Easy Bib How-To Step 1—Register an account

Easy Bib How-To
Tool: www.easybib.com
What is it? A free, web-based bibliography generator. You enter the information for the sources you collect and it will
generate a bibliography for you.
Step 1—Register an account
Create an account by
entering your email
address or link the account
to any of the services
listed on the left.
Step 2—Open an existing project or create a new project,
Create a new project to start a new
list of resources or open an existing
project. You can also view and edit
projects that others have shared
with you.
Click on “share” next to the project you
would like to send to your group. Type in
their email addresses; be sure to use the
email address they used to create an
account. Select all three boxes so they can
view, edit, and comment.
Easy Bib How-To
Step 3—Add sources to your bibliography
Click on the “Bibliography” tab to begin.
Make sure you select the subtab for the
type of source you are entering (website,
book, etc)
Select the source type and then enter all of
the information you can gather from your
source. Be sure to check spelling and
capitalization. Hint—when you are in a
database source, look for a citation tab or
link. This should provide you with all the
information you will need.
Step 4—Print your bibliography
You can save to a Google Doc so that you
can access it from anywhere or save and
print as a Word Doc. The website will
format your bibliography for you, including
the order the sources should appear. Make
sure you check your teacher’s specifications
for the Bibliography and project (font, size,
Easy Bib How-To
Smart Phone App—free in the App store for most devices.
Scan the ISBN barcode
on the back of the book
or search for the book
by entering its title and
Choose the citation style,
tap the citation to put a
check mark and add it to
the list or email the single
Open the email and click on
“Save to EasyBib.” Log-in
through the link and open the
project to save it to.