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Arson Suspected THE JOURNAL' MONDAY, JANUARY 31,1972 PAGE 7
In Montreal Fire Morristown Library Annual Report
MONTREAL (AP) ^Policesay that a
downtown office fire Thursday that
killed four people and sent 13 others to
the hospital may have been started by
an arsonist.
Firemen rescued about 250 people in
the rush-hour blaze at the 10-story
headquarters of Canadian Liquid Air.
Heavy traffic and near-zero temperatures hampered the firefighting and
rescue work.
Given; Election Of Officers Held
MORRISTOWN - Total circulation at
the Morristown Public Library for 1971
according to the annual report was
12,148, an increase of 1,268 over 1970.
Book circulation was 11,407 with
borrowers taking out 6,850 adult fiction;
1,272 adult non-fiction; 2,597 juvenile
fiction; 688 juvenile non-fiction. Also
checked out were 373 periodicals; 113
films; 240 records; and 15 pictures. On
Police Lt. Larry Levis said uv- file are 410 card holders.
ves,tigators had not established the
The Morristown Library now owns
cause of the fire but arson was a prime 3,402 books, 150 records and 826
Mrs. Merritt Randies, president, read
"There have been 20 fires in the last 15 the
librarians report in the absence of
days in the area bounded by Guy, Peel,. Mrs.
Mary Wylie, librarian for the past
Sherbrooke and St. Catherine streets, 13V years,
who resigned last month due
always between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.," he to illness.
During the summer months of 1971 the
The fire Thursday started between library was open daily with additional
4:30 and 5 p.m. at the corner of Drum- hours when a Children's Hour was
conducted by Pam Tayler from the St.
mond and Sherbrooke streets.
Lawrence County Neighborhood Youth
Fire Chief Rene Plaisance said most Corps. The annual book and bake sale
.of the damage was confined to the sponsored every summer by the library
second floor where the blaze started, has again been tentatively set for July
and damage there was considerable. He and fag.Dag will be conducted in
said there were indications of an ex- August. It was also decided to charge
plosion at the start of the fire, but this two cents oh all overdue regular books
was not definite.
and five cents on all overdue current
MEL ON THE ST. LAWRENCE—The first trip
for MEL, Clarkson College of Technology's
Mobile Environmental Laboratory, was to the
boat basin at Robert Moses State Park near
Massena. Clarkson students majoring in civil
best sellers.
Mrs. Randies was re-elected president
of the boardof trustees. Mrs. Irvin
Barley was elected vice president; Mrs.
Douglas Murray re-elected secretary;
Mrs. George Brown, treasurer. Mrs.
Raymond Wright resigned as treasurer,
a position she had held for the past 21
years. Trustees are Helen Randies,
Velma Greene, Helen Thompson, Jean
Wright, Harriet Barley, Margaret
Murray, Linda Brown, Sophia Erickson.
New trustees are Jane Kondrat, Judy
VanArnam, and Mary Spilman. Shirley
McDonald of Morristown, is librarian.
Regular hours at the library are 2 p.m.
to 5 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays; 7
p.m. to 9 p.m. Wednesday evenings and,
1 to 5 p.m. Saturdays.
NEW YORK (AP) - Four upstate
New York basketball players have been
selected to'the Eastern College Athletic
Conference's weekly .All-East Division
III squad for the week ending Jan. 22.
They are forwards Mike Doyle of
Union and Steve Shackel of Marist, and
guards John Francis of St.-Lawrence
and Peter Ganley of Clarkson.
engineering, mechanical engineering and
chemical engineering, all in the course outlined
"Aspects of Stream Pollution" are shown above,
inspecting organisms found in the river bed.
Winter Events Listed For February
ALBANY - A full February calendar
of fun and excitement awaits winter
vacationers in New York State, reports
the State Department of Commerce.
While ski competitions, snowmobile
races and winter carnivals dominate
outdoor activities, there are also ice
fishing derbies, speed skating, golf on
ice, indoor track meets, and boat and
camping shows.
Two annual New York City events are
the Chinese New Year, Feb. 15 and the
96th Westminster Kennel Club All-Breed
Dog Show, the latter at Madison Square
Garden, Feb. 14-15. The "Parade of the
Dragon" will be a highlight of the Year
of the Rat celebration in the Chinatown.
Five hundred collegiate athletes from
23 countries will compete in the 1972 Canadaigua; School Holiday Events,
FISU Games at Lake Placid and Feb. 21-25, Dry Hill Ski Area, WaterPittsburgh, "Feb. 26-March 5. These town ; and the Maurice Hudon Memorial
world University Games, held for the Slalom, Feb. 27 at Old Forge. A Transfirst time in the United States, will in- Am Invitational Cross Country Race is
clude Alpine and Nordic skiing, ski slated for Feb. 29 in Glens Falls.
Bear Mountain ski jumping comjumping, figure and speed skating and
petitions will include: Metropolitan
ice hockey competitions.
Tournament, Feb. 12; Joseph K.
Other ski events scheduled for the McManus Tournament, Feb. 13; Bear
month will be the Willard Mountain Mountain Junior Tournament and 17th
Masters Competition, Feb. 5sand the "Old Timers" Jump,- Feb. 19; and the
Empire Cup Series Race, Feb. 26-27, New York State Junior Ski Jumping and
Willard Mountain, North Easton; the Cross Country Combined ChamNew York State Junior Alpine Team pionships, Feb. 20.
Snowmobile championship races on
Giant Slalom Races, Feb. 12-13, and the
Bristol-Genesee Brewmeisters Race, the February calendar will be the North
lS-20, Bristol
Mountain, Country Championships, Tupper Lake,
Feb. 5-6; New York State Championships, Boonville, Feb. 11-13; and
Can-Am International Championship at
Waddington, Feb. 26-27. Other races will
be held at Watertown, Feb. 6,13 and 27;
Carlton, Feb. 13; East Jewett, Feb. 1920; and Three Mile Bay, Feb. 20 and 27.
A Snowmobile Rally is set for Clayton,
Feb. 19-20.
September of 1970, originally proved a
Winter carnivals will be held at
rather anemic vehicle, beset at the Malone, Feb. 3-6; Lake Placid, Feb. 4-5;
outset by blockbuster old movies as Clayton, Feb 5; Greenville, Feb. 3-6;
competition from a rival network. Worst Potsdam Feb. 11-13; Saranac Lake (75th
of all, from J:he standpoint of the per- annual), Feb. 11-13; Alexandria Bay,
formers, it was shot in a film studio, Feb. 12-13; Tri-Town (Winthrop,
after which a laugh track was added to Brasher Falls, North Lawrence), Feb.
the sound.
17-20; Johnstown, Feb. 18-20; Cohocton,
"I believe that the improvement is due Feb. 19-20; and Sehroon Lake, Feb. 25almost entirely to the removal of the 27. Lake George's carnival will be every
fake laugh track," Randall said, hap- weekend in February, with sports car
pily. "This year we are taping it before and four-wheel drive races on ice,
an audience, using three cameras, and snowmobile rally and a golf tournament
we play it straight through. We have five on ice. A Winter Festival Ball is
days of rehearsal so we can work over scheduled in Whitehall, Feb. 19, and a
the scripts—so it has meant better Golf on Ice Tournament in Clayton, Feb.
scripts. Some weeks the script goes 6.
through three complete rewrites."
For the winter angler, there are ice
Randall was born and grew up in fishing contests at Sackets Harbor, Feb.
Tulsa, Okla., son of an art dealer. He 5-6.; Cape Vincent, Feb. 19-20;
attended Northwestern University, Alexandria Bay, Feb. 26-27; and Eldred
majored in -speech and drama, and throughout the entire month.
followed up with courses at Columbia
"Ice Time '72" will take place in Lake
University and studied under Sanford Placid Feb. 19 and the Lake Placid
Meisner. He made his Broadway debut Invitational Speed Skating Cham30 years ago, but his acting career was pionships, Feb. 12-13.
interrupted by Army service.
Indoor track events will include the
"But in terms of my , career, Knights of Columbus Meet, Feb. 4;
everything started with 'Mr. Peepers'," Olympic Invitational, Feb. 18; and the
Randall said, referring to the series that National AAU Championships, Feb. 25,
ran between 1952 and 1955 and starred all at Madison Square Garden in New
Wally Cox. Randall played an incredibly York City. The 25th Annual Heptagonal
Games, Indoor Track and Field
.square gym teacher.
Championships will be decided at
Cornell University, Ithaca, Feb. 26.
There will be a boat show Feb. 2-6 in
Syracuse, and another in Binghamton,
Feb. 25-28. A camping and trailer show
will be a Rochester event Feb. 24-27.
Museums and theaters offer continuous enjoyment for visitors. Among
many special events at New York art
galleries are "Picasso in the Collection
ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) —Drilling for oil of the Museum and Promised Gifts,"
and gas would be forbidden along the Feb. 3-May l, and "Matisse Sculpture,"
Long Island shore under terms of a bill Feb. 22-May 29, both at the Museum of
introduced by six Republican
Modern Art at New York City. At
lawmakers from Long Island.
Roberson Center for the Arts and
in Binghamton, the 12th Annual
The measure was prepared by Atty.
Gen. Louis J. Lefkowitz, who said in a Scholastic Art Awards exhibition will be
statement: "The damage wrought by oil Feb. 13-March 5, and paintings by
spillage is so severe, and the injury to Henry Wolcott Bass, 19th-century artist,
beaches, fisheries, shellfish and harbors will be shown Feb. 27-April 30.
so, that oil and gas drilling have no
place in the waters off New 'York City Orchestra will perform at Linton High
School, Feb. 4; and "Coppelen" will be
and Long Island."
staged by the National Ballet of
The bill would follow the rec- Washington in Middletown, Feb. 13.
ommendation of Environmental Conservation Commissioner Henry L.
Diamond, who asked that the burden of
proof be upon the polluters, not on the
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Crosby of
public suffering from the pollution.
Morristown are the parents of a son,
Mark Allen, eight pounds, 11 ounces,
The bill would ban drilling and make born Jan. 21 in the E. J. Noble Hospital
those responsible for oil spills liable for at Alexandria Bay.
any damage they cause. The state would
be authorized to seize any boat, barge or
Scott Mace, seven-year-old son of Mr.
drilling rig owned by a company or and Mrs. Larry Mace of Morristown, is a
individual who violates the law.
patient at the House of the Good
The bill was introduced by Sens. Samaritan, Watertown, in the children's
Ralph Narino, Leon Giuffreda, Norman department, where he was admitted
Levy and George Murphy and Jan. 14. Scott, a second grade student at
Assemblymen Joseph Margiotta and Morristown Central School, would like to
Peter Costigan.
hear from his friends. He expects to
Drilling operations already are remain in the hospital for another two
banned in Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. weeks.
Tony Randall: Where
Does The Actor Begin?
NEW YORK (AP) — Tony Randall,
half of ABC's "The Odd Couple," was a
guest on Johnny Carson's late evening
show recently and launched into a
complicated anecdote obviously leading
to a snapper ending. Carson lit a
cigarette as the story came to its
Randall, moving into his punch line,
exploded, "I can't stand smoking!"
Without pause, he wrapped up the story—with its point completely diluted.
The truth is there's a heap of the TV
character of Felix inside Tony. That is
the fussbudget and wildly hypochrondrical divorced man sharing an apartment with Oscar, a freewheeling slob,
also divorced in the series.
Tony watches his own food closely. He
exercises faithfully. He was recently
troubled by a touch of bursitis in his
arm— and was sporting a pure copper
bracelet, an amulet to ward off arthritis,
in particular.
The casting of Randall and Jack
Elugman as TV's "Odd Couple" seems,
in retrospect, to have been sheer inspiration, now that the series is comfortably established in Nielsen's top 30 or 40
"The truth is that ABC ran it up a
flagpole and tried casting ideas out on
some front porches," Randall said.
"The network signed the adaptation of
Neil Simon's play and then its research
department got together a list of
couples—you know, 'Would you like to
see Gary Grant and Ernest Borgnine or
Rock Hudson and Buddy Hackett in the
show?' Actually, they stuck to people
who had some relationship to the play.
Both Klugman and I had played in 'The
Odd Couple.' Anyway, we were elected."
The series, which made its debut in
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