Evolving BDC Management Strategies: How to Keep Pace With the Changes

Evolving BDC Management Strategies:
How to Keep Pace With the Changes
& Make the New Pieces Fit!
Stan Sher, President of Dealer eTraining
Moderated by
Mike Bowers, Executive Editor of DealersEdge
Stan Sher, President of Dealer eTraining
Founder of Dealer eTraining, the ultimate automotive internet sales and business
development training and consulting company. Over 10 years industry experience.
Always learning, evolving, and teaching.
Work History
Owner, Dealer eTraining (2010 - Present)
National Internet Director, Dealer Synergy (2010)
Internet Director, Teddy Nissan (2009 - 2010)
Director of Business Development, RedNumbat (2007 - 2009)
Internet Director, Joyce Honda (2007 - 2009)
Internet Sales Manager, Courtesy Honda (2005 - 2006)
Sales Consultant, DCH Academy Honda (2003 - 2005)
Career Highlights
Speaker - Internet Battle Plan 12 (January 2013)
Speaker - AutoCon 2012 (September 2012)
Speaker - Innovative Dealer Summit (March 2011)
Speaker - Digital Marketing Strategies Conference (February 2013)
Speaker - Internet Sales 20 Group (October 2012)
Speaker / Trainer - Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association (2012 - Present)
Speaker / Trainer - NJCar (2012)
Evolving BDC Management Strategies:
How to Keep Pace With the Changes &
Make the New Pieces Fit!
Stan Sher
• Understanding the BDC (Guest Relations Center)
• Why BDC Departments Fail and How to avoid the failure
• Discuss BDC processes dealers need today
• Effectively measure your results
• Set up an action plan to stay current
Who is Stan Sher?
• 10 years automotive industry experience (Sales, Sales Management, eCommerce
and BDC Director)
• 2007: Single point Honda dealer from 25 to 70+ /mo at $2,000/copy (Internet
Department Alone) *15% Closing Ratio
• 2009-10: Single point Nissan dealer in suppressed market from open to 90+
units/mo (BDC Alone) at $2,700+/copy
• Dealer Association Speaker GNYADA/NJCar/NHADA
• Writer for numerous industry publications
Understand The BDC
• Marketing department to drive opportunities
• Increase productivity (phone, email, social)
• Sole responsibility: Take marketing opportunities and
convert into quality showroom/service traffic
• Follow processes to create and retain business using proper
follow up
Why BDC Departments Fail
• Dealer/Upper Management do not buy in to support
• Middle management politics – Finger pointing
• No real action plan for success
• False expectations = No accountability
Why BDC Departments Fail
• No Patience
• Management refuses to adjust
• It takes 4-6 months to start to see real ROI
• Lack of training
Average Dealership Scenario
Average Dealership Sales = 100 Cars/Mo
2 Sales Managers
1-2 Finance Managers
10 Sales Consultants
Total Gross Profit Per Unit: $2000
Total Gross: $200,000
BDC Setup
-Varies (sales volume, demographics, product,
management, budget)
-Goals: Follow proper processes utilizing phone
calls and emails to generate more traffic into
the showroom.
BDC Setup
Importance of Process
BDC Process
• Internet Lead Management (150-180 days)
• Incoming Phone Calls (90-120 days)
• Unsold Showroom Follow Up (5-15 days)
• Lease Maturity / Retention (9 Months)
• Equity/Service Opportunities (Varies)
What does an effective process
look like?
How to measure results
How to measure results
• Setup proper CRM reporting
• Make sure dealership uses CRM properly at all times…NO
• Monitor communications with prospects and all CRM notes
• Create benchmarks by using data provided by vendors, lead
providers, and OEM
What to measure
• Analytics (Google, CRM, Vendor Reports, Budgets, etc)
• Internet Lead Quantity: Appointment Set -> Appointment
Show -> Appointment Sold
• Incoming Calls: Appointment Set -> Appointment Show ->
Appointment Sold
What to measure
• Retention/Data Mining: Opportunities Contacted ->
Appointment Set -> Appointment Show ->
• Appointment Sold CRM Process Improvement (adjustment)
• Call Monitoring / Phone Training
What to measure
• Create custom processes for monthly advertising plan to
include new phone scripts and email templates
(digital/traditional marketing)
• Sourcing in the showroom
• Sales Management
Setup Action Plan – Stay Current
• Continue to educate yourself
• Sales/BDC ongoing training
• Network with other professionals and
learn from each other
Setup Action Plan – Stay Current
• Attend industry conferences
• Be compliant with OEM guidelines
and think outside the box to
brand the dealership
• Think outside the box
Setup Action Plan – Stay Current
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