How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge... 1 Warriors, and Prophets.

How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
INTRO………………………………………………………………………………… 10
Who do we turn to for the correct answers on diet and health?................………10
Who were the Essenes........................................................................................……12
The Essene Gospel of Peace.............................................................................……12
The ESSENTIALS……………………………………………………………………15
LIFE BEGETS LIFE…………………………………………………………………17
The difference between Living food and Dead foods............................................. 17
What happens when these foods enter the body................................................18
The purpose of Fiber.................................................................................................19
Have you ever wondered why you are hungry shortly after you have just
Benefits received from living foods......................................................................... 21
The real secret behind living food, Enzymes..........................................................21
Losing energy from processed foods..........................…………………………22
Pros. and Cons of Living vs. Dead Foods............................………………………24
The best foods for man........................…………………………………………….25
AWARENESS OF FRUITS…………………………………………………………..25
AWARENESS OF GRAINS………………………………………………………….27
Processed grains.............…………………………………………………………...27
How we went from bad to worse........…………………………………………….29
How to make superior healthy bread..........………………………………………30
The Angel of Water.....………………………………………………………… 30
The Angel of Air and Sun..……………………………………………………..32
AWARENESS OF VEGES……………………………………………………………36
So why should athletes not live of off leafy green salads for muscle growth?......36
A little known fact.......................................................................................…………36
Important Choices......................................................................................…………37
AWARENESS OF SPROUTS…………………………………………………………30
Why sprouts are a superior food source...................................................…………38
Exploding nutrition in new growth..............................................................……….38
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Some of the most tasty and popular sprouts.............................................………...39
Advantages of sprouting vs. regular gardening......................................………….40
Why is this knowledge not popular with mainstream public?..................……..40
What happens to fresh milk that is pasteurised and homogenized?..................42
One of the main reasons many people are lactose intolerant....................…42
Why do companies pasteurise and homogenize milk?...............................…….42
Eight other reasons why you shouldn’t consume processed milk................…..43
Milk lovers what are we to do?..........................................……………………….45
For Superior health.............................................………………………………….45
The next best choice...........................................................………………………...46
Dairy Alternatives.......................................................……………………………..46
The facts on soy.................................................................................……………46
Soy beans True use......................................................................……………….47
What our ancestors had to say.............................................……………………….48
The lost answer of Christ…………………………………………………………..48
Did Jesus eat fish?.................................................................……………………….51
What science says about eating meat.................................................……………...53
Think about this for a minute...........................................................……………….53
Top Athletes in the world who were vegetarian...................................……………54
Other quotes from famous people about flesh consumption.......................……...55
Why choose organic food?..........................................................................……………56
What is refined sugar?...................................................…………………………….59
What is left after the processing phase?...................................................................59
Why is this lifeless substance so bad for us?......................................................…..59
You are better off eating nothing than refined sugar.................................………59
Why sugar leads to diabetes.....................................................................………….59
Why people get fat from eating sugar........................................…………………..61
Where did it come from?...................................................................................……61
More reasons you should not consume refined sugar....................................…….62
Why is it in so many products?...................................................................………..68
Why is it excepted as food by the government?.............................................…….68
Why you shouldn’t............................................................................................…….69
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How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
One of the most important choices you can make in your diet..............................69
What is protein?.........................................................................................………..71
The common misconception.......................................................................……….71
Usable Protein..............................................................................................………72
Quality vs. Quantity..................................................................................………...72
Problems with protein overload................................................................………..73
Plenty of Protein................................................................................................…...73
How fats function in the body.........................................................................……74
Fats that kill...............................................................................................………..74
Hydrogenated/partially hydrogenated fats..........................................……….74
Trans fats or Trans fatty acids...............................................................……………..74
Vegetable oils................................................................................................……75
Fats that heal..........................................................................................……………77
The Framingham Heart Study............................................................…………77
The chemical structure of fats..................................................................…………78
Animal Fats..........................................................................................................…..78
The best sources for fats.........................................................................…………...79
Coconut oil.........................................................................................................…79
Olive oil........................................................................................................……..80
Raw honey.............................................................................................................82
How did it make it to the market place?.......................................................….83
Himalayan Crystal salt............................................................................………84
Sea Salt...........................................................................................................…...84
Regular table salt...........................................................................................…..84
Other food Additives...........................................................................................….85
Why your diet should always change............................................................……..86
Season cycles have a profound effect on our diet.....................................………..86
Why all diet systems fail.............................................................................………..87
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How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Common foods and their season to be eaten...........................................…………88
Paleo diet and Atkins...............................................................................................90
Here are the problems........................................................................................90
The Raw food diet................................................................................................…91
Here are the problems........................................................................................91
The macrobiotic diet................................................................................................93
Here are the problems...................................................................................….93
Diet of the Master Essenes......................................................................................94
The highest digestion rate.............................................................................….94
Essene Breakfast...........................................................................................…..94
Is this enough calories for the body?.....................................................................96
The amount of food to be eaten...........................................................................…97
Superior Essenic health..................................................................................…….99
Calorie restrictions..................................................................................................100
A life of temperance................................................................................................100
Beauty Lies in simplicity........................................................................................103
What science has to say...........................................................................................105
The two worst combos........................................................................................105
List of better digestion tips.....................................................................................106
Quick chart of combos............................................................................................108
Good combos..................................................................................................….108
Poor combos..................................................................................................….108
Take your time!.......................................................................................................110
Take long deep breaths with your meal................................................................110
Sit up straight..........................................................................................................111
Eating under emotional stress................................................................................112
Where do supplements come from?......................................................................114
Two main risks of taking supplements.................................................................114
The Great Gamma..........................................................................………………115
The gift of the humble grass..................................................................................116
The nutrients in wheatgrass......................................................................………118
Chlorophyll in wheatgrass............................................................……………….118
Healing gum tissue and teeth.....................................................…………………119
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Other positive effects of wheatgrass..........................................…………………120
Healing of bones................................................................................…………….125
Terramin Clay...................................................................................…………….126
List of benefits from clay.....................................................………………….126
History of Clay...........................................................................………………….127
Nutritional value..............................................................………………………...129
The Real Thing................................................................…………………………131
Slowly and gradually.................................................................………………….136
Sliding into better eating habits.......................................................…………….137
Add whatever you like...........................................................…………………….138
Healthier condiments you can add........................................……………………138
Why do healthier foods not taste as good as commercial foods?............………139
Plan A......................................................................................................………….143
Plan B.................................................................................................…………….144
The window of opportunity...................................................................................146
The most efficient and effective recovery........................................................147
Fire Power...............................................................................................................147
A little know secret............................................................................................148
Power Bars..............................................................................................................148
Making a super bar...........................................................................................150
Real sports drink....................................................................................................151
Two instant ways to check your health
pH test strips............................................................................……………………153
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Cleansing your body..............................................................................………….154
What happens to the body during fasting............................................………..154
The science of fasting and cleansing.....................................................………..157
Herxheimers reaction.....................................................................…………159
The body always knows how to heal itself........................................…………160
Other scientific studies done on fasting..........................................…………..161
Tips for fasting..............................................................................……………..161
Light fasting/cleansing............................................................………………161
The earthly angels who help during fasting.......................................…………163
The angel of air..............................................................................…………….164
Fresh air/Oxygen.......................................................................………………..165
The Angel of water...............................................................…………………..169
Creating superior water.................................................................……………170
Internal Cleansing...........................................................................……………175
Thoughts and emotions of enemas...................................................…………..178
Simple steps for doing an enemas...................................................……………179
The angel of sunlight.......................................................................…………….181
After the fast!...................................................................................…………….183
Exercising when tired.................................................………………………….185
Top rules for a good night sleep........................................................………….186
Other tips for a good night’s rest..............................................................…….186
The Angel of sleep...............................................................................………….188
The rebellious child..............................................................................…………190
Everything begins and ends with thought...................................……………...190
How to change your self-image...........................................................…………191
A Universal law................................................................................……………192
Staying in the present................................................................………………..194
Loving yourself................................................................................…………….196
Take responsibility for yourself...............................................…………………198
Everlasting Protection............................................................…………………..199
Time and effort.....................................................................…………………….200
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
The ideas, opinions and views contained in this manual are the totally biased work
of Michael-Paul Patterson and are intended for enjoyment and educational
purposes only.
Neither the author nor publisher assumes any responsibility for the use or misuse of
information contained in this Manual.
The author does not claim to be a doctor and if you have any health problems it is
advisable that you seek the proper medical advice. You should also seek the proper
medical advice before starting a new diet or exercise program.
To all the men and women who spent their lives in pursuit of truth and real health.
I thank them for their life time achievements.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
There are thousands of books on health and different diets. So what is the Truth!? One
book says to eat fish the other says not to, one says eat grains and one says not to. What
the heck is going on here? There are literally mountains of information out there and for
the last twelve years I have done nothing but read and use my own body to experiment
with all these different diets and health products.
This has been my deepest passion to find the truth about what foods keep the body
running at its most optimal level. In fact, it has not been just a passion but some that
know me might even call it an obsession. My point is; I have gone beyond what the
average person would do find the truth about diet and health. Occasionally I would
venture out with my friends but 90% percent of the time as my roommates would party, I
would be at home reading every book on health that I could get my hands on and literally,
one after another. Even with my money, I spent everything I had testing some of the best
and worse products available. My room never really looked like a normal room but more
like a science lab.
With my endless hours of research, personal experiments, and thousands of dollars spent
testing products my goal is to bring to you the truth about true health and strength. I have
taken the best information from a countless number of different sources and combined
them here in one book so you don’t have to spend the next 10 or twenty years in search of
the best diet or health program. I have “cut the fat off” of all the topics discussed in this
book so that we get straight to the point. My goal was not to dazzle you with fancy
words just to fill up the pages and make a book but to give you the best facts and
information without all the mumbo jumbo.
I’m sure my previous English teachers would be horrified at my writing style, but I guess
that is their problem because this is my book, and I write as I speak. My goal was to
write as clear and simple as possible to create an easy understanding of the diet and
nutrition world which man has done such a great job of complicating.
I have tried all of the most famous diets, Atkins, the instinco, fruitarian, vegetarian,
vegan, tribal diets, hunter gatherer (paleo diet), macrobiotic diet, South Beach diet, the
Makers Diet ect... ect... This book will crack the questions and controversy to all these
different diets. You will see how the diet is forever changing and learn why and
when and how we should eat certain foods.
So whom do we turn to for the correct answers on diet and health?
There are thousands of different Doctors and nutritionist, who is right? Many
professionals, who are searching for truth and not out to make big sells on the next diet
pill, have looked to tribal people and their diets. Tribal people are much healthier than
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
the average city dweller in that they have fewer diseases. Their diets consist of all natural
foods without the Twinkie Cakes and microwave dinners. But we must go a step further
and look to the Masters of Discipline and Health, The Essenes.
So who were the Essenes and what was so special about them?
The Essenes were a group of people who dedicated their lives physically, mentally, and
spiritually to perfection. They knew the laws of nature that governed mans’ body. They
understood the connection between man and the earth. With this knowledge they knew
how to heal all ailments of the body and keep it functioning at its maximum potential.
Not just anyone could come and learn freely from these people. Their secrets remained a
mystery unless you were allowed, only by initiation, to enter this superior race of men.
During this initiation one had to live in the manner of an Essene for one year. After a full
year you were baptized but still not fully accepted, then you had another probation period
of 2 years to prove your worthiness. Once approved you were able to travel freely
without carrying any luggage because the other groups of Essenes welcomed and showed
hospitality as if you were a part of their family. Everything was given willingly if you
had any needs.
At the time Jesus walked the earth ancient historians recorded that there were about 4,000
Essenes. They lived in communal groups on the shores of lakes and rivers away from
cities spread all throughout Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria and Egypt. There were
several different names for these brotherhoods, the Egyptians called them Therapeutae
or Healers but modern day texts mostly refer to them as Essenes.
They were healers, prophets, and teachers and shared their daily work in the fields. They
were custodians of ancient wisdom who had libraries that contained some of the most
intellectual writings. Much of their time was spent studying writings from the ancients
and scriptures, learning what was good for their body and soul.
Pythagoras (Also known as the Father of Mathematics) studied, learned, and practiced
with the Essenes.
They were Masters of Discipline, living a life of perpetual sobriety. They ate only the
best of foods that gave them amazing strength and endurance and never consumed
anything thing that may harm their bodies.
As they were mostly agriculturist and arboriculturist they had a vast knowledge of crops,
soil and climatic conditions enabling them to grow many different types of fruits and
The ancient historian Philo recorded that “ people stood in awe as they watched the
Essenes work witnessing their true strength and stamina as they would literally
work from sunrise to sunset.” Weather was never an excuse for not working and each
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
day they would return from the fields rejoicing with happiness as though they had been
partying all day.
Josephus, another historian of their time said that they were charitable, devout, totally
honest and trust worthy. The decisions were made by the majority of the group, they
made no wars, were peace loving and frugal.
They were the first people to condemn slavery in both theory and practise, as they never
had servants or slaves. Sharing everything equally, there were no rich and no poor
amongst them, as they considered both of these conditions as deviations from the Law.
They had their own economic system and showed that all man’s food and material needs
could be attained without struggle, through knowledge of the law.
They believed the body was a temple for god and never spoiled it from poor eating or
drinking habits. With there knowledge of foods and how and when to properly use them
along with their way of life, they easily lived without disease, to advanced ages of 120
years and beyond. Even with these advanced ages they still performed marvelous feats of
strength and endurance.
Such then was the life of the Essenes, a life so highly to be prized that not only
commoners but also great kings looked upon them with great admiration and amazement,
and the praise and honours which they gave added further veneration to their respectable
These brotherhoods were responsible for sending out some of the greatest healers and
teachers that ever walked the earth, amongst whom were Elijah, John the Baptist, John
the Beloved and the Great Essene Master, Jesus.
The Essene Gospel of Peace is an ancient manuscript written by the Essenes that was
hidden for almost 2000 years in the Secret Archives of the Vatican. Dated to the first
century AD, it contains the answers to fasting, diet, and angels; all of which were altered
or entirely removed from Christian teaching after the first Council of Nicaea in 325 AD.
The council of Nicaea was a large meeting of bishops from all the Christian churches
called together by the Emperor Constantine. Here, the council voted what information
was to be shown to the public and what information was to be hidden, by doing this they
effectively hammered out what was to become the Holy Roman Law scriptures. During
this process much of Christianity’s original spiritual, mental, and dietary laws were edited
or removed entirely to serve the more earthly agendas of the emergent Holy Roman
If these manuscripts were released to public directly after this meeting the Roman Empire
would probably have crumbled much sooner than it did.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
As the result of limitless patience, faultless scholarship, and unerring intuition Edmond
Bordeax Szekely discovered these ancient scrolls. He was a master linguist, fluent in 16
different languages. In 1937 he published the first English version from the original
Aramaic text found in the Vatican. Other fragments of this complete manuscript were
also found in old Slavonic text in the Royal Library of the Hapsburgs (now the property
of the Austrian Government).
Liberated from the secret archives of the Vatican these sacred scrolls are testaments to the
eternal and living truth of the laws of nature that govern mans’ health and diet.
Just stop for a moment and take a look around, there are certain laws in nature that
govern everything around you. The earth makes a complete rotation every 24 hours;
there is a full moon every 28 days; the sun rises in the east and sets in the west; gravity
holds you to the earth; pour water on seeds and they begin to grow. My point is.…..
There is law and order everywhere in nature even with health and diet. If we obey these
laws of health and diet then happy and strong we will be, but if we break these laws,
just as sure as gravity pulls us to the earth, our bodies shall surely see disharmony
and disease.
There are 4 different books that complete the series of the Essene Gospels of Peace. In
this book, I will be referring mostly to The Essene Gospel of Peace Book 1. This book
describes the suffering of many men and the specific instructions from Jesus that helped
them to cleanse and rebuild their bodies to superior health and strength where they
could live long upon this earth and never again see disease.
“And then many sick and maimed came to Jesus, asking him. "If you know all things,
tell us, why do we suffer with these grievous plagues? Why are we not whole like other
men? Master, heal us, that we too may be made strong, and need abide no longer in
our misery. We know that you have it in your power to heal all manner of disease. Free
us from Satan and from all his great afflictions. Master, have compassion on us."
And Jesus answered, "Happy are you that you hunger for the truth, for I will satisfy
you with the bread of wisdom. Happy are you that you knock, for I will open to you the
door of life. Happy are you, that you would cast off the power of Satan, for I will lead
you into the kingdom of our Mother's angels, where the power of Satan cannot enter."
Jesus, The Essene Gospel of Peace.
This knowledge given from Jesus, to those who seeked the truth for superior health and a
disease free body and mind, can now be backed by scientific evidence.
I will state again that there is so much controversy in the field of nutrition we must look
to the Masters of health for the answers. As you will see, many of the sections contain
excerpts from the words of Jesus found in these ancient manuscripts, along with the
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
scientific research and studies proving the truths behind his words. These truths will
answer the controversial arguments of today's health questions.
You may find that you know some of the material given here but for the knowledge you
have not heard please keep an open and logical mind. Read this book a few times if you
have to but let the information given here enter the laboratory of your mind and be
analysed to find the truth. I am not asking you to believe in the information I have
provided here but I am challenging you to question everything! Often times the truth is
stranger than fiction so if there is a subject discussed here that surprises you I encourage
you to dig as deep as you can to find more. I have only scraped the surface on many of
these subjects bringing you mostly the hard cold facts of science.
Though I do mention Jesus, Ancient Chinese and Indian wisdom, and some quotes from
scripture I am not speaking about religion here. I am simply proving, with logic and
scientific evidence, the laws of nature for superior health and strength that were known
and held in secret by these master healers.
You could call this diet system the Essene Diet but they were not the originators they
simply obeyed the “laws of nature” for food and eating. These laws have been hidden
from the eyes of most men for a long long time, but now, let me show you the forgotten
secrets that will give you Superior Health and Strength.
The information here is not about the next magical pill, it is about true health and
healing. Some of this might be overwhelming for you. To be overwhelmed just means
you haven’t learned to put new information into action. I will show you how to put this
information into action with very little time and effort. So be not worried my friend for
you will learn the simple ways of incorporating these ideas into your everyday life which
in turn, will lead you to superior health and strength.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
“Beauty resides in simplicity”
There are a few key elements to superior health.
A natural diet
Cleaning your insides
Daily Rigorous Activity
Fresh Air
Being Happy
The more we can simplify these things in our lives the healthier we will become. You
may live in a city where the air is not that fresh or you may live in a part of the world that
doesn’t receive much sunlight. But the most import factor that will keep you the
healthiest, regardless of what happens in your external environment, is what you put into
your internal environment. In other words your diet or what foods you consume.
The foods you consume have the BIGGEST impact on your health than anything
Why? Because foods effect you both physically and mentally.
In today's society we have steered so far away from our natural foods that we have
become sick, weak, and strung out on psycho prescription pills. Ladies and gentlemen
it’s time to literally slap ourselves in the face and snap out of this vicious cycle. We have
totally lost touch with our natural part in the cycle of nature. In fact, many people think
they are above nature. They think meat comes from the grocery store shelf and milk
comes from a neat little plastic bottle.
We have processed and refined our foods to the point of death. Refined sugar and white
flour are everywhere you look. Now I wouldn’t be complaining if these modern foods
were making us healthier but fact is, they are continuing to create sickness and disease all
over the world, such as arthritis, dental decay, cancer, diabetes, heart attacks, child
obesity, infertility and the list goes on and on.
We do have a problem here, and it won’t be fixed with drugs and more medication. It
won’t be fixed with anymore advanced scientific break throughs. As you can see,
millions of dollars of charity money are wasted ever year as this money funds certain
groups trying to find the cure for cancer with a new miracle pill. You would think with
all the time and money they’ve spent that someone would finally produce this magic pill.
I hate to be the one to break it to you but THEY NEVER WILL.
Many people around the world have cured themselves of some of the hardest diseases
such as cancer and aids by using some of the knowledge that you are about to find here.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
It’s not about finding the magic pill that will cure us from diseases, it’s about learning
what causes these diseases and what we can do to truly get rid of these diseases and better
yet, prevent them from happening before they even begin.
In the first part of this book you will learn much of the lost and unknown knowledge
about your food, then we will learn how to easily use these foods in our daily lives to
gain superior health and strength, without the struggles like most yo-yo diets.
So as of right now! Turn your brain on and let's jump right in.
First we will take a quick look at how food passes through the body.
1.) We chew our food where it is
broken down into small pieces.
2.) Next it goes into the stomach where
digestive juices continue breaking the
food into smaller pieces.
3.) Then it travels into the small
intestines where 90% of the vitamins
and minerals are absorbed.
4.) And last, it goes into the large
intestines where it is packaged and
ready to be shipped out of the “back
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Diet: Living food vs. Dead food
This is where you should put the most concentration on your health; the substances you
put into your body, especially the food that you chew and swallow. All personal trainers
and personal trainer books will tell you, 80-90% of how your body is formed is by your
diet. Now take your seats and get ready for some new information because this is not
conventional thinking.
We need to make a big differentiation in foods.
Living Foods- foods that are in there natural state, unadulterated by man.
E.g. fruits, sprouted grains, raw milk, raw honey, soaked nuts, and vegetables.
Dead Foods-any foods that have been over cooked, pasteurised, homogenized,
processed, or adulterated.
In the Essene Gospel of Peace Manuscript, Jesus spoke these words to those who were
sick and who sought health advice.
“For if you eat living food the same will quicken you, but if you kill your food, the dead
food will kill you also. For life comes only from life, and death comes always from
death. For everything which kills your food, kills your bodies also. And everything
which kills your bodies kills your souls also. And your bodies become what your foods
are, even as your spirits, likewise, become what your thoughts are. You shall live only
by the fire of life, and prepare not your foods with the fire of death, which kills your
bodies and your souls also.”
“Master, where is the fire of life?” asked some of them.
“In you, in your blood and in your bodies.”
“And the fire of death?” asked others.
“It is the fire which blazes outside your body, which is hotter than your blood. With
that fire of death you cook your foods in your homes and in your fields. I tell you truly,
it is the same fire which destroys your foods and your bodies, even as the fire of malice,
which ravages your thoughts, ravages your spirits. For your body is that which you
eat, and your spirit is that which you think. Eat nothing, therefore, which a stronger
fire than the fire of death has killed. Wherefore, prepare and eat all fruits of the trees,
and all grasses of the fields, and all milk of beasts good for eating. For all these are
fed and ripened by the fire of life, and are the gift of the angels of our Earthly Mother.
But eat nothing to which only the fire of death gives savor, for such is of Satan.”
Out of the trillions of different species on this planet, from the microscopic bugs in the
dirt, to the birds in the air, to the depths of the ocean, we humans are the only ones who
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
cook and mix our foods. And don’t think for one second that it’s supposedly because we
have intelligence. In fact, it is quite the opposite. We have actually been destroying our
There are several things that happen to a food when it is cooked. Anytime you heat a
piece of food over 118° F. for 3 minutes, you destroy 100% of the enzymes and most of
the vitamins and minerals. The over heating of fats and proteins retards the chemical
structures creating undigestible carcinogens and waste that are very hard on the body.
Under high heat, sugars become caramelised and the natural fibers of food are broken
down into useless substances, which in turn, makes food take longer to pass through the
digestive system.
All living foods are composed of living cells. When you eat these living foods the life
force is then transferred into your cells adding life force to your body. When foods are
cooked and processed you do receive calories and sometimes a small amount of nutrients
but a food that contains all of its living cells is definitely superior.
Here are simple pictures representing a living, vibrating cell and what happens to it
when it becomes too hot.
This should be fairly easy to comprehend. What happens when you put anything in
a fire? It breaks down and is destroyed.
So what happens when these damage foods enter the body?
When the chemical structures of the sugars, fats, and proteins have been heated, the once
organic matter is now turned into inorganic matter. These inorganic elements enter the
blood stream and circulate through your body settling in the arteries, veins, and deaden
the nerves. These are the accumulations that cause thousands of different diseases such
as arthritis, heart disease, colon cancer, ect.... Eventually they cause the body to lose
flexibility, our nerves start to lose the power of conveying messages, our spinal cord
becomes hardened, the tissues throughout the body contract, and our bodies become
prematurely old.
After eating processed and over cooked foods the body shows an enormous increase of
leukocytes of white blood cells-corpuscles. This is exactly what takes place when
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
poisons or virulent infections enter the body. When uncooked food is eaten in its natural
state this does not happen. So the constant fight against the toxic effects of processed and
over cooked foods unnecessarily exhausts the body’s strength and vitality, thus causing
disease and shortness of life.
The Purpose of Fiber
The fibers of natural food act as a broom inside our intestines, which help to grab hold of
waste matter and pass it through the intestines. Over cooking destroys this fiber making
it too soft.
Fibrous material should be somewhat tough or rough, hence, the other popular name for
fiber “roughage.” Food is pushed through the body by muscles and hairlike structures on
the inside of the intestines. This is called peristaltic action. The intestines need this
type of “roughage” so that it has something more solid to grab a hold of and push
through your internal pipes. Without this fiber the intestines have nothing to work
against. This makes it hard to pass the waste material of foods through the intestines.
When food is not quickly passed, it ferments and begins to putrefy in the intestinal tract.
These waste materials then start to accumulate and line the walls of the large and small
intestines. You can think of this like the pipes in your sink. Eventually they accumulate
so much garbage and debris that they become clogged. It would be great if we could just
down a bottle of Drano and all this accumulated waste would clean out of the intestines
but as we know, that’s not the way. Later we will discuss how we can flush and clean
accumulated waste out of our internal pipes.
On the next page is a simple drawing to give you a better mental picture of waste material
built up on the walls of the colon and how fiber acts as a broom to help grab it and sweep
it away.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
(Cross-section of
Large Intestine.)
(Waste material
built up
in the Large
(The broom represents fiber grabbing and sweeping old waste material through the
Ninety percent of the vitamins and minerals of food are absorbed through the walls of
the small intestines. When they are lined with putrefactive matter only minuscule
amounts of nutrients are absorbed. Also, this waste matter slowly leaks through the walls
of the intestines and circulates back into the blood stream creating what is called
autointoxicition (basically the body poisoning itself). Sometimes they become so
clogged that nothing may pass through, creating serious problems such as constipation
and much more.
Have you ever noticed that you are hungry again shortly after you have just eaten?
Many overly cooked and processed foods are void of proper nutrients and now your body
cries out to eat again so that it is supplied with the proper nutrients.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Overly cooked food has less nutrition so now you will have the tendency to eat more and
more for your appetite to be satisfied. And of course when you eat more cooked food
you will get fatter and unhealthy much easier.
So what are the benefits we receive when we eat living foods?
1. Living foods are digested and pass through the body very easily. They still
contain their own enzymes. These enzymes help to break the food down in your
stomach taking a large amount of work off of your body to handle this process.
2. Living foods do not leave you with that tired feeling most people experience after
eating a cooked meal.
3. Your mind will be clearer. You will be much more alert, think sharper and
more logically. If you are a student studying for a test or one who has to be
mentally alert at work, you will notice a big difference eating more living foods.
4. The nutrients of these foods will be fully absorbed by the body, which will leave
you more satisfied. Then you will have the tendency to eat less.
5. These foods will clean the body. After a few months on living foods halitosis and
body odor will be eliminated. You won’t even need deodorant, saving you tons
of money over the years. Don’t laugh, it’s true.
6. Your eyes will become whiter and the color in you eyes will be brighter.
7. Your skin will start to glow and become very smooth, which will make you look
much younger.
8. You will have way more energy and need less sleep. But you will have much
more restful sleep.
After a short time a peaceful wave will flow through your body and your nerves will be
much calmer. You will worry a lot less about the crazy little things that we tend to get so
rapped up in.
It is truly an amazing experience when the body is cleansed on living foods. You will
start to see life in a new way that you never had before.
The real secret behind living foods is ENZYMES
Enzymes are the body’s labor force. They are the construction and demolition teams that
work twenty-four hours a day to build, repair, and maintain balance in the body.
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How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
The only reason you are alive is because of thousands of enzymes. They are the energy
or “metabolism” of the body. Without them we would be a lifeless glob of proteins,
vitamins, minerals, and water.
They perform every function in the body. Every breath that you take, thought you think,
or sentence you read is the result of thousands of complex enzyme systems and their
functions operating simultaneously.
Again, living foods contain their own enzymes, which help to break themselves down in
your digestive tract for assimilation and evacuation. These enzymes are why fruit ripens
or “breaks down.” As you can see when a banana turns from green to yellow to brown,
this is the movement of enzymes.
It’s the same reason an avocado gets soft or papayas get sweeter, enzymes are moving,
performing there natural job of breaking these foods down into simpler substances so that
the body can use them.
This you do not find in processed foods at the grocery stores. That is why they stay the
same no matter what. They are basically a lifeless pile of chemicals manufactured into a
certain form. Being the lifeless structure that these foods are allows them to sit on the
grocery store shelves for months. This way, who ever sells them, can make more money
because they don’t have to throw them away so fast.
Losing energy from processed foods
When we eat processed and cooked foods, which are void of enzymes, there is an internal
alarm that goes off inside the stomach. This alarm calls on our own body’s enzymes to
come and help break down these lifeless substances because the food’s enzymes have
been destroyed through heat and processing.
This is why most people loose energy and concentration after eating cooked meals. The
body’s own enzymes that were performing other functions such as thinking, muscle
reparation, ect... now have to stop what they are doing and help aid in the digestion
process. This leaves us with that tired feeling most of us can relate to after eating a
heavily cooked meal especially after that big Christmas dinner.
You have only a certain amount of enzymes in your body. The more you use them up the
shorter your life will be. When we eat cooked food, processed food with chemicals,
drink alcohol, use drugs and stimulants, it uses a tremendous supply of our own limited
amount of enzymes to deal with and rid the body of these things. It is like having a bank
account with only so much money and then constantly withdrawing from it. If you don’t
provide funds from an outside source, eventually you’ll go broke.
Medical research has shown that allergies, skin disorders, heart disease, obesity, certain
types of cancer, and ageing are all seen in people with enzyme deficiencies.
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How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
So if you want to loose fat, calcium deposits in joints, cholesterol in your arteries, or
break down cancerous tumors, it is enzymes who will perform these functions. We must
learn to eat living foods that contain their own enzymes so that our body’s enzymes can
take care of other tasks instead of working on digestion.
The same applies when we want to build our muscles, have strong teeth, better eyesight,
repair wounds, ect... we must keep our body’s enzymes free from having to do so much
digestion. Just to add high-quality proteins and vitamins and minerals will not do. We
need the metabolic process of living enzymes to build muscles, new blood, bones, nerves,
and healthy tissues.
So bottom line, we truly need living foods if we really want to be alive. Not just live,
but be Alive!
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of living vs. Dead food.
Living Foods
1. Definitely much healthier
Dead or Processed foods
Void of several if not all nutrients
2. Much faster and easier to prepare
Instead of slaving in the kitchen or waiting
in the fast food line.
Takes much longer to prepare.
3. Has much more flavor naturally
Many condiments have to be added
for taste.
4. A lot cheaper on your wallet.
It’s usually more expensive because
it takes more to fill you up.
Many diseases are caused from
eating processed foods.
5. Your body will not see disease only
eating Living foods.
6. Your mind will become more calm and
your concentration improves drastically.
Hinders thinking from nerve
7. Much more satisfying so you eat less.
It takes more to fill you up because of
its lack of nutrients.
Often causes pimples and acne.
8. Your skin will glow and be more radiant. vs.
9. Your digestion improves 100 fold.
10. Bowel movements become cleaner,
easier, and regular.
11. The color of your eyes will brighten and
the red veins in your eyes will disappear.
12. You will have way more energy.
Harder to digest for lack of living
Many times causes constipation.
Causes bloodshot eyes.
Makes you more tired because now
the body works harder on digestion.
You just can’t go wrong on living foods. A large percent of your diet should consist of
living foods. So let’s take a look at these foods to learn which ones and how and when
we can use them to achieve superior health and strength in our bodies and minds.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
“So eat always from the table of God: the fruits of the trees, the grain and grasses
of the field, the milk of beasts, and the honey of bees. For everything beyond this is of
Satan, and leads by the way of sins and of diseases unto death. But the foods which
you eat from the abundant table of God give strength and youth to your body, and you
will never see disease. For the table of God fed Methuselah of old, and I tell you truly,
if you live even as he lived, then will the God of the living give you also long life upon
the earth as was his.
Jesus, The Essene Gospel of Peace Book 1
1. Often thought of as the best food for man. People have been eating fruit since the
beginning of time. We should not think of fruit as just a snack. Sometimes you
can consider fruit as full meal.
2. Fruits are loaded with enzymes, vitamins, and minerals.
3. They have several amino acids, which help to cleanse the body. This is why you
will see many people run to the bathroom shortly after eating pineapple. Their
powerful enzyme acids start to break down old material that has built up in the
body. The Hawaiians often eat pineapple and papaya with meat to try and help
digest it.
4. On average fruits are 90% liquid.
5. They contain oxygen.
6. Some contain natural simple sugars and some contain complex sugars, Optimum
for muscle function. We will discuss this more in depth later.
7. Naturally our eyes were meant to see color so that we can easily identify
different fruits and our hands were designed for grabbing them.
8. They cleanse tissues and help to stimulate metabolism.
9. The healthiest cultures in the world have lots of fruit in their diets.
Fruit is one of the best foods designed for man. There are hundreds of different types of
fruit so you could try a different one everyday for a full year and still not eat the same
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How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Fruit is simply a given for optimal health. It’s been around since the beginning of time,
the Essenes and ancient Greek athletes thrived on it. Tribes and the healthiest cultures in
the world still to this day use it in their daily diets. Even the modern athletes of today are
finding massive improvements in their training and competition from the correct use of
fruit. The recently discovered secrets of how...when...and what...fruits are used for
optimum strength and recovery have know been proven by science. We will discuss all
these great secrets in later chapters.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
These foods have also been around and used for a long long time. Grains have been a
staple food across the world for centuries. They have played a major role throughout
history because:
• These foods can be grown in abundance.
• They are loaded with nutrition (If properly prepared).
• You could travel long distances without spoilage of these foods.
• People could easily store it over long periods of time in case of winter or even
There has been much controversy the last few years about grain products. Many famous
low carb diets such as Atkins and the Paleo or Tribal diet say that grains are unhealthy,
mucus forming, contain opiates and phytates, and that these starchy complex
carbohydrates will make you fat. And for the most part they are right! BUT, the people
who have studied these grains only saw the results of processed damaged grains. If
prepared properly, grains can be one of the most nutritious foods known to man. If fact,
if prepared properly, they contain enough nutrients to completely sustain life by
Most of us only know bread from the soft spongy loafs at the grocery store. This has
been processed beyond belief. It’s kind of funny when you think about it, Normally you
see on bread packages “enriched with B vitamins, fortified with calcium and other
nutrients ect...” but the funny thing is that the wheat kernel already contained those
nutrients inside itself before it was processed and heated. So why would we strip the
wheat of all its nutrients and then comeback and add a few nutrients that it already
What is wrong with Processed Grains?
First we had a kernel of wheat that had perfectly balanced nutrition in its natural form and
then we process it into some kind of bleached white loaf containing mostly chemicals.
Then we toss in some vitamins and minerals, in a man made unbalanced way, and now
we actually consider this as food!!!?
Guys, I think it’s time for a little wake up call.
White foods such as white bread, white rice, white sugar, and white table salt are the
worst. These foods are often referred to as “White Death” by most nutrition experts and
naturopathic physicians and for good reason!
How we went from Bad to Worse
The first man-made invention to crush large amounts of un-sprouted grains was the old
stone mill, which ground dry grains into flour. This was the first way we learned to
destroy our grains. These stone mills had no mechanism to remove the germ and hulls
(where most of the nutrition is stored) from the flour so the flour had to be sifted through
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How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
silk filters over and over again until it finally reached a cream color, similar to that of
milk. This was a labor-intensive process, which resulted in white flour.
Because of this long laborious process only the rich could afford it. The local
commoners perceived the white pastries and breads, made with this white flour, to be a
product of royalty. They soon became jealous and like most of us, who want what we
can’t have, they developed a want for this “Rare white substance” that only the rich were
able to eat. The color was even quite alluring itself as white represents goodness and
purity. When there is a big enough demand for something people usually figure out a
way to get it.
Just prior to 1872 roller mills began to take over the old stone mills. This is where it
went from bad to worse. Roller mills could easily separate the bran and germ. Bakers
could now produce white bread at a cost that anyone could afford. What did they do with
the most nutritious part, the bran and germ? They fed them to the pigs and other farm
And we’re suppose to be the most intelligent species on the planet!?
As the poor had developed a taste for this white flour and the sense of stature they must
have felt it afforded them, they nonetheless developed an attraction to a nutritionally
deficient food source. Even to this day the nutritious part of grains are sold to health food
stores and supplement manufacturers who use these products to make vitamin
supplements such as vitamin E from wheat germ and fiber products to combat
So when you step back and take a look at the whole picture you will see that most people
pay for the same grain 2 or 3 times. First as the damage soft spongy loaf that’s poor in
nutrients and fiber and then maybe a couple times more as they pay for nutritional and
fiber supplements made from the stripped grains.
While there are a number of nutritional deficiencies in white flour when compared
to stone ground, I would like to share just a few more bonuses of white bread.
1. Zinc, which naturally occurs in the outer portions of the grain, is milled away
in the production of white flour. This disrupts the natural ratio of zinc to
cadmium so that the zinc-cadmium ratio is reversed. Any cause of a zinc
shortage in the body is a cause for concern because this very important
mineral is a catalyst to numerous enzymatic and hormonal functions, not to
mention being essential to protein synthesis and reproduction, the
importance of which will become evident below.
2. White flour contains only 13% of the chromium, 9% of the manganese and
19% of the iron that is contained in whole wheat. Due to the fact that many
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How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
of the B vitamins are concentrated in the outer parts of the grain, white flour
is deficient in B vitamins (6).
3. White flour does not contain the germ of the wheat, which is a potent source
of vitamin E, resulting in a high potential for vitamin E deficiency in those
who’s diet is inadequate for vitamin E sources and/or comparatively high in
When processed bread is ground into such small particles like flour it covers 10,000
times the surface area of the grain itself. This just means that it’s so small that it will be
absorbed at almost the same rate as straight table sugar! And because processed breads
have no enzymes and are very nutrient poor the body is drained of its own precious
enzymes trying to digest them. Important alkaline minerals are also leached from the
bones and teeth in order to neutralize the acidity that is produced in the body by these
The bottom line is this.
Do not eat processed, refined Cereal/Grains, especially anything made with white
flour like white bread, white spaghetti, commercial breakfast cereals, pastries,
doughnuts ect. They will wreak havoc on your health.
I don’t know why this process of grinding and baking bread took over but there are some
people who know the secret art for the correct way to make true living bread.
So how do we make healthy superior bread?
With the angels of water, air, and
A group of men asked Jesus this very question and here is what he replied.
“How should we cook our daily bread without fire, Master?” asked some with great
“Let the angels of God prepare your bread. Moisten your wheat, that the angel of
water may enter it. Then set it in the air, that the angel of air may embrace it. And
leave it from the morning to evening beneath the sun, that the angel of sunshine may
descend upon it. And the blessing of the three angels will soon make the germ of life to
sprout in your wheat. For the angels of water, of air, and of sunshine fed and ripened
the wheat in the field, and they, likewise, must prepare also your bread. And the same
sun which, with the fire of life, made the wheat grow and ripen, must cook your bread
with the same fire. For the fire of the sun gives life to the wheat, to the bread, and the
body. And the living angels of the living God serve only living men. For God is the
God of the living, and not the God of the dead.
Jesus, The Essene Gospel of Peace Book 1
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
This bread is often referred to as manna or sprouted bread.
This is how it works. When you have a kernel of grain, for example wheat, barley, rice,
ect... it is still in its seed stage. In its seed stage nature has put it in a ‘cryogenic freeze’
so to speak. This is great for us because now we can store these foods over the winter
without them rotting or spoiling in a few days. Or man could store them for long travels
across the earth. Take Noah for example, he stored tons of grains on the Arc before the
But before these grains are truly edible we must first wake them up from this seed stage
and bring them to life. WHY?
The angel of water
In this seed stage the kernel contains enzyme inhibitors. These inhibitors can neutralize
our own digestive enzymes, resulting in the digestive disorders experienced by many
people that eat unsprouted grains; there are many scientific indicators linking grain
consumption to rheumatic and arthritic conditions as well.
To get rid of these inhibitors we must soak the seeds in water for 8 to 12 hours. This is
when the magic starts and the seed awakens. After this first soak of water the enzymes
come to life and the seed begins to grow. When the enzymes come to life we now have a
food that has more nutrition and is much easier to digest.
Unsoaked grains also contain phytic acid in their outer layer or bran. Phytic acid will
block the absorption of calcium, phosphorus, iron and zinc in the body. Animals can
smell or taste this acid which has kept them from eating one of man's staple foods for
centuries. Only when the grains are soaked the phytic acid is neutralized and the grain is
ready to be eaten.
I’m sure you’ve all heard of someone saying they can’t have wheat products because they
are allergic to gluten. Or you’ve probably seen products in the grocery stores that say
Gluten Free! Gluten is a protein found in wheat that is very hard to digest. When the
wheat kernel is soaked and sprouted the enzymes break down this protein making it
easily digestible and usable. The processed grains we find in the grocery stores are made
from unsoaked wheat kernels that are grinded into powders by big machines. Since they
have not been properly prepared, you consume the un-neutralized phytic acid, enzyme
inhibitors, and the hard to digest gluten protein. This is why people have problems
properly digesting grains, which often produce allergies and makes many obese.
Those who live in a fantasy world and say that they can’t live without commercially
processed grains often argue that the enzyme inhibitor ‘phytic acid’ is neutralized during
the cooking process.
Not so.
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How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Interesting test results in regards to zinc deficiency show that milling unsrpouted
grains into flour and baking it does not break down the phytates.
In 1964 it was found that boys in Iran and Egypt had severely underdeveloped testicles.
Tests showed that they had extreme zinc deficiency, yet zinc was plentiful and widely
consumed in those countries. It was discovered that zinc was bound by phytates in the
bread they ate, and while the bread contained a great deal of zinc, it was useless because
it was locked up from the enzyme inhibitors. That’s enough to make your nuts shrink up
just thinking about it!
When we sprout our bread it is now a living bread that gives us full access for the best
digestion and assimilation of all the nutrients in our grains.
When sprouted there is fully absorbable:
1. Vitamins: A, all B vitamins, C, D, and K.
2. Minerals: calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, phosphorus, pantolenic acid,
3. Every amino acid (well what do know?!) A COMPLETE PROTEIN, but only
when prepared properly.
Yes, That’s right, sprouted grains are complete proteins by themselves!
If you try and eat these foods unsoaked the enzyme inhibitors make it very difficult to
digest and assimilate the many key nutrients.
Only certain animals such as birds have a digestive tract designed to eat unsoaked nuts,
seeds, and grains.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Here is a simple picture of a sprouting grain.
1. The grain is asleep with enzyme inhibitors
2. Add water and the grain begins to awaken and come alive, unlocking key
3. When the grain is awake then it grows strong and supplies vital nutrients
needed by your body.
The angels of air and sun
.......Then set it in the air, that the angel of air may embrace it. And leave it from the
morning to evening beneath the sun, that the angel of sunshine may descend upon it.
After soaking your wheat kernels in water over night, let your bread soak up some fresh
air and sunlight by leaving it outside for a full day. This will allow enough time for the
enzymes to really neutralize the enzyme inhibitors and prepare the amino acids, vitamins,
and minerals for maximum utilization and assimilation. It will also ensure that complex
starches, often responsible for intestinal gas, are broken down so they can be easily used
for energy and optimal digestion.
Once these little guys are sprouted and ready for consumption you can prepare them in a
few different ways.
You can simply eat as is, Like a bowl of rice.
You can crush them up in a grinder, flatten out the dough and dehydrate it
into flat bread crackers. Now you will have a cracker that still has its own
enzymes and is loaded with usable nutrients.
You can crush them up as mentioned before and form a loaf. Slowly bake
this loaf with low heat. Though this heat will kill some of the enzymes it will
still be superior to processed bread.
If you live in a part of the world where it is colder or even wetter than most places, then
a dehydrator is perfect for adding air and warmth to your food on those cold winter days.
I would highly recommend a dehydrator as one of your new kitchen appliances. You can
make all kinds of great meals and snacks with these.
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How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
If your not ready to make your own living sprouted bread the next best thing is to just buy
a loaf of manna bread in the health food store. The ingredients should read: spouted
wheat and water. Very simple.
This bread mentioned above doesn’t look like your average loaf of bread. It is smaller
more condensed and heavier. You will need a good knife to cut it into slices. Don’t
worry that it is smaller than normal loaves of bread. It has more nutrients and fiber than
any other store bought breads. It is easier to digest and only a few slices really fills you
up and satisfies your hunger.
If you can’t find it then look for Ezekiel bread or sprouted bread. This is the next best
thing to manna bread. It has a few more ingredients but it is healthier than most other
If none of these can be found go with whole wheat bread from the grocery store. Even
though it is processed it is still a little better than white bread.
Quick word on Rice:
The most nutritionally superior method of preparing rice is by sprouting it. The main
difference with this grain is that you should soak it in warm water for 20 to 24hrs. This
soaking period is just about twice as long than with other grains. Other grains need only
8-12 hours of soaking time.
Rice is a complex carbohydrate, an important part of the human diet, used to fuel the
body. Complex carbohydrates are stored in muscles and released as energy when needed.
Nutritionists recommend that over half the calories we consume should come from
complex carbohydrates.
Rice protein, when compared to that of other grains is considered as one of the highest
quality proteins. It has all eight of the essential amino acids, necessary building blocks for
strong muscles.
Rice is also a good source of other essential nutrients- thiamine, riboflavin, niacin,
phosphorus, iron, and potassium.
Rice has only a trace of fat, no cholesterol and no sodium. This along with being nonallergenic and gluten free, makes rice especially well suited for persons with special
dietary needs.
Japanese scientists have found that soaking brown rice for a day before it is cooked may
be an inexpensive and easy way to turbo-charge the nutritional value of this staple food.
Dr. Hiroshi Kayahara a professor of bio-science and biotechnology at Shinshuu
University in Nagano said in a statement that soaking the rice stimulates the early stages
of germination, when a tiny sprout, less than a millimetre tall, grows from the grain.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
If you wait until you see a small tail forming (about 1mm or 1/8 inch) you can eat it just
like it is. You can also cook it from this stage too although you risk some damage to the
nutrients. Any sprouted grain will cook faster but I would suggest that you cook it at a
lower temperature to save on damage.
"The birth of a sprout activates dormant enzymes in the brown rice all at once to supply
the best nutrition to the growing sprout."
Kayahara presented his group's research Study at the 2000 International Chemical
Congress of Pacific Basin Societies in Hawaii that sprouted rice contains more fibre,
vitamins and minerals than non-germinated rice. The germinated rice also contains triple
the amount of lysine, an amino acid needed for the growth and repair of tissues, and 10
times more gamma-aminobutyric acid, which can benefit the kidneys. Within the sprouts,
the research team also identified a chemical that blocks the action of prolylendopeptidase.
This enzyme regulates activity in the central nervous system. The researchers soaked the
brown rice in warm water for 22 hours to make it sprout. The sprouted rice is not only
enriched, it is also easier to cook because the hard outer husk has been softened and it
tastes sweeter. White rice will not sprout when soaked because it has been stripped of its
fiber and germ.
The Timing is Critical!
When you sprout your grains you must watch for the little tail that is sprouting. When it
is about the length of the seed or even less, that is the best time for consumption.
The first few times you eat sprouted grains they may seem a little firm
and chewy. This is because we have eaten soft, mushy, and mostly
fiberless grains our whole lives. After a short time your teeth will become
stronger and you will love grinding on these sprouted vitamins.
If grains are sprouted to long (2 days or more) then they become almost
too sweet. This is because the complex carbohydrates have broken down
into too many simple sugars.
A good way to prepare your grains after sprouting them. (My Favourite Method)
1. Bring water to a boil. Use a simple pot and water on the stove or a tea
2. Once the water has come to a boil immediately turn of the heat source
and let the water come calm to a stand still (Usually only seconds).
3. Then pour the hot water over a bowl of your grains and let it sit from 2-4
minutes. Pour out the hot water using a strainer and its ready to eat.
Or, sometimes I cook them for a short period of time.
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How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
1. Put the amount you want to eat in a pot and pour just enough water in to barely
cover the grains.
2. Cook at medium temperature and keep tasting until they reach a texture you
Using these quick and easy methods will soften the grains and warm them up. This will
allow for a better taste with minimal damage. Later in the book I will show you good
condiments that mix well and taste well these grains.
As I mentioned before there has been great controversy over grain/carbohydrate products
but if prepared properly, the way many of the master healers and by the few wise men
who have kept this sprouting secret over the ages, you can enjoy the many nutritional
benefits of these powerful grains.
Though I speak mostly of sprouted wheat there are several other grains that can be
sprouted such as: Amaranth, Barley, Oats, Millet, Kamut, Quinoa, Rice, and Spelt just to
name a few.
You must experiment with them all to find out which ones you like the best. My
favorites are Kamut and Rice. Kamut is related to the wheat family. They are higher in
nutrients than regular wheat and when sprouted, they have a softer texture and more
buttery taste. I’ve heard some people say that rice is too chewy. Those people are just
not use to it or they just have weak teeth. I love sprouted rice. It’s fun to grind on and
once it is broken down a little bit it gives a nice texture in the mouth.
Because of the nutrient density of sprouted grains they really fill you up. This way you
will be tempted to eat less. That was one of my main problems when I was trying to
switch to a “Raw Diet.”
A lot of the raw fooders mostly speak of fruits and vegetables as your main source of
food. I tried this for a long time but often I would still feel a little hungry. Now with
sprouted grains added to my diet I feel much more grounded and satiated.
These sprouted grains have a low glycemic index. Which simply put, they are more like
complex carbohydrates releasing sugar into the blood at a slower rate creating more
stable blood sugar levels throughout the day. Great news for diabetics.
I have discovered some ancient recipes with sprouted grains used buy Greek soldiers that
are like rocket fuel for your workouts or even just long days at work. We will discuss
these recipes later.
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How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Vegetables are loaded with vitamins and minerals. Here again, man has consumed these
foods for thousands of years.
Vegetables contain the highest amount of minerals per calorie consumed with fruits
coming in a close second. These mineral salts help to neutralize acids and eliminate toxic
waste in our bodies.
Just about every vegetable that can be eaten whole, fresh and raw contains all eight amino
acids therefore providing us with a complete protein. A random mix of vegetables will
provide about 5 times the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) of protein per calorie
So why should athletes not live off of leafy green salads for muscle growth? Though
salads may provide essential protein they are lacking in calories, which plays a major role
in muscle growth. We’ll discuss this more in detail later.
A little known fact:
After a grain or seed is sprouted it is considered a vegetable. These uncommon
vegetables contain plenty of calories and minerals providing optimal nutrition for
I do believe that eating green leafy vegetables, such as lettuce, kale, spinach, and mustard
greens are good for you because they provide a good source of fiber but the nutrient
content may be found more absorbable and tastier in sprouted grains.
Some studies show that we don’t absorb enough of the minerals buy eating leafy green
veges. They say it’s better to steam or juice the vegetable to get more absorbable
nutrients from them.
Some people argue that the taste of leafy greens aren’t naturally very pleasing, so we
have to add salad dressing just to make them palatable. Most of the things in salads are
very tasty such as red peppers, cucumbers, carrots, ect.. But it’s the leafy greens that most
people do not find favorable.
Now, I occasionally eat leafy greens but here is something else to think about;
Genesis 1:30 And to all the beast of the earth and all the birds of the air and all the
creatures that move on the ground-everything that has the breath of life in it I give
every green plant for food” and it was so.
There is only one green plant that Christ mentioned for food, which is actually an herb by
definition. It is way more powerful and nutritious than any other vegetable. If you add
this plant to your diet (which is discussed later in this book) you won’t even need to eat
other leafy green vegetables.
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How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
I just feel that green leafy vegetables are not as necessary as many health books make
them out to be. Many conventional sources say that green leafy vegetables are good for
you but the two main things that make me hesitate about this subject; the question of
absorbability and the palatability, they simply are not that pleasing by themselves so we
have to add several ingredients just to eat them.
Gospel of the Holy Twelve, Lections 38:8 God giveth the grains and the fruits of
the earth for food: and for righteous man truly there is no other lawful sustenance
for the body.
Instead of leafy greens you are better off adding sprouts, sprouted grains, seeds, or
sprouted nuts to your salad vegetables. These will provide plenty of fiber and definitely a
higher source of absorbable vitamins, minerals, proteins, and calories.
I also know of people whose doctor told them that lettuce and leafy vegetables were not
good for their digestive tract. Then you will find that other sources say green leafy veges
are good for the digestive tract because they feed the good bacteria in our intestines and
provide fiber.
But as for me I suggest eating a few salads here and there. The undigestible parts of
these salads are simply plant fibers. Most people’s diets today do not contain enough
fiber. These plant fibers act as a broom inside your intestines and help to grab a hold of
old material and drag them out. These fibers also help keep the muscles inside the
intestines strong by giving them something to work against. Not only for the fiber, but
vegetables contain many nutrients needed by the body for superior health.
Important Choices
1) Never buy vegetables out of a can! These are lifeless and contain very poor
amounts of nutrients. Always choose fresh vegetables from the produce section.
2) It is also more important to choose organic vegetables even more so that organic
Fruit trees can filter out some of the toxic sprays that are soaked in the ground but
vegetables will soak up toxic sprays directly from the soil.
3) Organic vegetables have about 30% more nutrients.
4) By eating salads you won’t have to pay for fiber in a bottle or use any type of xlax because salads provide plenty of fiber to keep things moving.
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How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
I know the word sprouts sometimes scares people, when I was young and was told to eat
brussel sprouts I thought they were the worst things in the world. But little did I know.....
Sprouts include all seeds, nuts, grains, and legumes. When we sprout these nuts, grains,
and seeds, their enzymes are activated and they begin to change and grow.
You can think of Sprouts as baby vegetables bursting with new growth and loaded with
Why are sprouts a superior food source?
Sprouts are a superior source of food because the chemical changes that occur
during the sprouting of a seed activate a powerful enzyme factory that is never
surpassed at any later stage of growth. This rich concentration of enzymes creates a
heightened enzyme activity in your metabolism, which leads to the regeneration of
your blood stream and digestive process.
As we eat these young sprouts we are consuming life in a growth stage which transfers
into the cells of our bodies, giving us immediate cell reparation. When seeds are growing
their enzymes become active breaking down the proteins into amino acids (the simplest
form of proteins), the starches into simple sugars, and the vitamins and minerals into their
simplest form making this supreme for optimum digestion of all nutrients.
Dr. F. Grada of the University of Chicago demonstrated that when sprouts were added to
other foods, they made the nutrients in these foods more usable by the body as well.
If you really want to get the most nutrition out of your salads start eating them with
I cannot rave enough about sprouts. These little things are packed with concentrated life,
vitamins, minerals, and proteins. They are basically power packed vitamins.
Exploding nutrition in new growth
Before sprouting a wheat kernel you will find negligible amounts of Vitamin C but after a
few days of sprouting it increases 600%.
Sprouted oats showed a 1300% increase in Vitamin B2. (B6) increased
500%...Pantothenic Acid 200%...Folic Acid 600%...Biotin 50%...Inositol 100%...And
when the green leaves started to show there was over 2000% increase in B2.
Sprouted beans and legumes contain high quality complete proteins.
Dr. F. Pottenger of the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation pronounced sprouted grains
as a complete food, able to support human life by themselves if the need arose.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Dr. C.F. Snabel, a biochemist and independent agriculture consultant, found that sprouted
wheat, by itself, was one of the only foods that could sustain the life and health of
experimental animals through generations.
In the Essene Gospel of Peace book 4, when talking about sprouted wheat, Jesus said:
“Eat, then, Sons of Light of this most perfect herb from the table of our Earthly
Mother, that your days be long upon the earth, for such finds favor in the eyes of
Sprouts are one of the main ingredients found in the diet of the Hunzas, who are noted for
their extreme long lives and unbelievable health. These sprouts provide them with the
nutrients they need during the cold harsh winters in the Himalayan Mountains.
The list could go on and on. There are thousands of experiments that have passed the test
time and time again proving the nutritional value of sprouts.
There are several different types of sprouts to choose from, but some of the most
tasty and popular are:
Alfalfa - which are a complete protein, contain vitamins A, B, C, D, E, F, K and
are rich in minerals.
Almonds - rich in protein, calcium, and essential fats.
Lentils - when sprouted, they become a complete protein, loaded with minerals
and B vitamins.
Mung beans - the Chinese have been using these since the beginning of time.
You’ll probably find these in every Chinese restaurant you go to. When
sprouted they become a complete protein and contain high quality vitamins A,
B, C, and minerals.
Oats - you should find the whole sprouting kind. These contain high quality
protein, vitamin A, Alkaline minerals, and fiber.
Sunflower seeds - these are rich in essential fats, minerals, proteins, vitamins B,
C, & E.
And last but not least.
Wheat- the most common you will find are hard red winter wheat and soft
wheat. Try them both. These are basically a complete food by themselves; they
are a complete protein and contain high quality minerals, vitamins B, C, and E.
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How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
So give all these a try and see what you like the best. You can buy some sprouts at the
grocery store but they will not be a fresh as when you sprout them yourself. I find
Sprouting quite fun. Just go to your local health food store and you should find several
different types of seeds to choose from.
Here are a few advantages to sprouting verses regular gardening:
Most people don’t have gardens so sprouting is much simpler.
You won’t have to worry about soil conditions, weeds, sprays, the weather, or
seasons of the year. Sprouts are grown indoors with only your seeds and a jar.
That’s right no dirt no nothin!
You just soak them over night 8-12 hours in water, the next morning you drain
the water off and then rinse them once in the morning and once at night with
water for 3 to 6 days depending on your seed.
All together you might spend 30 seconds a day rinsing your sprouts. Not bad for
producing some of the most nutritious food known to man.
The seeds are practically dirt-cheap. When you sprout a tablespoon of alfalfa
seeds you will be amazed at the amount it produces.
Jars used for sprouting will occupy very little space in your home. I usually keep
mine in a window seal close to a sink so I can just rinse and set them right back
to drain.
It’s also fun to watch the little babies growing. For some reason it’s quite a
pleasing feeling. It’s a chance for you to become a simple indoor gardener,
without even getting your hands dirty. You can also get your children involved
because unlike outside gardening, which can take weeks, the sprouting is so fast
that children often still hold interest.
Especially in places with long cold winters sprouts are a sure way to give you
and your family a high quality supply of power packed enzymes, protein,
vitamins, and minerals.
So if these sprouts are so nutritious and good for us then why is this knowledge not
so popular with the mainstream public?
Dr. C. McCay of the Cornwell University School of Nutrition was hired by the U.S.
government during World War II to help find suitable protein substitutes for meat,
poultry, and dairy products because of expected wartime shortages. After months of
research Dr. McCay concluded that different types of sprouts would fill the requirements
quite well. He wrote several articles that included instructions and recipes for sprouts
that were available through the U.S. Government Printing Office. Since the shortages
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How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
never came, the campaign to educate Americans about the nutritional value of sprouts
was dropped.
The people who could have sent out this information to the public had and still has their
money invested in the beef industry because the selling of cattle and hogs is a billiondollar industry. If people were to find out about better ways to receive protein, in a
much much cheaper way, it might effect some of their cash flow. And these guys surely
don’t want that!
Other countries have kept the knowledge for thousands of years and with in the last few
years more and more Americans are catching on. There are some great books and
websites on sprouts that contain study after study of the amazing effects of these foods. have a great website for more info and products to help you start
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How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
As you read this section you will notice that I speak mostly of liquid milk but keep in
mind that liquid milk is the basis of the other dairy products such as cheeses, yoghurts,
quark, and kefir.
There has been a lot of controversy over this subject. But it is really very simple. Just
like other foods, milk should be consumed fresh. NOT homogenized and NOT
When milk is drank fresh, it still has it’s own enzymes to breakdown the lactose, proteins
and vitamins and minerals. Notice there’s that magical little word again enzymes!
“So eat always from the table of God: the fruits of the trees, the grain and grasses of
the field, the milk of beasts, and the honey of bees.”
Jesus, the Essene Gospel of Peace.
What happens to fresh milk that is pasteurized and homogenized?
It is put through such a high heating process that guess what? Yep, you guessed it; all
the enzymes are destroyed along with most of its vitamins and minerals. Also, the
chemical structures of the fats and proteins are deranged becoming toxic and very
irritating to your digestive tract.
This is one of the main reasons why several people are considered lactose intolerant.
Dr. Mercola states that Pasteurization is a destructive process that changes the physical
structure of the fragile proteins in milk (especially casein) and converts them into
proteins your body was never designed to handle -- and that can actually harm you.
Additionally, the pasteurization process virtually eliminates the good bacteria normally
present in the milk and radically reduces the micronutrient and vitamin content of this
healthy food.
It is equally important to consider that reduced-fat, low-fat, or fat-free versions of milk
are virtually void of metabolically beneficial vitamin D and calcium. These milks are
also typically homogenized, a process that keeps the milk from naturally separating. The
homogenization process creates a substance known as xanthine oxidase, which is thought
to play a role in oxidative stress by acting as a free radical in the body.
The above info comes from
Why do companies pasteurize and homogenize milk products?
1. Because it supposedly “purifies” them from any harmful bacteria, (killing all the
good bacteria at the same time). and
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How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
2. It has a much longer shelf life, which any storeowner would want because now it
can sit on the shelves longer in hopes of being sold.
Here are 8 other reasons why you shouldn’t consume processed milk.
This is what you won’t find hanging on the advertising billboards. Please note, these
studies were performed with processed milk. There are only a couple states where it is
legal to buy fresh unprocessed milk.
1. Osteoporosis
Milk is touted for preventing osteoporosis, yet clinical research
shows otherwise. The Harvard Nurses' Health Study, which followed
more than 75,000 women for 12 years, showed no protective effect of
increased milk consumption on fracture risk. In fact, increased
intake of calcium from dairy products was associated with a higher
fracture risk. An Australian study showed the same results.
Additionally, other studies have also found no protective effect
of dairy calcium on bone. You can decrease your risk of osteoporosis
by reducing sodium and animal protein intake in the diet,
increasing intake of fruits and vegetables, exercising, and
ensuring adequate calcium intake from plant foods such as leafy green
vegetables and beans, as well as calcium-fortified products such as
breakfast cereals and juices.
2. Cancer
Several cancers, such as ovarian cancer, have been linked to the
consumption of dairy products. The milk sugar lactose is broken down
in the body into another sugar, galactose. In turn, galactose is
broken down further by enzymes. According to a study by Daniel
Cramer, M.D., and his colleagues at Harvard, when dairy product
consumption exceeds the enzymes' capacity to break down galactose, it
can build up in the blood and may affect a woman's ovaries. Some
women have particularly low levels of these enzymes, and when they
consume dairy products on a regular basis, their risk of ovarian
cancer can be triple that of other women.
Breast and prostate cancers have also been linked to consumption of
dairy products, presumably related, at least in part, to increases in
a compound called insulin-like growth factor (IGF-I). IGF-I is
found in cow's milk and has been shown to occur in increased levels
in the blood by individuals consuming dairy products on a regular
basis. Other nutrients that increase IGF-I are also found in cow's
milk. A recent study showed that men who had the highest levels of
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How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
IGF-I had more than four times the risk of prostate cancer compared
with those who had the lowest levels.14
3. Diabetes
Insulin-dependent diabetes (Type I or childhood-onset) is linked to
consumption of dairy products. Epidemiological studies of various
countries show a strong correlation between the use of dairy products
and the incidence of insulin-dependent diabetes. Researchers in
1992 found that a specific dairy protein sparks an auto-immune
reaction, which is believed to be what destroys the insulin-producing
cells of the pancreas.
4. Lactose Intolerance
Lactose intolerance is common among many populations, affecting
approximately 95 percent of Asian Americans, 74 percent of Native
Americans, 70 percent of African Americans, 53 percent of Mexican
Americans, and 15 percent of Caucasians. Symptoms, which include
gastrointestinal distress, diarrhoea, and flatulence, occur because
these individuals do not have the enzymes that digest the milk sugar
lactose. Additionally, along with unwanted symptoms, milk-drinkers
are also putting themselves at risk for development of other chronic
diseases and ailments.
5. Vitamin D Toxicity
Consumption of milk may not provide a consistent and reliable source
of vitamin D in the diet. Samplings of milk have found significant
variation in vitamin D content, with some samplings having had as
much as 500 times the indicated level, while others had little or
none at all. Too much vitamin D can be toxic and may result in
excess calcium levels in the blood and urine, increased aluminium
absorption in the body, and calcium deposits in soft tissue.
6. Contaminants
Synthetic hormones such as recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH)
are commonly used in dairy cows to increase the production of milk.
Because the cows are producing quantities of milk nature never
intended, the end result is mastitis, or inflammation of the mammary
glands. The treatment requires the use of antibiotics, and traces of
these and hormones have been found in samples of milk and other dairy
products. Pesticides and other drugs are also frequent contaminants
of dairy products.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
7. Health Concerns of Infants and Children
Milk proteins, milk sugar, and fat in dairy products
may pose health risks for children and lead to the development of
chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and formation of
athersclerotic plaques that can lead to heart disease.
The American Academy of Paediatrics recommends that infants below one
year of age not be given whole cow's milk, as iron deficiency is more
likely on a dairy-rich diet. Cow's milk products are very low in
iron. If they become a major part of one's diet, iron deficiency is
more likely. Colic is an additional concern with milk consumption.
One out of every five babies suffers from colic. Paediatricians
learned long ago that cows' milk was often the reason. We now know
that breastfeeding mothers can have colicky babies if the mothers are
consuming cow's milk. The cows' antibodies can pass through the
mother's bloodstream into her breast milk and to the baby.
Additionally, food allergies appear to be common results of milk
consumption, particularly in children. A recent study also linked
cow's milk consumption to chronic constipation in children.
Researchers suggest that milk consumption resulted in perianal sores
and severe pain on defecation, leading to constipation.
Milk and dairy products are not necessary in the diet and can, in
fact, be harmful to your health. Consume a healthful diet of grains,
fruits, vegetables, legumes, and fortified foods including cereals
and juices. These nutrient-dense foods can help you meet your
calcium, potassium, riboflavin, and vitamin D requirements with ease—
and without the health risks.
These studies only scrape the surface on processed milk. If you really want more proof it
is out there. There is plenty of info on the net and in books.
So milk lovers, what are we to do!?
The best milk you can consume besides human breast milk is fresh goats milk. Countless
studies have shown that goat’s milk is the closest thing to human milk.
The molecular structure of the protein and other components is almost identical to that of
human milk.
For Superior Health:
If you can find a goat farmer that can supply you with fresh goat milk you got no worries
and great milk to drink. I’ve seen this before, it may be a little difficult to find but just
keep asking around. You can bottle it in glass and keep it in the fridge for several days.
Just make sure your fridge stays nice and cold.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
You can also go to and type in raw milk to find web sites that will help you
find sources of raw milk in your area.
I think if we all started to demand raw goat milk, the stores would probably start to
supply it.
Then next best choice:
Fresh unprocessed cow milk. The only controversy here is that the protein molecule in
cow’s milk is three times larger than that of humans, supposedly making it harder to
digest. But any source of fresh milk is better that processed milk.
If you can’t find a fresh milk source then you should truly consider ditching milk
products all together. If you just have to use a processed milk source go for organic
goat’s milk in a health food store, I’ve even seen it in grocery stores on rare occasions.
Even though it has been processed it is still your next best choice. I also think it tastes
much better than cow’s milk.
When that is not available then go for organic cow milk. Again, it’s processed but still a
little better than the other stuff you buy in grocery stores. And sure, most other
commercial products in the grocery store are cheaper but so is toxic waste.
Dairy Alternatives:
You can make fresh milks from soaked almonds but don’t reach for the soymilk!
Soymilk is one of the biggest scams for a dairy alternative. Advertising and marketing
have boosted this bean to make it sound like some kind of healthy miracle food. In fact,
it is quite the opposite. Of course, most of the info that reaches the main stream public
tells how good soy is for you. The guys who tell you these lies are the ones trying to
promote and sell it. And they’ve made a lot of money doing it.
Here is what they hope you won’t find out.
1. Soy products are not an edible food. They have been put through enormous
processing, making them 100% man-made and like other man made foods
these are also garbage.
2. Soy contains high levels of phytic acids that block the assimilation of
important minerals in the body. This will lead to deficiencies in calcium and
Vit D due to this mineral blocking action.
3. Soy contains trypsin inhibitors, which block normal protein digestion.
4. It also contains goitrogens, substances that depress the functions of the
thyroid gland.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
5. Soy has an overload of phytoestrogens that throw off the hormone balance in
the body. This can cause infertility and disruptions in endocrine gland
functions. This stuff is basically like eating or drinking birth control pills.
Not Cool!
6. It is full of damages and denatured proteins from complicated processing
7. Soy contains over 1000% more aluminium than conventional milk based
formulas. This aluminium leaches into soymilk from the modern processing
which uses large aluminium vats to create this junk.
8. By using soy in the place of fresh real milk you are replacing a nutrient dense
food with not just a nutrient poor food but a food that contains substances
that make the body block nutrients. This is a huge step away from superior
9. 99% of soy is genetically modified and has one of the highest percentages of
contamination by pesticides of any of our foods.
That saddest part of the whole deal is thousands of children will end up with health
problems because many mothers are fooled into giving their children soy formulas
because they believe it is a healthy product. Listen people…. this is one of the worst
foods you can feed your child.
Soybeans true use
Soybeans have been around for thousands of years. In Ancient Chinese pictographs soy
is mentioned as one of the five sacred grains along with barley, wheat, millet, and rice.
However, they show that the soybean was the only one that was not used as food.
The agriculture literature of that time shows that soybeans were only used in crop
rotation. Soybeans balance and add nitrogen back to the soil to produce healthier crops.
These methods are still used in some parts of the world.
I have only scraped the top of mountains of information that show the negative effects of
this product. There is enough evidence to write a complete book on the detrimental
effects of soy products. If these statements have jarred your brain a little bit and you
question what I have just told you, I encourage you to dig deeper and find out more about
this product. But just keep in mind.............. Who is trying to sell you what?
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Here again you will always have big controversy so let’s take a look at what our
ancestors tell us and then we will take a look at what science has proven.
Well, first we have,
Genesis 1:29 Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the
whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for
Genesis 1:29 shows that man was strictly vegetarian before the Great Flood. It wasn’t
until after the Flood that God allowed man to eat the flesh of animals BUT, shortly after
he gave him permission he said that he would take account for all that you kill. In plain
English, he’s saying there will be consequences. Genesis 9:3 “Everything that lives
and moves will be food for you. Just as I gave you the green plants I now give you
everything.” I believe that after the flood many plants and trees were destroyed so God
gave Noah permission to eat flesh only to survive until he could grow his own food
again. Genesis 9:5 “And for your lifeblood I will surely demand an accounting. I
will demand an accounting from every animal. And from each man, too, I will
demand an accounting for the life of his fellow man.” As you can see, if man takes the
life of an animal or man God will demand an accounting.
In Genesis 1 the Bible makes it clear that animals and man have a “nephesh,” that is, a
“life-spirit,” or soul. Plants do not have this.
Exodus 20:13 “Thou shall not kill”
Then when we look to Leviticus 11:1-49 the Lord tells Moses and Aaron exactly what
animals the Israelites may eat. So instead of allowing man to eat everything that moves,
now God cleans up the flesh eating a little bit, telling them the difference between the
clean and unclean beast which could be eaten.
So what is going on here? The Bible first tells us only to eat seed-bearing plants and
fruit, then later, it says it’s ok to eat flesh but we must make payment for it. What is this
account or payment?
Here is your answer told by Jesus. Most people have never read or heard this because it
was hidden in archives by wine bibbing and meat eating clergy for almost 2000 years.
Tell us , what are the sins which we must shun, that we may nevermore see
Jesus answered: “Be it so according to your faith,” and he sat down among them
saying: "It was said to them of old time, 'Honour thy Heavenly Father and thy Earthly
Mother, and do their commandments, that thy days may be long upon the earth.' And
next afterwards was given this commandment, 'Thou shalt not kill,' for life is given to
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
all by God, and that which God has given, let not man take away. For I tell you truly,
from one Mother proceeds all that lives upon the earth. Therefore, he who kills, kills
his brother. And from him will the Earthly Mother turn away, and will pluck from him
her quickening breasts. And he will be shunned by her angels, and Satan will have his
dwelling in his body. And the flesh of slain beasts in his body will become his own
tomb. For I tell you truly, he who kills, kills himself, and whoso eats the flesh of slain
beasts, eats of the body of death. For in his blood every drop of their blood turns to
poison; in his breath their breath to stink; in his flesh their flesh to boils; in his bones
their bones to chalk; in his bowels their bowels to decay; in his eyes their eyes to scales;
in his ears their ears to waxy issue. And their death will become his death. For only in
the service of your Heavenly Father are your debts of seven years forgiven in seven
clays. But Satan forgives you nothing and you must pay him for all. 'Eye for eye, tooth
for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot; burning for burning, wound for wound; life for
life, death for death.' For the wages of sin is death. Kill not, neither eat the flesh of
your innocent prey, lest you become the slaves of Satan. For that is the path of
sufferings, and it leads unto death. But do the will of God, that his angels may serve
you on the way of life. Obey, therefore, the words of God: 'Behold, I have given you
every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the
which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat. And to every beast
of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to everything that creepeth upon the
earth, wherein there is breath of life, I give every green herb for meat. Also the milk of
every thing that moveth and liveth upon earth shall be meat for you; even as the green
herb have I given unto them, so I give their milk unto you. But flesh, and the blood
which quickens it, shall ye not eat. And, surely, your spurting blood will I require, your
blood wherein is your soul; I will require all slain beasts, and the souls of all slain
men. For I the Lord thy God am a God strong and jealous, visiting the iniquity of the
fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;
and showing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments.
Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy
strength: this is the first and greatest commandment.' And the second is like unto it:
'Love thy neighbor as thyself' There is none other commandment greater than these."
And after these words they all remained silent, save one, who called out: "What am I to
do, Master, if I see a wild beast rend my brother in the forest? Shall I let my brother
perish, or kill the wild beast? Shall not I thus transgress the law?"
And Jesus answered: "It was said to them of old time: "All beasts that move upon the
earth, all the fish of the sea, and all the fowl of the air are given into thy power." I tell
you truly, of all creatures living upon the earth, God created only man after his image.
Wherefore beasts are for man, and not man for beasts. You do not, therefore,
transgress the law if you kill the wild beast to save your brother's life. For I tell you
truly, man is more than the beast. But he who kills the beast without a cause, though
the beast attack him not, through lust for slaughter, or for its flesh, or for its hide, or
yet for its tusks, evil is the deed which he does, for he is turned into a wild beast
himself. Wherefore is his end also as the end of the wild beasts.”
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Then another said: "Moses, the greatest in Israel, suffered our forefathers to eat the
flesh of clean beasts, and forbade only the flesh of unclean beasts. Why, therefore, do
you forbid us the flesh of all beasts? Which law comes from God? That of Moses, or
your law?"
And Jesus answered: "God gave, by Moses, ten commandments to your forefathers.
'These commandments are hard,' said your forefathers, and they could not keep them.
When Moses saw this, he had compassion on his people, and would not that they
perish. And then he gave them ten times ten commandments. For he whose feet are
strong as the mountain of Zion, needs no crutches; but he whose limbs do shake, gets
further having crutches, than without them. And Moses said to the Lord: 'My heart is
filled with sorrow, for my people will be lost. For they are without knowledge, and are
not able to understand thy commandments. They are as little children who cannot yet
understand their father's words. Suffer, Lord, that I give them other laws, that they
may not perish. if they may not be with thee, Lord, let them not be against thee; that
they may sustain themselves, and when the time has come, and they are ripe for thy
words, reveal to them thy laws.' For that did Moses break the two tablets of stone
whereon were written the ten commandments, and he gave them ten times ten in their
stead. And of these ten times ten the Scribes and Pharisees have made a hundred times
ten commandments. And they have laid unbearable burdens on your shoulders, that
they themselves do not carry. For the more nigh are the commandments to God, the
less do we need; and the farther they are from God, then the more do we need.
Wherefore are the laws of the Pharisees and Scribes innumerable; the laws of the Son
of Man seven; of the angels three; and of God one.
"Therefore, I teach you only those laws which you can understand, that you may
become men, and follow the seven laws of the Son of Man. Then will the unknown
angels of the Heavenly Father also reveal their laws to you, that God's holy spirit may
descend upon you, and lead you to his law."
And all were astonished at his wisdom, and asked him: "Continue, Master, and teach
us all the laws which we can receive."
And Jesus continued: "God commanded your forefathers: 'Thou shalt not kill.' But
their heart was hardened and they killed. Then Moses desired that at least they should
not kill men, and he suffered them to kill beasts. And then the heart of your forefathers
was hardened yet more, and they killed men and beasts likewise. But I do say to you:
Kill neither men, nor beasts, nor yet the food which goes into your mouth. For if you
eat living food, the same will quicken you, but if you kill your food, the dead food will
kill you also. For life comes only from life, and from death comes always death. For
everything which kills your foods, kills your bodies also. And everything which kills
your bodies kills your souls also. And your bodies become what your foods are, even as
your spirits, likewise, become what your thoughts are. Therefore, eat not anything
which fire, or frost, or water has destroyed. For burned, frozen and rotted foods will
burn, freeze and rot your body also. Be not like the foolish husbandman who sowed in
his ground cooked, and frozen, and rotten seeds. And the autumn came, and his fields
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How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
bore nothing. And great was his distress. But be like that husbandman who sowed in
his field living seed, and whose field bore living ears of wheat, paying a hundredfold
for the seeds which he planted. For I tell you truly, live only by the fire of life, and
prepare not your foods with the fire of death, which kills your foods, your bodies and
your souls also."
The Essene Gospel of Peace Book 1.
Some people argue that Christ himself ate meat. No where in the Bible does is say that
Jesus ate meat (or Flesh foods). In the King James translation, there are a few verses that
mention Jesus eating meat, but in those cases, meat is translated from the Greek word
"Broma" which literally means "food".
Jesus was also against animal cruelty and sacrifice. He quoted Hosea 6:6, saying, "For I
desire mercy, not sacrifice, and acknowledgement of God rather than burnt offerings."
Gospel of the Holy Twelve 12-15
12. AND Jesus was travelling to Jerusalem, and there came a camel heavy laden
with wood. And the camel could not drag it up the hill whither he went for the
weight thereof, and the driver beat him and cruelly ill-treated him, but he could
make him go no further.
13. And Jesus seeing this, said unto him, Wherefore beatest thou thy brother? And
the man answered, I wot not that he is my brother, is he not a beast of burden and
made to serve me?
14. And Jesus said, Hath not the same God made of the same substance the camel
and thy children who serve thee, and have ye not one breath of life which ye have
both received from God ?
15. And the man marvelled much at this saying, and he ceased from beating the
camel, and took off some of the burden and the camel walked up the hill as Jesus
went before him, and stopped no more till he ended his journey.
There are also several other stories that mention Jesus helping and saving the lives of
animals. The most famous story is when he ticked off the Pharisees by trying to set
several animals free outside a temple that were about to be sold as sacrifice.
When it comes to the subject of Christ eating meat the most frequently asked
question is......
WHAT ABOUT FISH? Did Jesus eat fish?
In the 14th chapter of Matthew (verses 13-21) Jesus takes his boat to a remote island.
Thousands follow him there. Jesus tells his disciples to feed these people, but they tell
him that they only have five loaves of bread and two fish (verse 17). Jesus gave thanks
for the food, and it multiplied into enough to feed five thousand people. Now the question
is, if Jesus was a vegetarian, why was he giving fish to his followers?
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
It should be noted that some scholars contend that the Greek word for "fish weed" (a
dried seaweed) has been mistranslated in this story as "fish". It is certainly true that dried
fishweed would be more likely in a basket with bread, and fishweed remains a popular
food among Palestinian peasants like the people to whom Jesus was speaking. Also, in
the beginning of the story (Matthew 14:13) it says Jesus got to this place by boat. These
people were right by the sea. If they were out of fish, why not just go on a quick fishing
expedition? Surely with 5,000 men present it would not be that hard to go fishing. With
this in mind, it further supports the thought that fishweed was being used, not actual fish.
Also, when one considers that the disciples did not even think about trying to catch some
fish, this helps explain Matthew 4:18-20, where Jesus gets his first disciples by telling
some fishermen to give up their profession and follow him. Jesus even says to them "I
will make you a fisher of men". Could this be that Jesus was having them give up their
barbaric line of work to do something more righteous? It may sound absurd, but it starts
to make a little more sense when you take it in the same context as the story of feeding
five thousand, where the disciples never even considered trying to catch some fish,
despite being beside the sea. Why didn't they go fishing? Did Jesus teach it was wrong to
eat fish?
By Denis Giron
The argument could go on and on but I think even IF Jesus ate a piece of fish I’m sure it
wasn’t part of his daily dietary habits.
How about the prophet Daniel? He himself was also a vegetarian. When Daniel was
imprisoned by Nebuchadnezzar (the king of Babylon), he refused to defile himself by
eating the meat served to him in the prison. Daniel knew the benefits of a vegetarian diet.
Consider the following verses...
Daniel 1:11-16
Daniel then said to the guard whom the chief official had appointed over him: "Please test
your servants for ten days: Give us nothing but vegetables to eat and water to drink. Then
compare our appearance with that of the young men who eat the royal food, and treat
your servants in accordance with what you see." So he agreed to this and tested them for
ten days. At the end of the ten days they looked healthier and better nourished than any of
the young men who ate the royal food. So the guard took away their meat and the wine
they were to drink and gave them vegetables instead.
Isaiah 65:25
"The wolf and the lamb will feed together, and the lion will eat straw like the ox, but
dust will be the serpent's food. They will neither hunt nor destroy on all my holy
mountain," says the LORD.
The prophet Isaiah gave a long description of the peaceable kingdom that pointed
strongly to a world filled with only herbivores.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
So whether you hear the truth or not in the words above, lets look at what science has to
say about eating meat.
Enlarge your screen to at least 200% to read the Chart below.
I use to be a pretty heavy meat eater because I too got sold on the whole protein
propaganda. Yep, all the body building magazines, schoolbooks, and other so-called
“conventional information” tells you that you must consume flesh for protein.
Studies have shown that eating meat creates uric acid in the body, which in turn gets
trapped in joints causing arthritis.
At the age of 20 my knees hurt so bad that I couldn’t even jog without them hurting (I
consumed lots of meat at this time, especially tuna fish). I went to 6 different doctors
about the problem and they all told me that they couldn’t find anything wrong. After a
short time of not eating meat the pain in my knees disappeared.
Meat also contains zero fiber which makes for a long transition time through the digestive
system. Not Good!
Think about this for a minute.
• First the animal is slaughtered, as soon as this takes place the meat
already starts to decompose.
• Then the meat is radiated and heated to kill all germs and bacteria which
in turn kills all the enzymes and retards protein and fat structures.
• Now it is wrapped in toxic cellophane and Styrofoam and it is placed out
in the meat section where it sits for a few more days still rotting and
decomposing even further.
• We then take it home and heat it in the oven around 350 degrees F, which
further destroys any nutrients that could have been left.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
And last, we eat it where it sits in our body at a temperature of 98.6° F.
And what would happen if you left a piece of meat sitting outside in that
kind of heat? It would rot and decompose even further.
On top of that, meat has no fiber so it is very difficult for it to pass
through the digestive tract.
A lot of this material settles in the intestines. After sitting there for so
long it putrefies and becomes hard fecal matter that builds up on the
intestinal walls.
There have been countless studies of meat eaters vs. vegetarians when it comes to fitness
levels and the vegetarians always out performed and showed faster muscle recovery.
Here is a list of some of the top athletes in the world who were vegetarian.
Murray Rose – considered by many to be the greatest swimmer of all time
Edwin Moses – one of the greatest high hurdlers of all time
Dave Scott – Six-time winner of the Ironman
Robert Sweetgall – world premier ultra-distance walker
Johnnie Weismuller – holder of many swimming world records and famous
for his movie role as Tarzan
Henry Aaron – major league baseball home run champion
Walter Payton – one of American football’s greatest running backs
Eselle Gray and Cheryl Marek – world record cross-country tandem cycling
Andreas Cahling – Mr. international bodybuilding champion
Robert Parish – one of basketball’s all time greats
Carl Lewis – Olympic long jump and sprints champion competing in four
Bill Pickering – Great Britain's most famous channel swimmer
Martina Navratilova – Tennis superstar in a career that lasted more than 20
Stan Price – World Record holder in bench press
Ridgely Abele – holder of 8 national championships in karate.
Dan Millman – world-class gymnast and world champion trampolinist
Rudy Carti – world record holder with 151,000 abdominal crunches in 48
Killer Kowalski – professional wrestler whose career spanned three decades
Ronnie Grandison – veteran basketball player in the NBA
Jamie Parsley – Great Britain’s most famous bicyclist
Sixto Linares – world record holder in 24 hour triathlon (swim 4.8 miles,
cycle 185 miles, run 52.2 miles)
Paavo Nurmi – holder of 9 Olympic medals, twenty world records in distance
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
James and Johnathan de Donato – holders of the world records in distance
butterfly swimming
• Roy Hilligan – Mr. America body-building champion
• Kenny Croes – holder of over 15 “first and/or only man to swim “distance
This list came from On Nutritional and Physical Performance pg.77-78
Other quotes about flesh consumption.
• "It is my view that the vegetarian manner of living by its purely physical effect
on the human temperament, would most beneficially influence the lot of
Isaiah 66:3 He that killeth an ox is as if he slew a man; he that sacrificeth a lamb,
as if he cut off a dog's neck; he that offereth an oblation, as if he offered swine's
blood; he that burneth incense, as if he blessed an idol. Yea, they have chosen
their own ways, and their soul delighteth in their abominations.
St. Francis of Assisi (1181-1226) If you have men who will exclude any of God's
creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who deal
likewise with their fellow men.
Jesus (Gospel of the Holy Twelve 3.) Verily my body is the substance of God, and
this is meat indeed, and my blood is the life of God and this is drink indeed. Not
as your ancestors, who craved for flesh, and God gave them flesh in his wrath,
and they ate of corruption till it stank in their nostrils, and their carcasses fell by
the thousand in the wilderness by reason of the plague.
Now days is probably the worst time ever to consume animal flesh. There are thousands
of cases of mad cow and bird flu disease happening all over the world.
Not only that but the FDA has just recently allowed viruses to be added to cold cut meat
packages. E.g. Bologna, ham, sausage, turkey, ect…These viruses are suppose to attack
possible harmful viruses that are sometimes found in these meat products. That’s great
isn’t it, knowing that viruses are battling it out inside your body. I was shocked when I
first read about this but what made it really set in was after I saw it on CNN!
On the other hand, I have often seen many vegetarians who don’t look so healthy. That’s
because they eat to many processed and refined foods. Most probably have a big sweet
tooth also. So just because you don’t eat meat doesn’t really mean that you are really that
healthy or even healthier than someone who does eats meat.
In fact, some of the healthiest cultures in the world eat a little bit of meat in their diets.
But other than that they mostly consume grains, veges, and fruits.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
It’s actually better to be a frugal eater, even with meat in the diet, than to be an over
eating vegetarian.
Romans 14:21 It is better not to eat meat or drink wine or to do anything else that
will cause any man to stumble.
The argument of eating meat could go on and on. But the fact is the body does not need
Flesh foods for survival or for proper protein requirements. Complete proteins can easily
be supplied with other foods mentioned in this book. If you want superior health, do not
consume flesh, the body can function easier without it.
First of all, what is organic food? It is food that is grown only using natural methods; the
way nature has been working since the beginning of time. This just simply means that
these foods have not been sprayed or grown with any type of man-made chemicals,
pesticides, or hormones.
What’s the big deal about these chemicals and pesticides that are sprayed on crops?
They are designed to kill living organisms and are therefore a threat to your health.
These chemicals lead to damage of both the nervous and hormonal systems and have
caused countless number of birth defects in children. The National Cancer Institute states
that 30% of insecticides, 60% of herbicides and 90% of fungicides are known to cause
If this stuff is so bad for us then why are farmers using it? By using improper
farming methods, much of our commercial soils have been weakened in their mineral
content. Thus creating weaker crops. Many bugs and insects eat weaker plants as their
food supply. They do not eat strong and healthy plants. This is just how nature works.
As these weak commercial crops get attacked by insects and viruses they are sprayed
with more poisonous chemicals in order to kill these pests. These poisonous chemicals
not only kill insects, funguses, and viruses but they also kill the good and beneficial
micro-organisms that keep the soil healthy and clean. Killing of these beneficial microorganisms further weakens the soil making weaker crops that become even more
susceptible to damage from insects and viruses. Then harder and harder chemicals have
to be sprayed to keep away mutating viruses and insects as they become immune to these
Instead of using proper farming techniques to increase the strength of the soil (so that the
plants grown will be strong enough to be insect and virus resistant) ignorant farmers keep
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
making the problem worse and worse as they use toxic chemicals trying to keep their
weakened crops from being consumed by insects and viruses.
Many companies want farmers to stay ignorant to organic farming because they make
thousands if not millions of dollars selling these harmful chemicals to them. If these
farmers would use proper farming methods to make the soil stronger they would
eliminate the expensive and toxic use of these sprays all together. These proper farming
methods are not rocket science either; they have been used at least for the last 12,000
years that we know of. But just like most things of today, the simplicity has been over
looked or forgotten.
Other reasons to pick organic produce
THE TASTE! Fresh Organic foods have way better taste than commercial
produce. Don’t just take my word for it, test it for yourself. Find a good
piece of organic fruit compared to a piece of commercial fruit. I believe
that’s why most people steer clear of produce these days, because most of it
taste like crap compared to naturally grown organic foods.
You get more for your money with organic produce. You might pay a couple
cents more than commercial produce but fresh organic produce contains on
average 50% more vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other micronutrients.
Organic farms support and nurture our beautiful and diverse wildlife. Over
the last thirty years intensive farming in the UK has led to dramatic erosion
of the soil. There has been a fall of up to 70% of wild birds in some areas, the
destruction of ancient hedgerows, and the near extinction of some of the most
beautiful species of butterflies, frogs, grass-snakes and wild mammals.
Organic food is not really more expensive than intensively farmed foods, as
we pay for conventional foods through our taxes. We spend billions of dollars
every year cleaning up the mess that agro-chemicals make to our natural
water supply. And the BSE crisis cost us 4 billion dollars. Go organic for a
genuine more cost-effective future.
If you eat dairy or meat products, going organic has never been more
essential to safeguard you and your family's health. Intensively-reared dairy
cows and farm animals are fed a dangerous cocktail of anti-biotics, growth
promoting drugs, anti-parasite drugs and many other medicines on a daily
basis, whether they have an illness or not. These drugs are passed directly
onto the consumers of their dairy produce or meat, which must be a
contributing factor to meat-related diseases like coronaries and high blood
Toxic sprays have been known to cause several birth defects and illness in
children. Don’t do this to your children! You are old enough to understand
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
the negative effects of these poisons but your children have no clue. At least
give them a better chance by protecting them from these chemicals until they
are old enough to make their own decisions.
The average conventionally-grown apple has 20-30 artificial poisons on its
skin, even after rinsing. Trust your instincts, and go organic!
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
The only sugars that are fit for us to consume are the simple sugars in their natural state
such as those in fruits, vegetables, and those broken down from proper carbohydrates.
The other type of sugar that we know of is the white refined processed sugars we find in
90% of the items in the grocery store. Often times these refined sugars are hidden under
many different names such as sucrose, maltose, corn syrup, dextrose, high fructose corn
syrup, ect...
This stuff produces shear heinous reactions on your body.
Let’s look a little closer.
What is refined sugar?
It is the multiple chemical processings of the sugar cane or beet. During this process,
90% of the fiber, proteins, vitamins, and minerals are removed.
What is left after this process? Nothing but pure refined carbohydrates. The body
CANNOT utilise this refined carbohydrate unless there is a presence of enzymes,
vitamins and minerals. In whole natural foods enzymes, vitamins and minerals exist in
perfect balance so that they can sufficiently metabolize the carbohydrates in that
particular plant.
Why is this lifeless substance so bad for us?
When there is an incomplete metabolism of carbohydrates this results in the formation of
pyruvic acid. This accumulates in the brain, nervous system, and in the blood. These
toxic metabolites interfere with the respiration of the cells so that they do not receive
enough oxygen. Without sufficient oxygen cells start to die and that’s the beginning of
degenerate disease.
You are better off eating nothing than eating refined sugar.
To digest refined sugar the body is drained and leached of its own vitamins and minerals.
This is the main reason for tooth decay. Even those who brush their teeth 3 time a day
can still have cavities because the calcium is being pulled from inside the body for the
digestion of sugar. It’s also another reason for osteoporosis (degeneration of the bones).
Processed sugar makes the body very acidic. When the body becomes to acidic it trys to
rebalance its’ pH levels with alkalizing minerals. Where does it grab these alkalizing
minerals from? The bones and Teeth.
Why sugar eventually leads to Diabetes.
First of all there is a precise balance of glucose and oxygen in the blood stream. When
we eat refined sugars it is the next thing to glucose so it largely escapes the proper
chemical process of digestion. It passes directly into the intestines, where it is absorbed
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How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
immediately into the body creating a drastic increase of sugar in the bloodstream. This in
turn destroys the precise balance between glucose and oxygen in the blood stream. Now
the body is in crisis because the glucose (sugar) levels are too high.
There are two main glands that help to restore the balance of glucose. The adrenal
glands, which produce hormones for keeping the glucose levels up and the pancreas,
which produces insulin to help bring the glucose levels back down.
When refined sugar hits the blood stream hormones from the adrenal glands pour out at
four times their normal rate creating an internal “fight or flight” with nothing to flee
from. This is where we get that “jacked up” feeling. If you’ll pay attention, you can see
this easily happen in children. I’ve seen this happen at friendly gatherings, when children
are offered brownies and other sugar laced products. With in minutes they are running up
and down the halls screaming as if they were running for their lives, “Fight or Flight.”
But as you know, what goes up............. must come down.
This is where the pancreas comes in. Now that the body is “jacked up” the pancreas
starts pumping insulin into the blood to bring the sugar level back down. Since the body
was whiplashed too hard in one direction now it produces a lot of insulin trying to bring it
back in the other direction. After this happens the glucose (sugar) levels then fall very
low because too much insulin has now entered the blood stream. That is when we get the
so-called “drop” becoming listless and tired, requiring every effort just to move or think.
After years of eating sweets the end result is damaged adrenal glands. Remember, these
adrenal glands help us cope with stress. And now we go to pieces when stress comes our
way because we no longer have a healthy endocrine system to deal with it. We are
always tired, never seem to get anything done, and our daily efficiency lags. This is the
first stage of those sweet sugar blues.
Then we have the next stage. The pancreas eventually fails. Because of excess sugar
being dumped into the blood, the pancreas finally becomes completely exhausted from
pumping insulin too long and too hard. And now you have it, Diabetes. This is why
diabetics carry around their needles. To give themselves shots of insulin because their
pancreas has been over worked and will not produce an efficient amount for them.
Many doctors and scientist have had this knowledge for years. But even 70 years after the
discovery of insulin shots the western medical society still has not found a cure for
diabetes. That’s amazing isn’t it!? But the cure is too simple and there is not enough
money to be made off the sick people by teaching them about eating whole foods.
To this day physicians still recommend insulin. Once the patients are hooked, they are
condemned to walk with an insulin crutch for life. Because the number of diabetics
grows every day, this will supply billions of dollars to doctors and pharmaceutical
corporations as long as they live.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Giant sugar industries have given funding to scientist to try and prove that refined sugar
is not poisonous for consumption. And if these scientist don’t say anything good about
sugar products then the industry cuts their funding and gives it to someone else who
might have something good to say. It’s a win win situation for both. The scientist gets
money and the sugar pushers get the so-called proof they need for court.
These battles over selling sugar to the public have even been taken to court but the big
money always seems to win some how.
Why do people get fat eating too much sugar?
Excess Glucose (sugar) is stored in the liver. The liver can only hold so much extra
sugar. After a daily intake of refined sugars the liver starts to expand like a balloon.
When the liver is maxed out it starts forming these excess sugars into fatty acids. These
fatty acids are then distributed throughout the body storing up in the most inactive areas:
the belly, the butt, the breast and then the thighs.
Refined sugar: Where did it come from?
Refined sugar usually comes from the sugar cane or the sugar beet. Sugar cane was first
known as sweet cane. History shows that this sweet cane was first found in India. The
Indians grew it in their backyards with much labour. They started out only chewing on it
for the sweetness. Later they started pressing it into liquid and drinking the juice just as
the American Indians tapped maple trees to make maple syrup.
The Greeks then discovered it when the soldiers of Alexander the Great had sailed down
the Indus River. They found the natives partaking in a particular fermented drink made
from this juice. It was then imported back west in small amounts at enormous expense.
To get a taste of the fresh juice was very hard because once it was juiced it was now very
fragile and prone to fermentation.
Sometime around AD 600 the school of medicine and pharmacology at the University of
Djondisapour figured it out. They were the first to be credited with the research and
development for processing and refining the juice of the cane into a solid form. With this
solid form it could now be transported over long distances without fermenting or
spoiling. And it was all down hill from there.
Big business was then formed in the Middle East with this new sweet candy. Years later
when the Christian crusaders came through they too got a taste of the forbidden fruit. It
wasn’t long until Europe tapped into this cash crop. They learned that sugar cane grew
best in tropical climates and next thing you know the European sugar race was on.
Henry the Navigator of Portugal was searching for sugar cane fields off the west coast of
Africa. He didn’t find any cane fields but he did discover plenty of black bodies that
were acclimated to tropical regions. In the year 1444 he took 235 Negroes from Lagos to
Seville and sold them into slavery. That was the beginning, leaving a trail of slavery,
genocide, and organized crime for seven centuries to come. All for the sweet taste and
quick adrenaline rush of refined sugar.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
As crack, cocaine, and other methamphetamines are popular stimulating drugs of today,
sugar was the new stimulant that arrived shortly after AD 600. Before this time man's
body had never experienced the effects of refined sugar. As it first arrived even doctors
considered it as drugs, but governments were making to much money with this cash crop
to give it up so they allowed its production, even to this day.
For the complete detailed history on sugar check out the book Sugar Blues by William
Here are just a few more reasons you should not consume Refined sugar?
1. Sugar can suppress the immune system.
2. Sugar upsets the mineral relationships in the body.
3. Sugar can cause hyperactivity, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, and crankiness
in children.
4. Sugar can produce a significant rise in triglycerides.
5. Sugar contributes to the reduction in defense against bacterial infection
(infectious diseases).
6. Sugar causes a loss of tissue elasticity and function, the more sugar you eat the
more elasticity and function you loose.
7. Sugar reduces high-density lipoproteins.
8. Sugar leads to chromium deficiency.
9 Sugar leads to cancer of the ovaries.
10. Sugar can increase fasting levels of glucose.
11. Sugar causes copper deficiency.
12. Sugar interferes with absorption of calcium and magnesium.
13. Sugar can weaken eyesight.
14. Sugar raises the level of a neurotransmitters: dopamine, serotonin, and
15. Sugar can cause hypoglycemia.
16. Sugar can produce an acidic digestive tract.
17. Sugar can cause a rapid rise of adrenaline levels in children.
18. Sugar malabsorption is frequent in patients with functional bowel disease.
19. Sugar can cause premature aging.
20. Sugar can lead to alcoholism.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
21. Sugar can cause tooth decay.
22. Sugar contributes to obesity
23. High intake of sugar increases the risk of Crohn's disease, and ulcerative colitis.
24. Sugar can cause changes frequently found in person with gastric or duodenal
25. Sugar can cause arthritis.
26. Sugar can cause asthma.
27. Sugar greatly assists the uncontrolled growth of Candida Albicans (yeast
28. Sugar can cause gallstones.
29. Sugar can cause heart disease.
30. Sugar can cause appendicitis.
31. Sugar can cause multiple sclerosis.
32. Sugar can cause hemorrhoids.
33. Sugar can cause varicose veins.
34. Sugar can elevate glucose and insulin responses in oral contraceptive users.
35. Sugar can lead to periodontal disease.
36. Sugar can contribute to osteoporosis.
37. Sugar contributes to saliva acidity.
38. Sugar can cause a decrease in insulin sensitivity.
39. Sugar can lower the amount of Vitamin E (alpha-Tocopherol in the blood.
40. Sugar can decrease growth hormone.
41. Sugar can increase cholesterol.
42. Sugar can increase the systolic blood pressure.
43. Sugar can cause drowsiness and decreased activity in children.
44. High sugar intake increases advanced glycation end products (AGEs)(Sugar
bound non-enzymatically to protein)
45. Sugar can interfere with the absorption of protein.
46. Sugar causes food allergies.
47. Sugar can contribute to diabetes.
48. Sugar can cause toxemia during pregnancy.
49. Sugar can contribute to eczema in children.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
50. Sugar can cause cardiovascular disease.
51. Sugar can impair the structure of DNA
52. Sugar can change the structure of protein.
53. Sugar can make our skin age by changing the structure of collagen.
54. Sugar can cause cataracts.
55. Sugar can cause emphysema.
56. Sugar can cause atherosclerosis.
57. Sugar can promote an elevation of low density lipoproteins (LDL).
58. High sugar intake can impair the physiological homeostasis of many systems in
the body.
59. Sugar lowers the enzymes ability to function.
60. Sugar intake is higher in people with Parkinson’s disease.
61. Sugar can cause a permanent altering the way the proteins act in the body.
62. Sugar can increase the size of the liver by making the liver cells divide.
63. Sugar can increase the amount of liver fat.
64. Sugar can increase kidney size and produce pathological changes in the kidney.
65. Sugar can damage the pancreas.
66. Sugar can increase the body's fluid retention.
67. Sugar is enemy #1 of the bowel movement.
68. Sugar can cause myopia (nearsightedness).
69. Sugar can compromise the lining of the capillaries.
70. Sugar can make the tendons more brittle.
71. Sugar can cause headaches, including migraine.
72. Sugar plays a role in pancreatic cancer in women.
73. Sugar can adversely affect school children's grades and cause learning
74. Sugar can cause an increase in delta, alpha, and theta brain waves.
75. Sugar can cause depression.
76. Sugar increases the risk of gastric cancer.
77. Sugar and cause dyspepsia (indigestion).
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
78. Sugar can increase your risk of getting gout. 79. Sugar can increase the levels of
glucose in an oral glucose tolerance test over the ingestion of complex
80. Sugar can increase the insulin responses in humans consuming high-sugar diets
compared to low sugar diets.
81. High refined sugar diet reduces learning capacity. 82. Sugar can cause less
effective functioning of two blood proteins, albumin, and lipoproteins, which may
reduce the body’s ability to handle fat and cholesterol.
83. Sugar can contribute to Alzheimer’s disease.
84. Sugar can cause platelet adhesiveness.
85. Sugar can cause hormonal imbalance; some hormones become underactive and
others become overactive.
86. Sugar can lead to the formation of kidney stones.
87. Sugar can lead to the hypothalamus to become highly sensitive to a large variety
of stimuli.
88. Sugar can lead to dizziness.
89. Diets high in sugar can cause free radicals and oxidative stress.
90. High sucrose diets of subjects with peripheral vascular disease significantly
increases platelet adhesion.
91. High sugar diet can lead to biliary tract cancer.
92. Sugar feeds cancer.
93. High sugar consumption of pregnant adolescents is associated with a twofold
increased risk for delivering a small-for-gestational-age (SGA) infant.
94. High sugar consumption can lead to substantial decrease in gestation duration
among adolescents.
95. Sugar slows food's travel time through the gastrointestinal tract.
96. Sugar increases the concentration of bile acids in stools and bacterial enzymes in
the colon. This can modify bile to produce cancer-causing compounds and colon
97. Sugar increases estradiol (the most potent form of naturally occurring estrogen)
in men.
98. Sugar combines and destroys phosphatase, an enzyme, which makes the process
of digestion more difficult.
99. Sugar can be a risk factor of gallbladder cancer.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
100. Sugar is an addictive substance.
101. Sugar can be intoxicating, similar to alcohol.
102. Sugar can exacerbate PMS.
103. Sugar given to premature babies can affect the amount of carbon dioxide they
104. Decrease in sugar intake can increase emotional stability.
105. The body changes sugar into 2 to 5 times more fat in the bloodstream than it
does starch.
106. The rapid absorption of sugar promotes excessive food intake in obese subjects.
107. Sugar can worsen the symptoms of children with attention deficit hyperactivity
disorder (ADHD).
108. Sugar adversely affects urinary electrolyte composition.
109. Sugar can slow down the ability of the adrenal glands to function.
110. Sugar has the potential of inducing abnormal metabolic processes in a normal
healthy individual and to promote chronic degenerative diseases.
111. I.Vs (intravenous feedings) of sugar water can cut off oxygen to the brain.
112. High sucrose intake could be an important risk factor in lung cancer.
113. Sugar increases the risk of polio.
114. High sugar intake can cause epileptic seizures.
115. Sugar causes high blood pressure in obese people.
116. In Intensive Care Units, limiting sugar saves lives.
117. Sugar may induce cell death.
118. Sugar can increase the amount of food that you eat.
119. In juvenile rehabilitation camps, when children were put on a low sugar diet,
there was a 44% drop in antisocial behavior.
120. Sugar can lead to prostrate cancer.
121. Sugar dehydrates newborns.
122. Sugar increases the estradiol in young men.
123. Sugar can cause low birth weight babies.
124. Greater consumption of refined sugar is associated with a worse outcome of
125. Sugar can raise homocysteine levels in the blood stream.
126. Sweet food items increase the risk of breast cancer.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
127. Sugar is a risk factor in cancer of the small intestine.
128. Sugar may cause laryngeal cancer.
129. Sugar induces salt and water retention.
130. Sugar may contribute to mild memory loss.
131. As sugar increases in the diet of 10 years olds, there is a linear decrease in the
intake of many essential nutrients.
132. Sugar can increase the total amount of food consumed.
133. Exposing a newborn to sugar results in a heightened preference for sucrose
relative to water at 6 months and 2 years of age.
134. Sugar causes constipation.
135. Sugar causes varicous veins.
136. Sugar can cause brain decay in prediabetic and diabetic women.
137. Sugar can increase the risk of stomach cancer.
138. Sugar can cause metabolic syndrome.
139. Sugar ingestion by pregnant women increases neural tube defects in embryos.
140. Sugar can be a factor in asthma.
141. The higher the sugar consumption the more chances of getting irritable bowel
142. Sugar could affect central reward systems.
143. Sugar can cause cancer of the rectum.
144. Sugar can cause endometrial cancer. 145. Sugar can cause renal (kidney) cell
146. Sugar can cause liver tumors.
147. Sugar wreaks havoc on all endocrine systems.
148. Sugar whiplashes your adrenal glands into a fight or flight mode when there is
nothing to fight or flee from.
149. Sugar is the major cause of diabetes because the body must maintain a certain
glucose (sugar) level in the blood. When refined sugar hits the digestive system it
absorbs immediately into the blood stream, unlike natural sugars that have there
own enzymes and are released slower into the blood stream. This amount of sugar
dumped into the body causes the normal glucose levels to spike way to high in the
blood stream.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
The pancreas is an organ in the body that produces and secretes insulin. This
insulin goes into the blood and tries to dilute the amount of sugar to bring back
balance. Over a period of time, when the pancreas gets over worked from sugar
overload, it becomes exhausted and stops working. Then the pancreas stops
producing insulin and the victim gets to use hypodermic needles to apply his shots of
insulin to bring back balance. Sounds like fun doesn’t it?
150. Dr. Mercola says that sugar is the # 1 food that accelerates the ageing process.
The sad part is that cokes and candy bars are the number one ingredients in kid’s diets
these days and people are suing restaurants because they are becoming obese. It’s time to
wake up people!
If the processing of refined sugar would stop it has been estimated that 80% of the worlds
mental and physical diseases would stop.
Why is this ingredient in so many products, even the ones that are suppose to taste
Because it is an addictive substance which tricks your body into eating more and
And that is exactly what food processing companies want, for you to consume more. As
the nutrients are being sucked from your body for the digestion of sugar, your body
screams out for nutrients that are being lost and this is why you feel even more hungry.
Why did sugar get accepted by the government as a food? In the beginning
governments funded slave trades and sugar plantation because they were “cash crops.”
But even after they learned the harmful effects of sugar I guess the money was just too
“sweet” to pass up.
Sugar leads to multiple diseases. Everyone's body is different, some may have a stronger
pancreas than others, some may have stronger adrenals, ect... but when you consume
sugar, the end result is always the same; suffering, sickness, and sometimes even death.
You should avoid sugar in all forms and guises.
For superior health:
Consume only natural sugars from whole foods such as fruit, sprouted grains, vegetables,
milk, and honey.
Anything other than that and your flirting with disaster.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Carbohydrates are complex sugars that have not yet been broken down into simple
This is mostly what is stored in the liver (known as glycogen) until insulin comes in to
break it down into simple sugars (known as glucose) for energy.
All conventional thinking and old school coaches will tell you the day before a big game,
“load up on your carbs it will give you more energy”
So many athletes believe in stuffing themselves with spaghetti, baked potatoes, processed
cereals, white bread, biscuits ect... before a big competition.
Why you shouldn’t
Yes, these foods do supply a lot of calories but eating these types of foods creates a lot of
stress on the digestive organs stealing your own body’s energy trying to digest them and
they are very acid producing in the body.
Time for another wake up call!
Again these foods mentioned above have all been heated and processed into a dead
starchy food substance. Even cooked white rice! Just think about it logically for a
minute, have you ever tried to eat spaghetti or rice without some kind of flavoring
orsauce. No! Could it be because they have no taste? We usually have to flavor them
with something because they are simply not palatable on their own.
One of the most important changes you can make in your diet is switching from a
dead starchy processed carbohydrate to a sprouted (living or cooked) source of
complex carbohydrates.
You do this by simply sprouting your grains before consumption. Cereals must be
sprouted in order to make them tastier and more digestible so you can receive the full
nutritional benefits.
The carbohydrates in sprouted grains will release slowly into the blood stream. A meal
with these types of carbohydrates will extend your energy levels longer throughout the
day than normal processed carbohydrates. Sprouted grains will give you a feeling of
being satisfied longer, more than any other food.
If you are an athlete and learn to use different types of sprouted grains as part of your
carbohydrate source you will begin to play on a much higher level. It may seem a little
awkward at first but with in a short period of time you’ll realize how you’re kickin the
crap out of your competition, guaranteed!
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
So forget about all that processed garbage and start fuelling your body with sprouted
vibrating carbohydrates! Remember Life comes from Life!
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Protein, Protein, Protein, this is probably the most common word people bring up when
they even think about nutrition. This has been one of the most overused words in the
nutrition world that most of us have become brainwashed by it. All the magazines, all
the conventional fitness books, supplements, all the protein shakes, protein bars, ect...
you know what I’m talking about.
All this advertising about how the body needs protein has been so overstated with such
frequency that many people, especially athletes and body builders, become very
concerned about protein deficiency. I have to admit it does make for great sells. But fact
is, that protein deficiency is so uncommon, world wide, that there is not even a medical
term for it. At one time there was a condition called marasmus which was thought to be
from protein deficiency, but later it was found to be caused from a severe restriction in
What is protein?
Protein is integrated into the membrane structure of every cell. And Yes, it does play its
role in providing specific nutrient material for growth and repair. But, what most people
don’t know is that protein is very stable in the body. Our bodies recycle most of the
proteins that are already in the body. We actually only need to replace a small amount of
these proteins.
There are 22 amino acids that are involved in human nutrition. (Amino acids are proteins
broken down into their smallest form.) Only 8 of these we need to find from an outside
source, they are called essential amino acids. These 8 essential amino acids are
considered as the complete protein that every one is so worried about. The other 14 are
easily recycled and produced by the liver.
The common misconception
The common fallacy is that most people think you have to eat meat to get a complete
protein. I’m sure this is what the cattle, hog, and fishing industries would like you to
think because they are making major bank from your lack of knowledge. That’s always
the big question if you tell someone you don’t eat meat. As they look at you with fear in
their eyes and say, “Oh my Lord, how do you get your protein!”
A random mix of vegetables will provide you with 5 times The RDA (recommended
daily allowance) of protein per calorie. When eaten whole, fresh, and raw, almost every
vegetable that can be eaten contains all 8 of the essential amino acids, therefore,
providing us with a complete protein.
Nuts are a complete protein. 1 pound of walnuts contains 50% more protein than a pound
of meat. Almonds are an excellent source for protein and calcium. As mentioned before
the best way to digest these proteins is to soak the raw nuts overnight to activate the seed
and get rid of the enzyme inhibitors.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Many sprouted seeds are a complete protein. Also a random mix of fruits will provide
about the same percentage of protein per calorie as found in mothers milk. As you can
see, complete proteins are found in several different sources than just meat.
Usable Protein
Just by taking a look around at today's world proves that the body needs a very little
amount of protein. I say this because proteins are only usable by the body when its
amino acid chains are intact. Most people think they receive their protein by cooked
meat or some type of processed shake or candy bar with isolated proteins. When proteins
in any food are heated over 161 degrees F they become denatured and are no longer
usable by the body. I know that last sentence might shock your brain a little bit,
especially for the athlete and body builder, but several scientific studies have proven this.
Think about it logically for a moment, when you add a fire to something it normally
destroys it, even amino acids.
In fact, these denatured amino acids are worse than “of no use” because the body now
recognizes them as toxins, something that should be eliminated as quickly as possible.
Research has shown that after the consumption of heated proteins white blood cells
double or triple in the blood stream. This indicates that the body is under stress of toxins
and the blood cells ready themselves for the task of immediate detoxification.
Quantity vs. Quality
Many people (myself included) and especially body-builders have been brainwashed into
thinking they must have protein, protein, protein. It’s not the quantity of protein it is the
quality of the protein you receive. This is why you need protein in its purest and most
absorbable form from fresh living whole foods. The body can only use a certain
amount of protein per day. So bodybuilders or athletes who cram 100’s of grams of
protein down a day are wasting their time and money. All this extra protein does not turn
into muscle it turns into fat.
Why? The body can only use a certain amount of protein per day and the extra protein
that is left over, the liver converts to fatty acids and sends it out where it is stored in the
body as fat.
Muscle growth comes from performing activities that demand strength on a regular
basis. It is not all about the protein, as the protein marketers would like you to believe.
It is more important that you have enough good carbohydrates and fats for real muscle
Take a good look at prisoners for example. Some of these guys get HUGE lifting
weights and trust me, they don’t have a local supplement shop where they go and buy the
latest protein powder. They only eat 3 meals a day and the majority of them are
carbohydrates and fats.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Problems with Protein overload
There have actually been several problems linked to the over consumption of protein.
Cancer, heart disease (I’ve had several people with heart problems tell me that their
doctor told them to lay of the meat consumption), arthritis, kidney failure, liver failure,
and obesity. Even the conventional fitness magazines will tell you that when the body
receives to much protein the liver turns the excess into fatty acids, making you fatter
instead of building more muscle as most believe.
I personally noticed that when I stopped pounding cans of tuna for my so-called “body
building protein diet” the arthritic pain in my knees went away.
Simply eating protein does not build muscle. Muscle building is an adaptive response,
generated by the body as it perceives increases in gravitational resistance. However, it is
possible for muscle growth to be inhibited when there is not enough intake of quality
protein. If one wants to acquire muscle mass, one may need a slightly higher intake of
protein than the general public, but this should be met by an increase in total food
consumption and not just a higher amount of protein. This will keep one from
overloading on too much protein by maintaining a better balance between the ratio of
protein, fats, and carbohydrates.
Current research showed that it was not a rise of strictly protein needed during athletic
participation but there was a need of caloric intake. This need for calories doubles,
triples, and even quadruples compared to those of a sedentary person. As you consume
more calories in whole food you will automatically receive more protein in a balanced
ratio and not an overdose. Sprouted grains are the answer, not only are they a complete
protein but they also supply the caloric intake that’s needed.
Plenty of Protein
A balanced diet of sprouted grains, fruits, vegetables, soaked nuts, seeds and raw milk
will insure plenty of protein for the body. Many nuts, seeds, and protein rich vegetables
like broccoli and asparagus have as much protein per calorie and sometime even more
than many varieties of meat, poultry, or fish. Raw vegetable proteins are completely
usable by the body, have low levels of saturated fat, and no cholesterol unlike animal
products. They also contain fiber, an ingredient completely absent in animal flesh.
Another common fallacy is that you must receive these 8 amino acids at one time for it to
be a complete protein. This is not true. But let’s pretend it is true, A random mix of
vegetables throughout the day will provide 5 times the RDA (recommended daily
allowance) of protein per calorie consumed. Sprouted grains will also provide a complete
protein all at one meal.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Get ready for some mind-blowing information here. This section might stun your brain a
little so just be prepared to be open and think logically.
I’ll break this section down into two parts, Fats that heal and Fats that kill.
But first a quick briefing of how fats function in the body.
Fat plays many roles in the body such as:
• Protecting the body from low temperatures
• It surrounds our nerve fibers so that electrical currents can pass properly through the
• It helps to reduce damage to any organ that may receive any concussive force
• And most important it helps transport protein and other minerals into the cells.
Fat is found in the membrane of every cell. It provides a moisture barrier that keeps
intra cellular elements inside the cell and extracellular elements outside of the cell. The
body must have certain essential fats for endocrine glands to function properly. It also
serves as a back up source for energy once the carbohydrate fuel source is low.
Fats That Kill
1.) Hydrogenated/Partially hydrogenated Fats
These fats are made from a process by pressurizing hydrogen gas into vegetable oils at
250-400 degrees F for several hours in the presence of a catalyst such as nickel or
platinum. This hydrogenation process of oils has produced some components that have
never been seen before by man! Some of them resemble the same chemical structure as
This is the substance used to make fake butters and margarine. Could you imagine a
waiter or waitress asking you, “Would you like some spreadable plastic to go with your
There are mountains of research done showing the terrible side effects this stuff causes to
the human body. If your brave enough type these words in a search engine on your
computer and look at all the things that happen to the body when these things are
consumed. Needless to say these types of fats are very detrimental to your health.
The purpose of hydrogenation is to solidify these oils so that they resemble real foods
such as butter. It also creates a desirable texture or “mouth feel” and spreadability. And
last but not least, it increases the shelf life. In their natural state oils would never last that
long. Now companies can shout “NO CHOLESTEROL! Made from VEGETABLE
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
OIL!” And millions of people are fooled into buying this garbage thinking it is good for
2.) Trans fat or Trans fatty acids
These fats are just one of the dozens of compounds found in hydrogenated and partially
hydrogenated oils. Even the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said that the “intake
of Trans fats should be as low as possible.” They’ve seen the extensive research and
know how detrimental it is to the human body. But once again their eyes are blinded
and ears are deafened by large sums of money given to them from the industries that
produce it.
Trans fats are known to increase the bad cholesterol level and lower the good cholesterol
levels. Quite the opposite effect of what they are trying to sell you. They can also cause
major clogging of the arteries, which highly increases the risk of heart disease, can cause
type 2 diabetes, and other serious health problems
You can find this stuff in tons of baking products, cakes, waffles, biscuits, and cereals.
Just take a look at the back of the packages next time you buy one of these products.
French fries contain 40% Trans fatty acids, many famous brands of crackers and cookies
contain 30 to 50% Trans fats, and donuts contain about 35 to 40%.
Recently there was a lawsuit filed against Nabisco, to stop making Oreo Cookies
because of the amount of Trans fats they contain. The lawyer withdrew the case because
he said he had accomplished all that he had set out to do which was to create public
awareness about the dangers of Trans fats. The FDA has now made a move in the right
direction by requiring manufacturers to label the amounts of Trans fats in the products.
This should happen sometime in 2006.
One way to determine the amount of Trans fats in a product is by looking at the
ingredients. Look for the words shortening, hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated
oil, the higher on the list you see these the more it contains.
These fats are usually made from oils such as Canola, Soy, and Safflower.
Vegetable Oils
Many people have been fooled into thinking that cooking with vegetable oils are a
healthy choice. I assure you they are not a healthy choice. These oils are very unstable
and typically go rancid before they are even opened, and the heat used in cooking with
these oils further damages them.
They are also too high in omega-6 fatty acids. Before man invented high tech machinery
to squeeze oil out of corn, soy, and other vegetables, the average human consumed
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids at a ratio anywhere from 3:1 to 1:1. By using these
unnatural oils made with high tech equipment many people now consume a ratio of 20:1
to 50:1. This is a huge imbalance for the intake of omega-6 fatty acids.
To understand this concept, consider for a moment how much oil you might find in a
typical ear of corn, or cup of soybeans. Certainly nowhere near the amounts used when
cooking with liquid oils derived from these foods. Also consider how difficult it would
have been for humans, living before the modern age, to squeeze even a drop of oil from
such foods without the aid of a machine.
These types of oils are a prescription for disaster. Our bodies were simply never
designed to eat so many vegetable fats. This is another reason people’s health declines
eating fast food. Nearly all fast food and even most restaurants use this garbage to cook
with. Avoid it like the plague!
Before we discuss the good fats let’s clear up some uncommon knowledge on this very
distorted word “cholesterol.”
Cholesterol is present in every cell in our body. It works as an anti-oxidant and helps to
repair any damages of a cell. Little do most people know is that the body produces more
cholesterol that you can eat in one day! It is a very essential substance needed by the
Here is how it works, if you somehow eat more cholesterol from quality food sources the
body simply produces less. When you don’t eat enough the body simply produces more.
So as your health deteriorates on a low fat, low cholesterol, and low taste diet, cholesterol
levels won’t matter because the body will produce all the cholesterol it needs anyway.
Cholesterol acts as a defense mechanism. A high cholesterol count is not the problem
itself, this just indicates there is something irritating the body so now more cholesterol is
produced to protect itself. Also keep in mind that these levels are always changing.
Good cholesterol comes from quality animal foods that we eat. Yes, you read that
correctly. One of the biggest fallacies of today is that animal products produce bad
cholesterol. I’ve seen several people order only egg white because they thought that the
yellow part contains high cholesterol. And yes there can be several problems caused by
consuming too much meat or other animal products just as there are problems caused by
consuming too much fruit but for the most part if consumed in a moderate amount good
cholesterol can be very beneficial.
The only cholesterol that is bad for you is the kind in powdered milks and protein
powders that have been damaged or oxidized by very high heats. These should be
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How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Fats That Heal
OK, go ahead and slap yourself in the face for this next section because you really need
to hear this one.
A most recent major study showed that even commercially raised sources of saturated fat
only increased heart disease risk by 17% while Trans fats increased it by 93%.
“Houston we have a problem here....”
These vegetable oil and food processing companies have had the curtain pulled over our
eyes for a long time now. They paid there own researchers to find fault in saturated fats
to help increase sales of their own products. They have sold us so many lies about fats
and have made billions of dollars in the process, not to mention the billions made by drug
companies for cholesterol lowering medication.
Evidence goes back to the beginning of the 20th century. Before 1920 heart disease was
so rare even in the US that many doctors would be lucky just to see a handful of cases in
their career. Since 1920 it has grown to be one of the leading causes of death. During
this time frame the use of animal fats has dropped 20% or more and a huge drop in the
consumption of butter from 18 lbs. a year per person to 4 lbs. a year per person. Also,
during this same time the use of vegetable oils increased by 400% and sugar consumption
by at least 60%.
So how can this be that heart disease as well as cancer, diabetes, and arthritis have
increased after the use of animal fats (saturated fats) has declined and the use of
vegetable oils has increased? Now I’m not Sherlock Holms but I think I’m starting to see
a problem.
The Framingham Heart Study
In 1948 there began one of the biggest studies ever done to try and prove that saturated
fat and cholesterol cause heart disease. The name was “Framingham Heart Study,” it
tracked the diets of over 6000 people for 40 years. At the end the director of the study
had this to say,
“In Framingham, the more saturated fat one ate, the more cholesterol one ate, the lower
the persons serum cholesterol.... we found that the people who ate the most cholesterol,
ate the most saturated fat, ate the most calories weighed the least and were the most
physically active.”
You sure don’t find that one on the front page of the paper.
There are thousands of studies proving that saturated fats are good for us and that
Trans fats are not. It is quite the opposite from what we’ve been brainwashed into
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How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Here is a description of the chemical structure of Fats:
Saturated fats - These are highly stable because all the carbon linkages are naturally
filled and saturated with hydrogen atoms. These are very stable and do not easily go
rancid, even through high heat such as in cooking. Your body naturally makes these
saturated fats out of carbohydrates. (One of the main reasons people gain weight from too
much complex carbohydrates, white bread, pasta, ect...) They form a solid or semi-solid
fat at room temperature. These fats are found in animal products and tropical oils.
These are good to eat.
Mononusaturated Fats - when looking at the chemical structure of a monounsaturated
fat it has two less hydrogen atoms than saturated fats. Your body also makes these fats
from saturated fats and uses them in a number of ways. These fats are more liquid at
room temperature. Like saturated fats these are relatively stable therefore are good to use
if you are cooking. The most common component that keeps this fat from going rancid is
the oleic acid. This is the main component of olive oil as well as almond, peanut, and
Polyunsaturated Fats - these fats lack four hydrogen atoms in their chemical structure
making them highly unstable. These fats go rancid very easily and should never be
heated or used for cooking. They are not produced by the body, which makes them an
“essential fatty acid.” And they can easily be found in the foods we eat because all fats
and oils whether of animal or vegetable origin contain some of all three saturated,
monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated fats yet in a more natural and balance state. The
problem comes when man trys to mess with Mother Nature by forcing pressurized
hydrogen into these polyunsaturated fats, creating products such as margarine and fake
Isaiah 7:15, Butter and Honey shall He eat that He may know to refuse the evil and
choose the good.
Animal Fats:
Animal fats from raw milk, butter, fresh yoghurt, egg yolks, and cod liver oil are
excellent sources of fats. These contain fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K. The body
needs these fats to properly digest and full utilize proteins and minerals. This is why
eating skim milk is pointless, you absorb basically nothing. Saturated fats are also a
concentrated source of energy. As part of a meal they slow down the absorption so that
you can go longer without feeling hungry. It is not these fats that are making people
obese; it is the Trans-fats and too many starchy processed foods. Many tribal groups
consume these fats every day and they are not even close to obese.
Edgar Cayce, a well know healer, stated that milk is near to the perfect combination of
forces for human consumption. It is highly alkaline and contains several good minerals,
fats and a high source of calcium.
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How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Real organic butter is way better than those artificial fake butters you find in the grocery
store. Just like anything else, just be careful not to over use it.
For several years I tried to be a strict vegan but after adding raw milk to my diet I noticed
a big difference in my strength and energy. If you are a highly active person these are
some key ingredients you can add to your diet. Make sure you have a fresh unprocessed
source. As we will discuss later, milk should be treated like seasonal fruits, in which, it’s
best consumed at certain times of the year.
Best sources for Fats:
The best sources of fats come from coconut, avocados, and olive oil.
Coconut oil is a saturated fat that reigns superior when it comes to oils. It has been
tested to sit at room temperature for up to two years with no sign of rancidity. It has also
been well established that consuming coconut oil reduces the need for Vit. E because it
has such high anti-oxidant effects.
When I lived in Hawaii and Thailand I noticed many of the Polynesians had very good
skin with little to no wrinkles. One of the main reasons is that they cook most of their
food with coconut milk or oil.
Rabbit experiments, and studies of humans, showed that the amount of unsaturated oil in
the diet strongly affects the rate at which aged, wrinkled skin develops.
The big surprise to most people is that coconut oil is a saturated fat. Coconut fats will
actually help you lose weight and increase your metabolism! These saturated fats are
of a “medium chain fatty acid” which are digested more easily and utilized differently by
the body than other fats. These “MFCAs” are sent directly to the liver where they are
immediately converted into energy. This puts less strain on your pancreas, liver, and
digestive system and also “heats up” the metabolism making it outstanding for those with
thyroid problems.
The thyroid gland controls the body’s metabolism. By 1950, it was established that
unsaturated fats suppress the metabolic rate, producing hypothyroidism (an under active
In the 1940s, farmers tried to use a cheap source of coconut oil to fatten their animals.
Much to their surprise they found that it made them lean and active.
Some coconut oils contain up to 50% lauric acid. This acid is used by the body to make
the same disease-fighting fatty acid derivative monolaurin that babies make from the
lauric acid they get from mothers milk. Because of the high amounts of Caprylic acid
coconut oil is one of the best sources for fighting fungal infections such as Candida.
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How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
As you all know coconuts grow in warm tropical climates that are often hot and humid.
Candida and other fungi love these types of environments. I find it very interesting how
nature produces food with medicinal properties to fight off diseases that are found in the
same type environments.
It is a well-known fact that the brain tissue is very rich in complex forms of fats. In 1978
an experiment was performed on pregnant mice. One group was fed coconut oil and the
other unsaturated oil. This experiment showed that the brain development was superior
in the young mice whose mother ate coconut oil.
There are many ways you can use coconut oil:
1) In place of other oils, margarine, butter, shortening, etc. for all cooking needs, as
it is the most stable cooking oil
2) As an ingredient when juicing or making smoothies
3) It smells and tastes so pleasant and has such excellent nutritional properties that
some also consume it straight, by the tablespoon, and use it in place of other oils
on their salads
4) Makes an excellent massage oil
5) Use it as a skin lotion for healthier, younger skin.
I have personally noticed that I have more energy during my workouts when I consumed
a tablespoon of coconut oil 30 to 45 minutes before.
Olive oil - is the second best choice to coconut oil. You must make sure that it is cold
pressed extra virgin olive oil. This oil has been extracted under low temperatures, which
has preserved its many nutrients. It is an excellent source of Vit E and A, chlorophyll,
magnesium, squalene, and many other cardio protective nutrients.
For thousands of years people have been using this oil because it is easily extracted
unlike the vegetable oils of today that are made with highly complicated and advanced
methods. Our bodies do not react well to these large amounts of vegetable oils you see so
often in today's diet. But a moderate use of olive oil has many benefits.
Olive oil helps to stimulate the glands of the body, especially the gallbladder. There are a
few protocols that are easy to find using olive oil to purge the gall bladder of stones. Just
to keep the digestive organs in check occasionally take 2-3 tablespoons throughout the
day for 3-4 in a row. It is also very well for assisting the colon for better eliminations.
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How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Monounsaturated fat is more stable than polyunsaturated fats (vegetable oils), but it is
still susceptible to oxidative damage under high heats. Although you can cook with it, it
is better to eat it raw on salads or breads and cook with coconut oil.
Extra-Virgin olive oil can easily be found in just about every supermarket or health food
If coconut or olive oils are not available almond and peanut oil are the next best choices.
Avocados are loaded with essential fatty acids; these will not make you fat as many think.
These are best consumed in their raw state, on salads or on bread. Athletes can receive
many good calories from avocados that are easily utilised by the body.
Whether you use them to cook with or eat them in their raw state, it is very important that
the body receives a good source of healthy fats to help maintain proper functions in the
body. Do not be afraid of gaining weight when using these healthy fats, be afraid of
weight gain when you use the heavily processed oils and fats.
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How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Sweeteners, Salts, and other food condiments.
Honey is a good substitute for recovering sugar addicts (me). But make sure that you buy
RAW honey from the health food store or a local bee-keeper. Regular honeys found in
the grocery store have been heated and processed, they are dead! Raw honey still
contains nutrients and enzymes that make it a real food. It may look a little rougher and
thicker but it is straight from the bee just as nature intended.
You can mix it in smoothies, with rice, or sprouted wheat when making a true power bar
(which I will discuss later.) The sugars in honey are mostly made of fructose and
These sugars are easily digested and used by the human digestive system.
WARNING! Even though these are natural sugars you can easily over do it with too
much honey. Do not take over 2 tablespoons in one day unless you are a triathlete. If
you are a triathlete, make your own packets of “power gel” with raw honey instead of
buying that processed junk made with refined glucose. Honey is waaaay better. Because
of the natural enzymes, the sugars and nutrients are easier absorbed and it actually has
more calories than refined sugar! One tablespoon of honey contains about 65 calories
while 1 tablespoon of refined sugar contains about 50 calories. Even though honey
contains more calories, again it is packed with way more nutrients and enzymes for better
utilisation and proper absorption unlike refined and processed sugars.
Raw honey is also loaded with anti-oxidants. For centuries it has been thought of as a
miracle food. The ancient Greeks used it as a food and as a medicine because it has an
antibiotic effect. Next time you get a cut, clean it out and put raw honey in it and watch
how fast it heals. The honey will also create a protective coating so that dirt and other
germs cannot enter.
Since honey contains anti-oxidants, that fructose and refined sugar do not, it is the
superior choice for a sweetener.
Second best would be maple syrup, which also contains enzymes/minerals and natural
sugars as well. There is another product called “Stevia” that is a natural sweetener made
from the Stevia plant.
With all sweeteners, natural or not, use in moderation because even too much of the
natural ones will cause the blood glucose levels to rise to high.
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How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Aspartame is the technical name for NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful, Equal-Measure and
It is made up of three different chemicals: aspartic acid, phenylalanine, and methanol.
This is by far the most dangerous substance on the market that is added to food!!!
At first it was considered by the pentagon as a biochemical warfare agent! Because of
its toxicity the food and drug administration denied its approval for eight years,
effectively keeping it off the world market. Then someone must have offered some big
bucks to the FDA because aspartame was approved for dried goods in 1981 and for
carbonated drinks in 1983 despite the fact that neuroscientist showed the side effects
were very serious including seizures and even death. Of ninety different documented
symptoms caused by aspartame here is a short list of the major ones:
Headaches/migraines, dizziness, seizures, nausea, numbness, muscle spasms, weight
gain, rashes, depression, fatigue, irritability, tachycardia, insomnia, vision problems,
hearing loss, heart palpitations, breathing difficulties, anxiety attacks, slurred speech, loss
of taste, tinnitus, vertigo, memory loss, and joint pain.
Other big problems linked to aspartame are brain tumors, Parkinson’s disease, and
multiple sclerosis. During testing, there were reports of rat tumors being cut out and
thrown in the garbage so they could report the animals as normal. They also reported
these tumors as normal and covered up massive amounts of data.
The book “Prescription for Nutritional Healing” by James and Phyllis Balch lists
aspartame under the category “chemical poison.” It is made up of three different
chemicals: aspartic acid, phenylalanine, and methanol. There is a truck load of research
showing what damage these three chemicals cause to the body but just remember that
most of their damage hits the nerves especially the brain. Do you know anyone who
likes diet soft drinks? This is the main ingredient added as a sweetener.
So how did this crap make it into the market place?
In 1981 Donald Rumsfeild was the CEO of the manufacturer G.D. Searle that had big
financial ties to aspartame research. He used his political clout to gain approval for this
garbage. As part of Reagan’s transition team, Rumsfeild helped Dr. Authur Hull Hayes
Jr. to become the new FDA commissioner. Without surprise, one of the first acts that Dr.
Hayes approved was that aspartame could be used in dry products. Two years later it was
allowed for carbonated drinks.
It was politics not science who allowed this dangerous chemical to enter the market.
They knew there were big bucks to be made because aspartame contains no calories.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
What a great seller! A sweetener with no calories! That’s as good as the old “No
Cholesterol” line in vegetable oil sales. Conned once again by big money. Millions of
people spend a tremendous amount of time and money trying to figure out why they are
sick when aspartame is the root of their problem.
Its found in over 5,000 different foods; fizzy drinks, chewing gum, table-top sweeteners,
diet and diabetic foods, breakfast cereals, jams, sweets, vitamins, prescription and overthe-counter drugs. So next time you pick up a diet soda read the label and think again
about drinking it. You may just want to stick with the “Real Thing” and drink regular
Coca-Cola. (Ha!) That’s really a sad joke.
If you ever feel like adding salt to your food be careful to choose a proper salt.
Hymalayan Crystal Salt is the best form of salt I have discovered. Because it has been
locked away high in the mountains, far from modern pollution, it is completely
uncontaminated with any toxins or pollutants. By far the purest salt you can buy. It also
contains all of the 84 elements found in the human body. When mixed with pure spring
water it offers the exact natural elements that are identical to your body, the very same
elements originally found existing in the primal sea. These salts will help restore balance
to your body unlike refined table salt. You can find this in health food stores or on-line.
The next best salt is organic sea salt. It is a slightly greyish color, not the bleached white
like normal table salt. It is slowly dried so that it still contains all of its natural minerals.
The only problem is that today's oceans contain many oil spills and toxic chemicals from
industrial wastes, they are just not as clean as they use to be. I still believe sea salt is
better that regular table salt. You can normally find this in health food stores.
Do not consume regular table salt!
It is dried at over 1200 F°, which alters the natural chemical structure causing several
health problems. This inorganic sodium upsets your fluid balance and overburdens your
elimination systems. For every gram of sodium chloride your body cannot get rid of it
takes 23 times the amount of cellular water to neutralize it. This can cause excess fluid in
your tissues leading to unsightly cellulite, rheumatism, arthritis, gout, and kidney and gall
bladder stones. During the processing of table salt Aluminium hydroxide is added to
improve its pouring ability. And for those who haven’t heard, aluminium by-products
deposit in the brain leading to Alzheimer’s disease. (This is also a reason for avoiding
deodorants that contain aluminium.)
Because these type salts are also added as preservatives in many of today's foods many
people get an overdose of salt. Not only are there too much in some foods but most
people still add salt to these meals. This is one of the main reasons for high blood
pressure we hear so much about.
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How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Other Food Additives or Condiments
I’ll just make this short and to the point. Things such as ketchup, mustard, and
mayonnaise are nothing more than processed garbage usually laced with sugar. The best
thing to do is look for healthier substitutes in the health food store or eat healthier foods
that have taste so that you can wean yourself off of these products. Also try flavoring
your foods with different natural herbs and spices.
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How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
The diet in your life should change every couple months. Why? Mostly to help the
body adapt to the weather changes. This is a natural event for all animals. When you
look at nature you will notice that certain foods only grow at certain times of the year. I
know in the grocery store we have access to the same fruits and vegetables all year long
but this is not what exists in nature and these foods come from far away places or
When it is winter in the Northern Hemisphere of the earth it is summer in the Southern
Hemisphere. Watermelon is a fruit that naturally grows in the summer but you might see
it in winter because it has been imported from a hemisphere that has a summer season.
“Happy and wise are they that eat only at the table of God, and eschew all the
abominations of Satan. Eat not unclean foods brought from far countries, but eat
always that which your trees bear. For your God knows well what is needful for you,
and where and when. And he gives to all peoples of all kingdoms for food that which is
best for each. Eat not as the heathen do, who stuff themselves in haste, defiling their
bodies with all manner of abominations.”
Jesus, Essene Gospel of Peace Book 1
For superior health it is always better to eat foods which have been grown locally in your
surrounding area. These foods are usually fresher and have not been sitting in an airplane
or the back of a diesel truck. Usually, foods that are transported are sprayed with certain
chemicals so that they do not spoil as fast during transportation. (Another reason to stay
with organic foods)
Seasonal Cycles have a profound effect on the way we eat.
Eating foods that are grown in season in your local environment help your body adapt to
the weather. For example, in summer when the weather is hot the body is stimulated to
perspire more. We then naturally reach for more watery substances to keep our body
cool and help to replenish the lost water. Mother Nature knows what we need, this is
why many watery fruits grow in the summer; watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe, berries,
ect.. Tropical areas where it is usually hot year round produce many watery foods:
papaya, pineapple, star fruit, and coconut (water inside).
During winter seasons the body normally craves more calories to help keep its
temperature within a normal range. You may notice this as you desire more high fat high
protein foods during this time. Sometimes the body may call for more weight
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How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
particularly body fat to help keep it warm during the cooler seasons. If you have ever
paid attention, you notice that edible nuts are produced more in the winter. It is best to
consume sprouted nuts, dried fruits, raw milk, spouted breads, steamed vegetables, soups,
and avocados during cooler months. These foods have more calories and are rich in good
fats and proteins. Research has shown that many people put on more weight in the month
of January when the weather is very cold.
It is easy to understand this when we look to tribal people. I use tribal people as an
example because they live more in harmony with nature and natural ways of eating.
Eskimos of northern colder regions have a higher percentage of body fat compared to the
Massais who live in the hot climates of Africa. The extra body fat of the Eskimos simply
protects them from the colder climate.
All diet systems fail because they ignore the principle of eating with the seasonal
The foods that grow in your area constantly change with the seasons. It is a natural law.
You must eat these types of seasonal foods for the body to be healthy and cooperate
better with its environment. This is why all “diets” fail. Most programs only give you
certain foods you can eat, with no changes. Your diet must change in accordance with
environment and season.
Everyone wants the perfect diet so they can be super slim or super buff all the time.
Well, even if you’ve tried to stay on a certain type of limiting diet you have probably
noticed that it didn’t last to long. Then we beat ourselves up and feel guilty because we
were not disciplined to stay with it. Well no more! Now you have learned the truth of a
natural law, that the body has different needs throughout the seasonal cycles. It is
natural to have a little more body fat in the winter and less in the summer, its just the
body’s way of trying to regulate its temperature to its environment. Look at animals for
example, the ones who live in colder climates such as polar bears, different whales,
walruses, and some types of seals carry more body fat than those who live in a warmer
climate. Fat protects the body from cold weather.
"From the coming of the month of Ijar, eat barley; from the month of Sivan, eat
wheat, the most perfect among all seed-bearing herbs. And let your daily bread be
made of wheat, that the Lord may take care of your bodies. From Tammuz, eat the sour
grape, that your body may diminish and Satan may depart from it. In the month of
Elul, gather the grape that the juice may serve you as drink. In the month of
Marchesvan, gather the sweet grape, dried and sweetened by the angel of sun, that
your bodies may increase, for the angels of the Lord dwell in them. You should eat figs
rich in juice in the months of Ab and Shevat, and what remain, let the angel of sun
keep them for you; eat them with the meat of almonds in all the months when the trees
bear no fruits. And the herbs which come after rain, these eat in the month of Thebet,
that your blood may be cleansed of all your sins. And in the same month begin to eat
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
also the milk of your beasts, because for this did the Lord give the herbs of the fields to
all the beasts which render milk, that they might with their milk feed man.
Jesus, The Essene Gospel of Peace Book 1
1. Nisan 30 days March-April
2. Ijar 29 days April-May
3. Sivan 30 days May-June
4. Tammuz 29 days June-July
5. Av 30 days July-August
6. Elul 29 days August-September
7. Tishri 30 days September-October
8. Marcheshvan 29 or 30 days October-November
9. Kislev 30 or 29 days November-December
10. Thebet 29 days December-January
11. Shevat 30 days January-February
12. Adar 29 or 30 days February-March
13. Adar II 29 days March-April
As you can see above, Christ gave instructions to eat the foods so that the body will
increase or diminish in size according to proper seasons. Eating grapes or other watery
fruits in the summer will help the body to lose weight and eating dried fruit and nuts in
winter months will give you more healthy calories to increase in size for winter months.
To increase in size does not mean for you to overeat and become obese, just eat proper
seasonal foods that will supply more calories to help your body deal with the weather.
Jesus was also speaking from the environment in which he lived, not that you get
confused and think that you should only eat grapes and figs. If you don’t know, you can
just ask around to find out what foods grow in season in your area.
Sprouted grains particularly wheat can be eaten year round. Notice above when Christ
said “And let your daily bread be made of wheat”. This can be acknowledged again in
a daily prayer that was given to us by Christ. Our Father which art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth as it is in
heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our debts, as we forgive
our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For thine is
the kingdom, the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.
Here are some of the most common foods and their seasons to be eaten.
Spring - a time of cleansing and new growth. We are all familiar with the old phrase
“spring cleaning” you know, when everyone clears out the old stuff that’s been sitting
around all year. The same should go for our bodies. Spring is a great time for fasting or
cleansing. Here are some foods that help to clean, repair, and create new growth in cells.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Raw milk,
Sprouts: alfalfa, sunflower, barley, wheat,
Fresh herbs
Herbal breads
Herbal teas
Wheatgrass juice
Summer - a time of rapid plant growth and heat. This is a good time to eat things like:
• Watery fruits: watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, grapes, and tomatoes
• Coconut water
• Sprouted grains
• Wheatgrass juice
• Any vegetable in season
Fall - a time to gather the harvest and prepare for winter.
• Fruits or vegetables that come from your local crops.
• Apples, figs, raisins, squash, pumpkin, corn, kale, ect.. you will just have to ask
around in your area to see what grows locally.
• Sprouted grains
Winter - a time to slow down like all the plants in nature. A time of inner reflection
• Dried fruits with sprouted nuts (apples, figs, raisins, almonds, pecans, filberts, and
hazel nuts)
• Oranges
• Steamed vegetables and soups.
• Raw milk
I have only named a few of the more common foods that grow in temperate zones. Every
territory is different so you must find out what grows best in your area. Your health is
not going to decline if you occasionally eat some pineapple and you live in Alaska so
don’t get too crazy with this. You will probably eat some fruits or veges that are not
indigenous to your area but that is much better than some lifeless processed junk food.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Now that you’ve learned about the most superior foods the question is: How do we use
these foods in the proper way to create a diet that can be maintained and balanced
without a yo-yo effect or binge eating?
Before I answer this question lets first take a closer look at some of the supposedly
“healthier” diet fads and expose the weak links. I have based them into three different
categories but please keep in mind that there are variations to each one.
Paleo Diet or Atkins Diet
These have been fairly popular the last few years making huge sales with products,
especially Atkins. The main points to these types of diets are high protein and low
carbohydrate intake. For example: Your meals would consist of a lot of meat and dairy
products with some fruits and vegetables and very little to zero complex carbohydrates
such as grains.
The main argument that these diets claim is that consuming grains causes you to gain
weight and screw up your insulin levels. And they are right, damaged grains can create
these problems. This is why it is so important to consume properly prepared grains.
Of course, many people lose weight with this type of diet because they cut out many of
the unhealthy over cooked, damaged, fiberless grain products such as white breads, pasta,
and white rice. Damaged grains without their own enzymes are basically a pile of
lifeless calories that will make you Fat! This is one way sumo wrestlers get so fat, by
stuffing down tons of white refined rice.
Here are the problems
These high protein diets produce what is called ketosis. This is a state of hyperacidity
that is very dangerous to the body. Toxic substances known as ketones are produced as a
result of overconsumption of proteins and fats and underconsumption of proper
carbohydrates needed to process fat.
Another reason these type diets create dramatic weightloss is the fact that large amounts
of water are lost from bodily tissues as the body attempts to dilute and eliminate the toxic
byproducts of the excess protein ingested. After a week or so the dieter will hit a plateau.
When the diet is discontinued, the dieter rapidly gains weight. Dr. Atkins said himself, “
I concede that the worst thing about this diet is the rapidity with which you gain if you
abandon it.”
Eventually most people snap and start binging on some type of carbohydrates. Only
because they have deprived themselves of an essential food needed for balanced health,
and the body instinctively knows this. But weight gain is not the worst thing that can
happen after these diets.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Here are some other side effects of a high protein diets.
• Can cause kidney and liver damage.
May increase triglyceride (fat) levels stressing the heart. (Dr. Atkins himself died not
to long ago due to heart problems)
Can wash vitamins and minerals out of the body causing bone damage, tooth decay,
and tiredness.
Increases the risk of certain types of cancer and causes constipation due to lack of
fiber from excessive use of fiber-poor animal foods.
As you can see these high-protein diets are unbalanced and unsafe for the body. For
superior health go ahead and scratch these diet fads off the list.
The Raw Food Diet
This type of diet seems really good as foods are eaten in their natural state, alive and with
there own enzymes. But the problem here is that most raw fooders concentrate on eating
mostly fruits and vegetables. These foods are great for the body but there are a couple of
weak links; to many simple sugars and not enough complex carbohydrates for calories.
Here are the problems
Many Raw foodists have the belief that fruit is “The” superior food and once the body is
cleansed from all toxic substances man could live strictly off of fruits. This is called
“fruitarianism” This is one of those things that looks good on paper but in reality doesn’t
work. Fruitarians say that fruit cleans the body and provides many nutrients your body
needs. That’s true, but fruits contain lots of simple sugars that release into the
bloodstream faster than complex sugars. Now, the sugars in fruits are properly absorbed
because they are in their natural state, but because most fruit is 90% water, we now have
a problem with proper calorie intake.
Fruits do provide some calories in the form of simple sugars but these are used up quickly
by the body. If you are trying to be a raw fooder, have you ever noticed that you feel
hungry most of the time? Or maybe you just feel like eating all day? This is from too
many simple sugars and not enough complex carbs that are slowly dispersed in the body
throughout the day. This slow disbursement will give you a longer feeling of being
satisfied by your meal.
Two ways most fruitarians try to solve this problem, juicing and avocados.
Juicing seems to be a solution to the calorie problem, however, drinking juiced fruits
gives you a large dose of sugar each day. This can cause negative side effects in the long
run. When juicing your fruit you are able to drink several times the amount of fruits than
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
you could naturally eat. Try eating the same amount of apples it takes to make an 8 oz.
glass of apple juice. You will find that your body would tell you to stop eating after the
2nd or 3rd tops.
When we chew our food saliva and other components prepare the stomach for digestion.
Drinking our fruits bypasses the natural chewing motion dumping several times the
amount of sugar into our stomach without proper digestion. This large amount of simple
sugars can spike your insulin levels because the body more rapidly absorbs juices than
whole foods. Short term, your pancreas and liver may be able to handle this but in the
long run you’re looking at diabetic symptoms such as frequent urination and always
feeling hungry. Many “wanna be frutarians” have reported these symptoms. I myself
experienced these same things when I was trying to strictly eat fruits, I had to use the
bathroom several times a day sometimes even having to get up a couple times during the
night interrupting my sleep time, which I have to admit is very annoying.
Besides the sugar shock your system receives, a high intake of fruits and fruit
juices(sugars) will aggravate, hunger, cravings and binge eating. Many frutarians (I can
personally attest to this also) end up “crashing and binging” on high caloric food. The
so-called “experts” say that the cravings and feeling of hunger are only a sign of detox
until the body becomes clean enough. This is simply not true. High sugared diets make
you more hungry because the body craves different foods for a more balanced blood
sugar level.
The next theory is to eat avocados because they have a high calorie count from essential
fats. They do supply a good source of calories but Avocados do not naturally grow in
most places. So does this mean that you can only have the purest diet where avocados
grow? No. Is there a living food that grows just about everywhere in the world that
can supply calories and slowly release sugars into the blood stream that will satisfy
your hunger and give you sustained energy throughout the day? Yes. The answer is
coming up shortly.
High fruit and vegetable diets are good in theory but in reality many people have had
problems with unbalanced sugar levels and not enough calories.
Research from an Orthopathic and Natural Hygiene doctor.
Dr. Bass from New York performed over 100 different diets on white mice in his lab. In
one experiment he gave 40 mice a variety of different fruits to eat. Even with the
exception of corn and avocado. After the 3rd day, much to his surprise, he found 8 dead
bodies with the heads missing and different body parts eaten. He immediately added raw
milk cheese, grains, cooked food, ect. The mice stopped killing each other 4 days after
these different foods were added.
Two years later he performed the same experiment with the exact same results.
There were some nutrients, even with all the fruits, that the mice instinctively knew their
bodies were not receiving.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
The deficiencies shown in the mice would be the equivalent to a human on this diet after
2 months.
The Macrobiotic Diet
Though there are some slight variations, the macrobiotic diet consists of one eating a
balanced diet of mostly grains, vegetables, seeds and some local fruit. This type of diet is
consumed in many countries in the east such as Asia, India, Japan, and the Philippines
just to name a few. As we all know the people of eastern cultures (ones that haven’t been
influenced by fast food yet) are less obese and much healthier than westerners. This is
also the type diet that the music diva Madonna follows. And I have to admit, her body is
lookin pretty good and holding up strong for her age. Many other famous actors and
actresses have used this type of diet to maintain a healthier body.
This type of diet is very close to what the ancient Essenes, Yogis, and Tibetian Monk’s
consumed though there are a couple of weak links in today’s modern macrobiotic diet.
Here are the problems
Over the years refined white rice has taken over instead of the use of natural brown or
wild rice. White rice comes from natural brown rice only it has been stripped of its
outside cover, which contains many of its nutrients. Once white rice is cooked it is
basically just a heap of lifeless calories with little to zero nutrients and very poor fiber.
The once natural and healthy sauces made for certain oriental dishes have now been
industrialised into unhealthy concoctions containing high fructose cornsyrup(sugar) and
MSG (monosodium glutamate). When these High Fructose Cornsyrups (sugars) are
added to grains fermentation takes place in the stomach causing bloating and indigestion.
Have you ever noticed this after eating at your local Chinese restaurant?
MSG's or monosodium glutamate can cause 'Chinese Restaurant Syndrome', I know that
sounds a little weird but that term is even in the dictionary. It can cause a group of
symptoms including dizziness, facial pressure, sweating, and headache.
Many eastern dishes also contain foods fried in vegetable oils that should be avoided.
(See section on Fats)
There are also several hot spices added to these dishes. These hot spices act as an irritant
to the lining of the stomach and the rest of the digestive tract. This is why many people
get the “squirts” after eating hot spicy foods.
Though the macrobiotic diet is very well balanced try to avoid the above weak links for
better health.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Diet of the Master Essenes
Many of the foods in the diets mentioned above are superior foods for the body. But to
answer the question of how and when to use these foods in a proper way to create a diet
that can be balanced and maintained for life, we must look to the Ancient Essene Masters
for the answer. For with their superior knowledge, strength, longevity, and health they
were so in tuned with the earth that they knew the answers to a proper diet.
When to Eat
“Eat only when the sun is highest in the heavens, and again when it is set. And you
will never see disease, for such finds favor in the eyes of the Lord. And if you will that
the angels of God rejoice in your body, and that Satan shun you afar, then sit but once
in the day at the table of God. And then your days will be long upon the earth, for this
is pleasing in the eyes of the Lord. Eat always when the table of God is served before
you, and eat always of that which you find upon the table of God. For I tell you truly,
God knows well what your body needs, and when it needs.”
Jesus, The Essene Gospel of Peace
The Highest Digestion Rate
Here Christ instructed to eat only two meals a day, one around midday and maybe one
meal in the evening and you will never see disease. Scientific research has shown that
the body’s ability to digest, absorb, and assimilate is at its peak performance around
midday, anywhere from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM. This is the time that you should eat your
heaviest meal.
You should try and eat very light meals in the evenings. Maybe nothing at all (And if
you will that the angels of God rejoice in your body, and that Satan shun you afar, then
sit but once in the day at the table of God. And then your days will be long upon the
earth, for this is pleasing in the eyes of the Lord.) This was one of the tougher
challenges for myself to overcome because most of us are use to eating our biggest meal
in the evening. The first few times you go to bed on an empty stomach it feels a little
weird but after a short period of time I noticed that I slept much better and woke up much
easier and with more energy. Slowly train yourself to do this by cutting back the amount
of food you eat in the evening. Try and stay as light as possible, maybe a salad or even
better some type of soup.
There is a Yoga Master, very popular in the U.S., by the name of Bikram Choudry. I’ve
been told by some of his students that he eats only one meal a day. This guy is in his 60’s
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How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
and they say he looks like he is in his 30’s. They also say he has the flexibility of a
young child.
As the day progresses your body’s enzymes become weaker from the previous work they
have completed throughout the day. When we eat a heavy meal in the evening before
bedtime the body has to rev up and work hard to digest food at the time when it should be
trying to get into rest mode. Eating heavy meals in the evening often results in
undigested food that sits to long in the stomach and clogs up your insides. Not only will
you find it harder to fall asleep but this undigested food will give you that nice “bloated
gut” look everyone raves about. (HA!) It also can make your skin break out easier,
you’ll gain weight easier, and you won’t feel as energetic as you should during the day.
So make sure you take time around noon to eat your most substantial meal of the day,
eating your heavier foods here instead of in the evening. And when you have five to ten
precious extra minutes, take the time to just sit quietly after the meal, savoring the
experience, before you resume your daily activity. This will direct your body's energy
towards digestion before you draw it to other activities.
Science has also shown that this type of strong digestive energy happens once again in
the middle of the night around 11:00 PM to 1:00AM. If you eat light or not at all in the
evening, this energy can be used to repair internal cells and recharge the nervous
system instead of trying to break down a heavy meal consumed in the evening.
The body has much more energy when it is not bogged down with a ton of food. Bikram
Choudry, the man mentioned earlier only needs two hours of sleep a night. Why?
Because his body is not having to digest a lot of food. It can now spend more time
repairing and recharging itself becoming much more efficient.
Essene Breakfast
I’m sure by now some of you are thinking, “Oh my God! What about breakfast!” The
Essenes did not eat breakfast. They only drank pure water. You will find in several
health related sources to drink at least 6 to 8 oz. of water each morning upon rising. This
will help to clarify the stomach and other systems of toxins. Water is also crucial for
digestion and absorption; preventing bloating and constipation; helps transport nutrients
to the cells and tissues; and helps support the metabolism of fat.
Drink room temperature water or warm water throughout the day. Water spiked with
digestion enhancing spices and herbs is even better.
The mighty lemon
Adding some fresh squeezed lemon to this water is also great.
• Lemon is antibacterial and antiseptic, a wonderful aid to internal cleansing.
• It retards the presence of disease causing bacteria.
• Is a great digestion enhancer that helps to reduce bloating and flatulence.
• It aids in elimination so that your digestive tract is naturally flushed clear every
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
It’s loaded with minerals that really help to alkalize the body.
And it is a great antioxidant helping to fight disease-causing free radicals. This in
turn will help keep your skin clear and your eyes sparkling.
Cutting out breakfast is easier than cutting out the evening meal. When I was eating the
(SAD) Standard American Diet I would actually get nauseous or sick to my stomach if I
didn’t eat breakfast in the morning. But as soon as I swallowed some type of white flour
biscuit with sugar loaded jelly or some type of sugar laced processed cereal the feeling
was numbed away. Why was this happening?
Your stomach should not feel sick or weak in the morning. This feeling comes from the
undigested food that is leaving your stomach as you wake up and start to move around in
the morning. In a way it is like a detox symptom, this nauseous feeling comes as your
body trys to rid this soured food that was improperly digested as it sat in the stomach
over night. When you eat something during this morning nauseous feeling, the
cleansing or detox process stops and the nauseous feeling is numbed down as you pile
more food into the stomach. This just simply adds more digestive work for your body.
Start eating less at breakfast by eating light meals such as fruit. Then eventually, if you
wish to gain superior Essenic health, cut it out all together. This will give the enzymes in
your body more time to repair cells and help with better brain function than having to
deal with heavy food digestion.
The next big question would be “Is this amount of food intake or enough calories for
the body?”
The USDA states that the average person should consume 2,000 calories a day. First of
all, we are all different and have different types of jobs. If your daily work demands a lot
of physical labor then you may need to eat more calories. If your work requires less
physical activity and more brainwork then you need to consume fewer calories. As you
well know, not everyone performs the same amount of physical activity throughout the
day so you can disregard that statement given by the USDA.
Vilcabambas and Hunzas
Let’s take a look at some of the healthier cultures and see where they stood on caloric
intake. There are only a few of these left on earth today but two of the most popular are
the Vilcabambas of Ecuador and the Hunzas of the Himalayas.
In January 1973 National Geographic researched and published an article about these
two cultures which stated:
“Dr. Guillermo Vela of Quito found a strikingly low caloric intake consumption also
among the elderly of the Vilcabamba. The Average daily diet provided 1,200 calories.
The Daily protein intake was 35 to 38 grams, and of fat only 12 to 19 grams; 200 to 260
grams of carbohydrates completed the diet. Protein and fat were largely of vegetable
origin, with only a few grams of protein daily from animal sources. Needless to say, one
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
sees no obesity among the elderly in either Vilcabamba or Hunza; neither were there
signs of undernutrition.”
These people are commonly found living to be 100, 110, 120, and occasionally as much
as 140 years of age. When Dr. Davies, a professor at London University visited the
Vilcabambas he wanted to interview the pride of the clan Jose David. “I could hardly
believe this man was 142 years old,” Dr. Davies said, “He was grumpy because we were
interrupting his work. He could not wait to get back to hoeing his vegetable garden.”
(National Tattler, June 24, 1973)
Another man sent by National Geographic to study the Hunzas was Dr. Jay F. Hoffman.
He wrote, “Here lies the real Fountain of Youth - probably the only one in the world…
Hunza land is truly a Utopia if ever there was one. Just think of this! Here is a land where
people do not have our common diseases, such as heart ailments, cancer, arthritis, high
blood pressure, diabetes, tuberculosis, hay fever, asthma, liver trouble, gall bladder
trouble, constipation or many other ailments that plague the rest of the world. Moreover,
there are no hospitals, no insane asylums, no drug stores, no saloons, no tobacco stores,
no police, no jails, no crimes, no murders, and no beggars."
Dr. McCarrison wrote, “Any westerner who stepped foot on the tiny land of this friendly
nation couldn't stop raving about their good nature, outstanding hospitality, not to
mention the physical strength and stamina of their men. " My own experience provides an
example of a race unsurpassed in perfection of physique and in freedom from disease in
general. Amongst these people the span of life is extraordinarily long… During the
period of my association with these people I never saw a case of asthenic dyspepsia, of
gastric or duodenal ulcer, of appendicitis, of mucous colitis, of cancer."
The Hunzas fountain of youth diet consisted of whole meal flatbread with a pat of fresh
butter, sprouted legumes, fresh raw carrots and cabbage, fruits, unboiled whole milk, and
once a week a tiny portion of meat. This is very close to the Essene’s diet with the
exception of meat.
The Amount of Food To Be Eaten
“Let the weight of your daily food be not less than a mina, but mark that it go not
beyond two. Then will the angels of God serve you always, and you will never fall into
the bondage of Satan and of his diseases. Trouble not the work of the angels in your
body by eating often. For I tell you truly, he who eats more than twice in the day does
in him the work of Satan. And the angels of God leave his body, and soon Satan will
take possession of it.
Jesus, The Essene Gospel of Peace
Jesus said to let the weight of your food be no less than a mina or more than two.
One Mina = 1.25 lbs. or 567 grams.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
The Essene historians Josephus and Philo tell us that during the lunch time meal, the
Essenes received some type of grain. This was either in the form of sprouts, sundried
flat bread, or bread that was lightly baked. These breads were sometimes flavored with
salt or different types of herbs. To the side of their bread was a plate or bowl of
vegetables. The main bulk of calories came from grains and the rest was supplied with
vegetables or fruit.
Notice in these next few quotes how grains/herbs are mentioned as main foods.
Genesis 1:29 And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed
(grains), which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is
the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.
Gospel of the Holy Twelve, Lections 38:8 God giveth the grains and the
fruits of the earth for food: and for the righteous man truly there is no other
lawful sustenance for the body.
Lections 32:9 Verily I say unto you, in the beginning, all creatures of God
did find their sustenance in the herbs and the fruits of the earth alone, till the
ignorance and the selfishness of man turned many of them from the use which
God had given them to that which was contrary to their original use, but even
these shall yet return to their natural food, as it is written in the prophets, and
their words shall not fail.
Jesus, The Essene Gospel of Peace “so eat always from the table of God:
the fruits of the trees, the grain and grasses of the field, the milk of beasts,
and the honey of bees. For everything beyond this is of Satan, and leads by
the way of sins and of diseases unto death.”
Ezekiel 4:9 Take wheat and barley, beans and lentils, millet and spelt; put
them in a storage jar and use them to make bread for yourself.
(Also in this chapter, God told Ezekiel to bear the sins of Israel, during this
time he told him to weigh out 20 shekels of food each day and eat at a set
time. Here again, we see God commanding to eat once a day. Twenty shekels
in weight is about half a pound. This is half the amount of what Christ said to
eat but if you read Ezekiel you see that he did not move around very much for
several days.)
Prayer given by Jesus in the Essene Gospel of Peace. “Our Father which art
in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on
earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our
debts, as we forgive our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory, for ever.
“How should we cook our daily bread without fire, Master?” asked some with great
“Let the angels of God prepare your bread. Moisten your wheat, that the angel of
water may enter it. Then set it in the air, that the angel of air may embrace it. And
leave it from the morning to evening beneath the sun, that the angel of sunshine may
descend upon it. And the blessing of the three angels will soon make the germ of life to
sprout in your wheat.
Jesus, The Essene Gospel of Peace
More Research By Dr. Bass from New York
With over 100 dietary experiments performed on mice, Dr. Bass found that his mice grew
large, looked healthy, and reproduced several offspring while on a diet of sprouted grains
(mostly wheat), mung, sunflower and lentil sprouts, and vegetables.
Superior Essenic Health
For Superior Essenic health you should eat about 200 to 400 grams of sprouted grains a
day. The rest of your food can be supplied with vegetables, fruit, or fresh milk. Try this
and you will see that this really satisfies your hunger for a long time throughout the day.
Okay Raw Fooders, to answer the previous question: Is there a living food that grows
just about everywhere in the world that can supply calories and slowly release
sugars into the blood stream that will satisfy your hunger and give you sustained
energy throughout the day? YES.
Sprouted grains are the answer to a food that is found in abundance around the
world that supply sufficient calories and release sugars slowly into the blood stream
to satisfy your hunger and give you sustained energy throughout the day.
If prepared properly these grains will fill you up faster than damaged grains. It is very
easy to overeat on damaged grain products. Because things like white rice, pasta, pizza
dough, and white flour are very low in nutrients the body sends out signals to keep eating
until it has received enough nutrients. When grains are cooked at to high temperatures
for too long they begin to gelatinize. This is where the starch granules are broken down
more into simple sugars. Eating more simple sugars tends to spike blood sugar and
insulin levels. As I mentioned earlier, eating sugary products gives us a tendency to eat
more. And as we over eat, we tend to consume more lifeless calories than necessary.
These type products also contain very little or are even void of fiber. Fiber adds bulk to
our meals which helps give us more the feeling of being satisfied and helps to move food
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
through the intestines. White soft grain products with little fiber gets very pasty and
mushy inside the intestines.
If you want to picture what processed poor fiber foods look like inside the body, throw
some white bread into a bowl of water and watch what happens the over the next couple
of days. When this pasty mush trys to go through the digestive tract the peristaltic action
of the intestines have nothing solid to work against except for a wad of mushy dough.
This mushy substance often sticks to the insides of the intestines, much like cookie dough
sticks to the sides of a mixing bowl. This is also another cause for the protruding belly,
even if a person has a high metabolism and very little body fat, there is simply too much
mush clogged in the intestines. Some people say, “Well, I use the bathroom everyday!”
That’s not enough.
You can think of it like this; If you’ve ever made cookies you know some of the main
ingredients are processed flour, sugar, and butter. When these are mixed together they
become very sticky and even though you get most of the cookie dough out of the bowl
there is still some left behind. By continuing to eat these types of processed grains, more
and more mush builds up in the intestines every year unless it is properly cleaned with
fasting and good fiber rich foods.
I knew a guy once with very big protruding belly. He had lots of money so he thought he
would just go and get lipo-suction on his gut. Much to his surprise, the doctor told him
that it wasn’t the fat that was creating his protruding gut, it was loads of undigested food
packed in his intestines. Needless to say lipo-suction could not help him. And as far as I
know, I don’t think he ever figured out how to get rid of his problem.
Calorie Restrictions
You will find in hundreds if not thousands of studies where calorie restrictions on mice
increased their health and longevity. Many experiments show the same results; mice
that are given a calorie-restricted diet live much longer than the ones who are aloud to eat
as much as they want, whenever they want. In fact, a restricted calorie diet is the only
way scientists have been able to find that extends the life of the mice. Using advance
gene chip technology to test life-extension experiments scientist are amazed at the
rapidity at which the life-extension begins when the mice have restricted diets, even in
the elderly mice.
A life of Temperance
One of the most famous men who lived a long extended life of temperance was Luigi
Cornaro. Temperance here means that he only ate enough to satisfy and sustain his life
without over eating or indulging in rich dishes, as many of us tend to do so often these
(His contemporaries looked with great astonishment on this vigorous, creative
centenarian with his permanently benevolent, smiling face and countenance, so radically
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
unlike themselves, at least those who were still alive when Cornaro celebrated his onehundredth birthday, for the average life-span in the latter part of the 16th century was
only forty to fifty years. The few who remained to wonder at Cornaro's well-being were
vegetating in agonizing pains, chained to their beds, waiting only for death to release
them from their sufferings. And this generally one-sided (though accurate) image
survived all the centuries (he lived from 1464 to 1566). To many of his contemporaries,
he was the respectable and highly esteemed administrator of the Bishopric of Padua and
the intimate friend of the highly revered Cardinal Pisani. Several of his friends regarded
him with even greater awe, knowing that two other long-lived celebrities, Pope Paul
Farnese and Cardinal Bembo, both had become followers of Cornaro's way of living and
eating. To the less knowledgeable citizens and neighbours of Cornaro, he was simply the
wealthy and eccentric nobleman who lived in a pleasant house in the most beautiful
quarter of the city of Venice, the grounds of which were enhanced by several beautiful
gardens, intersected by running streams, "in which he always found pleasure of
exercising, surrounded by pure air, water, sunshine, and beautiful trees and vegetation."
The Art of Sobriety by Edmond Szekeley)
When he was around 40 years old he was nearly on his death bed suffering much pain
from colic, gout, a constant slow fever and worst of all stomach disorders and perpetual
thirst. After having tried everything to relieve his infirmities the last physician he saw
told him there was only one method left that would cure him if he would follow it with
patience and perseverance. This was to live a strictly sober and regular life, a life of
temperance. His physician said that if he did not at once follow this type of life style
within a few months he would see no improvement of his condition and in a few more
months he would have to resign himself to death.
Being mortified of dying in his prime age of life he resolved to take the physicians
orders. His rules were; only to use food, solid or liquid, such as is generally prescribed to
sick persons; and both Sparingly. He had heard these directions before but being
impatient with the results he had soon returned to eating and drinking as much as he
pleased. But this time was different he resolved to live soberly, according to the dictates
of reason, feeling it was his duty as a man to do so. Within a few days, he found this type
of living agreed well with him, and by pursuing it, he found that in less than a year he
was entirely freed from all his complaints.
As Cornaro had learned the knowledge of the Essene Way, from the writings of St.
Jerome, he gave up the use of meats and wine and chose foods, by experience, that had
agreed with him. He ate only as much as he could easily digest, with strict regard to
quantity as well as quality. Contriving matters as to never disturb his stomach with
eating or drinking, he always rose from the table with a disposition to eat and drink more.
His daily food was 12 oz. no more and no less. And his daily liquid consumption was 14
oz. In his writings Cornaro stated that, “Pure bread is, above all things, man's best
By continuing this type of simple life style, eating only as much as he needed and never
more, he lived well past the few months he was expected to live until the ripe age of 102.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Not bad for a guy expected to die within a couple months!
Cornaro noticed many wonderful effects living this type of temperate life-style. Even at
the age of 100 all his senses functioned perfect, especially his palate. Once his body and
blood became clean, he noticed that he had the most profound desire for the taste of the
simplest foods than he ever did for the most delicate dishes. “These things, however, are
discovered but by few,” said Cornaro, “for men, for the most part, are sensual and
intemperate, and love to satisfy their appetites and to commit every excess; and by way of
apology, say that they prefer a short and self-indulgent life, to a long and self denying
one, not knowing that those men are truly happy who keep their appetites in subjection.”
He further states, “Man, however, brings sickness and disease upon himself, by reason,
either of his ignorance or wilful self-indulgence.”
At the age of 91 he had visited some physicians at a University. They were amazed to
see a man of this age so stout, hardy, and lively. They found that his voice, teeth,
memory and judgement were in perfect condition. The doctors and philosophers said that
this was next to a miracle at his age.
As Cornaro new well himself and understood the brutality of sensuality, he could but
only feel sorry for men that were half his age perpetually tormented with aches and pains
and other various diseases. So he spent several hours a day writing about a life of
temperance in hopes that it would be of great service to those who would read,
understand, and apply this type of life style.
His main philosophy of food could be reduced to two things: quality and quantity. The
first consists of avoiding food or drinks that are found to disagree with the stomach. The
second, to avoid taking more than the stomach could easily digest.
To find out more about the interesting life of Luigi Cornaro read The Essene Science of
Fasting and The Art of Sobriety by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely.
As we learn from the Essenes diet and teachings, the healthiest cultures in the world,
those who have lived a life of temperance, and scientific evidence we can see how the
body can live healthier and longer on a diet of better quality food and fewer calories.
When the body is not continually packed with food the enzymes have more time to repair
and reproduce new cells keeping us younger and healthier. I tried to do the Raw Diet for
several years eating mostly fruits and vegetables. This resulted in many times of
“cheating” or “binging” on high caloric food, not to mention the frequent urination. Once
I started adding healthy sprouted grains as a base to my diet I noticed a few interesting
things. I could eat smaller portions of food and be completely satisfied for hours and
hours without a bloated gut. In fact, by following the instructions of Jesus and the way
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
historians said the Essenes ate, I was never really hungry as I only ate twice or sometimes
once a day. These grains supplied the calories and slow release of energy throughout the
day. My bowel movements became very easy and regular. I lost fat yet my muscles
stayed hard and toned. I have the feeling of being lighter and faster as now there is less
build-up and weight on my joints. And mentally my mind is more calm and focus than
Following in the footsteps of the Superior health of the Essenes, You should incorporate
a type of sprouted grain, whether living or slightly bake as a main staple in your diet.
With this meal different types of vegetables combine well. Eating sweet fruits should be
consumed a couple hours after or before these meals.
This type of simple diet of sprouted grains, vegetables, nuts, seeds, milk and fruits was
used by the Master Healers (Essenes). They knew what foods and how and when to use
them to keep the body functioning at its most optimum level.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Old school thinking of scientist and layperson alike was that foods could be combined in
any combination and the stomach could not differentiate between them. Today, we know
this is not true. The majority of food combinations in today's society cause much
digestive distress. Many times without listening to that pain in our gut, caused by poor
food combinations, we just grab for a dose of alkalizers to quiet that upset stomach. The
fact that antacids are the largest-selling over the counter drug is evidence that something
is surely wrong with the way we eat.
I remember several times as a child having stomachaches after eating those good old
home cooked meals. My parents, not having a clue about proper food combinations,
would just tell me to lay on my stomach until the pain went away. This is not right my
friends; you should not have any stomach pains after a meal. That pain is a signal from
your body telling you that it didn’t like whatever you just ate.
Over the years most of us have learned to ignore the pain of indigestion. Until I started
experimenting with proper food combinations and how my body felt after a meal, I use to
think that a feeling of slight irritation or that bloated feeling after a meal was a sign that
my stomach was full and I had eaten enough. This is not how your body should feel after
a meal. With proper food combinations you will feel satisfied with your meal without
any irritation or bloating in the stomach.
As you go about eating wrong food combinations the stomach can also become
desensitised. After years of choking down undigestible foods the sensory nerves in the
stomach can get worn down, which makes the pain of indigestion more tolerable. But
eventually acid reflux sets in and you end up buying tons of acid reflux medication
thinking that something is wrong with your stomach.
It’s not your stomach that’s wrong, it’s the wrong food and food combinations that cause
stomach problems.
No matter what type of food you are eating, learning proper food combinations is
the BEST place to start when making healthier changes in your diet and improving
your over all total health. Some of these rules have been around for thousands of years.
When Moses saw that his people were not ready for a healthier diet he taught them of
proper food combinations and a selective diet. Exodus 16:8 “Bead in the morning and
meat at night.”
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
"For I tell you truly, the God of the living is richer than all the rich of the earth, and
his abundant table is richer than the richest table of feasting of all the rich upon the
earth. Eat, therefore, all your life at the table of our Earthly Mother, and you will
never see want. And when you eat at her table, eat all things even as they are found on
the table of the Earthly Mother. Cook not, neither mix all things one with another, lest
your bowels become as steaming bogs. For I tell you truly, this is abominable in the
eyes of the Lord.
"And be not like the greedy servant, who always ate up, at the table of his lord, the
portions of others. And he devoured everything himself, and mixed all together in his
gluttony. And seeing that, his lord was wroth with him, and drove him from the table.
And when all had ended their meal, he mixed together all that remained upon the
table, and called the greedy servant to him, and said: 'Take and eat all this with the
swine, for your place is with them, and not at my table.'
"Take heed, therefore, and defile not with all kinds of abominations the temple of your
bodies. Be content with two or three sorts of food, which you will find always upon the
table of our Earthly Mother. And desire not to devour all things which you see around
you. For I tell you truly, if you mix together all sorts of food in your body, then the
peace of your body will cease, and endless war will rage in you. And it will be blotted
out even as homes and kingdoms divided against themselves work their own
destruction. For your God is the God of peace, and does never help division. Arouse
not, therefore, against you the wrath of God, lest he drive you from his table, and lest
you be compelled to go to the table of Satan, where the fire of sins, diseases, and death
will corrupt your body.
Jesus, Essene Gospel of Peace Book 1
What Science Has To Say About Food Combining
When it comes to food combing every modern book and research done at any university
will basically tell you the same thing.
The two worst combos
Good old “meat and potatoes,” this is one of the worst food combinations that is most
commonly seen followed by the constant chicken and rice recipes found in fitness
magazines. Beans and rice (high protein and starch combination) is highly common and
just about every meat platter in a restaurant comes with some type of starchy food. But
everybody is doing it, it must be right. Wrong! This knowledge has been known since
the time of Moses and modern science has now proven why these two types of food
should never be combined at the same meal.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
1. The gas produced in the bowels by these pour combinations can be terrible. Letting
this gas out could result in lung damage to those individuals in your close proximity.
2. Starches require more alkaline juices for digestion and meats require acid juices for
digestion. The digestion of bread first begins in the mouth, the taste buds send a
message to the brain and the saliva produces a substance called pytalin. This
substance starts to digest alkaline foods and when swallowed the stomach knows to
start producing alkaline juices for digestion. When acidic foods like meat are eaten,
acid juices such as hydrochloric acid are produced in the stomach for digestion.
When acid and alkaline juices mix in the body they tend to neutralize one another
creating indigestion which results in constipation, flatulence, putrification and eventually
cell starvation.
The second most common of the worst food combinations is eating sugar or sweet fruits
with starches or protein foods. The sugars and acids in fruit slow the digestion of
starches, just like meat, only now, you have a starch and sugar sitting in a warm dark
place which results in fermentation producing alcohol inside the body. Think about it,
that is exactly how beer is made, sugar and grains set up to ferment in a warm dark place,
so don’t make your body a natural distillery.
Below is a list of other helpful tips for better digestion whether you are eating
cooked or living food.
Fruits and vegetables don’t mix. Here again the sugars and acids in fruit slow the
digestion of starches in vegetables and may cause fermentation, bloating and gas.
It is best to eat fruits and vegetables at separate meals or wait at least and hour
between eating the two.
Any greens, sprouts, and vegetables mix well together.
Vegetables are the best choice to mix with protein foods and foods with essential
fatty acids such as nuts, seeds, and avocados. You can also mix veggies with
meat. Since meat is completely void of fiber the vegetables will add the fiber
needed to help carry the meat through.
Starchy foods: rice, potatoes, bread ect.. go better with vegetables, herbs,
sprouts, or a little butter. Chinese food with brown rice and veges is good,
baked potato and butter, herbal bread with butter or olive oil.
Melon fruits should always be eaten alone with no other mixture. E.g.
Watermelon, Honeydew, Cantaloupe, Crenshaw.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Citrus fruits are better eaten alone or mixed with each other. E.g. Lemons,
Oranges, Lime, Grapefruit. These are acid fruits yet in the body they
become great alkalizers. Never mix these with starches or cereals this
combonation produces acid in the system.
Starches and sweets mixed together are very acid producing and should never be
eaten at the same meal. E.g. pies, cakes, bread and jellies, pancakes and syrup.
Orange juice and milk are helpful to the body but should be taken at
opposite ends of the day. Better orange juice in the morning and milk at
night, the high calcium will help you sleep easier.
Tomatoes are non-acid forming. It’s good to eat them with salads but do not mix
them with meats, sugars, or any vinegars. Keep the meal very alkaline when
eating tomatoes. A little starch or salt is OK.
Wheat and Barley breads especially when sprouted are very alkaline and can
be mixed with milk, a little butter, or herbs and other vegetables.
Milk is very alkalizing and should not be added to coffee, tea, or sugar. I noticed
I got very bad indigestion when I ate cookies or sweet cereals with milk.
Shellfish of any kind should not be taken with alcohol.
Sequential Eating
Even if you are not eating 100% living foods sequential eating can have a huge impact on
your digestion. In a nutshell this is basically eating the most liquid and easiest to digest
foods first. For example, say you had a meal that consisted of fruits, vegetables, starches,
and meat. This would be the exact order you would want to eat them.
1. Eat the most liquid food first, which would normally be the fruit.
2. Next eat the vegetables.
3. Then the starches.
4. And last the meat.
If you don’t follow this sequential eating here’s what happens. Heavy proteins and fats
take the longest to digest. If you eat starches or fruits after meat then they will sit on top
of the meat in the stomach and begin to ferment before your body has the time to digest
them. This will cause gas and alcohol to build inside of you.
Also try to avoid drinking so much with your meals. This dilutes the stomach juices and
keeps them from doing their job properly. It’s best to drink about 30 minutes before a
meal or an hour after a meal. It’s ok to drink a little bit right after the meal to help rinse
off food that may be stuck to your teeth. This will help prevent cavities.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
These tips above will help to keep you flatulent free and allow for nutrients to be better
assimilated in the body. The more simple the combinations the easier they will be to
digest. Beauty lies in simplicity. Slowly work on cutting out items with your meals
so that they become more simple. Sometimes I will just have 1 to 2 bowls of milk and
sprouted cereal, which is very filling. Sometimes only 1 to 3 oranges at a meal will fill
me up. I never thought I would see the day, but now I actually prefer my salads without
any dressing. I can taste the vegetables much better.
Here is a quick chart that you can copy and hang on the inside of a cabinet door that will
help you remember what combinations are good and which are poor.
Good Combos
• Meats or heavy proteins and veges
Starches and veges
Salads (veges and nuts, seeds, or avocados)
Fruits (melon fruits only with other melon fruits and citrus fruits by
themselves.) Others you can mix but it is better to eat them without mixing.
Milk and sprouted grains are best or cereals with out to much sugar.
Soaked nuts and seeds are good with vegetables and are ok with fruits and
dried fruits.
The less number of different kinds of food at one meal the easier the digestion.
Poor Combinations
• Meats or heavy proteins with starches (chicken and rice, meat and potatoes)
Sugar with starches
Fruits with vegetables
Milk with sugars, coffee, or tea.
Shellfish with alcohol.
Following a few simple rules in food combining can make a HUGE difference in your
digestion and health. It will relieve much if not all bloating and gas after a meal.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
It is best to keep a diet that is more alkaline producing, which consist of about 80%
alkaline producing foods and 20% acid producing. Many of the main diseases of today
are found in acidic environments; cancer, arthritis, ect... as we alkalize the body with
better foods and food combinations many of these problems disappear. Cancer cannot
survive in pH of 8.2.
One easy way to test your body pH is by litmus paper or commonly called pH strips. You
can buy about a hundred strips for about $10 on the Internet. All you do is put urine or
saliva on this small strip of paper and it will turn a certain color that will tell you how
acidic you are. From there you can learn whether or not you need to eat more acid or
alkaline foods. It’s that simple. The body needs to read from 7.3 to 7.5 pH. Anything
below that, shows that the body is acidic and lacking minerals. Although being too
alkaline can cause some health problems I guarantee 99% of the population is too acidic.
A person who gets very little physical activity should have a greater intake of alkalizing
foods. Exercise and activity will help to burn up some of the acids in the body. So if you
are sedentary most of the day avoid eating sweets and to many starches.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Below are a few good reminders that you should be aware of when eating your meals.
"For the power of God's angels enters into you with the living food which the Lord
gives you from his royal table. And when you eat, have above you the angel of air, and
below you the angel of water. Breathe long and deeply at all your meals, that the angel
of air may bless your repasts. And chew well your food with your teeth, that it become
water, and that the angel of water turn it into blood in your body. And eat slowly, as it
were a prayer you make to the Lord. For I tell you truly, the power of God enters into
you, if you eat after this manner at his table. But Satan turns into a steaming bog the
body of him upon whom the angels of air and water do not descend at his repasts. And
the Lord suffers him no longer at his table. For the table of the Lord is an altar, and he
who eats at the table of God is in a temple. For I tell you truly, the body of the Son of
Man is turned into a temple, and his inwards into an altar, if he does the
commandments of God. Wherefore, put naught upon the altar of the Lord when your
spirit is vexed, neither think upon any one with anger in the temple of God. And enter
only into the Lord's sanctuary when you feel in yourselves the call of his angels, for all
that you eat in sorrow, or in anger, or without desire, becomes a poison in your body.
For the breath of Satan defiles all these. Place with joy your offerings upon the altar of
your body, and let all evil thoughts depart from you when you receive into your body
the power of God from his table. And never sit at the table of God before he call you by
the angel of appetite.
Jesus, The Essene Gospel of Peace Book 1
When you eat, take your time!
Chew slowly and really enjoy your food. Chew every bite until it is almost completely
liquid in your mouth. To be fully nourished by your food you must experience it by
tasting and chewing. The more you chew your food the easier it will be for your body to
receive the nutrients and digest. The better you chew your food the faster you will
become satisfied which will help you to not eat more than you need. Always remember,
your stomach doesn’t have teeth!
When large chunks of food sit in the stomach, the stomach must produce large amounts
of acids to help break it down. This irritates the lining of the stomach, another reason
many people get acid indigestion.
Take long deep breaths with your meal.
This will also help digestion by partially oxidizing the food particles.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Sit up straight when eating.
Sitting with your head slouched over inhibits your respiration. The trachea (windpipe)
becomes slightly pinched allowing less air to reach the lungs. In the body’s natural
response to receive oxygen, the epiglottis, which normally blocks food from entering the
lungs, could sporadically open at the wrong time. This is what’s happening when we
say, “Food went down the wrong pipe.”
Proper alignment of the body can help in many ways. When the head is tilted forward
during eating most of the food only touches the front part of the tongue. By allowing
only one part of the tongue to sense the food, the complex neural pathways to the brain
that produce taste are now diminished. So not only do you taste less but you receive only
partial sensation of your food.
There are four basic tastes that are on different parts of the tongue: sweet, salty, sour, and
bitter. Holding the head up straight allows the food to cover more surface area on the
tongue thus, giving us more taste sensation.
Furthermore, when you are hunched over this scrunches all your digestive organs
together. This results in decreased blood flow and nerve stimulation to the internal
organs giving you poor digestive function. Also when the spinal column is bent forward
the vertebrae in the spine compress the nerves causing diminished impulses from the
brain to internal organs again resulting in diminished digestion.
Internal Organs
Nerves Compressed by
Forward Bend of the Spine
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
If you sit up straight so that your spine is in natural
alignment you will gain the full experience of your
meal with better taste sensation, respiration,
digestive capacity, better awareness of your
appetite, and conscious awareness of your meal.
Not only will this help on a biological level but also
on a psychological level as well. When you sit up
straight with your shoulders relaxed, chin parallel to
the floor, and bring your food to you, instead of
slouching over to it, then you create a dramatically
different eating experience. Like this you create a
sense of dignity, watchfulness, and quiet selfrespect. Instead of hunching over like pigs at the
trough you can actually distinguish yourself as
It is best to not eat when your mind is under emotional stress.
In fact, without even realizing it, many people do this naturally. I’ve seen this happen
several times with couples who are going through a divorce. Usually the man and the
woman lose weight from the stress and less eating. When the body-mind is in a stressful
state the sympathetic nervous system is more activated and the digestive process is
automatically suppressed. Blood flow to the digestive system is decreased and enzymes
produced by the stomach, pancreas, and small intestines are all inhibited. Sometimes it is
not only the food that causes heart burn, nausea, indigestion, and gas but also your
emotional state.
Do not overeat and do not eat when you are not hungry.
That is a very simple instruction yet very hard to do for many people. When you keep
eating after your body has told you that its full the stomach becomes desensitized so that
the discomfort of a full stomach sometimes disappears. The body also becomes acidic
when we overeat. If you are having trouble with overeating try eating several smaller
meals through out the day. Maybe even eat every two hours. Many body builders do
When you practise eating smaller meals you train yourself to stop eating before you are
full. This way you can relax more knowing that you are going to eat again in 2 hours. In
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
a short period of time eating like this will also allow the stomach to shrink in size because
you stop stretching it out by stuffing large amounts of food in.
Also keep in mind that eating refined sugar and white flour products can cause you to
easily overeat.
The first two pictures below show what healthy stomachs look like. The last three
pictures show what happens to the stomach over time if you continue to overeat.
The sagging stomachs in the last three pictures above also give you that “pot gut” or
“pooch belly.”
As the stomach sags it continues to put
pressure on the intestines, which will hinder
the movement of food passing through the
body sometimes causing constipation and
headaches. Later we will discuss the best way
to get rid of this.
Large intestine
Small intestines
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
There are a million supplements out on the market these days. So what do you take?
Natural supplements and not supplements that are man-made in a laboratory.
I have to admit, selling supplements is a great marketing idea, but it is not the way to
receive proper nutrition. Only whole foods can supply all the nutrition you need to
perform at your physical peak. Whole foods are complexly balanced with vitamins,
minerals, and enzymes. When foods are eaten in their natural state the body easily
recognizes and utilizes all the nutrients available. It is only when we start mixing
funky concoctions and over killing our food with heat that the body has a hard time
breaking down and using the proper nutrients.
Think about this for a moment.
Where do you think supplement pills come from? Whole Foods!
All that supplement companies have done is extracted and processed the vitamins,
minerals, or proteins from whole foods, put them in a bottle, and sold them right back to
Take an apple for example. In its natural form it is perfectly balanced with the nutrients
it contains. Now a laboratory takes it and extracts the Vit A and puts it in a bottle......
then extracts the Vit K and puts it in a bottle.....then extracts the calcium and bottles it.....
then magnesium and so on. Now you have this apple pulled apart into several different
supplement bottles. Then they try and sell it back to you, but here's the kicker, many
Vitamin books will tell you if you take 1000 mg of calcium you need 600 mg of
magnesium for proper balance and absorption. Then you will need to take zinc for these
to properly work together and then you will need vitamin D so that the calcium will be
absorbed properly and on and on, the snow ball keeps getting bigger and bigger.
Next thing you know your sitting there with a cabinet full of pills that are costing you a
fortune!, when you could have just eaten that apple and received nutrients you need with
nature’s delicate mix and balance of nutrition. Not that apples will completely sustain
life but eat a variety of whole foods and you will never have to worry about buying any
When you take vitamins and minerals from pill form you are risking two main
1. Much research has shown that usually only miniscule amounts of the pill are
absorbed into the system. Many are in an inorganic form and not in a natural state
that the body recognizes and can use.
2. Let’s just say that the statement above was false and the body does completely absorb
the full pill. If minerals or fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K) are taken in excess it
can result in electrolyte and other imbalances causing severe harm.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
I have known people who were tested and showed that they had low iron in their blood.
(This is common in many women.) The doctor told them to take iron supplements to
help put more iron back into the blood stream. After following the doctor’s orders, they
went back to get tested weeks later and showed no signs of improved blood iron. Why?
These supplements are not in a natural form that the body can recognize and absorb. The
worst part about this story is next, they were told to start injecting the iron with needles!
Sorry folks, but this is not the proper way to receive your nutrients.
Always remember that the body must stay in balance with proper natural foods. Even the
US Navy Seals train only using whole foods and no supplements. And you cannot tell
me that those guys are not in shape.
Speaking of being in shape, all those body-building supplements you waste thousands of
dollars on every year, are complete crap. That’s right! I said complete crap.
I mentioned this earlier but I think it is appropriate to mention it here again. Think about
prisoners for a moment. Some of these guys get HUGE working out. And trust me,
prisons don’t have supplement stores. These guys eat regular meals, 3 times a day, that’s
it. So what’s their secret? Most of their meals consist of carbs and fats. Those are the
true muscle builders. Protein only plays a small role in muscle building. This whole
protein “THEORY” has been shoved down our throats in every fitness and muscle
magazine that exist. The only reason they do this is to make big sales. Supplement
companies are multi-billion dollar industries taking hard earned cash from people who
just haven’t figured out the real truth.
For muscles to grow you must perform activities that demand strength on a regular basis.
It is not from eating hundreds of grams of protein a day. If you supply your body with
quality grains and some whole food fats it will supply your body with all the protein it
needs for growing muscles. I’m sorry that I can’t make muscle building a complicated
formula that many body building magazine make it out to
be, so just remember the prisoners.
Check out this dude! The Great Gama. Here is a perfect
example of a massive guy who was built like a tank without
the use of supplements or steroids. Supplements didn’t
even exist during his time.
To learn more about him Go To:
When I first started learning about nutrition I read many
conventional books about vitamins and minerals that were
main stream. By the time I was through I noticed I had
about twenty different vitamin/mineral bottles in my
cabinet. And the only reason I had so many was because
these books created a fear for me that I needed all these
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
different pills for proper health. Many people today waste thousands of dollars on
products they don’t even need just because of this fear factor that they won’t be healthy
unless they get there daily pills.
I noticed two main things when I stopped taking a cabinet full of man-made nutritional
supplements. My health didn’t decrease and my wallet got fatter.
Many scientists are hired by supplement companies to provide only the “positive” results
from their experiments. Now I’m not naysaying all supplements but 99% of the time they
are simply not needed. If you think you are deficient in a certain area have your blood
tested to see if there is something you might need. If you do buy a certain supplement
make sure you do plenty of research about the product and the company.
If you don’t think you are getting enough nutrients from your diet I am about to show you
some of the most powerful natural supplements known to man.
Wheatgrass contains enough nutrients to completely sustain life. It is the young blades of
grass grown from sprouting wheat berries (seeds).
You can either chew this or juice it and take it in the form of a one-ounce shot.
The Gift of Life in the Humble Grass
“The Teachings of the Elect”
“But of all these, and more, that most
precious gift of your Earthy Mother is
the grass beneath your feet, even that
grass you tread upon without thought.
Humble and meek is the angel of Earth,
for she has no wings to fly, nor golden
rays of light to pierce the mist. But great
is her strength and vast is her domain,
for she covers the earth with her power,
and with out her the Sons of men would
be no more, for no man can live without
the grass, the trees and the plants of the Earthly Mother. And these are the gifts of the
angel of Earth to the Sons of Men.
“The Earthly Mother is she who provides for our bodies, for we are born of her and
have our life in her. So does she provide for us food in the very blades of grass we
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
touch with our hands. For I tell you truly, it is not only as bread that wheat may
nourish us. We may eat also of the tender blades of grass. That the strength of the
Earthly Mother may enter into us. But chew well the blades, for the Son of Man has
teeth unlike those of the beasts, and only when we chew well the blades of grass can
the angel of Water enter our blood and give us strength. Eat then Sons of light, of the
most perfect herb from the table of our Earthly Mother, that your days may be long
upon the earth, for such finds favor in the eyes of God.”
Jesus, The Essene Gospel of Peace Book 4
“All Flesh is Grass and its beauty is like the flowers in the field.”
Isaiah 40:6
Remember the story of Nebuchadnezzar in the Bible? He got a little to cocky for his
own good so God sent him out to eat grass. After that he was completely healed and
went on to rule a huge kingdom. The book of Daniel tells this story.
Daniel 4:32-37
32 – And you shall be driven from men; and your dwelling shall be with the animals of
the field; you shall be made to eat grass as oxen; and seven times shall pass over you;
Until you know that the Most High rules in the kingdom of men, and gives it to
whomever he will.
33 - The same hour was the thing fulfilled upon Nebuchadnez'zar: and he was driven
from men, and did eat grass as oxen, and his body was wet with the dew of heaven, till
his hairs were grown like eagles' feathers, and his nails like birds' claws.
34 - And at the end of the days I Nebuchadnez'zar lifted up mine eyes unto heaven, and
mine understanding returned unto me, and I blessed the Most High, and I praised and
honored him that liveth for ever, whose dominion is an everlasting dominion, and his
kingdom is from generation to generation.
37 - Now I Nebuchadnez'zar praise and extol and honor the King of heaven, all whose
works are truth, and his ways judgement: and those that walk in pride he is able to abase.
If a member of an Essene group had sinned against his people he also was sent outside
the group and was only aloud to eat grass until the members decided to let him back in.
Grass has the ability to heal the Mind and the Body.
Now I’m sure you are probably thinking, “Are you kidding? Eat Grass!” Well not just
grass but Wheatgrass. This stuff is amazing. If you think you are missing any
nutrients in your diet you will find it in Wheatgrass.
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How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
The Amazing Nutrients of Wheatgrass.
It is a complete protein containing over 20 essential and non-essential amino
In the Vitamin department it contains twice as much Vit. A (Beta-Carotene)
than carrots, all the B vitamins including the elusive B-12, more Vit. C than
oranges, Vit E, and Vit. K.
Wheatgrass is an excellent source for all major and minor minerals,
containing 92 of the 102 minerals found in the soil. It is especially high in
calcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus and potassium, as well as trace
minerals such as zinc and selenium.
Contains essential fatty acids: Linolenic Acid and Linoleic Acid.
It has over 80 different enzymes that have thus far been discovered.
High in chlorophyll, which we will discuss in a minute.
So if your looking for a protein, vitamin, mineral, antioxidant, or enzyme supplement,
here’s where you’ll find it. It’s an all in one, concentrated overall source of nutrition.
Charles F. Schnabel, an agricultural chemist, found that fifteen pounds of Wheatgrass is
equivalent to 350 pounds of the choicest vegetables.
The Magic of Chlorophyll
The chlorophyll in wheatgrass acts like a magnet and attaches to all sorts of trash floating
around in the blood stream, including toxic metals such as mercury. It will wash away
drug deposits from the body, neutralize toxins, helps to clean and purify the liver,
prevents ageing, and stabilizes blood sugar levels (excellent for diabetics). It enriches the
blood, removes blood disorders, and lowers blood pressure.
Many women have a problem with low iron in their blood (anemia). Well here is your
fix ladies. Experiments proved that severely anemic rabbits make a rapid return to a
normal blood count once chlorophyll is administered. The reason it is so effective is
because the chemical structure of chlorophyll it is nearly identical to Hemin, which is a
part of Hemoglobin, the protein part of the blood that carries oxygen. Because the body
is able to rebuild the blood with chlorophyll it is like virtually giving an anemic patient a
blood transfusion.
If you’re an athlete I hope you thought about that last paragraph. The chlorophyll will
help build more red blood cells so that you can carry more oxygen!
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How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Many runners have noticed a great improvement in their training when taking grass.
Bruce McVay from Salt Lake City, Utah is an ultra-distance runner (races from 30 to 100
miles or more). He tried every food enhancing supplement and natural food source to
improve his health, stamina, and oxygenation process. After learning about the superior
effects, he started taking daily doses of wheatgrass. After 1 to 2 months of cleansing,
which consisted of a few headaches and itching, he noticed a drastic improvement in his
performance, energy, and stamina. Before taking wheatgrass he was always a middle to
the rear of the pack racer. After a short time he was winning these grueling races. Check
out his victories in “Wheatgrass Natures Finest Medicine” by Steve Meyerowitz.
The chlorophyll in wheatgrass will also provide us with protection against X-ray
radiation from hospital equipment, televisions, computer screens, transmitters and
Chlorophyll has long been famous for its ability to heal infected and ulcerated wounds.
Studies have proven that tissue cell activity and its normal regrowth are definitely
increased by using chlorophyll. You can use this stuff anywhere on or in the body where
there is infection or disease. It’s great medicine for healing bleeding gums, canker sores,
trench mouth, pyorrhea, gingivitis, and even sore throat. I can personally attest to whiter
cleaner teeth after holding a ¾ shot of wheatgrass juice in my mouth for about 15min. It
is a great antibacterial cleanser.
I’ve even noticed where some movie producers have added scenes that have shown
people chewing up different types of green herbs and then placing the chewed pulp on the
wounds of people and animals. If you ever see this, now you’ll know why.
Healing gum tissue and teeth
I think the most amazing thing I’ve seen is the tissue repair of the gums in my mouth.
From pour dietary habits my gums were receding away from my teeth. This is called
“Periodontists” just a fancy word for unhealthy gums. Most people actually have this
(some lesser degrees than others) and don’t even know it.
What I never realized until I read, “The Smile Method” By Vasilios Gardiakos, is that
bacteria not only get between teeth but it also gets under the gum line surrounding the
tooth. When this happens pockets form under the tooth where bacteria grow. If these
bacteria are not destroyed they throw big tooth eating parties that dissolve and weaken
your teeth.
Mr. Gardiakos invented an inexpensive tool that can slide down between the gum and
tooth. It’s called a Vitapik. With it you can probe and inject antibacterial solutions in
these pockets. This is the only way to get deep enough into the pocket. I bought one of
these to test out my gums. With pure astonishment I easily found which teeth were
holding bacteria under the gum line.
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How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
When I first started using the vitapick I used a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. It worked
great and I could really feel the bacteria getting fried underneath the gum line. Trust me,
you’ll known which teeth have some bacteria. After a day or two you can really feel the
difference when you go to treat the infected areas. The bubbling is much lighter.
I used the Hydrogen peroxide for a few weeks with great success but then I thought I
would experiment with wheatgrass. Holy Snap! Within 3 days of using the wheatgrass,
gum tissue that I haven’t seen in years was growing back! The peroxide was good but
the Wheatgrass proved to be way better.
I highly recommend testing your gums with this vitapick, it will truly let you know how
healthy your gums and teeth are. The Vitapick is about $15 and peroxide is about $1.
That’s a lot cheaper than a trip to a dentist. If dentist see that your periodontists is bad
enough, their method of cure is thousands of dollars worth of gum tissue removal and
replacement. You don’t want to go out like this.
Other positive effects of Wheatgrass.
Wheatgrass energizes and reduces fatigue. I’ve noticed when I’m tired and I
take a shot of wheatgrass I suddenly regain vitality. So scratch the expresso
and take the healthier wake-up call with a shot of wheatgrass.
It will also help suppress appetite because it is loaded with so many nutrients your
body will feel more satisfied and not hungry looking for more nutrients. It is the
best thing to take during a fast.
Because of its many enzymes it improves digestion and your metabolism.
It boosts the immune system
Promotes regularity and helps fight constipation
Calms the nervous system
Great for skin problems, treats acne, removes acne scars, and improves your
Because of all its nutrients and the continual use, Ann Wigmore’s (a pioneer for the uses
of wheat grass) hair naturally turned from grey back to its original brown color.
The nutrients in One ounce of wheatgrass is equivalent to 2.5 pounds of the best
vegetables. Now, you can receive some good nutrients through juicing vegetables but
any one who has juiced there own veges knows how annoying that can be. To receive a
decent amount of nutrients from vegetables you have to juice several different kinds. On
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How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
top of that you need to drink at least 6 to 8 ounces which can be pretty tough to choke
Juicing wheatgrass is much easier and faster than juicing your own vegetables. It is also
much more nutrient dense which means you can get even better nutrition slamming a
quick shot of wheatgrass than choking down a glass of vegetable juice. And last but not
least, juicing your own wheatgrass is way cheaper (equals out to about 2 cents a shot)
than juicing a heap of vegetables just to make 8 ounces.
Below is a research chart showing the powerful effects of wheatgrass compared to other
All the guinea pigs started out at 260 grams of weight. One group ate only lettuce,
another only cabbage, a third only spinach, and the fourth only grass. On week 8 the
cabbage pig was dying and grass was added to all the pig’s diets. All improved
dramatically. Spinach was the second best. The grass used was only 20% protein.
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How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Stamina and Endurance Tests
This study chart tested the motor activity
and endurance rates of mice who had spray
dried barley grass juice added to their
standard diets. (Barley grass is a close
cousin to wheatgrass) 32 mice were tested,
16 with 2% grass added to their food and
16 without any as a control. The number of
revolutions on their wheel cages was
recorded over a 2-hour test period each day
for 15 days. The grass fed mice revolved
the wheel cage more than the control mice
in numbers that were “Outrageously
On the endurance test, 16 mice were prodded
to race on an uphill sloped treadmill belt with
15 days of 2% and 4% barley grass added to
their diet. “ The momentum (body weight
multiplied by duration) in the mice fed on 4%
barley was significantly larger than that in the
control group.” “The average body weight of
mice fed on the barley grass food was larger
than the mice fed on the standard food.”
These research charts came from Wheatgrass, Natures Finest Medicine pgs. 61 and 66.
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How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
You can purchase dehydrated grasses in pill or powder form in health food stores, which
are good but from my research the best way to consume it is freshly squeezed. As you
drink a freshly squeezed shot of wheatgrass, this liquid form allows for maximum
absorption of all its nutrients. You can learn to grow it yourself in less than 30 seconds a
day. Just check out my website at for detailed tricks that I’ve figured
out. These you won’t find in books.
Wheatgrass therapies have been used to cure just about every disease you can think of,
even cancer. There are literally thousands and thousands of testimonies. It is truly
nature’s finest medicine.
I know most of you are thinking, "Well if this stuff is so great how come everyone is not
in on it. Here again, it’s a money thing. It is so cheap to produce this stuff that big
hospitals would not make a big enough profit giving it to their patients. This is why they
pump people full of all sorts of synthetic drugs.
Growing your own wheatgrass comes out to about 2 cents per 1-ounce shot. You can’t
beat that when it comes to paying for medicine/nutrients. It is not popularly advertised
probably because the AMA (American Medical Association) would step in and try and
outlaw the claims. They’ve done it before with other treatments such as “Oxygen
With synthetic drugs they can control a patent that allows them to be the only seller of a
certain drug. This way they make a lot of dough.
You cannot put a patent on a natural product. This is why much of modern western
medicine is against natural methods of healing. Though many of the prescription drugs
are made from herbal plants, synthetic counter parts are added to create a product that can
be controlled with a patent.
I do understand that some people may think they are not good at growing plants but if
you do just a couple simple things, that takes less than 30 seconds a day, you can easily
grow the most nutrient dense, absorbable supplement on the face of the earth and it is dirt
It is also great just to have wheatgrass sitting in your house. Young-sprouting wheatgrass
acts as a living battery throwing off energy and fresh oxygen into the room. Put it in the
window seal of your kitchen or other rooms. Your pets will love it too. You might even
catch them nibbling or licking on it.
Have you ever noticed your pet or anyone else's nibbling or licking on blades of grass
outside. Good bacteria grows on grasses, the same type of good bacteria you need for
proper intestinal flora. These bacteria help with many things in the body especially
digestion and some how, animals instinctively know that it’s on the grass.
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How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
It is also great to keep a tray of wheatgrass beside the head of your bed at night. The
fresh oxygen from the young growing grass will definitely give you a better nights sleep.
Just as an experiment give this a try, 2 weeks tops. But I guarantee you will notice a
difference with in the first two days.
There is much more to learn about wheatgrass, I have only scraped the top about this
powerful substance. For more info read: The Wheatgrass book by Ann Wigmore or
Wheatgrass – Natures Finest Medicine by Steve Meyerwitz.
If you’re just to lazy to grow your own wheatgrass there are some other great products
you can buy in pill or powder form such as Barley grass, Spirulina, and Blue Green
Algeas. These are different from other supplements because they are considered whole
food supplements and nothing has been extracted from these products except water. But
from my research these are second best to the fresh squeezed juices.
For superior health, Wheatgrass is a must. Even if you only use for a couple months out
of the year.
From all my research and experiments I can honestly say that the number one thing
lacking in most peoples diet is minerals and trace minerals. Why? The food eaten by
most people is very acidic e.g. burgers, pizza, sugary junk foods. Poor food
combinations and over eating also cause the body to become over acidic. When the body
becomes acidic it needs alkalizing minerals to neutralize the acidity. When the foods do
not contain enough alkaline minerals then the body starts drawing these alkaline minerals
from your bones and teeth. This is when we start to see osteoporosis and tooth decay.
Most peoples body pH is too acidic. I would even bet yours is to. You can easily test
this by placing your urine or saliva on litmus paper. If your reading is below 7.4 this
shows your body is becoming more acidic and you need minerals to help re-alkalize your
body. Many diseases start forming in the body as it becomes acidic.
Man has tried to produce supplements such as Calcium tablets (which happens to be the
#1 supplement sold in the world) but they just cannot seem to make it as good as Mother
“Until Man duplicates a blade of grass, nature can laugh at his so called scientific
Thomas Alva Edison (inventor of the light bulb, motion picture, the
phonograph, and telephone enhancements.)
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Countless studies have shown where man-made mineral supplements pass right through
the digestive system and are not even absorbed and utilised by the body. Billions of
dollars worth of mineral supplements are literally being flushed down the toilet everyday.
There are several other factors found in natural supplements, which are complexly
balanced by nature, so that the body can absorb and utilise the nutrients.
Healing Clay is the top natural supplement you can use for receiving alkalizing minerals
for superior health. It is inexpensive and a little bit goes a long way.
In 1964 NASA noticed that under weightless conditions in space the body loses large
amounts of calcium. They tried several different types of calcium supplements that
showed very little to no effect upon the severe damage of the severely accelerating
osteoporosis. After many trial and errors they finally found one that did.... a red desert
clay called Terramin. This clay showed impressive results in promoting growth and
preventing diseases of the bones.
After this clay was added to the diet bone density increased, when calcium alone was
used there were little or no benefits. This shows that the clay contained some factor or
factors other than calcium, which promoted better bone formation from improved
calcium utilization.
Here again we have another example of how mother natures’ natural balance out
performed man made supplements.
Healing of Bones
And there were many sick among them tormented with grievous pains, and they hardly
crawled to Jesus' feet. For they could no longer walk upon their feet. They said:
"Master, we are grievously tormented with pain; tell us what we shall do." And they
showed Jesus their feet in which the bones were twisted and knotted and said: "Neither
the angel of air, nor of water, nor of sunshine has assuaged our pains, notwithstanding
that we baptized ourselves, and do fast and pray, and follow your words in all things."
"I tell you truly, your bones will be healed. Be not discouraged, but seek for cure nigh
the healer of bones, the angel of earth. For thence were your bones taken, and thither
will they return."
And he pointed with his hand to where the running of the water and the sun's heat had
softened to clayey mud the earth by the edge of the water. "Sink your feet in the mire,
that the embrace of the angel of earth may draw out from your bones all uncleanness
and all disease. And you will see Satan and your pains fly from the embrace of the
angel of earth. And the knots of your bones will vanish away, and they will be
straightened, and all your pains will disappear."
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
And the sick followed his words, for they knew that they would be healed.
The Essene Gospel of Peace Book 1
Terramin clay contains a rich source of highly absorbable calcium and trace minerals.
There are no less than 67 macro, micro and essential trace minerals in their pure natural
state that will absorb easily and enhance cellular function.
It’s a powerful, effective total body detoxifier. The molecules in the clay have a high
negative charge (this is good for the body). Bacteria, viruses, toxins ect... carry a
positive charge. When the clay gets close enough to these pests, there is a magnetic
reaction (positive and negative binding together) and the clay will bind to the pathogen or
toxin. Eventually it surrounds the pathogen choking it out so that it cannot receive the
nutrients it needs to survive. Once the pathogen or bacteria is immobilised the body can
then remove it easier. Many chemo patients are downing this stuff because it attaches to
toxins from the therapy and neutralizes them protecting the body.
Most bodies today are highly acidic and in need of more alkaline foods. Because it has a
high pH of 8.3 you can use it to help alkalize the body which will also help in boosting
your immune system. Cancerous tissues are acidic. At a pH level of 7.4 cancer cells
become dormant. When the pH level reaches 8.5 cancer cells die!
It will also tremendously help with intestinal problems. It helps to cleanse and clear the
intestinal tract of parasites, fungus, and other unwanted pathogens. It also stimulates
enzyme activity so that food can be digested better. The high alkalinity of the clay will
help to neutralize stomach acids giving fast relief to those with over acid production in
the stomach.
You can also take clay baths, which will literally suck toxins right out of your skin. If
you ever get a chance, go to a place where you can take a natural clay bath in the earth.
This has even stronger detoxing and healing effects than putting the clay in your tub.
You can find them all over the world, you will just have to do some research to find one
close to your area.
There are a ton of different uses internally and externally for this clay. To summarize in
short, here is a list below of what this clay can do.
Alkalizing to the body – pH level of 8.3
Helps remove toxic metals such as mercury, lead, aluminium, cadmium, arsenic
Helps remove nicotine, chemicals, drugs, and pharmaceuticals.
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How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Removes bacteria, helps remove radiation, pathogens, fungus, viruses, parasites
Correcting diarrhea, constipation, helpful for colitis, Crohn's disease and
IBS symptoms
Excellent for cleansing the digestive tract, binds with and removes bacteria, toxins
and impurities in the stomach, small intestines and colon.
Cleansing affect on the blood, giving the liver and kidneys a rest
Helpful when recovering from chemical therapies and radiation.
Helps promote faster tissue repair from cuts scrapes or wounds
There are several different types of clay but after hours and hours of research I am
convinced that Terramin which is a Calcium Montmorillonite (also know as a Living
Clay) is the best for home use because you can use it internally and externally. I did find
that some of the green clays pull toxins as good or better out of the skin, but these you
cannot take internally.
When I first received a jar of the terramin clay I wanted to see if all the hype was true so I
performed a small experiment. My wife had two blisters, one on each foot, both in the
same place. We had just walked several miles and she was wearing a new pair of sandals
that rubbed blisters on both feet in the same place and of the same size. On one foot we
would put moist clay for about 20 minutes a day. And sure enough, the foot that received
the clay treatment healed twice as fast as the foot that did not.
I also performed another experiment where I made a mud mask only on the right side of
my face. I left it on for about 20 minutes then washed it off. I noticed that the side of my
face where I had the mud mask was less puffy and the skin was way smoother.
I also noticed better bowel movements just after a couple days of eating the clay. I can
definitely attest that this is one of the greatest all around products I have purchased.
History of Clay.
There is evidence that humans have been eating clay for thousands of years. Dr. Weston
A. Price studied several tribal diets around the world including some high in the Andes,
in Central Africa, and Aborigines of Australia. He found that several of them carried
knapsacks which some contained balls of clay. The explanation was that these balls of
clay would help to prevent “sick stomach”. Some foods they would dip into a mixture of
clay and water. It was to combat against dysentery and food infections. The Quetchus
Indians of South America would dip their potatoes in the same type of water and clay
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
mixture. They said it was a procedure to prevent “souring of the stomach”. The Native
Americans call it “Ee-Wah-Kee” meaning “The Mud That Heals”.
Many wild animals use clay as part of their everyday diet. They also roll in it to obtain
relief from any injuries and keep fleas off of the skin. Among the most famous clay
eating animals are the parrots of the Amazon. Scarlet macaws, blue and gold macaws,
and hosts of smaller birds perch together in their hundreds to excavate the best clay layer
along riverbanks. They consume certain tree seeds in their diet, which contain natural
toxins that the tree uses for defense. Eating this clay is essential for neutralizing these
When he had thus spoken, he spat on the ground, and mingled clay with the spittle,
and he anointed the eyes of the blind man with the clay And said unto him, Go, wash
in the pool of Siloam. He went his way therefore, and washed, and came seeing.
Lection 53.3 The Gospel of the Holy Twelve
In Lection 53.3 Jesus used clay to help heal a blind man. This shows that he did not
hesitate to use natural remedies when they were likely to be effective in their purpose.
For superior health stick with a type of calcium montmorillonite clay for your mineral
supplement. The second best from my research seems to be coral calcium. It’s made
from mineral rich coral that grows in the ocean.
Kefir is pronounced (kef e-er). It is a refreshing cultured-milk beverage that is loaded
with nutritional benefits. It is made by culturing fresh milk with kefir grains. Kefir
grains are not to be mistaken for cereal grains; they are a soft, gelatinous white biological
mass of proteins, lipids (fats), and a soluble-polysaccharide kefiran complex. They are
famous for there vast mixture of specific friendly (LAB) Lactic-acid Bacteria and yeasts.
This is the most potent source of probiotics (friendly bacteria) you can find. In most
probiotic pills found in stores you will find about 15 different strains of friendly bacteria
but once again Mother Nature has out done the laboratories, a natural kefir grain
contains 42 different strains. There is no comparison here. Kefir grains are far superior
to the probiotics you will find in a bottle. We will discuss this in a minute. First let me
tell you the crazy history of kefir and how we were able to obtain this highly guarded
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Kefir came from the people of the Northern Caucasus Mountains located between Russia
and Asia. For centuries these people have used its powerful health benefits to survive the
harsh winters deep in the mountains. It was often known as a source of family and tribal
wealth. In fact, they kept the secret of kefir grains and its process for thousands of years,
even to the extent of protecting the art and the grains with their very own lives! This
stuff truly is ‘to die for’.
In the early 1900’s Russian scientist knew of the kefir grains and its health benefits. They
wanted to perform research to understand more about this mysterious grain but there was
one big problem. The people of the Caucasus Mountains would not hand any over. So
The All-Russian Physicians Society some how contacted and cut a deal with two
Blandovs brothers who owned cheese factories in the Caucasus Mountains. The brothers
planned to use a beautiful girl named Irina Sakharova to seduce the Caucasian Prince,
Bek-Mirza Barchorov into giving her some kefir grains. And yes indeed, she dazzled
him with her beauty but the prince still refused to hand over the probiotic jewels.
However, he did not want to give up Irina. On her return home he had her kidnapped and
brought back against her will. Hoping to win her love he proposed to her, but Irina
refused. She stayed captive with the prince until the Blandovs, who employed her at their
cheese factory, came and rescued her. Then, backed by the two brothers, she brought her
case against the Prince to the Tsar’s court. In payment for his kidnapping crimes against
her, he offered all sorts of gold and jewels but she didn’t take it. She demanded the
probiotic jewels. And just as most women get what they want, she indeed received the
precious secret. It wasn’t until late 1908, Irina Sakharova brought the first amounts of
kefir to Moscow, where it was used medicinally with great success.
Thanks to her, people all over the world now have learned and used this powerful grain to
promote better health. In 1973 at the age of 85, Irina received a letter from the Minister
of the Food Industry of the former USSR, expressing their grateful acknowledgement of
her primary role in bringing kefir to the Russian people.
Microbiologist performed many attempts at trying to propagate kefir grains from the
sacred culture. After failing over and over they finally asked the Caucasians how they
acquired the grains. They said, “The grains were a gift from God given to us over a
thousand years ago.” Other orthodox tribes claimed that the grains were a gift from the
prophet Mohammed as he travelled through that region over 1,400 years ago. It has also
been said that they call this cultured product ‘the Drink of the Prophet’. But the question
still remains to this day. How or where did the Prophet Mohammed acquire the original
Kefir Grains?
Nutritional Values of Kefir
If you’re looking for a good probiotic supplement go for the best, Kefir. Many
manufacturers of probiotics claim that their pills contain 15 billion bacteria at the time of
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
processing. And that it would take tubs of yogurt or gallons of kefir to receive the same
amount of bacteria.
First of all, lets not forget that these companies acquire their products directly from these
whole food fermented-milk products. As I mentioned before, they pull nutrients out of
whole foods and turn around and sell them right back to you.
So for a fraction of the cost, you can have a more superior product. I paid a dollar for my
kefir grains, and if you take care of them properly they will multiply and last forever!
Numbers don’t lie
• One capsule of man-made probiotics normally contains about 15 billion bacteria.
One small bowl of fresh yogurt (500 ml), contains about 1.5 trillion beneficial
organisms. – 100 times more than a 15 billion capsule.
And one small bowl of fresh kefir (500 ml), contains as many as 5 trillion beneficial
organisms. Almost 400 times more than a capsule.
Kefir and other fermented milk products contain buffering agents that nourish and protect
the lactobacillus from bile acids in the stomach. This way they can make it into the
intestines where they produce Vit. B-12 and help to breakdown and package food for
excretion. Milk products are such strong buffering agents that even poison control
centers recommend drinking milk when confronted with a poison situation.
Bacteria in pill form are in a dormant cycle and the bacteria in kefir and yogurt are alive
and well, making them much more fit to adapt to sudden changes in environment as they
enter the body.
These fermented milk products are considered functional foods because they function as
health promoting foods. Probiotic pill supplements only offer one thing, bacteria.
Fermented Milk offers much more; minerals, vitamins, amino acids, L-carnitine, good
fats, antimicrobial agents and much more.
Scientist tested the kefir in the Caucasus Mountains for any type of harmful bacteria. But
much to their surprise, they found nothing. Deep in the mountains where sanitary
conditions are much worse than ours, the scientist refused to believe there was no
harmful bacteria to be found. Creating a possible scenario that a piece of animal fecal
matter would fall into the milk, they injected the E. Coli bacteria into the kefir. Within
24 hours the E. Coli was destroyed by the good bacteria. Kefir has also demonstrated the
ability to kill H. pylori infections when bacteria alone could not. In addition, the complex
microflora of kefir has also shown a keen ability to stimulate our immune system, ward
off infections from salmonella, and in some cases even fight cancer.
Fermented foods such as kefir, yogurt, and sauerkraut are once again superior to pills in a
bottle. If you are travelling and feel that you should take a probiotic supplement, go with
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
the company Garden of Life. I have tried several different kinds in the past but noticed
the best results when I took a probiotic supplement from this company.
The Real Thing
Don’t even think about skating off easy by just buying kefir, yogurt, or sauerkraut from
the store. THERE IS NO COMPARISON TO THE REAL THING. The store bought
kefir is made from some kind of powdered starter that’s not even close to real grains, and
the real kefir tastes way better. You can also make the real kefir into a mouth-watering
thick cream, which is unbelievably delicious.
Most yogurts found in stores are nothing more than fancy desserts because they are
loaded with refined sugar. And good sauerkraut is next to impossible to find in grocery
stores because they have been heated, processed, and enclosed in an airtight container, all
in which kill the beneficial bacteria (one of the main purposes of these foods).
You must learn to make this yourself with your own kefir grains. Although nothing can
top kefir made with fresh raw milk you can still gain some good benefits by making kefir
with pasteurized milk. And don’t worry if you are lactose intolerant, the bacteria will
break down everything in the milk for you, the lactose, proteins, fats, and vitamins and
minerals. In other words, it is pre-digested for you so that your body has very little
digesting to do.
If you would like to learn how to make this yourself and save thousands of dollars in
buying probiotic supplements, please go to and I can show
you my personal tricks on how to make this in under 2 minutes a day.
Atomidine is electrified iodine. Other names are Atomic Iodine or Detoxified Iodine.
As you know I’m not a big fan of purchasing man-made supplements but here is one that
is definitely worth mentioning.
Edgar Cayce stated that there were four elements needed to sustain life; Water, Sodium,
Soda (calcium carbonate) and Iodine. The first three elements are rather easy to obtain, it
is the last one that needs a little closer attention.
Iodine is essential for the proper function of all glandular systems, especially the thyroid
gland. The body only needs a small amount but we must take a closer look at the
available sources. You can receive iodine from ocean fish, but many reports and
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
warnings to several states have been issued due to mercury toxicity of today's fish and
some vegans or vegetarians just don’t eat fish. You can take seaweed tablets made of
kelp or dulse. Nori rolls also contain some iodine. I hate to even say this but here again
you must question where these sea vegetable products were cultivated because they will
definitely absorb toxic materials from the ocean.
Years ago there were large numbers of diseases in the US caused from the lack of iodine
in the diet so the government started putting it in table salt. I don’t know how it was
made years ago but you do not want to ingest today's normal table salt. (See section on
You can also purchase iodine in a liquid and take it in the form of drops. Take caution!
Look at the label! It is important that this stuff is made properly. To save on expense
some companies make their product using iodine-trichloride. This is one iodine molecule
bonded with three chlorine molecules. Just for those who haven’t heard yet, chlorine is
not something you want to take internally, it is highly poisonous to the body. Then
you have some companies who bond their iodine with potassium because it makes the
iodine much more water-soluble. This is better than the chlorine but still not the best.
The best product for Atomidine comes from cayceconcepts. The guy who makes this
product did not cut any corners when making a proper iodine supplement. He followed
the exact instructions of Edgar Cayce and did not try to skimp on cost. One main
instruction was to use alcohol and not water. Why? Raw iodine dissolves in alcohol and
not in water. Once it is dissolved then it is put through an electrification process. After it
has been exposed to this magnetic field for a period of time it is transmuted into a state in
which the body can fully use and assimilate.
In April 2004 I was in Orlando, FL and I stopped by Phil Thomas’s house. He is the
founder of Cayceconcepts. We had some very interesting conversations and he showed
me his lab where he produces his Detoxified Iodine. His lab was nothing high tech but
more simple and containing the right materials. He use to work for the ARE foundation,
the original hospital set up by Edgar Cayce. After closely examining the readings of
Edgar Cayce he tried to convince the company that they were not producing the
atomidine to its full potential. As most of you know, it is hard to convince large
companies to change anything at all. They did not have the ears to hear his truths or
maybe they were jealous that he figured something out that had been over looked, who
knows? Because they didn’t listen, he went out on his own and started making atomidine
exactly how Edgar Cayce describes in his reading with no short cuts to save a buck.
Now, without any fancy advertisement, he is by word of mouth and Internet trying to get
the truth out about this product.
This is by far the best product for iodine supplementation.
From personal use, I can say it is a potent product. When I first used it I followed one of
the stronger protocols that E. Cayce had recommended. I am pretty extreme when it
comes to testing products so when I do something I usually try and push it to its limit.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
And sure enough, you know when you have taken too much of this stuff. Your body will
let you know. I was using some of this for my thyroid gland and had taken too much.
The area in my neck that connects to the thyroid gland became very stiff. I immediately
stopped using it and with in one to two days the stiffness was gone. Something was
definitely happening in there. But again, I was taking pretty strong doses. I’ve also used
this on cuts, cat bites (don’t even ask), scrapes, and it works excellent on athletes foots.
As mentioned before this is one of the best products for the endocrine glands of your
body. The endocrine glands are associated with reproduction, degeneration, and
regeneration of the physical and mental forces of the body. You have the pituitary and
pineal(brain), thyroid, parathyroid, thymus, adrenals, ovaries and testes.
Edgar Cayce gave the analogy that “ most of the glands function as machinery would
under oil. The iodine being the oil of the glands.” He also mentioned that there was
nothing better than atomidine at stimulating and renewing the activities of the glands,
especially with a properly balanced diet.
This iodine will act as a gland purifier especially for the thyroid and glands in the
stomach. The thyroid is responsible for production of hormones that regulate your
metabolism. Therefore, it influences physical and mental growth, nervous and muscle
tissue function, cardiovascular health as well as healthy weight maintenance. In the
stomach the iodine can help stimulate gastric juices for better digestion reducing the
tendency of pressure and fullness.
Iodine is recycled in the body so it is not necessary that you receive a daily dose but it is
essential that you obtain a small amount occasionally. A guy by the name of David
Marine performed and published several studies about the thyroids of dogs, fish, and
humans. He concluded that the amount of iodine suggested by the medical community
for a year long period could, and should be taken in a two-week period. Edgar Cayce
often mentions that supplements should always be taken on and off in cycles and never
consistently for any long periods of time.
For a Superior Iodine product use detoxified iodine from It
comes with instructions on how to use.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Always use proper food combinations.
Eat foods that Mother Nature has provided and not processed foods from a box.
Choose organic foods whenever possible.
Try to eat these foods in there natural state and cook them as little as possible
The best Fats/Oils to cook with are Coconut oil, Extra Virgin Olive oil, or animal
fats such as lard.
Keep properly prepared grains as a staple in your diet.
Properly prepare your nuts and seeds by soaking them.
Eat fresh fruit by itself as a meal or a snack throughout the day
Use Hymalayan or sea salt, raw honey/real maple syrup, and natural herbs for
Do not fear animal fats! Use real butter, fresh milk, and kefir or home-made
Do not drink to many fruit juices because of high sugar intake or dilute it with
Vegetable juices are good but wheatgrass has more nutrients and its faster to
Eat your heaviest meal during midday.
Eating smaller meals for breakfast and dinner will cut out much digestion work
for the body giving you more energy and faster cell reparation.
Three worst foods you can eat
1) Hydrogenated/Partially Hydrogenated oils and refined vegetable oils.
2) Sugar
3) White flour
By following the laws of nature that govern our diets you will be rewarded with a
sleek, chizzled, athletic, healthy body, and a clear, more well balance mind. Your
body will function at its highest level and your sense of well-being will feel amazing.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
If you decide to continue eating processed foods that have been stripped of their
vitamins and minerals then you will be consuming foods with plenty of calories and
very little nutrients. This is breaking the laws of nature that govern your body.
Sometimes you can get away with breaking the laws made by men but you cannot
hide from mother-nature, she will make you pay sooner or later, no matter what.
Should you decide to keep eating things that your body wasn’t designed to handle,
foods like processed vegetable oils, hydrogenated fats, soy foods, or any of the
endless range of new fake foods, or if you decide to smoke, drink, or inject tons of
steroids or hard drugs.......once again my friend, you break the laws of Mother Nature
and you will feel the consequences with sickness and disease. She may not hit you
the next day with suffering but Mother Nature does not forget and you will pay later
on down the road.
Obey her laws and she will love you and take care of you better than any mother by
the body. She will give you strength, keep your body warm in cold temperatures
while everyone else is freezing, keep your body cool while others suffer from extreme
heat, even make your immune system so strong that you can be bitten by a poisonous
snake and continue on as if nothing had happened. (The stories of Daniel and Paul are
good examples. They knew the laws of the Earthly Mother.) and last but not least,
obeying her laws you will live a happy, long, and disease free life upon this earth.
“If you believe in the angels of the Earthly-Mother and do her laws, your faith
shall sustain you and you shall never see disease.”
Jesus, The Essene Gospel of Peace
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Whether this is your first time or your thousandth time trying to change into a new diet,
many times we do one of two things.
1) We get so excited and dive head first into a completely different way of eating
only to last a couple weeks and then crash. After crashing we tend to get
depressed because we failed to follow through. Eventually after eating some of
the “forbidden” foods we were not going to eat on our new diet, we end up just
eating more and more of them until we just say, “to heck with it” and eat anything
we want.
2) Some people tend to read a new diet plan and so much fear builds up inside that
they say or think things like, “There is no way I can live without my Dr. Pepper!”
or “I am a chocoholic and I just can’t live without my chocolate.” These types of
ideas you must stop saying and thinking or you will actually believe these things
to be real. Because in reality, you can live, much healthier and happier I might
add, without these junk foods. So, have no fear about gradually letting go of
these junk foods.
To change into a healthier diet there are a few things we can do to make this transition
Slowly and Gradually
You really should slowly and gradually change into a healthier diet. Do this with your
end destination as being a diet that consists of simple meals with no more than three
different types of food at one meal. To reach this goal with long lasting results give
yourself at least 6 months to a year slowly decreasing the amount of the junk foods
consumed and increasing the amounts of healthier foods. Forget the “all or nothing”
idea. I think there are only a handful of those people in the world who can totally change
their diet from one day to the next. When changing your dietary habits, it’s best to be
like the seasons of the year, gradually changing.
The best positive things that happen in our lives are usually challenges. Challenges take
some time and effort to overcome. But once the goal is reached a sense of true
satisfaction comes to the mind and body. When it comes to diet, take your time by
setting small goals for yourself.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Don’t ever say, “Okay, I’m never going to eat chocolate again.” or “From this day
forward I am not going to eat ice cream ever again.” It is better to say or think things like
“I will slowly let go of eating these foods little by little until I don’t even crave them any
more.” Many times cravings for certain junk foods arise just because they remind us of
certain happy moments in our life.
The next time you eat a certain junk food try and recall the first time you ate that sort of
food. It was probably a time in your life when you were a happy young child. If you
can remember it, go back in time and be there with those happy thoughts and enjoy the
moment. Visualise yourself hanging out with your younger self as you enjoy this food.
When you are finished just turn to your younger self and say, “Wow, this was really good
but, we are adults now and we really need to eat better foods as we get older so that we
are healthier and feel better.” It’s okay to turn and meet your inner child every once in a
while but try and make it less and less as time goes on.
Occasionally let yourself eat whatever foods you want. As you clean up your diet you
will become more aware of how your body reacts with different foods. Just simply pay
attention to how your stomach and body feels when you eat these foods. If you notice a
slight feeling of irritation, discomfort, bloating, or gas then you can make a mental note
or write it down which foods give you these problems. The next time you think of eating
these foods just remember what happened the last time and try to cut back on the amount
or just choose something different to eat.
When you start paying attention to how foods react in your body you begin gaining more
self-awareness. This is simply taking the time to stop and listen or feel signals that your
body is giving you. Really pay attention and see if there are any feelings of pain,
irritation, or discomfort after eating certain foods. This will really help you to pick which
foods agree best with you.
Many people, including myself, who have read and understood the powerful benefits of
eating a proper diet have tried to completely switch to a perfect diet too fast. This only
sets the stage for guilt and disappointment if you fail to follow your plan. Allow yourself
plenty of time. Here are a few different ideas you can use to help you slide into better
eating habits. Try different ones and see which one you feel more comfortable with.
Through trials, trouble, tribulation, one arrives at the best things in life and the
trials are forgotten.
Edgar Cayce
Sliding into better eating habits
Learning good food combinations is the best place to start. See (food combinations)
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
One of the most important changes you can make in the beginning is learning to change
your carbohydrate source from white flour, white pasta, white rice, and other processed
grain products into a better source such as whole grain products, brown rice, or sprouted
grains (even if they are cooked). These complete grains will be more nutritious and will
satisfy your hunger longer than processed white flour products. These foods will also
help you to kick the sugar habit if you have a big sweet tooth.
In the beginning, slowly letting go of the sugar habit is just as important as changing to a
good grain source. By doing just these two things you will notice a large drop in
excess body fat.
If you don’t feel like learning to sprout your grains right now the next best source is
called Manna bread. It’s a sprouted bread that has been cooked at very low temperatures.
You can find this in your local healthfood store. And don’t worry if you think you can’t
eat wheat, there are a few different types of sprouted grains to choose from. Even if you
choose to sprout your own there are also several different grains besides wheat. There is
barley, millet, spelt, whole oats, quinoa, and kamut just to name a few.
Add whatever you like
Some people may say, “I just don’t like the taste.” And that’s ok! When you first start
to eat these grains smother them with any type of topping you prefer. Most people do
this anyway with refined processed grain products. Have you ever tried to eat just plain
white bread or plain spaghetti with nothing on it? In fact, it taste quite gross, this is why
so many people cover the taste with exotic condiments. So add whatever condiments you
desire, even if it’s spaghetti or barbecue sauce, it doesn’t matter, just as long as you start
eating your sprouted grains.
Over time gradually lessen the amount of condiments you put on your healthier grains.
As time goes by you will grow more fond of the natural taste. I used to cake on things
like peanut butter and jelly, heavy pesto sauces, and thick layers of butter. But I’ve
slowly cut back to where now I eat my grains with very, very, little condiments. Some
days I don’t use anything at all. Over time I’ve just simply lost the taste for these heavy
condiments. I recommend that the first time you try manna bread eat it plain first, just so
you can taste the difference between real bread and chemically processed bread. It
actually has a very slight natural sweetness to it that makes it good enough to eat plain.
Healthier Condiments you can add to your Grains.
Tamari Sauce
Soy Sauce
Real Butter
Herbal salts
Pesto- use the pestos where olive oil is the main oil ingredient
Vegetables- you can eat just about any vegetable or sprout with your grains. Many
times I eat one or two different types of vegetables such as cucumber and red
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
My favourite: I just simply put a little butter and Himalayan salt on my wheat sprouts.
It taste just like corn to me, especially when you warm them up using the method I
mention in the chapter Grains and Grasses of the Fields.
Try to lessen the amount of sugary condiments you use and lean more towards the saltier
flavours. Remember, when sugar and grains are put in a warm dark place (the stomach)
alcohol and fermentation start to occur.
It’s OK to eat some processed foods in the beginning but gradually cut back on the
amount. Maybe eat 4 or 5 junk meals one week; the next week plan to eat 3 or 4 junk
meals; the week after 2 or 3 junk meals; and at the last week of the month have only 1 or
2 cooked meals. Then you can start over again the next month.
Over time as your body becomes cleaner you will start to feel how heavy and hard to
digest many of these cooked processed meals can be. Another thing I noticed, after not
eating processed cooked meals for a long time, is how annoying and time consuming it is
to mix and cook many of these meals. As you transition to more of a living food diet you
will see how fast and easy it is to prepare your meals.
Why do healthier foods not taste as good as commercial foods?
The tongue can be referred to as a mirror to the stomach. When you wake up in the
morning take a look at your tongue. Most people have a white layer of film that covers
the top. In a healthy mouth and stomach the tongue is a nice fleshy pink colour. This
white film comes from sulphur producing bacteria which thrive in an acidic environment
and grow when heavy protein foods are eaten such as dairy and meat products. This white
film blocks several of your taste receptors. This is one of the reasons why many people
cannot taste the goodness of simple whole foods.
The other reason that many of us have a hard time enjoying the taste of simple pure meals
is that many processed food products of today contain chemicals, high sugared syrups,
and MSGs that artificially excite the taste buds. With this constant high stimulation our
tongues become desensitized which results in the inability to enjoy the good taste of true
simpler foods.
Fasting and wheatgrass is the fastest way to clean the stomach and that nasty film off of
the tongue. After 2 to 3 days of fasting your taste buds become much more sensitive.
Biting into a simple piece of fruit such as an apple, after fasting, taste like GOLD! Doing
several short fast of 1 to 3 days, over a 6 month period will speed the process of simpler
foods tasting better, than anything else. The same thing will eventually happen as you
continue to eat more living food dishes, only it will just take longer.
Once you calm your taste buds down by eating less processed food and eating more
healthy simpler foods you will start to turn to fresh fruit as your dessert. It will taste
much sweeter and much better after you have dropped the artificial sweets out of your
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
diet. Also use fruit as snacks in between your meals instead of hitting the local snack
machine in your office.
You can transition as slow or as fast as you wish but keep in mind that your main goal for
reaching superior health is trying to reduce the amounts and mixtures of heavy
complicated meals into lighter and simpler meals. Through personal experimentation,
you will learn exactly what foods agree and disagree with your body. Over time you will
see and feel the difference in your body by eating better and simpler.
How many times have you sat in a restaurant and just couldn’t decide what to eat?
Following a diet more like the Essenes I never have to think much about what foods I’m
going to eat. I basically know exactly what foods work for me, although, sometimes I do
make slight variations. This is another bonus of eating a more simple diet, I don’t have
sit and guess what I want to eat any more.
I know our eyes have been constantly blasted with intense artificial colours and crazy inyour-face advertising from processed food packages but, from here on out, when you
enter a grocery store, try and look away from these unhealthy products (out of sight out
of mind) and look more to your fresh produce section, finding comfort in the beautiful
natural colours given to us from our Earthly Mother.
Mental Calmness
One of the most important things I’ve discovered about switching to a new diet is that it
is much easier to eat simple healthy foods when we are more mentally calm and stress
free. Many of us (including myself) have reached for junk foods/drinks when we are
stressed out or depressed. These foods give us a short sense of pleasure momentarily
taking our minds off of the problem that exists. When you are more calm and stress
free it is easier to make healthier decisions and stick with them. What if we could
live more stress and depress free without changing our jobs or moving out into the
countryside? What if we could easily train our minds to become stress resistant and more
care free? Now days this is easily possible.
One of the best techniques I have noticed when transitioning to a healthier diet was
listening to a CD from Holosync. With these CDs you can be put into a meditative trance
at the push of a button. I know this sounds crazy but this is the latest cutting edge science
of the new millennium. These CDs send out certain tones and frequencies that can easily
set the brain into what is called the Delta state. This is a state of deep meditation.
Scientist used special technology to look at what happens to the brain of an experienced
Zen Monk under deep meditation. Using these Holosync CDs scientist found that the
average person could easily reach this state of deep relaxation (actually deeper than the
monk could) by introducing certain sound frequencies upon the brain.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
This type of technology also helps to re-balance the right and left hemispheres of the
brain creating “whole-brain functioning.” On a purely mental level, many scientist
believe that this increased communication between the two hemispheres of the brain is
what separates the Einsteins, Edisons, and Mozarts from the rest of us. (that is, until
I cannot rave enough about these CDs they truly can make your life more peaceful, more
effective, more resistant to stress, more self-aware, and much, much happier.
Everyone has a different threshold for what they can handle coming at them from the
world. When that threshold is exceeded, we attempt to deal with being “pushed over the
edge” with a variety of coping mechanisms, including anxiety, anger, depression,
overwhelm, sadness, substance abuse, and many others. The main thing Holosync does
is to provide a stimulus to the brain that pushes that threshold higher.
This is a lot like a runner who begins with a certain physical threshold, but over time
raises it by running everyday until what would have overwhelmed the person in the
beginning becomes easy.
I can personally attest that these are some of the best CDs that have really helped to keep
me calm under more stressful situations. As my mind and body feel more calm, aware,
and alert I find it much easier to eat healthy foods and the temptation to eat certain junk
foods has drastically fallen away.
Many times before I’ve had a lot of internal battles when trying to resist a certain food
that I knew was not good for me. Now, those battles have turned into a simple peaceful
“no thanks” in my mind, when I see or think of a certain junk food that I liked. I am truly
amazed at the positive effect of these CDs. They will really help with the mental aspect
of changing not only your diet but also your life. I’ll show you how to get a free sample
of these CD’s at
As I mentioned before gradually work your way into a better diet. You don’t have to eat
perfect 100% of the time. I find it more mentally comforting eating about 90% properly
prepared living foods and 10% of other foods. For example, if I go to a social gathering,
whether friends or family, I will eat some things that are not part of my regular routine.
You don’t want your new way of eating to separate you from your friends and family so
just BE COOL, and eat some different things sometimes, even if they are not superior
foods. The key here is, not eat too much and don’t eat anything that will be too
disagreeable with your stomach.
When you’re at social gathering don’t start acting weird like you are superior to someone
just because you may eat healthier foods. Just eat some things that are at the party (or
maybe the dish you brought) and be happy, simply enjoying the people, the
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
conversations, and the environment. Trying to eat perfect 100% of the time can put a lot
stress on a person. So until you are absolutely comfortable and happy eating natural
healthy foods, try and keep the 90% rule. You will take a lot of mental stress off yourself
by doing this.
Many of us want superior health, and diet is definitely a part of that equation. A
healthier diet is suppose to help your life and not hinder it. Try and follow the dietary
rules of the Master Essenes as much as possible but if you find yourself at a social
gathering with friends or family it’s ok to eat something you normally wouldn’t. And if
someone is nagging you why you are not eating a certain food, be honest, and say, “I just
don’t feel like eating that right now.”
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
As you gradually change your diet to follow the laws of nature, try to incorporate some of
these simple meal plans throughout your transition.
Plan A
Breakfast: Pick one of the following but don’t mix them.
1. One or two pieces of fruit
2. A large glass of fresh milk.( if you can’t get fresh milk stick with the fruit or grains)
3. Some type of sprouted grain(if you have a physically demanding morning)
1. Choose some type of healthy grain whether you sprout it yourself or you buy manna
bread. This can be flavored with real butter, salt, soy sauce, or herbs.
2. If you want, accompany this with a good salad or some type of vegetable dish. Try
not to mix sweet fruits at this meal because grains and sugars cause fermentation and
3. Save those pieces of fruit for a snack if you get hungry in between lunch and dinner.
Dinner: Stay as light as you can here so that body can easier get into rest mode to get a
good nights sleep instead of working hard to digest a heavy meal.
A good salad and soup is light and filling in the evenings. Or make it even simpler
and choose just one of them a salad or soup.
If you do eat something heavier than this just try and keep the portion as small as
In the beginning try and follow these plans just two days a week. The other days, eat
your normal diet but just try and cut back on the amount if you are use to eating a lot.
After 4-6 weeks add a third day of simple meals to your transition. Same as before, eat
your regular diet on the other days trying to cut back on the amount and maybe make
some healthier choices with those meals. After 4-6 weeks add a 4th day of simple meals
to your health regime. Do this for four to six weeks and then a fifth day of simple meals
to your eating plan.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Once you’ve reached five days a week of eating simple meals you have come a long way
and should be very proud. Try and keep your simple meals throughout the week as you
work and if you eat some junk foods save them more for the weekends.
Plan B
Once you feel ok with plan A then try and simplify even more by moving to plan B. This
is how the Essenes and some of the healthiest cultures in the world eat.
Breakfast: Only one type of liquid. Don’t mix the following.
1. One fresh squeezed lemon in 6-8 oz. of water.
2. 6-8 oz. of fresh milk
3. Herbal tea
4. Coconut water
5. One or Two Shots of wheatgrass
Some type of sprouted grain or manna bread with your choice of flavoring.
Accompanied with any type of salad or vegetables.
If you feel like snacking before dinner eat some fruit. This may help to curb your
appetite at dinner.
Dinner: Stay as light as possible here by choosing something that is mostly liquid.
1. A large glass of fresh milk
2. Some type of fruit
3. Soup
As you incorporate these ideas into your eating plan become aware of how you feel after
every meal that you eat. Notice how much lighter you feel and how much more energy
you have when you eat simpler meals that are easier to digest. Become aware of the poor
foods and food combinations that make you tired when you eat them. Think of your
body as a living laboratory and you are the scientist trying to discover what makes your
internal environment function smooth, comfortable, and efficient. And remember......
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How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Beauty Lies in Simplicity so use the KISS method, Keep It Simple Stupid!
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Today more than ever there is a mad rush for steroids and performance enhancement
supplements. Several of latest supplements for bodybuilding and sports are illegal in
many different countries. Why? Because they can cause a number of different harmful
side effects. Sure, they might stimulate muscles, but in the process they also throw off
the balance of hormones in the body; can cause damage to organs especially the liver as it
trys to sort out an unnatural overload of certain substances; can cause nerve damage and a
paragraph of other uncomfortable side effects.
If you follow the laws of nature and eat natural foods your body will gain superior
strength over your competitors. Most people eat the “normal” foods and then try and buy
the latest supplement that has the coolest sales pitch selling them the dream of being
strong or ripped. By eating foods in their proper form you will easily digest and use all of
the nutrients. Then there is no need for any crazy supplements. The body will definitely
become stronger and recovery time for muscles happens much faster when clean foods
are assimilated properly.
When you take supplements they are mostly in an isolated form. On the back of
supplement boxes you may see ingredients that have several different vitamins, minerals,
and proteins but these were all pulled out of foods in an isolated form and then mixed
back together. I know these supplement companies have cool labels that sell you the
idea of being strong and ripped but no company can mimic the complex yet balanced
structure of our true natural foods. Only whole foods supply all the nutrients you need to
perform at your physical peak.
A common question by several athletes is “Can a diet of only whole grains, fruits,
vegetable, an nuts allow me to perform at my physical maximum endurance, strength,
and speed? The answer is, Yes! But this is the wrong question. They should be asking,
“Can I reach my full athletic potential on a diet to which by body was not biologically
adapted, that leads away from fresh whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds? And
the answer is certainly, “No.”
To gain your full strength and power for optimum performance you must delete
from your diet any foods with negative effects.
If you’re an athlete, eat the same meals as mentioned in the previous section. The only
difference is that maybe you need more calories because of more physical output. You
can do this by simply eating more sprouted grains or dried fruit. Just be careful not to
over do it on the dried fruit. When fruit is dehydrated the sugars become more
concentrated and eating too much of this can cause insulin spikes in your blood sugar.
The window of opportunity
The most common fallacy is that after a hard workout one needs to consume a high
protein meal or supplement within two hours directly after the training. The idea being
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How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
that this protein will help with faster muscle recovery. Even though protein does play a
role in cell growth and development this is not the main factor you should be searching
When we begin activity, the body first uses muscle glycogen (sugars) with a small
amount of blood sugar to fuel the muscles. As we train, these sugars are burned up until
they run dry or are replenished, just like gasoline being burned in a running car.
For the most efficient and effective recovery, re-establishing blood sugar levels to
normal and replenishing muscle glycogen are vital. This can easily be done by eating
fruit or sprouted grains shortly after training.
During exercise, and at an ever-reducing rate for about two hours afterwards, the blood is
flooded with the enzyme glycogenase. This enzyme doubles the body’s ability to convert
blood sugar into muscle glycogen. So if sugars are available within this two-hour period
immediately following exercise then it is possible to replenish muscle glycogen at double
the normal rate giving you a more speedy recovery. This is truly a crucial time for
When this window of opportunity directly following exercise is missed, recovery can
take twice as long. If training is long enough or intense enough to seriously drain the
supply of muscle glycogen then it can take up to 24 hours to bring these glycogen levels
back to normal, even with an optimal source of replenishment. And even up to 48 hours
if you miss the 2-hour window of opportunity to replenish blood sugar levels and muscle
glycogen stores. This greatly reduces possibility of faster recovery. Because of this you
should always make sure you have a good carbohydrate source that will get you through
a long or intense workout and quickly replenish the lost sugars with easily absorbable
fruits or sprouted grains.
Rocket Fuel
Athletes that eat a lot of processed cooked starches for fuel drain their own body’s energy
trying to digest these foods. Starchy foods especially in their refined state, for example
white flour, have no enzymes and are very low in vitamins. Cooking caramelizes these
complex carbohydrates so that they are easier digested and more palatable but what you
have left is a pile of empty calories that no longer have the proper nutrients. For these
calories to be converted into fuel the body will drain its own enzymes and vitamins which
leads to nutritional bankruptcy and the eventual breakdown of a healthy body.
For the best source of carbohydrates stick to sprouted grains that are fresh, dehydrated, or
baked at low temperatures such as manna bread. If you choose to eat brown rice, soak it
over night in water then slowly cook it at low temperatures or steam it. Preparing your
complex carbs like this will be rocket fuel compared to a pile of empty calories.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
A little known secret.
One hundred grams of sprouted wheat contains about 200 calories and 100 grams of
regular cooked wheat contains about 100 calories. As you can see sprouted grains have
twice the calories as 100 grams of cooked grains. This can be a great benefit for athletes.
By eating sprouted grains you can eat half the amount of normal cooked grains and still
have the same amount of calories to burn for energy. You simply get more for less. It’s
like having a new super fuel in your car that would burn twice as long as regular gas.
And trust me, it doesn’t take much of this stuff to fill you up. Why would this be a
1. Your body can now carry half the weight leaving you lighter to move faster and
2. These calories are used more efficiently because the sprouted grains contain living
enzymes, which drastically release the work load of digestion and allow for optimal
assimilation of all nutrients.
Power Bars
Forget all those power bars you see in the gym and supplement stores. They are just
basically sugared candy bars “fortified” with isolated nutrients. I have to admit, the
marketing is great with there shiny rappers and cool logos but in reality...don’t waist your
time or money with these things. Unless you like indigestion and stomach pains.
If a group of scientist got together to design the perfect power bar they would come up
with a banana! Although many consider bananas as a fruit they are actually from the
grass family. They are one of the world’s finest foods for providing fuel for energy.
Their unique blend of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and enzymes allow for a quick
and efficient conversion to usable fuel.
Containing two types of sugars, glucose and fructose bananas are good for a quick release
of energy or a long-lasting supply of energy. The glucose is easily digested and can be
rapidly absorbed into the blood stream for a quick burst of energy. The fructose is
absorbed more slowly and provides a more lasting fuel release. Neither of these natural
sugars causes the adrenaline surge associated with the consumption of sucrose (table
Digestion can require a considerable amount of energy as the body works to convert all
food matter into simple carbohydrates (sugars) to use as fuel. Ripe bananas contain
carbohydrates that are already broken down into their simplest form that can be digested
with a minimum of energy loss.
If you’re an endurance athlete it is wise to eat bananas before, during, and after long
bouts of training. They contain twice as much carbohydrates as other fruits. If you have
short more intense training sesions bananas are also a good choice afterwards.
For anyone who wishes to improve their nutrition and athletic performance bananas have
the best possible mix of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes for fuelling activity. Their high
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How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
potassium content is optimum for powerful muscle contraction. (Why do you think a
gorilla could toss you across the room?)
Bananas are the perfect food for athletes. They are tasty, self-contained, easy to eat,
satiating, available year round and inexpensive.
The world’s top endurance athletes, runners, cyclist, and swimmers have been eating
bananas for years. But with fancy advertisement and false information many of today's
athletes are turning to fake foods wrapped in pretty shiny paper with cool names. Don’t
fall for this, remember, man cannot duplicate the perfect balance of Mother Nature, so
stick with bananas or other fruits as your power bars.
For variety, if you feel like putting in a little effort into making your own natural power
bar that is packed with nutrition, enzymes and calories follow this simple recipe.
Making a Super Bar
1) Sprout wheat berries for a day and a half.
2) Grind them up in a good juicing machine that has a grinding function.
3) Form them into a shape and size of your preference.
4) Put the bars into a dehydrator and dehydrate until they are soft and chewy, be careful
not to dehydrate to long unless you want them dry and crispy.
Before you dehydrate, you can chop up dried fruit like figs, raisins or dates and mix them
in with the crushed wheat berries. After dehydrated cover the outside with a small layer
of honey then let them sit until the honey dries. These are Real Power Bars. The most
powerful warriors of ancient Greece, The Spartans, would make similar type of fig cake
to fuel their long gruelling trainings.
A day or two before the race, some of the best ultra-marathoners (52 miles +) in the
world load up on dried fruit. But don’t make a daily habit of eating too much dried fruit.
You may get unnesessary insulin spikes.
Fluid loss:
Sun, wind, heat, high elevation, and strenuous exercise can cause dramatic water loss.
Once again, people today are fooled into drinking these crazy new sports drinks. These
drinks are nothing but sugar water with some isolated nutrients added. To truly add back
lost water and electrolytes after a sweaty workout go for watery fruits such as grapes,
pineapple, berries, melons, or coconut water.
These fruits are perfect for rehydrating and they give you a good source of electrolytes
and vitamin, minerals. They also contain a natural source of sugars to replenish low
blood sugar and lost muscle glycogen. Try different kinds to see which ones suit you the
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How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Watermelon or celery are one of the best sources for replenishing lost sodium in the
body. This is great to use in the summer on hot days or after really sweaty workouts.
Coconut Water reigns king when it comes to electrolytes. It has the highest amount of
electrolytes than any other food. Coconut water would put sports drinks out of business
if a company could bottle its superior nutrients. The problem is that the juice inside is too
volatile and cannot sit for weeks on the shelves in a store. The only way to capture its
full potential is by drinking it fresh from the coconut. The water also contains beneficial
medium chain fatty acids. These MFCA’s go straight to the liver and are used directly
for energy. If you are a triathlete and you ever train or compete in the Ironman, fill your
water bottles up with coconut water. This fresh living water dominates over any sports
drink with a flashy label. You’ll find that the water, electrolytes, essential fats, and other
nutrients are absorbed much better than some of those florescent green mystery waters.
Give it a try and you’ll see what I’m talking about.
I’ve flown many many times in my life. Every time I’m on an airplane my sinuses and
sometimes my skin get very dried out no matter how much water I seem to drink. One
time I filled up two water bottles of fresh coconut water for a flight. Drinking the
coconut water throughout the flight I noticed I had no problems with dry sinuses or skin
and I felt much better when I landed. If you are ever flying back from a tropical place do
this and I guarantee you’ll feel much better and more hydrated throughout your flight.
The fats in coconut water keep the body hydrated longer than just drinking regular water.
Gel Packs
These are also pretty popular these days among endurance athletes. They are basically
packets of processed refined sugar syrups that are heinous on the human body when
consumed. Many endurance athletes suck down these packets of artificial gel in hopes to
replenish lost muscle glycogen and blood sugars. These high concentrated artificial gels
put lots of stress on the body, I personally know triathletes who have puked shortly after
consuming these packets. Why? The body simply purges itself when something is
swallowed that it does not like. And these gel packs are terrible!
For a wiser more nutritious gel pack that contains living enzymes, quickly and easily
assimilated sugars, and has more vitamins and minerals, make yourself the same size
packets only fill them with Raw Honey! You’ll even have more calories to burn with the
same amount. As I mentioned earlier a tablespoon of honey contains 65 calories and a
tablespoon of refined sugar has 50 calories. Another bonus of raw honey is that it’s
loaded with anti-oxidants which will help get rid of lactic acid build up.
Real sports drinks:
Forget all those crazy colored sports drinks you see in the gym, you can easily make your
own sports drink that far superior to any laboratory concoction. This can easily be done
with fruits and water.
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How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Take two to four bananas and blend them in some water.
• First break the bananas up by hand and toss them in the blender.
• Next, pour water in just until it covers the top of the bananas.
• Then blend.
And Viola you now have one of the simplest, healthiest, and most effective sports drink.
This supplies water, sugar (glucose and fructose), electrolytic minerals with enough
vitamins and enzymes to properly metabolize them.
You can very the ratio between bananas and water if you like. Maybe add more water
and a stick of celery when you train outside in hot weather. (The celery will supply more
sodium and electrolytes.) An indoor strength workout may demand more sugar and less
water. Sometimes I like to add a couple teaspoons of spirulina to the mix. This will add
a more concentrated source of nutrients and rich chlorophyll that will help clean and clear
the body from lactic acid and free radicals that may be swimming around. I just simply
like the taste also.
Other fruits are good to use also such as strawberries and grapes. But remember,
simplicity is the key here. Keep the ingredients as simple as possible this will allow for
maximum absorption and assimilation
Don’t think your going to skate off easy by buying some natural fruit juices from the
store. These are also pasteurised and their enzymes, which are used for proper
absorption, have been destroyed. Yes, they contain the sugars but without the living
enzymes to help them absorb properly you end up with high sugar spikes in the blood.
Not Good.
Stimulants rob your energy!
Not just athletes but even the everyday average-Joe grabs for stimulants thinking they
give the body energy. When you step back and look at the whole picture you’ll see that
these actually rob the body of energy. Coffee, cigarettes, tea, cola, refined sugars,
chocolate, spices, meat, amphetamine-type drugs and many other substances are all
stimulants that actually increase the bodys’ work load and drain its energy supplies.
How does this happen? Stimulants are simply substances that cause stimulation through
irritation. They irritate nervous tissues that run throughout the muscle fibers causing the
muscles to be more tense. Then the body has to release some of its stored energy trying
to do the job of soothing this tension. So you receive a short burst of stimulation or
should I say irritation but after the body has went into overdrive trying to rebalance itself
much of its stored energy is depleted making it harder for you to keep going.
Many people drink coffee thinking it will give them energy to wake up. But the funny
thing is that the energy released from the body, during the time it was trying to deal with
the chemicals in coffee, was stored energy that is now wasted. Coffee is not an energy
supplier for the body, it is more of an energy drainer. And just like other drugs, over time
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How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
the body adapts to a stimulant requiring more and more of the substance to generate the
same response.
For you to perform at your best with the most energy there is only one simple answer,
enough rest. If you get a sufficient amount of rest your body will recover giving you
tons of energy to take on the day. In the long run, stimulants will just end up draining
your health, happiness, energy and motivation, robbing you of your precious vitality.
With sufficient sleep the use of stimulants becomes unnecessary.
In these days and times it is hard to remember the power of Mother Nature because we
are constantly being bombarded with crazy advertisements of the latest sports drink,
shake, powder, or power bar that promises super human effects on the body. I’m just
going to have to be brutally honest here, all these supplements, drinks, and fancy shakes
are a heap of garbage!
If they really did work how come we don’t see a bunch of little muscular body builders
walking around? If you’ve been dropping about $60 every time you walk into a
supplement store can you really tell a difference in your body? except for a bloated gut,
indigestion, and maybe thicker puffier skin loaded with pimples that just covers up your
muscles underneath.
If you’re an athlete looking to gain muscle forget the supplements and save the cash.
These companies are only trying to sell you a more expensive version of what they stole
from whole foods in the first place!
If you purchase bodybuilding supplements, try this, for next three to six months don’t
take any supplements, and train with the whole foods I have mentioned. I guarantee you
will be stronger more ripped and have extra money in your pockets. Don’t believe me,
try it.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
1.) Go to the mirror and take a good look at your teeth. Do they have holes or cavities?
Do your gums bleed when (and if) you floss? Are they hard, white, and solid? If your
body isn’t getting enough quality nutrients your teeth will suffer. Even if you haven’t
eaten a lot of junk foods your food could still be lacking enough nutrients.
Have you ever seen movies or read books where the old slave merchants would check the
teeth of the new slaves? They did this because they knew that good strong teeth reflected
a healthy bone structure and good health.
Even to this day many so called “uncivilised” or tribal people have been found with very
little to zero tooth decay. And the funny thing is, they have never even used a
It’s amazing how many people have rows of black fillings in their mouths. This is not a
normal condition. This shows that the mouth and the body are very acidic. Eating to
many acidic foods (especially sugary junk foods or alcohol) make the pH level of the
body more acidic. In order to bring back proper pH balance, the body draws minerals
from the bones to help re-alkalize itself (I hope I’ve buried this in your head by now).
And teeth are usually the first bones to get hit. If you’ve got teeth problems your body is
showing you that you need to change your diet, now! The Terramin healing earth clay is
one of the supplements you can use to help re-mineralize and alkalize the body again.
Newly forming cavities may also be a problem for you. Cavities are groups of bacteria
that form together and cement themselves to the teeth. They love acidic environments
and feed off sugar. Refined sugars from soft drinks and sugary junk foods get stuck in
the crevices and pours of your teeth, which sets the stage for cavities. You got to keep
the sugars off the teeth. Just make sure that you brush your teeth after eating sugary
foods. If you can’t brush, take plain water and swish it around in your mouth to wash the
teeth off as good as possible and make sure there is no food left standing on the teeth.
2) Another quick way to test if your body has a proper pH balance is with pH test
strips. They are little pieces of paper that can test your saliva or urine to see if your body
is to acidic. These are a cheap and easy way to let you now if you’re getting enough
alkalizing minerals. If your pH shows that you are under 6.5 it means that your body is
becoming acidic which can lead to the development of over 150 degenerative diseases. It
also means that it’s time to change your diet and get some more alkalizing minerals!
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
FASTING: the fastest way to healing and cleansing.
First we will take a look at the spiritual aspects of fasting. If your not a spiritual person,
that’s ok, we all have the right to choose, all I ask is that you listen with open ears.
“Let your body be henceforth a temple dedicated to your God. Purify, therefore, the
temple, that the Lord of the temple may dwell therein and occupy a place that is worthy
of him.
Renew yourselves and fast. For I tell you truly, that Satan and his plagues may only be
cast out by fasting and by prayer. Go by yourself and fast alone, and show your fasting
to no man. The living God shall see it and great shall be your reward. And fast till
Beelzebub and all his evils depart from you, and all the angels of our Earthly Mother
come and serve you. For I tell you truly, except you fast, you shall never be freed from
the power of Satan and from all diseases that come from Satan. Fast and pray
fervently, seeking the power of the living God for your healing. While you fast, eschew
the Sons of Men and seek our Earthly Mother's angels, for he that seeks shall find.
Jesus, The Essene Gospel of Peace Book I.
The Bible mentions fasting 74 times. (Mathew 4:21) says that Jesus fasted forty days
and forty nights. The Gospel of Luke says “in those days he did eat nothing: and when
they were ended, he afterward hungard” (Luke 5:33).
Not only in Christianity but Fasting is also a shared practice in all major religions:
Buddhism, Hinduism, Muslims, Islam, ect…
Cleansing your Body.
This is a very important part to having superior health and strength. We must clear out
all the old debris in order for the body to rebuild so that new cells can function at their
maximum capacity. You can choose different methods for this but be aware that what
you are about to read is not the magic pill but the true ways of cleaning and healing the
Fasting is the best way to clear the body of old garbage. There are several different
kinds of fasts so we will start with some of the easier ones and move on to the more
intense fasts.
Fasting basically means doing without. You can fast from anything, negative thoughts,
TV, alcohol, talking, eating ect... but here I am talking about not eating solid food.
Your body is always trying to repair itself 24 hours a day. When eating dead foods for 3
meals a day, the body doesn’t have time to excrete all of the waste material from these
foods. Over time these wastes products build up everywhere in the body causing all sorts
of disease. Arthritis, balding, cancer, back pain, and on and on.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
"For I tell you truly, evils and dangers innumerable lie in wait for the Sons of Men.
Beelzebub, the prince of all devils, the source of every evil, lies in wait in the body of all
the Sons of Men. He is death, the lord of every plague, and taking upon him a pleasing
raiment, he tempts and entices the Sons of Men. Riches does he promise, and power,
and splendid palaces, and garments of gold and silver, and a multitude of servants, all
these; he promises renown and glory, fornication and lustfulness, gluttony and winebibbing, riotous living, and slothfulness and idle days. And he entices every one by that
to which their heart is most inclined. And in the day that the Sons of Men have already
become the slaves of all these vanities and abominations, then in payment thereof he
snatches from the Sons of Men all those things which the Earthly Mother gave them so
abundantly. He takes from them their breath, their blood, their bone, their flesh, their
bowels, their eyes and their ears. And the breath of the Son of Man becomes short and
stifled, full of pain and evil-smelling, like the breath of unclean beasts. And his blood
becomes thick and evil-smelling, like the water of the swamps; it clots and blackens,
like the night of death. And his bone becomes hard and knotted; it melts away within
and breaks asunder, as a stone falling down upon a rock. And his flesh waxes fat and
watery; it rots and putrefies, with scabs and boils that are an abomination.
And his bowels become full with abominable filthiness, with oozing streams of decay;
and multitudes of abominable worms have their habitation there. And his eyes grow
dim, till dark night enshrouds them, and his ears become stopped, like the silence of
the grave. And last of all shall the erring Son of Man lose life. For he kept not the laws
of his Mother, and added sin to sin. Therefore, are taken from him all the gifts of the
Earthly Mother: breath, blood, bone, flesh, bowels, eyes and ears, and after all else,
life, with which the Earthly Mother crowned his body.
Jesus, The Essene Gospel of Peace Book 1
What happens to the body during fasting?
Jesus explains here in parables: "You are like the prodigal son, who for many years
did eat and drink, and passed his days in riotousness and lechery with his friends.
And every week without his father's knowledge he incurred new debts, and
squandered all in a few days. And the moneylenders always lent to him, because his
father possessed great riches and always paid patiently the debts of his son. And in
vain did he with fair words admonish his son, for he never listened to the
admonitions of his father, who besought him in vain that he would give up his
debaucheries which had no end, and that he would go to his fields to watch over the
labor of his servants. And the son always promised him everything if he would pay
his old debts, but the next day he began again. And for more than seven years the
son continued in his riotous living. But, at last, his father lost patience and no more
paid to the moneylenders the debts of his son. "If I continue always to pay," he
said, "there will be no end to the sins of my son." Then the moneylenders, who were
deceived, in their wrath took the son into slavery that he might by his daily toil pay
back to them the money which he had borrowed. And then ceased the eating and
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
drinking and the daily excesses. From morning until night by the sweat of his face
he watered the fields, and all of his limbs ached with the unaccustomed labor. And
he lived upon dry bread, and had naught but his tears with which he could water it.
And three days after he suffered so much from the heat and from weariness that he
said to his master: 'I can work no more, for all my limbs do ache. How long would
you torment me?' 'Till the day when by the labor of your hands you pay me all
your debts, and when seven years are passed, you will be free.' And the desperate
son answered weeping: 'But I cannot bear so much as seven days. Have pity on me,
for all my limbs do burn and ache.' And the wicked creditor cried out: 'Press on
with the work; if you could for seven years spend your days and your nights in
riotousness, now must you work for seven years. I will not forgive you till you pay
back all your debts to the uttermost drachma.' And the son, with his limbs racked
with pain, went back despairing to the fields to continue his work. Already he could
hardly stand upon his feet because of his weariness and of his pains, when the
seventh day was come the Sabbath day, in which no man works in the field. Then
the son gathered the remnant of his strength and staggered to the house of his
father. And he cast himself down at his father's feet and said: 'Father, believe me
for the last time and forgive me all my offenses against you. I swear to you that I
will never again live riotously and that I will be your obedient son in all things. Free
me from the hands of my oppressor. Father, look upon me and upon my sick limbs,
and harden not your heart.' Then tears came into his father's eyes, and he took his
son in his arms, and said: 'Let us rejoice, for today a great joy is given me, because
I have found again my beloved son, who was lost.' And he clothed him with his
choicest raiment and all the day long they made merry. And on the morning of the
morrow he gave his son a bag of silver that he might pay to his creditors all that he
owed them. And when his son came back, he said to him: 'My son, do you see that
it is easy, through riotous living, to incur debts for seven years, but their payment is
difficult by the heavy labor of seven years.' 'Father, it is indeed hard to pay them,
even for seven days.' And his father admonished him, saying: 'For this once alone
has it been permitted you to pay your debts in seven days instead of seven years, the
rest is forgiven you. But take heed that in the time to come you do not incur more
debts. For I tell you truly, that none else but your father forgives you your debts,
because you are his son. For with all else you would have had to labor hard for
seven years, as it is commanded in our laws.'
My father, I will henceforth be your loving and obedient son, and I will not any
more incur debts, for I know that their payment is hard.'
"And he went to his father's field and watched every day over the work of his
father's laborers. And he never made his laborers work hard, for he remembered
his own heavy labor. And the years passed, and his father's possession increased
ever more and more beneath his hand, for the blessing of his father was upon his
labor. And slowly he gave back tenfold to his father all that he had squandered in
the seven years. And when his father saw that his son used well his servants and all
his possessions, he said to him: 'My son, I see that my possessions are in good
hands. I give you all my cattle, my house, my lands and my treasures. Let all this
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
be your heritage, continue increasing it that I may have delight in you.' And when
the son had received his inheritance from his father, he forgave their debts to all his
debtors who could not pay him, for he did not forget that his debt also had been
forgiven when he could not pay it. And God blessed him with long life, with many
children and with much riches, because he was kind to all his servants and to all his
Then Jesus turned to the sick folk and said: "I speak to you in parables that you
may better understand God's word. The seven years of eating and drinking and of
riotous living are the sins of the past. The wicked creditor is Satan. The debts are
diseases. The heavy labor is pains. The prodigal son, he is yourselves. The
payment of the debts is the casting from you of devils and diseases, and the healing
of your body. The bag of silver received from the father is the liberating power of
the angels. The father is God. The father's possessions are earth and heaven. The
servants of the father are the angels. The father's field is the world, which is
changed into the kingdom of the heavens, if the Sons of Man work thereon together
with the angels of the Heavenly Father. For I tell you truly, it is better that the son
should obey his father and keep watch over his father's servants in the field, than
that he should become the debtor of the wicked creditor and toil and sweat in
serfdom to repay all his debts. It is better, likewise, if the Sons of Man also obey the
laws of their Heavenly Father, and work together with his angels upon his kingdom,
than that they should become the debtors of Satan, the lord of death, of all sins and
all diseases, and that they should suffer with pains and sweat till they have repaid all
their sins. I tell you truly, great and many are your sins. Many years have you
yielded to the enticings of Satan. You have been gluttonous, wine-bibbers and gone
a whoring, and your past debts have multiplied. And now you must repay them,
and payment is difficult and hard. Be not, therefore, already impatient after the
third day, like the prodigal son, but wait patiently for the seventh day which is
sanctified by God, and then go with humble and obedient heart before the face of
your Heavenly Father, that he may forgive you your sins and all your past debts. I
tell you truly, your Heavenly Father loves you without end, for he also allows you to
pay in seven days the debts of seven years. Those that owe the sins and diseases of
seven years, but pay honestly and persevere till the seventh day, to them shall our
Heavenly Father forgive the debts of all these seven years.
The Essene Gospel of Peace Book 1
The Science of Fasting and Cleansing:
Unless you have lived on the countryside and have eaten nearly a perfect diet your
insides are probably loaded and coated with all sorts of filthy debris. I do not say this to
scare anyone, my full intention is only to create awareness and understanding.
Before I had ever done any fasting or cleansing I had always thought of myself as being a
little more health conscious than the average guy. I was a good weight for my height so I
thought, “how bad could I actually be internally?” Was I in for a surprise! During my
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
first colon cleanse I was in shock and disgusted at what had come out of my body. The
3rd day of the cleanse I expelled three long green ropes each about 3 ft. long and about an
inch in diameter. They were in the shape of what looked like my small intestines.
Here’s what was happening inside.
Your body is mostly made up of elastic tubes. From your esophagus to your anus and all
the blood veins and corpuscles your body. These tubes are lined with mucus membranes
for protection against foreign material. When unnatural and de-natured foods pass
through these tubes they are recognized as foreign material and the tubes then start to
secrete mucus to push these materials away. It’s one of the bodies natural defense
The same thing happens when you get a cold and your nose starts “running.” The
immune system kicks in and many of your mucus membranes start to activate so that they
can push out whatever foreign bacteria your body might be holding. But the sad thing is
that many people take antihistamines to stop the body from producing its natural mucus.
By doing this, the body cannot get rid of the bacteria and now it stays in the body. Then
eventually we have to take more antibiotics to kill the bacteria, which might actually
work, but in the process antibiotics destroy your intestinal flora (good bacteria). These
synthetic medicines can also cause damage to other organs such as the liver, and most of
them have a paragraph of possible side effects. Not Cool!
The same thing happens inside the intestines when we eat unnatural and de-natured food.
The intestines start to secrete mucus to protect themselves from these disturbing
substances. Many of these food particles that are being passed through the digestive tract
get caught in this sticky mucus. Without enough fiber (which most people do not get)
these things cannot be completely swept out of the intestines. And with nothing to clean
them nor allowing enough time for your body’s enzymes to break them down, the
corrosion builds up just like the inside of old pipes that have not been cleaned in a long
time. Eventually your internal “pipes” get so corroded that food cannot properly pass
through or nutrients cannot be fully absorbed through the walls of the small intestines.
This causes malnutrition along with thousands of different diseases formed in the body.
This internal garbage is the cause of protruding bellies. It is not just the over weight
people who have this problem but even so called “normal bodies” can carry this “pooch
gut.” Once you “clean your pipes” this pooch gut clears away.
When we eat too much, especially the wrong kinds of foods (which actually trick us in to
over eating), our bodies do not have enough time to assimilate it and excrete the waste
products of these foods.
Do you remember that important word enzymes? Within 24 hrs. of curbing food intake,
those enzymes stop entering the stomach and head south to the intestines and blood
stream to “clean house.” Without all the stress of trying to break down and package food
particles, these guys start circulating in the intestines and blood stream. They are now on
a “search and destroy mission” where they gobble up dead and damaged cells,
metabolic wastes, unwanted microbes, pollutants, and all sorts of waste material.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
When these toxic materials are pulled out of the tissues they are sent to the blood stream
for evacuation. At some points during fasting you may feel light headed, nauseous,
weak, or even have headaches. This is a GOOD thing! Because now you know the fast
is working.
Your blood stream runs through your entire body, and some times it is possible for these
toxins to circulate through the blood vessels in your head causing you head aches. If you
eat lots of sugar or drink coffee you can expect to have a little to mild headache during
your detox. This is usually only for the first and sometimes second day.
The toxins that are in the blood stream are eliminated either through the lungs, the skin,
the colon, or kidneys. When these things come out they are NOT a pretty site or smell.
Everyone will experience detoxing a little different. Sometimes your breath will become
very fowl but that is only the garbage that is being pushed out of the stomach and throat.
Some people start to get zits or boils on the skin, this is only toxic material trying to push
itself out and will shortly disappear. But all will experience the evil-smelling
abominations that come out of the colon. There, you will experience the site and smells
of hideous fecal matter that has been stuck and encrusted on your intestinal walls for
years. It should shock and disgust any first-time faster sufficiently enough to make
fasting and colon cleansing a life-long habit.
During your fast you may also experience what is called “herxheimers reaction” or
“die-off.” This is the body’s reaction to the massive killing of unwanted microorganisms
and the resulting sudden load of toxins released into the blood stream. These reactions
are characterized by flu like symptoms such as chills, aches, and sometimes a low-grade
Many times you will experience a worsening of symptoms you experienced in the past.
The best example can be seen with Candida. If you have had candida problems in the
past and didn’t fully get rid of it, it may re-express itself pretty strong in the skin as the
body attempts to push it out and get rid of it.
If you see any of these type reactions don’t worry, they are short lived.
If you don’t fast and clean your insides every once in a while, then the toxemia in your
body will become so bad that the body will automatically purge itself in different forms
such as diarrhoea, acne, pimples, boils, liver spots, foul perspiration, body odor, bad
breath and so forth. Once those forms of purging have been exhausted then the body
gives up the battle and succumbs to cancer, tuberculosis, and other fatal diseases.
After the body is fasted and cleansed the blood stream becomes pure again. This happens
to be one of the best benefits for your body. Blood is responsible for delivering oxygen
and nutrients to all cells and carries away the trash of the metabolic wastes of cells to be
excreted. It also contains white blood cells, enzymes, and other immunity factors that are
on the look out 24-hrs-a-day to attack and destroy any unwanted invaders.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
The intestines and other organs in your body are surrounded by blood vessels. When
they are clogged with waste material and debris, these toxins are constantly seeping back
into your blood stream. This is how the body is actually poisons itself. Medical
terminology calls it autointoxication. This causes the blood to be thick and dirty. In this
state it cannot deliver sufficient oxygen and nutrients and then malnutrition sets in, your
bodies resistance to foreign invaders becomes weak, toxemia becomes a chronic
condition, and bacteria, funguses, and viruses have a field day invading your most
valuable tissues.
Not only do blood vessels surround the colon but also just about all nerves from every
organ in the body are connected to the colon. When we have putrefaction or encrusted
fecal matter stuck to that part of the colon it poisons those nerves causing irritation and
eventually loss of vitality to those organs. Many times this is where simple headaches
come from.
Fasting also rebalances proper blood pH levels. This is the acid/alkaline balance in your
body. As we continue to eat acidic foods (meat, refined sugar, processed grains or
processed milk products, ect.) eventually the body becomes over acidic. These high
levels of acids in the blood turn into acid crystals where they are deposited in various
joints. They literally start to cements the joints together. This is where arthritis and bone
spurs come from. When we fast, enzymes now have time to enter the joints and dissolve
these crystals. In turn this will restore the synovial fluid where joint mobility can return.
Many times the unpleasant side effects from fasting are due to these dissolved acid
crystals re-entering the blood stream for proper evacuation.
The whole digestive tract gets a much needed rest. Now these enzymes can start
repairing, purifying, and rejuvenating the stomach, small intestines, and colon. Fasting
also allows for other organs and endocrine glands to be rebalanced and regulated. For
example the thyroid gland gets a chance to rest and rebalance your metabolism bringing
your body back to its normal weight.
The body always knows how to heal itself if we would just clean it out and let it do
its job.
When you get a cut on your arm you don’t have to think about the cut sealing back
together, you just keep it clean from all obstructions and it heals by itself. It’s no
different on the inside of your body. If you will just clean out all the garbage built up
inside, the body will begin repairing itself down to the last cell bringing back your youth,
vitality, and strength!
If you’ve never fasted just think about this for a second. Most people have had 3 meals a
day, every day, for their entire lives, unless they got sick and couldn’t eat. This just
shows that fasting is your body’s natural way of healing. Animals do this instinctively.
If you have ever payed attention to a sick animal they tend not to eat until they are feeling
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
better. So even if you’re not “sick” it is still very beneficial to rest the internal organs by
Other Scientific studies done on fasting.
Dr. Yuri Nikolyev of the Moscow Research Institute of Psychiatry showed how fasting
successfully treated over 7,000 patients with various psychic disorders such as
schizophrenia and neurosis. In Russia it is called the hunger cure. That sure beats
forking out thousands of dollars on useless medications. I have personally known people
on prescriptions for psychic disorders who have only gotten worse.
Many reports showed that when the diets of laboratory rats were restricted they lived far
longer than the ones who were allowed to eat as much as they wanted. In fact, this
limited diet was the only way that the researchers could extend their lifespans.
After a few therapeutic fasts and colon cleanses many cases of infertility were found
‘with child’ even after 10 to 20 years. Many times it is the case of heavy, clogged colons
pressing against the reproductive organs.
Tips for Fasting.
There are several different ways to fast. First we will start with the easier fasts and then
increase to the stronger fasts. If you are new to fasting I highly suggest that you start out
doing a few lighter fasts first. This will be a little more gentle on your body and you can
still perform your normal daily tasks.
Light fasting/cleansing.
Breakfast - Any type of fruit you desire.
Lunch - fruits or a salad, but don’t mix
Dinner - same as lunch
Try and pick a fresh fruit that is in season and grows locally in your area. This type of
light fasting should be fairly easy for most people to handle and will produce good
effects. It will also help to take a good fiber mixture that contains healing herbs to help
remove some of the old plaque in the intestines. Take this with each meal.
For a bit stronger cleanse:
Pick one of these fruits below and eat only that fruit for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Three days will produce a great cleansing effect. Fruits are always good for cleaning the
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How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Watermelon- great for liver flushing
Grapes- great for blood rejuvenation
Oranges- has a high content of alkalizing minerals. This helps to alkalize the
body as people are usually over acidic from poor diets. They are also excellent
cleaners for the body. Many companies that produce house hold cleaning
products know the powerful cleaning effects of the orange, that’s why you will
find citrus in so many of them.
Coconut water (not milk)- water comes from fresh coconuts. I personally
suggest the younger green ones but they are not available everywhere. The brown
fuzzy ones are older and mature. You can usually find these in every grocery
store. They are hard to crack into so I just use an electric screwdriver with a drill
bit. You can drill 2 holes in the top where the 3 eyes are located and the water
will pour out smooth. They are loaded with so many nutrients one or 2 glasses
will give you the sensation of being full. They contain the highest electrolytes
than any other drink. Companies would try and produce them as a sports drink but
the liquid is too volatile once it has left the coconut shell. Coconut water is so
clean and close to being the same structure as blood that in WW II soldiers in the
pacific used coconut water for blood transfusions on wounded soldiers.
When you can do 3 days on fruits then try and go 5 days, this will produce even greater
If you have access to wheatgrass shots I would highly recommend this. This will give
you all the nutrients you need for keeping your strength plus the chlorophyll is one of the
best body cleansers known to man.
Do these light fasts every 1 to 3 months.
A little stronger cleanse
After you’ve done a few lighter fasts followed by better eating habits then try the next
Only wheatgrass and fruit and vegetable juices for 1to 3 days. Liquids only.
Then in 1 to 3 months perform this again.
The strongest cleanses
Only liquids and juices for 5 to 7 days with wheatgrass will create the strongest cleaning
effect on your body. Usually after the third day all feeling of hunger disappears. Much of
your body’s energy will go into “self cleansing” and often times you may have to lay
down and rest until your energy returns. Please, for your sake, only do a fast this long
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
when you have plenty of time to relax. I have made the mistake of trying to do a fast like
this during a stressful and physical job and it is no fun. So Warning! Try this at home,
not work.
Build up to this kind of fast slowly by performing a few of the shorter fasts first. I was
pretty hard core and did a week on my first fast. My skin turned almost a grey color and
I just about passed out every time I stood up. I also ate the SAD diet(standard American
Diet) right before I entered the fast. At the end of my fast I SNAPPED, and binged on a
box of white chocolate covered pretzels and a bag of popcorn that mom had sent as a
little treat from home. Needless to say I was constipated for 3 days and felt terrible.
So What can you learn from this?
Before you attempt to perform a longer fast I highly recommend that you eat healthier
foods at least for a couple weeks and only fruits and vegetables for 1 or 2 days right
before the fast. This will make the fast so much easier for you to handle. It’s really
pretty simple. The cleaner you are on the inside from a good diet, the easier it will
be for you to fast with less side effects (nausea, dizziness, headaches, loss of energy,
ect..). As you eat healthier foods, and do a few smaller fasts you will see how they
become easier and how your mind and body becomes stronger. I can do a 3-day fast now
with no problem at all.
The Earthly Angels Who Help During Fasting.
"The angels of air and of water and of sunlight are brethren. They were given to the
Son of Man that they might serve him, and that he might go always from one to the
"Holy, likewise, is their embrace. They are indivisible children of the Earthly Mother,
so do not you put asunder those whom earth and heaven have made one. Let these
three brother angels enfold you every day and let them abide with you through all your
"For I tell you truly, the power of devils, all sins and uncleannesses shall depart in
haste from that body which is embraced by these three angels. As thieves flee from a
deserted house at the coming of the lord of the house, one by the door, one by the
window, and the third by the roof, each where he is found, and whither he is able, even
so shall flee from your bodies all devils of evil, all past sins, and all uncleannesses and
diseases which defiled the temple of your bodies. When the Earthly Mother's angels
enter into your bodies, in such wise that the lords of the temple repossess it again, then
shall all evil smells depart in haste by your breath and by your skin, corrupt waters by
your mouth and by your skin, by your hinder and your privy parts. And all these things
you shall see with your eyes and smell with your nose and touch with your hands. And
when all sins and uncleannesses are gone from your body, your blood shall become as
pure as our Earthly Mother's blood and as the river's foam sporting in the sunlight.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
And your breath shall become as pure as the breath of odorous flowers; your flesh as
pure as the flesh of fruits reddening upon the leaves of trees; the light of your eyes as
clear and bright as the brightness of the sun shining upon the blue sky. And now shall
all the angels of the Earthly Mother serve you. And your breath, your blood, your flesh
shall be one with the breath, the blood and the flesh of the Earthly Mother, that your
spirit also may become one with the spirit of your Heavenly Father. For truly, no one
can reach the Heavenly Father unless through the Earthly Mother. Even as no
newborn babe can understand the teaching of his father till his mother has suckled
him, bathed him, nursed him, put him to sleep and nurtured him. While the child is yet
small, his place is with his mother and he must obey his mother. When the child is
grown up, his father takes him to work at his side in the field, and the child comes back
to his mother only when the hour of dinner and supper is come. And now his father
teaches him, that he may become skilled in the works of his father. And when the
father sees that his son understands his teaching and does his work well, he gives him
all his possessions, that they may belong to his beloved son, and that his son may
continue his father's work. I tell you truly, happy is that son who accepts the counsel
of his mother and walks therein. And a hundred times more happy is that son who
accepts and walks also in the counsel of his father, for it was said to you: 'Honor thy
father and thy mother that thy days may be long upon this earth.' But I say to you,
Sons of Man: Honor your Earthly Mother and keep all her laws, that your days may
be long on this earth, and honor your Heavenly Father that Eternal Life may be yours
in the heavens. For the Heavenly Father is a hundred times greater than all fathers by
seed and by blood, and greater is the Earthly Mother than all mothers by the body.
And dearer is the Son of Man in the eyes of his Heavenly Father and of his Earthly
Mother than are children in the eyes of their fathers by seed and by blood and of their
mothers by the body. And more wise are the words and laws of your Heavenly Father
and of your Earthly Mother than the words and the will of all fathers by seed and by
blood, and of all mothers by the body. And of more worth also is the inheritance of
your Heavenly Father and of your Earthly Mother, the everlasting kingdom of earthly
and heavenly life, than all the inheritances of your fathers by seed and by blood, and of
your mothers by the body.
Jesus, The Essene Gospel of Peace Book 1
I have obtained some of the best results from fasting when I had plenty of access to fresh
air, water, and sunlight. You should try and find a forest, wooded area, places where
there are huge fields of grass, or the beach, any place that is away from cities. These are
ideal places for getting a good stiff dose of oxygen from the trees and plants.
Christ spoke of three different brethren to seek during fasting. The first was the Angel of
"Seek the fresh air of the forest and of the fields, and there in the midst of them shall
you find the angel of air. Put off your shoes and your clothing and suffer the angel of
air to embrace all your body. Then breathe long and deeply, that the angel of air may
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
be brought within you. I tell you truly, the angel of air shall cast out of your body all
uncleannesses which defiled it without and within. And thus shall all evil-smelling and
unclean things rise out of you, as the smoke of fire curls upwards and is lost in the sea
of the air. For I tell you truly, holy is the angel of air, who cleanses all that is unclean
and makes all evil-smelling things of a sweet odor. No man may come before the face
of God, whom the angel of air lets not pass. Truly, all must be born again by air and by
truth, for your body breathes the air of the Earthly Mother, and your spirit breathes the
truth of the Heavenly Father.
Jesus, Essene Gospel of Peace
Fresh Air/Oxygen
Healthy human cells love oxygen. Disease causing bacteria, fungi, and parasites –
including HIV & cancer Virons, arthritic microbes and others are all anaerobic
(meaning, without oxygen). These diseases thrive in a low oxygen environment and
cannot live in an environment that is saturated with oxygen. Remember when I said that
beauty lies in simplicity. Here you have it at its best.
If we can richly saturate the body with oxygen this will disrupt and kill all these lower
life forms. I know, it’s almost too simple.
Oxidizing means to burn without giving off light or heat. Oxygen is an oxidizer, which
simply means that it “burns up” waste products, pollution, and microbes. Microbes
cannot protect themselves from this oxidation so they are killed or “burned up.” Human
cells have an antioxidant coating that protects them from this oxidation.
You can see this process best when you use hydrogen peroxide on a scrape or when
gargling it in your mouth. Hydrogen Peroxide is water (H2O) combined with an extra
oxygen molecule making H2O2. When it comes in contact with harmful microbes a
singlet of oxygen breaks away and attaches itself to the harmful microbe oxidizing and
killing it. This is what you are witnessing during the bubbling effect.
Nature intended to keep us healthy and clean by naturally oxidizing away microbes and
toxins. This is why there is a natural intake of oxygen in living-foods, air, and water.
As we all should know from third grade science, most of our oxygen comes from plants
and trees. Due to constant rain-forest destruction and air pollution our atmosphere does
not contain near as much oxygen as it used to. For superior health we should do
everything we can to help reintroduce more oxygen back into our bodies by seeking
natural places away from cities whenever possible.
Most of us don’t spend enough time out doors in fresh air but there are over 30 different
therapies to introduce singlets of oxygen back into to the blood stream and body.
Here are a couple of the most affordable methods:
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
1.) Deep breathing exercises - just simply practise taking deep breaths when you go
outside especially when you are in nature. You can do this when you go walking,
running, practising yoga, or when just sitting and meditating.
Breathing has a direct influence on our health. Just for the next 24 hours become fully
conscious of your breathing. You should be taking long relaxing deep breaths in through
the nose and out through the nose. If you get put into a stressful situation or if you’re
even thinking about something that disturbs you, immediately bring your attention back
to your breathing and see if you are still taking long relaxing breaths. More than likely
you will see that you have basically stopped breathing or that your are taking very
shallow short breaths when you are under stress.
Become fully aware of your emotions by practising this exercise. Learning to breathe
deeper and more relaxed under stressful situations will definitely calm your nerves
allowing you to have better health. You will live much longer if your body is not under
constant stress. I’ve even had zookeepers tell me that some animals live several years
longer in the zoo because they don’t have the stress factor of surviving predators.
2.) Adding 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide to your drinking water. This is an
affordable way to help saturate your body internally with extra oxygen. MAKE SURE
IT IS FOOD GRADE!!! All other forms have chemicals bonds that are harmful when
The white blood cells in your body naturally produce hydrogen peroxide. They use this
to destroy any foreign invaders. As we overeat, eat the wrong foods, and don’t get
enough fresh oxygen the body cannot produce enough to keep up with the constant
damage. This is why adding extra oxygen to the body can dramatically increase your
health. You are helping it with its natural process.
Other research has shown that hydrogen peroxide helps a multitude of chemical reactions
in the body. For example, Vit C fights infections by producing hydrogen peroxide, which
in turn stimulates the production of prostaglandins. The good bacteria found in our
intestines also produces hydrogen peroxide. This helps to fight against harmful bacteria
and viruses, also preventing a host of other ailments such as bladder infections, vaginitis,
and colon diseases.
One big factor that people tend to forget is that we get rid of body fat by oxidizing it.
This is where the phrase “fat burning” came from. Its technical term “fat oxidizing.” We
burn more fat when have more oxygen in the body. The word Aerobics means with
oxygen. This is why so many people do Aerobic exercises, it helps circulate more oxygen
into the body so that it can oxidize or “burn up” that unwanted fat.
Adding 35% Food Grade hydrogen peroxide to your drinking water is one of the easiest
and cheapest ways to add extra oxygen to your body. You can usually find it in your
local health food store and if not, just order it off the Internet.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Below is a protocol of how to use hydrogen peroxide. This is not written in stone
but has been used over and over by thousands of people with great results.
This comes from
35% Food Grade H202 must be: 1) handled carefully (direct contact will burn the skin-immediate flushing with water is recommended). 2) diluted properly before use. 3) stored
safely and properly (after making a dilution the remainder should be stored tightly sealed
in the freezer).
One of the most convenient methods of dispensing 35% H202 is from a small glass eye
dropper bottle. These can be purchased at your local drugstore. Fill this with the 35%
H202 and store the larger container in the freezer compartment of your refrigerator until
more is needed. Store the eye dropper bottle in the refrigerator.
The generally recommended dosage is outlined in the chart below. The drops are mixed
with either 6 to 8 ounces of distilled water, juice, milk or even Aloe Vera juice or gel.
(Don't use chlorinated tap water to dilute the peroxide!)
The program outlined is only a suggestion, but it is based on years of experience, and
reports from thousands of users. Those who choose to go at a slower pace can expect to
progress more slowly, but that certainly is an option. The program is not carved in stone
and keep in mind that it can be adapted to fit individual needs.
Individuals who have had transplants should not undertake an H202 program. H202
stimulates the immune system and could possibly cause a rejection of the organ.
Number of drops
Times per day
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
In most situations after the above 21 day program, the amount of H202 can be tapered off
gradually as follows: 25 drops once every other day for 1 week 25 drops once every third
day for 2 weeks 25 drops once every fourth day for 3 weeks
This can then be reduced to between 5 and 15 drops per week based on how one feels.
Those with more serious problems will often benefit from staying on 25 drops three times
a day for one to three weeks, then tapering down to 25 drops two times daily until the
problem is resolved (possibly as long as six months).
Those with chronic systemic Candidiasis may need to start with 1 drop three times a day,
then 2 drops three times a day before starting the above schedule.
It is important that H202 be taken on an empty stomach. This is best accomplished by
taking it either one hour before meals or three hours after meals. If there is food in the
stomach, the reaction of H202 on any bacteria present may cause excess foaming,
indigestion, and possibly even vomiting.
Additionally, some animal research indicates that when H202 given orally combines
with iron and small amounts of vitamin C in the stomach, hydroxyl radicals are created (J
Inorg Biochem 89;35(1):55-69).
The bleach-like after-taste of H202 can be lessened by chewing one of the sugar-free
cinnamon gums.
Some individuals taking H202 immediately before bedtime have a difficult time getting
to sleep. This is probably due to a sense of alertness triggered by an increase of oxygen at
the cellular level.
The oral dosage schedule is basically the same for all conditions. There are several points
to keep in mind, however.
Some individuals may experience upset stomach. If this occurs it is recommended that
one not stop the program, but rather remain at the current dosage level or reduce it to the
previous level until the problem stops. (Some patients have been able to solve the nausea
problem by taking three or four lecithin capsules at the same time they take the H202.)
During the program it's not uncommon to experience what is known as a healing crisis.
As dead bacteria and toxins are released from your body it may temporarily exceed your
capacity to eliminate them quickly enough.
In some individuals this overload may cause fatigue, diarrhoea, headaches, skin
eruptions, cold or flu-like symptoms, and/or nausea. One should not discontinue using the
peroxide to stop this cleansing. By continuing the program, toxins will clear the body
sooner and this healing crisis will pass rather quickly.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
If you are not already taking vitamin E and an acidophilus product, I recommend starting
them before going on H202. Vitamin E can make more efficient use of any oxygen
available and acidophilus will help re-establish the beneficial bacterial flora in the lower
bowel and also help in the internal production of hydrogen peroxide.
One of the main things to remember is that most of the microbial diseases in the body
thrive where there is a lack of oxygen.
The body will thrive with superior health when it has an abundance of oxygen. There is
an abundance of oxygen for free so go to a forest or an open field away from the city and
suck down as much as possible and often as you can. Always practise deep breathing
wherever you are whether, working, relaxing, exercising, doing yoga, ect.... and
especially during fasting.
The second brethren, the Angel of Water.
"After the angel of air, seek the angel of water. Put off your shoes and your clothing
and suffer the angel of water to embrace all your body. Cast yourselves wholly into his
enfolding arms, and as often as you move the air with your breath, move with your
body the water also. I tell you truly, the angel of water shall cast out of your body all
uncleannesses which defiled it without and within. And all unclean and evil-smelling
things shall flow out of you, even as the uncleannesses of garments washed in water
flow away and are lost in the stream of the river. I tell you truly, holy is the angel of
water who cleanses all that is unclean and makes all evil-smelling things of a sweet
odor. No man may come before the face of God whom the angel of water lets not pass.
In very truth, all must be born again of water and of truth, for your body bathes in the
river of earthly life, and your spirit bathes in the river of life everlasting. For you
receive your blood from our Earthly Mother and the truth from our Heavenly Father.
Jesus, The Essene Gospel of Peace Book 1
There is so much information about water that it would take you a long time to read every
study and experiment. So let me show you some of the best basic things you can do to
prepare superior water in your home.
But first here is some basic information you all should know about water.
When healthy, our bodies are about 70% water. Every function in the body is dependent
upon a sufficient amount of water. The body cannot absorb salts or convert sugars to
glycogen without water. Your blood is a watery type substance that carries nutrients so
that they can “catch a ride” to all the cells in the body.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
The body loses water even when you breathe. You can see this when your breath
evaporates into the air on cold days. However there are many factors that contribute to
dramatic water loss, the sun, heat, wind, high elevation, and strenuous exercise. Many
athletes know that when the body is dehydrated fatigue and slower brain function set in.
The most common suggestion for water is to drink about (6-8) eight oz. glasses of water
per day or about 1 gallon. You can receive most of this amount if you eat plenty of fresh
fruits and vegetables per day. If you have scanty urination or your urine is dark yellow
then these are a couple signs showing you don’t have enough water.
Whether you are fasting or not, here are some key secrets to creating superior water.
1. Adding ozone
2. magnetizing it
1) Adding Ozone What is ozone? Simply, activated or energized oxygen. Bare with
me, I’m going to explain this as simple as possible. There is a truckload of information,
research, and studies that have been done on this subject and I encourage you to learn and
read as much as you can. But for now, here is basically how it works.
Regular oxygen is O2, which is, two oxygen atoms in the same molecular structure
sharing electrons so to speak. Ozone (O3) is three oxygen atoms sharing the same
molecule but in this state it is highly unstable. It will only stay like this for about 30
minutes before it breaks apart into O2 and O1. This free-floating O1 molecule is
negatively charged and is searching to combine which other atoms. And it just so
happens that they love to bind to things that are naturally harmful to man, e.g. bacteria,
viruses, toxic compounds and other pathogens.
When the O1 combines with these nasty critters it oxidises and kills them. This is
nature’s way of keeping everything clean. Ozone is 5 times stronger than chlorine at
killing microbes.
Ozone occurs naturally in several places. I’m sure you’ve heard of the ozone layer. UV
rays from the sun bombard oxygen into the upper atmosphere to produce the ozone layer.
These ozoned molecules come back down to earth in the form of rain where they start
breaking apart cleaning the air and plants. This is the freshness in the air you smell after
a rain shower. It’s also been clinically proven that our bodies even produce ozone.
One of the best ways to create superior water is adding ozone to it with an ozone
Just recently produced is a small ozone machine for just over a hundred dollars. Before
this everything was about $600 dollars and up. This little machine is a small miracle.
You can perform several different tasks with it but for now we will stick to the point,
superior water.
You can use this machine to add higher amounts of oxygen to your drinking water. This
extra oxygen will go in and start breaking down unwanted microbes and internally helps
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
your body repair damaged cells. You don’t always have to use bottled water, you can
even use tap or mineral water with this machine because ozonated water thoroughly
cleanse the water of any impurities.
Taking a hot bath with added ozone will alleviate and rid the body of many if not all skin
disorders. This is also one of the greatest ways to absorb oxygen into the body. When
bath water is warm the pores in your skin will dilate and the fresh oxygen will be sucked
in all over the body. This is one of the reasons you should avoid swimming in
chlorinated water. After about 20 minutes of being in chlorinated water your body
absorbs the equivalent of drinking 2 quarts chlorine water. One of the main damages of
chlorine is that it kills the intestinal flora (good bacteria) in our bodies.
This little Ozone machine has been one of the best investments I have ever made.
2) Magnetizing Water.
What happens to the water when we magnetize it? Here again, there is a ton of
scientific research which I encourage you to read but for now here are the basics and why
it is healthy.
One important thing to remember as we discuss magnetized water (H2O) is that the body
uses the oxygen and hydrogen of water independently. The oxygen cleanses or
detoxifies while the hydrogen controls the proper functioning of glands and organs.
In all liquid chemistry, molecules of the same type cling together in grape-like clusters
known as chemical associations. As we drink this normal water only the hydrogen and
oxygen on the out side of the grape-like clusters are absorbed by the body. Since the
inner molecules of the association are all stuck together the body cannot efficiently
metabolize them because they are not easily broken apart.
Water is a molecule made up of atoms that all contain electrons. When we magnetize
normal water with either a positive or negative charge the grape-like clusters will all
break apart into a singular stasis because like charges or like poles repel each other. You
can demonstrate this when you try and put two south ends or two north ends of a magnet
together, they push away from each other, this is known as molecularly mono-atomic.
As we drink these mono-atomic molecules of water the body more efficiently
metabolizes the singular oxygen and hydrogen due to their greater availability. With a
larger share of these essential requirements the body has shown to start functioning in a
more balanced state which in turn creates healing.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
The big question is, “Which is better to drink, positive or negative charged water?”
North pole water has a negative charge. This is great for healing and calming acute
conditions such as fresh cuts, sunburns, upset stomachs and nervousness. Just pour it on
the problem area several times throughout the day and in a couple days you should notice
great relief. You can also give this to your pet if he or she is a nervous animal. Some
sources say it is not advised to take supplements when drinking this water.
South Pole water has a positive charge. This is very stimulating and encourages growth
in animal and plant cells. Some farmers learned that by clamping south pole magnets to
their irrigation lines produces much more vigorous growth in their crops. Use this water
to help give you energy. Even try putting it on bald spots. But do not put it on infected
areas because you may promote the growth of pathogens.
South Pole water is great for hydrating and dissolving. Using this water is great when
taking supplements because it better dissolves the vitamins/minerals making them more
available to the body’s cells. This happens because the basic cellular charge of the body
is negative, now the positively charged vitamins/minerals create a stronger attraction
between the two allowing better penetration into the cells giving you more efficient
nutrition. Just think of a positive and negative magnet binding together, it’s the same
Because this water is such a great dissolver many people have reported aches and pain to
go away along with maladies such as kidney or gallstone, arthritis, high blood pressure,
fatigue, and many other discomforting problems.
South pole water occurs naturally as water passes through the earth. It has a higher
potential than the minerals around it causing the minerals to dissolve and filter into the
water, making it healthy for us to drink. But as water is processed through treatment
plants and passes through rubber, plastic, or metal pipes, it loses much of its charge
because these materials have a higher potential than the water. This causes the minerals
to leave the water clinging to and clogging your pipes. So if we throw a higher charge
back on the water the minerals will stay dissolved into the water.
Mixed pole water has more of a balanced charge. This is great for just general health
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Here is how to make your own magnetized water.
1. Take a one-liter glass jar and either glue or duck tape two long magnets on
opposite sides of the jar. I use magnets that are 4” long 2” wide and a quarter
inch thick.
2. Then place the north or south side of the magnets facing the water to create
whatever charge you wish to make.
When you combine Ozone and magnets to your drinking you have just created a cocktail
of wholly water! The charged oxygen(O3) in the water now becomes magnetized and
cannot help but suck to the body. This is the most powerful cleaning and healing water
you can make at home.
In the science world, oxygen would reign king over all other cleansing and healing
elements and treatments. I cannot stress enough to you how strong and fast this element
There are thousands of studies supporting the above statement.
One study was of a mouse in a laboratory who was injected with all types of
experimental drugs and microbes. All the hair on his head and neck had fallen out from
either fungal or cancer disease, there were open infected lesions on his brown leathery
skin where he had violently scratched, one of his eyes was opaque white from a formed
cataract, and his stomach almost dragged the ground because the tumor inside it was so
large. Needless to say, this poor little guy was on his way out.
So a scientist, knowing the mouse was about to die, used this little guy for an ozone
experiment. He was trying to see how much pure ozone it would take to kill him so that
he could find a toxicity level. They were developing ozone machines for warehouses so
that the ozone would kill any microbes that may begin to grow on the stored fruits and
vegetables. Because there would be humans working in the warehouses they wanted to
know how much ozone a person could take before it became toxic.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
The decrepit mouse was put into a small wooden container and blasted with pure ozone.
At first the mouse was initially agitated by the blast of the air, but within one hour he was
busily shredding up paper for a nest, with bouts of violent scratching in between. (the
next time you have a scrape or cut notice if it ever begins to itch as it is healing.) Later
that evening and far beyond the time he was expected to live, the mouse seemed very
calm and serene in his new environment but the big difference was that he wasn’t
scratching anymore. By the next morning all his lesions had developed healing scabs.
He seemed to function normally throughout the rest of the test, which was 60 consecutive
hours of pure ozone.
The mouse was then kept in the same cage with normal air for 6 weeks to observe any
long-term effects. Much to the scientists surprise, not only that it did not die, but in the
first week all the lesions and scabs were gone and the skin was becoming soft, the second
week the skin was a normal pink color and hair was starting to grow back, also the tumor
seemed much smaller. By the end of six weeks he was completely normal. All his hair
had grown back, the stomach tumor was completely gone, and the cataracted eye became
pink and clear and visually responsive. He was then returned to a normal breeding cage
where he produced many litters and lived to a respectable age with no further
complications and disease free.
When the scientist saw that the ozone did not kill but healed the little guy, he knew it was
time to take another look at ozone toxicity.
The scientist’s name was Merlin and he named this experiment The Mouse That Walked
I’ve also seen videos of several people who have gained full function of their decrepit
side after their stroke. They were put into hyperberic oxygen chambers where
pressurised oxygen is forced deep into the body’s tissues. Miraculous healing took place
with in one to three weeks. You can buy these for your home for about $25,000 dollars.
For those of you who don’t have 25 grand laying around the methods mentioned earlier
will cost you much less and you will notice great improvement.
Before the great flood of Noah’s time scientist found that there was a thicker hydrosphere
that surrounded the earth. This created a double atmospheric pressure, which in turn
forced more oxygen into the human body. It was almost like living inside a hyperbaric
oxygen chamber. This is probably one of the main reasons man was able to live 800 to
900 years. After the flood this dense hydrosphere became thinner, this could possibly be
one reason why we don’t live as long anymore.
This is off subject but, this atmosphere was denser than what we have today. Only this
type atmosphere would allow giant animals, like the pterodactyl, to fly. Very interesting
information on this subject found by a man named Dr. Kent Hovan. Check him out if you
ever get a chance he’s got some mind blowing scientific evidence on this subject.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Internal Cleansing
"Think not that it is sufficient that the angel of water embrace you outwards only. I tell
you truly, the uncleanness within is greater by much than the uncleanness without.
And he who cleanses himself without, but within remains unclean, is like the tombs
that outwards are painted fair, but are within full of all manner of horrible
uncleannesses and abominations. So I tell you truly, suffer the angel of water to
baptize you also within, that you may become free from all your past sins, and that
within likewise you may become as pure as the river's foam sporting in the sunlight
"Seek, therefore, a large trailing gourd, having a stalk the length of a man; take out its
inwards and fill it with water from the river which the sun has warmed. Hang it upon
the branch of a tree, and kneel upon the ground before the angel of water, and suffer
the end of the stalk of the trailing gourd to enter your hinder parts, that the water may
flow through all your bowels. Afterwards rest kneeling on the ground before the angel
of water and pray to the living God that he will forgive you all your past sins, and pray
the angel of water that he will free your body from every uncleanness and disease.
Then let the water run out from your body, that it may carry away from within it all the
unclean and evil-smelling things of Satan. And you shall see with your eyes and smell
with your nose all the abominations, and uncleannesses which defiled the temple of
your body; even all the sins which abode in your body, tormenting you with all manner
of pains. I tell you truly, baptism with water frees you from all of these. Renew your
baptizing with water on every day of your fast, till the day when you see that the water
which flows out of you is as pure as the river's foam. Then betake your body to the
coursing river, and there in the arms of the angel of water render thanks to the living
God that he has freed you from your sins. And this holy baptizing by the angel of water
is: Rebirth unto the new life. For your eyes shall henceforth see, and your ears shall
hear. Sin no more, therefore, after your baptism, that the angels of air and of water
may eternally abide in you and serve you evermore.
Jesus, The Essene Gospel of Peace Book 1
So what is the above paragraph talking about? Enemas. Enemas! Yes, I know, for
those of you who are not familiar with enemas and fasting that word can be a little
alarming. But for now, put away your thoughts about it and just listen with open ears for
a moment.
We must occasionally take internal baths. And trust me, your insides need it way more
than your outsides. As I mentioned before, the colon can become clogged with all sorts
of debris from poor eating habits. So it would be wise to occasionally clean your internal
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
But Why? The colon is to the body as a sewer treatment plant is to a city. If a sewer
plant in a city breaks down and sewage starts building up, then we are going to have
some major problems. Same goes for the body. Over time the walls of our colon builds
up so much waste and fecal matter that it becomes a living cesspool for germs and
Here is a quick picture to give you a visual idea.
Old encrusted
fecal matter
building up
inside the
This putrefaction and decay that stagnates in the colon eventually seeps through the walls
and enters the blood stream.
Circulating throughout the blood stream these poisons eventually hit every organ in the
• causing brain and nervous system damage that make us depressed and irritable.
• cause the heart to weaken and become listless.
• cause the liver and gallbladder to become so clogged that they cannot function
properly (which in turn creates the bloated sensation after you eat).
• and causes the skin to look sallow and unhealthy.
These things mentioned above will make you look and feel older, your joints stiff and
painful, your eyes become dull and your brains sluggish as your body prematurely ages
from the burden of too much accumulated waste.
M.D. Harvey Kellog of Battle Creek, Michigan, “ Of the 22,000 operations I personally
performed I never found a single normal colon; and of the 100,000 performed under my
jurisdiction, not over 6% were normal.”
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
The first picture below is how a normal healthy colon should look. The next three
pictures are examples of colons from people eating poor unnatural foods.
Many people have back problems, especially in the low back. Injury to the back plays
only a small percentage of back problems. Most back problems come from poor eating
habits and poor posture. The intestines sit very close to the vertebral column. Most are
over burdened and clogged with morbid waste. As these toxic substances seep into the
blood stream they start collecting in the surrounding area such as the low back.
Many of us sit several hours during the day and most of the time with poor posture. This
puts stress on the lower back making it weaker over the years. It also creates a prefect
place for impurities from the colon to settle. Weaker tissues get attacked first because
the cells are not strong enough to fight off toxins and wastes. Most of the pain sensation
in the low back comes from the nerves in the spine that are irritated by the poisons and
impurities that have settled there.
Spinal Cord
The red lines indicate nerves in the
low back being damaged by poor
posture and toxins seeping through the
colon on to the nerves.
Over fed bodies and poor postures
are a perfect combination for back
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Nerves from all organs in the body are connected to the colon. Even the eye balls.
Many times headaches are cause directly from over burdened and encrusted colons.
This is a very basic picture showing how nerves are connected from the colon to other
The red lines
indicate nerves
Enemas are a must do when you are fasting. As the body cleanses itself, most of the
toxic materials are dumped into the colon for evacuation from the body. During this time
the body produces a lot of mucus to push impurities out of the cells and carry them away.
This mucus and sludge will build up in the colon and if you do not use water to help wash
this material away, you could be in for some bad headaches, nausea, and fatigue.
Thoughts and Emotions of Enemas:
I have always considered myself as being a “man-ly man” I guess you could say.
Vowing that nothing would ever enter my rectum, a huge lump rolled up in my throat just
over the thought of performing an enema. Trust me, at first, I really didn’t want to do
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
My first enema I sat on my knees in a bathtub and just before I inserted the tip I said
“God why hath thou forsaken me.” I had a picture of Christ being nailed to the cross in
my mind. I figured if he could endure that for me, I guess I could endure this. Even
though there is no comparison of pain, I still felt like it would be that bad. But much to
my surprise it wasn’t that bad at all.
Sometimes people complain that it is uncomfortable or that there is some pain. Yes, it
can be a little uncomfortable at times but all you have to do is get up and release
whatever water you’ve put in. It doesn’t matter how much water goes in. Some sources
will tell you to let the whole bag of water go in before you let it out, that’s Nonsense!
Listen to your body and if you feel you need to go, then just get up and go. It may take a
couple times before you can take in the whole bag but you don’t have to do it the very
first time.
I’ve also noticed when food is still in the stomach it can be very uncomfortable. This is
why it’s better not to eat the night before when you do an enema the next morning. One
last thing to keep in mind is the more material that is in the colon, the more
uncomfortable it might be, and less water may be retained because of a pain sensation in
the colon. Again, there is no reason to hold it or force the water in. Expel what water you
have retained and start again until you are able to hold all the water from the enema bag.
Simple steps for doing enemas.
All you need is:
1. An Enema Bag (less than $10)
2. Clean water (spring, distilled, or your magnetized ozone water.) NOT regular tap
water! Tap water contains chlorine that will destroy the good bacteria in your colon.
3. Two towels
4. Lubrication for the tip ( coconut or olive oil work just fine.)
1. Fill your enema bag with clean water and hang it as high as possible somewhere in the
bathroom. Just make sure that the tip extends far enough to reach you.
2. Place towel on the floor and fold one a few times to place it under your knees if you
have a hard bathroom floor.
3. Lubricate the tip with the oil and maybe put a little on the anus.
4. Release the plastic clamp over the toilet or sink until you see water flowing. This will
push out whatever air is left in the tube.
5. Squat down on knees and bend forward. Make sure your knees are spread apart so
that they are not applying pressure on the abdominal region.
6. Slowly insert the tip and release the plastic clamp for water to flow in.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
7. As the water flows in take deep breaths pushing the stomach out on each inhale. This
will release even more pressure on the abdomen.
8. If you start to feel uncomfortable just push the clamp so that the water stops flowing
and either get up and let it out in the toilet or take a few deep breaths and when the
irritation has stopped then release the clamp again for more water to enter. Continue
doing this until you can retain the whole bag of water. If you cannot do it your first time
just be patient and try again the next day.
I have found it better to perform enemas in the mornings. The body is well rested and
has plenty of energy to for the colon to perform the peristaltic action it needs to expel the
water and old fecal matter.
There are several different kinds of medicated enemas you can do but here are some of
the most effective, simple, and affordable things you can add to a full bag of water that
will create an excellent cleansing effect.
1. No more than 3 tablespoons of 3% hydrogen peroxide. Food Grade is the best but
I’ve used the stuff out of the grocery store before with no problems.
2. 1 heaping teaspoon of organic sea salt with a level teaspoon of baking soda. (both
dissolved thoroughly.)
3. Magnetize the water and add ozone or hydrogen peroxide.
4. Wheatgrass- I’ve juiced a whole tray and added it to the water. Only do this when you
can take in the whole bag so that the wheatgrass has time to really do some cleaning.
Wheatgrass is the best thing you can use but if you don’t feel like growing your own then
just use something from #’s 1, 2, or 3. They also produce great effects.
I highly recommend that you perform an enema each day of your fasting. You are
only helping your body do what it is trying to do naturally. Please remember that enemas
are much more comfortable on and empty stomach. You can perform them anytime of
the day but it is best performed in the morning because your body has rested for several
hours and the colon has more vitality to make the peristaltic action it needs for excreting
the water and wastes. It also gives the stomach time to digest the food that it had
contained the day before. It is better to not eat at all the night before so you could make a
shake or drink some juice, those would be easier digested than a solid meal.
You can also go to a hydrotherapist and have them perform a colonic irrigation. One of
these is like doing 4 to 6 enemas. Although, I believe most people would prefer the
privacy of their own home and it is more affordable to do your own enema.
I understand how the thought can seem a little scary if you are new to enemas. But if you
can get past yourself and see the potential benefits of this you will be making a GIANT
step towards superior health. Cleaning the colon and saturating the body with as much
oxygen as possible are the top two things you can do for improving your health.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
When you are clean inside and out, you feel like you have been reborn. You feel much
lighter and Vital energy returns. Sometimes I’ve have had so much energy I felt like
bursting out into sprints all day. When you have done a few of these you will know what
I am talking about.
The third brethren, the Angel of Sunlight.
"And if afterward there remain within you aught of your past sins and uncleannesses,
seek the angel of sunlight. Put off your shoes and your clothing and suffer the angel
of sunlight to embrace all your body. Then breathe long and deeply, that the angel of
sunlight may be brought within you. And the angel of sunlight shall cast out of your
body all evil-smelling and unclean things which defiled it without and within. And all
unclean and evil-smelling things shall rise from you, even as the darkness of night
fades before the brightness of the rising sun. For I tell you truly, holy is the angel of
sunlight who cleans out all uncleannesses and makes all evil-smelling things of a sweet
odor. None may come before the face of God, whom the angel of sunlight lets not pass.
Truly, all must be born again of sun and of truth, for your body basks in the sunlight
of the Earthly Mother, and your spirit basks in the sunlight of the truth of the
Heavenly Father.
Jesus, Essene Gospel of Peace
Sunlight is very beneficial to the whole body. The sunlight acts as a magnet drawing
toxins out of your body. Sunlight is the best source to help the body produce Vit D
which is essential so that the body can use and absorb calcium. When fasting, it is
excellent to take a nude sunbath for at least 10 minutes a day.
There is a mountain of evidence that shows how good sunlight is for the skin. Recently
Dr. Giovannucci of Harvard Medical School gave a speech to the American Association
for Cancer Research about the benefits and proven links of sun exposure and Vit D. He
convincingly argued that staying away from the sun would increase about 70 cancer
deaths per 100,000 people each year. He also challenged anyone to find a nutrient that
was stronger than Vit D for anticancer effects.
This is one of the reasons the U.S. Government made a law to add Vit D to milk
products. Several decades ago, when children were working in coalmines, they noticed
that their bones were becoming deformed and not growing properly. Because of the lack
of sunshine down in the mines their bodies didn’t create the Vit D needed to utilise
calcium in their bones.
Here is another great misconception that many people have been misinformed on.
It is not sunshine that causes skin cancer. Skin Cancer comes from the toxins floating
through our bloodstream that get baked into our skin by too much sun exposure.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
I lived in Hawaii for almost 5 years. At times when I was completely eating raw foods
for a couple months, I noticed I could stay out in the sun for several hours without
sunscreen and not even get sunburned or irritated skin. Later, as I “back slid” eating
some sugary and over cooked foods I noticed my skin getting very irritated and
sunburned after only a short time of being in the sun.
Do not worry about overdosing on Vit D from the sun because the sun will actually
destroy any excess vitamin D. Getting your Vit D from the UV rays of the sun is the
best source but just use common sense and don’t stay out so long that the skin burns. If
you are very sensitive start out with 10 minutes a day and over several weeks work your
way up to 45 minutes.
Try not to get your sun from tanning beds as they increase your risk of cancer. Too much
info to explain here but I highly suggest you do your research.
Be careful about using sunscreen. Ninety percent of them are loaded with poisonous
concoctions. E.g. (OMC) octylmethoxycinnamate, is a common chemical found in
sunscreen. Research showed that it killed mice cells even at low levels. When sunlight
was added even more cells died. I did find two sunscreens that are virtually free of
chemical toxins. Green Tea Sunblock and Titania Full Spectrum Sun Block made by
Aubrey Organics.
Whether you are completely eating living foods or denatured foods enough sunlight is
essential for good long-term health. And again, exposing your whole body to sunlight
during fasting can really help to detoxify your body.
Fasting can be a little tough at times but know that your reward of feeling wonderful and
a better life await you afterwards and these things are totally worth it. You will find
several different programs for fasting if you look but the best results occur with
simplicity. Plenty of fresh air, fresh water, sunlight, and rest are the key ingredients to
performing a proper fast. Fresh juices and herbs are secondary but will definitely help
speed up the process. The supplement that I’ve notice that helps the most is Wheatgrass
shots! They help so much that I prefer not to fast unless I can take 4-6 shots throughout
the day.
You can waste thousands of dollars on herbal products and medication trying to rid your
body of certain ailments. And sometimes these may help to a certain extent but normally
the ailments keep coming back. But to truly rip the problem out by the roots you must
fast and cleanse the body so that no disease can reside within.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
After the fast, rebuild your body on superior foods that I have mentioned in this book.
The most important thing to do after a fast is to eat clean healthy living foods as you
come off of the fast. At least as many days that you performed your fast.
After the fast your body will be like a sponge, absorbing and soaking up whatever foods
you put into it. It is crucial that you eat only the best foods directly after the fast. If not,
you could actually do more harm that good. You do not have to eat 100% living foods
the rest of your life after the fast but at least as many days that you have performed your
fast. I cannot stress this point enough.
There is an old Chinese proverb saying, “Any fool can fast, but it takes a wise man to
break it.”
Let your first meal consist of simple fresh fruit or some type of sprouted grain. After that
follow either Plan A or Plan B under the SIMPLE MEALS PLAN section, at least as
many days you performed your fast. Then you can go back to eating other foods if you
And it was by the bed of a stream, many sick fasted and prayed with God's angels for
seven days and seven nights. And great was their reward, because they followed Jesus'
words. And with the passing of the seventh day, all their pains left them. And when the
sun rose over the earth's rim they saw Jesus coming towards them from the mountain,
with the brightness of the rising sun about his head.
"Peace be with you."
And they said no word at all, but only cast themselves down before him, and touched
the hem of his garment in token of their healing.
"Give thanks not to me, but to your Earthly Mother, who sent you her healing angels.
Go, and sin no more, that you may never again see disease. And let the healing angels
become your guardians."
The Essene Gospel of Peace Book 1
If you’ve never performed a fast before or just feel like you are not ready for one yet,
here is a good alternative.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Eat only brown rice for ten days. (It’s better to soak it in water 24 hours before you
cook it. Salt or Tamari sauce would be the best condiment for giving it taste and
keeping it simple.)
This is a simple remedy used in the oldest-known book of traditional Chinese medicine.
The book is called, Classic of Internal Medicine (Don’t ask me how to spell that in
Chinese). Traditional Medicine workers usually treated illness first by diet with the
protocol mentioned above. If there were no signs of improvement after the ten days of
eating short-grain brown rice then the healer used the roots and leaves of medicinal plants
to, in their view, harmonize the person's energies.
Eating this brown rice for ten days will give the body nutrients and calories so that you
can carry on with your daily tasks more easily. It will also supply plenty of fiber that will
help to clean out your intestines. The shear simplicity alone will give your body a much
needed rest from all the artificial and de-natured foods in today’s diet.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
During rest or sleep the body trys to reach homeostasis by rebalancing itself.
For superior health and strength it is vital that you give yourself the proper amount of rest
and sleep.
Regular participation of workout programs or challenging activities increases your
overall fitness levels which causes a greater daily output of energy. You should make
sure that you are getting plenty of rest if you live a physically active lifestyle. This gives
your body time to adapt, recover, and grow. Recovery only takes place during rest.
Muscle growth takes a tremendous amount of work by the body and is accompanied by
an increase need for sleep. Take babies for example, they sleep more because their
bodies are growing at a fast rate. Even children sleep more as they are going through a
growth spurt. Similarly athletes attempt to grow their muscularity and should make
allowances for an increased need for rest.
Getting enough rest as an athlete will give you a longer career with the lower likelihood
of injuries and better rehabilitation if your are injured. It is also the key to having a
strong immune system giving you a more healthful and youthful life even after
To exercise when you are tired goes against all logic. When you feel drowsy and tired
your body is telling you that it needs rest and not more activity. Pushing yourself through
a hard exercise routine when you are tired is like going to get something to eat when you
are already full.
I know as an athlete myself you can get very ambitious to achieve certain goals while
trying to ignore the body’s signals for rest. Doing this is flirting with disaster because
you run a high risk of injury to all body parts.
The big question is how much sleep does one person need? The answer is simple,
Enough. The real skill is learning to listen and feel the body’s signals for sleep. It is just
as instinctive as the feeling of hunger, thirst, or the need for using the bathroom.
Children often listen to this instinct very well as they will crash to sleep whenever they
are tired. As adults we try to push this feeling away with certain stimulants such as
caffeine found in coffee or Red Bull (a heinous concoction loaded with caffeine and
I know as adults we have more responsibilities but that is no excuse to keep yourself
jacked up on stimulants just to get going in the morning. You should get enough sleep so
that when you wake up in the morning you feel refreshed and have natural energy from a
recharging restful sleep.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Napping – this may be as important to adults as it is to children. When you train heavily
this is one of the best secrets for boosting your recovery. If you have an hour for lunch
use 30 minutes to eat and then find a quiet place to sleep for 20-30 minutes. This may
seem like a short period of time but this can be equal to several hours of sleep.
Especially if your job is stressful, taking a little afternoon siesta can really recharge your
Here are a few top rules for receiving a good nights sleep.
1) A source of Fresh Air – Make sure that you always have constant access to fresh
air by at least having your window slightly cracked. If it is middle of winter
warm the room first then turn the heat off and crack a window right before you go
to bed. This will allow fresh air to circulate creating a deeper sleep.
2) Complete darkness – Make your room as dark as possible. The tiniest bit of
light can disrupt your pineal gland’s production of melatonin and serotonin. If
you have to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom make sure to
keep the light off. Melatonin production will immediately cease as soon as the
lights are turned on. Next time you go on a camping trip notice how you naturally
get tired when the sun goes down and wake up as it rises. The reason you stay
awake so late at night is because of all the artificial light that surrounds you in
your house.
3) Find a Medium to hard surface to sleep on – you spend 1/3 your life sleeping
so don’t mess around with some crappy mattress. Invest in a quality mattress.
Futons are great, not to hard and not to soft.
4) Clean Bedding – have you ever noticed how nice it is to crawl into a bed with
clean sheets? Blankets and sheets collect dirt and oils from your skin so make
sure to change your bedding ever few days.
5) Keep your sleep area as quiet as possible – or listen to some relaxing CD’s
maybe with nature sounds such as the ocean or forest.
Other tips that will help for a good nights rest
Avoid eating 2-3 hours before bed – especially processed grains and sugars.
They will raise blood sugar levels and inhibit sleep. Later in the night your
blood sugar levels may drop to low which could wake you up and you may
not be able to fall back asleep. Moses told his people “ grains in the morning
and meat in the evening.”
Eat your high protein meal several hours before bed – This can provide the
L-tryptophan needed to produce melatonin and serotonin.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Avoid caffeine, Alcohol, or any foods you might be sensitive to before
Don’t drink any fluids 2 hours before bed – this will reduce your chances of
having to get up and use the bathroom in the middle of the night.
Don’t change your bedtime - try and go to bed and wake up at the same time
everyday even on the weekends. This will create a sleep rhythm for your
body making it easier to fall asleep and wake up in the morning.
Take a hot bath, shower or sauna before bed – as your body temperature
cools it will help to facilitate sleep.
Exercise regularly – make sure you are getting at least 30 minutes a day of
some type of exercise but make sure not to do it too late, this may keep you
awake. Studies have shown that it’s best to exercise in the morning.
Keep your bed for sleeping – if you do any type of work in bed you may find
it hard to relax and think of bed as a place to sleep.
Reduce or avoid as many drugs as possible – prescription and over-thecounter medications can disrupt your sleep. Following a better diet plan with
exercise will eliminate the need for these all together.
Alarm Clocks – Avoid loud alarm clocks, this jolts the nervous system
creating immediate stress as you awake. If you cannot use the sunlight to
wake you up then look for an alarm clock that has a soft light that slowly gets
brighter. This will mimic a natural sunrise allowing you to wake more
naturally and calm.
Metal beds – try to avoid beds made with lots of metal. Your body has a
subtle magnetic field that can be thrown off when surrounded by too much
metal. The best is finding a bed made mostly of wood.
Get to bed as early as possible – before the invention of electricity most
people went to bed shortly after sundown as nature intended. Try going to
bed an hour earlier than normal so that you can wake up to go for a morning
run or do some type of exercise.
Keep the temperature no higher than 70° F - many people leave the heat on
making their bedrooms to hot for a good sleep. This can easily be avoided by
turning the heat off and cracking a window just before retiring.
Wear socks to bed – if you have cold feet right before bed you may get a
better nights sleep by wearing socks.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
No TV right before bed – TV is to stimulating for the brain which can make
falling asleep much harder. Take it out of your bedroom or better yet get it
out of your house.
Read something spiritual or religious – this will help you to relax. Reading
mystery or suspense books will have the opposite effect making it harder for
you to fall asleep.
Over training – be careful not to train too hard for several consecutive days.
I’ve done this before a couple times and woke up in the middle of the night
irritated tossing and turning. If this ever happens just get up and drink a lot of
water. Even though you may have to get up and use the bathroom in a few
hours it will help you go back to sleep.
Deep Breathing – if your having trouble falling asleep because of mind
chatter, take long slow deep breaths telling yourself “the day is over, it is time
to sleep now, tomorrow is anther day.”
The Angel of Sleep
“But when the sun is set, and your Heavenly Father sends you his most precious angel,
sleep, then take your rest, and be all the night with the angel of sleep. And then will
your Heavenly Father send you his unknown angels, that they may be with you the
livelong night. And the Heavenly Father's unknown angels will teach you many things
concerning the kingdom of God, even as the angels that you know of the Earthly
Mother, instruct you in the things of her kingdom. For I tell you truly, you will be
every night the guests of the kingdom of your Heavenly Father, if you do his
commandments. And when you wake up upon the morrow, you will feel in you the
power of the unknown angels. And your Heavenly Father will send them to you every
night, that they may build your spirit, even as every day the Earthly Mother sends you
her angels, that they may build your body. For I tell you truly, if in the daytime your
Earthly Mother folds you in her arms, and in the night the Heavenly Father breathes
his kiss upon you, then will the Sons of Men become the Sons of God.
Resist day and night the temptations of Satan. Wake not by night, neither sleep by day,
lest the angels of God depart from you.
Jesus, The Essene Gospel of Peace.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
The Essenes considered thought to be a superior force because it is the instigator of both
feeling and action.
Our thoughts have the ability to penetrate both our feelings and actions. So we must
learn how to utilise this power to guide and direct our feelings and actions into the right
As time went by I noticed that even with the knowledge to all the secrets for superior
health, for some reason I found it tough keeping it all into action and doing it or .....using
it. Why? I didn’t have the proper mentality to use this knowledge. If you seek, you can
find truth and knowledge everywhere, but the trick to turn this knowledge into
part of your actions.
Most of the time, even when people do find the secrets to a superior diet, they tend to slip
right back into their old patterns that sabotaged their health in the first place. This is
because we usually tend to focus only on the negative physical habits. But this is not the
root of the problem. The root of the problem stems from negative thoughts and
emotions. The negative physical habits are the exterior and end result of what is
happening on the inside.
The proper food is only half of the health puzzle. The other half is mind work. You now
have the knowledge of the most superior foods but the question is, “How do I incorporate
them into daily dietary habits?” To do this should not feel like a sense of ‘I have to
because it is good for me’ but more of a sense of ‘I want and I feel better giving myself
only the best foods.’
So how do we do this? I’m not going to beat around the bush here I’m just going to say
it how it is. We have to re-brainwash ourselves. If you want to here the nicer version, we
must learn to re-route our neural pathways into thinking different. Truth is, we’ve been
constantly brainwashed by food advertising agencies for nearly our entire lives. E.g.
Coca-Cola commercials portraying happy weddings, friends, family, love… all these
things that give you a sense of good feeling if you drink their product. Sugar coated
cereals all have some type of cartoon clown or animal on the box that appeal to the eyes
of children. McDonalds has the psycho clown that does the same thing..... and on and on.
These are all marketing ideas to increase sells on their product.
Now nothing wrong with marketing a product that provides a benefit to a person but most
companies are selling you quite the opposite. If your honest with yourself, you and I both
know there are no health benefits for drinking coke, eating greasy cheeseburgers, or
eating sugary Twinkie cakes. Over the years we have slowly been brainwashed into
thinking these products are ok for the body.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
If you want to eat healthier, first you must learn to think in a different way. Making
positive changes in our diet and our minds comes to us the same way we receive other
good things in life, for example the day we get a nice house, a new car, or have a
successful business. These things don’t just happen overnight, we must put a little time
and effort into making these things come into our lives. I wish it could be as easy as
snapping our fingers but I won’t lie to you, it is not. Many different variables play a role
in our eating habits so we must learn how to get past these.
The Rebellious Child
Know that you are the master of your thoughts. No one else but you controls what goes
on inside your head. As we are trying to change our diets or lives in general we often
experience resistance to that change.
For example- If you had a little child who was allowed to stay up as late as he/she wanted
for a long time, and then one day you make a decision that now you want that child to go
to bed at 8:00 p.m. every night, what do you think the first night would be like?
Many times the child will rebel against this new rule kicking, screaming, fighting, or
whatever else he/she may do to stay up late. If you give in at this time, the child wins and
will try to control you forever.
However, If you firmly, yet calmly stick to your decision that this is the new bedtime, the
rebellion will lessen. In two to three nights you will have a new routine established.
The mind works the same way. Often times our brains have adapted to certain eating
habits. It doesn’t want to be retrained. Sometimes as we make new decisions or rules for
our life, that little child pops up in our brain showing us great resistance. But you are the
master of your thoughts, you are in control. If you will stay focused and firm about your
decisions you will establish in a very short time a new way of thinking. Over time,
gradually set some rules, stick to them, and re-train your inner child.
And your bodies become what your foods are, even as your spirits, likewise, become
what your thoughts are.
Jesus, The Essene Gospel of Peace Book 1
Not only with proper foods should we feed our body but we must also feed our minds
with proper thoughts.
Everything begins and ends with thought. That is a very powerful statement. Nothing
happens for you unless it is first a thought in your mind. For example, You don’t eat
without thinking about it first; you don’t drive a car, or brush your teeth, ect. without
first having it as a thought. All your actions begin as thoughts. So the first and most
important thing we must learn, when changing our health, is to think different.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Your mind is the most powerful tool that you can use. But it can be a double edge sword.
You can use your mind to better yourself or make yourself worse because you will
attract what your thoughts dwell upon whether it is a negative or positive idea. That
is just a universal law.
Your subconscious mind is like a sponge. It will accept any information that you give it
whether good or bad.
“ As he thinketh in his heart so he is” Jesus Christ.
You become whatever your thoughts are, that being said, you are only as good as your
self-image. How do you see yourself? Healthy, happy, successful or maybe tired,
depressed and sick.
You are exactly the way you are because somewhere in the back of your mind, that is
how you have pictured yourself. Changing your health, wealth, relationships, job, or
anything else in life first begins with changing your self-image.
How do you change your self-image? You must take a few minutes each day to think
or meditate on the kind of health that you want. Start with 5 minutes a day and then
maybe work your way up to 15 minutes. Find a spot where you will not be disturbed.
You can do this sitting up or lying down. I usually do this laying down right before I go
to sleep and right before I get out of bed in the morning. Also take a few deep breaths,
really paying attention as the air fills your lungs with life as you inhale. When you
exhale see whatever tensions you have in your body turning into smoke and being
released as you exhale. This will help you to become as relaxed as possible, the more
relaxed you are the better the subconscious mind absorbs information. The
subconscious mind is like a sponge and will absorb anything you put into it.
Always shoot for the stars and think for superior health. Get crazy with this,
go into the theatre of your mind and make a mental picture of exactly how you want to
be. See yourself as a lean muscular machine and picture yourself thriving off of living
foods given to you by the earth.
Whether you believe it or not, see yourself as being completely happy eating the livings
foods you have chosen to eat. You may feel a little weird or uncomfortable at first but
this will disappear the more times you do it. The rebellious child might pop up here but
remember you are the adult, you are the master!
Christ told a story of how our bodies are like a house and we are just the caretakers until
the real master returns. In the theatre of my mind, I see myself as a muscular guard
standing in front of this giant house. I allow what goes in to this house. I see myself only
allowing fresh whole foods to enter this house. If I see any type of junk food that may
want to enter I give it a “swift kick in the nuts” and toss it as far away from my house as I
can. Like I said, get crazy with this, use your imagination. The crazier you can make the
ideas the easier they will stick in your subconscious mind.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Once your new self-image has been created in your mind then you must DO whatever it
takes to make that thought manifest into reality. To manifest means to transform a
thought into a tangible, real thing. This might even mean clearing out all the junk food in
your house or going and getting a gym membership. Make some movement and some
changes. This will feel a little weird at first but it’s like changing the furniture around in
your house. At first it seems strange but eventually you get use to it and it becomes
A Universal Law. If you fixate your mind on something long enough it will come to
pass. This is a fact. But you must take action for this to happen. You can sit around all
day and dream about being healthier and stronger but that is only the first part. The
second part consist of action or doing something about it.
Now, there is no guarantee that whatever you think and do will happen exactly when you
want it, but eventually it will come to pass. Just think about something in life that you
really really wanted, and I mean really wanted. It could have been a certain job, a car, a
college degree, a bike, a computer, more knowledge for better health, it really doesn’t
matter. This thought probably stayed with you for many hours during the day and
probably even kept you awake for sometime in the night. If you will take a moment to
think back on something you really wanted, you will remember that it probably didn’t
come the next day but with in time you got it!
To change yourself mentally or physically will take some time. You must know exactly
what you want and focus only on those things. This sounds very simple but most people
do quite the opposite. It’s amazing but most people actually focus on what they don’t
want. If someone were to ask you what you wanted, here are the most common answers.
I don’t want to be fat.
I don’t want to be sick
I want to stop eating junk foods
I’m tired of being tired all the time
I don’t want to be insecure
I just want to get rid of this weight problem
I just wish I would stop overeating
Even without using the words “don’t want” they are still saying/focusing on the things
that they do not want. These negative affirmations only create more of what we don’t
want because whatever you put your attention on grows and becomes permanent in
your life.
You must change these negative thoughts into positive affirmations, it is the only way
you will ever get what you want. If one of these negative statements pops into your
head you must change it immediately to a positive one.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
I want to be slim, graceful, and confident around others.
I want to be a glowing light of radiant health
I want to eat only foods from my Earthly Mother’s table
I want to have the energy and vitality to achieve my goals and dreams
I want to feel loved and secure
I want to be toned, and muscular for whatever activities that come my way
I eat only until I feel satisfied and I feel much better afterwards.
This may sound like a small change in thought but it has a huge impact for manifesting
what you really want.
Sustained consecutive thought and feeling create your Reality.
All the ideas in the world will not work until you add emotion or feeling to them.
It’s easy for you to say you want better health but how do feel when you say it? Pay
attention because this is what separates success from the failure. Truth is, many people
would like to have better health, be thinner, stronger, faster, more focused, ect... If you
had a machine that could measure how they feel inside about having these things, you
would see that their feelings about having these things don’t really match up to what they
say. Anyone can sit and think about what they want all day but it is emotion that will
move our mind and bodies into getting exactly what we want. Once you have the mental
picture of what you really want, you must add emotion to this thought. If you don’t feel
absolutely wonderful when you see the new you then you will never get to where you
want to be. Positive feelings and success go hand in hand. You must have a strong
feeling with the mental picture that you have created.
One big word comes to mind here DESIRE. You can have the all knowledge to the best
foods and the best training in the world but if you don’t have a burning desire for superior
health then success will elude you. Until you learn how to train your brain muscle to
burn with desire for the things you want in life you will always fall short. Creating a
deep desire or passion for the way you want to be will make such a vibrational shift in
your body that you become like a magnet powerfully attracting whatever you place your
thoughts on.
Thought For Food
During your meditations see yourself with a smile and a feeling of calmness and joy as
you eat your new, wonderful, life giving foods. See yourself showing deep gratitude to
your Earthly mother and your Heavenly Father for giving you such abundance. I can
understand if you feel some resistance here because certain old eating habits may have
comforted you during different times in your life, but I repeat, you must picture and feel
yourself being absolutely happy with your new powerful and nourishing foods or it will
be very hard for you to make dietary changes.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
"Rejoice, therefore, always with God's angels at their royal table, for this is pleasing to
the heart of the Lord. And your life will be long upon the earth, for the most precious
of God's servants will serve you all your days: the angel of joy.
Jesus, The Essene Gospel of Peace Book 1
For Body
See in your mind's eye your body transforming into the beautiful chizzled or smooth
body that you want. Feel yourself moving about graciously as the strength of your
muscles moves you effortlessly in your task. See and feel a white light filling your whole
body and shaking you as you become healthier and stronger. You must have a strong
emotional desire to become healthier. See and feel this desire burn as an extremely hot
flame inside your abdominal region. Then see that desire getting hotter as it burns deep
into your bones and spreads through out the entire body. Feel yourself bursting with joy
as you attain better thinking and eating habits. The more dramatic you can make this
emotional desire in your minds eye, the stronger the driving force will be that moves you
into action. Get crazy with this. Use your wildest imagination to see and feel exactly
what you want. Use all your senses. Taste it, hear it, smell it, see it, and feel it. The
more crystal clear you can envision your life the faster it will manifest for you.
“Whatsoever things ye ask for when ye pray, believe that ye receive them and ye shall
have them.” Jesus
After you see and feel what you want then start saying positive affirmations to yourself.
As you go into the theatre of your mind and see yourself standing there, say to yourself
things like:
1. I am the master of myself
2. I am healthy
3. I have strength
4. I am transforming into a mind and body of superior health and strength
4. I have what it takes
5. Nothing will stop me!
Even if you don’t think these things are true, still say them to yourself. The
subconscious mind will eventually accept this information and it becomes you.
What really helped me change my diet the most.
When I started combining the Holosync CD’s with positive affirmations it made
remarkable changes in my thinking. So how did this work? The Holosync CD’s put
your mind into a Delta State (A state of Deep Meditation). When your mind is in this
state of meditation the sub-conscious mind easily excepts information from the
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
conscious mind. Whether bad or good the sub-conscious begins to except the
Now you can sit and try and meditate without the Holosync CD’s but you can reach this
state of meditation much faster and easier with them. In this Delta State I would say
things like the above affirmations and also things like, “I love eating my sprouted rice, it
taste so good, I can’t wait to eat it, I feel so happy and so satisfied when I am finished
eating it.” And “I love not to overeat, I feel so much better throughout the day.” Now I
know that sounds a little crazy and maybe even like brainwash, but TV commercials and
other advertisements are constantly “brainwashing” you into buying and eating some
junk food that your body doesn’t need.
Using these CD’s and combining positive affirmations of how I wanted to be and how I
wanted to eat made the biggest change for me.
Never use affirmations using future tense words like “will or will be.” E.g.
1. I will be healthy
2. I will have strength
3. I will change
4. I will do what it takes
Your subconscious mind will believe exactly what you tell it, so if you use future tense
affirmations then that is where those ideas will always stay, just out of your reach in the
Always make your affirmations in the PRESENT TENSE.
Sometime you may have that little voice that pops up and says “yeah right, this is BS.” or
“Whatever, you will never be able to give up eating junk foods.” This is where you must
face the negative side of yourself.”
As you are relaxed in a quiet place go into the theatre of your mind and see yourself
walking up to your negative self. Your negative self is an exact replica of you, only
looks more run down and unhealthy. Walk right up to your negative self and shake
hands, bow, or hug, only a nice greeting nothing violent. Say hello, ask your negative
self how he/she is feeling. The answer is probably “not so good.” Then ask, “ what is
wrong? Are you feeling guilty about something, are you depressed, or angry. Then just
wait a minute and give yourself a chance to answer.
When you do this you are being completely honest with yourself and many times you can
find out the root of your problem so you can face them and release them. When you find
the problem forgive yourself for whatever guilt or unhappiness you may be feeling and
then say, “Thank you for trying to protect me but I choose to release you now, I am ready
to be released from these old tired rusted shackles and get on with a happier healthier
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
life.” or “Thank you for being a part of me but I can now see your state of unhappiness
and I want to help you, so together we change, right now, and help each other to become
This is a major key to faster success. Do you remember a time when you felt good about
yourself and life was going great for you? Remember when you were in love and there
seemed to be no problems? Loving yourself will bring about such good feelings and
good fortune that you will feel like nothing in the world can phase you. Loving yourself
makes you feel good!
But, it is impossible to do this unless you have self-acceptance and self-approval.
NEVER CRITISIZE YOURSELF IN ANY WAY. I can hear the confusion now.
1. But I have always criticized myself
2. How can I possibly like that about myself?
3. How will I be motivated?
4. My parents/teachers/lovers always criticize me.
5. How am I going to change if I don’t criticize myself?
Right now, you must learn that self-criticism's is NOTHING BUT MINDLESS
CHATTER. This actually trains your mind to resist change and betray yourself.
Visualise that little voice of self criticize as a miniature person standing in the palm of
your hand pointing and nagging on you. Pucker your lips as if you were about to whistle
and blow on that little person and watch as he turns into sand and is gently blown away
into thin air.
I’m sure most of you have heard the old saying “Love Conquers All.” How true this is.
For Superior health you must learn to love and approve of yourself.
Exercise: Everyday look in the mirror, stare deep into your own eyes and with as much
emotion as you can muster up, say, “I deeply and completely love and except myself.”
The most powerful way is to say it out loud. I know this sounds a little crazy and there
are several people who even have a hard time doing this. But you must try, if you notice a
feeling of hesitation or resistance ask yourself why? Then wait to see what old beliefs
arise. This is not the time to criticize yourself. These are probably ideas that have caused
you a lot of trouble. Try and figure out where they came from and dismiss them into the
air as you did the little self-criticizer that was standing in the palm of your hand.
So look in the mirror and say with a deep feeling of enthusiasm “I deeply and completely
love and except myself” for 30 days in a row. This will make a drastic positive change
in your life I guarantee it! You can say it a thousand times a day, it doesn’t matter.
Eventually you will resolve many problems with this exercise and truly start believing it.
When you feel comfortable saying this to yourself in the mirror you have made major
progress and will feel much better mentally and emotionally.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
As you start to change your self-image it may feel a little weird to you. As I said before,
it is like re-arranging the furniture in your bedroom. At first, every time you walk in, it
may feel somewhat strange but in time you get use to it.
Always remember that changing ourselves mentally or physically will take a little time
and effort. So have Faith and not Fear of what the future will bring.
Faith-is believing what you cannot see will come to pass.
Fear –is believing what you cannot see will come to pass.
Both are future scenarios that have not come to pass, so with hope and enthusiasm always
stay with only the positive ideas in your life and keep faith.
This is your chance, right now! This life time, for you to become all that you can be. You
didn’t come here to just make a couple dollars and sit on the couch eating potato chips
and watch TV. You came here to improve yourself, your thoughts, your bodies, and your
creations, as we are co-creators of the creator himself, God. One way He manifests
things into the material world is through us with our ideas and actions. For God is in all
of us and he loves to move and create. So be not still, shine bright and be an inspiration
to others. Let the world know who you really are inside. We need more of this in our
"And God will send you each morning the angel of sunshine to wake you from your
sleep. Therefore, obey your Heavenly Father's summons, and lie not idle in your
For all which has life does move, and only that which is dead is still. And God is the
God of the living, and Satan that of the dead. Serve, therefore, the living God, that the
eternal movement of life may sustain you, and that you may escape the eternal stillness
of death. Work, therefore, without ceasing, to build the kingdom of God, lest you be
cast into the kingdom of Satan.”
Jesus, The Essene Gospel of Peace Book 1
The Essenes knew that it was of the up most importance for yourself and everyone
around you, for you to be healthy. God wants you to make the most of yourself, for
yourself and others. You help others, more than any other way, by making the most of
yourself. Notice how your days become happier and you feel better and more in tune
with everyone around you as your health and energy improves. Pay attention and
become aware of this, so that if you backslide and start eating junk foods you will really
see and feel the negative effects.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Nearly everyone who reads Superior Health and Strength can see the truths in the laws of
nature. You may get very excited and give it a serious go. When you try it you will
experience the difference as your health improves; your energy increases; and your
fitness levels of strength and endurance take off!
But just like other diet and exercise programs you might tend to slide back into old habits
and routines. (If this happens to you simply come back and re-read this book or certain
sections that you think will help you the most).
In the beginning it’s not easy to follow the Laws of Nature because most of us are
constantly surrounded by temptations. Don’t force yourself to make a complete 180° flip
by completely switching to a totally different diet and exercise program (unless you have
very serious health problems). The faster you begin the better, but slowly and gradually
make the switch following these dietary laws. If you go too extreme too fast this only
sets the stage for guilt and a sense of failure if you eat some unhealthy foods. Always
keep a positive attitude about your diet by congratulating yourself for how many days
you have eaten well and try not to worry about the times you backslide. Just know that
as time goes by you will eventually come to love natural whole foods so much that
you won’t even want to eat the junk foods you ate in the past.
You must think of your eating and exercise as an endurance race, not a fast sprint. Eating
healthy for one day will not bring you the success you are looking for. You should give
yourself at least three months before you can expect to see some serious results. It’s like
a marathon, you don’t just go out and run a marathon in one day, you gradually improve
over weeks of training and focus. Same with the gym, you don’t go in the gym on your
first day an bench press 500 lbs. After a little time and dedication your muscles grow
and adapt to the new changes. So take your time, and be good to yourself. All the BEST
things in life take a little time, focus, and dedication to achieve.
Take Responsibility for Yourself
It’s easy to blame others for the way we are. But right now is the time to STOP
MAKING EXCUSES! Not yesterday, not tomorrow, but right now is the time to start
making the first changes in your life. You’ve already made a big step by purchasing this
book but you can read all day about diet and exercise and your body won’t change a bit.
Now you must put the knowledge you have learned here into action!
Take a deep breath, close your eyes, picture yourself doing and trying fresh new whole
foods over this next year; see yourself walking, eventually running, and trying new
exercises. See yourself taking a few moments each day to go into the theatre of your
mind and visualise how you want to be. All this may seem a little overwhelming at first
but as you slowly add these things into your life you will find it’s like riding a bicycle.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
At first it feels somewhat awkward and off balance but then it becomes so easy you don’t
even think about it anymore.
One man is not an island and we do need help from other people sometimes in our lives
but relying too much on other people will give you an excuse for failure.
For example:
1) You may blame your wife/partner/mother/father for not buying enough good fresh
fruits and whole grains when they did the shopping, so I guess that means you
have to eat some processed cereals, and pasteurised milk instead. It’s not your
fault now is it? Well guess what, that just doesn’t cut it. Put some action into it
and you go and buy the fresh foods that you need. Family or partners may not be
ready to make changes the same time you are. Don’t try and force your new ways
on to them either. Just tell them you are trying something a little different. And
that’s it, nothing else. If they ask why just be honest and say, I just want to be
healthy is there something wrong with that?
2) Your training partner fails to show up for that early morning run or for a gym
workout. This means you can just skip it like your partner, right? Wrong! Step
up man/woman, be your own inspiration, you come to train for yourself not for
the other person. This is one of the main reasons I learned to train by myself.
Many times having an MP3 with good music sounds better than a training partner
Come to the reality that you are not responsible for the actions of other people but you
are responsible for your own actions. Your body and your mind are the only thing that
you will have complete control over.
Everlasting Protection
For if we learn to use the true power and strength given to us from our Earthly Mother,
she will, just as all mothers try to protect their young, take care of us and love us so that
no harm or disease will ever come our way. Sadly but truly we have turned away from
the love and strength that so silently and patiently lays hidden before our blinded eyes.
But now you know the truth for true health and strength, for I have shared her secrets
with you that I have so desperately sought after.
Learn to love your Earthly Mother and eat always from her abundant harvest and she will
give unto you superior health and strength.
"I tell you in very truth, Man is the Son of the Earthly Mother, and from her did the
Son of Man receive his whole body, even as the body of the newborn babe is born of
the womb of his mother. I tell you truly, you are one with the Earthly Mother; she is in
you, and you in her. Of her were you born, in her do you live, and to her shall you
return again. Keep, therefore, her laws, for none can live long, neither be happy, but
he who honors his Earthly Mother and does her laws. For your breath is her breath;
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
your blood her blood; your bone her bone; your flesh her flesh; your bowels her
bowels; your eyes and your ears are her eyes and her ears.
"I tell you truly, should you fail to keep but one only of all these laws, should you harm
but one only of all your body's members, you shall be utterly lost in your grievous
sickness, and there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. I tell you, unless you follow
the laws of your Mother, you can in no wise escape death. And he who clings to the
laws of his Mother, to him shall his Mother cling also. She shall heal all his plagues,
and he shall never become sick. She gives him long life, and protects him from all
afflictions; from fire, from water, from the bite of venomous serpents. For your Mother
bore you, keeps life within you. She has given you her body, and none but she heals
you. Happy is he who loves his Mother and lies quietly in her bosom. For your Mother
loves you, even when you turn away from her. And how much more shall she love you,
if you turn to her again? I tell you truly, very great is her love, greater than the greatest
of mountains, deeper than the deepest seas. And those who love their Mother, she
never deserts them. As the hen protects her chickens, as the lioness her cubs, as the
mother her newborn babe, so does the Earthly Mother protect the Son of Man from all
danger and from all evils.
Jesus, The Essene Gospel of Peace Book 1
I have given you many truths in this manual. Everyone will trip over the truth at least
once in their lives, some people will stop and look to see what they have tripped over
while others will keep stumbling forward never stopping to observe what they have come
across. For your own sake, don’t just keep stumbling forward buying foods that make
you and your children sick. Stop and take a few moments to learn and incorporate these
truths into your life.
If you haven’t done this by now, stop and take a minute to visualise the future. Think of
all the medical bills, lost work, and lost school from sickness caused by a poor
undernourishing diet. In the end you will end up paying thousands of dollars more for
treatments and medications as your body becomes flabby, weak, and sick. Sometimes
fresh organic fruits and vegetables cost a few cents more than commercial produce but
just consider those few cents as your health insurance that will keep you out of the
Time and Effort
As you start to follow the Laws of Nature you are going to have put in a little time and
effort. Both in your food and your exercise. It may seem strange sprouting your own
grains or shopping in a new place such as a health food store but make the effort to
slowly start adding new superior foods to your daily dietary habits. In the beginning it
may take a little more time and effort than just throwing in a microwave TV dinner but
the end results will be well worth it. You find as time goes by how fast and simple it
becomes. Remember, Beauty lies in Simplicity.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
Starting a new exercise program may require getting off your arse and moving around a
little bit. Everyone has different fitness levels so I say again, begin slowly and work your
way up, even if you only do twenty minutes a day. Some days we all don’t feel like
exercising, on these days stay with a light workout but do something and I guarantee you
will feel much better afterwards.
I don’t expect everyone who reads this book to jump in and follow it 100%. My Goal
here is to bring enlightenment or just simple understanding about the foods we eat and
our thoughts. If there were only a few light bulbs that went off in your head as you read
this manual then my mission is complete.
As you gradually start to follow the laws of nature, experiencing the vibrant feeling of
health they bring, these laws will start making even more sense. Pick out the things that
you liked best and start with those, as you get comfortable with the new changes you
have made then come back and re-read this manual to add some new positive things to
your life. Don’t try and do it all in one day.
You don’t have to move into a commune or live in a grass hut on a deserted island to
follow these laws of nature. In fact, you have the abilities and resources to do this much
easier. Instead of growing your own food or grinding your bread by hand you can easily
walk into a store and buy these fresh foods.
You only have one life in the body you’re in now. Don’t go through this life guzzling
beer and eating potato chips in front of the TV. Your life is a gift and you came here to
DO something. Don’t cop out like the rest of the crowd by growing old and sick like we
are “suppose” to. Use this life to become something more than you even could even
I know we are constantly surrounded by temptation and that it’s easy to forget about the
laws of nature that govern our bodies. Learn to turn your head and look the other way as
you walk past your favorite junk foods (out of site out of mind) and eventually these
cravings will disappear.
I wish we did live in a world where good health came from drinking pasteurised milk,
eating at McDonalds everyday, and having doughnuts and white bread sandwiches for
lunch. But this is not the truth. Following the truth of dietary habits will set you from sickness, suffering, disease, and a boatload of medical bills.
I also wish there really were little magic pills that could cure every disease. As many
people have the illusion that this is true, I assure you, it is not. Pills from the pharmacies
may cover up the pain or stop the body from performing a certain function but they do
not heal the body.
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved
How to Gain Superior Health and Strength, The Secret Knowledge of Ancient Healers, Wisemen,
Warriors, and Prophets.
For true healing to take place always remember that the body must be cleaned and properly
nourished with whole foods.
So when your body becomes sick and riddled with disease that no pills or doctors can fix
or relieve, please remember this book and come back to it, for the laws of our Earthly
Mother will heal your body and your mind. Also keep in mind that the longer you wait
the harder it will be. So begin now to change into healthier habits, She is patiently
waiting to give you Health, Happiness, and Strength. It is your birth right!
Sure, I diverge from the laws of nature every once in a while, I am human. But I keep
returning to them. Why? Because they work. Because my body feels and functions
much better with them, I’m healthier, leaner, stronger, and faster. My mind is more calm
yet I am much more awake and alert; I think more clearly and have way more energy.
And this is the reward!!!
It wasn’t me who made the rules for Superior Health but they do exist. If you learn to
follow this path and obey the laws of the earthly-mother then you my friend, will always
be protected from external elements, and rewarded with ageless health, beautiful skin,
eyes that sparkle, and a ripped, lean, muscular body that contains with in it, Superior
Health and Strength. You now have the knowledge so...................
Michael-Paul Patterson All Rights Reserved