Step 2: Put in your talent login. Make... Talent Tree How to Check-in Online Click Talent Login

Talent Tree How to Check-in Online
Step 1: Go to Talent Tree home page at and click Talent Login.
Click Talent Login
Step 2: Put in your talent login. Make sure your CAPS lock is off and Numbers lock is ON as our system
is case sensitive. If you did not receive a login, email [email protected] to request one.
Log-in here.
Step 3: On your calendar, click on Confirmed of the event you are trying to check-in for, and it must be
within 24 hours of the event (this is similar to checking in for an airline flight). If you try to check-in
before 24 hours prior to your event, the option will NOT be there.
Click on Confirmed on the
event you want to check-in.
Step 4: If you need your confirmation email resent to your email, you can do that here by clicking Send
my BCE for “Booking Confirmation Email.” This is the email we send you with all the details about the
event when you get booked.
Click on send BCE if you need your
confirmation email resent.
Step 5: Click on check-in within 24 hours before your event start time. This let’s us know you will be at
the event. If you do not check-in, we could rebook your event.
Click on “Check-In.”
Step 6: The system will ask you, “Are you sure you want to check in?” Click Yes.
Click on “OK.”
You are now checked in, and the check-in option will disappear. Don’t forget to text upon arrival to the
talent Tree check-in phone as well, as the on-line check-in is simply stating you will be at your event.
Talent Tree Check-In line: 469-888-0220 (save this number to your phone)