Town of Lodi Poll: Municipal Building, W10919 Cty Rd V, Lodi

Town of Lodi - April Goeske, Clerk
Poll: Municipal Building, W10919 Cty Rd V, Lodi
Clerk: W10919 Cty Rd V, PO Box 310, Lodi, WI 53555
(608) 592-4868
Town of Lowville - David J. Giebink, Clerk
Poll: Lowville Town Hall, W6604 Traut Road, Poynette
Clerk: N3946 Dunning Road, Rio, WI 53960
(608) 215-5125
Town of Marcellon - Dawn Bush, Clerk
Poll: Marcellon School, W6180 School Rd, Pardeeville
Clerk: N9875 Dalton Rd, Pardeeville, WI 53954
(608) 429-4072
Town of Newport - Tricia Vandenlangenberg, Clerk
Poll: Newport Town Hall, N9236 Town Hall Rd, WI Dells
Clerk: N8438 Nevar Dr, Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965
(608) 253-9552
Town of Otsego - Jean Thiele, Clerk
Poll: Otsego Town Hall, W3199 Highway 16, Columbus
Clerk: N2910 County Road C, Rio, WI 53960
(920) 992-5555
Town of Pacific - Ethel A. Smith, Clerk
Poll: Pacific Town Hall, W7530 Hwy. 16, Pardeeville
Clerk: N5483 Hwy. 51, Pardeeville, WI 53954
(608) 742-7208
Town of Randolph - Rodney Kok, Clerk
Poll: Randolph Town Hall, 109 S. Madison St, Friesland
Clerk: N8887 County Road EF, Cambria, WI 53923
(920) 348-5597
Town of Scott - Renee Wendt, Clerk
Poll: Scott Town Hall, W3696 Ross Road, Cambria
Clerk: W3552 Ross Road, Cambria, WI 53923
(920) 348-5110
Town of Springvale - Heather Gove, Clerk
Poll: Springvale Town Hall, N6195 Raddatz Rd,Cambria
Clerk: W3448 Old B Road, Cambria, WI 53923
(920) 348-2280
Town of West Point - Taffy Buchanan, Clerk
Poll: West Point Town Hall, N2114 Rausch Road, Lodi
Clerk: W12578 State Road 60, Lodi, WI 53555
(608) 592-7059
Town of Wyocena - Michelle Goldade, Clerk
Poll: Wyocena Town Hall, 119 N. Washington St, Wyocena
Clerk: N5366 West Hill Road, Rio, WI 53960
(920) 992-6119
Village of Arlington - PJ Monson
200 Commercial St., PO Box 207, Arlington, WI 53911
(608) 635-2474
Village of Cambria - Lois Frank, Clerk
Poll: 115 W. Edgewater Street, Cambria
Clerk: 111 W. Edgewater St., PO 295, Cambria, WI 53923
(920) 348-5443
Village of Doylestown - Bonnie Langsdorf, Clerk
Poll: W3005 Railroad Street, Doylestown
Clerk: N4031 Bruce Street, Doylestown, WI 53928
(920) 992-3648
Village of Fall River - Marie Abegglen, Clerk
641 S. Main St., PO Box 37, Fall River, WI 53932
(920) 484-3525
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Village of Friesland - Marcia J. Dykstra, Clerk
113 South Madison St., PO Box 208, Friesland, WI 53935
(920) 348-5156
Village of Pardeeville - Marlo Gustafson, Clerk
114 Lake St., PO Box 217, Pardeeville, WI 53954
(608) 429-3121
Village of Poynette - Susan Finstad, Clerk
106 South Main St, PO Box 95, Poynette, WI 53955
(608) 635-2122
Village of Randolph - Ellen L. Jung, Clerk
248 West Stroud Street, Randolph, WI 53956
(920) 326-4600
Village of Rio - Amy Stone, Clerk
Poll:205 Lincoln Avenue, Rio
Clerk:207 Lincoln Avenue, PO Box 276, Rio, WI 53960
(920) 992-5454
Village of Wyocena - Lori Kratky, Clerk
165 E. Dodge St, PO Box 913, Wyocena, WI 53969
(608) 429-2349
City of Columbus - Anne Donahue, Clerk
Poll: Senior Center, 125 N Dickason Blvd.
Clerk: 105 N Dickason Blvd., Columbus, WI 53925
(920) 623-5900
City of Lodi - Adele M. Van Ness, Clerk
130 South Main Street, Lodi, WI 53555
(608) 592-3247
City of Portage - Marie A. Moe, Clerk
115 West Pleasant Street, Portage, WI 53901
(608) 742-2176
City of Wisconsin Dells - Nancy Holzem, Clerk
300 LaCrosse St, Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965
(608) 254-2012
Provided to you by…
Susan M. Moll
Columbia County Clerk
400 DeWitt Street, Portage, WI 53901
(608) 742-9654
[email protected]
Columbia County Website:
Anyone wishing to vote in Wisconsin has
three options to register:
Complete the voter registration
application and mail it to your
municipal clerk's office. The
application must be postmarked no later than
the 20th day (3rd Wednesday) before the
election. NOTE: You must include a copy of
acceptable proof of residence.
Acceptable proof of residence documents must
always include the voter’s name and current address,
and are any of the following:
(Polling Place hours: 7 a.m. - 8 p.m. on Election Day)
 A current and valid Wisconsin driver’s license.
 A current and valid Wisconsin identification card.
 Any other official identification card or license
Register in your municipal clerk's
office up to 5:00 p.m. or the close of
business, whichever is later, on the
Friday before the election. (Call ahead for office
hours.) NOTE: You must provide acceptable
proof of residence.
Register at the polling location on
election day. NOTE: You must
provide acceptable proof of residence.
(You must have lived at your present location for
at least 28 consecutive days immediately
preceding the election.)
The Voter Registration Application (GAB-131) is
available on the GAB website:; or
Electors can begin the
registration process online
Follow the directions to complete the
registration application and send or deliver using
one of the three options listed above.
Check registration status or polling/municipal
clerk information at:
For more information, please visit the
Government Accountability Board website: or call 1-866-VOTE-WIS
issued by a Wisconsin governmental body or unit.
An official identification card or license issued by an
employer in the normal course of business that
contains a photograph of the registrant. (Does not
include a business card.)
A real property tax bill or receipt for the current year
or the year preceding the date of the election.
A residential lease. (Not valid when registering by
A university, college, or technical college
identification card that contains a photograph of the
registrant if accompanied by a fee payment receipt
issued to the registrant by the university, college, or
technical college and dated no earlier than 9
months before the date of the election at which the
receipt is presented.*
A university, college, or technical college
identification card that contains a photograph of the
registrant if the university, college, or technical
college that issued the card provides a certified and
current list of students who reside in housing
sponsored by the university, college, or technical
college and who are U.S. Citizens to the municipal
clerk prior to the election showing the current
address of the students and the election official
receiving the application verifies that the student
presenting the card is included on the list.*
A utility bill for the period commencing not earlier
than 90 days before the day registration is made.
A bank statement.
A paycheck.
A check or other document issued by a unit of
A letter of identification issued by an organization
that provides services to the homeless that
identifies the voter and describes the location
designated as the registrant’s residence for voting
*valid without residential address
Revised July, 2014
Town of Arlington - Peggy Benson, Clerk
Poll: Community Bdg, 200 Commercial Street, Arlington
Clerk: N1899 Kohn Rd, Lodi, WI 53555
(608) 592-5127
Town of Caledonia - Melissa Miller-Hayes, Clerk
Poll: Caledonia Town Hall, N5479 Beich Road, Portage
Clerk: W10172 Tesser Trail, Portage, WI 53901
(608) 697-2535
Town of Columbus - Eleanor Schulze, Clerk
Poll: Columbus Town Hall, N1120 Schaefer Rd, Columbus
Clerk: N449 Deansville Road, Columbus, WI 53925
(920) 623-2049
Town of Courtland - Kate Raley, Clerk
Poll: Courtland Town Hall, W1999 CTH A, Randolph
Clerk: N5027 County Road A, Fall River, WI 53932
(920) 210-6093
Town of Dekorra - Vicki L. Auck, Clerk
Poll: Dekorra Elem. School, W8460 Bilkie Road, Poynette
Clerk: 106 S. Main St., PO Box 536, Poynette, WI 53955
(608) 635-2014
Town of Fort Winnebago - Kristine Conway, Clerk
Poll: Fort Winnebago School, W8349 Dumke Rd, Portage
Clerk: W7660 State Rd 33, Portage, WI 53901
(608) 742-1395
Town of Fountain Prairie - Linda Henning, Clerk
Poll: Fountain Prairie Town Hall, W1514 CTH Z, Fall River
Clerk: PO Box 16, Fall River, WI 53932
(920) 484-3396
Town of Hampden - Diane Guenther, Clerk
Poll: Hampden Town Hall, N1291 CTH N, Columbus
Clerk: W2806 Bristol Road, Columbus, WI 53925
(920) 623-4636
Town of Leeds - Linda Foley, Clerk
Poll: Leeds Town Hall, N1485 Pribbenow Dr/Hwy 60, Arlington
Clerk: N1485 Pribbenow Dr. Road, Arlington, WI 53911
(608) 635-2302
Town of Lewiston - Thomas Klappstein, Clerk
Poll: Lewiston Elem. School, W11195 Hwy 127, Portage
Clerk: W11040 Big Slough Road, Portage, WI 53901
(608) 981-2776