A guide on how to sync your Mobile phone with...

A guide on how to sync your Mobile phone with your Baldwin email:
This guide will walk you through the steps you need to follow to sync the most popular smartphones with your
Baldwin email.
For Pros: If you want to skip the tutorial our mail server’s address is: mobilemail.baldwinschools.org
1. Windows Mobile
2. Iphone/Ipod Touch
3. Android/Droid
4. Blackberry X
1. Windows Phone
1. Go to Settings within your application menu.
2. Select Email + Accounts.
3. Select Add an Account.
4. Select the option for Advanced Setup.
5. Enter your full email address
[email protected] and
password for your account, then press
the sign in button.
[email protected]
6. Select Exchange ActiveSync.
7. Leave Domain blank. For Username enter your
domain\username you use to log into the computer (e.g.
ACAD\USERNAME or baldwindo\USERNAME )Ensure your
email address remains correct. Leave the Domain field blank
8. Then, select the sign in button. Once
connected, you will see a new icon within
your settings menu with the name of your
new email account.
and enter the address for Server: mobilemail.baldwinschools.org
[email protected]
Step One: Begin by entering the Settings, then select “Mail, Contacts, and Calendars” then select “Add Account,” finally
choose “Microsoft Exchange.” For Email enter your complete email address (e.g. [email protected]) Leave Domain blank. . For
Username enter your domain\the username you use to log into the computer (e.g. ACAD\USERNAME or ,
Your username and password will be what you use to log on to the computer every morning.
Step Two: Your iPhone (or iPod touch) will now try to locate our server using Microsoft's Autodiscovery service. If the
server cannot be located, the screen below will be shown. This is normal
NOTE: Your settings from before should still be entered. (If they are not still entered please refer back to “Step One” for
how to enter them.)
Click on the line titled Server, on this line enter mobilemail.baldwinschools.org then select Next from the top right of
the screen.
Step Three: Select what you would like to sync, and hit Save on the top right of the screen. Congratulations you are
3. Android/Droid:
Step One: From your phones main menu select Email.
Step Two: Enter your full email (e.g. [email protected] ) For the password please enter the password
you use to login every morning. Hit Next.
Step Three: On the Exchange server settings screen, select Exchange account for type of account.
In the domain\username field enter your domain\username (this is the username you log into your computer with
every morning) (e.g. ACAD\USERNAME or baldwindo\USERNAME) The password will be the password you use every
morning to log in to your computer.
For the Exchange Server field type “mobilemail.baldwinschools.org” Now select the box for “Use secure connection (SSL)” and hit “next”
Step Four:
Choose the settings you wish to apply for this account, when you are finished hit “next”
Step Five:
These are the URL’s for each carrier
Sprint/Nextel https://bis.na.blackberry.com/html?brand=sprint
Complete the following steps:
Connect to your wireless service provider’s BlackBerry Internet Service web site.
1. Type your user name. (If the user does not have an account created skip to step 5)
Note: If you do not remember your user name, contact your wireless service provider. Most of the time
the username and password has been created but not given to the customer.
2. Type your password.
Note: If you have forgotten your password, see the Additional Information section below for instructions.
3. Click Log In.
4. Click Create New Account.
5. Accept the Legal Terms and Conditions.
6. The next step will be different depending on the carrier. It will ask you for the Device PIN, and the IMEI or
7. The PIN, IMEI, and/or ESN can be found by going to settings then options in the blackberry. Scroll down
and you will see status. Select that and you can check for these numbers.
For ATT it will ask you for your PIN and IMEI
For Verizon, Sprint/Nextel it will ask you for your PIN and ESN
8. It will then ask you to create a username and password
Additional Info
If you cannot remember your password, complete the following steps:
1. Click the Forgot Password? hyperlink.
2. Enter your user name or the personal identification number (PIN) associated with your BlackBerry smartphone.
3. Click Request Password.
A message containing your new password will then be sent to your BlackBerry smartphone.
Once you log in you will come to this page
Click on Set up account
The next screen you will enter the users email address and password.
For the email address use [email protected]
It will then take you back to the Main accounts screen and you will see the account. It should take a few minutes and
you will get a new icon on the blackberry and emails will start coming in.