How to get involved— ANNUAL REPORT Promoting a Vibrant Future

How to get involved—
• Join us for the Health and Community Resource Fair on
May 3, 2014
Promoting a Vibrant Future
• Host a house party and invite friends to learn
more about SGHW
• Become a Community Sustainer or
Community Investor with a monthly or
multi-year pledge
• Become involved and volunteer
• Participate in the Raw Deal Run
Community Fundraiser
“ H av i n g S G H W a s o u r f i s c a l
u s. ”
sponsor . . . is a win-win
Post Office Box 517
116 West Second Ave.
Big Timber, MT 59011
er All
(406) 932 3090
o n , S w e e t G ra s s C a n c
Designed by:
– Linda Lars
What impact have you made by
supporting Sweet Grass Health & Wellness?
Community Challengers
Campaign Donors*
Anonymous (3)
Big Timber Ace Hardware
The McKnight Ranch
Jay & Kristine Vallandingham
Anonymous (5)
Cookie Agnew
Clayr and Betty Alexander
Robert and Yvonne Armstrong
Leonard Baluski
Carrie Bice
Gordon and Bev Boyd
Kris Bridge
BTL Endowment Fund
Crazy Mountain Chiropractic
Jake and Pat Dews
Courtney Elgen
Jim and Shirley Esp
Buzz Finn
Jacki Franklin
John and Cathe Giesecke
Joseph and Joan Hansen
Homestead B & B
Ronald and Phyllis Jarrett
Elaine Johnson
Wick Krieg and Cheryl Christman
Bronc Maloney
McLeod Resort
Tina Mundy
John and Peggy Munis
Newton Family Fund
Claire (Deede) Phillips
Ron and Judy Riter
Ken and Lesa Stockwell
Alice Tyler
Jonathon and Joan VanDaveer
George Wanlass and Karen Carson
Mark and Kathy Wilkins
Friends of the Match Fund
Welcome to the 2013 Annual Report for the community.
Thank you for taking the time to read about Sweet Grass
Health and Wellness’ accomplishments this past year.
In 2013 . . .
Our Raw Deal Run Community Fundraising Campaign:
• Raised more than $74,000 to benefit 18 local organizations and programs
• Encouraged community-wide fundraising efforts
• Optimized donor dollars with the Community Challenge Match Fund, which allows funds
raised by organizations during the campaign to be matched by funds raised in the
Match Fund
s p na
ro g e d
c t $1
n 2 36,5
01 82
• Promoted the community of Big Timber by bringing in over 200
participants from across the state
HW r it
S fo
Our Fiscal Sponsorship Program:
• Provided a total of 10 projects the capacity to pursue their mission and
provide services to the community of Big Timber
• Awarded funds to a young local musician to purchase a new tuba through Big
Timber Creative Arts
• Provided 5 families with support through Sweet Grass Cancer Alliance
• Recycled over 15,000 pounds of electronics at no cost to the residents of Big Timber through
Sweet Grass Recycle
American Bank
B Bar Ranch
Peter Becken
Mike and Carol Bertolino
Doug Brekke
Greg and Dawn Curry
Roger and Lila Diemert
Bill and Betsy Donald
Doric Lodge/ Masons
Russ and Eileen Ewan
Joseph and Joan Hansen
Skip and Meg Herman
Tucker and Charlotte Johnson
Walter and Eunice Kirkpatrick
Laurie Parrent
Stillwater Mining Company
The Raw Deal Run
Community Fundraiser
is an efficient and
effective way to
celebrate a collaborative
and communitywide effort toward
philanthropic giving.
*Please note: This only includes
donors to SGHW through the
Raw Deal Run Community Fundraiser.
The whole thing was
just fabulous. We all
did so well!
— Nancy Snyder
Friends of the Library
In 2013, Sweet Grass Health & Wellness
provided a nonprofit home and
back office for ten projects.
Active 4 Life
Big Timber After School Club
Big Timber Creative Arts
Big Timber Soccer Club
The Community Thrift Shoppe
Crazy Mountain Wrestling Club
Mini Movers
Sweet Grass Cancer Alliance
SGHS Partners in Education
Sweet Grass Recycle
HOW we spent to
meet our mission 2013
Individual/Small Business
Fees for
• More than 300 community members attended
• Increased access to preventive health screenings such as blood draws, skin cancer screenings
and hearing tests
• Encouraged bike safety, giving away 42 youth bike helmets
Gifts Inkind
Project Income 2013
Fees for
Our Health and Community Resource Fair:
6 3 1 p e o p l e a t te n d e d S G H W e n t s.
d ev
p ro gra m s a n
Small Business
and Projects
Local Government
We want you to be confident that your investment
in us is put to good use. That is why we carry
out our work with a deep commitment to
accountability and transparency. If you have any
questions about how we operate and how we use
your donations, please contact us.
• Promoted the well-being of our community
Working with SGHW
is a great experience.
We enjoy working
with a group that
supports not only
our program, but the
community we live
and work in!
—Jennifer Tulley
Big Timber After School Club
Our Other Efforts:
• Subsidized the rent and utilities for the Community Thrift Shoppe,
allowing them to donate their proceeds to Hearts and Hands
Hospice, Big Timber Community Food Bank, and the Senior Pantry
• Administered Connect*Network*Learn training opportunities for local
non-profits and community members.
Thank you to the 96 volunteers who assisted
with our programs and events in 2013!
A Community of Support
190 donors contributed to SGHW and 70 businesses sponsored
SGHW programs and events in 2013.
SGHW is grateful for the gifts received in 2013 from the following generous donors.
Community Investor
Community Leader
Community Friend
Mimi Cremer
Paula Curtin
Bill and Betsy Donald
Mark and Bonnie Josephson
Lily Kinross-Wright
Ursula Ostneberg
Jonathon and Joan VanDaveer
Jeffery and Victoria WilsonCharles
Thomas and Meredith Brokaw
Roger and Shirley Christman
Ed and Nancy Clement
George Frank
Barry and Eleanor Hall
Joseph and Joan Hansen
Sally Indreland
George and Susan Matelich
Anonymous (4)
Jim and Alex Amonette
David and Mary Anderson
Leonard Baluski
Charles and Alice Bassett
Marcella Bernethy
Dennis Birchell and Alecia
Bob and Donia Bovee
Katie Bovee
Bobbi Carriker
Rocco and Annie Carroccia
Jake and Pat Dews
Ruth Drange
John and Stoney Esp
Jim and Bobbie Fellows
Buzz Finn
Brian and Mary Ann Finnan
Dan and Beth Groshens
Linda Halstead-Acharya
Gerald and Jan Hauge
Jack Hines and Jessica Zemsky
Steve and Linda Johnson
Gudrun Kelly
Walter and Eunice Kirkpatrick
Shirley Layne
Jeff and Theresa Lewis
Little Blue House
Brandi Melo
Lynn and Carol Morris
Tina Mundy
Patricia Myers
Alycia Nathe
Ruth O’Sullivan
Megan O’Toole
John and Diane Ronneberg
Jim and Alta Scholten
Butch and Joan Schwers
Sigrid Smith
Maxine Tronrud
Tumblewood Teas
Kim and Ann Tyler
Sox Ullman
Henry and Lorraine Valgamore
Holly and Wes Wagenaar
Erik J Wood
Millie Woolley
Active 4 Life
Acupuncture Healing Center,
American Legion Post #19
Big Timber Carnegie Library
Big Timber Civic Center
Big Timber Grade School
Big Timber Lutheran Church
Bill’s Place
Dave and Sherry Bjorndal
Blake Nursery
Boulder Valley Baptist Church
Community Thrift Shoppe
Crazy Crust
DoTerra Essential Oils
Courtney Elgen
Evangelical Church
Eye Care Professionals
First Congregational United
Church of Christ
Freedom Reigns, LLC
Frosty Freez
Holly Glaze
Gusts of Big Timber
Whitney Harris
Haugan’s Electric
Cathy Henry
Daryl and Chris Hodges
Community Sustainer
Alex Blake
Ethel Chapel
Pam DiMercurio
Mary Jo Engle
Lynn and Judy Hunt
Wick Krieg and Cheryl
Shirley MacNamara
Alycia Nathe
Mark Norem Real Estate
and Livestock
Andy and Kendra McDonnell
Ruth O’Sullivan
Peggy Owens
Cindy Webber
Suzanne Wilson
Community Benefactor
David Noll
Claire (Deede) Phillips
Sam and Robin Phares
Community Patron
Steve and Jeane Aller
Terry and Jill Baird
Bob and Susan Burch
Elise Donohue
David Grusin and Nan Newton
Heaney Family Fund
Jim and Toni Lusk
Tom and Laurie McGuane
Walt and Kathy Snodell
Community Supporter
Mike and Carol Bertolino
Francis and Sandi Blake
Cayuse Livestock Company
Roger and Lila Diemert
Wyatt and Stacy Donald
Mary Ann Duffey
Linda Ellis
Keith and Marie Engle
Warren and Riza Gilpin
Ben Green
Jane Hallquist
Paul and Ellie Hawks
Jon and Mary Heinemann
John and Kathryn Heminway
Ralph Holman
Kathy Jones
Diane Kamp
Phyllis Kemph
William and Michele Kotowicz
Philip and Cindy Land
Dave and Emily Larson
Lisa Mason
Lauren McMullen
Geneva Price
Tom and Betty Roe
Margaret R Rosenberry
Rodger and Sue Schlickeisen
Janet Schroeder
Jason and Kristin Schwers
Chad and Corry Seitz
Farwell Smith and Linda
Spring Creek Campground
Dale and Barb Teachout
The Fort
Alice Tyler
Jay and Kristine Vallandingham
Dale and Margaret Vermillion
Mark and Kathy Wilkins
Iron Star Pizza Co.
Johnny’s Java
Josephson Law Firm
Julia Turner Nutrition
Kitchen Band
Monte Koch
Wick Krieg and Cheryl
Ashley Laubach
Little Timber Preschool
Brad McCann
McLeod Resort
Norwex Cleaning Products
Obvious Advertising
Oie Motor Company
Overland Golf Course
Laurie Parrent
REI Bozeman
Alexandra Sees
Shear Chaos
St. Joseph’s Catholic Church
Sweet Grass Co. Right to Life
Sweet Grass Co. Chamber of
Dale and Barb Teachout
The Grand Hotel
Thirsty Turtle Tavern and Grill
Heather Thomasson
Timber Bar
Timber Trails
Rod Tochihara
Triangle Communications
Tumblewood Teas
Suzanne Wilson
Program/Event Sponsor
American Bank
B Bar Ranch
Big Timber Ace Hardware
Big Timber Glass
Big Timber Meats
Billings Clinic
Bill’s Place
Blake Nursery
Brewer Dental Center
Jan Brown
Dr. Kent Brown
Dr. Robert Bryan
Cayuse Livestock Company
Citizens Bank & Trust Co.
Color Shop
Crazy Mountain Chiropractic
Crazy Mountain Museum
Crazy Mountain Stockgrowers
Dean Hendrickson Insurance
Bill and Betsy Donald
Duff Norton Air Motor Jack
Frosty Freez
Gusts of Big Timber
Halverson Ranch
Philip and Mary Hathaway
Hearts and Hands Hospice
Holmes and Turner CPAs
Indreland Ranch
Julia Turner Nutrition
Laverell’s Septic and Portables
Lazy J Motel
Little Timber Quilts and Candy
Montana Cowboy Hall of
Montana Timing Systems
Mark Norem Real Estate and
McLeod Resort
Michael Douglas Ranch
Northwestern Energy
Obvious Advertising
Pioneer Meats
Pioneer Medical Center
RC Auto Body
Republic Services of MT
SK Ranch/Knoll Red Angus
JK Schwers Ranch
Sonny Todd Real Estate
South Central Montana
Regional Mental Health
St Vincent Healthcare Outreach
Stenberg Funeral Home
Stephens Auto Supply
Stillwater Mining Company
Sweet Grass County
Environmental Health
Sweet Grass Health Care
T. Baird Construction
The Firehouse
The Fort
The Grand Hotel
The Land Brokers Real Estate
The Raw Deal Ranch
Thirsty Turtle Tavern and Grill
Tom Roe and Son Construction
Town Pump Charitable
Triangle Communications
Ullman Lumber Co
Cindy Webber
Yellowstone Country Motors
Yellowstone Feed
In Honor of
Jeane Aller
John and Kathryn
Ethel Chapel
Linda Ellis
Cheryl Christman
Jay and Kristine
Charles and Jerilyn Estep
Lynn and Judy Hunt
Sam and Robin Phares
Margaret Rosenberry
Suzanne Wilson
Alycia Nathe
In Memory of
Bill Bernethy
Marcella Bernethy
Edith Engle
Keith and Marie Engle
Roger Engle
Keith and Marie Engle
Wright and Hazel Ewan
Russ and Eileen Ewan
Sonny Faw
Ruth Drange
Bizz Green
Rodger and Sue
Abigail Hansen
Joseph and Joan
Frank McKnight
McKnight Ranch
Bob Woolley
Millie Woolley
We are truly grateful for each
donation. Every attempt is
made to report with accuracy,
but errors may occur. We
apologize for any misspellings
or omissions. Space limitations
do not allow us to list gifts
received for our projects. Please
contact us with any corrections.