How to Stay the Course B uilding P ers everance!

News F or S tudents and P arents E nrolled In F rankfort B lac k B elt A c ademy
A ugus t 2011 Is s ue
How to Stay
the Course
B uilding P ers everanc e!
Fall down seven times…get up eight! - Ancient Japanese Proverb
When you think back through your
martial arts career, isn’t it amazing how
many people you’ve passed by? These
are the people who started the same
time you did, but for whatever reason,
took a “break” and just never got back
into it?
Winning T hrough
P ers everanc e
We always get a kick out of seeing these
people around town. They almost always
ask, “Are you still in martial arts?”
Our answer is always “of course”.
serves as a reminder of how far we’ve
come. It also reminds us how well we
stuck to our goals when others fell by the
wayside. It’s a self-esteem booster for us.
And that really is the secret to being great
in any endeavor - staying the course over
the long haul.
Really, to be successful in martial arts,
you don’t have to be the strongest athlete
or the most flexible person. Or even have
the toughest physical make-up. No, when
you start, none of those things matter.
What does matter is your ability to
persevere. Because in the long run, it’s
not where you start, it’s where you end up
that matters.
Master David Kikoen
Ms Peggy Hoogheem
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Stay the Course:
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Then we hear: “That’s awesome. I wish
I had stuck with it. I would have been a
black belt, too.” (They always say this with
a look of regret in their eyes, too).
While we’re sad they didn’t continue, it
We G row A t Our Own P ac e.
You’ve heard the old “Tortoise and
Hare” fable, haven’t you? The Hare rushes
through the race, sees the Tortoise way
behind him and takes a “breather”
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midway through the race. But not the
Tortoise. He knows he’s not as fast as
the hare. So he stays focused and
moves at his own pace. And to
everybody’s surprise, he wins. That is
the essence of “perseverance”.
L ife Is Not a S print.
It’s a Marathon.
Like any other trait, you can develop
perseverance. The more you exercise
it, the stronger it becomes. Here are
some of the powerful ways martial arts
training helps develop your
perseverance “muscles”.
T eac hes Y ou to Mas ter Y our
E motions .
It’s easy to give in to momentary
impulses and derail your hard-won
efforts (like the hare). Take dieting,
for example. One of the biggest
blunders is saying, “What the heck,
this one time won’t hurt.” People give
in to a momentary whim and before
you know it, a snowball effect has
happened. That one slice of chocolate
cake turns into two pieces of chocolate
cake. Then a piece the next day. And
so on. Your emotions can lead you
astray if you’re not careful.
Learning how to master your
emotions through the martial arts helps
you to develop perseverance and fuels
you with a willingness to carry on to
reach your goals, no matter what the
A martial arts blogger named Logtar
says that martial arts training teaches
you to develop your second mental
wind. “This is the part of us that
determines whether or not we quit,
keep going, or intensify our efforts
during difficult times”, he says. Once
you discover what stops you, you can
then find ways to overcome those
Another benefit: when you are
master of your emotions, it’s easier to
avoid very dangerous whims of the
moment like drinking, smoking and
other risky behavior!
Helps Y ou F oc us on the
“ B ig P ic ture”
How Martial A rts T eac hes Y ou P ers everanc e
 T eac hes Y ou to Mas ter Y our E motions
 Helps Y ou F oc us on the B ig P ic ture
 Ins tills a Minds et of L earning
 T eac hes T riumph
 Develops a Winning A ttitude
 We Will Never G ive Up On Y ou!
Whenever you feel discouraged,
it’s usually because you’re focused on
the present moment…or the
immediate challenge at hand. But
when you step back and realize your
current obstacle is only a tiny hiccup
on the path to a bigger goal, it puts
things into focus.
We help you concentrate on
the big picture. You then gain
something very important:
perspective. When you step back
from your challenge and see it from a
better point of view, it builds your
perseverance because you can see the
big picture – the forest, not just the
Ins tills a L ifelong Minds et
of L earning and G rowing
Take a look around our academy.
All the higher ranks you see are
people who have embraced learning
and growing. They’re people who
put aside their egos, learned to be
humble and adopted a “beginner’s
mind”. They know that every single
day there is always more to discover
about martial arts.
You’ll meet more and more people
like this the more you rise through
the ranks. In fact, we would argue
that you can’t make it to the rank of
master without great humility as
well as believing “there is always
more to learn”. (we’ve also noticed
most true masters in any field – not
just martial arts - are humble deep
down and always strive to improve
Yes, your higher ranks are an
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incredible resource for you. Talk to
any of them to share your concerns
and discuss your challenges. Ask
for their advice and find out how
they broke through their own
barriers. What did they do to take
it to the next level?
Martial A rts T eac hes
T riumph
Success leads to more success.
Everybody knows that. But to
achieve anything great in life, you
must first know what it’s like to
accomplish small goals. You have
to start small and work your way
Since martial arts presents and
ever-increasing series of challenges
(stripes, belts, ranks, techniques,
etc.), it’s a perfect way to flex your
“personal victory” muscles. Every
day, week and month there is
something to conquer, a new
technique to learn or a new
challenge. You feel what
accomplishment is like.
It might be something simple,
like a self-defense technique. Or it
could be something more difficult,
like winning at a big tournament.
Whatever the goal, when you
achieve it, it leads to greater
confidence and carries you through
to more success.
Then, when you confront an
even bigger challenge, you can say
to yourself, “Sure, this seems tough
right now. But so did winning my
division at the last tournament.
And so did earning my blue belt. In
fact, those seemed almost
impossible at the time. I know I can
do this, too. I’m going to press on”.
Small victories add up to big success.
This constant series of challenges is
what makes martial arts so fun. But it
is also why it can be frustrating at
times. It’s NOT easy. That’s why
martial artists are viewed as such elite
athletes. And it’s also why it’s so
rewarding personally when you hit
your goals. There’s no better feeling
in the world.
Develops a Winning
A ttitude
We’ve all heard the phrase “A black
belt is just a white belt who never
quit”. How true this is. A lot comes
down to your attitude. Studies reveal
those who are positive live longer,
enjoy more relationships with others,
have fewer health problems and enjoy
more successful careers.
This is one of the big reasons we
help instill a “black belt attitude” in all
our students – it’s a critical ingredient
in developing perseverance. After all,
what is a winning attitude anyway?
Self-talk is a big part of it. When
your internal voice is positive, it leads
to greater action. On the other hand,
when your self-talk is negative, you
become your own worst enemy.
Those with negative attitudes defeat
themselves before they even get out of
the gate. We show you how to turn
“can’t do” into “can do”.
If you do your part by attending
classes regularly, practicing, listening
and staying focused – we’ll do our
part. We’re going to thrust you to a
whole new level – physically as well
as mentally. We’ll stand by your side
during those tough times and never
give up on you.
We’ve seen it all here. Family
struggles, money issues (and who
doesn’t have some of those these
days!), frustration, brick walls, etc.
All of our higher ranks have
gone through the same
struggles. Just remember if one
person can do it, so can another.
Wis e A dvic e F rom
a Higher R ank
A long time ago, a higher ranked
student passed along a valuable piece
of advice. He said, “You have good
martial arts days and you have bad
martial arts days. The more you
progress, though, the more the good
days you’ll have. Stick with it and
you’ll see”.
We think that’s great advice. So
this month we want you to be aware
of your “perseverance muscles”. Go
that little bit extra this month. As
Benjamin Franklin said, “Energy
and persistence conquer all things”.
Practice perseverance and you’ll be
amazed at the results.
--- Master Kikoen & Ms. Hoogheem
We Will Never G ive Up on
Y ou!
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August 2011 Calendar of Special Events
Fall Festival
Sept 4
Meet at FBBA 12:30
St. Jude
See flyers
Mock Testing
Tues Sept 6
September 23
Clinic for
Sat Sept 10th
Sept 17th
Announcements – P leas e R ead!
We want to have a great showing for our
school at this year’s Labor Day Parade!
Please take the time to check your schedule
and get your name on the signup sheet!!
Become proficient with a weapon. Choose
from Bahng Mahng EE, Sshang Joel Bahng or Mid
Range Jahng Bong. We will be hosting a FREE
Weapons Clinic on Sat Sept 10th for those going to
We need to keep the momentum going!
Please participate in the Sept 17th
tournament in Oak Brook.
We are shooting for 75% Participation
If you are attending the tournament you
may want to sleep over on Friday evening.
There will be Tiny Tiger competition and
Level II Jedi Training!! 6:30pm
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Master Kikoen has been asked by Region 102 to present
We would like to use this space in our
a financial seminar at our next tournament
newsletter to network and let all of our
Feeling More Comfortable With Your Finances
parents and students show all the
others what you do! Please submit
This will be presented to the instructors and school
your business card if you would like to
owners of our Region on Friday Sept 16th at the
share your business with the other
tournament site in Oak Brook. If you will be there for
readers. What’s the worst that could
Tiny Tigers or Jedi Training,
happen? Maybe pick up another client
all parents and adults are welcome to attend.
Topics will include building a strong financial foundation and
or refer someone you know to one of
Building a Tax Diversified Retirement Income Strategy
our parent’s businesses.
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You
The Strock’s opened up their home to host our Frankfort Black Belt Academy annual picnic
and those who made it had a blast!
Ping Pong, Double Water Slide, Crazy Obstacle Course and then a 20’x20’ Outdoor Movie
Theater with a great video tribute to Master Kikoen created by Mrs Strock!
Next year we hope even more people can make it to the annual picnic!
Welcome to the Family: New S tudents and Upgrades
Students Eligible to Upgrade:
New Students:
Sean Ash
Morgan Neisler
Alyssa Klawitter
Nicholas Heerde
Haley Kavanaugh
Allen Poe
Jacob Flesch
John Retzlaff
Upgrading Students:
Nathan Grah
Luke Loeffel
Dean Kebschull
Justin Ceroy
For those just enrolling – welcome to the family! For those
upgrading – congratulations on taking the next step in your
martial arts journey! And for those who are eligible to
upgrade – what are you waiting for? See us to take your
training to the next level!
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Student Name
Overc oming C hallenges !
This month we want to highlight a
student who demonstrates perseverance
at our academy. Her name is Dawn
Layman and she is our “student of the
month”, who is now a Camo belt. Let’s
congratulate her!
Ms. Layman had a set back in her
training this past year. Here is her story.
In December of 2010 she hurt her back
while running. Several months of
therapy and care did not alleviate her
symptoms. She later found out that she
had two bulging discs and one herniated
disc. It was determined that she could
not run or participate in TKD. That was
not acceptable in her active lifestyle.
After several visits to different doctors,
she underwent surgery to repair her
back. After a long recovery we are glad
to say that SHE IS BACK! Ms. Layman
is now able to run and participate in
TKD again pain free!!!
Here are some interesting facts about
the Layman’s that you might not
1.) Ms. Layman, and her Husband,
Jay, and three sons, Nathan, 17; Nick
10; and Carter 8 live in Frankfort with
their English bulldogs, Bentley &
2.)The Laymans spend much of their
time at their lake house in Michigan
and enjoy swimming, sailing, tubing,
boating and fishing.
3.)Ms. Layman is a painter, currently
working on a mural. She loves
running, gardening and reading.
And what does she like most about our
programs here?
Ms. Layman enjoys the physical
and mental challenges of TKD, as well
as the feeling of camaraderie and
fellowship among her peers. They
support each other in and outside of
the school. She likes participating
A ugus t 2011 S tudent
of the Month
together with her sons in an activity
that is challenging and fun.
I guess that sums it up: commitment,
sacrifice and dedication.
Let’s all congratulate
Ms. Layman
on being chosen as Frankfort
Black Belt Academy’s Student of
the Month for August 2011!
Great work!
S tudent B irthdays Here at F B B A
Cara Radkay
Jack Hughes
Katie Murray
Daniel O’Connor
Nina Palm
Matthew Klawitter
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Ben Woods
Dave Neisler
Nadia Nolan
Anila Moparthi
Kayla Truesdale
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Student Name _______________________________________________________
____ d.) None of the above
According to the main article:
QUE S T ION #4: S mall vic tories add up to…
QUE S T ION #1: Martial arts teac hes you to mas ter:
____ a.)
____ b.)
____ c.)
____ d.)
____ e. )
____ a.)
____ b.)
____ c.)
____ d.)
Your destiny
Your ship in open waters
The moves that will keep you safe
The people around you
None of the above
QUE S T ION #5: A blac k belt is jus t a white belt who…
QUE S T ION #2: W hen you feel dis c ouraged, it’s us ually
bec aus e you’re foc us ed on…
____ a.)
____ b.)
____ c.)
____ d.)
Big success
Rare skills
Great depth of character
____ a.)
____ b.)
____ c.)
____ d.)
How great your instructors are
Your black belt test
The present moment
Your next tournament
Learned faster than the rest
Never gave up
Started with superior skills
None of the above
Don’t forget! Any student who answers all the questions correctly
(without help from an adult) wins a $5 Karate Dollar towards their
next testing, something from the pro shop or tuition! (Note: one
Karate dollar per purchase, please).
QUE S T ION #3: Mos t mas ters in any field…
____ a.) Strive to improve themselves
____ b.) Are dedicated to the art
____ c.) Are satisfied where they are
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Method #1: Write a Review!
First, go to Google Local, Yahoo Local or other local review
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join up! For every person who mentions that they were
motivated to join because of YOUR review (and this happens all
the time) you’ll get a FREE month of tuition. Takes only
five minutes or so, we’d really appreciate it AND you may win a
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Method #2: Link to Our Website!
Link to our academy on your public Facebook page, personal
website, company website, blog or other permanent presence
on the web. (See me for quick and easy instructions). This
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Method #3: Refer Your Friends
How? Hand this newsletter to friends and relatives. You get
a free month for every person who asks about classes and
signs up as a direct result of your referral. Nothing could be
easier. All you have to do is tell them to see us – or call us at
(708) 288-2033 and we’ll set a time for a free intro class. We
promise: we’ll take the very best care of any friends or family
that you refer our way! For more information about any of
these three options in our new referral reward program, see us.
It’s a great program where, as our way of saying “thanks” we
give you a FREE month of tuition as a token of our appreciation
for recommending us!
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August 2011 Special Offer for New Students!
This Month Only: Two Free
Private Lessons for referring a new
student who signs up for Basic or BBC!
From now through the end of September, we’ve arranged for a total of 10 non-students to get two FREE private
lessons with one of our instructors. When you claim your two free private lessons, we’ll walk you through
everything you need to know to get started: we’ll show you all the basic moves and get you ready for class. we will
also adjust things to your pace and give you a chance to see why so many people are discovering martial arts. Again,
there is no obligation to enroll - and no pressure - we promise. But - when you do decide to continue - we’ll even
hand you a FREE uniform when you start! But - you have to act fast. This offer only lasts through August 31st and
you know how valuable our time is. Two free private lessons is a rarity. Free Value: $200.
Remember: use it or lose it! Don’t waste another minute. See us now or call (708) 288-2033 to get started!
August 2011 Special Offer for New Students!
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