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Sriracha BBQ Enjoy a family
adventure before
summer ends
Sriracha barbecue sauce adds a sweet and spicy
flavor to backyard grilling
The spectacular view from a suspension bridge atop Grandfather Mountain. Below: A dinosaur exhibit at the Nature
Research Center in Raleigh,
“Chilies are a really exciting spice,” said Silvia King, a
sensory scientist at McCormick. “That delicious burning
sensation in your mouth prompts warm, energetic,
adventurous feelings and all sorts of positive emotions.
That’s why chile fans love them so much, and why
they’re always seeking out that next chile
thrill.”Sriracha, a Thai hot sauce made from fresh red
chilies, has become a new obsession throughout the
nation as Americans crave heat in a big way. The following recipe for homemade Sriracha, a sweet
and spicy BBQ sauce, is a great way to add exciting flavor to backyard barbecues. It’s the perfect complement
to Memphis spice-rubbed and grilled pork ribs, providing a nice combination of heat and sweet. It’s also versatile enough to be used with other grilled meats like
chicken wings, pulled pork and even as a hamburger
Homemade Sriracha BBQ Sauce
(Makes 1 1/4 cups sauce)
3/4 pound fresh Fresno chilies, stemmed and coarsely chopped, do not remove seeds
4 cloves fresh garlic
1 can (8 ounces) tomato sauce
1/2 cup water
1/4 cup firmly packed light brown sugar
1/4 cup molasses
1/4 cup white vinegar
1 teaspoon McCormick Smoked Paprika
1 teaspoon McCormick Gourmet Sicilian Sea Salt
1. Mix all ingredients in medium saucepan. Bring to a
boil on high heat. Reduce heat to low; simmer 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.
2. Remove from heat. Cool to room temperature.
3. Spoon mixture into blender container; cover. Blend
on medium speed 2 minutes or until smooth. May also
use hand blender to puree in saucepan. Strain through
sieve to remove seeds.
* Fresno chilies can be replaced with red jalapeno or
serrano chilies.
* For less heat in sauce, remove seeds from chilies
before chopping.
* Chilies contain capsaicin, which can burn your skin.
After chopping chilies, wash hands and cutting board
thoroughly with warm soapy water. Or, wear rubber
gloves when handling chilies. Get
at, and visit for
more homemade Sriracha BBQ sauce recipes, including
Cajun-Style, Mango Ginger, Moroccan-Inspired,
Mesquite and Old Bay.
How to grow
your business
If you own a small business, you know that online visibility is one of the keys to success. These days, harnessing the Web is crucial to any marketing plan.
“While most small business owners know they need a
strong Web presence, many of them are not taking
enough action to build and maintain it,” said Tim
Carroll, vice president of Small Business Engagement at
Deluxe Corp., a provider of marketing services and
products for small businesses.
In fact, of those small business owners who put a high
level of importance on Web presence, 70 percent spend
less than one hour a week maintaining it, according to a
new Deluxe study. In contrast, only 1.2 percent spend
10 or more hours each week on their Web maintenance. It’s important to learn how to use the Internet to keep
your business top of mind with prospective customers,
said Carroll. He offers some top tips for maximizing
your company’s presence online.
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Choose a destination, plan a trip, and go
By Michaela L. Duckett
[email protected]
Even though it’s already
time to start preparing for
back to school and getting
the kids off to college, summer isn’t officially over for
another eight weeks. That
means you still have time to
take a family vacation, but
before the journey can begin,
you must first decide where
to go.
From beach hopping down
the Carolina coast and diving
for buried treasures to sipping wine and feasting on
fine cuisine, here are a few
exciting adventures to consider. Just pick a destination,
plan your trip and go!
Take in the view from
Blowing Rock
Taking on Big Momma – the
300-foot high, 1,600-foot
long zip line at Sky Valley Zip
Tours ( in Blowing Rock –
is an exhilarating experience
you will not soon forget. The
fourth zip on Sky Valley’s 10zip canopy tour, Big Momma
soars high above the tree
canopy reaching speeds of
up to 40 miles per hour. Not
only does it provide a highoctane adrenaline rush, it
offers one of the most
breathtaking views you can
have of the N.C. High
TRAVEL TIP: Just a twohour drive from Charlotte,
Blowing Rock is a great destination for a day trip.
Before leaving, be sure to
visit The Blowing Rock
North Carolina’s oldest
tourist attraction. Known for
being “the only place in the
world where snow falls
upside down,” The Blowing
Rock is an immense cliff
4,000 feet above sea level
that overhangs Johns River
Gorge. From the observation
deck you can see the vistas of
Hawksbill Mountain, Table
Rock, Grandfather Mountain
(the highest peak of the Blue
Ridge chain) and Mount
Mitchell (the highest peak
east of the Rockies).
Grandfather Mountain
Take a CD-guided tour to
the top of Grandfather
(, and gaze down
upon the lush valleys below
the famous 228-foot long
Mile High Swinging Bridge.
Located one mile above sea
level, the bridge is America’s
highest suspension footbridge. It sways and sings
like a harmonica when the
wind blows. Don’t let the
adventure end there, get out
and explore the mountain by
foot on one of the 11 hiking
trails, which range from
leisurely walks to heartpounding,
alpine adventures.
TRAVEL TIP: Visit the
nature habitats for up-close
encounters with animals you
might not normally see (or
may not want to encounter)
GX 460 makes price seem reasonable
Please see LATE-SUMMER/2B
Lexus’ luxury sport utility vehicle has plenty of off-road capability
By Frank S. Washington
DETROIT – The Lexus GX
460 pulls double duty as a
luxurious on-road sport utility with full off road capability. Almost as big as a full-size
sport utility, the test vehicle
was equipped with three
rows of seats.
The third row would power
fold away creating a flatfloored cargo space while the
second row seats were both
heated and cooled. So were
the front seats. The maximum cargo space in the
sport-utility was 64.7 cubic
For 2014, the GX 460
received the Lexus spindle
grille, an eight-inch touch
screen display screen with
real time traffic and weather,
full-time four-wheel-drive
with center differential and a
bunch of off-road chassis
control systems. The on-road
performance was impressive.
Powered by a 4.6-liter V8
that made 301 horsepower
and 328 pound-feet of torque
at 3,500 rpm, the 2014 had
some pep. But at 5,340
pounds, it wasn’t creating a
bunch of G-force. Still, the
SUV had a good bit of towing
power, the maximum being
6,500 pounds.
Even though the Lexus GX
460 featured body on frame
construction, there wasn’t a
lot of body roll when turning.
Lexus said that was because
of its standard “Kinetic
System” that omitted the
need for stiffer springs and
On road features also
included ride selection of
normal, sport or comfort
with an adaptable variable
suspension system that electronically controlled the
dampers. For this test drive,
the vehicle stayed in normal
most of the time.
One thing was missing; a
lane change signal. When
driving more than two and a
half tons of vehicle, the more
attention focused on the road
and the less on the turn signal the better.
We didn’t get the chance to
go sloshing through the
woods with the 2014 Lexus
GX 460 but it came ready for
the task. Its full-time, allwheel-drive system distributed power 40-60 to the rear
wheels during normal driving conditions but it could
change the ratio based on
wheel slippage.
It had a low range for off
road driving and the center
differential could be electronically locked. That was
supplemented with the
optional crawl control, downhill assist control; active traction control provided the
traction benefits of having
locking front and rear differentials, and vehicle stability
2014 Lexus GX 460
For serious off-roading, a
steering angle indicator in
the instrument gauge panel
showed the driver which
direction the front wheels
were pointing, which as any
off-roader knows is useful
for situations where this can
be difficult to discern.
Through curves the system
could change the torque split
to 30-70 rear-wheel biased
and it could set distribute
torque 50-50 to help control
slippage. All of that was done
automatically depending on
the grip of the wheels.
The 2014 Lexus GX 460
Luxury had creature com-
forts galore, including a 17speaker 330 watt Mark
Levinson sound system.
There was a backup camera
with cross traffic alert and
intuitive parking assist, satellite radio, a smart key, power
reclining second row seats, a
heated mahogany steering
wheel, LED headlights and
It had so many features
wrapped in an elegant package that $62,770 as tested for
the 2014 Lexus GX 460
seemed reasonable.
Frank S. Washington is editor of
Late-summer Grow your business online by
road trips
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in the wild – such as bears, white-tailed deer, cougars,
bald eagles and river otters. The best time to go is early
morning when the animals are most active. Don’t leave
without paying a visit to the fudge shop for a treat. Trust
us, it’s some of the best fudge you’ve ever tasted.
Affordable family fun in Raleigh
Whether your passion is art, science, history or music,
Raleigh is a treasure trove of fun and “edu-taining”
adventures. Learn about animals past and present at the
Museum of Natural Sciences (
The natural history museum is the Southeast’s largest
and includes the rare Acrocanthosaurus dinosaur.
Visitors can conduct experiments and interact with scientists in the Nature Research Center. Admission to the
museum is free. Other free attractions include the N.C.
Museum of History ( and
North Carolina Museum of Art (,
which is home to a world-class art collection that
includes over 30 Rodin sculptures on display. With over
80 concert venues, Raleigh is also known as the place to
be for live music. Log onto for
TRAVEL TIP: Don’t miss out on Raleigh’s thriving culinary scene. For a big southern breakfast head downtown to Big Ed’s (www.bigedcitymarket). Craving a slab
of barbeque ribs or in the mood for flavorful Texas-style
brisket? Get a table at The Pit Authentic Barbecue
( for dinner, or dine with the
locals at Poole’s Downtown Diner (, and be sure to order the macaroni and cheese.
Road trip down the Crystal Coast
Dig for buried treasure and dine on fresh seafood
along the North Carolina’s Crystal Coast ( featuring 85 miles of silken shoreline and
the colorful seaside communities of Emerald Isle,
Atlantic Beach, Morehead City, Beaufort and Cape
Lookout. Stop in Beaufort, where the infamous pirate
Blackbeard roamed, and take a tour of the historic Fort
Macon. Fish in the Gulf Stream waters of Morehead City,
tour Shackleford Banks and discover wild horses roaming free or visit the Olympus Dive Center to wreck dive
in a German U-352 submarine.
Thursday, July 31, 2014
The Charlotte Post
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• Interact: Since current and
prospective consumers use
social media, you can’t neglect this marketing approach.
Social media marketing isn’t
just about gaining followers. It
becomes a vehicle for sharing
your company’s message as
well as driving traffic to your
Don’t be afraid to use
Twitter, Facebook and other
social media sites to ask customers for feedback and show
your personality. Use calls to
action to acquire new followers, engage them further and
encourage reviews of your
Many small businesses turn
to consultants or social media
services for help developing
and executing a social media
strategy. When effective,
these efforts will place a
brand in front of its target
audience. Small business owners should look for a service
that also tracks results in
order to gain insight into how
its customers engage online.
• Website: “Today, a business without a website is a
business without a face,” said
Carroll. “A clean, easy-to-navigate, and mobile-friendly
online presence is one your
customers will remember.”
Unfortunately, less than a
third of small business owners think they are proficient or
extremely proficient at maintaining their individual company websites, which is why
many seek outside help developing a site and building content.
• Search engines: With 91
percent of Internet users utilizing search engines, according to the Deluxe-commissioned study, search engine
optimization can be your key
to better visibility online.
After all, a website is hardly
useful if no one can find it.
search engine marketing services to help your online advertising and to make use of local
searches by more effectively
targeting your customer audi-
• Email marketing: Small
business email marketing is
the centerpiece of any effort
to stay in touch with existing
customers, while reaching out
and finding new ones. Use it
to promote new items and
offer special discounts to
loyal customers or simply to
keep in touch.
Small business owners
know they need to be online.
It just takes commitment and
the right tools to capitalize on
the potential.
More tips, strategies and
information about marketing
your business online can be
found at
If not treated through a
change in eyeglass prescription or surgery, cataracts,
which affect more than half of
all Americans by age 80, can
increase risk of permanent
To help clear up the facts
about this lens-clouding eye
condition ophthalmologists,
medical doctors specializing
in the diagnosis, medical and
surgical treatment of eye diseases and conditions, who are
members of the American
Academy of Ophthalmology,
have responded to hundreds
of queries about cataracts
submitted by the public
through the Ask an Eye M.D.
portal on
These six questions and
answers about cataracts are a
small sampling of what is
available for public reference
on the website:
Can you have 20/20 vision
and still be diagnosed with
Clearing up facts about cataracts
Cataract is one of the leading causes of blindness in the
United States. Approximately
24.5 million Americans have
the lens-clouding eye condition, and the incidence is set
to grow 50 percent by 2050,
according to the National Eye
Please see CLEARING/3B
Week of 07/30/14 – 08/05/14
$ 99
Value Pack
New York
York Strip Steak
Without MVP Card $10.49 LB
All Varieties
Varieties - All Natural
Nature's Place
Hand Trimmed Chicken
Without MVP Card Regular Retail
$ 99
Pork Loin
Without MVP Card $3.49 LB
TRAVEL TIP: A day of wreck diving and surf fishing
can easily work up an appetite. From down home cooking to delicious seafood shacks and drive-in cheeseburger stands, practically every restaurant in the area
has fresh seafood on the menu. However, not all dining
experiences are created equal. Take caution particularly
at seafood buffets, where quality can be compromised.
For the best chance of a favorable dining experience, ask
locals for recommendations on where to eat.
A heritage tour of Tallahassee
Venture south to Florida and explore the deep-rooted
heritage and culture of Tallahassee. Florida’s capital city
features some of the state’s most significant AfricanAmerican historic sites – ranging from early homes,
schools and churches to Leon County’s new Civil Rights
Heritage Walk. Tour Florida A & M University
(, the oldest black college in the nation,
and see the Black Archives. This collection of AfricanAmerican artifacts is one of the most extensive in the
nation. It houses more than half a million documents
and thousands of artifacts from all over the world
including a 500-piece Ethiopian cross collection and
rare African books and maps, some dating back to the
1700s. Another popular stop is the John G. Riley House
Museum (, a historical landmark
and the second home in Florida to be owned by a black
person. Find more information on African-American
heritage in Florida’s capital and sample itineraries at
TRAVEL TIP: For a memorable experience and down
home good time, step off the beaten path and in to the
Bradfordville Blues Club (,
an authentic chittlin’ circuit stop, designated with a
National Blues Trail marker. This iconic blues club may
be considered a whole in the wall in comparison to more
contemporary venues but delivers the best in live blues
every Friday and Saturday night. Percy Sledge, Johnny
Rawls, E.C. Scott and Johnny Marshall have all graced
the stage.
Relax and sip in the Yadkin Valley
Home to over 30 wineries, the Yadkin Valley is known
as North Carolina’s Wine Country. Visit McRitchie
Winery & Ciderworks ( in
Thurmond, where you can not only sample wines but
also sip hard cider and learn about their sustainable
methods of working on the land. Spend a lazy summer
afternoon lounging on the “Crush Pad” or spacious patio
at Round Peak Vineyards ( in Mt.
Airy, where you can sip wine and watch the sunset over
the Blue Ridge Mountains. If wine is not your drink of
choice, order a craft beer. Round Peak recently opened
an onsite brewery.
TRAVEL TIP: If you visit the second weekend of
August, check out the annual Vine & Dine Gala of the
Very Surry Wineries August 9 at Grassy Creek Vineyard
& Winery ( It’s a relaxing evening under the stars featuring fine food, wine
and live music. The event, a collaborative effort of 10
wineries, begins with a wine tasting from 6-7:30 p.m.
followed by dinner, courtesy of Heaven’s Scent restaurant in downtown Elkin. Rental cabins are available for
the evening. Visit for more
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Ball Park Beef Franks
Nabisco Oreo Cookies
Nature's Own Bread
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Edy's Ice Cream
TombStone 12" Pizza
Lay's Potato Chips
Kingsford or Match Light Charcoal
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Lance Crackers
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Post Pebbles or
Quaker Cap'n Crunch Cereal
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45 Oz. - Select Varieties
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Ragu Pasta Sauce
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Hamburger or Chicken Helper
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Thomas' Original Bagels
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14.5-15.25 Oz. - Select Varieties
15-16.3 Oz. Peanut Butter or
22-32 Oz. Jelly - Select Varieties
Del Monte Canned Vegetables
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Skippy Peanut Butter or
Welch's Grape Jelly
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Prices and promotions included in this ad are based on the use of a Food Lion MVP
MV P card. Without a card, regular retail prices will apply
The real skinny on
slimming for summer
By Andrea Royal
It’s summertime. All hail
warm weather and wearing less
clothing, freely showing more
skin. Naturally, along with the
warmer weather come all the
fitness advertisements, magazine articles and headlines
about getting a “summer body”
and being “beach ready.” What
exactly does that mean?
These ads and posts imply
that your body has to be in a
particular shape or you shouldn’t dare step foot on the beach
in a bikini or wear any skinbaring outfits. So it’s no wonder that many of us are feeling
a little more self-conscious
about our bodies and flocking
to the nearest gym, sweating it
out with a personal trainer or
taking a few extra laps around
the block at home so that we
too can be “beach ready.”
I’m all for people setting fitness goals to look and feel
good in their skin. However, I
don’t understand the idea of
working hard to look good for
a particular season only to ta-
per off your fitness efforts as
summer ends and autumn
gives way to winter and the
holiday season. It’s a vicious
cycle. What inevitably begins to
set in are those dreaded holiday blues. All of the food that
we consume during the holidays begins to weigh in on us,
literally. On New Year’s Eve the cycle
starts again as we make those
resolutions to eat less and work
out more to get our bodies
back in shape for spring and
I’ve seen this pattern many
times, and I didn’t understand
from where it derived. How do
we get caught in such a vicious
Is a fit body only a summer
accessory? In the winter, is it
OK to have a little fluff because
you’re covered up in more
We are aware of what needs
to be done in order to look and
feel good in our bodies. So why
can’t the goals we set for ourselves in the summertime be
the same goals we set year
round? Why not feel good in
your skin all the time?
I witnessed many clients in
and out of my gym sticking
with their fitness goals for only
a period of time and then “taking a break.” Perhaps the summer slim down simply gives us
an excuse to let up on our goals
during the winter, but if we
want to look and feel great all
the time, then we have to put in
the work on a consistent basis.
The only person that can make
it work is you.
If you have spent the last few
weeks focused on maintaining
or achieving your “summer
body,” I challenge you to make
yearly fitness goals and stick
to them. Create a new cycle.
Andrea Royal is a Charlottebased bikini fitness model. On
her blog, “The Royal Truth: A By Valencia Mohammed
Fitness Model’s Story,” the self- AFRO-AMERICAN NEWSPAPER
described shy, awkward, goofy
The U.S. Census Bureau is
girl from New York chronicles
collecting data about
her journey breaking into the
tobacco use as a voluntary supworld of bodybuilding. Visit her
plement to its monthly July
online at qcfitnessmodeling.
2014 Current Population or follow her on vey.
Twitter @a_royalfit.
Scientifically selected households will be questioned about
smoking habits regarding cigarettes, tobacco products other
than cigarettes and electronic
smoking devices.
The tobacco supplement,
typically conducted every
three to four years, provides
data for people 15 years and
older on current and former
projects outlined in the tobacco products use patterns,
Roadmap. Likewise, the Brook- restrictions on smoking at
dale Center for Healthy Aging home and in the workplace,
at Hunter College, The Harry smoking cessation advice oband Jeannette Weinberg Center tained from a clinician, perfor Elder Abuse Prevention at sonal attitudes toward smokthe Hebrew Home at Riverdale, ing and emerging tobacco conand the New York City Elder trol topics.
“You don’t have to be a deAbuse Center will be co-sponsoring a symposium in Sep- mographer to know what is gotember 2014 focusing on inno- ing on, but I welcome the fact
vations and challenges related that the survey is being done
to elder abuse multidiscipli- and encourage [participation],”
nary teams, a priority area said Philip Pannell, executive
director of the Anacostia Cooridentified in the Roadmap.
“While federal and state gov- dinating Council in southeast
ernments certainly have criti- Washington. “The black comcal roles to play, the battle munity is saturated with cigaagainst elder abuse can only be rette advertisements to prowon with grassroots action at mote smoking unlike the nonthe community and individual black areas... For years, I have
level,” said Greenlee. “Turning talked about why more acthe tide against elder abuse re- tivists have not stepped up to
quires much greater public fight this menace.”
According to the National
commitment, so every American will recognize elder abuse Cancer Institute, tobacco use is
when they see it and know the leading cause of preventawhat to do if they encounter it.” ble illness and death in the U.S.
Two steps local communi- It causes varied cancers as well
ties, families, and individuals as chronic lung diseases such
as emphysema and bronchitis,
can take are:
* Learn the signs of elder
abuse. The National Center on
Elder Abuse, a program of the
Administration on Aging at
ACL, has developed a helpful
Red Flags of Abuse Factsheet
(PDF) that lists the signs of and
risk factors for abuse and neglect.
Continued from page 2B
* Report suspected abuse
when you see it. Contact your cataract?
“Yes, you can,” said Dr.
local adult protective services
agency. Phone numbers for Jeffrey Whitman. “Having a
state or local offices can be cataract just means that the
found at the National Center lens of your eye has become
for Elder Abuse website, or call cloudy and hardened - a
process that begins at around
“We must take a stand to en- 50 years of age and does not
sure that older Americans are preclude 20/20 vision. It is
safe from harm and neglect. only when it becomes visually
For their contributions to our significant - that is, when it
nation, to our society, and to degrades your vision, changes
our lives, we owe them noth- color perception, or causes
ing less,” said Associate Attor- glare at nighttime - that it
ney General West.
requires surgical care.”
The Elder Justice Roadmap
How are cataracts diagand accompanying materials nosed?
are at: can be diagnosed
brary/Gov_Report/index.aspx. through a comprehensive eye
Free online training for attor- exam. Seniors who have not
neys is at: https://www.ovcthad an eye exam in the last
Addressing the abuse of
vulnerable older Americans
Research suggests that 1 in
10 Americans over the age of
60 have experienced elder
abuse or neglect, and that people with dementia are at higher
risk for abuse.
Leaders in the fight against
this serious society problem recently announced a new framework for tackling the highest
priority challenges to prevention and prosecution. Leaders
are also calling on all Americans to take a stand against
elder abuse, neglect and financial exploitation.
Supported by the Department of Justice and the Department of Health and Human
Services, The Elder Justice
Roadmap was developed by
harnessing the expertise of
hundreds of public and private
stakeholders from across the
country and by gathering their
input. The goal of these expert
summits was to identify the
most critical priorities and concrete opportunities for greater
public and private investment
and engagement in elder abuse
issues. The Elder Justice
Roadmap, published July 10,
reflects the knowledge and perspectives of these experts in
the field and will be considered by the Elder Justice Coordinating Council and others in
developing their own strategic
plans to prevent and combat
elder abuse.
“The Roadmap Project is an
important milestone for elder
justice,” Associate Attorney
General Tony West said. “Elder
abuse is a problem that has
gone on too long, but the
Roadmap report… can change
this trajectory by offering comprehensive and concrete action
items for all of the stakeholders
dedicated to combating the
multi-faceted dimensions of
elder abuse and financial exploitation. While we have taken
some important steps in the
right direction, we must do
more to prevent elder abuse
from occurring in the first
place and face it head-on when
it occurs.”
The fastest-growing population in the United States is people age 85 or older.
“From now until 2030, every
Tobacco use is the target of
U.S. government surveys
Thursday, July 31, 2014
The Charlotte Post
day, about 10,000 baby
boomers will celebrate their
65th birthday,” said Kathy
Greenlee, HHS assistant secretary for aging and administrator of the Administration for
Community Living. “Stemming
the tide of abuse will require individuals, neighbors, communities, and public and private
entities to take a hard look at
how each of us encounters
elder abuse – and commit to
combat it.”
To support the mission of
elder abuse prevention and
prosecution, DOJ has developed an interactive, online curriculum to teach legal aid and
other civil attorneys to identify
and respond to elder abuse.
The first three modules of the
training cover what lawyers
should know about elder
abuse; practical and ethical
strategies to use when facing
challenges in this area, and a
primer on domestic violence
and sexual assault. This training will expand to include six
one-hour modules covering issues relevant to attorneys who
may encounter elder abuse victims in the course of their practice.
HHS is supporting the mission by developing a voluntary
national adult protective services data system. Collecting national data on adult mistreatment will help to identify and
address many gaps about the
number and characteristics of
adults who are the victims of
maltreatment and the nature of
services that are provided by
APS agencies to protect these
vulnerable adults. In addition,
the data will better inform the
development of improved,
more targeted policy and programmatic interventions.
In addition to informing federal elder justice efforts, the
Roadmap has already inspired
private stakeholders to take action. For example, as a result of
the Roadmap, the Archstone
Foundation has funded a project at the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California to develop a national training initiative, while
other funders, such as the
Weinberg Foundation, have begun to consider inquiries and
and heart disease.
Cigarette smoking causes an
estimated 443,000 deaths each
year, including approximately
49,000 deaths due to exposure
to secondhand smoke.
Lung cancer is the leading
cause of cancer death among
both men and women in the
United States, and 90 percent
of lung cancer deaths among
men and approximately 80
percent of lung cancer deaths
among women are due to
In addition to lung cancer,
smoking causes cancers of the
throat, mouth, nasal cavity,
esophagus, stomach, pancreas,
kidney, bladder, and cervix,
and acute myeloid leukemia.
People who smoke are up to
six times more likely to suffer
a heart attack than nonsmokers, and the risk increases with
the number of cigarettes
smoked. Smoking also causes
most cases of chronic lung disease.
In 2011, an estimated 19 percent of U.S. adults and nearly
16 percent of high school students smoke cigarettes according to the Center for Disease
On July 7, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
launched hard-hitting ads for
its 2014 “Tips From Former
Smokers” campaign. The Tips
national tobacco education
campaign began in 2012 and
returns this year with new ad
participants living with the
devastating effects of smokingrelated diseases.
“These new ads are powerful,” wrote CDC Director Tom
Frieden in a statement. “They
highlight illnesses and suffering caused by smoking that
people don’t commonly associate with cigarette use. Smokers
have told us these ads help
them quit by showing what it’s
like to live every day with disability and disfigurement from
Healthy People 2020, a
framework for action to reduce
tobacco use to the point that it
is no longer a public health
problem for the nation, identified a number of effective
strategies that will contribute
to ending the tobacco use epidemic.
Based on more than 45 years
of evidence, it is clear that the
toll tobacco use takes on families and communities can be
significantly reduced by fully
funding tobacco control programs, increasing the price of
tobacco products, enacting
comprehensive smoke-free
policies, controlling access to
tobacco products, reducing tobacco advertising and promotion, implementing anti-tobacco media campaigns, and
encouraging and assisting tobacco users to quit.
The Healthy People 2020 Tobacco Use objectives are organized into three key areas:
- Tobacco Use Prevalence: Implementing policies to reduce
tobacco use and initiation
among youth and adults.
- Health System Changes:
Adopting policies and strategies to increase access, affordability, and use of smoking cessation services and treatments.
- Social and Environmental
Changes: Establishing policies
to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke, increase the cost
of tobacco, restrict tobacco advertising, and reduce illegal
sales to minors.
three years and for whom cost
is a concern may qualify for
EyeCare America, a public
service program of the
Foundation of the American
Academy of Ophthalmology,
which provides eye exams
and care at no out-of-pocket
cost for eligible seniors age 65
and older through its network
of more than 6,000 volunteer
Visit for
more information on eligibility.
Do cataracts cause eye pain?
“Cataracts do not cause pain
except if they have been
allowed to remain untreated
for too long,” said Dr. Wayne
Bizer. “In this case they cause
a lot of pain and light sensitivity. Consult your ophthalmol-
ogist immediately if you are
having eye pain.” Why do I need to stop wearing my contact lenses before
cataract surgery?
“Before cataract surgery,
important measurements of
the surface of your eye must
be taken,” said Dr. W. Barry
Lee. “Contact lenses alter the
shape of the eye’s surface,
which can make the measurements inaccurate and lead to
poor vision after the surgery.
The length of time you must
not wear contact lenses prior
to your cataract surgery varies
depending on the type of contact lenses you wear, so listen
to your ophthalmologist’s
instructions carefully.” Clearing up the facts about
cataracts and their treatment
Born again. Is it really true?
Baptist youth conference
Thursday, July 31, 2014
The Charlotte Post
By James Washington
July 31 – August 2
The 10th annual National
Baptist Convention USA Inc.
Southeast Region Youth
Conference will be held at
Silver Mount Baptist Church,
located at 50 West Arrowood
Road. This will be the first
time in a decade that the conference has been held in
Charlotte. In addition to youth
from North Carolina, the conference also attracts young
people from Florida, Georgia,
South Carolina, Virginia, the
Bahamas and the Virgin
Islands. Visit
Chandler Sanders at (704)
522-1528 for more information.
August 2
The Torrence Grove AME
Zion Church is sponsoring a
program titled “Ministers:
Deliver the Gospel in Song”
featuring ministers from the
Charlotte area singing to the
glory of God at 6 p.m. The
church is located at 1200
Torrence Grove Church Road.
Dinners will be sold prior to
the program. Contact Ada M.
Gaston at (704) 536-8313 for
more information.
August 4-8
Pleasant Hill Baptist Church,
located at 517 Baldwin
Avenue, is hosting its Annual
Revival. Services begin nightly
at 7:30 p.m. Rev. McKinley
Jackson from Greater Mills
Baptist Church in Fort Worth
Texas is the featured speaker
of the week. Call the church at
(704) 376-1201 for more information.
August 9
Faith Church of God in partnership with Jess & Company
presents The Giving, Saving
and Investing Conference,
with the purpose of teaching
God’s principles for managing
your money. Attendees will
learn how to reach the goal of
debt freedom. The conference
is free of charge and will be
Refreshments will be served.
First Ward Elementary School
Gym is located at 715 N.
Caldwell St. Seating is limited.
Register by phone at (704)
535-4404 or online at
[email protected]
August 3. September 17-19
Chappell Memorial Baptist
Church, located at 110
Bradford Drive, is hosting its
2014 Fall Revival. Rev. Jerry
Black, pastor at Beulah Baptist
Church, Decatur, Ga., will
bring a message each night at
7 p.m. Attire is business casual. Visit or
contact Emily Nesbit at (704)
394-5615 or email [email protected]
more information.
To submit your announcements, email the information
in text format without attachments to michaela.duckett
Weekly deadline is 12 p.m.
This week, I’m sharing Les
Brown’s third principle, which
says: “Each of us must take
responsibility for our actions,
our well-being and the attainment of our maximum potential.”
Romans 12:1 reminds us
that our bodies are to be sacrificed for the good we can
bring to this earth by helping
others; we are to be busy
doing what we were sent to
this earth to do.
Our bodies are
not our own. We
are to sacrifice it
for our actions.
We are to eat
exercise daily to
do as scripture
reminds us to do when it says,
“Treat our bodies like the temple that it is.”
Wayne Dyer, Ph.D., a
renowned author and selfdevelopment speaker shared
this story during his PBS special about the Monarch butterfly. In essence, here’s what he
The Monarch butterfly only
lives up to six months, but
flies 3,000 miles each year,
even though their tiny little
wings and bodies seem so
fragile. Talking about maximum potential. This should
astound us, to ask, what we
too could do that is extraordinary.
The Viceroy is another type
butterfly, but it looks remarkably like the Monarch butterfly. Monarch’s are poisonous
and make birds and other
predators become sick when
they eat one. When birds,
frogs, and lizards eat a
monarch, if they have not
encountered one before, they
have a severe reaction that
causes them to lose their
lunch (quite literally), vomiting everywhere. This experience is remembered, and the
predators learn to not eat
Monarchs again.
The Viceroy butterfly, on the
other hand, is more palatable,
but in nature it looks so much
like the Monarch that predators treat it as if it is equally as
Birds, frogs, and lizards will
leave a Viceroy alone if they
have ever tasted the Monarch
because they don’t want that
horrible experience ever
Monarchs and Viceroys are
two entirely different species,
yet they look so much alike,
that you cannot tell the difference by looking at them.
So what’s the butterfly
metaphor? How does it pertain to this column? Let’s
review the question. Each of
us must take responsibility
for our actions, our wellbeing
and the attainment of our
maximum potential.
The butterfly metaphor is
this: For the sake of this column, let’s just say the
Monarchs, the poisonous
ones, look beautiful, and like
me, 40 years ago, when I was
unhappily married and used
my personal appearance to
make myself feel better. I
never missed spending a payday out shopping and would
put expensive suits on layaway.
One day when I was a secretary at Children’s Hospital
Oakland, I remember coming
to work, walking toward my
office, and one of the male
employees said to me, “You
look like you just stepped off
a plane from attending an
important business meeting
in New York.”
I was flattered. I looked really corporate, but inwardly, I
was broken and suffering
domestic violence, financial
burdens and pure misery. I
was unhappy. I didn’t have a
church home at the time. My
outer appearance and my
work were all I had to make
myself feel better, a Monarch.
I cried, complained, shopped
and wasn’t good company.
Like Paul said, “O wretched
man was I!”
Today, my inner-self is
much more important to me
than my outer appearance.
Shopping is irrelevant and
done only when absolutely
Here’s another true story
about twins raised by an alcoholic father. It shows how
each turned out differently as
an adult. One became an alcoholic. When asked why, he
said, “I was raised by an alcoholic.” The other brother
wouldn’t touch alcohol. When
asked why, he too said, “I was
raised by an alcoholic.” The
choice is yours, good or bad,
take responsibility for your
actions and work toward
being all that you can be. Are
you a Monarch or a Viceroy?
Lyndia Grant is a radio talk
show host in Washington, D.C.
Visit her website at, call her at (202)
518-3192 or email [email protected]
Sacrifice for greater good
Helping You
Find The
Church For
Your Faith
From time to time, I rethink
or feel a little déjà vu regarding the subject of “born
again,” particularly my own.
I am reminded at times
about how that phrase gets
associated with everything
but its biblical intent. It is my
opinion and referencing my
personal history that I suggest
to you that I could not and certainly not willingly, fit into the
category of a “born again
Christian.” At the time I could
not subscribe to what my definition of that meant.
Today, a born again
Christian is an enigma more
closely associated with a holier-than-thou religious zealot
with a rather conservative
political agenda, as opposed
to simply a true believer (my
term). Then something happened on the way to the ranch
and yep, I got saved.
Then I began to understand
those things about faith that
would indicate a new me.
Now, I can easily profess a
clearer understanding of this
born again thing. Quite to my
surprise, born again defines
me pretty well, biblically
speaking that is. “Jesus
answered, ‘I tell you the truth,
no one can enter the kingdom
of God unless he is born of
water and spirit. Flesh gives
birth to flesh but spirit gives
birth to spirit. You should not
be surprised at my saying you
must be born again.’” John
Rather than think born again
is some kind of right wing
conservative political movement, this passage lets us
know that being born again
relates to an awakening in
each and every one of us to
the real presence of the Holy
Spirit in our everyday lives.
It just makes sense to me
because you do begin see
yourself as a new creature
operating with a new lease on
life (and it is a lease). I defy
anyone who comes this way
not to see life itself from a
new, renewed perspective.
“Now that you have purified
yourselves by obeying the
truth so that you have sincere
love for your brothers, love
one another deeply from the
heart. For you have been born
again, not perishable seed, but
imperishable (seed), through
the living and enduring Word
of God.” Peter 1: 22-23.
My bible explains it to me
this way: This imperishable
seed, the seed of the Word of
God, planted and accepted in
a person’s soul, is eternal
because God’s Word is eternal. By becoming good soil, by
being spiritually involved in
the whole process of your
own salvation, a new eternal
life is born. Therefore, the life
you live, once you’ve acknowledged your faith, is a new life
given in the service of the
Almighty, hence “born again.”
Personally, my rebirth has
been and continues to be,
remarkable if, to nobody else
but me. I cannot view myself
as the same person I once
was. Those who were around
me then and are around me
now might agree that there is
a discernible difference. See
me? See my Lord and Savior
Jesus Christ. Talk to me, hear
Understand my faith walk in
the name of the Almighty.
Believe me. I know I have a
long ways to go. But I know
I’m travelling these days in
the right direction, one foot in
front of the other; blessed in
the knowledge of the truth,
free in the hope of the same
for you.
the African-American community with the Negro Project of
1939, enlisting black leaders
to promote birth control
among blacks as family planning.
In reality, Culbreath said,
she was promoting eugenics
and selective reproduction.
Sanger founded in 1921 The
Planned Parenthood.
Planned Parenthood, the
largest birth control provider
in the United States, has located 62.5 percent of its clinics
within a two-mile radius of
neighborhoods where blacks
and Hispanics make up the
majority of residents, according to Life Issues research.
The organization denies the
charge, citing statistics updated in June from the
Guttmacher Institute. The
group contends 60 percent of
Planned Parenthood clinics
are located in majority white
“The Guttmacher Institute is
a leading, independent,
nationally recognized reproductive health research and
policy organization, and we
appreciate its unbiased findings that debunk the claim
that a majority of abortion
providers are located in black
Cullins, Planned Parenthood
Federation of America vice
president of external medical
affairs, said in an email.
Undisputed are statistics
AfricanAmericans account for a disproportionate percentage of
abortions. In 2011, black
women accounted for 30 percent of abortions, according
to the Guttmacher Institute,
when blacks numbered only
12.5 percent of the population, U.S. Census figures
Fighting black abortions
By Diana Chandler
NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The
abortion industry has infiltrated the African-American community by cloaking the procedure as a woman’s civil right
and embedding the issue into
politics, black pro-life advocate Arnold Culbreath told
Baptist Press.
“The abortion industry
shamelessly slithered into the
black American community
on the heels of the ‘free love’
Woodstock, and at the outset
of the civil rights movement,”
said Culbreath, urban outreach director for Protecting
Black Life, an affiliate of the
Life Issues Institute in
Cincinnati, Ohio, working to
end abortion through education.
The abortion industry
“duped black women into
believing that abortion was
their civil right,” Culbreath
said. “Not only was this misguided ideology deeply
imbedded into the fabric of
our community then, but we
are still working to dispel the
deception of this deadly
dogma today.”
The industry’s tactic is one
reason abortion is the leading
cause of death among AfricanAmericans, Culbreath said.
“Nearly 1,000 black babies
die by abortion every day,” he
continued. “My passion stems
from a God-given burden to
see this genocide ended.”
Margaret Sanger targeted
Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
802 Tom Hunter Road • Charlotte, NC 28213
704-921-4915 (Ph) • 704-921-4917 (Fax)
Sunday Worship
8:00 & 11:00 AM
Sunday School
9:30 AM
Bible Study
Wednesday 12 Noon Thursday 6:30 PM
Dr. Cathy C. Jones
The Prophet’s Column
6183 NC Highway 109 South, Wadesboro, NC 28170
The Books Were Opened (Part 2)
When the books are opened, you'll see everything you
did on the earth. It around here years ago; 'when you die
you won't know anything about it." Hold your seats now!
"And it came to pass, that the beggar died, and was carried by the angels into Abram's bosom: the rich man also
died, and was buried. And in hell he (the rich man) lift up
his eyes, Being in torments,..." (Lk. 16:22-23) We see
two men who lived on this earth. You who say this story
is a parable are sadly mistaken. One was saved and the
other was lost. Right now, as you read this study, you are
saved or lost. Which are you? You may say it is none of
that Bible teacher's business. A young man was by the
house when I lived in Charlotte. I was telling him how
God saves a sinner. He asked me; "why are you telling
me these things?" I replied; "so your blood won't be on
my hands." That young man replied; "the 'god' I know
would not put my blood on my hands." He was right. The
'god' he knows is not the God of the Bible. He just had
not read his Bible. The multitudes of mankind don't
believe they are eternity-bound. But you are deceived,
just like this rich man. You have plenty to eat and wear
fine clothes. You are increased with goods and think you
have need of nothing. Not knowing all the while that you
are; miserable, poor, blind and naked. This rich man
thought the same. But the Lord said the rich man "... lift
up his eyes in hell." When the rich man in Hell saw
Lazarus in Abraham's bosom, what did he do? Hold it!
The rich man cried unto Abraham; "...send Lazarus, that
he may dip the tip of his finger in water, and cool my
tongue; for I am tormented in this flame." (Lk. 16:24) It
was certain that both men were to go out into eternity. It
is certain that you are going out into eternity. Where will
you spend eternity? What was Abraham's response to the
rich man's cry for mercy? Abraham told the rich man;
'Son, remember that thou in thy lifetime receivedst thy
good things, and likewise Lazarus evil things:..." We see
that death did not destroy the memory of the rich man.
Death will not destroy your memory, either. Everything
you think, say, and do are all being recorded in your
memory, as we said earlier in this study. My big bosses
in the agency used to love to go behind closed doors and
berate me. All their harsh statements were recorded.
Some of them are looking back from Hell. What can they
do about now? Not one thing, but just burn in Hell. When
I make statements like that, unsaved religionists will cry
out; "Bro. Little is glad his enemies are in Hell.” Friend,
I take no delight in the fact that souls are in Hell.
Your Gospel Editor and Teacher,
J.M. Little
The Charlotte Post
dishes on
stories and
By Michaela L. Duckett
[email protected]
Friendship, betrayal, trust and redemption
are all elements of ReShonda Tate Billingsley’s
new novel “What’s Done in the Dark.” It’s a
story about a woman who cheats on her husband with her best friend’s husband.
Billingsley, a Houston-based nationally bestselling author and NAACP Image Award winner, will be in the Charlotte area July 31 to sign
copies of her latest book at Barnes & Noble in
In the following Q&A, she dishes on how family members feel when their personal situations show up in her novels, the message behind her juicy stories and having one of her
books made into a BET movie.
TCP: Where do you find inspiration for your characters and
stories? Is it just pure imagination or do you get ideas from
your real life.
RTB: It’s a combination. There
is a joke in my family: “Don’t say
Billingsley anything around ReShonda unless
you want it in a book.” (Laughter). Because I do
take my inspiration from day-to-day happenings, real-life things that are going on and
some good gossip that they tell me. And then
I let my imagination take over from there.
TCP: Has anyone ever gotten upset about a
character or situation in one of your books being based on their life?
RTB: I’ve been lucky. Nobody has gotten upset. Everybody thinks it’s them. I don’t admit
to anything. I’m like, “I write fiction, and I have
no idea what you’re talking about.” It’s kind of
funny with my family because they try to do
the guessing game like, “I know that’s Aunt
Martha or I know that’s so and so…”
TCP: When you write, do you just write to entertain your readers, or is there a message or
overall meaning behind your stories?
RTB: I always have some type of message. I
do write to entertain, but I want them to walk
away with something. So I deal with issues of
forgiveness, of redemption, and so those two
[purposes] are intertwined.
TCP: Speaking of redemption and forgiveness, your latest novel, “What’s Done in the
Dark,” is about a woman who cheats on her
husband with her best friend’s husband.
What’s the message behind this tale?
RTB: It’s about how one bad decision can affect the rest of your life. She’s a good person
that made one bad decision, and it’s really altered the course of her life. I wouldn’t write a
book that’s just about cheating because I don’t
think that anybody just cheats for the sake of
it. There is a motivation behind most of what
people do, and as a writer, my job is to explore
that motivation.
TCP: As you explore more about your characters, does it cause you to self-reflect and
learn new things about yourself?
RTB: Absolutely. As I was writing about forgiveness, I had to take a look at my own life.
I’m going through some things with my
mother. She has taken ill, and my sister and I
are her caregivers. We don’t have the support
system that we used to have, and I was bitter
about it for some time. So writing about forgiveness helps me heal and take a look at myself and that I need to forgive all those friends
and family members that I felt should have
been there for her.
TCP: Your next book, “Amos,” which will be
released in December, tells the story of a family dealing with having a loved one affected by
Alzheimer’s disease. With the illness of your
mother, did writing that storyline hit close to
home in any way?
RTB: It definitely did. When I first started
writing, my mother wasn’t sick, and she fell ill
during the course of it. Just seeing the deterioration of this strong person that you know and
love has a [profound affect on you]… I channeled some of that – some of the feelings I had
going in there.
TCP: One of your most popular characters,
Rachel Jackson, is going to be the star of a new
BET movie to be released next year summer titled “Let the Church Say Amen.” What can you
tell us about this project?
RTB: Regina King directed “Let the Church
Say Amen.” Queen Latifah’s [production company] Flavor Unit [Entertainment] is among
the producers… It’s so pleasant in that regard
because it’s an author’s dream to see their
work come alive on the screen. I was so
pleased with the final product now that it’s
wrapped up. To see the production and have
the actors you know and love come up to you
and say they hope they are doing your character justice and are committed to telling your
story feels great.
We did the premiere at T.D. Jakes’ MegaFest,
and we had standing room only. We had to
turn people away. It was just a phenomenal
experience. So the movie is done, but Hollywood is slow, so it won’t release until next
TCP: Who are some of the cast members in
this film?
RTB: Steve Harris, who played in “Private
Practice” and “Tyler Perry’s Diary of a Mad
Black Woman,” plays Simon the pastor. Naturi
Naughton plays Rachel. Hosea Sanchez, Malik
from “The Game,” is in it as well.
Godfather’s soul power
Chadwick Boseman (right) portrays the Godfather of Soul, James Brown, in “Get on Up,” which debuts Friday across the U.S. The project was shepherded by Rolling Stones lead singer Mick Jagger at the request of Brown’s family.
‘Get on Up’ meanders, but James Brown’s music and acting keep the beat
By Dwight Brown
This much-awaited bio-film tells you some
things you already knew: James Brown could
sing the funk out of a song. It also shows you
some things you might not have grasped:
troubled boys grow up to be troubled men.
Warts and all, in fits and starts, finally the
“Hardest Working Man in Show Business”
gets his story told.
This project had been in development for
years. It took on new momentum when
Brown’s family approached Mick Jagger of
the Rolling Stones about shepherding the
production, which he did with producer
Brian Grazer (“American Gangster,”
Frost/Nixon”); the Stones and James Brown
once toured together. The producers hired
director Tate Taylor, who made the politically incorrect and historically inept “The Help”
but also the strong drama “Winter’s Bone.”
Taylor reassembled his tech crew from
“The Help,” which included: the ingenious
(“Dreamgirls”), director of photography
Stephen Goldblatt (“Angels in America”),
production designer Mark Ricker (“Julie &
Julia”), with the new addition of editor
Michael McCusker (“The Amazing Spider
Man”). The technical credits for the movie
are solid, with the costumes and set design
standing out.
As the film unfolds, a young James Brown
(Jordan and Jamarion Scott) lives with his
mother Susie (Viola Davis) and his father Joe
(Lennie James, “Snatch”) in a shack in backwoods South Carolina.
Mom and dad have a torrid and abusive
relationship. At a tender age, she abandons
James. One day, dad drops him off at his
Aunt Honey’s (Octavia Spencer) whorehouse. James becomes a barker, driving customers to Honey’s house of prostitution.
James can’t stay out of a trouble as a kid and
‘Inequality for
All,’ River Jam
By Michaela L. Duckett
[email protected]
It’s all about art, social justice and culture
this week in Charlotte.
Renowned art collector Vivian D. Hewitt
will be at the Gantt Center Thursday to
attend a tribute to artist J. Eugene Grigsby.
The N.C. Moral Movies Film Series is highlighting the impact of America’s widening
income gap. The River Jam Series continues
at the U.S. National Whitewater Center and
Emmet D. Carson is giving a speech at Bank
of America Auditorium.
Here’s a glimpse of what’s happening
around town this week. For more events,
visit us online at
J. Eugene Grigsby Jr. Remembered @ The
Harvey B. Gantt Center, July 31: At 7 p.m.,
the Gantt Center will host an intimate
evening of conversation and celebration in
honor of J. Eugene Grigsby Jr.’s work. Visit
with collectors and Gantt supporters. Join
Grigsby’s niece Pat Bates; his cousin and art
collector Vivian Davidson Hewitt and son
Marshall Grigsby as they share memories
from the artist and educator’s life and work.
Admission is $10 for nonmembers. Visit for more information.
‘Inequality for All’ @ Unitarian
Universalist Church of Charlotte, July 31:
The N.C. Moral Movies Film Series will present a screening at 7 p.m. of the acclaimed
documentary, “Inequality for All.” The film
features Robert Reich – professor, best-selling author and Clinton cabinet member – as
as a teen (Chadwick Boseman, “42”) his lawbreaking ways get him a prison sentence. Behind bars, he meets a gospel group
headed by Bobby Byrd (Nelsan Ellis, “True
Blood”). Before you can count, a-one-and-atwo, Brown is paroled into Byrd’s home and
he becomes the lead singer of gospelturned-soul group called The Flames. That
chance meeting turns Brown’s life around.
Screenwriters Jez and John-Henry
Butterworth (“Edge of Tomorrow”) with the
help of a story by Steven Baigelman (“Feeling
Minnesota”) infuse a lot of facts, events,
tragedy, family drama and music group
dynamics into the storyline. You learn a lot
about the psyche of a world-renown musician, who, even after so much success, got
arrested and imprisoned in 1988 for leading
South Carolina police on a PCP-induced car
Between director Tate Taylor, the writers
and the editor Michael McCusker, someone
made the misguided decision to tell this
story not as a straightforward bio film but as
a disconcerting series of flashbacks, that feel
more random than rhythmic. Long after
Brown is a full-grown man, there are clips of
him interspersed as a kid, as if his childhood
haunted him into his later years. Once you see young James pulling the
shoes of a lynched man and saving them for
himself, you know he has a tortured soul.
You don’t have to be beaten over the head,
for 133 minutes, with flashbacks.
No good deed goes unpunished. Bobby
Byrd should not have been surprised the day
Brown and his manager Ben Bart (Dan
Aykroyd) told the group that their name was
changing from the Famous Flames to James
Disenchanted, the guys left him.
But Brown found and assembled another
backup group as he pushed his career forward with hits like “It’s a Man’s World,”
“Payback,” “Sex Machine,” “I Got You,” and
he demonstrates how the widening income
gap has a devastating impact on the
American economy.
The event will spotlight the threat of
income inequality on the viability of the
workforce in North Carolina. A community
discussion will follow to involve audiences
in dialogue and action to address economic
inequality. Admission is free.
River Jam Concert Series @ US National
Whitewater Center, July 31: The River Jam
Concert Series takes place every Thursday
from 7 – 10 p.m., May through September.
This week’s performance is by The Dirty
Beggars of Central Scotland. Call (704) 3913900 or visit for more information.
Jazz @ The Bechtler, August 1: Kick off the
weekend with the Ziad Jazz Quartet paying
tribute to acclaimed trumpeter Freddie
Hubbard. In the pantheon of jazz trumpeters, Hubbard (1938-2008) stands out as
one of the boldest and most inventive artists
of the bop, hard-bop and post-bop eras.
Although influenced by titans such as Miles
Davis and Clifford Brown, Hubbard ultimately forged his own sound.
Concerts are performed at 6 and 8:15 p.m.
with no intermissions. Doors open at 5:30
p.m. for the 6 p.m. concert and 7:45 p.m. for
the 8:15 p.m. concert. General seating is first
come, first served. Standing room only is
available after all seats are claimed. Tickets
for each concert are sold separately. Tickets
are $8 for museum members and $14 for
non-members. Purchase tickets online, in
person at the box office or by phone at (704)
Family First: Writing Workshop With
Kwame Alexander @ The Gantt, August 2:
Meet nationally acclaimed author Kwame
Alexander and participate in a special poetry
writing program for young people ages 12
and older. Parents and children are invited
to learn about his experience as a writer,
have their books signed and explore the
importance of diverse books.
Kids 12 and under can participate in a spe-
“Get Up Offa That Thing.” And, he had his
share of women, wives (Jill Scott, Jacinte
Blankenship) and children, too.
The over-complicated storytelling wreaks
havoc on the momentum. The heavy-handed imagery will make you yawn. The film’s
girth may have you checking your watch.
What saves this movie from itself is a tourde-force by Boseman that figuratively pulls
Brown out of the grave to do one more performance. With the aide of key hair stylist
Shannon Bakeman and top-notch make-up
artists, Boseman becomes Brown as much as
Meryl Streep became Margaret Thatcher. The
gestures, voice, inflections, movement,
dancing and bravado are so James Brown:
“You might not have bought my record, but
every record you got has a piece of me in it.”
Boseman’s efforts are helped greatly by
strong, emotional supporting performances
by Davis, Aykroyd, Spencer, Ellis, James,
Scott and Craig Robinson as sax player
Maceo Parker.
The costumes, set design and acting
would be empty gestures without the music.
James Brown died December 25, 2006. But
his music, spirit, black power consciousness
and a six-decade career with powerful songs
and unforgettable concerts (from the Apollo
Theater to the riot-soothing 1968 concert at
the Boston Garden) remain imbedded in
music history and American culture.
Seeing “Get On Up” is like attending a longwinded memorial service. You know you
need to go. You know you need to be
respectful. Even if the deacons of the church
didn’t assemble the best program, it’s not
about the incidentals. It’s about sharing and
reclaiming the memory of the “Godfather of
Soul”—the man whose music put a smile on
your face and a kick in your step.
Visit NNPA film critic Dwight Brown at
cial book making workshop while their older
siblings explore their own creative writing
with the author. Admission is included with
museum entry, but space is limited. Early
sign up for the poetry workshop is encouraged. Visit for more
Tuesday Morning Breakfast Forum @
West Charlotte Recreation Center, August 5:
The Tuesday Morning Breakfast Forum
meets most Tuesdays at 8:30 a.m. The weekly forum features guest speakers highlighting issues and concerns relevant to
Charlotte’s African-American community.
Doors open at 8 a.m. Coffee is available.
After the speaker’s address, a question-andanswer session follows. In an open forum,
attendees are welcome to share information
about upcoming community events and
milestones. Visit for more information.
Forum For Civic Leadership @ Bank of
America Auditorium, August 5: New
Philanthropists will host a community
forum beginning at 6 p.m. in observance of
Black Philanthropy Month 2014. The guest
speaker is Emmet D. Carson Ph.D., CEO and
president of Silicon Valley Community
Join multiple generations of new and seasoned leaders with interests in philanthropy
and the nonprofit realm to probe the question: What’s community got to do with it?
Attendees can expect to hear bold ideas,
engage in conversation and gain new insight
and inspiration toward making a positive
and lasting impact on the community.
Tickets are $16 and available on
Micro Brews Tours @ US National
Whitewater Center, August 6: Enjoy a sunset
paddle along the Catawba River followed by
a chef-prepared fireside dinner and craft
beer tasting on Hawk Island. Wednesday’s
featured brewery is Bell’s Brewery. Visit for more information.
The Charlotte Post
Black Woman Hoping to Adopt Baby.
Loving Home/Top Schools. Exp. Paid.
Txt 917-494-3968.
Accepting applications for 1, 3 & 4 bedrooms
We accept applications Monday thru Thursday
9-11:00 am and 2:00-4:00 pm.
For more information, contact
Gwen Perry at 704-394-9394 ext 13.
Have You Always wanted to be your Own Boss? Tired of
working for someone else?
Stop WAITING! Make It Happen For Yourself!
Become a part of a Growing Industry that is Recession Resistant, offers a Fast Ramp-Up, and GREAT CASH FLOW.
CALL NOW! To take advantage of this opportunity that already has a Developed Book of Business and is being offered at a great price from a VERY MOTIVATED SELLER! This
offer is available immediately! This is a proven system for
you to follow, leading to your SUCCESS!
CALL NOW 980-221-2806
VP; Consultant - Applications Programmer sought by Bank of
America. Reqs: BS & 8 yrs exp; & exp w/ Java/J2EE devmt,
Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), internet,
client/server tech using Java/J2EE (JSP, Servlets, JDBC, JNDI,
EJB, HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, & XML), Web/App
servers (IBM Websphere), open source frameworks & tools
(Struts, Spring, Hibernate, Log4J, SLF4J, AJAX, Ant.), Scheduling
tools (Autosys), IBM MQ Series, i2 Framework, IDE's, Eclipse, &
IBM RAD, writing SQL Statements, Triggers, and Stored procedures for DB transactions, working w/ different OS (Windows,
AIX, and Linux), handling critical business app issues & failure
recoveries, & troubleshooting various pre and post implementation issues. Job site: Charlotte, NC. Reference #9FE6FB &
submit resume to Bank of America HR Box 02, 161 Maplewood
Ave, Maplewood, NJ 07040. No phone calls or e-mails. Must
be legally authorized to work in the U.S. w/o sponsorship. EOE.
VP; Tech Manager - Apps Prog. sought by Bank of America.
Reqs: BS & 5 yrs exp; & at least 4 yrs exp w/ SAP BI/BW, BPC,
SAP Solution Manager, & Autosys; exp in prod supp w/ the SAP
BI/BW Tool; Business Warehouse Accelerator; Ledger, Accounts Payable/Fixed Assets SAP modules as well as Planning
and Forecasting and Consolidations (BPC) modules; Writing
ABAP programs/BI routines, Extraction prog, & Function Modules; & Sap Bank Analyzer & Profitability modules. Job site:
Charlotte, NC. Reference #9FTVXX & submit resume to Bank
of America HR Box 02, 161 Maplewood Ave, Maplewood, NJ
07040. No phone calls or e-mails. Must be legally authorized
to work in the U.S. w/o sponsorship. EOE.
The Lane Construction Corporation
6125 Tyvola Centre Drive – Charlotte, NC 28217 704-553-6500
(PH) – 704-553-6548 (FX)
City of Concord – Concord Regional Airport “Expand South
Tuesday, August 12, 2014 at 2:00 p.m.
Attention Subcontractors - Invitation to Bid:
The Lane Construction Corporation is bidding on the Concord Regional Airport – “Expand South Apron” project – TBE No. 2203 1202
Description: Expanding the southern apron of the Concord Regional Airport
Subcontracting Opportunities:
Trucking/Hauling, Clearing, Borrow, Grading/Excavation, Erosion
Control, Removal Items, ABC, Striping, Drainage and Drainage
Structures, Seeding, Fencing, DIP pipe and fire hydrant, Installation
of Lighting/Conduit and Removal of Lighting/Electrical items.
Lane Construction encourages interested certified NCDOT DBE
subcontractors to quote this project. If you are interested in quoting this project and would like to receive a formal solicitation and
bid items, please contact Wes Peace at [email protected] | (704) 679-0542.
DeVere Construction Company, Inc. is currently soliciting quotes
from interested DBE subcontractors and suppliers for the following
project bidding on Tuesday, August 5, 2014 @ 2:00 PM. Please
submit prices to [email protected] or Fax to 989-356-1198
no later than 12:00 noon on bid day.
Project: Myrtle School Road Widening Project, City of Gastonia,
Scopes: Hauling, grading, excavation, aggregates, fencing, asphalt paving, erosion control, traffic control, incidental concrete,
pavement marking, milling, erosion control and curb & gutter.
Plans, specs and detailed bidding requirements can be viewed
at the following:
DeVere field office at 6711 City View Dr., Charlotte, NC 28212
TGS Engineers, 804C North Lafayette Street, Shelby, NC 28150
at - Doc.
Devere FTP site online at , Password:
For more information or to quote prices contact Joe Coleman
(Estimator) @ 919-624-4216
Thursday July 31, 2014
Balfour Beatty Construction invites you to provide all inclusive pricing on the GMP drawings for 10th Street Apartments and Parking
Deck a six story, 260 unit, type III-A wood framed building with a 9
level poured in place parking deck with 1,387 spaces. The project
is located at the corner of East 10th and Brevard st in Charlotte,
NC. Project duration is approximately 22 months with a September 2014 start.
Seperate pricing for Parking Deck and 10th Street Extension is required. The parking deck carries a MWSBE participation goal of
8%. We are also asking for seperate pricing for the extension of
10th street along the south west side of the project. The 10th street
extension is identified in the civil drawings atteched. The building
pricing will include all site work (excluding the 10th street extension), all landscapeing & hardscape, and all 16 divisions of the CSI
format as depicted in the drawings provided.
This is a Balfour Beatty Project. Balfour Beatty Construction is exclusively negotiating this project with the owner. IMPORTANT BID
INSTRUCTIONS: All Prices need to be separated into the following
three sections:
1) PARKING DECK 2) APARTMENT BUILDING (Including Leasing Center, Fitness, Club) and 3) 10TH STREET EXTENSION.
Sealed proposals will be received until 5:00 PM on August 12th,
2014 via email or at 1930 Camden Road Suite 280, Charlotte, NC
A Pre-Bid Conference will be held on, August 8th, 2014 at 2:00 PM
at 1930 Camden Road Suite 280, Charlotte, NC 28203. The prebid is not mandatory but attendance is highly encouraged.
Balfour Beatty Construction has an affirmative policy of fostering,
promoting and conducting business with Minority, Women and
Small Business Enterprises (MWSBEs). Charlotte Business INClusion
will enhance competition in City contracting and procurement
opportunities for Minority, Women and Small Business Enterprises
(MWSBEs) headquartered in the Charlotte Combined Statistical
Area. MWSBEs contractors are highly encouraged to participate
in the bid process. All Bidders are strongly encouraged to include
opportunities for MWSBE participation wherever possible in their
respective bid submission.
Subcontractors can purchase plans on their own from Richa
Graphics noted below. Other interested 2nd and 3rd tier subcontractors and suppliers are still encouraged to quote work to the
Pre-Qualified trade contractors. Documents may be obtained
through Balfour Beatty Construction – Contact Steve Young @
678-921-6800 or [email protected]
Complete plans, specifications and contract documents will be
open for inspection in the offices of Balfour Beatty Construction’s
office, 1930 Camden Road, Suite 280, Charlotte NC 28203 and in
the plan rooms of the Associated General Contractors, Carolinas
Branch, Charlotte NC, in the local North Carolina offices of McGraw-Hill Dodge Corporation, and in the Eastern Regional Office
of Reed Construction Data in Norcross, GA and in the following
Minority Plan Rooms:
HCAC Plan Room, 29233 East Independence Blvd, Charlotte, NC
28205 704-331-3000, [email protected]; and Metrolina Minority Contractors Association (MMCA), 2848 Queen City Drive, Suite
[email protected]
Copies of Plans may be received from the following location (at
subcontractor’s own expense): Richa Graphics, 800 North College Street, Charlotte, NC 28206, Toll Free: 855.880.3998.
The plans, specifications, and contract documents are also available at the following link.
The CM and Owner reserve the unqualified right to reject any and
all proposals.
DeVere Construction Company, Inc. is currently soliciting quotes
from interested DBE subcontractors and suppliers for the following
project bidding on Tuesday, August 5, 2014 @ 2:30 PM. Please
submit prices to [email protected] or Fax to 989-356-1198
on or before August 4.
U-Haul Co. of Charlotte
Place of sale:Ashley Road Rental - 59
1530 Ashley Rd., Charlotte, NC 28208
Date of sale : 08/12/14
Time of sale: 11:00am
Customer's Name: Auby Brinson
Last Known Address: 2833 West Point Rd Charlotte NC, 28208
Room Number:
Customer's Name: Tarah Gilcreast
Last Known Address: 2321 Tate St Charlotte, NC 28216
Room Number:
Customer's Name: Amicke Adams
Last Known Address:1808 Village Lake Dr Charlotte, NC 28212
Room Number:
Customer's Name: Corina Mitrov
Last Known Address: 4410 Rose Thorn Pl Charlotte, NC 28217
Room Number:
Customer's Name: Lennie Rodrigues
Last Known Address: 4513 Perth Ct Charlotte NC, 28215
Room Number:
Customer's Name: Tafari Higgins
Last Known Address: 1924 Prospect Dr Charlotte, NC 28213
Room Number:
Customer's Name: Phyllis Phillips
Last Known Address: 10120 Baxter Caldwell Dr
Charlotte NC, 28213
Room Number:
Customer's Name: Mary McNeil
Last Known Address: 3300 Sutton Dr Charlotte, NC 28216
Room Number:
Customer's Name: Freda Day
Last Known Address:1416 Kenilworth Ave Charlotte, NC 28203
Room Number:
Customer's Name: Desiree Short
Last Known Address: 4600 Sampson St Charlotte, NC 28208
Room Number:
Customer's Name: Kristian Wilson
Last Known Address: 3 Cobb Paul Ct Columbia SC, 29223
Room Number:
Customer's Name: Thomas Massey
Last Known Address: 1929 Crestdale Dr Charlotte, NC 28216
Room Number:
Customer's Name: Jarett Gates
Last Known Address: 2830 16th St NE Hickory NC, 28601
Room Number:
Customer's Name: Anthony Alexander
Last Known Address: 905 Hoover Ave Apt K
Charlotte, NC 28208
Room Number:
Customer's Name: Angela Flowers
Last Known Address: 5113 Elizabeth Rd Charlotte, NC 28269
Room Number:
Customer's Name:Jimmy Presley
Last Known Address:730 Marboro St Charlotte, NC 28208
Room Number:
Customer's Name: Jeffery Clayburn
Last Known Address: 3808 Annina Ct Apt 3 Charlotte, NC 28208
Room Number:
Customer's Name:Fenelle Hayes
Last Known Address: 6209 Dovetree Ln Charlotte, NC 28213
Room Number:
Customer's Name:Sephora Bloomfield
Last Known Address: 3014 Filendrum Ln Charlotte NC, 28216
Room Number:
Customer's Name:Tina Rivers
Last Known Address: 5420 Rose Ridge Apt 7
Charlotte NC, 28217
Room Number:
Project: High Speed Exit Taxiway, Project No. AF13-017, City of
Charlotte, NC
Customer's Name: Myeisha Turner
Last Known Address:3300 N Elm Street Greensboro NC, 27405
Room Number:
Plans, specs and detailed bidding requirements can be viewed
at the DeVere field office at 6711 City View Dr., Charlotte, NC
Customer's Name: Scott Stottlemyre
Last Known Address: 636 Tipley Charlotte NC, 28205
Room Number:
Customer's Name: Treasure Warren
Last Known Address: 5186 Brooktree Dr Charlotte NC, 28208
Room Number:
Scopes: Hauling, grading, excavation, aggregates, milling, asphalt paving, erosion control, pavement marking, runway signage, retaining wall and curb & gutter.
Customer's Name:Quintise Green
Last Known Address: 315-5 Blackhawk Rd Charlotte, NC 28218
Room Number:
For more information or to quote prices contact Joe Coleman
(Estimator) @ 919-624-4216
Customer's Name:Gloria Liverman
Last Known Address: 500 Wearn Ct Charlotte, NC 28206
Room Number:
I Will Buy or Lease your
Apartment Building in 48 Hours.
Charlotte area only.
U-Haul Co. of Charlotte
Place of sale: Wilkinson Blvd Rental - 65
9136 Wilkinson Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28214
Date of sale : 08/12/14
Time of sale: 1:00pm
Customer's Name: Altavia Gill
Last Known Address: 1908 Nigel Court Charlotte NC, 28213
Room Number:
Customer's Name: Tara Morrison
Last Known Address: 511 Tansy Drive Charlotte NC, 28214
Room Number:
Customer's Name: William Beebe Jr
Last Known Address: 819 Carrington Dr Charlotte NC, 28214
Room Number:
Customer's Name: Darrell Whitehurst
Last Known Address: 2111 Lauren Elizabeth Ct
Charlotte NC, 28214
Room Number:
Customer's Name:Van Teague
Last Known Address: 1101 Moretz Ave Charlotte NC, 28206
Room Number:
Customer's Name:Damanique Nesbitt
Last Known Address: 2948 Cross Roads Pl Apt 106
Charlotte, NC 28208
Room Number:
U-Haul Co. of Charlotte
Place of sale: North Tryon Rental - 52
1224 North Tryon St. Charlotte, NC 28206
Date of sale : 08/12/14
Time of sale: 10:00am
Customer's Name: Wayne Talley
Last Known Address: 3315 Erskin Dr Charlotte NC, 28205
Room Number:
Customer's Name: Yolanda Hickman
Last Known Address: 945 College St Charlotte, NC 28206
Room Number:
Customer's Name: Marshal Richardson
Last Known Address: 945 N College St Charlotte, NC28208
Room Number:
Customer's Name: Betty Porter
Last Known Address: 6414 Yakswood Dr Charlotte, NC 28212
Room Number:
Customer's Name: Detrick Booker
Last Known Address:1727 Harlan St Charlotte, NC 28216
Room Number:
Customer's Name:Sabrina Washington
Last Known Address: 411411 Smith St Anderson NC, 29624
Room Number:
Customer's Name:Juanita Jnrette
Last Known Address: 3632 Conervy Ct Charlotte NC, 28269
Room Number:
Customer's Name:Jake Russell
Last Known Address:945 N College Charlotte, NC 28206
Room Number: