Congratulations! You have just bought an American made bullet... tough son of a bitch. You now own your... INTRODUCTION

Congratulations! You have just bought an American made bullet trap that is one
tough son of a bitch. You now own your own range. Used safely and properly, your
Bullet Bunker will last you for several thousand rounds of shooting your favorite fire
arms. We at The Bullet Bunker thank you for your purchase and hope you have as much
fun shooting it as we did developing it. To ensure safe, proper, and effective use, please
read the entire Owner’s Manual before using The Bullet Bunker — your shot depends on
DANGER: The Bullet Bunker will not improve your shooting ability or guide
your bullets. The Bullet Bunker will only work if it is hit by the projectile. Shots
to the collar area or shots that don’t hit The Bullet Bunker are misses. Any shots
off target or hitting the collar can go astray and can be dangerous and/or fatal. As
with all shooting, secure the area before, during and after use. THE BULLET
How to Safely, Properly, and Effectively Use Your Bullet
1. Aim: The Bullet Bunker must be hit straight on. Only the front face (the side
with the rubber ballistic sheet) is designed to be shot at. Shooting at any of the
other sides or top or bottom may result serious and/or fatal injuries and will
destroy The Bullet Bunker. Again, because the outer shell of The Bullet Bunker
is steel, bullet ricochet will happen. Only shoot at the front face, the side with the
deflective collar – the rubber ballistic sheet.
The Bullet Bunker must also be shot straight on. Shots on angles to the front face
decrease the depth of medium the bullet encounters after it penetrates the front
Shots between 0 - 10 degrees are considered safe. Angled shots are also
dangerous when The Bullet Bunker is hit closer to the sides of the ballistic face.
See diagram.
To use The Bullet Bunker properly, you must shoot straight on. All Bullet
Bunkers are shipped with two ―dead face‖ targets glued to the face of The Bullet
Bunker. This is the face of The Bullet Bunker that is to be shot at. The other
steel sides are designed to hold the medium and the pressure as a bullet enters.
2. The collar of The Bullet Bunker has two functions: 1) to divert edge shots
away from the corner of the steel box and safely hit the ballistic sheet, the face of
The Bullet Bunker; and 2) to protect the steel box.
The steel box is only designed to hold the medium, the ballistic face and the collar
in place. When a bullet enters The Bullet Bunker, there is a tremendous amount
of pressure being exerted on the ballistic medium, which creates outward pressure
on the steel box. Any hit to the steel box will compromise the box’s strength and
ability to safely stop high power rounds.
The Bullet Bunker collar has two faces to deflect bullets on side or missed shots.
The inner side of the collar has a sharp angle so bullets will deflect inward as
opposed to penetrating the collar. The top edge of the collar is much less angled.
It is designed to take the hit more directly and then shed the energy of the bullet to
the outside. This direct hit destroys the bullet more and slows it down faster than
the deflection to the inside. We want the bullet to be destroyed and slowed down
dramatically because there is no ballistic sheet to catch it on the outside of the
box. See diagram.
3. What rounds will it stop: All of our models (except the Scout Model, which
is for rim fire only) will stop rifle and pistol rounds from .17 - 22 rim fire all the
way up to the dangerous game rifle cartridges. What that means is any rifle or
pistol made for sporting and hunting use from 17 caliber up thru 375 – 416 – 458
caliber are safe to shoot. Here’s the model/round breakdown:
Scout – all .17 – 22 rim fires standard or magnum
Desert Storm - .17 cal rim fire up to 375 – 416 – 458
Freedom Model .17 cal rim fire 375 – 416 – 458 – 460 – 470
Kryptonite - .17 cal rim fire to.50 BMG/AP
Now if you have a wildcat round that you are unsure about and it compares in
bullet weight and speed to other hunting rounds feel free to shoot it. If you ever
have any questions about what The Bullet Bunker will stop, please call us.
WARNING: The Bullet Bunker is not intended for use with A/P round except in
the Kryptonite Model. All other A/P rounds, tracer rounds, exploding or nuclear
rounds are not to be used on The Bullet Bunker. Do not shoot BBs or Pellet
Rifles into The Bullet Bunker. They will not penetrate, they will ricochet. Never
shoot arrows into The Bullet Bunker. Do not use swords, catapults, etc.
4. Inspect before use: After inspecting to make sure The Bullet Bunker medium
is full to the top, always close the sliding door before shooting.
5. Protective clothing: Like all target shooting, protective clothing including
safety glasses and hearing protection should be worn.
6. Distance: The testing for The Bullet Bunker was done at a distance of 25’.
We did that so we could make sure all the power a pistol or rifle could make
could be safely stopped. At closer ranges though, a collar hit which will cause
some bullet spray may be dangerous – which should be considered. Either don’t
miss or move your starting distance to 25 yards.
7. Inside use: If you are using The Bullet Bunker indoors, ventilation is still
needed. Even though The Bullet Bunker stops bullets without deflection, which
means no fragmentation or small particulates, there are still the gunpowder gases
to vent. Also in shooting lead bullets there is still a small amount of lead
particulates in the air. Ventilate your indoor range well.
8. Compliance with laws, ordinances, regulations, etc.: Use of The Bullet
Bunker should comply with the laws and ordinances of the user’s
9. Alcohol/drug warning: Do not use when drinking alcohol or under the
influence of drugs, including prescription drugs that may impair user.
10. Secure area before use: If used indoors or outdoors be sure of your
shooting area and beyond. Make sure area is free of bystanders, including pets,
and that no obstacles exist between the user and The Bullet Bunker. Further,
ensure area is free of objects that may cause bullets to ricochet if user misses the
11. Novice, inexperienced shooters should be accompanied by an experienced
How to Care For Your Bullet Bunker
1. Life of the ballistic face: The ballistic face of The Bullet Bunker is
comprised of multiple layers of rubber and a polyester-nylon blend fabric. It is
designed to be self-healing and last for many thousands of rounds. Test Bullet
Bunkers have absorbed over 10,000 rounds and still function properly. In the
event you need to replace the ballistic face, follow our directions and you can be
shooting again in no time.
First, if you have purchased The Bullet Bunker with a 2’ or 3’ stand, use caution
taking The Bullet Bunker off the stand. (If you do not have a stand, you can skip
to the next paragraph.) Do not lay The Bullet Bunker on its back while still
attached to the stand. You must first unscrew the stand and lift The Bullet Bunker
off before replacing the face.
Once you have removed The Bullet Bunker from the stand or if you do not have a
stand, carefully lay The Bullet Bunker on its backside so the face is pointing
upward. Next, remove the 4 bolts on each side using a wrench or ratchet. Then,
lift the deflection collar off The Bullet Bunker. Depending on the model, the
collar can be very heavy. We recommend two people, one on each end to lift the
collar off.
Now the ballistic sheet can be removed. We have replacements sheets available
that are pre-drilled. Just lay the new sheet in place, place the collar back on top
and re-tighten the bolts. Finally, stand The Bullet Bunker back up and you are
ready to shoot again.
2. Ballistic Medium Maintenance: Before shooting your Bullet Bunker, make
sure your Bullet Bunker ballistic medium is full to the top. Inspect it by sliding
the metal top to the back. You’ll see the medium inside. During shipping and
during shooting, the medium will settle a bit. Each Bullet Bunker is shipped with
extra medium.
Make sure the box is always full. The small pieces are designed to be hit
numerous times. Even with many holes in each piece, the rubber and fabric
compress together and stop bullets. (See diagram)
We recommend each year or every 5,000 rounds to remove the collar and ballistic
sheet and inspect the medium. Any pieces that are just fabric and very little
rubber should be replaced.
To inspect your ballistic medium, lay The Bullet Bunker on its backside. Remove
the collar and ballistic sheet by removing the four bolts on each side of The Bullet
Bunker. Use a plastic garbage can or wheel barrow and empty all the ballistic
medium from the box. At this time, any pieces that are just fabric should be
discarded. After the ballistic medium is removed, all that will be left are the
deformed bullets. Remove the bullets for melting and reuse or simply dispose of
them safely.
Refill the box and re-secure the face and collar. Don’t worry if all the medium
doesn’t go in. After you have filled the box as much as you can and have resecured the front, just stand it up and open the top. Next, use something like a 2 x
4 or shovel handle to compress the existing medium. After it goes down, add
your remaining medium until the box is full. Use the extra medium we send you
if the box is not 100% full after you inspect the medium. Replace the metal top
and continue to enjoy your Bullet Bunker.
3. Bullet Removal: Bullet removal should be done every year or every 5,000
rounds. Remember when handling lead to wash your hands afterwards.
Ready, Aim, Fire!
Now that you know how to use and care for The Bullet Bunker, one last
instruction….have fun! You now have your own range. Feel free to plink to your hearts
content, work on that new deer rifle or get ready for a tusker on the Dark Continent.
Remember to always be safe out there, teach someone new what you know, and never
forget the fun.
The Folks atThe Bullet Bunker