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Copyright 2007 (c)
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The information contained in this report and on
the website is for
informational purposes only. No part of the
knowledge you have learned is intended to be
taken as legal, business or investment advice.
We recommend consulting a competent legal
counsel or a professional accountant before making
any general investment decisions
No part of this report or the information contained on the website
may be reproduced electronically or printed without the express and
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Thank you for joining PLEASE READ THIS FIRST
This instruction manual is designed to give you the knowledge tools and skills to start
earning money over the internet in the next few hours. You won’t need a website
although in time you will want to get your own on line presence.
This is not gambling and your earnings are a mathematical certainty. When you
understand everything I am about to show you, there may be a gestation period where
the information needs to sink in but you can just as easily follow my instructions blindly
and get a result nevertheless in the next hour.
This report comes in three parts to make it simple for you to absorb the concepts.
PART1In the first section, I am going to introduce you to arbitrage. You may or may not have
heard of the word but I know 99.9999 percent of the population of the planet simply
don’t understand arbitrage, much less use it to effectively compound their money.
The term arbitrage is mainly used in the forex market (foreign exchange market) an
arbitrageur buys a dollar in one country and sells it for $1.10 in another country in a
split second. Timing is crucial. In this way, an arbitrage deal is not a “Bet” on a future
fluctuation of a currency, but rather a mathematical certainty.
You see, when the arbitrage deal is set up, he already knows a buyer in the other
country willing to pay $1.10 and probably will be open to paying this price for 5 or 10
minutes more before the news that the price has come down hits. If he had waited he
could have gotten his $1.10 for just a dollar.
The concept of arbitrage is simple. Buying a dollar of value for 90 cents or less and
selling that dollar of value for $1.20 or more.
EasyCorporateMoney is not about the forex market or any other types of betting on
fiscal fluctuations.
But the concept of arbitrage is valid just the same. We are looking to find a dollar value
for 90cents or less and sell it for $1.20 or more... much more.
PART 2This brings us to the WHERE of this equation. In part 2 of this report I am going to
introduce you to a place where literally thousands of companies list their digital
inventory. These corporations are only a part of our system and we use them as a tool.
We really are not concerned what their product is. What matters is our arbitrage
possibilities and our compounding goals.
These corporations are large and small and list all sorts of amazingly useful products
like software applications and information on a thousand different topics that people on
the internet, the consumer, is searching for.
These corporations are so compromised, that they will give away massive chunks of
their profit margins if you will review and give your opinion on their product. Not only
that, but they ask you for not a single cent up front. You will not pay to join the listings
website and you pay nothing to stock their products. Order 1 or order 20 a day and you
still get the same share of the profits. Most offer 50% and many offer 75%
I have tried ebay over the years and considered doing import export and the problem
was always the same. Sourcing product. ANY product. It is hard enough just finding a
manufacturer or wholesaler to sell to you at the right price. Forget being picky about
what you can sell. Often you are stuck with an inferior or unpopular product and then
you have the job of stocking in your garage or spare room. On top of that is the freight
costs and refunds are a killer and a major hassle.
I questioned my sanity after several years dealing with this. The entry costs of ordering
a minimum quantity of widgets was bad enough. But you get damaged stock and a
host of hassles and the profit margins? 15%? 20% that is before you take advertising
I started to realize something. I don't want to deal in widgets. (For me it was leather
jackets) I just want to make a profit as quickly and as cleanly as possible. The day I
made the decision to exit myself from this mess and try something new was the
beginning of the rest of my life.
I realized I wanted to compound money. Plain and simple. That is all I want to do and if
the vehicle to achieve compounding of 10% or 20% per WEEK was a little convoluted,
then so be it.
Contrast that to these corporations that pay up to 75% on a $70 product. This was
amazing when I discovered this. Plus they do the customer support and handle any
problems. All you have to do is take their resources and make money.
They even provide marketing tools and sales materials worth hundreds of thousands of
dollars at your disposal. You are given the keys to the sports car and you get to drive.
PART 3The process is a simple 2 step behavior and as long as you do it exactly the same way,
you should get great results. In part 3 I am going to show you where we execute our
arbitrage deals. We buy inventory at 50cents and convert that 50 cents into $1.20 or
even much more in some cases.
The inventory we buy in this system is words. Specifically key words. Google sells
keywords for varying amounts depending on their bid system. We buy those words and
get clicks from people searching for something specific on the internet. We join the
people searching for the product you have chosen to express your opinion about to the
actual product. In this way we convert our purchase of a keyword into cash.
The best part is of course, once you have bought your keywords and set up a profitable
campaign, it continues to run all by itself with no further input from you. Cash on autopilot.
By reproducing this simple 2 step procedure you are able to leverage your time into a
massive wall of cash.
Don’t worry, I am going to explain everything clearly as we go. I will leave links for you
to visit the website’s you need to join and give you general knowledge on how it all
So, make sure you have some time right now, close the blinds, get your self a cup of
tea or even something a little more stimulating if you do that, sit back, make yourself
comfortable and read the rest of this manual.
ArbitrageA world of Money for the taking
Kings, noblemen. dukes and gentlemen alike through-out the ages, dating back to the
magna charta itself used arbitrage in one form or another to get their money. Arbitrage
is simply a deal that is 100% stacked and a mathematical certainty.
To put it in leyman’s terms, it is a “can’t lose proposition” It usually revolves around
value. Perceived value is different in different places.
For example, Coffee in Brazil with it’s temperate climate is not as valuable because it is
so common, yet in Switzerland, where the cold climate makes coffee production very
rare, the grain itself has much more value. So a 1kg bag of coffee in Brazil costs you
$10.00 but you know for a fact that wholesalers in Switzerland happily pay $20.00 per
1 kg bag, you could call this a perfect arbitrage situation. You simply establish the cost
of freight and apply it to your equation. Now you could apply all the money you can get
your hands on and know for certain that if you spend it buying 1 kg bags of Coffee from
Brazil, you are guaranteed to convert that cash into double minus transport costs if you
sell all the coffee you can afford to buy to Switzerland.
The arbitrage deal is a simple concept. You are not holding a gun to anybodies head,
so it is not robbery or stealing. It is merely a crafty way to make money and of course
most arbitraguers work to compound cash. They don’t work for a living or try to just
make enough to live every year. The cash is re-applied and grown every week not just
per year.
You are uncovering existing circumstances that already were there before you came
along and marrying 2 divergent opinions of price with your opinion in the middle being
the profitable one.
You are not ripping anybody off either. The existing price perceptions were not of your
making so you conned nobody. You simply found one opinion that was very low and
one opinion that was very high and you told neither about there mis-matching opinion
but rather just made an arbitrage transaction. Like finding money on the ground.
But here’s the thing. Traveling to Brazil for any other reason but for sun and fun is not
my idea of something I want to do .The internet has made it much simpler to make
arbitrage deals. Buying and shipping 2 tons of coffee is not my idea of “simple”
If there is anything about an arbitrage deal you want to assure is that it is simple.
The way we are going to use arbitrage is to buy from somebody that has just way too
much of a commodity. They have so much of it and it costs them nothing to get this
commodity (Maybe a little bandwidth cost per month) So they price it real cheap. Their
opinion of this commodity is very low.
That commodity is an inventory of keywords. You see Google has millions of people
using its search engine every day. You may have used it yourself quite regularly. It’s
free to use of course.
What you leave behind as a user of their free service is very valuable to them. You see,
every time you do a search, it means you have a need. This need translates into a
market demographic that people (advertisers) are willing to bid and pay for.
I will explain more thoroughly how Adwords (Googles advertising arm) works, but for
now suffice it to say, we are buying their inventory of keywords really cheap and
converting that investment into a mathematically certain profit by adhering to a few
simple guidelines.
These are the two parties in the continuous arbitrage deal you are going to set up.
Google that value their inventory low and the companies I spoke about that value their
products too low. One who practices arbitrage has initiative. If there is anything a
successful dealer has is initiative. So we are going to take responsibility by marrying
these two parties.
If you have ever looked at timing the stock market or even tried to play systemized
betting you will be familiar with the law of averages.
The law of averages makes sense out of a chaotic situation. Random events happensome good- some bad. IE we lose money or we make money. By using averages as
applied to a clearly defined system of rules, we can measure the value and
effectiveness of that system to produce more good random events, in other words we
make money often enough that it pays for the random times we lose money and make
enough money left over to implement a fairly reliable profit. In this way, once a system
is in place that we can rely on, we can leverage up our stake and even borrow money
to make even more money because we know our system works and is reliable on
This concept outlined above is a form of arbitrage or rather an attempt at arbitrage. The
system is usually a collection of rules that are followed blindly no matter what. By doing
the testing, you can ascertain if the chaotic nature of the random events, like for
example the fluctuation of a share price, is able to be tamed. If on average a certain
catalyst happens that gives you a certain indication that 5 out of 10 times when this
particular event happens, a favorable outcome occurs and we make money, we can
use our knowledge of the average (the 5/10 statement) and take the chance.
Money management is very important too. You must get out and only lose a maximum
of $200 the 5 times on average that you lose. So the 5 times that you win, you must
make at least $201 or more so there is a profit in the equation.
This is a basic run down of how averages are implemented in such unstable
environments as betting on share prices etc. The thing nobody tells these poor souls is
that the environment is cyclical yes but the cycles are as large as 40 years to 100
years. If you base your system testing on the last 4 years of pricing data, your system
really wont work.
Also, I have no evidence nor do I really care for the stock market, but price
manipulation by large money players is always present. This skews the results and the
random events are really not that random, it’s just that you don’t know about them.
As stated earlier, a true arbitrage deal takes advantage of discrepancies in price. The
perceived value is momentarily different and that is where the money is made.
The reason for introducing the above example is to illustrate the very real and powerful
implementation of mathematical averages to tame random and chaotic events out of
your direct control. By doing so you actually do exert control over events that you
cannot hope to influence directly.
By using mathematical averages, we can make decisions about random events that
make us money.
The easycorporatemoney system applies historical mathematical averages to help you
make decisions about your compounding business.
I am about to share with you a very valuable number. This number was hard won and
costed me thousands of dollars to learn. It costed me months of time. Here it is.
To you, this figure may seem mundane. But to me it represents millions of dollars.
You see, that number is the result of millions of visitors looking at hundreds of
companies I have worked with. It is an overall indication of how many visitors you need
to send to a sales page to get paid.
It is a mathematical average. I can tell you from experience, if you send 147 targeted
visitors, looking for a particular product that you have decided to work with. You will get
one sale.
Some campaigns I have done offer me a return of 1/30 visitors. Others offer 1/300 (and
these I tend to drop) But on average based on 2.7 million visitors so far, you will get a
sale every 147 people that you send.
Why is this number valuable?
The number immediately gives you a tentative hold on what you have to do.
It’s this.
To create a simple arbitrage deal, you will need to make sure that the cost of sending
around 147 visitors to a companies sales materials is NOT going to be more than the
commission the company offers you.
For example, lets say you find a company that offers 75% on a product that they have
put $47 on. Minus the cost of accounting fee’s which is around 7.5% plus $1 you
should clear around $32.60 every time you send around 147 visitors
What if you sent 14,700 visitors per day? You would make $3,260 per day minus your
advertising costs on the inventory you purchased. (The Keywords)
So in this very typical example, each keyword must cost you less than 22 cents (USD)
($32.60 your profit divided by 147 visitors)
So now, immediately you have a framework to set up your campaigns with. You know
you will not bid any more than around 10 cents per click or per visitor. This starts to
make things very quick and very simple.
Say for example you find a company that has a product you personally like and their
sales materials are something you feel confident about.
You haven’t yet made the decision to work with them, but you like what you see so far.
All you have to do is go into your Google inventory account (Adwords) and set up a
mock campaign. If you see that all your keywords are priced based on the formula I
just gave you, then you can take it further and represent them. If not, you find
something else! It literally takes minutes to do this!
The reason I chose 10 cents above is because you need a 100% conversion. That is
the least amount of profit I like to work with. Some of my peers work on a 30% profit
margin meaning they would take on the above example at 18 cents or so, but I don’t
believe in wasting time. If I am going to send 1000 visitors per day and put a campaign
together, I want to know my conversion to cash is going to be at least double.
Once you set up a campaign and it proves to be a payer you can sit back and relax.
Just one campaign can bring in $1000 or more per day every day from then on.
Nothing further for you to do! Put together 20 such campaigns and you are literally
going to hit $1 million dollars by the end of the year or more.
Don’t worry if all this went over your head in the first read. A new concept like this may
take a few reads to absorb properly. But also, I will fill in the blanks when I go on to
explain the market place where all these companies reside and further, how Google
Adwords works in the next 2 sections for you.
Right now all I am trying to do is broadly get you to think in terms of arbitrage and
passive cash flow and compounding our income every week.
I have covered passive cash flow and arbitrage, but I haven’t touched on compounding
yet, so lets go over that and then we can proceed to the next section of this Guide
where I take you step by step through the various set up processes.
Compounding is you goal, because you want to get set up financially very quickly. I
would consider your first million as a reasonable goal in my opinion with this system.
I know I said you can set and forget campaigns and never think about them again. And
it is true, these profitable campaigns will literally run on auto pilot without any further
input from you.
However there is a problem with being that lazy. You never get anywhere. You may set
up a few campaigns and earn enough to quit your day job in the next week. And that is
highly possible. IT IS DO-ABLE
But life changing money needs to be made for you to enjoy your new affluence. Don’t
forget there are tax issues depending on what part of the world you live in too.
Therefore I highly suggest you take a compounding strategy. By investing every single
cent of profit to build not just multiple campaigns but a network of campaigns. You can
therefore compound your money at a stunning rate.
If you know how to spend a dollar to make 2, then being in possession of that
knowledge, you would be wise to throw all possible funds at these transactions. These
arbitrage deals done with Google Adwords.
You should apply all profits to growing your campaigns list. Also you should spend a
little to get your own online presence once you get some money in. This is very easy
and I will try and assist you with your own website over the coming weeks.
But for now, keep in mind that you may even want to do this part time and continue
with your job, to pay the bills even if you are making double your jobs income. The
reason why is that you may want to build as many legs as possible as quickly as you
can. Once you get to a point where you have a very nice chunk of money coming in
every day you may consider quitting work so you can apply yourself full time to building
this business.
Before we close this section, let me tell you about my early experience.
Last year, I was struggling. My family and I were doing ok with the income I made
through several different highly labor intensive strategies I was using to make money. I
was working over 100 hours per week filling in orders and dealing with customer
support etc. It is a world away now, but I was on the verge of collapse just to make
$700 per week. I was on the verge of quitting and just getting my old job back or find
something in the same line. The prospect was mind numbing to me. The idea of going
back to work, just to earn the same money. But having a family and responsibilities, I
had to do something.
Not long after realizing that this was inevitable I was tying up some loose ends in my
old business and getting ready to start making those calls to try and arrange job
interviews etc. when I got an email from an old friend I had not heard from in a long
time. Chris is from the U.K. and he had just found something very interesting for me to
look at. He had written about his miraculous financial turn around and wanted me to
take a look because he was delirious with enthusiasm about this new found technique.
I was jaded and convinced there was nothing new under the sun and what ever it was,
it couldn’t be anything I had not heard of before.
Chris wrote a series of books about his amazing experience with Adwords. (Googles
advertising arm)
Well, I did take a look. Remember, I know Chris. He is the most honest and ethical
person I know. I had done business with him many times and his character is
absolutely unflawed. If there was anybody I could trust on his word, it was Chris. The
thing is, he promised some ridiculously amazing things in this course he put together
called “Adwords Miracle” This piqued my curiosity. I mean he was saying all these
things about how he makes so much money. Not just a little, but a lot. Thousands per
day. Something didn’t add up. Either Chris was exaggerating or I had really not “seen it
You can go here to my bookshop and pick up Chris’s “Adwords Miracle” If you just
want to read about his amazing techniques, you can learn about what he does. I can
tell you this is for real.
Anyway, I did get his books that night, which were worth every single cent. This night
was the beginning of my career. I couldn’t sleep. My wife took little convincing once she
read Chris’s stunning revelations. The upcoming job search was off. We agreed I was
to continue with a scaled down version of my existing business to keep the bills paid
and while we put together our first few campaigns.
That first night was filled with conversations of anticipation and possibilities. We looked
at the Adwords website online and opened accounts right away. We observed the ads
that Chris was talking about and spent hours examining how we could apply Chris’s
principles. I called him by phone and thanked him. All he had to say was “I told you so”
Within 2 days we had an income stream that was passive and continuous. Since then I
have built well over 400 campaigns which are all profitable.
This was a last minute saving grace. Who know’s if I even would have looked at Chris’s
information with a full time day job to hold down. I guess we were just in the right place
at the right time.
Lets get on with the next section. These companies are our tools. Without them and
the massive commissions they offer, we would be no-where. This website is crucial to
the system, it has been around for only a few years and it’s success guarantee’s that it
will be around for many more years to come. The name of this miraculous website is
CLICKBANKA thousand corporate giants offering
their shoulder for you to stand on...and
the view is spectacular.
Now, I don’t know about you. But I like things easy and simple. You cannot get anything
more simple and robust than Clickbank’s system. The assertion that they “make
millionaires” is a reasonable statement. Of course Clickbank are not so cavalier or
immodest to make this claim themselves. But many of us see clickbank this way. We
see clickbank as revolutionary. As you read you will come to see it the same way.
If somebody told you that you could sell products you don’t own or have even paid for,
to others, you would think it was not legal. You would think, there must be something
unlawful about this. The truth is that is exactly what clickbank allows you to do. You can
sell other peoples property, using their very own marketing resources, before you pay
for them and before you own them yourself. When you sell one, you are immediately
and in real time credited for this sale to the tune of 50% to 75% of the sale price. No
outlay on your part, no commitment from you unless you sell. AMAZING!
Without clickbank you could never have the easycorporatemoney system. Margins like
50% and 75% are simply not available ANYWHERE.
This is the affiliate model. I have known about the affiliate model for years. It was
pioneered by Amazon.comTM on line way back in the early 90’s. It is designed for
webmaster’s to monetize their site by selling books. Amazons highest percentage is
around 5%
You have to hand it to Amazon because they made the affiliate model popular and this I
think is where Clickbank originated but with a twist.
As a long time “Ebayer” I know the headaches and issues concerning shipping hard
product (in my case it was leather jackets) Apart from the major issue of stocking
inventory and the inevitable losses associated with holding product lines, there are all
sorts of associated costs.
The special advantage Clickbank holds is that all the products are digitally delivered.
This means people that want to learn about a certain topic, like dog training or weight
loss or martial arts can buy this information and download it right away. No waiting and
no shipping. It is estimated that this type of immediate consumer gratification increases
impulse purchases by as much as 40%!!!!! Not only this, but combine it with the fact
that most people on line even today are in the market for information. The internet is
about information. This makes Clickbank a unique stroke of genius.
But Clickbank also offer products such as web hosting and software of a thousand of
different types. It offers memberships to many and varying types of websites on many
different topics.
The corporations that manufacture these products vary from small time operators to
major corporations turning over millions of dollars per year. These corporations want
affiliates. They need them and base their corporate business model on the affiliate.
They are insolvent without the affiliate. This is why they give away a lions share of the
profits. Because people like us promote them simply by offering a simple point of view
about their product. This opinion of ours, is advertised in Google Adwords and the
resulting sales mean we get most of the cash.
As stated, many of these products offer 75% of the purchase price which goes directly
to the affiliate.
Let me make this simple for you. These companies offer you an ethical bribe, in the
form of an excessively large cash commission to represent them by offering your
honest opinion of their product.
Thousands of people use Clickbank to make their living. Many make a massive
income. Some lose their way and give up. The reason why some give up is because
they don’t understand the easycorporatemoney system.
Once you discover and understand this tool (clickbank) You need a way to get visitors.
Not just ordinary people, but people with an immediate need for what you are
promoting. Now that you have something to offer that will pay you a very excellent
amount, you need a way to find prospects for what you wish to sell.
This is where Google Adwords comes in. There simply is no better or quicker way to
sell products you don’t own or have even paid for before you sold them than Adwords.
Above is a screen shot of the clickbank marketplace. The red arrow points to the
categories of type. Clicking one of these will open the listings of the respective
When you join clickbank apart from filling out your name and mailing address where
the checks are to be sent, you are asked to create a nickname. This nickname will
forever be associated with your account. It can be anything so long as it is unique on
their system and no other has exactly the same.
Below you will see a screen shot of the listings. Apart from a short description, there
are 2 links to click. One takes you to the “pitch page” and you can view and assess the
product by reading this page thoroughly. The other is a pop up that asks you to enter
your unique nickname (after you have made an account)
You must enter your nickname and press ok. The system will automatically generate a
short line of code. This code identifies you and the product you clicked on. Clickbanks
system is patented. It is fool proof. When you cut and paste this code into your google
Adwords campaign, and somebody clicks your ad, the code is designed to
automatically insert a cookie on to the computer of the person that clicked your ad.
A cookie is simply a small packet of information. It stays on this persons computer for
90 days until it expires. When somebody buys, they are identified as your sale because
the cookie uniquely identifies your nickname and your account is credited in real time
as soon as the transaction is made.
Click the above link and look at the market place now. There is software, music
downloads, satellite tv, marketing books and ebooks and courses on many and varied
topics. Click "view pitch page" as shown in the image above, to look at and assess
various products and what they have to offer. Take notes and develop a synopsis of
what the page is trying to communicate. Especiallly noting what your own personal
reactions are to the materials and emphasising the effective words and phrases in your
own ad campaigns.
Once you have had a quick look, you can join free right now by clicking the above link.
Google AdwordsThe “just right” solution
Making money on the internet without a website or even your own product sounds like
a tall order. Yet with these two websites and some working knowledge you can do just
that. You can make a lot of money just by buying clicks from Google and converting 1
out of 147 into a sale, all the while making sure that the cost of those clicks don’t
exceed the value of the product commission. On average you will make money
providing you do this.
One of the great things about Adwords is that they don’t keep you waiting. In the next 5
minutes, you could open your accounts and have 10 ads written and live on the Google
network. You will start getting impressions immediately and clicks, or visitors with your
unique cookie on their computer in the next 10 minutes.
There is no better solution for an affiliate than Google Adwords. The $50 head start I
was talking about is available to anybody who does not already have an account. If you
already have tried Adwords, you can always ask them to close your existing account
and re-open a new one through one of the links below to get the $50 (approx) head
unspecified US around $50 but unknown until you open
-€20 UK
-france unknown amount
500 krona sweden
4000 yen japan
Netherlands unspecified
If you do a search on Google, any search at all, you will find on the right hand side a
series of small ads. These are where your entries will be shown.
Picture for a minute, other forms of advertising. A brochure, a radio ad, in fact every
other form of advertising is timing handicapped. The ad is shown irrespective of the
receivers needs or wishes. It is a blind ad.
Contextual advertising like this in Adwords is a totally different medium. With a
brochure, a conversion rate of 1 out of 10,000 would be a reasonable result and the
cost would be prohibitive. With search engine marketing we are there in real time when
the need is present.
Say for example you have a need to watch TV on your computer. You heard about it
once and decide to do a search to see if you can get the software so you can watch TV
on your pc. You open the Google screen and type in “TV for pc software”
What you have just done is reveal your immediate need. You are actively and
intentionally looking for exactly this product. Now you may not be ready to pay for or
buy this software, but you might change your mind when you read the sales page. All
the features and the great price may sway you to buy anyway, despite the fact that you
made your search with no intention of buying anything. It all comes back to averages,
it's a “numbers game”
As a Google Adwords advertiser, you are going to be on the other end of this
transaction. You are going to buy the term “TV for pc software” and maybe 700 other
related keywords that people search daily that is related to TV for pc software.
The good thing about Adwords is that you can include as many keywords as you can
find using Googles “Keyword Suggestion Tool”
The more keywords you have the better. You can generate 5000 keywords and cut and
paste them into a series of smaller keyword focused campaigns. The way Adwords
works is that you only pay for performance. So if there is no click there is no charge.
You are in full control of the daily budget and the amount you are prepared to pay for a
click. This is where my initial example helps. In a few seconds you can test a product
by dividing the commission amount by 147 then opening a mock campaign and
observing what the minimum bid is for the keywords. If it is half the value of the
equation commission/147 then you can confidently go ahead and launch the campaign.
If not, you pass on it.
I found I spent most of my days doing this. Sorting through the clickbank listings and
applying the related keywords then doing this simple calculation to establish whether I
would waste further time on the product.
I was going for the cherry deals and these found campaigns are still running today
bringing in a mountain of daily cash. I wanted dirt cheap keywords to advertise high
price products. Most clickbank products are under $50 but there are many at the $100
price point and higher.
You will find that most of your time will be spent repeating this simple 2 step process.
(1)Find 500 related keywords
(2) Check if it is profitable by dividing the commission by 147 to establish the maximum
price per click and check to see if that price is available on Adwords.
It takes less than 5 minutes to go through this process and you can do as many as 100
per day just going through the clickbank listings. But when you find a good one, it is
very exciting. When the numbers add up you can go ahead launch the campaign in
real time and start seeing results in minutes!
I have outlined for you exactly the easycorporatemoney system as I use it. You will find
hundreds of people doing exactly this process. There are actually thousands of
affiliates on forums talking about their strategies and openly discussing this topic.
Join Clickbank and open an Adwords campaign now and start your search in the
product listings. Repeat the 2 step process until you find a product who’s numbers add
up. Then launch your campaign in real time.
You should try and get Chris’s Course “Adwords Miracle” too as it is further important
reading and dissects the Adwords process and shows some pretty neat tricks too.
I wish you the best of luck and excellent returns in the future.