker?
Generally, before an employer may hire a foreign national, the
employer must first prove they tried to hire a Canadian citizen or
18 • Manitoba FOCUS Third Quarter 2010
Canadian Permanent Resident (landed immigrant). However, in
certain cases, this step may not be necessary.
The general “proof” must be demonstrated in accordance
with specific advertising and other requirements and varies
depending on the position in question. For instance, the requirements for hiring a foreign national for higher skilled work are
different than what is required for lesser skilled work. The
nature of the position also affects what other supporting documentation may be required for certain application processes.
Some work permit categories are exempt from the aforementioned proof step. Knowing that an exemption exists can save
the employer time and money as certain steps in the general
process may be avoided completely.
2.Does the candidate have a criminal record?
If the foreign national candidate has a criminal record, it may
have an impact on his or her ability to obtain Canadian work
authorization. The type of criminal charge(s), what conviction was
entered, when the conviction was entered and when the sentence
was completed are all relevant factors in the analysis of assessing
whether the inadmissibility may be overcome.
In some cases, and depending on the seriousness of the crime(s),
the inadmissibility may be overcome in a
timely fashion; in others, an officer may
choose not to permit entry to Canada.
When it comes to criminal records, you
don’t want any surprises. So being aware of
a candidate’s criminal record is important
because in certain cases steps can be
taken to resolve the criminal inadmissibility,
at least temporarily, for the duration of the
work authorization.
3.Does your proposed candidate
require a medical exam?
Depending on the duration of the work
term, citizens of some countries may have
to undergo an immigration medical exam as
part of the work authorization process. Only
designated medical practitioners authorized by Citizenship and Immigration Canada
may perform such immigration medical
exams. If your candidate requires a medical
exam, this may increase work authorization
processing times by a few weeks while the
medical results are processed.
4.Where is the candidate eligible
to apply for their proposed work
Citizens of some countries, such as the
United States, do not require a visa before
they apply to enter Canada. When it comes
to applying for work authorizations, this
can speed up the total processing time
significantly as certain work authorizations
may then be adjudicated at specific ports
of entry to Canada instead of applying
outside of Canada first. Citizens of some
other countries must have their work permit
applications adjudicated outside of Canada
first. If the candidate is resident in a country
that is not their country of citizenship, other
filing location options may also be available.
Of course, all supporting documents
required must be in order and the candidate must still meet all requirements under
the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act
of Canada and amendments thereto.
ansport Ltd
5.Have you considered the long-term
picture for your proposed foreign
Let’s assume your foreign worker has
successfully obtained Canadian work
authorization and settles in nicely only to
learn a few months into the job another
work permit is required. Knowing in
advance what steps are required and how
long they take is critical to avoiding costly
and unexpected interruptions in employment. You also need to be aware in advance
that some work permits may be renewed
and others may not. This knowledge will
help you plan for the long term, giving you
time to consider what options are available
to you and your employee.
Knowing the factors to consider before
hiring a foreign worker helps to avoid costly
errors in the process and will help move the
process forward in the most cost-effective
and efficient way possible. Doing your
homework ahead of time, and asking the
right questions so you can determine what
options are available, will make the process
easier on both you and your employee.
Sofia Mirza practises immigration law at
Fillmore Riley LLP. You can reach her at
[email protected] or (204) 957-8335.
Or Mass Market?
Decisions matter. Like when you decide to move from one-of-a-kind designs to having
designs on global success. As you expand into new and uncharted markets, will your
creativity be compromised? Or will it be unleashed? Making decisions like these is how
you’ll determine the future of your business, which is why you should turn to Canada’s
leading business designation. With unequalled education and training, Chartered
Accountants can help you make every decision a better one.
Decisions matter.
Dallas Transport Ltd
Call 1-800-665-0473 or 1-204-239-5979
Coast-to-Coast Hauling in Canada & U.S.A.
Third Quarter 2010 Manitoba FOCUS • 19
The Idea Board
The Invincible Apple:
10 Lessons from
the Coolest
Company Anywhere
Farhad Manjoo**
• Go into your cave (se
t your own
agenda and tune out the
• It’s okay to be king
(top-down leadership can
• Transcend orthodoxy
• Just say no (the pow
er of focus)
• Serve your customer,
no, really
• Everything is marketin
• Kill the past • Turn feedback into ins
• Don’t invent, reinvent
• Play by your own clo
We offer high quality
service with an innovative
and unique combination
of skills. Our knowledge
and expertise in the land
development process will
assist in your project and
benefit you in your goals.
Land Development
Real Estate Services
Business Ventures
20 • Manitoba FOCUS Third Quarter 2010
How to Make SurTeimYe-ouWr asters
Meetings Aren’ttional*
by Robert Half Interna
•Question habit
•Keep it focused
•Select location wisely
•Limit participants
•Streamline the presentation
Employees Deserve Help,
But in the End Must Do Job
by Barbara Bowes, President of Legacy Bowes Group*
Strategies when employ es experience a major psychological or emotionally
traumatic event in the workplace:
•Move the employees to a separate and private location and ensure each
person has a buddy with whom to talk things over.
•Allow each individual to express themselves in their own way.
•Share your reactions with them and listen attentively and acknowledge
their reactions.
•If possible, arrange for a counsellor to attend your workplace and invite
employees to speak confidentially with this individual.
Safe Work for an Aging Workforce
Are you in a workplace with less than 50 employees and have
potential ergonomic issues affecting older workers?
Contact Andrew Dolhy, Ergonomist for information
on a free ergonomic service
Ph: (204) 299-9132 Email: [email protected]
For more information: www.dolhyergonomics.com
Manitoba Chambers of Commerce tracks a wide range of publications in pursuit of the best ideas and strategies
to help entrepreneurs. Here are highlights from some items that recently caught our attention:
ep Making
by Robert H. Sc
oper expectations
• Failing to set pr
of overall goals
from the pursuit
• Excus
lowing experts to
and consultants (al
• Colluding wi
responsible for ou
offer solutio
dless preparation
prepare, prepare (en
• Waiting while as
of progress)
Ten Issues that Matter
• Sp
by KPMG*
eed sourcing
• International financial
reporting standards as
an opportunity
• Smarter logistic
• Is reverse innovation
the way forward?
• Filthy business (busines
s getting a bad rep)
• Software management
• Changing habits (when
change is hard)
• Virtual managers
• Transparent leaders
• Just ask (learning to
ask the right questions
How to E
in Your ncourage Inn
by G. M
ichael M
ock and
• Recru
it believ
Louis V
• Hire o
or mana
• Prom
ote failu
• Fail f
• Contr
ol the fr
(move o
n if you
is about
don’t be
to happe
lieve a b
n in you
ig idea
r indust
* to find out more go to www.mbchamber.mb.ca
** Fast Company July/August 2010
***Harvard Business Review September 2010
****“The CEO’s Innovation Nightmare: When chief executives yell
‘innovation’ in the forest, but their management teams cover their
ears, did they really yell anything at all?” in Bloomberg Businessweek.
But it doesn’t have to. Call 1-800-GOT-JUNK? and we’ll get rid of
it for you. Just point to the stuff you want taken away and we’ll do all
the loading, clean up and recycling so
you can sit back and relax.
Call 1-800-468-5865 or
go to 1800gotjunk.com
to book an appointment.
WINNIPEG_220910_SMALLAS.indd 1
10-10-06 9:30 AM
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Sponsored Article
and Secure
an Canada’s self-employed and
small business owners, (and by
small business I don’t mean with
sales of five million or less, I mean with four
employees or less) get insurance protection
that truly provides peace of mind?
If we look at business owners like yourself
and those working in blue and grey collar
occupations, which includes trades people
and farmers for example, it is safe to say
that disability insurance is one of the most
important types of coverage available – yet
many people know very little about it.
Disability insurance can be complex and
challenging for the average consumer
to understand. There are many options,
definitions, exceptions, limitations and
exclusions that a purchaser of disability
insurance needs to comprehend.
A lack of understanding about the
specifics of their disability coverage has
caused tremendous frustration, confusion
and upset to many policyholders, who
believed they were fully protected and find
out after making a claim that things are not
as they thought.
Why focus on disability for this article? I’ll
answer that with another question – how
would you pay the premiums on your life
insurance or benefit plan or any of your
other expenses if you were unable to run
your business because of an injury or
22 • Manitoba FOCUS Third Quarter 2010
By James Pollard
illness? The answer is a disability plan that
meets your unique needs and situation.
I sincerely believe that disability protection
is the most important insurance available.
It allows you to continue your life with the
least amount of financial hardship on your
family if an injury or sickness strikes. If the
financial picture is okay, there is less stress
and that, in turn, helps your recovery from
injury or sickness.
The features, needs and benefits that
a self-employed/small business owner
should seek in a disability plan are not
always the same as a white-collar worker.
I will attempt to highlight the most
important features, benefits and definitions
that you, as a self-employed or small business owner, needs to
both look for and watch out for when considering disability insurance or reviewing existing coverage you may already have in place.
Definition of Disability
Most policies available to this market have a definition of disability
stating that you are totally disabled if you are unable to perform
the duties of your “regular occupation” – this normally lasts for 24
months in most cases. After 24 months the definition of disability
changes to your inability to perform the duties of “any occupation” for which you are suited by reason of education, training or
There is nothing wrong with this definition for most people in
this market. As a self-employed/small business owner you can be
assured that “any occupation” is an often-used definition. However,
if you come across any differences in the market, it is important to
ask questions.
Wok Box
Benefit Period
It is also important to think about when you want your disability
benefits to begin. In most cases I would argue the first day. Let
me explain: few claims last more than six months and most minor
injury claims have an even shorter duration of two months or less.
The premiums that can be saved by opting for a waiting period are
much less than the benefit you are giving up.
If you’re a sole proprietor and do not have a 3 to 6 month emergency fund then first day coverage is necessary. If an emergency
fund is in place then a 30-day waiting period may be appropriate,
but no longer. How long did it take you to save up that emergency
fund? The additional money you could save by extending the
waiting period beyond 30 days is negligible, and not worth having
your emergency fund depleted.
If you’re a small business owner, I would offer the same advice.
Your business in some cases may be able to continue paying you
temporarily. The additional financial strain on your business without
your productivity makes this a short-term option at best.
The next important question is how long should the benefit period
be? Lifetime coverage is the best, in my opinion, for this market for
the following reason: if you become permanently disabled and are
forced to live on a disability benefit, how much money do you think
you could save for your retirement? My guess is not much. A plan
that has a lifetime benefit period will supplement the government
provided retirement benefits you would be entitled to. Remember if
you are not working you are not contributing to the Canada Pension
Plan. Depending on how many years you had contributed prior to
becoming disabled, you may be entitled to very little.
In conclusion, if you are a self-employed/small business owner,
you should look for a disability plan that provides first day to lifetime
coverage. Only in cases where a business owner is well established
and financially sound would I recommend a short waiting period,
but never longer than 30 days.
is one of the fastest
growing, diverse
Asian Style franchises
in North America.
With dishes ranging
from Chinese to
Thai, East Indian
to Malaysian,
this franchise
can be mastered
and managed by
all, even franchisees
with little or no
retail experience.
Kim Ewchuk
[email protected]
Third Quarter 2010 Manitoba FOCUS • 23
Integration of Benefits
When you are considering disability insurance, the reason you go
through a needs assessment (or at least you should) is to determine how much coverage you actually need. You may qualify for a
$4,000 per month benefit, but a needs assessment may show you
that you only need $2,800.
After determining the required level of benefit, you should be
assured that it is the benefit you are actually going to receive if you
become disabled. What you want to be cautious of in your plan is
the clause “integration of benefits,” which means your benefits are
reduced because of other insurance or compensation payments.
All insurance companies ensure that the client has an incentive to
get back to work. If the underwriting process is too simple when
you apply for coverage there may be unwanted surprises at the
time of claim.
When is the Policy Underwritten
The only way to know exactly what you are and are not covered
for is for the policy to be fully underwritten, medically and financially at the time of application. If you are honest with the insurance
company, in most cases you should not need to provide proof of
income at the time of claim. Again, it depends on the contract and
whether the claim is contestable or not. If you do, there is a chance
that the level of benefit you have been paying for is not what you
may receive. Make sure you ask the questions!
Space for Growth
Southport is a property management and development company
supporting aviation, training and commercial initiatives.
Airport FAcilitieS:
4 active runways with a
Transport Canada approved
air traffic control tower,
ground support services,
and light aircraft parking.
commerciAl SpAce &
educAtionAl FAcilitieS:
Customized space is
available in existing
buildings for commercial
& educational facilities.
commerciAl lAnd:
80 hectares of prime land
(groundside and airside)
are available for new
commercial & industrial
development with low taxes
& competitive lease rates.
eASy AcceSS:
Centrally located in Canada,
with easy access to major
transportation routes and
the USa.
Tel: 204-428-6030
Toll free: 1-800-558-4680
email: [email protected]
web: www.southport.mb.ca
24 • Manitoba FOCUS Third Quarter 2010
In addition, all the medical questions should have been handled
at the time you applied for coverage and any restrictions or impairments fully divulged and explained before you accepted the policy.
If you are not sure, ask to see a copy of the claim form you would
need to fill out to make a claim. One page double sided should
be all that is required. Claim forms that resemble books to fill out
should cause you to ask more questions.
Guaranteed Renewable
The policy should be guaranteed renewable to at least the traditional retirement age of 65. It should also contain the option to
renew beyond that age as many business owners love what they
do and work beyond 65.
Non – Cancellable
To most people this sounds the same as guaranteed renewable,
it is not. A non–cancellable policy means that as long as you
maintain your premiums, the company cannot take the coverage
away or make any changes to it. Most companies have guaranteed
renewable policies, but not all are non-cancellable.
Who Decides You Are Disabled
Your own doctor or chiropractor should be the only one deciding
on your ability to perform your occupation, fully or partially if partial
disability is required.
Standard Features
Features that are for the most part standard, include 24 hour a day
coverage, on or off the job, anywhere in North America.
In more than a dozen years working almost exclusively with selfemployed and small business owners in both Ontario and Manitoba,
I have found that the more time we spend educating our clients,
the better the experience for that client if they have the misfortune
of becoming injured or ill. As a corporate member of the Manitoba
Chamber of Commerce, Penncorp Life Insurance Company has
become the provider of choice: for self-employed and small business owners. With a product line designed for the self- employed/
small business market, Penncorp has responded to the needs of
more than 110,000 clients. As an Agency Manager with Penncorp
Life in Manitoba, I have personally worked with hundreds of clients.
In co-operation with our advisors, I have assisted in the recommendation of customized insurance protection for thousands of
clients in Manitoba. I believe that as advisors it is our responsibility
to make sure our clients get the best possible protection. We need
to maintain extremely high standards. If the client does not feel
confident in what we offer them, (and it better work as we say it
will), they will not protect themselves and that does not serve the
needs of the client or the advisor.
James Pollard is the agency manager at Penncorp Life Insurance
Company, located at 2140 Pembina Highway in Winnipeg. He can
be reached at 204-985-1580, toll free at 1-800-670-1911, by
fax: 204-697-0823 or by email at [email protected]
Building a
Strong language skills in both French
and English. A distinctive advantage
in today’s competitive job market.
Make the right move
Wealth Planning
Trusts · Wills · Probate · Tax Planning · Estate Planning
For more information contact:
Jennifer Pfuetzner, (204) 988-0442
[email protected]
Cynthia Hiebert-Simkin, (204) 988-0354
[email protected]
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Third Quarter 2010 Manitoba FOCUS
25 PM
9/30/10• 1:50:31
CUSB 12066-MB Focus Ad-FIN.indd 1
Axiom Freight Management Inc.
1-1596 Regent Avenue West
Suite 321
Winnipeg, MB R2C 4H4
What they do: Freight bill auditing, logistics consulting and logistics
management. Our goal is to help our clients save money on their freight
expenses by: auditing freight bills for erroneous charges; uncovering freight
savings by way of an internal review of current practices, procedures and
carrier contracts; and managing all of the logistical requirements.
Claim to Fame: Our services allow business owners to focus on what
makes them successful. We want to share our knowledge of the
transportation and distribution industries to ensure all businesses and
business owners are powered with the knowledge to make informed
decisions and achieve their goals.
Eldon Beer,
Best Business Advice: “There is a very famous quote that relates very
well to the success of any business – ‘If you can’t measure it, you can’t
manage it.’ Goals and targets that are not measured and managed are
simply wishes and dreams.”
StrategyMakers Consulting
PO Box 21094 RPO Charleswood
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3R 3E0 www.strategymakers.ca
What they do: We provide advisory and support services
in three areas: organizational strategy and leadership,
environmental strategy and business development.
Claim to Fame: We offer our clients an independent
perspective that has been built through 20+ years of
experience in non-profit organizational management and
environmental policy, combined with a strong business and
entrepreneurial background and top-of-class MBA training.
Best Business Advice: “To be effective, strategy must be
action-oriented. It’s not just about ‘planning.’ It’s understanding,
planning, then executing! This is the same regardless of
whether you are an entrepreneur trying to establish and
grow your business, a not-for profit creating social value or a
community pursuing environmental sustainability.”
Mike Fernandes,
26 • Manitoba FOCUS Third Quarter 2010
HoW to best expand your business
in tHe united states
Tapping into the U.S. market is a critical step in your company’s growth.
Starting close to home makes your U.S. growth easier and more profitable.
Where should you begin? Grand Forks, North Dakota.
Grand Forks is close to home, only 220 kilometres from Winnipeg.
Spend the day at your US office and still make it home in time for dinner.
Grand Forks is home to an International Soft Landing Incubator. This
Incubator helps foreign companies access capital, develop export entry
strategies, and cut through governmental red tape.
Grand Forks and the state of North Dakota offer valuable business support
programs. Grand Forks also has virtual tenant space so you can work in
Manitoba and have a presence in the U.S.
grand Forks
Take the next step into the U.S. market. Contact the Grand Forks Region
Economic Development Corporation to learn more about expanding
your business in Grand Forks, ND.
701-746-2721 • [email protected] • www.grandforks.org
Choosing the right amount of coverage to protect your
independent business and your employees can be confusing.
Western Financial Group Insurance Solutions can help.
We'll take care of your assets and reduce your financial risk
while you take care of your business.
Commercial Insurance
Employee Benefits
Group Insurance Solutions will tailor a commercial insurance
package to suit your needs with a wide range of products
from Property Insurance to Surety Bonds.
TotalGUARD is Group Insurance Solutions unique
employee benefits program designed to meet the needs
of both your employees and your budget.
Our guarantee to you includes:
• An understanding of your business,
• Low-hassle administration, and
• Reasonable rates.
TotalGUARD offers you:
• Pooled rates for immediate and long-term savings,
• Low-hassle administration, and
• Flexibility.
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Commercial Insurance – Justin Friesen ext. 7211 Employee Benefits – Scott Stewart ext. 7287
Third Quarter 2010 Manitoba FOCUS • 27
1960 Notre Dame Street, Winnipeg, MB R3C 2H7
Gordon Grainger, Tel: 204-631-4600 / Fax: 204-631-4647
Email: [email protected] Website: www.rrcoop.com
Cardlock Advantages: Volume discount pricing. 24hr fuel service at your fingertips. High speed pumps.
Detailed weekly, monthly, by unit # or Card # invoicing. Control fuel expenditures. No fuel storage worries
such as insurance or environmental concerns. Simplify your accounting - streamline all your driving
expenses to one convenient card. Receipts issued immediately listing all the necessary details.
Engineering Consultants
10 Prairie Way, The Waters Business Park, SW Corner of Mazenod & Dugald Roads, Winnipeg MB R2J 3J8
Tel: 204-477-6650 Website: www.genivar.com
Winnipeg I Other offices in over 85 communities in Canada
GENIVAR is a Canadian leader in engineering delivering solutions based on a global approach to projects.
We provide services including:
• Studies • Engineering • Project Management • Environmental
Landscape Architect
500-115 Bannatyne Avenue East, Winnipeg MB R3B 0R3
Maggie Martin, Tel: 204-944-9907 / Fax: 204-957-1467
Email: [email protected] Website: www.htfc.mb.ca
Hilderman Thomas Frank Cram is an award-winning landscape architecture and planning collaborative,
founded in 1969. Located in the heart of Winnipeg’s historic Exchange District, the firm is known for
thoughtful, timeless and sustainable work in the landscapes of the North American Prairie, Northwestern
Ontario Boreal Forest and Tundra Regions.
Construction Equipment Dealer
1908 Currie Blvd, Brandon, MB R7B 4E7
Tel: 204-761-8835 / Fax: 204-726-9158
Email: [email protected] Website: www.mazergroup.ca
Mazergroup is the largest privately owned CNH dealership group in Canada. With 13 dealerships across
Manitoba and Saskatchewan, we offer award winning service that is always close to home. Mazergroup
offers full line agricultural, construction, and commerical turf equipment sales, parts and service. See us for
all of your equipment needs.
Packaging Materials
211 Hutchings Street, Winnipeg, MB R2X 2R4
Gary Smith, Tel: 204-632-5667 Fax: 204-633-4125
Email: [email protected] Website: www.syntexgeo.com
Shoreline erosion? Seasonal flooding? Frozen pipes on your work site? Time to dewater the sludge?
Garbage at your construction site? Disaster Clean up? Food/chemical or mineral bulk packaging?
Try one of our high strength polyethylene / Geotextile Enviro solutions or our polywoven packaging products.
28 • Manitoba FOCUS Third Quarter 2010
fter twenty-three years in the associationpublishing field, Kevin Brown and I decided
eight years ago to establish MediaEdge Publishing.
We wanted to use our skills, knowledge and love
of publishing to build a business with a focus on
providing exemplary customer service and leading
edge association communication solutions.
Today, MediaEdge is the leader in quality custom
publishing for associations. We treat every client
like our only client, and their agenda is our agenda.
These have remained our guiding principles since
we first opened our doors.
Customer service is our number one priority.
Robert Thompson
Senior Vice-President
Toronto 1.866.216.0860 ext. 229
Fax: 416.512.8344
Give yourself the EDGE
w w w. m e d i a e d g e p u b l i s h i n g . c o m
First Canadian Hospitality..................23
Place Louis Riel Suite Hotel.................9
A. Dolhy Ergonomics Inc....................20
RBC Royal Bank of Canada................11
Altus Group......................................10
Grand Forks EDC..............................27
Red River Co-op................................28
BDC.......................... Inside Back Cover
Granny’s Poultry..................................7
South Beach Casino and Resort.........14
Chambers of Commerce Group
Insurance Plan.......Outside Back Cover
Hilderman Thomas Frank Cram..........28
Southport Aerospace Centre Inc.........24
Institute of Chartered Accountants
of Manitoba....................................19
Syn-Tex, A Division of ITW Canada.....28
Collège Universitaire
De St-Boniface...............................25
Dallas Transport Ltd...........................19
Fahr Group.......................................20
Fillmore Riley LLP...... Inside Front Cover
Investors Group...................................6
Manitoba Blue Cross...........................5
Manitoba Hydro..................................9
Penncorp Life Insurance Co...............11
30 • Manitoba FOCUS Third Quarter 2010
Taylor McCaffrey LLP.........................25
Vickar Automotive Group...................14
Western Financial Group...................27
Workers Compensation Board............15
Zyme Fast Inc...................................25
OCTOBER 17-23, 2010
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www.bdc.ca/sbw | 1 888 INFO BDC
Small Business
Big Market
Losing employees to larger companies?
Group insurance too expensive?
Take advantage of your Chamber of
Commerce membership to level the
playing field.
The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce
partners with the Chambers of Commerce
Group Insurance Plan to ensure its small
business members have access to
affordable, custom benefits. You choose
the coverage, so you control the cost.
It’s a huge advantage, exclusive to members.
Call and see why 25,000 companies call
Chambers Plan benefits their own!
Canada’s #1 Group Benefits
Plan for Local Business
TF: 1.877.277.0677
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