BEACONinside – How to change the proximity UUID?

BEACONinside – How to change the proximity UUID?
Model No.: B0001-A HW: Rev 1.1 SW: 1.0 • [email protected] • May 19th 2014
The easiest way is to use the BEACONinside app (available shortly) but our iBeacon is compatible with standard
BLE tools like LightBlue for Mac, LightBlue for iPhone or BLExplr for Mac.
Note: After writing a characteristic (e.g. Proximity UUID, Major or Minor) the device has to be disconnected from
the power source or the REBOOT characteristic has to be written with 0x00 (hex).
Only beacons with the default proximity UUID can be recognized by the BEACONinside app but you can change
the ID back and forth.
User Flow LightBlue Mac
Write 0xF0018B9B75094C31A9051A27D39C003C (or your own company’s value) to the proximity UUID
characteristic (A0A1) of the proximity service (A0A0) according to the technical specification.
Enter the password (default is 555555) when a pairing request is happening.
When the message „Wrote Hex: 0xF0001...“ appears in the input field it was successful.
Unplug device or write REBOOT characteristic with 0x00 (hex).
1 2 Screens LightBlue iPhone
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