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Q: When should you use the Accident &
Emergency Department?
A: When it’s an Accident or an Emergency!
You may have heard a lot recently about the problems that Accident &
Emergency departments across the country are experiencing. Ipswich
Hospital is constantly under pressure as a result of inappropriate use of
Accident & Emergency services by patients. There are a number of reasons
why patients choose the inconvenience of attending A&E, often they say
its because they are unable to get an appointment with their GP surgery. A
visit to an Accident & Emergency department routinely takes 4 – 6 hours.
At Orchard Medical Practice we aim to ensure that patients are usually
able to get an appointment with a doctor on the day. Before heading
straight for Accident & Emergency pause a moment to check if it is the
most appropriate place for you to attend. Can you get an appointment
with a doctor or nurse in the practice ? Its always worth checking with the
reception or having a telephone consultation to check whether you need to
waste hours of your time sitting in an Accident & Emergency department.
The surgery is open between the hours of 8am – 18:30pm Monday to
Friday. We offer book ahead appointments on Saturday morning. If you
need to seek medical help outside of these hours you should ring 111, they
will give you the most appropriate advice on which type of help you should
be getting.
New Shingles Vaccine
Did you know that 90% of adults raised in the UK have had
chickenpox. The chickenpox virus stays inside your body and can recur
as shingles later in life.
Shingles can cause a painful rash. A number of people also suffer
burning, stabbing nerve pain that can last few weeks, months or even
The Department of Health now recommends shingles vaccination for
patients aged 70 OR 79 years,
Vaccinations will be available in practice from 1st September 2013
– please make an appointment with the practice nurse. If you want
more information regarding this visit
How to avoid
a cold
There are 200 different cold viruses.
Over time, the immune systems of
older people learns to deal with a
wider range of cold viruses. Young
children however pick every cold
going around until they too develop
Most colds are passed on via hands.
Preventative Tips
No 1 Wash your hands after being
in a crowded place or in the
same room as someone with a
cold. This really works.
No 2 Don’t touch your nose and
eyes unless you have to. Once
the virus is on your hands it’s
all too easy to transfer it to
the eyes or to the nose.
No 3 It is very easy to pick up cold
virus by touching door knobs
or handrails on the bus or
Tube where the virus may
survive for up to three hours.
No 4 Wrap up in cold weather. It
inhibits cold virus breeding in
your nose.
No 5 Take a walk to boost your
immune system: even on a
cold day.
No 6 Finally, don’t waste money on
Echinacea. Studies show no
benefit. Vitamin C does not
fare much better.
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Flu Clinics
Walk in flu clinics Saturday
5th October and 2nd
Starts at 9.15 – 12pm
Children & Flu Vaccine
Each year the NHS prepares for the
unpredictability of flu. For most
healthy people, flu is an unpleasant
but usually self-limiting disease with
recovery generally within a week.
However, older people, the very
young, pregnant women and those
with underlying disease, particularly
chronic respiratory or cardiac disease,
or those who are immunosuppressed,
are at particular risk of severe illness if
they catch flu.
In 2013/14 all two and three year olds
(but not four years or older) on the 1
September 2013 will be offered flu
vaccine, the recommendation is for
these children to be administered a
nasal flu vaccine called fluenz. When
stocks of Fluenz become available
they will be in short supply and will
only be available to this age group.
All children in at risk groups who
routinely have the flu injection will
continue to do so in the same way.
We have dedicated smoking
advisors in the surgery and
appointments are usually available
on a Tuesday afternoon. If you are
considering giving up smoking
please make an appointment to
see one of our advisors.
How to prevent diabetes
Learn to read food labels
No-one wants to become diabetic but modern life is increasing our risk
of diabetes. Buying food with low sugar is the best way to protect our
children and ourselves.
Exercise is certainly good, but it is not the whole story. Sugars and fats in
junk food, confectionery and soft drinks are another cause of concern.
Many children are not getting the recommended daily intake of five
portions of fruit and vegetables and there is an unhealthy trend towards
larger portions at home, at school and in restaurants.
Some bestselling ready-meals contain more sugar than a can of Coca-Cola,
despite being described as “natural” Sauces, soups, high-fibre cereals and
low-fat yoghurts can contain high sugar levels under NHS guidelines. Some
have sugar as high as 20%, Which?, the consumer campaign group, said:
“With a quarter of the population classed as obese it’s vitally important
that people know what’s in their food. “Consumers are choosing ‘low-fat’
and ‘light options’ believing them to be a healthier choice but our research
has found that in many cases they’re not living up to their healthy image.”
Learn about how to read a food label on NHS Choices
Care Quality Commission
Patient Participation Group
The practice will shortly be reviewed
by the CQC, part of the review
concerns itself with infection control.
Unfortunately waiting room toys and
magazines are deemed to be carriers of
germs and therefore are not considered
appropriate use within doctors waiting
rooms. Sadly we will therefore need
to remove all toys and magazines and
respectively ask that patients no longer
bring in their unwanted magazines, for
which we have been very grateful for in
the past.
The practice has a patient participation
group that meets 3 – 4 times a year to
discuss changes within the NHS and how
these will impact on the services that we
When attending surgery remember to
bring something with you to read or to
keep your children entertained.
If you feel that you would be interested
in the joining the group please look on
the practice website or ask reception for
details. We usually post the dates of up
and coming meetings about a month
before the meeting is due to take place.
You are welcome to just come
along to these, we value your
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Contact Us
Orchard Medical Practice
Orchard Street
Suffolk IP4 2PZ
Tel: 01473 213261 Fax: 01473 289405
Ordering Repeat Prescriptions
We aim to have prescriptions ready for collection after 4pm, 2 working days after receiving
your request.
When requesting your prescriptions using any of the following methods:
you may wish to nominate a pharmacy to collect and process your prescription so that
you can pick it up directly from the pharmacy of your choice. Please make sure that if you
have made an arrangement with a particular pharmacy then you will need to write on your
request which pharmacy you would like your prescription to go to, make sure that if it is
part of a chain that you specify the name and road. If you are wanting a friend or relative to
pick up the prescription for you, please indicate by writing ‘to collect’.
In Person
Put the completed right-hand side of your last prescription or a ‘Repeat Medication Request’
form in the box on the reception desk.
Through Your Pharmacy
Most pharmacies in Ipswich
will take your repeat slip and collect your repeat prescription for you, but please confirm this
with your pharmacy.
If your medication remains fairly stable, please ask your pharmacist
about ‘repeat dispensing’ as it may be possible to have your prescription authorised for up
to a year and you will only need to request it when approaching the end of each period.
This service requires prior registration; for details please see ‘Patient Access’. Please note that
requests made using this method will still require 48 hours notice (working days) and will be
ready after 4pm on the day of collection.
By Post
Send the completed right-hand side of your last prescription or a clearly written list of what
you need to the following address. If you want the prescription posted back to you, please
include a stamped, self-address envelope. Requests made via post without a SAE will be put
into the box for collection in person; we do not automatically send these out. It is important
that you put the correct postage on the SAE.
Repeat Prescriptions
Orchard Medical Practice
Orchard Street
Ipswich, IP4 2PZ
If you have a significant amount of repeat medication, we recommend the return envelope
be no smaller than DL size (one third of A4) to ensure it does not become too thick; this can
delay your items in the post as a single stamp may not be enough.
By Fax
Fax the completed right-hand side of your last prescription or a clearly written list of what
you need along with your name, date of birth and telephone number to: 01473 289405.
How information about you helps us to provide better care
Confidential information from your medical records can be used by the NHS to
improve the services offered so we can provide the best possible care for everyone.
This information along with your postcode and NHS number but not your name, are
sent to a secure system where it can be linked with other health information.
This allows those planning NHS service or carrying out medical research to use
information from different parts of the NHS in a way which does not identify you.
YOU HAVE A CHOICE. If you are happy for your information to be used in this way
you do not have to do anything.If you have any concerns or wish to prevent this from
happening, please speak to practice staff or ask at the reception for a copy of this
leaflet “How information about you helps us to provide better care”.
More information can be found here
A recent review of our
appointment system implies
that patients are generally
happy with the access that the
practice offers.
Over the last few months we have
tried to ensure that as well as
offering a good range of on the day
appointments, we have attempted
to ensure that there is a wider range
of appointments for next day and
advance booking. Based on historical
data we have found that our patients
prefer to be able to book appointments
on the day, therefore a greater number
of appointments are made available for
on the day booking.
During a survey which we ran in the
month of August many of those
that responded showed a higher
satisfaction with advance booking if
they made the appointment on line.
We can not always guarantee you
an appointment at the perfect time
with the doctor of choice but we do
try to ensure that there is a range
of appointments available with all
Out of Hours
Did you know that the risk factors
that increase the chance of
developing heart disease, stroke,
diabetes and kidney disease also
increase the chance of developing
You can call NHS 111 when you need
medical help fast but it’s not a 999
emergency. The111 service is staffed
by a team of fully trained advisers,
supported by experienced nurses and
paramedics. They will ask you questions
to assess your symptoms, then give you
the healthcare advice you need or direct
you straightaway to the local service
that can help you best. That could
be A&E, an out-of-hours doctor, an
urgent care centre or a walk-in centre, a
community nurse, an emergency dentist
or a late-opening chemist.
Evidence shows that taking action to
adopt a healthier lifestyle can reduce
your risk of developing dementia as
well as other conditions.
Pick up one of our leaflets in surgery
about what you can do to reduce the
risk of developing dementia.
If you are concerned about dementia,
speak to your doctor. If you are
worried about someone, you should
encourage them to see their doctor.
Spotting the signs of dementia
early means they can get the right
treatment and support.
If NHS 111 advisers think you need
an ambulance, they will immediately
arrange for one to be sent to you. Calls
to 111 are recorded. All calls and the
records created are maintained securely,
and will only be shared with others
directly involved with your care.
For immediate, life-threatening
emergencies, continue to call 999.
Accident and Emergency department at
the hospital should only be used in the
event of an accident or other medical
Standard Opening Hours
Monday to Friday:
8am to 6.30pm
Extended Opening Hours
Saturday: 8am to 12.30pm
Extended hours are for
pre-booked appointments only.
Telephone lines are not open.
Out of Hours Numbers
For medical issues
call 111
For an emergency dentist
call 111
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