Pray for St. Patrick Center & our clients
♣ It’s FREE! Please pray that we may continue our mission to help our clients achieve self-sufficiency and success, and end chronic
homelessness. We believe the miracles we witness at our agency are spiritually boosted by our network of faithful individuals and prayer.
Make a financial donation
♣ Make a donation of any amount to St. Patrick Center.
♣ Shop online at sites that give a portion of your purchases to St. Patrick Center.
Hold a fundraiser
♣ Hold a performance or tournament and charge admission with all proceeds benefitting St. Patrick Center.
♣ Organize a Pot O’ Gold Kettle Drive in March and have your friends and family volunteer to help you.
♣ Make St. Patrick Center the beneficiary of your existing fundraiser.
♣ Join the Key Player Initiative by organizing a creative fundraiser that supports St. Patrick Center’s housing program.
Donate in-kind goods & services
♣ Print St. Patrick Center’s current in-kind wish list at
♣ Donate gently used clothing & coats to St. Patrick Center.
♣ Donate new socks & underwear to St. Patrick Center.
♣ Donate a backpack full of school supplies to St. Patrick Center’s Back-to-School backpack giveaway.
♣ Donate gently used toys & books to St. Patrick Center’s Child Drop-In Center.
Volunteer at St. Patrick Center
♣ Volunteer to sort & distribute back-to-school backpacks for the children of our clients in August.
♣ Volunteer to serve lunch to the hungry any day of the week.
♣ Volunteer to sort clothing and food donations for a few hours on a weekday.
♣ Volunteer to supervise the children of our clients at St. Patrick Center’s Child Drop-In Center.
Cook meals & desserts
♣ Make sandwiches or bake desserts for clients of our Alumni Club, Rosati House, Shamrock Club & Women’s Night Program.
Do a school service project
♣ Choose to fulfill your student community service requirements at St. Patrick Center.
♣ Have your middle or high school class attend our “A Hand Up” presentation to learn about
a client’s experience at St. Patrick Center. Ask about our pre-scheduled dates.
♣ Have your high school class attend St. Patrick Center’s Leadership Training Day.
The more you know about homelessness… the easier it is to KICK it!
Spread the word
♣ Tell your family and friends about the mission of St. Patrick Center and our goal to end chronic homelessness by 2015.
♣ Tell your family and friends to make a financial or in-kind gift to St. Patrick Center.
♣ Tell your school to make a financial or in-kind gift to St. Patrick Center.
♣ Tell your family and friends to volunteer their time and talents to St. Patrick Center.
♣ Tell your family and friends to visit the St. Patrick Center website:
♣ Write an article about St. Patrick Center & its mission in your school paper.
♣ Invite someone from St. Patrick Center to speak at your school.
♣ Tell us about your St. Patrick Center experience in writing so we may share it with others.
St. Patrick Center is the largest provider of homeless services in Missouri with more than 20 programs, assisting more than 9,000
persons annually who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. St. Patrick Center helps individuals and families move from
homelessness to independence in a measurable, cost-effective manner.
Casserole Program; Mobile Outreach; Neighborhood Support; Client Intake, Assessment & Tracking Program; Child Drop-In Center;
Partnership Center Healthcare Wing; Shamrock Day Program; Shamrock Alumni Club; Substance Abuse Treatment Program; Women’s
Night Program; ABE/GED; Independent Living Skills; Job Skills Training; Homeless Employment Program; McMurphy’s Grill; Project
REACH; Transportation Assistance Program; Veterans Employment Program; Assertive Community Treatment; Housing Support
Program; Project Protect; Project BEGIN; Rosati Apartments; Rosati Group Home.
Birthright Counseling, St. Louis; BJC Behavioral Health; Catholic Charities Housing Resource Center; Criminal Justice Ministryof Society of
St. Vincent de Paul; Gateway Greening City Seeds Urban Farm; Grace Hill Health Services; Greater St. Louis Dental Society; Logan
Chiropractic Clinic; Missouri Career Works LVER/DVOP; Missouri Department of Corrections; St. Louis Community College; St. Louis
Public Schools ABE/GED
In FY08, St. Patrick Center placed 621 clients and their dependent children into permanent housing. We placed 746 clients into fulltime and part-time jobs. We provided services to 3,788 clients dealing with mental illness and/or substance abuse.
The Key Player Initiative has been awarded Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy by the St. Louis chapter of the Association of
Fundraising Professionals. The community-wide effort by Catholic Charities and St. Patrick Center opens doors and changes live by
raising needed resources for permanent, supportive housing. In April, Archdiocese of St. Louis Catholic Schools announced that they
raised an incredible $221,000 during the 2007-2008 school year.
In August 2008, St. Patrick Center collected and distributed more than 2,000 donated backpacks full of school supplies. Parishioners
at 31 Catholic parishes donated backpacks with supplies, as well as employees at seven area businesses.
The 24th Annual St. Patrick’s Irish Open dinner auction in May and golf tournament in June raised $750,000 in revenue and
contributed goods and services for St. Patrick Center. In a May golf tournament, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage raised $135,000 for St.
Patrick Center, bringing their five-year total to $1.1 million.
For more information about donating, contact Jan Rasmussen at 314-802.0683 or [email protected]
For more information about youth volunteer opportunities, contact Kim Zamastil at 314-802.0681 or [email protected]
For more information about tours and speakers, contact Kelly Peach at 314-802-0687 or [email protected]
Updated 12.30.08