How to pay Compost bin order

Would you like to compost your food and
garden waste and produce a soil conditioner
to use in your garden?
Council sells the Rotoplastic 220 litre compost
bin to Moreland residents, businesses and
organisations for a cost of $49.50 (GST
inclusive). Cost includes FREE delivery.
Compost bins are available in black (made
from 100 per cent recycled plastic) or green
(made from 50 per cent recycled plastic).
Once the payment has been made, free
delivery within Moreland will be arranged.
Please see over the page for payment details.
Information on composting is available
on Council’s website or you can pick up a
brochure from a Citizens Service Centre.
Address for delivery of compost bin:
How to pay
Order a green waste or compost bin by phoning
Council on 9240 1111, emailing [email protected] or lodging a customer request through
our website. We will then give you a reference
number to pay the fee online.
In person
ayments can be made at a Citizens Service
Centre by cash, cheque or money order,
EFTPOS, or by VISA or MasterCard.
•Moreland Civic Centre
90 Bell Street, Coburg
• Brunswick Citizens Service Centre
233 Sydney Road, Brunswick
• Pascoe Citizens Service Centre
796N Pascoe Vale Road, Glenroy.
By mail
Compost bins and worm farms can also be
purchased at nurseries, hardware stores and
at CERES Community Environment Park.
Phone 9389 0100 or visit
Office use only
CRS number (compost bin order):
Property number:
Receipt number:
CRS number (information request):
RC Code:
printed on 100 per cent recycled paper
Green waste bin
and compost bin
order form
Cheques or money orders should be made
payable to Moreland City Council and sent to:
•Green Waste Bin Service
Moreland City Council
Locked Bag 10, Moreland 3058.
Additional information
If you have any questions about Moreland’s green
waste collection services, please contact Council by:
phone 9240 1111
9240 1212
postal address Locked Bag 10
Moreland Victoria 3058
[email protected]
9240 2256
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Compost bin order
Green waste is only collected from a Council supplied green
waste bin (bright green lid). Residents can take up one of the
following options:
Types of green
waste collected
•two 120 litre bins for a one-off connection fee of $102.40
Lawn clippings
•one 240 litre bin for a one-off connection fee of $102.40.
Weeds - with soil removed
I currently have:
A 120 litre green waste bin
(the one with the bright green lid)
Please tick the option which applies:
I am the property owner
Loose branches - trimmed to fit inside the
green waste bin with the lid closed,
maximum diameter 10 centimetres
I am renting the property
No green waste bin
I would like to:
Name of person paying for the bin:
To find out which week your green waste will be collected
visit our website
or call Council on
9240 1111 for a
copy of the waste
collection calendar.
Only green
inside the
green waste
bin will be
The green waste collection takes place once a fortnight on
the same day as the garbage collection.
Items collected
•one 120 litre for a one-off connection fee of $51.20
If you require a bin for your home or business, please fill out
the form on the right.
Street address for green waste bin delivery:
have a 120 litre green waste bin
for a one-off connection fee of $51.20
No Plastic Bags in
Green Waste Bins!
have a second 120 litre green waste bin
for an additional one-off connection fee of $51.20
change from a 120 to a 240 litre green waste bin
for an additional one-off connection fee of $51.20
Tick if a receipt is required
Green waste is reprocessed into a range of soil
improvement products. The following items should not be
placed in the green waste bin.
Food waste
Green waste in plastic bags
Wire, cloth, material, plastic or nylon ties
Tree roots and stumps
Recyclable materials
Plastic bags - these can now be placed in your kerbside recycling bin
Please retain this half of the form for future reference.
have two 120 litre green waste bins
for a one-off connection fee of $102.40
Address for delivery of receipt:
Items not collected
Please cut along dotted line and return this half of completed form.
Moreland City Council provides a fortnightly
green waste collection service for branches,
lawn clippings, leaves and weeds.
(If different from above)
have one 240 litre green waste bin
for a one-off connection fee of $102.40
The maximum capacity per household is 240 litres.
I understand that all green waste bins remain the
property of Moreland City Council.
This green waste bin order form is valid
to 30 June 2015.
The payment and order form must be received before
the mobile green waste bin(s) can be delivered.
My garbage collection day is:
Office use only
CRS number (green waste bin order):
Property number:
Receipt number:
CRS number (information request):