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How to register with MeinVodafone:
MeinMobilfunk and MeinDSL & Festnetz
now at
First register with MeinVodafone at www.vodafone.de/meinvodafone to call up your bill online.
This InfoDok tells you step by step how to do this.
But MeinVodafone can do much more than that! MeinVodafone comprises a large number of personal online
services around your mobile telephony, DSL, LTE Zuhause or Festnetz (landline) tariff which are available to you
at www.vodafone.de/meinvodafone.
As a mobile telephony customer you can do all the following over the Internet very simply and easily:
Edit your customer details.
Book or terminate Vodafone services.
View your bill online.
Change your tariff.
Read and write emails.
Send text messages.
As a DSL, LTE Zuhause and Festnetz (DSL and landline) customer you can do all the following over the
Internet very simply and easily:
Define many settings to your access yourself.
Use the latest tariff offers and order interesting options.
Edit your customer details or send instructions about moving house.
Search for information on our comprehensive help pages and use our extensive help portal in case you have
Have fun with MeinVodafone and Vodafone's other services!
Your Vodafone Customer Service
Tip: You can configure many things yourself with MeinVodafone: e.g. change your address or check your account
status – it's so easy, quick and free of charge. Just go to www.vodafone.de/meinvodafone. By the way, you also
have direct access to MeinVodafone on your mobile phone. Send a text message containing the text "Service“ to
12456 (this is free of charge in the German Vodafone network). For more information, see InfoDok 198en.
This translation is for convenience only, in case of any (potential) inconsistency between this translation and the original German version,
the German version shall prevail.
Vodafone GmbH • Customer Service • 40875 Ratingen
Call from the German Vodafone mobile phone network on 1212, or from other German networks on
0800/1721212. CallYa customers can dial from the German
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Version: May 2012 Vodafone mobile phone network on 0172/229 0 229 (internal network price).
Vodafone InfoDok
How to register with MeinVodafone
The instructions below describe how to register with MeinVodafone. When you register, first define your login
data for MeinVodafone and then add your contract.
Step 1: Start registration
Go to www.vodafone.de/meinvodafone, select Anmelden bei MeinVodafone (Register with MeinVodafone)
and click on Jetzt registrieren (Register now).
Step 2: Define Login data
Before you can log in to MeinVodafone, first define a user name and an Internet password. Repeat the password in
the next input box.
To obtain a personal welcome to MeinVodafone, enter your first name and surname. Then enter a contact
telephone number and an email address. A temporary Internet password is sent to this email address if you ever
forget your password. You can change the email address at any time on your MeinVodafone start page under
Meine Benutzerdaten (My Userdata).
Your agreement with the data privacy conditions is optional. Then enter the displayed security code and click on
Registrieren (Register).
Version: May 2012
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Vodafone InfoDok
Step 3: Select contract type
Now add your Vodafone contract to your MeinVodafone account. This allows you to call up your bill online in
MeinVodafone and access all the other online services covered by your Vodafone contract. If you have several
Vodafone contracts, you can add them here.
First choose whether you want to add a mobile telephony or a DSL contract.
Version: May 2012
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Vodafone InfoDok
• If you use the Surf-Sofort-Paket UMTS (Surf Immediately Packet UMTS) or LTE Zuhause Internet S (LTE Home
Internet S), select “Mobilfunk“ (Mobile telephony) here.
• If you use an LTE Zuhause Internet or LTE Zuhause Telefon & Internet access, select “DSL”.
Step 4: Add mobile telephony contract
If you choose Mobilfunk-Vertrag hinzufügen (Add mobile telephony contract), enter your customer number or
your mobile phone number and then your customer password or your user password. Then click on Vertrag
hinzufügen (Add contract).
Continue reading from Step 6.
Note: If you want to view your mobile telephony bill in MeinVodafone, enter your Kunden-Nummer (Customer
number) and your customer password.
Version: May 2012
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Step 5: Add DSL contract
If you choose DSL-Vertrag hinzufügen (Add DSL contract), enter the online registration code in the input boxes
and click on Weiteren Vertrag hinzufügen (Add another contract). We sent you your online registration code in
a letter containing the access details.
Give the contract a name to make a better distinction between your contracts. You can then edit or delete
contract names at any time. Click on Weiter (continue).
Step 6: End of registration
Your contract was added to contract management. This ends the registration procedure with MeinVodafone.
To view your contracts, click on Zur Vertragsverwaltung (To contract management).
Version: May 2012
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Vodafone InfoDok
Step 7: View your contracts
In contract management, you can manage your contracts online and, for example, add other existing contracts to
Forgotten your Internet password?
If you ever forget your Internet password, you can define a new one. Simply go to
www.vodafone.de/meinvodafone and click there on Kennwort vergessen (Forgotten password).
Version: May 2012
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